Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 27, 1911 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 27, 1911
Page 2
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2 'EHE lOLA DAILY REGISTERrWEBNESBAY EVENING, DECEMBER ^27, 1911r Xothcr. It is a wonderful ihiiig, a mother, other folks can love you. but only your mother understands She works for you looks after you loves you Forgives you anything you may do understands you and then the only thing bad she ever does Is to die and leave you. —Baroness von Hutton. The Reformed church will have its annual congregational meeting at tin; V. M. C. A. buIWIng New Year's day. The meeting will be followed by a ban quel at noon. • • • —Dr. TVIrt, Osteopath, Tel 487, 38& * * * Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Mundis, of 423 South Washington entertained at. family dinner Christmas day. The guests were Drs. W. P. ^nd Lucy M. Hull, Mr. and Mrs.. J. J. Mundis, Mr and Mrs. 1.,. EL Horville, Miss Cora Mundis. and Mr. A. E. .WrlghL *•>•{• —Fred Hoirden, Period Decorator. Phone 786. • * * Miss Mildred Swigart will entertain a few friends at cards this evening. * •> Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Ameu are moving to their now bungalow on Ivasi Madison. + •> * A committc of the Missionary Society of the Reformed church is meet ing this afternoon to plan the society 's work for the coming year. • • * Miss Rose Mnrr Is e .xjH 'cfed home from Kansas City the latter part of the week to spend New Year 's at home. • + * Miss Velmn Sleeper will give ii card party Thursday evening In honor of her guest Miss Vavn Uackiis of Minneapolis, Miss. • + + —Are you subject to colite? Then get one of those Chest Protectors at Spencer's. A cheap and safe preventative. • -S- * Mr. Alva Urich has returned lo Independence after spending Christmas with his parents here. He was accompanied by Miss Sylvia Trlch who will visit several days in Independence.' • • -> Rev. and Mrs. CofTman of L.Twrcnrc are visiting Mr. and Mrs. U. K. Uush. The Aid Society of the Christ'an church will meet as usual Thursday afternoon. * •> —Dr. Lucy HuH, The Christian Kndeavor society of the Christian church will give a peculiar faP'T bag battle and hand shake social In the upper parlors of the church Thursday evening. Every body come to this peculiar social Vou .lie welcome. Peculiar refresh ments will be served. •J- <• •> Miss Ruth Price is visiting in Kan sas Cii}-. the guest of Miss Clan UrewsIvT. V • • —nr. .VcMIilen. Phones K ladSMS. •:• Mrs. C. J. Aus of Springfield. Mo is the guest of her mother Mrs. J. O Osborne and her sister. Miss Hattit Osborne. • • * Mr. K. H. Hooker, of Ft. Scott is visiting his niece. Mrs. J. H. Prici' Mr. Hooker is enroute to California. + * * The Trinity Aid society will meet as usual Thursday afternoon. •:• •:• • Mr. A. R. Rosebush, of Oklahoms City Is visitin.i; a few days at the W E. Lyons homo. <• • • Mr. and Mrs. K. R. Keys have returned from spending Christmas with •Mr. and .Mrs. L. Arnold of Humboldt • •> •> Mrs. Phillip Hcigole goes to Yates Center tomorrow in the interests of the Relief Corps. • • • —DH. O. L . COX , Oenllsl. • .1 •:. Miss nianrhe Van Buskirk Is re ported quite ill !it her home on West Madison. .;. .;. Jf, Mr. and Mrs. Conway Marshall of Garnett Mrs. 0. R. Woodcock and Mrs. G. O. Marshall of Kansas City cnmo this afternoon to spend seven da.vs with Mrs. ,1. O. Osborne and Miss Hat tie Osborne. •:• •:• •;• Mrs. John Tholen jind Miss Thecla Tholcn of Humlioldt came this afternoon to visit the remainder of thr week with Mrs. H. Tholen Sr. Miss Tholen Is attending the St. Peresa Academy at Kansas City. •> • •:• Mr. L. Laird of Kansas City, and .Miss little Desenbaugh are spending the holidays with Mrs. Joe McKinley and other relatives. • • • Mrs. A. n. Williamsonj and daughters are visiting with .\rrs. Williamson's mother at Cherryvale. • • • Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Rushey have returned to their home In Pittsburg. • • Re-registration will begin at the City library, January 2. SA>T.l CLAU8 TO MAKY.TROOB. Hi! The Christian Endeavor society of the Reformed church will have"a social at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. C ^ . i Remsberg, 423 East Jackson, Fridav Osteopath, {evening. Telephone ISO and 661. , „ „ , * * •> „ „ „. 5 Miss Elizabeth Am is entertaining The Georgette Swiss Bell Ringers.^ number of out-of-town guests for will give a concert at the Christian ! ,.eek. They are Miss Caroline K church Wednesday evening of next, ^-illla^s Andersonville. Ind.. Miss week. The entertainment will be given under the auspices of the Aid Society. This is a return visit of the company. * * Miss Elma Snyder will have a few guests at dinner tonight to meet Iter cousin Miss Eliza East of Fredonia. .J. •> Mrs. Ralph Coblentz of Colllnsville is visiting W. T. Steele and family and Richard Coblentz and family. • • • The Ixjyal Women of the Trinity church met yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. W. L Uayslnger COS South Oak. The regular business was transacted after which a pleasant social hour WPS enjoyed. A light lunch eon was served by the hostess. Those Dizzy Spells May be imio Eyestrain! Many of those short, sharp pains that shoot through your temples, and many of thobe brief spells of dizziness or palpitation are very likely duo to eyestrain. These are common symptoms— Nature's warnings of impendlnf; weakness of vision—and should receive your prompt attention. Don't be In ignoranct regarding the condition of your eyes. our Graduate Optician e.xaiiilne jour eyes at once. I Glasses Si, $2, $2.50 afld lip Marion Sapp and Miss Hazel Sanders of Galena, -Mr. William Hamner. Mr Prank Theis and Mr. Bliss Darnell, of Kansas City. •> * The Yopng Ladles' Mission Circle of the Baptist church will meet with Mrs. C. A. Burck, 818 Michigan, avenue, tomorrow night. • •^ <• The Clinker Club Is planning on having an ojicn house at its new hall on .New Year's Day. the women of thr club to have cha.-ge of the reception of the guests. A meeting of the rlul. will prt)bably be held some time this week to complete definite arrangements. •:• • •:• Rev. and Mrs. Nau •will give a reception from two until five o'clock at their homo 2')7 .North Walnut New Year's day. No invitations have been Issued but a general invitation is extended to all their friends. + <- <• Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Bell go to their homo In Neodesha tonight after short visit with lola friends. • • • Mrs. Tipton of 30(5 South Buckeye, who had a stroke of paralysis .\'ov< m- ber lOih was able to eat dinner with her family Christmas day. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Gcyer and Miss Kate Geyer have returned from spending Christmas with Mrs. Allison of Kansas City. • * * Mrs. H. H. Sherman <'ntortains th«« .North Side card club at her home on North street tonight. • •:• Mr. and Mrs. I.«wis Robinson of Idalia, Mo. and Harold Holmes of Colllnsville are here for a two weeks' visit with Mrs. Lute Stover. • • •:• Mrs. C. P. Vance, of Altoona is here for a short visit with her mother, Mre. Zora Cox. • * * Miss Pearl Fields of ColTeyvllIe will be the guest of lola friends for the remainder of the week. * * Loraine Cantrell of the blgh school basket ball team arrived home this afternbon from a visit with bis parents in Kansas City, in time tx) participate in the game with Wichita 8UU F«! tonl^t Fort Wayne ind., Dec. 27.—"To play Santa Clans to I.Oin) cl.iliiren even if it does entail a montlis hard work, is the grealesit pleasure 1 have ever known." This is the way Mrs. Will li. .\olI characteiizes her work in playing Santa I'laus to tlie poor fhiUln-ii if Fort Wayne. The iilun successfully carried Ihniigh by Mr.-;. Noll leiiuiros an iuiuiense amount of labor, and .somi' con.sUleralile cxiicn^e. but the .idded joy liniiight to the hollies of the poor Is well wort's the effort. The children were invited to wr te letters to Santa Cliiii.s avkiii;: bim lor those presents which were dearest to the heart of each eliilil. .Mrs. .Null after receiving them jiersonally Inve tigated eacli case. To ea-.-li worthy home she sent a beautifully ilerorat.-d Christmas basket cuutuining toys, delicacies and practical articles of wearing aiiiiarel. A. :ATTEND THE: *; ». .1 =TOMOftRGW^ Evierything in the house on sale at a Big Reduction See ad in last night's paper. 3IKS. SIX('L.\IR'S PERFECT BLISS. Itcniarknhlp Interview With the Wife of the Kefurmer. .VLl'MM HEAT SEl'OXD TE.\.M. L Tiie condition of Winfield Jones, I who vva.s (iniii>,'Jit 'ionic .S.ilijrday ;if- .Mitre Exjiertenced Players .Hiinaifcil l« I ternoon from Clierr.wale. where he Win h) a Sninll .lliiruin. 'was dangerously burned by electih;- : Ity, remains unchanged toilay. It is The game last night on the Y. i i-'i'"'"' ir .tL he will reco-cr but (.'. A. covin beuvecii a n-ivm pivk.-.; I""' ati.nilip:^ l.liv-l<-lan s;iy.-. that ue from lueiiibers of the lola high sitiool' will be bedfast for many weeks, alumni, and ilie lola high sehooi second leam. was very e.>ccitlng from .start to llnlsh. the score bi-ing lery all the way throiigb. -Mtliough! - • . th.' members of the alumni teaiit are because they iiosscs.-i cement securly out of practice, their team work was paying iliv.Uends they hardly inferior to llmt of the ftisl «<'a'- a .superior air which l.s exceed- second team, and thl.« fact, togethe: l"«'y 'nitatinf; to their less fortunate Dwiiers i.f Hixi"' I'orllanil lioiids are elijiiiing ri)iipo:is light iiiiw for the liitereHi m;. uirM nil .l;iii\iary 1st. anil with their additional advantage of experience, gave thi^iii thr victory by tin score of 3it lo 2."i. The scorn at the end of the first half was 13 to 11 in fuvor of the nUinini, and ih'-y se- j fellow in\estors. GREAT ROW OVER BEAN SOUP cured a slightly greater advantage in j j^g^u Banquet to VIsitinfl President, It Was Denounced as Plebeian. the second half. Following is the llno-up of the team.s: Alumni—Wheeler and Lawyer | forwards; A. .Vel.son and Fulton, cin-; ters; Root and .lones. guards. Sec- Denver has been stirred to its ond team—Foust. Rcnner and Kiteluy [ depths by tho disturbance over the forwards; Badglcy. center; Lcnliari j menu for the president at a banquet. ind II. I>awyer. guards. IJI (J.S.VVING IN MAIL PUI-KUIT. It Will Anionnt lo 3 Million or Mure a Year. New York. Dec. 27.—I'ostmaster General Frank H. Hitchcock intends to extend the practice of carrying second class mail by fast freight trains. He so stated in an answer he filed In the rnitcd States circuit court today in the case of the Review of Reviews company, which comiilain- ed of discrimination because its magazine swere carried by freight instead of by mall trains through the Middle West for distribution to far distan' points. The Postmaster General says the government last 7 seats per />oiind on all second cla.«s matter transported from Ne.w York to the Pacific coast by mail trains In lH07-(iS. but that since early this year when the fas' freight rule was enforced on tertuin periodicals issu"d at intervals of a week or more, a saving of $1.4iiu,OyO has been made. By extending the rule to apply beyond the third central division, the saving it ls'"xpe(icd, will be increased to $3,000,000. New York, Dec. 2t;.—In a remarkable Interview replete with startling utterances, Mrs. ijpton Sinclair, still the legaf w:ife of the Apostle of Arden, sal(i tonight she had no time to Toiry about marriage, divorce, reports of courts or the findings of referees. Mrs. Sinclair was found at the home nf a .Mrs. Cecil Bolton near W'est Mount, l.ilepsant, N. J., with Harry Keiau. the Kansas Cniversity poet, as her companion. I am' so exhausted with the worries of the divorce court that I have decided lo live my own life with Harry Kein)(. I will Ilve^ that life as I hee fit,""was anoth«'r emphatic declaration. "Here we are," she continued smilingly. "Jild away in a little insignifi- cent bungalow away from the outside world. 'Here I find perfect happiness and contentment. "What do I care for a mere judge's decision. It cannot have any effect on me. There is a higher ideal than a paid liupfeme court judges decision or opinion. I can sum up my view of life in two words—love and freedom. Freedom to place my lovi- where 5 care to place it and love to have n^y freedom. Tho mere world floes tiQt understand my point of view nny m&re than can the cold blooded. salarhM ^l judge understand. "It i'i here In the wilds with our two souls In perfect accord with no angry 'husband, prying neighbor or paid judge to Intrude upon our sac- P'd feelings that we are happy. Here I find ihe perfect bliss I desire." Mrs.."SInc|alr was asked If she would - marry Kemp when her bus- band gets his divorce aflirmed by the supreme courliand came out with the declartjtlon: "I hiive said before T don't give a abotit conventions. I don't give a • about anything except being left aljjne with Harry. Here with him 1 am .supremely happy. Away from him I .could not exist." Mrs.- Sinclair is making her home in a bungalow on the banks of the Man- asquaft river. She and Kemp spend BULES lIBRIIIiY HOW TO EN.IOY PRIVILEHES OF FREE l.SE OF KOOK.S. the Rules .Made (iovernini; (he. Ucsiion>;ibility for Books—Kiiles Control Lihniriaii. The following rules and regulations governing the lola Public Library have been issued in pamphlet orui for the information and guidance o: the public. Believing that the general public will be interested in them and that general publicity will tend' to in- ">rease patronage and prevent raisun- derstandin.ijs. the Register prints them here in full: liOL'HS. 1. The Library and Reading Room shall be open each week-day from 9 A. M. to 11 A. .M.. and from 2 P. M. to 9 P. M.. Sundays and legal holidays excepted. The Circulation Department to be closed at 8:30 P. M.; the (Children's Department shall be closi^d at 9 P. M. KESIOt.\T PATJfO.V.S. 2. .Ml per.soiis living within the coriioratc limits of the CHy of lola, or paying laxi^s therein shall be allowed the use of the Library, upon giving satl-sfactory guaranty. The guarantor shall In all instances be a citizen of lola, and the certificate of guaranty shall not r<fiiialn Iti force for a jjorlod longer than three yearsy- NO.N-KESIDENT PATRONS. \ 3. Non-residents in the vicinity of lola may enjoy the use of the Library time and if this fine is not paid upon th. ref.irn of the book, the Librarian .~:ii:ill not be iiutliorizfcd to issue more than one ^bobk to this patron until this line is paid. MISCELLA>'EOUS. 10. The Librarian may recall any hook from a jjatron for the vlolaUon of any of the rules of the Library. 17. No reservation of books shall be iierinittod. IS. liooks cannot be transferred from one card to another. A person returning a book cannot take It out I on another card. Eating in or about the library- Is not permitted and any one doing so or found scattering papers or litter alwnt the reading room, building or gri>unds sliall be considered guilty of dlaor- derly conduct and may be expelled by the librarian. VIOLATIO.V OF RULES. 20. .Anyone almsing the privileges of tlie Library or violating these rules shall be temporarily suspended from, the enjoyment of these privileges, and the case shall be reported to the Board for proper action thereon. 21. These regulations are subject to amendnient at the pleasure of tho Library Board. •*\<'vcr IJave a Dollnr." In the iJcceiiiber Woman's Home Companion. Dr. Charles E. JeRerson, pastor or the liioadway Tabernacle In .New York, writes a great Christmas sermon. One of the elo(|uent pas- • sages in It follows: "It Is worth remembering that Christmas l.s the birthday of Jesus, tlie .Man -.vlio never gave the world a dollar, lie Ix'stowed u|)on mankind not a solitary luatirlal gift. He carved no statue, painted no iilctnre, v.TOte . .... no jioem, composed no song, fashioned ujjon the pa.vment of One ($1.00) Dol-;no piece of jewelry, built no edifice, lar per year; subject to the general' rules governing tho Library. Mlj«S HARK IS REAL ANGRY. Authof of "Ifeil Up-to-Date" Attarfced by Hamas City, Kao, W. C. T. V. Seven hundred citizens have put up their dollars and taken their dress suits out of siiirage. As incense rises '• most of their-time fishing, frora moiliballs and tar paper, the i:!a:ignr of controvei-sy fills the air. tlie ban.'iuel l.s to be held at night, tho arbiter e;Ci.'autiarum is not called u]ion to decide whether full dress suits .•'!i:ill bo woni i:i the daytime. DlKciiJsicii ra^'cs iiroutit.! the soup. Tho rest of the inrnii is pettled. So far as v.-e can li'iirn, it includes celery, cigarcttrs. olive o'l, cigars, cake, "mile-high" ri)c\t;:ils, oysters, i.:e cream, ieituc..' s:!'a(I. mashed potatoes, vegetables, cheote. radishes, nuts, broiled squab, beefsteak, crackers and chami;aRne, So far so good. But when the husky, hearty mountaineers proposed to serve bean soup certain TKAN.SIENT NON-RESIDENT.S. 4. Transient non-residents may be allowed the use of the Library by depositing the sum of One i$I.OO) Dollar or the value of the book to be taken, at the discretion {>•.:• librarian, subject to the rules and regulations as applied to all patrons; the deposit to be refunded when the book is returned subject however, to a charge of five cents per week for the use of the book. CARDS. .">. Each person entitled to Library privileges shall be supplied with a card with his or her name and residence inscribed thereon. If the residence of such patron he changed, immediate notice must be given at the Library. • -Any neglect to give this '.not ttiink she \.\'is a ilt woman to be "the e*!itor M a U. »'. i. l . ..n-gazine. Miss JBarr recently vvioii- a : ooi: called "Hell C:> to Date, in v.hich she Local basket ball fan.s are not nl- .'owlng the enthu.sinsm in the game tonight Itetween lola and WIelilta to blind them to the fact that the bxal high Hchool team haw a bard gain" before It tomorrow night when It meets Joplln In that city. The Joii- lln team is already claimlngthe chain (lionshlp of MIs.souri, and if the games it has jilayed this season are any indication there Is ?onie Justification in its claim. The lola five will go from Joplln to Carthage for a game with the high school team of that city Friday night. committee objected on the ground that it was distinctly plebeian. That is considered a terrible accusation In Denver, where recherche is an Inauli md crenie de men the a crime. "Bean soup is good onouffn for any man," spoke up the natives, "and no one v.ho turns up his nose at It is fit to be tho president of the plain people." At first, we gather from the confused accounts, the tenderfoots Insisted upon consomme royala aux petit pols, but at last agreed to compromise on cream of tomato. Do they contend that the tomato Is more nrl.stocratic than tho bean? It Is an liisiilt to Boston, a blow at Beverly. Look .It .Mass.ichusetts—there she stands, with a president on the one hand and a pot of beans on the other. If this ijp plebeian, make the most of it!—Baltimore Sun. Your friends will be pleased with a NEW YEAR'S GIFT of one of those nice Calendars —^from— BURREII'SI?S£E The Besall Store Weft Side of the Square Expensive Tree. "We do not think much of trees In the United States, and let several million acres of them burn without getting excited, but in England small forests, and even individual trees, are maintained at great expense. If there , Is not actually an outlay of monby. ^ the trees occupy land that could other- I wise be profitably employed. |: Probably the most noteworthy tree 1 In the world, so far as expenslveness Is concerned, Is a piano tree whicb grows In Wood street. In the city of Lopdon. This tree occupies a lot vhlch would briug In ground-rent to the amount of $1,200 per annum. It says much for the nature-loving qualities, and. incidentally, for tbe fortuno. of the owner of that lot that tbe ancient tree flourisbes safely year after year. WANTED—CLEAX WHITE BAGS. Brfristcr office. -statcipenis s;;e lias been ;\c-.;sed oi makiug is the I:: si.--, tor liie caargf prefcire.l '.>: t;..- Ka;i.-.;u ft;.. iCan. \r. f; T. 1-. "Al^n.fa ;.».r - so .".l:.-; .• ::rr was. the cjjiior oi Cunc:.: Tipie.', liie of­ ficial'publica'.ii.'i ill i.i? !--.;L 'ratL'( cl»bs:or K:!ic*.:-> 'thUi ir.i^r.n'iro b» canie defii-'ict ir.g lo lack "I funds She tlitn bec;i;:ie a deiii.rtinent editor of u Tojiei:!! i.:ill> T . Sli I late: she li^'caiiir lljo writer on Mu paper- owned l.y tlio TopcKa i^o.-iallsi colon}-. She has been pii'iirirfng edl- torialii recent'; t'lr :i W. r'. T. 1' magagiiic at t:-'" :((;.:e;i o! •'^:i;e of her fKlendf. "Miss narr v.-: >• i.-i - as City thi iMorn^n; SIi- -i'-i::! sl.i- was 'v.-arii umler. M'l' lornr' -.s usill of what the Kn.i^::-- fit:-. K.;.i.. '.•.. C.'T. U had to sr.y. •' 'i'u: goin;: •.vr li.ere r .M 'l raisi the "Oflckfus'' one of these days.' said Miss ,liarr this morning. 'I'll show thosefwoincn they can t fool -.vlt;] me "Tl!,e thing that hurts the woman editor from Kansas most of all is to thinit tliat it all happened just as she was »bout ready to publish a book to prhve that not only was the femalt of the species less deadly than the male.'but that God was a woman. " '.iLfy own se.x and species has gone and licted like the animal which Joseph :rode out of Bethlehem.' " E FOUND — AUTOMOBILE LAMP Ownjr may have same by paying for this ^d. Inquire 424 North street.- FOR RENT--FIVE ROOM COT- tagef 309 S. Buckeye. Call 306 S. Buclfeye. Phone 881. FOR SALE—SMALL FARM HOilE. Addiess C. B. Chandler, lola,'Kans. I Trf the Register Want ad way. non-fiction, and this card must be presented whenever a book is taken, returned or renewed. PATKON .S— rLA.SSIFICATION. 7. For the purpose of circulation, books shall be divided into three classes: 1—Seven day books; 2—Pay shelf books: 3—Fourteen day books. SEVEN DAY HOOKS. S. AH new fiction shall be labeled "Seven Day Hooks" and these may be retained but one week and sliall not be renewed. PAY SUELF BOOKS, n. \Vhcn two or niore copies of new ,fiction are ordered, all but one copy shall be marked "Pay Shelf" and shall be charged for at the rate of five '•ents per week until said book is paid for when it is to be placed on the •Free Shelf." Books Inbelel "Pay .Shelf" books may be retained but one week and shall not be renewed. FOrUTEEN DAY HOOKS, in. All liooks. except new fiction, 'hall be labeled "Fourteen Day Books" ind may be retained for that time, subject to the usual regulations, and •nay be renewed for one week. v REFERENCE. 11. Encyclopaedias, dictionaries, magazines which can not lie replaced.] ind other reference publications may be used in the building only. LO.SS OF BOOK.**. 12. if a patron lose a book, or if for nny reason it cannot be returned to the Library for cireula'.ion, the patron shall be required to pay for or replace it. PRIVILEfiE TO TE VrilER .S. 13. A special privilege card may be issued to teachers in public and private schools on tho certificate of the superintendent of schools or the prin- .-Ipal entitling the holder to draw six hooks at a time for the use of-his or her pupils, subject to the general rules governing the circulation of books. RENEWALS. 14. After one renewal no book can he taken out by the same patron, or| •ly any member of the same household, until it has remained on the 'Ibrary shelves for twenty-four hours, I lot counting days when the Library • Is closed. l.=>. Any person holding a book he- vond the period limited shall be fined two cents for each day beyond the founded no city, erected no triumphal arch; but Me stands in history as the groat Giver. Silver and gold He had none, but such as He had He gave to men. the gentle touch of a sympathetic hand, the golden glow of a genial mind, the healing love of a generous heart, the bracing energy of a courageou.s spirit. Paul calls Him Gods 'Unspeakable Gift.' Thte best thing God is able to give us Is not gold or silver, or costly stones, but Himself. "It is when we give of the things of the spirit that we escape from the realm of embarrassments and. burdens. Into a spiritualized Christmas we everyone can enter, the rich and the poor, the higii and the low, the small and the great. "In preparing then, our Christmas , presents, let us get ready to give some of the things which Jesus gave. Along with the many gifts which have jirices. let us give a thought to someone who needs it, sympathy to someone who craves it. praise to someone who deserves it but does not get It. kindness to someone whom the world has overlooked, affection to someone who is starving for it. inspiration to someone who is fainting-because of the lack of it. One's Christmas does not consist in the abundance ot the things which he receives or gives, hut in the spirit of good will which fillls his heart." Tktr. Albert Heath o Chicago Is the guest of Mr. Loraine Northnip for the holidays. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Varner have returned from a visit with relatives at Kincaid. 19115 CALENDAR PADS Blank Books Filing Cabinets Office Supplies Desk stationery Pencils, Pens, Inks fvansBros. stationery Store Every lady who YlsHs our China Departmeot' durini; the next few days will receive a buad.sonie sprig of llollf with our compllinents for the New Year,

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