Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 27, 1911 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 27, 1911
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 27,1911. 3 ' iilta infee closes Saturday Night ^iflJSer Christmas Hoiisecleaning Has Begun—^alecoj , Monday, New Year's Day, we commence to invoice and in order to reduce this big stock we'makei these special: k)w prices for Foiir Days'Only! If you can think of something you need this ,week, or think you ^^n\\ need it even next month, you can be'sure of finding it here at a; price/ which will rfejjresent but a small part of its worth. ' 85c,all wool Dress Goods, every shade, on sale at .49c $1.25 all wool Imported Dress Goods 95e ,$1.25 Imported Broadcloths 95c .S1,00 Silks 83c 50c China and Jap Silks 35c 15c Toile Du Nord Ginghams... .10•/2c 15c best Percale lOl^c iOc Percale, yard wide S'/^c 10c Gingham Sl^c 7Vl>c Apron Check Gini^ham 5c Ail of our PrintK 5c Pretty Millinery The entire line of Pretty Millinery goes at HALF the marked price. Everything goes; nothing reserved. Hope Muslin, yard 7c 12i/>c Fi*uit of the Loom, Lonsdale and "all of our best brands Muslin.8|/^c Good Bleached Muslin 5c Yard wide Unbleached Muslin 5c 12Vl>c Outing Flannel 9c 10c Outing Flannel. 8«/3C ly-jc Outing Flannel 4«/k EVERY CHRISTMAS ITEM GOING REGARDLESS OF COST. 35c Frills, also Fancy Collars 2Ic 65c Frills, also Fancy Collars 47c $1.00 Frills, also Fancy Collars... .73c. 25c best quality Hose 21c 15c best quality Hose 11c 10c best quality Hose 8c 25c Table "Linen for.... c 19c 35c Table Linen/oi*. ^ 50c Tiabie Linen for....; ,42c 65c Table Linen for 49c $1.00 Table Linen for.. :83c Every yard goes at proportionately low prices. $1.00 Underwear at • 83c 50c Underwear at j., 42c 35c Underwear ;at V. 25c 25c Underwear at ; .21c 6c Laces, Emb'deries, Wbite .Goods 5c 8'/;C Laces, Emb. and Whfte Goodg ^Vtc 10c Laces, Emb. and White Goods.7{4c 121/^c quality on sale,..'.; 9c 15c quality on sale 10c 25c quality on sale • I7V2C Everything Reduced in Iliis Big 4-Days Speicial Sale li3 East Madison 413 East Madison New Suits. A big line of new Suits, new up-to-date styles; $17.50, $20.00, $22.50 up to $37.50— choice in this big sale $14.95 Every Suit carried over from last year at less than half the marked price. GreatestReduc- tions 00 COATS •57.50 Coats .. $10.00 Coats. $15.00 $20.00 $25.00 $30.00 $32.50 $35.00 Coats. Coats. Coats. Coats, Coats, Coats, . .$4.75 ,..$7.50 .$10.50 .$12.50 .$17.50 .$20.00 $24.75 .$25.75 Biggest Reductions on Furs ttns Season iPEfiSONfltS . George Gordon returned last nig!r froitj a visit witli his parents iii .\V\;i- da. Mo. —C. J. Peterson: Farm Loans. In- | surance, Abstracts. Russell Dugg^aa left last evening for Walls colored orchestra will go to nartlesvillc for a weeks ^isit with Yates Center this evening to furnish relatives and friends. | music for a dance in that city. Mr. and Mr .>i. Cliarle .'i Gra.v, eolored, of south of the city, are tlie jia rents | of a daughter, born Sunday morning: \V. D. Port, who has been in San DieRo. Calif." for the past month on business is exiiected home tomorrow. C. K. Taylor will leave, in the morn- Mr. and Mrs. George Myers, of Xeo- ing for Minneapolis for ;i brief busi- deslia, who have been here for a visit iies.s visit. I with I)i.s parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. — i Myers, left last night for thetr home. V Dr. F. ,1.. B. Lea veil returned I; s night from Allen, Kas., where he hat i been for a visit with his parents. J —6% Honej. B. 9f. Cnnnln^bam. | I Miss Annabelle Crawford, who ' been here the past several days vis^it- ing friends and relatives, rotuni'-d this afternoon to Jier hoim* in Laurence. ' —All kinds of Palntr= at prices can afford to pay and kefp until spring.—Bragg & Diidinc. Hinnbollt. Kans. Martin Her.shknwltz. who 'ms IM 'T. up from Collinsville for.a visit ilinin-.-- the holidays with his iijui-nls, .Mr, .•mil Mrs. L M. Hershkowiiz. returii'il ihih afternoon. In accordance wiiM tip ir :inii;i;il cuslom the Diamond liarber shoo p;"<- senteU five of tho littbi bnyj: of tin Orphan's Home with iuiir cuts, r .nd althongh with many represent;.tiv <F of young America this wouM hi- <on- sjderjcd an ordeal railier ^ih.rii a ir .;i; the recipients of the giti this uiorn- - Ing seemed very much pliaM -d Tin Diamond shop presented twelve of ili< JU boys with hair cuts hist ye:>r.- Henry Wilson, a younc man of this city, while about his reeiilar (iui:<s at. the old Lanyon sn'."l<ers. norMi- '"west of the city, was s'rifkin wiili a severe attack of pleurisy Siind.fv .if- temoon and was t.iken io his lio::'' on a stretcher in an uneoiis<ious condition. His illness. allhouKh danpf-r- ous was of short duration, and lie is /now reported to be almost eniir-iy Vecovered. i —C. J. Peterson: Farm Loans. Insurance, Alistracts. Among the out-of-town visitors wbo have been back to lola for tlx- Christmas holidays is Clark Jacoby. Clark is one of the boys who has worked his own way through school, throngb college, and into a lirsi class buBtnesB. He is now the junior member of the firm of Hrooks & Jacoby Civil Engineers, Kansas City Mo., jind Is devoting himself larftely to drainage projecte, tln' lirm now h :iv- Ing six such projects under tluir direction. His old friends .irc j;)ad Uj learn of his prosperity for nobody bet ter deserves It. —The W. C. Teats Realty Co.. Kress Bldg. Office rooms 22 to 24. ii^nd Fish Food at Miss Klina Hart, of Kartlesvllle. i:; !>.ere for a visit during the holidav:,- with Mr. and Mis. A. E. Irving. Homer McMillen. of Colorado Springs, who has been liore for a visit with friends, left yesterday for his lioiiie. Dr. and Mrs. O. L. Garliiipliouso and children are home after siienditig Christmas i/i Topekji. Harry Wchst.-r. of Ihiliiwin. who has hi-eii here |or a visit with Mr. and .\h>. C. 1.. ( owthy, l .'fi la:;( ni;:lii I'uv !iarili-s \llle for a visit with relatives lielori' ri-tiiriiini; home. Miss Uiihy Test, of I'arsoiis, arriv- (1 ilii- afternoon for a visit diirini; !!:<• lu-lidav.-; v.ith Fern Williaiii.s. Harry Stavks. who has Ii'i -n here )i >r l!ie jiiist sevi'i-al (la .vs visitinc with (lis (larents. .Mr. and .Mrs. W. K. ">'arks. left this aflernoo nfor his lioii .e in .Vewkirk. Okla. Homer lleacli. fiuiiierly of this city Tiow lesjdiiig in Kansas City, is );••!(• for a holiday visit with lioiiie folks. IJ T. liarlier is confined to his hmiie loc.'ay with a severe attack of grippe. .^l^. and Miv. S. 1). Morris, of I.e- HiiTil. ar" here for a visit during the lio'.iilayji v.iih lier p.irents, .\Ir. and Mrs. C. H .Mc.Murray. Hp \erend I'erry Hansen left this afternoon for Sherman. Fort Worth. Dallas. Houston. San Antonio and C,alve.i.(on Texas, where he will spend a month in work connected with his missionary duties In China. .Mr. .nnd Mrs. .7. P. Varner. who have lieen visiting their daughter. Mrs. C V. .ShuUenherKer of Kincaid. for the past several days, returned hoiiie last night. Frank W(;<;il returned this morning from Kansas City, where he has been for a holiday visit with his wife's pnr- t-nts. .Mr. and .Mrs, F. K.Tutl. Albert 0. Hc-atli. of Chicago, arrived this afternoon for n holiday visit with Mr l^oralne .Norihrup. Mr. Northrui) and Mr. H<-atli are fellow students in Chicago I'lilversiiy and they will return lo n•^unie their studle .1- on .l:in- nary 'Jiid. Miss 0|iat Copenliig. who was In a dangerous condition Sunday afternoon tielng uncouKvlouK from Inhaling the fumes from a gas heater. Is now reported to be nulte recovererd. The attending pbyhlclan stated that if the young lady had not been removed from the gas-filled room just when she was. it would have been difiicult to avoid fatal results. The attending physician reports that Mis."*. Marie Gifford, of the country three miles north, who was accidentally .shot with n shotgun recently, the charge entering just above the knee and causing a terrible wound. Is now well on the road to recovery, the fears of the neopsslty of amputation or the nosslbility of Infection now hnvinf beep almost entlrelj' dispersed. The IJlue lodge held its annual Installation of officers at Masonic hall last night. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Pegg. of Chanute, stopped off last night for a visit with his mother, Mrs. A. Pegg, en- route to their home after a visit with relatives in \\'t,^;i>halla. Reed Watterson, who has been visiting f I lends in Kansas City over C.'irlstmas will return home tonight to ])articljiate^ In the game against the WIciilta basket ball team. Arthur I)ec;ute who has been here for a vl::t with friends and relatives, left t.'ii.i morning for Independence, where he i= employed. \V. 11. Ilurdirk of Chicago, who has lieen here for a visit with his son \V. S. Burdick, and wife, left this morning for Houston, Te.vas. for a visit of several weeks with relatives. The trial of Jesse Everly and Frank Hennett, charged with usurping possession of the home of U. G. Isbell, :tt Humboldt and burglarizing it sot fo> this afternoon in the court of Jus. tlce C. S. Potter, has been continued until 2 o'clock on tlie afternoon of the 29th instant. Mrs. Kd Can6tsey of Hutchinson, is expected in this evening for a visit of several days with Mr. and Mrs. F, S. Canatsey. C. IJ. Spencer returned home last night from I.riiwrence where he has been for a visit with his wife's parents, Judge and Mrs. Barker. "Hob" Christian, who has been in Carlyle and lola for the past several days visiting with home folks, returned this afternoon to his studies at Manhattan. G. R. Harnes, of Mont Rose, Colo., is in the city today with a view of imrchasing a farm near here. Mr. Harnes has been looking around for three .vears and has decided that lo­ la and vicinity looks better to hlin than any other place. Dr. V. S. Beattle left this afternoon for Manhattan to attend the annual convention of the Siati* Veterinarys* .X.'-i-oclation. anil aMo the annual innet jni; of the Karmera' Institute of the state, which is In session there today. The vntj'rinarys will devote the greater portion of their time to the discussion of hog cholera and Its treatment. Dishes For Jlent For All Occasion^ at Undersherlff Ed J.-Dntafee spent the nfternoon in Htinilwldt serving court processes. Fred Thompson, who has been • vis Ring at the home of .Mr. and Mrs. .Ed Dunfee returned today to his home in Missouri. Manlford Halley. of Kelso, Okla.. returned home yesterday after a visit of several days with his brother. Prank Halley. , Postmaster Spencer, who went to Lawrence to spend Christmas "missed hl.i train" when starting home. As a result Bob Culbertson was walking the familiar paths behind the drug store counters last evening, while Mr. Hlckson got a bite to eat. Mrs. A. W. neck, who was the victim nf a severe fall yesterday morning the result of sllpjdpg on an icy sidewalk, is reported lo have rested well duilng the night, and as being much better today. It It) expected that she will soon have fully recovered. Lee Bowlus has put in an order for 100 new pairs of skates for use at the Auditorium rink, and is making arrangements for skating racos to be held at the rink regularly during the remaituler of the winter. The first of'the r.-ce-. ivill probably occur next Saturday night. Wlile the conient magnates arc kno>vn ti- i)i In City this wtel. ihrcihing over the data com- pllel by the appraisers, the i)ubliclty end of the meeting Is kept under lock and key and there Is an evident pur- liose to fight it out behind closed doors before letting the public know how well or ill the plans worked out Fred Vogel, the local cigar maker surprised all lola bowling fans last night for breaking the city record for the high score in a single game thl.s season. He knocked down 2ri6 pine In ten frames. The previous record for ten frames was 265, made by Todd Canatsey on the Record Alleys last year. Clinton Gilbert, who is attending the high school at Hartford, Kansas, Is here for a holiday visit with his j )arent8. Clinton has been playing fullback on the Hartford high school's football team, and has been averaging fi'i >arda on punts, which beats all Kansas college records. It is probable that he will be heard from In college football circles before the laiise of many months. The city team Is holding work-outs behind closed door.i nowadays, and IR said to be getting In excellent trim. The team's first game will be played next week, and will probably be with Yates Center or flarnett, on the Y. M. C. A. court In this city. Ahoiit ten athletes are practicing enthusiastically in the hope of making the team. An effort Is being made to induce Floyd Wheeler, a former high school player to try for a place on the city team. ' Some dope on tonight's basket ball game at the Auditorium between the lola and Wichita high school teams: lola beat Halstead by a margin of 9 points; Halstead defeated Hutchinson by a margin of but 1 point; Wichita defeated Hutchinson by a marftln of 11 points. Deduction: lola ts 10 points stronger tlian^Hutchlnson and Wichita is 11 poinfl stronger than Hutchinson; therefore. Wichita is 1 point stronger than lola. Do yow: believe It? WT l!r WOBne ttlBHER I>CES.S.\M KAIXS I.\ ARGENTINE STIMULATE FUTURES. Cattle .\re Strong and Hogs Are " Quoted Five lo Ten Cents • Higher. (By the Associated Press) Chicago, Dec. 27.—Incessant rains itj; Argentine sent wheat upward. The; o[)ening was % to % higher. May started to V.\ rose to %. Close ^Dec. 94%; May 9i>; July 94%. 'C0R.\—Dec. 65@',i; uMay 64®Mt; •Itjly 64®%. OATS—Dec. 46%; May July 43i5<,C«'%. "FORK—Jan. %\:^^^:,•, May $16.00 July ?|16.12«^. 1..ARD—.Ian. »!).l.".(f/9.17ii; .May $!).40®9.42»<:; .luly »9.S2V1'. Begin the New Year W^j^ Now is the time to buy a DeLaval Separator. Let us tell you about our special inducement for buying one. Bripam Hardware Co; WEtFAREGLUB ID FINE TIME Chfrn(ro Livestock. Chicago. Dec. 2".— CATTLE, re- ceJjits 18,.'j00. Weak. Beeves |4.S.'.i& 8.^^; stockers and feeders %Z.^^<h%'>.- 7."*;. (Vws and heifers $2.0t)(S B.l.r HOGS—Receipts 31,000. Steady to higher. Lights $-).80@ 6 .2:i; mixed' |5.90@6.40; heavy ?6.00@(;.40; rough je .OOtitf .l .i; pigs ?4.80@.").S0. ; St. Lonb Orain. 55t- Louis Dec. 27.—WHEAT, close, .May 92%; July 93% CORN—May 6 .-.»4; July 65^. C'AT&—Dec. 47»t; May 47%. "j .St. Luitis Llrt'stock. St. Louis. Dec. 27.—CATTLE, receipts 470il. Steady. Native steers J'4..'io$i9.2 ."i: cows and heifers J3.7."i@ 7.2.">; stockers and feeders $3.23@.5.25. liOGS—Receipts 7.500. Five to ten cen's higher. Pigs and llghts-t">.00@ 6.2.7^ ml.xea $6.00@'6.40; -heavy ?6 .30(& 6 .4 ft,' nty Employes Will Hold SpNNlon In Comin!.s>>ioners* Chambor. Kunsa.s City Gruliu Kansas City. Dec. 27.— WHEAT, receipts, 8 cars. Cash wheat, steady to '/(•c higher. No. 2 hard 99 ®l .or,; No. 3 9S5 @1 .04; No; No. 2 red, 96@97; .No. 3, ^K ^ah. Close—.May 99%@%; July 92 V CORN—Half at Ic higher. No. 2 mixed. C4; .No. 3 61»^@62 >/2; -No. 2 whlti, 64(aG.'>; .No. 3, 62. Close—Dec. 67; 5lay 64Vj; July 64% tr''^- OiWTS—Steady. .No. 2 white, 47w. 48^4^ No. 2 mixed, 46 %Ci47»/4. BYE—94(8950 per bushel. Hay—Unchanged. Choice timothy $20; .choice prairie WZX^^IZM^. BROO.M COR.V—$70®140 per ton. : KuH ^aH nty Lhctttock. Kansas City, De<r. 27. —('ATTLE, re- celpti 6 ,000. .Strong. Native steers $rp .00iFtS .7ri; cows and heifers 7 .UU: stockers and feeders $4.UU^6.bO; bulls $3.2 '>;<.'<.10; calves S4.00@7 .00. • lltiGS—RecelpU 9 ,000. ' Five at ten centi< lower. Heavy $6 .2u<{i :6 .3n: jiaok ers und butchers t6.10$j&.'i0; lights $i ;.7.';|.? «.!.'•. ' KunvoM Ctty Proilure. Kansas City. Dec. 27.— BUTTBR— Creamery 36c; firsts 34; seconds 32; packing stock 20. EG'aS—Extras 28c; firsts 26; seconds^l?. Lead and Sprltpr. St '.I .ouls. Dec. 27. —^Lead, steady. $4 .37>^; spelter, dull, »6J25@6.27%. Polay Kidney pills. —^onic in action, qnlqk in results. WIlL^ure any caso of kidney or bladder disorder not beyond 'the reach of medicine. No need to say more. J. D Mon^ia «: Go. The second meeting of the Welfare Club, an organization of city employ-., I OS devoted to the study of municipal', affairs and Improved methods for city; workers, will be held in the city com-j mission chamber tomorrow night, j The club has been designated as the "Welfare" by general consent up to j this time but at the next meeting aiv proprlate names will be suggesttMl and one will be officially chosen. The club has inaugurated a question box by which It is expected to overcome many of the minor difficulties which, now beset the municipal worker. When an employe finds he Isj handling a proposition he does not clearly understand or when ho discovers himself doing certain work in a manner which convinces him that he could accomplish the same result in much less time with much less effort could a simpler and more efli- cient system be devised, he undertakes to solve the qiiestlon by asking his co-workers to assist him in working out the problem. When a question too deep for the workers finds Us way into the box the subject is check ed up to the commissioners for a reply and they must find it if they do not know. It is expected that the organization VHl bring about many beneficial results and promote harmony among the employes of the city. The club Is not in any sense a political organization, its promoters declare, and thoiigh every city employe is ^Iglble for membership he is not obliged to become one unless he wishes to do so. AudltbriuiBi SKATING RINK ? Tuesday, Thursday and^ Saturday Evenings at %, o'clock, and Saturdays, afternoon. .\ Evening 10c Skates 1.^^ Afternoons 3c Skates lOe'' MICHITA VS lOLA tOXIGilT. High School Basket Ball Teams Play at the Anditorium. .TUST LIKE THE ('ULBERTSOX.»<. Tbey Played Santa rinnx to all the ^ HomelesM StudeniN. Emporia, Kng., Dec. 26.—President and Mrs. H. C. Culbertson, of the College of Emporia were Santa Claus to the homeless studt-.ttr, and faculty inembers of the College who were unable to go home for the holidays. Every student and teacher who remained in Kmporla was the guest of (he Culbertsons who took pains to empty ever>- college boarding, housi; in town. The President and Mrs. Culbertson were busy all . day .with their Christmas guests, serriQg dinner at 1 o'clock aiid at .^.:30. —If you need a good'stove or range buy It now. Our sale lasts until Saturday night. December 23rd.—Bragg & Dlldlne. Humboldt. Kas. The basket ball teams of the Wichita and. lola high schools will meet tonight at the auditorium, and, although it is stated on the bills that the game will begin at 8 o'clock it has been officially announced that it will not be called until 8:20 o'clock. Most gf the local fans are looking forward to tonight's game with keen anticipation, and with a few this is not unmixed with anxiety, as the lo­ la boys are able to appreciate, as at no previous time this season, just what they are going up against, and the prospect does not present the easiest sailing. Herbert and Walter Osborne, forwards for the Wichita team are former members of the lola high school team, and, according to their former teammates, they are a,mong the fastest men in tljeir position in the state. Herbert Osborne is captain of the Wichita team and as be no doubt realizes quite as well as the lola boys what he is^oing up against and as arrangements: for. the game have been under way for some tfnfe. It Is reasonable to believe that he has worked his men Into the best condition possible. Although the lola Bve have not had a game since their contest with Topeka, they have not been restljig on their laurels, and they »r« now in as gootl. If not better condition, than they wore at the tlnae of the Topeka game. They arr confl- dent of winning, but they realize they have a battle before them. —.\t our Special Reduction.Sale we are selling Garland Cook Stoves and Ranges at a price never offered tie- fore.—Bragg & Dlldlne, JIumboIdt Kans. ' • ' • Misa Maude Hlner, of Big Timber, Mont., stopped off Saturday for a short visit with air. and Mrs, P. S. Mitchell, enroute to I!rouson for a visit wltjj her parents.

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