Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 27, 1911 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 27, 1911
Page 4
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THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING, DECSMsfeB 27, MIBIB iHE lou. Dm mil Th« lola Dally ftecsrd and r*ta lola Dally Index. THE KECJJSTEK ITULISllLXti CO. Entered (it tliH Ic'.i iViytdfrici! nn Socui)iJ Vl...<» :iliilifr. Advc-rtUliiK .M. on AlM SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier in lolj.. tin" City. Canyon Ville. Concreto, LaHarpe a.ia Bddrtt: Ono We-k 1« ci-iits One Moi:th ** '"">« One Tear EY r/.A-.Lr One Year, liisn!- iiiiiM" J2 One Year, uiit^-i"!- 'i-- iv J3 .«i TEL-EPMONSi: Buslnes! Olfi— Society P.-i...: r Job and Kin'l-iy iM-p- ] Off'rial Paper ci ry uf lola. Paper City ot B^ssctt. Official Paper of Allen County. THE KEET SrC .lH HISIXESS. The RoKiaJ .r hml roniiuenda tion whitli it f,':f:u'.> :jr>fi:itis from on Sugar," uii«' an lula mirch:int who on its rect-nt artitii.' uiioii "Tin" Tariff two experts in ilw sugar busijicss ui> knows alJ ilic ins out.s pf ih business, anil tlu' o'hvr Mr. Ualiili Faxon, of Gard*n City, who, living un dir the shadow of ojir of the largest bt 'tt Gsugar factorii-s in tin- rountry knows that end of it ihoroiigiily. In •the course of -Mr. Faxons liUir h< gives the very infrestinK information that the Gariltn Cii,v coiniiany , rei)resents an investnitnt of 7 million dollars, including mill, land, irrigation works, cic. He notes also the bitter warfare now on Ijciween the refiners of raw iiii]iort<-d suKar and the beet EURur people, which concerns the efTort of the relimrs to take th< duty off r;iw su);ar. Of course, every Iiound of beet suKar produced in (lie Vnited Stat'-s iniaiis that tnudi less loll to the rKliniTlciS. That Is evident, because It Is wvll known that th' Tnlted Slates does not now iiroduce more than on'-Uiird of Us jinnual sugar consumptiou. The bei 't jieoph have made that one-third posilblt; and, if not ajiproxiniat' ly the entire BUgnr consumption of thi- country, to bo produced In the I'nited States. But this cannot be unless the tariff remains on. The refiners have determined, Mr. Faxon says, to put the beet industry out of business. Th«» real reason is that the^beet industry kept the manipulators from boosting the price of refined sugar to the consumer within the past year. Owing to a shortage of beet sugar in Europe and cane in Cuba, the refiners and the manipulators had the price of refined sugar up to cents per pound. Then the beet people put COO.OOO tons of beet sugar on the market at wholesale prices, ranging from 4'i to cents per pound. Of course this stojiped the "aviation stunt" the refin'^rs were manipulating, and il made them more determined to remove the obnoxious beet people from the face of the earth. John Arbuckle is well known as ,•! ooIfe« king and a sugar relinrr. Hr is leading the light against the beet Industry. He is loud in his jiroK-sta- tion that he is working for the American consumer. He says he will decrease the price of refined sugar two cents per pound. Snnn' thoughtful peo|)le lire inclined to take .Mr. Arbuckle's extreme and ]:atlii'l!c solicitude for the American consumer wlili aeveral grains of salt. Tiny nre iii- i|uirliig why ii ]», it in- In siich a jihi- . lunlhroiiist, he doeKn'i l)i'>;l)i on eof fee! Now coffee be;ir.s no diif.e. Vi-( ,Mr Arbuckle and his fellow plillaiiihrop- iHlB have bei'n jiUle,In ii comparative, ly short lime, nearly lo douhle tin price of cofTic to till' consumer. As one beet sugar man puis it: "When John Arbuckle conie? around tej/fng Mr. Consumer wlmt he is going to do for him, it behooves .Mr. Consumer to sew up ills po<kets wheri' he carri's his loose change and his w.-itch!" So that is the situation wiih beei sugar,just now, as .Mr. Faxon sees it. and that is why it is tJmt it should be a matter of general state, interest, as well as particularly vital interest to Western Kansas, to keep an eye on this beet industry. For it is a]i- parent that the beet industry means a. great deal to the American consumer; to agriculture; and to Kansas. f: ngress :-.'.«:t^.-d."y wag the lourtb of a sorlea. "The message dealt in a stralght- forv.ard way with the nfTalrg of the various deiiartments. Just na his mess ages on the trust question, on foreign alTairi and on the revision of avhcd- ule K. have dealt witli the broader mailers. "At ti.<^ vry time ttiat his act Ian 'n 'abrc'tiitir.i:; the treaty with RiiK .-ila, without !'n;.- liombasi and willioiit international h .id manner?, tcs-'Ii 'T with Ills message revlb-lnj;; selivdiiles d ''aliii!i with the c-iolhing of ;'. K- I <<'0- [ ) If, we.-e in the jiublle mint.'. !'•' j'l.lrr ij,;- lire from critics who wji" att.-iekini; by unfair ::t .d cowj.rdly means. "fnder this fire .Mr. Tufi .=pent two lir'.ys milking si .C' cheg in this city and net cnre did he s^:i:\ any had Icmper or .-iny lack of pj'iii ::cc, slat ing hi."; creed to 1; > polii y no' in tended to win votrs .nnd ii'.iihe plat forms lo c'.r.'-y o'.rcxlc:-=. Im'. 'o put TO DAXt'E WITH I'llESIUEST. into the s'.atuirs ; c'ii'.'^ eflt of til' V. 'in!" 1 • "Mr. T;,ft is ;:;;[.• nevf • 'ji'lin . '.• ; • akali!'' -a "i" iiie TI!,. - ires .s (wM .'i • Ii- .'rinii.;;: d: y 10 !!..y.' i.-. :f •• ' .'-MM'. :• ill 1! in HE Din ir THE \ii,i\\v Vi VY, Th;' Xiw York very fa from b< ing a r::r ;y ttri^uu, it .""air enough to n -.ake I 'lis editorial ro 'nmmt upon the mar .niT in whic •resident T;ifl haii'ih.d the Rusai;; teaty situation: Ther ' is no division ( f opir.inii 111.? fotiiiiry on the jirincip 'i' in\olviii (lual tii'.itmcnt of all American cist IIS, hut Uiire Is alway.s n rluhl way ind a wrong way to do a thing. The Siilzer resolution, whiih was idopleil liy the House, was offeniilv in laiigiia ^i . which If appll il by riiu (iidivldiial to aii 'itli'T »'ould have In r "'.'<entc (l:*<J''he Hou .si- psolulinn \.:r.if. ;g Congri ss and Kigiied by th" I'r>-.-<i I 111. would have bei -n a illrer; orfeii.s< the Kiisslan government by ili "nlieil Stales and would b^-en rt rented by that goveriimeiii. Tliai dlJTer"nt matter. President Taft, liearlily In symi):> liy uiih the effon ii> bring .vboui tin r.iper recognition of all citizrns bear ir American pas.-sports, Jms worked liii'n as eiirnestly for the end sough liy the Jewish coinmluee as any mem I r of that committee and he has the onlldence of the men at the head of •• movement. riie abrogation of the treaty with oi:f ofTens? will be followed b .v neRo ations for a new treatT and it is be ved in diplomatic circles that the ardships which have been endured hy persons on account of race and re•;ion will be mitigated. They g'ure- y would have not be-n mitiguied had e treaty been abrogai-^d by ihi. Sul- r resolution. President -Wft thus far has n^v-^r iii'ies and he has nevpr played tiu wobbled" into international diiT;- :rt of an international bully for th' '•re sake of g.iining politif-:;! >iopu- rity. He is not doing it now. National Tribune: The election of iiaior Charles Curtis, of Kansas .<. Presidi'nt pro tem of the Senate •11 give much gratification to the terans everywhere. He is the first :in of Indian blood to preside over Senate. His mother was a prin- ol tlio Kaw tribe of Indians an ia father was .1 soldier. Senator • Tiis st ;;nds liit;h among };is col- :jg ;!es and enjoys the jK-rsonal •• ndsliip of ntarly all "of r.n-m, an'! i,.-I'r. sidint Sherman is ejiicially ..iinale with him. Senator Curtis is !irm liUil ind>faligal-l< trii-rd (;f H P •.•rails, and no one in the Senate 1:: brrii more erficllvi- in service lo 111. "( i(iiirr,r ihi' soldlerH of "Cuba M- " wif jialrl'its and all iliai 1 J;II: I'li y liavr ri'i'iiily com|i''lleil I'n-s- iii Coimx, mrii-li :i>-.aiii.''il Ills v<lll .'.i;.-ti tile hill ric'inly pa.i.-i, >1 by •;igi'i;» suspending the ihll K' rviei for "ii -V iiuiiillis in ord-T that III' iiiser>.iiiv«' oflice holders may b" ••ii:is.--'ii and veterans put In their i.cis. II;ni:ig gt'ined ilii;; iioiiit th i«r:?ii party is demanding .-i law riin^' fori 'Vi r any p'T.sun f 101:1 olTlc. !i;< w;i.< net oil tin- side of frmlon; tlie' war with Spain. TtFT .\>D THE COINTHY. The N'cw York Herald, the leading Independent paper of the I'nited States, coniained the following editorial Friday: "What is greatest in man Is sure to come out. in his hours of adversity. President Taft is having his hour of trial. Predictions of disaster for bis administration are the rule. , "Yet Mr. Taft looms so large In the news of the day, imi.''''ssinc himself more on the j 'O .-'i'e '.irr.:<- aft r hour, that we very frankly iliiiik that his pbllticul oppuiieiiu are i:iidereslimal- Ing Wm as a factor In the national cainpalgn of 1912. ilov. ard Courant: Si'iiator Jce riilow is busy -yvitli th" I.:iFolletti •ri'n, but up-to-date he hasn't been ble to bring Old Squirt' Uristow, his liier, round to his way of thinking. c!d ;;< r.ileiiian gives ii out that ue snort around as much as he wi'uls to. but so far as he is con- n-rned he is still for Taft. (Joe's o'd (lad used to be pastor of the Howard M.ethodist"chureli, and was never accused of not having a mind of his own I. And so Mrs. Sinclair and Harry Kemp, after all they have said about each other, and after all that other people have said about them, are together again "hidden away in a bungalow" somewhere up in New Jersey, spending most of their time fishing! .\nd the questi/n,—at least one of the qi.-estiotJS, —is, who is paying the bills? Mr. .Vcley, Democratic candidate His UK'Bsufic tu for Cungresg out lu the Seventh dla- II MERRY Cite FORM PEOPLE VIED Hirrif E .\ril OTHER Doi \(j FOKITHE PUUit. Il Itig Urolliers, Ihitrlllps Ilotird, Siilvu* iKi.i Arm.v, Klh.x and Otiii-rs Found Itupiilncj^u (>ivlng. m lj&^ I New York, Dec. :;7.—Mrs. Ilachel M.•.l;l:^ 'ay iJe<i iiiher I7lh. says she Ji:=. N. .lones, president of the u !:/;ard cf Charitie.s, reports that the v.ork ac( omp::ihed by the Board this Cliri.-itmas in the w^y of helping lola's poor, and making the season one of ppines.s for tiieiii, has been highly .-:Lti ^f^.ciory, and expresses much grat ification at the result attained. Although every Chiistmas for a number of years past, the libard bus made an effort to help the poor as much as posfibie, the worki this year was conducted on a much larger scale, and its success has been! even more than was expecied. The work of the Board, combined with that cf the Rig ilrothers, has furuished such a Ciirist mas for the poor :of lola as will no .;oubt remain long in their memories. Although but one day was s=et a.-:ide iy the Hoard for tiie coUe.'tiug of ..oaations ilie wagons and other veil icles canva.sscd the city for several day.-;, and over twelve wagon loads ol']irovi.~ion.-, clothin:^, and other necessities were .secured. The call upon tiie • lola merchants i.'ict with a nearly re.ipocse and nearly i'', in .a.-^h was cc.ilected to go toward the puichase of Cliristmas iiacka.:?e.s for •iie children of the poor. Un Dona- lion day tlie board had secured the nho Were in need of help but before .'iaiiie.< of about fifty families in iola :e work wa.s over about seventy-live Vamilics in all were discovered to be in want. Every family of this li.'^t was supplied with necessary arlicle.s liie Work Persil Does, 'not the Quantity in a Package, Makes Persil the Cheapest Washing Compound Ever Sold. Persil washes clothes without rubbing, and makes them cleaner than they ever were since they left the store. When put in hot water it releases Oxygen, which promptly dissolves dirt, abolishes all sorts of stains and grease spots—absolutely without harnt to the fabric or to the hands. At All Grocers N.B.—Persil U tne only OXYGBN Wasliini; Compound you con buy ia Americz. B. Ilachel M .-.i;i:s. wl.o ii -lebraled her HCth-birtJi- clothing by tlie Board, and it is the L' wili ask l'.> .„<!...( TaK to dance with her whi'n ^1"^' that not one call lor help ciunc .e aitefd . the annual ball for the benelit c( t'::e Home of the D :Mighfer.>i of lacoli. al Vlst Arii .ory. Xew York, .lanuuiy L'Tt.'i. She say.-; tliar. jiiilging from lie I 'reKidi Ill 's iiicliires, he is not likely Ui liii a f:;-.! ii.n ,•. S!i'> has been n Watch Your Coal Bill !! 1. !, brand new silk dr.'s;; for the ocea ;.,:!. and will i );u>hiiie the otl'er Hiiuaies of the lliune. oiu> of them HH. nnd two n;lu•l•.^ '.U and •.>:>. rli-i U api.iulli'.g ftir viiie.< on tlie iroiiiid thai In- is a lietirr "I'rogr. s.<\>" tli.111 Ills Hepiibiii-aii <>|>]ii>ii<'iii, Judge \!::riln. One would think that ven the "I 'rogreKHive.;" tII Mil.-ie! v.s would g;'t tired ot Hie cv< rlaslliig iti'rallon of that word "p|•o,nre !!.^lvl^" lartleiilarly when found, as It so generally Is, coming out of tlie mouth of TllESi: .\UE Pl,.\l\ F.VCTS .Vow. W I KII n-arly everybcrtly I F i;;;liliig ii l.s will :o know the pi iln tritli iilidiit ciiiigiis and colds. .S.'nce r(iiij;hs ;ire caa.>-cd hy IrrUaT li'.n of Hie .-in.i;lvc lining of the] l.ioai-'ilal till!.;, i:ie only way to cure :i eiiii-ii is to .«toi> tliul Infln-mmBtlon. T!ie only way to do that Is through Ce I J I OOI! —iyy ii:;iking it richer' so somebody who is using il to get votes " •'• nmirish and soothe the i Inriau.i'I. temler tissues. ' "I am not. in politics," decl;;r,^s the. 'oloiiel with great emphasis. But soui'-how that doesn't set-m to mean h.. same thing as if he had said: "I im out of politics." AX OLD TIMST DEED FILED. In.-ii ad of cough syrups we alw<iy.= I rrcommcin! that sterling; blood and j sirrngtii remwcr Vinol. It is a de' li io'is ceil liver and iron preparation w:t!iiut nil and actually cures coughs. ; and bitmchitis by building.; up ii.e •Aiude .sy.-item. .^I"rs. I!es.-ie .Mathe.^ Lynchburg", S. !'. .-ays, "I w;irit you to know vVhnt Vin|il has done for me. 1 have had cluiinic bronchitis for the past vcar •.eughini,' nnil !n .=.:Tig sleep a (Treat »*ulc <,l L. L. k C. U. II. \..vv the S,.:«- .'V" "! ^''""I nN «-d "P til Fc on KeconI >..«. i;' ' '">" '.^ A voMiminous document showing ,"''P , h" sale of a railway propeHy thirty- ( , \>'' ''^!^>";"- """J^:^" ro-,ir.v..ars ago has b'en filed in the:'!"'- t'.i:.l we cl.-tim. S. U. iTi.e of the regis-er of deeds. Th- ' '>n'^->--'^'ol"- Kans. . _ record is in the form of a d-^ed of i . rest conveying the L. avrnworth A halloas .Man Down SouNi.; nvr <-nce Cnlveston railway. Inier^ Il :iy, Flu. Dec. 23. 1011. he Southern Kansas railway and An- /Zrlitor r.i'trf:ler: 1 have been in "ly the S:n)l;: Ce lo Ororge i:.:le, .\-i- Florida j;i '--t one nionlh. .\o'wInd.^nc h:'ni '-l ThayiT, Ferdin^ind V. l'.'<k ii:-;d (!:avi' !;.'.<.I t'iii<' big raln ^l Sni'. lid others. The roail w:is t:o!d imd-r a very Ii ;;:i> c'll'i wi:!i it b«:for< it;ortga=^<' given to the F'armers Loan Tlinr.k .-i:;' " • . I nassed the sc-liool i;(l TruF! eoiniiai '.y by Charles iUair, liMii .'--e and all the windows and joor I^^eial n:aster in chancery. i w"ie oinn. It tiirr.ed cold that ni^ht; The m.-vn ^-igi" M;M ;-<ii ;il! th,- :\r,- a veiy lirtle ioe on the tub at pumu: •,s of i!: • rii .-i 'I. iTfluli!:- railwuy it was quite cold for three or four niiiiui': 1. "Vi:--lii-or-.v ;iy, road b '-l. >l y . 1 am liviair in a tent; have not ri'liii;,' .'-•leck. round liov .'Jr .'j. macliin- ^i.n! five iiicve '!'.an half do/.en time? ery of (V.-Tv di scripl it'll •.•ml iiri >i »r "y li v:i;i-i n;" The climate sjenir •• • • !.),e .M;iy ;n Kan.'-as. The-gar kind in .Atli n, .Aiider.s.on, Fr:inMiii iiiid Monigoaiery Th.' road, at the time the Was ^ivi-ii was H:i.:! miles of eviTy, counties, iron i ;ai: !<'ligill. Ilii' di .'d of trust, iliourht e frr Si) many y ':us w:is inver filed ivd plaeMl .on ncord niiw to eom- pble the lltii' Id l :iiids in tlin si 'ViM 'a! ..iiiiii'.i l !iriii;-'!i wliirh the railway nibs. Frank Cunlmr, II to I'lK 'iid il'.' v.lio Cli,'. i!. n.> ar.' ail in full i.way; beet," rad- i^lies, pi'as and mine '!ire digging Iiisli i.iiiatoes otii of garden as vvant- >il ''.".•>• '^weef iiolat,') crop has Jusi ii'ieiit been liariesfed. One (latrh I ;-.v wav fMia.ateil lo average 2 <i<' i i.'i.-'- i,.r n'-re. A good many nilani a ym:ill and leave in grfiiim! a!! V. Jnt 'T for ejirly use, .May., and .lime li Is i|niti- a sight to see acres /' Nlliiii', li fjiki H I D I."? of work bill that could not Ue answered tiiat is a source of the greatest gratification to the workers. The quality of the Christmas cheer provided for tlie rrhlldrenof the poor Is u great ."oiirce of plea.'-ure. iS'ot a .•lilld of any one of the stvenly-five .auiilles but had a visit from Santa Claus, the IJIg Brothers acting In this •apaclly In iimny cases nnd the Board :if tlhurltles priivldlng for others. The children of the families asslgn- d to the Board of Cli^r't'es were every one given i Christmas gift.-; of .;ranKe .H, upplei nut.«, candle.s, etc., and In cases wlierc the families were destitute a good meal consisting oi'j meat and vegetables, was provided. It wa:-! optional with each of the Big ;>rothcr.s wliat ;zifts he should procure tor the family tissigncd to him, or selected by liim.jand in every case tiie ^oud things provided 'were far more :han .satisfactory. The earnest efforts of the Board tnd of the Big Brothers aroused an unprecedented enthusiasm itt the people of lola, and a number of sponian- .•<;us acts of charity have coaie to light. Much ct-edit is due the churcii- :a for :iv.-aken!ng enthusiasm, and for lending material aid, and several Sun l:iy School clatscs did excellent work. The number of heart-touching inci- ients thai ha.ppened in connection with the great work of charity just Ajncliided will never l.e recounted— i-ertainly not all of them. One woman :(therrd tcgriiier all the little trink- ,s and toy.s wiiich .•^he had treasnred as tlie meiv.o; li's of a little girl of her 3wn, am! gave tiiem all to a poor child gladden its heart at Christmau !me. .\ llttlojgirl learning of a poor^j •;;inily in tlie neighborhood, went over lad siiared ijer Christmas jiresents .vith the poor children, and finally er mother ca!'e:I tlic .ittentinn of tl:e iroard of Ciiarilie.- to tlie family, and ;;e poor children were we;] si.'ppi.'cd witii presents. A wave of charity -L >ems to have swept the city. .\um- 1 r.> of jicople iinsnlivitid, ir.'.ve provided iiresenta for piicr children in an .luostentatioiis manner v.i.icii has leclmUd anything but chance dis- :-ovcry. The. I';iks a':so di-trihuted much re- i'-'t in their usual (jiii. t way. The work jof the i-'alvaijon Army also verj- successful. Slxly heap n^' baskets ol! tempUng food were ills iilbuttd by Oaptain .Morris and hi.. iclpers. Frotii four o'clock In the morning until late in the afternnnii on I'lirlslmns day, the Captain mid lih For Best Kansas Lump and Anthracite Arkansas SemiPHONS: 116 lola Ice, Cold iStorage ar»d Fuel Co THE NORTMUP NATIONAL BANK IOL.\, XA.>.S,\.S OVER FOKTY YE.Ul.S OF ('()>;SE-;V.\ JIVE BA.VKING IN IOLA Dci»o;.liory for the Lulled Sti'.Us. St:;!y of Kansas, and Allen County OlfifE'cS: I., f,. NOI'.TIIRrP, Pr. fitlei^t D. P. XOKTflRUP. 2nd V-Prea. F. A. XOKTHRCl*. Vico-Pr.'si'Mit MKLVIN FRO.NK. Cashier. R. J. COFFh;Y. A3 .i;stani Cashier CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000,00 Inlerpst I'.iid on Tinip I)i'j>o>its Safety Depo.sit Boxfcs for £ent YOLK BISINK.S.S SOLICITED. SB I 'fi lola last It ii:;ys fniiii I .nnii t,, i.2ii (i dollar;! per | .-oldlers weiejhu.y calling on liic iioor ( 1 iiiiiili !:• In ri' r-.r :i Imliilnv visit wlHi Is |;.!i,:i- .1 F.,.-! is ],:,,U\„:: bii.:;. r I '! r lli'ii . M '•. \ 111. h 1 Npl.ii; s • 11" pi.Hill ;! sl.i- !.•:,'!!!• oil thr r slim;, II fiin; I |. . II' I 'lii,, \i .-.r. iisiiv ol' Clu- ia -.e. It Idoks odd to Kee tlio !|lt|( p!, WHAT SAVED JER IIF[ ^rs. Kartln Tell^ Ab::? a Falnfi;! Experience that f.!i<':t l.'ave • w :inil liie Utile horre or mirle nl V ' rt> i.n I'l" Utile faiiii'! heri'. Jt W \ V ' :i y 111 iu ::l<e Jurt a lIving^Miere t !.e \A ^i tnajorlly are perfectly • ..'Isfiid wlih th:it. But there ore •.•mnv lli;.- I 'illi;;.-- I'.ere. A logging outfit here |;>-i' u.'iiig I 'lii or "n large mules for li.Miiin:-' iim .i to railroad, thence to the cills whbli cut tliousani^s of f.. : of liM 'iIier iif r ilay. They r.iin*frolii tv 'lve to fourteen hours tier d.-iy. V.'e h.ive our tent pltcl;ed rigjlt in ;.iv .n The mayor, Mr .Wilson, is a I ry c-lfvrr and bupy man. He run.= a large stoie wlieie you .-"an buy. any- •]i\r.;: ficijr a tootlipl'-k to a threihlngl i.-:i?-Mne. Ill', r .i .-o runs a larc<»:;pub- nivc-;'i :>3, "W. \a.—^:r-. !;-raM:i:!:-. Is a : 'tcr f.-on Ri.. .;v::\-. write Tor t"-iou ycJis, I •..:ifri :rcJ v.ith wo c -.::Ti ':y t .Lj'.'.uj. LK J had i ;aln3 in my tad; r.::d : I I I J . I v.-.iB nervous and could r .3t .'•k?i) al Th? del.:,- cou'.d cit h ::,T mc. He eaid I would havs la bo oi;artited on hc- foro I could Ret better. I thought I .ould try ujing CurUul. Xow, I ac; entirely v.ctl. I am sure Cardul saved my life. 1 \Til> never be vriihout Cardui In my hoice. I recommend It to m;- frlei:ds." For arty years, Cardui baa been r .i- UcTlng pain and distress cr .u.vd by vc- nianly trouble. It will ri::a!;- bel;t you It goes to li:-.' t-..c:—reaches the trouble—roiiovc:: th; ."sycplor-is, auJ drives awty l.^ic cause. If yon Euf:'cr from ar.y .'-/r .-.ptoaJS of womanly Iroij'li;;." Can"' yo. f drill:'-' . .1 .J c::;! n '• '..ciendr It. Utt u bo.l'..' ::v:.i 'i.;::i lo.'.ay. N. B,- ir.. . / • I . -.• .\! • v r :i.. r;,,;-.,.' roi .ci -.. 1 .J. •• I, ..' .' r •,, .„ 3lUtn*t;i-'!i-, .. M tl-r 1 I.. lli..Ii-«U tor WoiEtu." t<.iii u> i"^u i»i«f pLi, ua ik4M*k> lie house; ha.'^ al! the cu.^tonr, as 'f'Me MIC v.o stoves In the hr.iise.<*'here T -'r »\rna co .-l; .^tove; it i.i out of i'"i>Vf but-under a roof). When it is a liff'e cool a l.^rge fire l« bufit In t'-e firoet and all t!.e town ass-.'mble leaining iliel)- m-i'ds and siip)il\lug | tliem. It wiiH u treiiieniloiis task Iml rtie that WHS (lieerfilJJy .sJioii);|<'i cij by | worliers. The Cliilsltiias Irent for p .i-ir clilld-| ii 'n will Ir,' given lit the Army hall on .Madison avenue ThiirMlay evening. This was delayed iii;iil afur I 'v- y oilier ('li 'rlstmas efiiiii 'r. unter 'ii ;;t the stre.'-is of the mo:e iiiip')! lan; lief work iiilgl^^ be iKist and tin .\niiy able to iiiake n lari-ru! survey of '•'le situation, find liie cliililnii win' failed to ha\e a Cli.'isiiiias if tlnre any, and: see lo il that tiiey are !-.ov!.b-il format the tr«it Jiiuisday] vening. "In the hurry an-.! woriy ef the !"!;ristiiia.s giving." said Caiitain .\Ior- "it is iiuiie proljiihle tl;a: siuiie children wero overlooked—tiioiig'i not intentionully. of course. These will be cared for at the treat for the ciiildren who are already under our care and Highest fVSarket Prices For Hides and Furs. Also -''ine Lump Coal for sale at L. KRUIT'S JUNK YARD Phone'4 OLD HKNS WANTED! y i.( .lamiary to 1111 an order, '1 you vfill bring iij5. All other We want ."iin'O bens by tlie and win pay you !>c pi-r pound f ir kinds of poultry wanted also. Vo;i have h"eii waitiiig for :i M • .r price sio you could sell—so , cull out your flocks and get rid of :i'i ludiiterent and v.orthlesy birda whil." voil are certain of a g '.oi! p: le. THE (OGHILL CG-ViMISSION CO., (Successors lo Iiila Produce Co.) WIIOLES.ILE POULTRY, Dl 'i I'ER, EGGS A>D HIDES Vhmo :f7<i West iti Siiiii* Trai-k.s lulu, Kansas for warmth and sociability, laraddi-| for whom we had expected lo provide, j ticn to :iinning his store and-hotel Mr. Wilson is railroad agent, * te!e- giT .pii operator, n.ntary public, con- tia.t 'ir and builder. I have Just prepared some groiiml f-ir <ir:is; will snw next week.'. Don't evpecf In farm a very large aiirenge :l :-• year. Kxp< -t to have myifaim fncril i:evt week. Help is father >-cns b'-arcp .ind very slow to what it Is in ... tlio north. HLSINO STAB. J. O. HOTTK.N'ST'SIX. Dec. 20. —John Wynn and fa:ai!y Bay r.aWi Via Ki.'Jizeys spent Chiistmas . ,'. .uy wi -ii lii-oige Wynn and fai::::y, —'• .r. Petpr.=er- Faim I.oa^s. In- nojjhe .-ist (.f Io!a. T^ie pet^ple of lola have done a greiit work and I p:aise the Big i:roi!iers| nd the Christmas board for what :::py have done. We sliail keep up our | .eiief work—poor people must 1:11 at .:.o:-e frtij '.ieiit inieivnis than <'!iiist- mas—and w .i hopc^o have the hearty good will and assistance of our citi- I f0 •• M;?'rart-. Attorney R .\ .VcMillen. of .\Ic M- istt-r, Ok., is iipn- for r> hnii'iav visit » i !i his ! •irer.!.';. Dr. .-r.d .'.!r.s' R. N. VfMlll.n. PILFS riHEO TV SI\ TO 14VD\TS. — V'vir dniecNf will rpfiinrt money If PAZn mvTMKVT full" »n e..rp anv r-.i.* of l.tchlnic, mind. TleedlnR or ProtrudiuK Pilei In e to 14 day^i. BOo. il.-. Daai- Myers, of La Hr.rpe ate [; hiMm:.^ dinner at ,Mr!N^l!llw,':nd's. I'.oy Sid. r.< w!io has been attending •fiiool ill K;insas City is siier.ding h.'.s |i":ristmns v:>.cation with home folks. Charles and Maiy Hosley spent |c:.rit:iims at C. H. Vundlvcer's north I B Harpe. .\!r. arid Mrs. Joe Re.ade and daiigh- ti-:, .Maiy s|.»:iit Clirlsinins with rel«- [ ti,i .s near l5ron.-on. Messrs. Ueortsu iStout aud Jeaso There is GraSy gjgg Thai is USED THE WORLD OVER TO CJRE A GOLD III OHE tUkT. Aliraya remember the fall name. Lio'; for tlii.i signature on ercry box. 25c. Huffman and their families spent' ston's, of Diamond neighborhood. Chri :-:tm3s at Jerome Dawson's. I -Mr. Olmstekds spent Christmas at Itev. Myers and wife, of Moran.tonk Mr. Saars. ('.Inner Christmas day at Mr. E. M. i -Mrs. Klsie Tleade left Thursday for Ho.^ley's. j 1:- r home in Colorado. The Illsing Star school closed Fri- 1 .Messrs. Hardy and Chltwood put tip day for one week's vacation. A pro- , a r.'.-w door at the school house Tues- graiu wus givfn In the iifiernoon and ^ ''-y. all leiiort a ploatniit time. .Mr. and .Mr.s. .Snyder and family spent ChrlsliuaB at Charley Sprlng- —Tt will be 10 your Interest to buy your flour and fued of H. KteumanB.

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