Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 11, 1954 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1954
Page 5
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Thursday, March 11, 19S4 MOM STAR, HOP 1, ARKANSAS ><»m About a third o£ ;\ million pure tones can be detected by the human car. There were 2,425.000 more births than deaths in the United States in 1953, a new record. Adserlilf-mtnl From where I sit... Joe Marsh Charlie Leads By a Nose! Know the wonderful smell of baked beans that leads you to Charlie's Diner on Saturday nights? Well, Charlie told me how he makes sure you'll notice it. "Baked beans are a favorite with me," he says, "but folks here didn't go for them — until I thought, of letting them smell how good beans can be. "I put n big fan behind the oven •when the .beans are baking and get that good smell out where folks notice it. Now we're filled up Saturday nights, and most everybody orders beans." From where I sit, when a good thing gets around town, it usually means good business. I know our beer retailers will agree with that. They co-operate voluntarily with the Self-Regulation program sponsored by the Brewing Industry. They keep their places . so neat and clean that the word can't help getting aiwund. And their little extra effort "fans" up a lot of community good will. Copyright, 1954, United States Brewers Foundation Contributions to Hempstead Red Cross Contributions to American Red Cross drive: Hope Previously reported $1.349.00 Jack's News Stand $10.00, James F. Ward $1.00, Mrs. James F. Ward $1.00 Harry Hawthorne $5.00, U. G. Garrett $1.00, Mrs. U. G. Garrett SI.00, Hope, Gin Company $5.00. Julie Sutton $1.00, Garrett Willis $1.00. Paul M. Simms. Jr. $1.00, L. Byers $1.00, Lucille R. Spaugh $1.00, Crit Stuart $5.00, James C. Russell $1.00. Mrs. Ed McCorkle $5.00. Tom Middlebrooks $1.00 Elizabeth Bridewell $1.00. Goo. F, Brown $1.00, Lorraine B. Wylie, $1.00 Maxine Stuart $.50, Marcinc Abbott $1.00 E. R. Brown $1.00 Jack Frilchett $1.00, Cecil Guthric $1.00 Jimmie Cook $5.00. Lyle Brown Sn.OO. James H. Pilkinton $5.00 Arthur Anderson $5.00, Mrs. Otis Wore $1.00, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Hobbs $2.00, Mrs. Theo P. Witt $1 00, Miss Mamie B. Holt $1.00, Mrs Teddy Jones $1.00, Mrs. Paul Jones $1.00, Miss Estelle Caldwell $1.00 Mrs. Elbert May $1.00 Mrs. M. B. WE GIVE DOUBLE STAMPS EVERY WEDNESDAY What a Will Buy at B & B Plus the Saving on U. S. Green Stamps wifh each purchase MAY FIELD 303 Can GREAT NORTHERN and PINTO NO- 2 Can DIAMOND 80 in Pkg. NAPKINS 0. B. SPAGHETTI 7 Oz; Box Macaroni RED KIDNEY No. 2 Can POWDERED and BROWN 1 Lb. Box Scoffissue Roll ATEX TURNIP GREENS and No. 2 Can SPINACH BLACK EYE No. 300 Can WITH PORK LIMA 300 Size Can CUT BEETS LOOK WHAT 5c WILL BUY J.ELL.O- ASSORTED Box 5 c Can PORK & BEANS No. T Can 5' Potatoes Kraft Bag Grapefruit PINK Size 80 Each 5c Lettuce 4 Doz. Size 2 Heads 25C Carrots Pkgs. WHEN YOU THINK OF GOOD MEAT —• THINK OF B&B FRESH COUNTRY LARGE Doz. EGGS T-BONE, CLUB and SIRLOIN Lb. STEAKS FRESH GROUND Lb. HOME GROWN FRYERS BEEF CHUCK ROAST STEW WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT PURCHASES PRICES FOR FRIDAY, MARCH 12th and SATURPAY, MARCH 13th DSUYER SUPER DIAI, MARKET t t t WIFpPTHIPARKIHaMITIRFQIiYOy • v Court Asked to Halt Pickets HOT SPRINGS Wl •— Garlnnd 1 Chancery Court was nsked today I o halj, \>iLketin^ by a CIO union i at the cofiSli uction . site of the Ouaehita General Hospital here. S>omo 11 vvoiXeis die involved ri i the 'lispuUtt- , l Ohancelloi S^atn W Odiiott vv i« to hoar a [petition this afternoon filed by the Hoed IMtimbim: Co. and M. J. Grove, general contractor ;il the hospital. I The petitioners claim that Local 451 of the CIO Plumbers and j Sleanifitfers Union is in effect a j secondary boycott against Grove. j O. B. Coonradt, the union's busi- ness agent, was named defendant. A picket line wti"> set up at thp hospital \e«:terdnv The imfctn prc- Uiously stiuck on Feb 16 charg- ins; thqt Reed was using nonunion 'voikers After a week the .strike was called off and negotiations started. Yesterda.\ s picket line was estab liblished when no agreement [reached. Sundress with narrow straps (above) is a Dallas design in carousel print against clear white background. Bodice is molded for perfect fit; skirt is very, full for grace and comfort.—By GAILE DUGAS, NEA Woman's Editor. Hatch $1.00. Columbus Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Stuart $10.00 Mr. and Mrs. David Mitchell $5.00. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hipp $1.00, Mi- Jim Holding $1.00, Mr. and Mrs Joe Wilson $5.00, Mr. and Mrs. Hughie Van Riper $2.00 W. A Downs, $1.00, Billy Webb $1.00 Mi-. and Mrs. J. O. Johnson $2.00, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Delaney $2.00, Ida Williams ,(Col.) $.07 Willie Hicks (Col) $.75, Mr. and Mrs. Crit Caldwell $1.00 Mr. and Mrs. 'Horrace Ellen $1.00, Mr. and Mrs. Tommy McCorkle $1.00, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Downs $.50, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Evans $1.00, Taylor Mitchell $1.00, Mr. and Mrs. J. Delaney $1.00, Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Boyce $.50 Jim H. Stuart $5.00, C. R. White $1.00, John Griffin $.50, Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Middlebrooks $2.50, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Jones $1.00, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hawthorne $1.00, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Downs $2.50, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hicks $2.00, Mr. and Mrs John Wilson $2.00 Mr. John P. Webb $1.00. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wilson $3.00, Ozie Mitchell (col.) $.5b, Cussie Smith (col) $1.00, Lou Freda Ch'ealham (col) $1.00. Mr. and Mrs. Fred CaldweJl $1.00. Beverly Hills (Hope) Aries Trout $1.00, Chas. Sanaalli $5.00, Don Turner $.50, O. W. Amos $1,00, R..E. Storey $.50 L. D. Barnum $1.00, Ralph Johnson $2.00. N. R. Moore $1.00, W. C. Dickey $1.00, T. C. Stinson $1.00, Mr. and Mrs. Will Munn, $1.00, James Case E. J. Oxan $1.00, Mr. and Mrs. E. P. -Young Jr. $5.00, Mrs. Eddie Powell $.35, Mrs. Lynn Frank $1.00, Mre. W. G. Arthur, $1.00, E. C. Walters $1.00, Mrs. John R. Hamilton $.16, Mrs. E. R. Montgomery $.50, Mrs. C. Yocum $1.00, Mrs. A. Middlebrooks $.50, Floy Bayless $.50 Grovc-r Thompson $5.00. Total $1,523.33. Hope Richard Hogue $1.00, H. R. Cope-, land $1.00, A. J. Rhodes $1.00, Willis Beard $J.OO, ucy Smith $],00, Ernest Porter $1.00, B & B Super Market $5.00, Dewey Babcr $2.00, Dannie Hamilton $2.00, L. B. Delaney Grocery $5.00, Byers Swap Shop $2.00, Jim Cole, $1.00, Eveline L. Eppler $2,00, Ruth Lewis $1.00, Hale Bowden $5.00, Bob Massingill $1.00, Mrs. Gladys Hamilton $1.00, Mrs. Fay Anderson $1.00 Ruby McKce $1.00, Mrs. Florence Hicks $1.00, Aubrey Collier $1-.00 Owen Holiis $1.00, Clyde Martin $1.00, Parrish Fincher $1.00, Clyde Zinn $1.00 Dennis Bell $1.00, Ramph Domstcad $1.00, Mose Yergcr $2.00, Lee Pan-is $2.00. Clyde Arnold $1.00, Gene Powell $1.00, Frank Ramsey $1.00 Milton "Jack" Fielding $1.00, Raymond Jordon $1.00, William "Bill" Arnold $1.00, Roy Martin $1.00, Elriclgc Belts $1.00, Cannon May $1.00, Wil lia'm Butler $1.00, An try "Buck" Goodwin $1.00, Jack Fountain $1.00 IF. N. Piggic $1,00, John Rogers $1.00, Frank Prater $1.00, Clevc Brewer $1.00, James Murphy $1.00 1. B. -Elliott $1.00, Tyree Jordon $1.00, Wiliia McCoilum $1.00 Marshall Norwood $.50 Will Savage $1.00 Thurmon Riddling $1.00, Perry Ware $.50, MonroeWillis $1.00 Herbert Greenlea $1.00 Geo. Garrett $1.00. Patmos Edna J. Sulzer $20.00, Dr. and Mrs. G. D. Royston,, Washington $10..00. Rpcky Mound Mr. and Mrs. Jim Chambers $2.00 Mr. and Mrs. Josh Reyenga $2.00 Mr. and Mrs. Irvan Bright $1.00 A. B. Turner $.40 Mr, and Mrs. L. L. Ross $1.00 Mr. and Mrs. Norman Taylor $1.00, Mr. and Mrs. E. Juris $1.00, Mr. and Mrs. Wylie Fairchild $1.00. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dudley $1.00 Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bruce $1.00 Oakhaven Mrs. John Lowe $5.00 John B. Lowe $5. 00 Cecil Wyatt $1.00, Mrs. R. O. Henry $1.00, Mrs. Harry Phillips $1.00, Mrs. Lloyd Guerin $.25 Mrs. IJgrry Couch $1.00, Mrs. Lyle Me- Mahen $250, Mis. Ed Aslm $100 Mrs. John Hampton $3 00 Mi. and Mrs. S, A. Weslbrook $5,00, Mis. J, C. AtcWey $1.00, Mis. Andy Andrews $?.00, Mrs, D. H. Camdhan $}.QO, Mrs. A. W. Rwiseth $100, g. Cj-U Stuartt J('.» SJ.QO, Mrs. $1.00, Mrs. Jack Sirnnions $1.00, Mrs. Thomas McKec $1.00, Mr. J. B. Rowe $1.00, Mrs. Donald Moore Hope $1.00 Mrs. Bill Bcenu $3.00, Hope Mrs. Sam Andrews $1.00, Mrs. Kl- mer Brown $1.00, Miss Kay 'Camp $1.00, Mrs. Andy Caldwell $1.00, Mrs. Horace Fuller $1.00, Mrs. E. W.Copelancl $1.00,. Colored Hope Queen Ester Hughey $1.00, Het- lie Bishop $.10, Annie M. White S>25 J. D. Loach $1.00, Bernicu Hughey $.50. Hope Martindale Clinic $25.00, Moore Bros. $20.00, W. Shanhousc Sons, Inc. $^5.00, Total - $1,706.33. I Scoff sat Being Called Perfect Wife By BOB HOMAS HOLLYWOOD I/IT — Hollywood's idea o£ the perfect wife .says she isn't. .June Allyson is the doll who has inherited Myrna Loy's upron as' the ideal spouse of the movies. You'll ti-emcmber that Miss Loyi who was wed four limes in private? life, was named the perfect male after she starred in "The Thin Man" .with William Powell,' It. was about the first, time that marria'sp had appeared exciting on' 'the screen, Now it's Miss Allyson. Shu appears to have two husbands •—hex- real mate- n former crooner named Dick Powell, and hoi- screen hubby, James Stewart. Shu admits that shi? often sees more of Stewart than of Powell. The Stevvart-AMyson aji/anca be- Ran with "The Straiten Story." That movie mating was so successful that Stewart hunted for years to find another vehicle they could do toi'etliur. He finally found two — -The Glenn Miller Story," which is now breaking roc- orris, and "Strategic Air Com- jmand," which is beginning pro- 'duction. When I lalkr-d to June; in her Paramount dressing room, she scoffed: "Me the perl'c-c-t Pooh! Far from it." Her husband —that follow .who used to sin;- — probably wouldn't agree, but she claimed she's o fizzle as a mate. "I'm a lousy cook," she said, "he only thing I can really cook well is coffee- and e«g.s. I learned to cook eggs at the American Women's Club on 57th street in New York when 1 was looking- for jobs. I had an old two-burner stove and tho only thing I could afford was eggs. yes, 1 can also barbccuo, We built a new one, and went nuts about it. Cooked up some! wonderful steaks. would have' been a whiz in pioneers times H's too bad I can't cook indoors to." She added that she always forgets to order food and never has time to sew ami do the little wifely chores arnund the house. I asked her about her two husbands, and she said they aro very much alike-. ' "I've never seen either of them blow up," she observed. "Jimmy never gets excited. Not that he icver gets angry. He does. But .he only way you can loll is that ie gets a little deadly. "Riehaj-d never raises Ms voice ither, He's the ulcer type — holds .lungs closely to him. If he ever ias to bawl someone out, lie says it very nicely. ''Jimmy is a very interesting person,, He's' not at all as quiet as people think h(- is. Fe <jan "be shy with stiangvns, bt't with friends he can be a real jakker." For centuiies, notthei-rt lights were thought ti be t battles and ma** of SW'|tS W gods, of J$K GM Has Highest Soles in History | NKW YORK i/ft— Ten 'dollars in sales 1 , more than i lions in taxes. 598 millions in prof its — that's the record of Genet-' .al Molois Corp for 1953. The sales of $10,027,482 were the billion 1^4 bil* highest in history corporaticm artd <_e11ljSS6 wide margin the $7,549 ortic tMtd nutacfur ion as pint; l!)i.3 eaimtigs of b> Standard Oil Co. Ci 491 milhon for Ihc Bell 1 System. Dnect taxes* of $l,m,OD01 $661,000,000 collected W sale? and exctte taxes $1,808.000,000 equivalent* W-j shaie of common Stork,- pated with net IntSOrtie ot share. c si — H til pt ttfr.j.lfcMatflj PENNEY'SOWfi NATION MUSLIH 81x991 • High thread count<ana*' ; balanced weave me< a sturdy muslin * , : • They stand up to km about ' washing ' t \ constant wear • With smooth finish J foi» .t ....>. > ' a j, *,r • MSPU 4 :ttl«^ t < * *> / * i- ' ,. ^'' X' * f* v ^n MARQUISEttel A - '*! • Sea Green • Gold • Rose • Ivory • Blue • Hunter Green • Wine • Brown • Pink Ice pair 1*. v 90" -.*•& y "r r w W •* p| Color's here to stay in these Clm ^js, cillas! Sun, fumes, cleaning, T« '*" ,' faze them ... their fade-resistlm^ is' ,"" lows. Why? Because Chromspurf / not dyed in the fabric or evenjn The dye is part of the very ^i^ii the acetate, making Chi long-lasting as the yarn it cillas are made with 6} hemmed, headed tops, r.u ton t W ul CANNON'S GAY CANDY STRIPE TERRY TOWELS 20" x 40" both size Striped towels make a fashionable bathroom ... and captivate the hearts of today's homemakers! They're colorful, with a fluffy finish I... and Penney popular-priced to sUit ypur 4 budget! 15" x 25" face towel, 39c 12" x 12" wash cloth. •: , 1-Svij, DENI * Solid Colors?; * r StrloW. Sew BIG MAC TESTED MATCHED SET$ SH.IRTS .,.,.. 2.49 Poi^s 2.98 • MSde on graduated , patterns for perfect fit! t Rugged, long wearing twill! t Sanforised* to stay in size! , * Plenty of large siz§ , pockets! •\-Tf STOCK UP BUY! COTTON I »TO y > <\* «.$•• n \ IIV 'Ui t**l ^V'1 »U*1 ; \V*^ it,'? ' i>va#

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