Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 27, 1911 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 27, 1911
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 27,1911. LAHARPE PKOPLK ATTK>D niRTlI ^DAY PAKTY AT HKITIIKirS. J. It. Smith flirrM DiniitT Tniilclit for ; His Vlcrkx—Fcrxoniils o1 llolliinj iSociiildlhy lit Liilliiriic. tAHarpe. UoC 27.—ClirlxiiuaH IIIKIU a naiiiber uf I^illnr|)i> Irli'iiilx (lri)\i> tn (he beautiful honw nt Mr. njiil Mis. John Keuthrr. tlin-i- tiilli"* cjisl of l-i- llnr|>p. tbp oixnHlnn IIIMIIK I" Imnni- DI' Mra. KeutluT's l)lriliilii.v. Iii-Kiii(l)i>.sr. or the Htorniy nlRlit H immlii-r vi'ii- tiircd out. kiiuwIiiK wli.-it a cvenlnR waK in Rtttrp foi" \\\p\\\. Ai a late hour rcfrrKhmcniH cmiHlniii.fs of oyatera.-pjrklcs, cake i.iin COITIM' V^IM-- Kerred. Mm. Uoiitlici- wus i>rPs<niiMl with ntuMrous presi -m.'.-. Tliiwr jiro:*- ent were: Mr. and Mri*. Sickly. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas I.«lght.v. Mr. ami Mrs. A. H. Hlnes, Mr. ami Mrs. Mori Means. Mr. and Mrs. Iloy AJ.T.^. .Mr. and Mrp. Walter -Means, Mr. ami .Mrs. McGlnnfs. .Mr. and Mr.s. MiCIlntixk. Mr. and Mrs. Willt.-inis. Mr. ami Jfrs. Theblwld. Mr. and Mrs. Goorno Anderson and WUUam Huhnr ami tlaiiRli- ter. This gathering brouKlii liark many pleasant iiieniories to Mr. and Mrs. Sickly, as the Reuiher place was the home of the Sfckly Taiiiily for yedrs. M. D.. Oculist. Gee of Xonla. Kas., P. Rose aiicf family. REtiliiTeKEI) OI'TOSTETRIST Huniboldt, Kai. Moran, afternoon of Dec. la and il:iy the 20th. KaHarpo Doc. 21 and 22. KHKI) EPPEHSOVS HIO IPSET I> SWOM,K.\ EI,.M ( KKKH. yirs. X. (larl. Ihofccd Vihvn Shr J.all^'hl•d iiud Aliiriiii-d Kaniiij — t-'as Cil} Pi;r>oiial>. Harris and family for a fi-w -~F. S. Halm Mr. and Mrs are visltlnR J. BOiltb of town. \ J. R. Smith is onft»rtaininR his clerks this pven/np at a .si.v oVJo<k dlmier at his home on North Harrison street. Miss Eva Ijiwrenro. who ba«'been beckkeepcr in the ston- fur a number of years has re.siRne<l an<i ^will leava next week for Lawrpnco li: ''take a course in th<> business cnllcpo The meeting of the Mutual Improvement Club, which was to he with Mr.s • C. J. Halm last evenlnR. was post poned imtil nrxt Tuesday evnnlnj;. L. C. Rupyan has returned to hi home in I.awrcnre. Mrs. Riinyan wil not return uniil ne.xf week. Mrs. Roland Hughes of Kansas C'\\\ is visiting her sisters. Mrs. C. .T. Hair. - and Mrs. G. A. f owden. Oren Beacom of Madison. Wis., i^ the guest of .Mr. and Mrs. .1. Ri-acon this week. —Call on W. S. Ford for low price.' on Jewelry before buying elsewhen Charles Lilly, state Grand Masti-r . the I. O. O. V. lodge will he here m' Mondft)' evening at ilu; p\il)llr iustii. latlon. Mrs. H. K. LliiK-K \» viHiiing Iii>r slx- tcr in Arnpaho. Okla. Mrs. Ijiuni .IiukBon Hccnmi>nnii>rl M)a« Knnnie Ittnn tn IMKHliiirg >• spend tho holidays. Mr. and .Mrs. ('.,11. Hose of Fori BcOtl are vlBlilng Mr. and Mrs. V. M Morgan this weok. Harry P.. I>)iy has sold lils m'w> sUnd to J. C. Curry and will give aeasian frfrfay. .Mr. D<J(.» I« iindcild -ed what to do. —line assortment of ChrlstmaK auta at Carl & Hunters. Mrs. Anna Swearingen. of Klnraid . visited her parents. Mr. and Mrs. I.. H Daggett, this we^k. Silas Malcom ,of Horseshoe \\cr\i visited the Malcom families herr Monday. He left yesterday for Windsor Mo., to spend the week. J. M. Carpenter entertained a largo number of relalive.s Monday at hiy home in Melrose. His daughter. Mrs Mabel Carter, of AVind.'^or, Mo., is visiting here. James Clark and family spent thi Christmas season in Pittstmrg. Miss Vera Del .Tones of Quincy. Kansas, visited Misses Stella and Hatti)? •M/lier here tliis week. Mrs. J. A. Brown and daughter have returned from a pliasant visit ir, Cniontown. i Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cooksey of Humboldt are visiting Mr. and Mr.s;. u.-.r- bert Mart/n. Haney H. Shook of Colony will visit m m mi Use Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur. ' A Harmless Remedy That Makes the Hair Grow, What II filty It IK tn oWrre RO msny penplf with ililn nn<l fadi-<l hnlr uud (h <-n ri-nliw ilinl ilii- i(iu»l 'if IIH-M' jn-'iiiU' iniKfat hnrt.- n fln>', hi -nltliy hi-iid uf liiilr If the.v would hut thi< KIIIII'I" 'VnBf ten" of our cniiidiuiitlii -rk. niiMliitu^d with o(h ««r liurr<"<f(i-(ifi< rr-i'iriiii: nicl jif- •erviug llic hair. No oiw. yniini: ur <M. ni--i\ hiivf grny liair, wi -iik, ihin or fnlting bnir. dniulnitf or nay trouble of the wrt If llicy would but UHO WyithS. KiKc and Sulphur Hnlr Heiui-dy. Ua the eontrnr.v, it ii» poMible to hai 'i' healtby. visoroiiM hair, of pcrfert colur, by a few appli<<atiua!i of (bis rviuark- Bb1» preparation. Wypth"* Knge ood .Sulphur Hair Item- ery <iaickly reiaorpK dandruff, leaves th« scalp riean and healthy, iiroinoles thi. growth uf the hair and rcKtort^ the natural color of the hair whirb has bii-ome faded or gray. It is a rlfan. wholesojue dreasing. which may be used at any time and with perfect safety. Don't negk-rt yoar hair. Start to-day vrith Wjeth'a 8age and Sulphur. This preparaliou Ki offered to the puUlc at fifty eeuts a bottle, and is rt<wpnieod(xl and nold by all druggista. Special Asent—^. R. Burrell .1. M. (lays — Urcs.scd hog S'i cents a pound. Iu(|u)rc Harry Ki'.sHlnncr. i'lione l.'iU. .1. \V. I'laik. Willi has liei'ii at ('In r- iiki'c and other (pnlnm in (Ikliihniiia. roliinicrt yesiiiday. .Mr. and .Mrs. Tragor arrived yis- iiTihiN fioiii llucklin.'Kiis.. ID enjoy visit Willi friends. .Mrs. Trager will l>i' hi'ller knnwn here as Mls.^ May tlreeii. Vliutlrn .MK'oriM.'irk (if Mates City. •.M(i. sp"n( a few hours with ('lair Kerr ypsuid.iy. euroiite Ki .Moran cu: Im.'Jinei-s. I{«iy .loliiison, who adcinled the Itar- ker-.loliiisou wiMldiiip. reliirneil to .M- toona last night. Mrs. ('. UucktM- ami dauKliier Kiith. after a pleasant visit with .Mr. .-iml .Mrs. lieury r.reniieck''. r.-tiMiied y ferday tn,Iier IICIIK! in I.os .\npeles. California. Custer IJrown. formerly of here but now of Kan.sji.s- City, visited witli old friends here yesterday and today. Lee Vandegrift went to Hartlesville today for a short visit with his father. He will be in Coiroyvllle Sunday to attend the Harllesvi'Ue-Nnwata foot hall gamp. A niimher from here P\- ppct to attend. Mr. and Mrs. .1. Harris, after a very visit with their s(vn. Charles Harris. rctiirn(vl to I'lwf .Mound j-e,>;- tcrday. .Miss Hatlip Wood, who spent Christ luas ^ith her iiareiits here, rotiiriicd o Kansas City yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. .1. .\. itimner are visiting a son in Kansas City this week. A. .1. O.sliell, of Ciilli.soii. Kas.. and MIssKva llec()x of Havilnnd. who 'lavG been visiting relatives here, re- urnni) to tlieir rospei'livp lionies yes- erday. Willie and l.vlo Fran'e spent Clirlst- with rPlativps in lledrick. .Mr.s. .1. C. Hall Is visiting in I?ron- ••on. Margarettp and ttertlia Rrlilosser are i.-^ilinfT In I-ort .'^enii fiil.< wei k. ('.. F K.ihius and family look Chrisf- lui sdlniiur with relatives In l.e-ie •'.liu. .Mi.^js i:riiia Thoiupson is spending tie holidays with lur \iareuls In Yates '•'liter. .Mr. and .Mrs, .1. W. I.aMay. after i|eri(!ltig ChrlsliiiaK here, reluriied to l.otie i:im last evening. iMcd and Charles of .Vnvata '^kla . are vislilni; llieir i-oiis\n. Dar [oJc, tills Week. .Mr. and Mrs 11. H, Hin'orl! have •etilrlieil to Kort Scott. PHKI Allen Is spending the U at he I'i-k.' I'avm near V.lsmnrr. Karl .Ma\(<y will return to .lelTersoii "Ity with his brother. Harry, and '•e- •ui-e work with llio Missouri I'aiKli- "S i I rr.;i (1, Mrs. Kent, mother of Mrs. Conifr White,, fonncrly taught sehool CA;; CITY. Dec. 27.—KiPd Kpper- sou, lit north of town, was In ilu> city yesterday telling of IIIH Hirllllng c.v- perleUce last \\(ek in atU'Ulptlng to cio.-s Kim Creek. Mr. Kiipermn a^d faiiiily tti'if riiuniing IK'HIIP in u car- i-i:i';e .jiiicr siicndlng ilie day with II lends i-oiitli of town. While going ilown the I iiihaiikinent ]ut-t before cnicriiiK i)jf «aiiT. the horses be- eaiiii> trlghicned and .siart(!d to run down sticani Into di.'e|> water. The carilaf;e was iljipifd <i\irr and had it not lii>en lor tin- pioniiit work of .Mr. Kpperson. probably some of the family wonld have been drowned. .\frs .\. Clark came near suffocating- .Monday eNcnIng by ohsirucilng Ihi< wind )dpe. She was eaiing meat and ami started to laugh wlien siic hecailie eiirtkn!. H'ld il not heen for the prompt work (>!" a idiysiclan. <I<atii «<iiiM (iroliali.'y li.vx' re.-iilleil. Cusier Urown lo.riiierly (if Ca-i hut now of Kansas Cliy spent a few hours with friends here yesterday. -Mr. and .Mrs. ICugcne LaughIln. of P.artlesvllle, spent Christinas with Mrs. C.DliJe. Mr. Laughlin retnrnwl liome today, hut Mrs. L.augh]in will remain for at least a week. Guy K<jberis received a long letter ypslerday from Charles Hallard of V(,ij;as. .Me.vieo, Mr. llnllnrd .states that lie Is geting along nicely and thinks he will ho able to be out and around soon. .Mrs. .lolin Apidegate's mother who is making her home here this winter, reported dangerou.sly ill. .Mr. and Mrs. .1. W. Wllgus visited Mr. and Mrs. Kly l-;llsworth this week. -Mrs-. .Myrtle .Morri.son and children will rctuin from Hartlesville this evening. .Mis.sps Thf^lma and Conna Kpllng are visltng their cousin, .^flss .\IabcI Durham, in lola this week. Olrs. .Mary Kiding is enjoying the week with her s<ins, Everett, Frank, Homer and Harvey Epling in CoUins- ville this week. A. C. Sinclair arrived Monday frntn .••"t Louis lo enjoy the holidays with Mrs. Sinclair and .Mr. ami Mrs. E. D. Al.stott. Helen, danghler of .Mr. and Mrs. .lack Humes, of .Melrose Is reported very sick. C K. Sweet of Walnut. Is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Charles llackler thl.- week. 'I')ii> two year old son of Mr. ami Mrs. Arthur Uiitlcdge Is reported very low with piipunionla fever. WANTED—TWENTY LABORERS to (nad from the lola Portland Cement Co. scrap iron in ears. In-juire at L. Krujips .lunk Yard. M. S,tein- schnelder. WANTED—WALNUT LOGS. C;OOK and Waginan, care C. C. LiiccocV. WANTED FOR CUSTO.MOT—A private loan of $SOA on a new eight room liouse on paved street, close in, east front. Want It for three years and am willing to pay good interest. The Peterson 1-and Go. FOB SALE—3aSCGLI..\]HE0US. c. 11. sn:>CEK & CO. t;rAKA>TKi:s IIYOMKI. If vol! jeally mean that you want to drive pMiy bit of catarrh from your nose and throat why not try a arnslble ren»i"dy that Is giiariinteed to banish caiarrii. or money bark. , If you alri^idy ii«n a little hard ruh- lier lIYn.MKl inhaler you can buy a WANTED—WOOD TO SAW ^VITH buzz saw. Will guaranteed .to do work quickly and satisfactorily. Phouc WANTED—AT KRAUSES CAFE A sin.c.le wliit(; woman as second cook that Is willing to advance. tcrest. Want good fair size residence proiierly for ctiulty, acres fine creek bottom land adr ojlning town in Anderson county. All in cultivation, very rich, black deep soil, no overflow. Fifty bushels of corn per acre this year. Mtg. |2U00. Want residence property for equity. TlIK >V. I'. TEATS REALTY t'O. L'ress Bid?. FOR SALE—FIVE WHITES OR- plngton pullets and one cockeril. Dr. .N'eusome. Phone S24. FOR SALE CHEAP—TWO LADI'ES smuM diamond rings suitable for pres cnt- Any amount of ladies' and gents' watche.'?, nearly new. for less than half jirlce. Higus I'awn Siioi>, east side s(pjare. Office in fruit store. FM{ SALE I Just got in 25 head of mules.: 10 bead of horses, 10 marea— some of tho marea with foal— ages run on horses and miilca from 2 to 5 years. All In good flesh—most all broke single and double—right In from the country. Anyone wanting to buy, sell or cychangc, come and sua nie at once, lola Horse and Mule 1 block woat Santa Pe J. C. llntrher Fbone 880 lOLA R. R.TIME TABLES i. T. * 8. F. BAUTTAY ' CALIFORNIA LAHiDS. We are agents for Cltnia HisIgbtB fruit lands adjoining the city of Sacrainentn. Free round trip to buyers. We are sole agents for this territory. CHARLES & POTTER, lolii, Kansas. LAM) FOR SALE! I have for sale the cheapest 160 acres of grass land in'Allen County For a pasture it can't he beat—everlasting water—or it all can be mown Close to R. K. sitatlon. Part time. I also have (SO acres Improved land close to lola that 1 can sell at bargain. Terms reasonable. C. 0. nOLLIXGER \V .\ N T ED—C11EA P FA R .M Phone MoT. TEAM WANTED-TO EXCHANC.E 'PIIO- rioKr.ifili record.'.-. Alan phonngrniili for typewrlti-r, or will buy lypewi'lier If |.rlc(- Is right. Address C, Ilex 201. lola, Knnri. ^ WANTED-C.IRL FOR GENERAL house work, inquire tJH-' .\. Ualnut. i'hone 1I3J. FOR SALE -UISCELIAIirEaCS. bcri\ now lives in Virgiiii.-i. died • j,,,,,,^ „f uvo.MEI fpronounre it •ast wiM'k at her home neur nine ! iii,:;h-o-ine) for only ."0 cent.s. if yim Mound. .Mr.--. .1. HnilenFworth will visit ;'lay Ccnti-r duvinsr the holidays. in $10,000 FOB eiLLY SONDIIY Tt^lTt CiinM-rsinn* at Mirhifa Cost ?2 Kiicli) lieacnn .Says. FOR SALE—TWO $1000 fiOIlT- gages, well secured by Ida City prop do not own an inhaler ask for com- j •"'i-*'- ^'^^^y will allow a reaspnable See lola Land Company. FOR SALI-:—STOVE WOOD. yELE- KOl: E.XCHANGE—FINE IMpROVN The rivival meetings condiicied hy !?i!ly Sunday and company at WJcii- i:a. ciosi d Sunday night. In its review of li.e work accomjilished during tJie meetings, the V,'ichita Ueacon says: Tho number of converts during the .-ix Weeks cainiiaign readied the amaz IS and hawking go another I •'J -'--"ere tract .idjoinlng good'small I gortd-bvp to catarrh. Trv it ^'°^^^y ounty. Kansas; value } FOR SALE~S WEEKS OLD PICS, fine slock and will yell reasonable. In()iilre first lioiisi! south Electric pow er house. J. K. Ulack. A DEPENDABLE ABSTRACT Is one which contains accurate information of all records relating to the property described therein. A complete and accurate Abstract is the basis of a good deed. There are no better Abstracts than those prepared by THE PETERSON ABSTRACT CO. Phone 97 Old Court Uon&e Bid?. FOR RENT—WBCELI.AKSOUB, FOR RENT—FUR.NISIIED ROOMS for light housekeeping; 217 W. Jackson. FOR RENT—KiO ACRE FARM. ruBh rent $2'U) pur year. Dan While 1.3 ilar|>e, Kas. FOR JtENT—NICELY FURNISHED front room In modern house, close to .-•iliiare. Phone 32li. Farm and Ci^y Loans KANSAS AXD OKLAnOXA Low Ilatc; Annnn] or ScroLAnnnul Intftreat—PrlvUeKe to Pay in Full Reduuiid Rutea ou Fire lusuruucel R.M.Cunningham Otil Court IIouKe Ridfr. I«Ia, Ku. LO«T A.\D mi-yn. LOST—FOTTNTAIN PEN SO.AIE- where between the sauare and Oak street, on East street or East Madison, nnder please leave at Register office. FOR RENT—ROO-MS FOR LIGHT hoii-sekeeping or sleeping; 212 West .Madison. pjele HYO.MEI outfit which contains discount, •in inhaler, this will cost you Jl.nO. Then breathe HYOMEI and get rid or catarrh, relief comes in five min- ; f'""" utes day'." frontment.will make ynu | 'lappy, a we<-k's Irealnipnt and sniif-! ries. mnciis week and gort-.-oye i,, ^H,..rra. . ry a . "ivill take ClOse"iU 'r'e.^- ! LDST-SATUUDAY AFTERNOON, today on nionpy hack plan hold i.y , ^^^^ ^2000 to %2m and j small green pocketbook contained (. n. t-pencor & Co., and druggists, ev-, ^.^^^ ^1^^ balance. ideal i bills .-ind silver; somewhere between erywhfie. •. . .. - .. -- hitch rack on north side of square and Dodge Tailoring establishment Finder return to Register and receive reward. SrilMIDT 1> A CELL AGAIX. j location for a shipper. What- have ' you? lola Land Company. nn^k Knmi the IIoNpital Mithont an 0|icratlnn. as was Frared. Fra.nk L: Schmidt was broughr to injj total of :,2ir.. The of!^'•""n'J" 3="' '•'<" "'cht from men and women in the churclies who St. .Tohn s hospital by Sheriff Hoover i-esoIvMl to live more nearlv up to the Schmidt is being held in d.- Iiroper standard of Chriiiian life is f "I'l'can.ncp for even greater, and there are hundreds /«> s*"'*^ charge. He is the of men and women not Christians, young a man who shortly h"forp his Hho have been touched hy the magic I ^"P'^'linK l'"""". telephoned his fiance'? WOOD FOR SALE. Phono 907-12. J. .R. OLLVK FOR SALE—ONE TWO HOLE Custom corn shqller. Piione 1610. E. G. Whitney, Moran Kans. of the camvaign and who have made resolves to do beitpr than they have in the )iast. Only God can know the extent of tile good that has heen accomplished by -Ililly" Sunday in Wichita.- Ten thousand d<illnrs was tlie sum handed to the evangelist last night by D. A. lloyle who had bei-n chosen a? rr-asurer uf the fund, and into whuec •ands I lie people gave out of the grat tilde of their hearts yesterday for Mr. Sunday. It is Just what Wichita ought to have done. Certainly no im«re than It should have done, when one i-ounts the blchslngK that have (line to the people and Hie town. Con nlderctl from a financial siiindpolni he peiiple (if Wichita got a hlg bar- train w-)ie« .'>,34.'i human (tmiN were made belter and happier for leso ilian wo (loilur:: apiece. family tlie news of his alleged death and then disappeared. A Schmidt was stricken with an attack of appendicitis and it was believed that an oiieratlon would be necessary. He was taken to tli> hospital wh'TP he recovered iindi r ireatnicnl vvitliout surgical atuniion. A |ipoliil4Mi nilhout Heoltatlnn. .Vot long ago a L'nitcd State.'* circuit court Judge died, and tberc followed much gossip as to who would suc- eed him. liefore the dead man was buried, there were current stories that the Kuccessor had already been chosen. A Etnator who was especially anxious for a friend to get the va- vanty hurried to President Taft th« day after the Judge bad died and ark«d eagerly: is it true. Mr. President, that my friend Smith can have Judge Blank's placer • "He can." answered the President seriously, and added after e pause: If he thinks the coffin will fit him comtortabljr."—Popular Magazine. TcnHi \ot n huxHrr. False teeth are a necessity, not a luxury, and a husband is legjiMy hound In furnish thwu for his wlf^- if •-he needs tlient. This is not the opin Ion of a medical or humane society, hut tho Kolemn verdict of the Supreme •rourt of WIscnnKln, I'nle -'H an appeal Is taken to the Cnlled States Su prenie Court, on the ground that t)iin ile( Ihlon deiirlvpK the hiiMlmnd of life. Ilherty or jirujiert.i' without due pro- cesii (if law and therefnrp unconslltu- tlonaUy, this pronoiincivnient will Minnd ns the law of the laid. The .lournul of the American Medical As- soclntlnn savK that U IK dnubt'ni If there I." any other state which has thus F^nfeguarded the rights of its feniiulne citlr.ens. Married women In need of teeth should at once move to Wl.sconsln. —Evpiy lady who visits our China department during the next few days will receive a handsome sprig of Holly with our compliments for the .New Year.—T. B. Shannon. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Bushey, and (.daughter, of Pittsburg, who have been In the city for a Christmas visit with Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Mitchell, returned to tbeir bome yester<lajr afternoon. TO TRADE. Good S'l acre farm in Coffey county,' to good town five room bouse newly jiaintedk good barn, fair orchard, some fine creek botton$ land; CO acres in cultivation balance in pasture. Mtg. $17')« at 6 per eent in- LO.ST—A CA.MEO. BROOCH PIN. Kiftder please leave at Register office. LOST—LINEN HAND BAG WITH letter "P" einhioidered on it. Retiirn to Doggptt Millinery store. .MONEY TO LOAN—WE HAVE A client who has |I800 private money to loan on Allen county land, ft you want this, come quick. The Peterson Abstract Co. SCIIE.ME TO FORCE OIL IP. Oklnhoniu Operators Think Tliry Can Purili the Price tu T-l Cent?. Tulsa, Okla , Dec. 27.—Throiigh one 'if the most gigantic ischeuies ever undertaken In til- oil Industry of this country, tho independent oil operators and MimiU producing concarnn uf the MId-Conitnent oil field h(,pe to force tho price uf Oklahoma crude oil, now bringing hut r>0 ccntH a ba'rrel, up t(; 7j centH a barrel or iin/pif. TJie idan ulilcli liuK hud no iiublldly and tvliich IK d((-lil(dly novel in It$ character will involve an enormous amount of capital and tho co^i>era- tlon of a strong competitor of ihe Standard Oil company. Tha proposal to fix the prlco of Oklahoma oil at 73 cents-a barrel at the Wells, the girlce to be agreed upon by a large number of the 0(ierators who will enter an agreement to sell their production at nothing less than 75 cents a barrel for a given' period of time. The period has not beeoi de- ctded.upon as yet. The aim vill be to control 2.'i,0uo to 30,000 barrels daily production under this agreement.. When this arrangement isrperfect- od, it will be taken to some strong foreign company, .probably the Royal Dutch-Shell, and that company invited to enter the field aa a ,i;ompeti- tor of the Standard Oil company^ taking as a basis of operations the agree- The Allen County Realty Co. Make a spcctnlty of selling Allen County Farms. We also write Insurance of all kinds, collect rents, pay taxes for non-residents, and do a general real estate buiiiness. We represent three of the best loan companies doing business in Kansas, and solicit a share of the loan business, and guarantee as cheap rates and quick service as can be had anywhere. The Allen County Realty Co. B. L. Thompson, Mgr. OFFICES EVANS BLDG. lOLA THE BIGGEST BARGAIX BT lOlA. A seven room, modern house with two-story barn apd 7.5 feet front, cement walks, shade and fruit If ^;d lieiore January first, $1250.00; half c:isl,. . . C. L. -WHITAKER. Phone ise. XLVGARA MILL HE SAYED. luent above referred to. This would assure tlie comiietltlng concerij of l-.'i,- (ji-0 to no OnO barrels daily production, and would necessitate tho buildiug of I a pipe line to tide-water. The nearest point at which facllitlea for o< tan Bhlimients could be aecuied would bu the Gulf of Mi-.xico. Tite nintl'jr is how under serious conitUleniilon and' Is being pxtenslvuly canvaHsed-among the proinlnenl operators. Many of them are taking a very faviirubin view of It and the UMin at tlie head of It hai* ability, courngu and (•Mierlcnce to carry it through. It IK hcHeyed the schemn la now fur enough advanced that it Is assured of iwlng a reality In the very near future. In which event the oil Industry of Oklahoma will bo revolutionized. The Increasing of the price of Oklahoma: crude oil to T.7 cents a barrel would mean about 113.000,000 added annually to the Oklahoma oil producers, figured on the 51,000,000 barrel production of 1910. and would cause the greatest activity yet experl«iced In the prospecting of new oil territory and the increased drilliifg and development of already proven fields- A Treaty IVllh (^nnilii Hukca Sure It.s PreHprvattuii. I^aw XUI for Sale. —Will sell at public auction Saturday, Dec 30, 1911. at 2 p. m., on east side Cltiz^a' State Bank at Humr bpldt. Kans., one Saw Mill Outfit. Good miU and good terms. New York. Dec. 20.—Tho United States and Canada have negotiated a treaty wliich controls thn diversion of water from .Niagara river and preserves the scenic grandeur of Nlugii- ra Falls at all times. The treaty goes Into full effect nutomnllcally in March upon tho expiration of the (uw v.-iiich now limits somn of liu proviHlnnH, The inlernutlonul aKceeinenl was tnHt}o In response to n genernl demand that (he (iiieMlldu of water diversion be settled oiicu and for all In nor-ordancn with expert opinion. The treaty makers hud exhaustive tests conducted by. hydraulic engineers, and it was determined that diversions sbbuld not exceed .16,000 cubic fecti a second on tho Canadian side and 20,000 cubic feet n second on the American side, out of a total flow of 240,000 cubic feet a .second. The'use of this quantity of water for po-srer purposes, the, engineers foimd vrould not affect the appearance of the Falls sufficiently for the eye to detect. Since only about half the quantity permitted by the treaty is now diverted, twice the present horse power can be produced without endangering the scenic Keauty of the cataract. South Bound. No. 201—Doily Faasenger 1 :05 p. No. 20S—Dally PBssenger...'. 2:*3a.m, No. 207—Daily (except Sunday) Passenger 8:50 p.m. No. ZlSi-Daliy (except Sunday) Way FnilBlit. Arrive 12:01 P. m. Depart 1:06 p. m. North Bound. No. S02—Dnlly I'a.'wenKor 2:2« p. m. No. 20t—Dally Pa-tsenBcr 2:20 a. m. No. ZDS—Daily (except Sunday) Pnsiwn- Rer 6:30 B. m.' No. :m— Piilly (except Sunday) Way (• FrelBfit. Arrico 1J:18 a, m. Depart 13:01 p. m. ' MISSOCRI PACIFIC RAILfTAr Fralghto—^Aratt Bound. . ini— T.ornl (diiUy vx. 8unJ Iv I :4B p, n. 451—Colo. Ilfd Bnll OMiy) I v.. .8:38 p. n.; Fralghtt—Cast Bound. 4r.s-R(.rt Ball (dally) ar 1:10 a. m. 492—Local (dally vx. Sun) ar 8:00 a. m. PAHengari—V^eit Bound. <n"—Kansas CIty-YatcH Center Mnil and (daily) IV .4 ;47 p. m. 400—Bt. I..iuls-Wlchltn Mail unifHSxprsss (dally) Iv :....8:liaS. m. Pauengeri—East Bound. 410—St. LuUts-KanHiis City Mall and Bk- press (dally) nr T:17 p. m. 40S—St, Loul.i-Knnsaa City Mall anij Express (dnily) nr g:S3 a. m. M. K. & T. RAIL WAT ' South Bound. •No. 1171—Way Kr<>lBht, (dally eoteept Sunday! 4:Snn. m. Nn. 75—Mixed fdnlly) 4:i5p m. No. 73—rnsienKPT fdally) 12:19 p m. No. 25~Flyer (dally! S:SO a. in ' North Bound. No. 24—Pasnengpr (dally) 1:2S p. m. Nn. 76—^srixed (dally) 3:S0 p. m •No. 572—Way Freight, (dally excer* Sunday) 12:19 p. in, •571 and B72 will carry passensers. SrERCHA?rTABLE ABSTRACTS. Every Abstract made tn our oftlct Is guaranteed to be a merchantable abstract or money refunded IOT.A ABSTRACT COMPANT Frank Wood. Manager PR0FRSST0^4I. mVFrTORT. * mO ^T TO LOANt I Will lend on household goed*' * pianos, organs. Mwfng aw- • * mUmaa, diamonds and lawalrr. f * J.W. COFFXT 9 11* Korth StrMt « Royal Typewriter Agency 9 Controls Exclusive Sale of th» « Boyal Standard Typem-iter 9 In Allen County 9 £. U. Bnsslng, Agent 9 * Northrnp Building lola, Kans. • ^ Typeirriter Rcpalra and SnppUei 9 ^99Bm9(b »9 »9 »»»999k9 mfH »^99m9a999999»99 « Dr. r, M. Rusi • '» DK.VTWT « W Room No. I, Northrnp OMg. » W ISxtracttnn without pain by tha • use of Nitrons Ozida Oaa • HI Phnn»-Ofrice 6G3; Res 861. « « WHY NOTI • Have Tour Piano Tuned by u * * Experienced Tuner—Ona Ur- 9 H! ing In your bome to-wn « 9 ^ , T. 0. CAITATSET • S -Tlano Tnner and Bepafrer '9 * Roberts Music Co. Phone 411 9 £ • • F. L. B. lEATELL, X. 9. 0 BpecialUes— • Diseases of the ChaaL U * Diseases of Children. ^ £ FkoneB—Office 117; Bes. 1«. • lOLA. STATE BANK BUXl « Seal Estate and XJvestMk • AUCXIOA'EES • Satisfaction guaranteed-S^bra oc > phone at my expense to^ datM. 4 fi. B. &ABfi, .!» Xfttes Center Oter Com. Buk 4 PHILLIF HEIGELI 110% South St. • HAJUTESS AA'D SADDELBT General Bepoirlnp, All Kinds VOXEY TO tOAir J on all kinds of household gbodl ' • or Jewelry—anything of VRlua. Uigus Pawn Shop, East Bid* aqu»rof. OIBco In Fruit Btor«. All transactions •trlctly eottfl< donUol. • • • • Begfgter Want Ada Ciet tbe Bb. Hoi Sprinam^jfrk^ Round Trip Tfcket »,-^Iotai to!t» Hot Springs. Ark., with retnn^^ limit of three montbs from d^^B of sale, with stop-over prtvUesM^ going and return on sale evezir. day In the year, ^or si8.eo The one-way fare la |ia.M. E^E.'MUN6ER. Phone 160. Kw. TwaiMmk m distillate for ula. Telephdna m ^Ie^?'^ or Hnmboldt BaOmswr. :tl. Jlmgi^i ^p totd, 3M West ^Mk. !^S-^m

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