Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 27, 1911 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 27, 1911
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\ THE lOLA DAI13r REGISTER. VOLUME XV. NO. 54. 8ucci *K9r <n the laid Daily RegUtcr. th« tola Daily Record and th* lola Daily Index TOLA, KS., DEC, 27,1911—WEDN-^'SDAY EVENING. Dally Register, Ettabllshed 1897. Weekly KeglLter, Eatabllshed 1867. SIX PAGES THE HUNT H[IHS WILL T[i! AGAIN SLIT TO roLLKCT l ^'<n^^^r^: 3io.\Kv v .r .iH A viasu si AIM-. A NEW ACTION FILEO IGDJiy TASK HAS »EK> U) SirKKMK lOrUT AND HAl K A(JAI>. riiiinliifs, llowPTor. Arc >».t Dis- iiijivrd and IJcHi-n- TIIPJ Will Will Will Thiv rii'if. T!iP famous Hum i !-iiianr<' c:isi> was K'spn a fros/i star, in Mi.' ,;;.-tr;<i <"<nirl this iiuirnin>; \vii> n Cl'arii K iiinl iMabcI Hunt, as t!;i' minor iu'irs of John H. Hunt, fih'ii -wit nJ^.•lin^! .loha 1).'Remsberfi. of Giis (.''.iy. aihi.inisi'."i- tor of the Hunt ost.-iii'. u> I'nliir.i- the flistribntion of thi- rf 'i tho niiiounl of an insur;!i'<''- p'OUy In id by the late Mr. liunt am: i.i'.Mic! finni tlie Merclianis Lift- lns::ir;inr< rom- imny, of Hurlington. lowii, In- tlii> administrator. The fasc iiiis lic;n lo tlio Supreme codrt ami buv -k, U\c lu'lrs losing In til.' hiRliir coiut ami winning in tlie instrlft coisrt. The rasp jirew famon*; in t!-.i> li'Kal annals of tin* state b. ciuis.' of iho In- lerivstlnj,' jxilnt wliidi i.iit of ii. As the details are recalleil. .lo!in II. Hunt, who Ii \<Hl in Cas City liail an inHurance luillry on his life In tlio -VliTi-hanis I.lfp In ii-.ame roiiupany. ti( l<iwa. Ill ilip Slim of f^Ki'i' and in favor of Ills wife. Soiii<' liiiie iiflev- ward Mrs. Hunt died and Mr. HnnI staled that he Intended to chan .ce the name of tlie bpnpfi<'i:iry in liie imllcy by insertinK tho names of liis ciiilil- ren. Hoxvever, hp failed to do tiiis and on April 27, VMi~. ho died, leavin.i? the deepased wife named as tile direc; beneficiary nf the infuranco volicy. .lolin D. Kemsbera was anpei ^iled administrator of the e -.:a :e and ii^^" col- leeted the face of the insurance ).olicy from the crnipany. in March of I '.ei.'S. the plaintiffs in the action filed today, applied to the pro!,ate court foV an order requlrinp iliP administrator to distribute t.he a.-sets of flie estate among the direct heirs, there bcin? two, namely. Charles and Mabel Hunt, cliildven of :he decpa?ed. The motion was overriile.d and it apitears that there was nothinp to distribute, the administrator hoId!np THE WEATHKK. ForrraKt tor Kiinsii.«: Vnir tonight and Tliursdn}; rIslnKr Ipnipi-nilurr. Temperature—Highest yesterday at I a. ni., S3; lowest today at 9 a. m. 12; dpfldeney In temperature yesterday 3 decrops; e.xces.s since January 1st, lis?, desrees. Yp=terdav. Today. 1 \'. m 2C' 1 a. m IS 2 I.-. 20 1' a. ii! -...I'; p. lu 2i; ;! a. 1)1 IS •1 p. in 29 I a. ni 1C .'• p. in 2S .•, a. in l.'i '•> II. m 2t! a. 11! l .'i 7 II. r.i 24 T a .m 14 p. m 22 S a. m i:! M ;i. m 2'> !> a. m 12 p. m 20 in a .ni 1.1 n i>. m 19 11 a .m l.". 12 ii-.di. __1S 12 noon 1ft I'le.-iii't: ],)U fiir 24 hours endins 7 a. 111. leii.-iv fP'.-i-: in iirecipi- tation sinci- Ja:ii::i-y 1st. 2.12 in<'hes. Kelative iHMV.idiiy 7 a. in. today 71 iierceni; i.'e wimint 7 difies; iiaroir.- l^-r cent; I'.ew )io;r.l 7 (!e;;i«''-; liavoir Sunrise ted.TV 7:".'< a. m.; sunsei p. i;i. • SYET ftllEHE in: IS w'.'.TiMJ von njs snchs- M>U TO I'.V. >A.HKI>. ENGLISH [SCOBT SIISCKEE A THOROUGH NURSE I'EKSI'.\.S '.VH.I. flAYE TO SKTTI NOW WITii T»E i;il!T!St,. riien> h. \o I .oiippr .Vny iJoulif .SpTctf Kiu:li(iii:r In JI.MI Aroiiiid 'rabii/. fiHRISmS TBJBE EXGELLENl AM) iri(;f;KST TKAOK WF\T rt) IUI;<;EST ADVKKTI.SEH. .Mili'iuro rnlii Out .Slmn-i I'o.Iti^fl) Tlial Ki'trlster AdvertIsiiif? (.'ets Trade Ue.Milts. The verdict of lola busiiies« nn'ii, after raslliiK up mcouiil.M of llii-ir lioliday busrinss, is practically uiiaii iinoti.s tliat the Christinas triule was pood- surprisingly H<'<"l- VM\y ol tlieiii bad pri'imrcd llii'iusidvi-s lo Mud Oial till' (ii-neral practice of eeonoiny on the iiart of 111" public would bi markedly r.llictid In Hie volume of holiday business, and while the economy did not show its existence, ji ap p. u:-ed ill the kind of trade and not in the volinie of trade. Toys were less e\p,nsi»e than in other years, and expv iisive ^ifts were less common. but everybody who ever gives at Christmas gave this year :ind tin trade in useful presents was as nwich belter than usual as the trade in lu.\- urios was below tlio r.veraee. Th< general balance, tiiorcfore. was up to normal. Tiie inile -.iRO bureau was a factor in this gratifyin.i; re.iuli. as is shown by ;be limir, s compiled today in the Register ollU-e. The Uepister, as is pret--)- ty generally known, pa.vs out the mileage on receipts f'oni shoppers and is thus ablo to tell e.xactiy th that the insurance money was sub- j volume of out of town trade. The ject to debts incurred by ^rr. Hunt during his lifetime and. it is understood, most of the money received from thr* Merchants T.ife war; paid oui lo satisfy these oblisration?. Suit was .=oon after brou.aht by the minor heir? to pomiie! Mr. Kerasberg to pay them the In.'urance money, the attorneys. KorrT-: and Ritter con-.>Tiiiipage bureau. Which illustrates th( tending that this fund was not a part of the Hunt e>t.Tte and not subject to any of - the debt<. In the district court. Judge Foust found for the heirs but the siijiremc court revcrsfd the case and found for tiie administrator, basing its decision on this technicality: "There is a pr''v;>ion in the certificate of me^l^er^•;lip wh.ich reads; 'Ir. the event of the d>-.ih of tiie benefie- iarj- i>rior to tliat of the member or in case none is tamed, tl'e benefit then to bo payalile to the Ieg.".I reiiresenta- tive of the dt ••-a.'^ed member." The suiireiiie cn.irt held that .Administrator i;.m.-l)prg was the legal represehtative <>f .loim Hunt not the Hunt orphan--, and entered judgiiient In favor of the defenCluit. The opini" n written by Justice nraves cnr.elude? in par; as follows: "WP do not know why he. iHuntt failed to appoint iiiiother boneficiarjr. WP onl.v know tint !ip allowed to stand unchanged !::nguage which In its ordinary meanint: ju.'-tified the interpretation placed I'pca It by the insurance comjiany when it paid tlie money." In' the sui. filed today, the Hunt heirs take a-lion against .Mr. RPULS- ber.ET. and h:.- bondsmen to compel theju to reticle tlie insurance'fund and disburse ihe same as a fund intended to be :u-;d in trust for the benefit of minor lieirs to an estate. Apt and Ap; rejiresent Remsberg. business thus accounted for by th mileage receipts ran right at $100 a day during the past montii. This was the oul-of-town business v.hcre mileage was claimed, in many cases people fai'iiis: to put in their claims. And. moreover, these shoppers spent many dollars with dealers not listed in the WANT TO .MAKE A MATCH? Tlie Cliancf Here Today In a Ko.\ of Mal<lu-s. Wlien Jud;:i •'• I'. Duncan oprafd a newly purchr.jed box of niatc!;es this momlng^, he f.iund the* following note w\ritten in j.-'ncil on tlie inside: "Plea-se write to .Miss Olga Dodin. 421G Grand Avenue. lJulutli, .Minn. JJuncan say.- •iujt although he cannot grant tlie r>';U>:s;. iliat is no reason why some ti lola's many old baciie- lors sliould n;)'. do ?o and he thinks that in givirj; out the address be is offering thtm an opportunity. desirability that all the merciiants co -operate in the beneficial effort and all join in the advertising <-;uiipuig': and the mileage refunding. It is really niih 'T ajrg .-avHtiiig to Jliiiik that a merchant should buy advertising and scatter all over Allen county anO offer mileage refunds and some partV even though small, of the resulting bi nefit to iltj town be dragged out ol eir(i:!ation by the man who "milks" the booster results. And. ill coi:e!!i.'--ion, ilie-Register is not too modest so assert Its confid-ni conviction that tho country-wide cir- euliiilon wliich it now enjoys, following every rural route In the county (in one case golii^ to every iiatron of a route with but four exceptional eontribuied lo the prosiierlly of lola iiiercbanis. The story was ceritilnly told broadcast (hut Christmas shoii- pers could find everything In lola and (he merchanls who used the most space lo loll their story reaped the largest results. The Register is not gU'-ssing at this. Its advertising book.s show that the firm which bought the most advertising spnci' got the most o :f _thp out-of-town tradi' as shown by the milca.ce credits. And by the same token, that firm enjoyed the largest amount of local trade. And the next largest advertiser, enjoyed the next largest unrtion of th' out-of-town tr.idc. And so on down the line. MORAL—The advertising record' and the mileage records prove beyoni' any shadow of a doubt tliat the volume of business goes to the- lola merchants in proportion to their advertising in the Register. WHiich suggests big possibilities in town trad' and upbuilding if all the merchants could realize this fact and resolve oii the first of the Xew Year to hel[ , bring trade here instead of lying in Judge : (],p shopper whom some ether man's invi'Stir-'nt of money lias iu- vif'd to tov. !i. Think it over. iPy the .\:: -.p.-iiliil I 'ri 'ss) Telieian. J IPC. 27.— W. .Morgan Sliii I ,• is still b.ere aw::lling the; nomina ioii of u successor to v>-lioi;i ho can A '.iil over (lie functions of Treasure .••elieial. 1 liJ populace, JiJiich hold ihiiner in great esleei:'. is iiiiich in •eii.' .•il against nlie because o dl^U'i.'sing liim. Itlspaiclie:-, from Shiraz say the.Per iaiis altjcked Indian cavairy eseoii :iig \V. .\. Hmart; llritish Consul a ^)i:ia/, ,11 Ka/ai'oo.ii niid in a shar •Iie.ilgiliieKI se Were killed oil •acli s:di>. The rerslaiis were drlv "IT. Smart dlsappi-; His wiiuiid) iMir><- was tiiiiiid ^1 raying on (li .-ii .;dside. ^ l-'nreiirncrs In limt I'llitlil. I.o.iiloii, lire. 27.--'Ilie la(e^t iiie-; ::L 'es li'Oiii Tabriz, t'l-r.sla, receiv lO'ii Ki'.uUsli ciiiupa'ilert bavtiiK ag •nis iheii'. .'ay llial foreign resident » lh:it city are in a bad plight. They Me eonlilied 10 Ihe.r liiiiises owing ti I 'oiitiiiiied liglilliig in the .-ctreels. am ire riitiuiUK slmit of provisions wit! 'Ill prospecrs of obtaining a furllii •iiipply. l!!i>i>liins Sini .SliiiKhJiTlim, V.asliiugioii, Dec. 2(1.—The Russia; vo'i',--- continue to kill Persians i: Tabri./. accord :n;; to d ;s|iatc ?ies r< •eived in Washin.^ton today from of '.ci:"l sources in Teheran. Cablegraiut- !-i ;:;i ll ;e Persian <-apital declare thai I'irired Russian .'.trocities have K« 'rf>ii.;'d »hn Persian people that It now will 1"' iiiipoKsible to liring alioiit II! icablo'settb-iiient. The Persian a!• tnite is- 'iiM -lared lo be one of growing hostility. A Ilcndrcd Russians neml. St. Peteueburg. Pec. 2t;. —A telpgrnii 'roni Tabriz says the total loss of the ^•.:ssians: killed and severely wound- I'd in the recent figliting there U 'ioi:i Kill. .'Several bodies of Ru.ssiar o 'diers; have been found iiartly biirn- •d. The director of the Persian I)e \irti;u»nt of the Russian foreign hf- •'cp. in p.n interview,today, said the government wa^ convinced that the ersian government was not concem- ! i'l tie anti-Russian nutl .reaU a- TjihTi?. or el .^pwherp. Those respo -.isi- ilp were principally .•Vrinenians and criminals. DOSriXIO IS TIRED OF REVOLT. A BKIKK .Si^S.'sIO.V VE.STEROAY. flic Tliore Was l!ut Liftle lMi>i»i-s-, hi roiuaiis-iioaiTs' Kudgi-t. Tlie regu'^r wt-ekly .-ession of ti :e City coDin.ii --.;i )n ye .-iorday afternoon was unusu.".i :•• !>rief, .A.side from the Investigatiou ff the petition for pav- «ng on So'.i-.h Kc'iuaky street and til'- consiueration of petitions to vacate certain .-hort street.; in northwest I'jia. ther.' Were no Itcus of business reiiuiring much time to diK.- |K)se of Uitiii. Sheriff H'over Kerr went to Kansas City tliis p,f!e :-'io («ii o:i (;ll>i-ial bu'- ineSK. The s'.erifr was K-ri"live about his lulsKioii b'jt II.- folded a paper which looked inich Iji.e a warrnni. In his iwcket as he tta.ttd for th« depot. RET.S m.m) ON TJJE WEATHER. Racks Reilrf !! Will Kiiin on (>rtnh. till Ilrtvs in Kansas County. Tojieka, kas.. Dec. 27.—.\ F\ansa= nan lia.--- bet ?2".'iii'! tliat rain will faj! •'; Thc !';;'3 C<>'ii;ty, Kans;is. hetwoer .M.-ircIi 1 and M;'.y 1. of next year. 1< I'-p r;i!n eopie-;. "Jim'' Fiske wil' clean up $2'»,0(iO next summer, go tc Kufcpe. w.^nr patent leather shoes, and a si;;» hat. and "kin It" generally A year ago. he bet $."01'tf to $,".0 oiii 'hiif it woii'd rain in Ills county .between these dates, and lost. "Ji'.i!" Fiske Is the wheat king xr Kansas. He has lived in Westert Kancns many years, and In spite of the failures of rain to appe-ir at lust tlip prooer tlniB he stickn "I'M ebat' uj) yp(." he said the other d.iy In To P"Va. "Th" raln"il cnme some time and when if does I will have my hand on the doorknob to let the opportunity In just the minute she raps." THssntMied Grnrral Conld fiather Only Half a Dozen Follonrrs. W'nshinglon, Dec. 2(1.—That Gener- il Morales probably will forfeit his ife because of his last att'-nipt at rebellicn in Santo . Douilngo is advised in a note hire today fro'u the island republic. He has landed on he east coasi of the island with half T do/en followers. Morales was con- 'idiiut he could arouse (he Pomlnl- elans and ovprlurn the iidiniiiislratlon )f President Kladio Viclorla, wlio •;i!cceed"d lo Ihi' iiresldency aflT the -sassinailon of President Cacres. The leopli are tired of revolutions and failed to respond. CHILDREN'S LIHRARV CARD .S. ted {'an!s to He IssinJ for Otidilnin.'. Jiliciiile JiooSi.s 0);ly. Tl»e "library no.ird has r.rrang.d fot "he issuance of red cards to children vhich will jiermit of them obtaining uveni'.e books only. Considerabl.- loiildc ''ti connection with the i.-isu- •ncc of cards to children has beer -xperiericed in tile past, as there wa~ 'o way of difi'i:iguis!iing their cards vim thi'^e of a'!'iUK. and nti limiia- -ion on the books they lui.ght sociir.^ so that, in a family of several cliild- -en. any one ii:e;uber might take all 'heir cards and thereby secure .several books at one time, the older members )f the family being enabled in thi.- •uanner to almost monopolize some of h"* lictioii most in d.-:'mand. As only ••iv.-'ni '.p book:^ will be i.ssued for red •••ardF. a stop will be (lut to this sys- •^m in tV.o future. Editor's Widow on Stage. Nev.- York, Dec. 20.—T'ndnr the In- 'onspicuous name of Dorothea Coleman. Dorothea Gilder, wife of the late Richard AVatson Gilder, American "opt and editor of the Century maga- 7ino has begun a stage career. It became known today that she had made her debut last night in a Broad way production. "N'ature faking" seem"? to have •lassed from the lime light, and it Is ':opcd that an observation alleged to have been made at the' lola I.aundry night will not revive It. I^st ••'^ I. 80 It Is claimed, a cat climbed up the perfendlcular brick wall of the Inundrv building, and flrfs claim I« made with FU^h good authority that li would Fpcin difficult to dispute It. The anininl evidently sought TrfuK -e froii! the cold, and found It by cllnib- 'ns Into a eecnnd story window. CHINA WILL SOON AVE PREIENI I DELEt.ATE.S TO MEET TOMORROW TO ELECT SU>' YAT SE>'. THE MANGHUSILL ABDICATE HIT IT WILL BE I\ THE HOPE OF COMINt," HACK AGAIN. . I The Keri -nMidimi Proposal Has >'ot Vet Hecn Arcept <>d iiy the R«TO- Iiitionaries. ' • •: til- .\-;' -.I Pres.*) Shanghai, China, Dec. 27.—It is reported that delegates of eighteen of ;lie provinces of China proper intend to meet at Nanking on December 28, I to elect Dr. Sun Yat Sen president of liie provisioual- governmeiit of th'e I'tiiti-d Provinces. GEN. flEYESIiJiYSUEEER DEATH I HE .MEXK 'iN LE.\I;EI{ IS 5\ TIIE Kt^:^,^ til' HIS EN.E.^:tES. !ue I east He Can Exiievl is i aiitl L'cath .'lay He II;s ISrtoni. V (By the A.^.x-T-iturt I'rcssl .Me\,cii Ci;;.. U'..-i-. 27—Death iiiaV bt 111' p(:i .';iy ( l!eru;:rdo K 'i'ye."- will pay foe. his ei 'forl to overtl'j'ow President .Madero. Tlie least he ^cai .vpeet is ten years' ii :iprl.-.oi!ii'ent..VH- dexit.;a law providi'i these e.vtri'iiie or ti-.e crime of inciting rtbeliioi*. 1 s no* jie ;ienlly beileved the maxiihiii: .^ric 'ty will lii*- i /.flicted. !vit a i-tri • 1 the i.eiiitr -'itiajy for th.- ver .er.ibl' ris<i;:er of 7-1 y <-:!rs doubtle.-,;; Vti; • tll««-T <i|ii jvaieiit. To Haw .'.lifltary Trial. , \ iiiilitjry couit, drav.n ly lo* frou. '.1' eliKilili! to servile, will pr.sK ji.ilg- iient upon liiiii. The cmut will (on- ist of two generals of division vjinil ve brigadii with (iencral .'Mexlm- Iro Pezo, ciiief of Reyes' stall when e was minister of war under Pri'si- ept D :a .7. a.s presiding officer. Q-n- ra! I-"ezo has lo :ig been chtef iiiagis- rati' of the military court. Mlhoiigli he had retired, from "the ni;y. General Reyes was entitled, ',in- er military usage." to receive hofior rom the army a.-; though In active 50vviee. Til He Talion to tlie CiipituL On tiie other hand, as a retljed liUcer. lie is liable to )i ;iiipnt .-by iiiilil :ii 'y court for ofl 'ense-: coiiin 'Ji- ed airainst tho army. His ofTeftst insisted in calling upon tlie armyt -tc Ise In r "be !!ion. Orders were Kent to Ceneval Tye- Ino at Monteiey (o have (;"ri. i'lye; roiiilht to the cipltal al Hie earlier.' M)Sl «ilile date. It is PXpeete «l he will arrive hern by the last of the presiyn eek ami that liiH" tiiiu' will be hereafter In idaiing hli .i ou trial. " THIS IS REAL ]{ELIt;iO\. Kansas City Wonicii I.xleiid a Helping llaad to th;> Kalli a. Illy tl:i' .\.ssiM -i:ilr<l l 'ii.-^.-<) Kansas Cily. Dec. 27.— .-X eonimiitee if women religious workers visited the red light houses soutli of Twelfth .street this afternoon to persuade the woaien residents lo take a n ;'W start in life. They offered the women a .-peiC'lde home ar.d a po:^itioii in •.i.ich th'-y could e:irn an honest llv- ng. The effort to help the unfortunate '.'oiuen of Kansa.<i City is part of the Men and Religion Forward Movement. The women had a special escort of olicemen. I'nder orders of the po- ic.e coiiiuissioner? every red light In he south district must go out at ••idnighl Saturday. The. women who fndertnkp the task <•'. "'ending BDSSIANS HUNTING TROOBLf N VTIONAI.ISTS INTROiil i K MEAS- 5 RES INTiiATIONAI.LV om;>:';iVt They ^"onld Exrliide All Initcd .Staie^ Jeus and All Anierjt-aii tin ports. >Ianrhiis Will Alidlcalp. Peking, Dec. 27.—Repreaentatlves of the Imperial court have signified to I'remier Yuan Hlii Kai their wlll- iiignes.'i to iigrce lo abdication. The euiirl realizes there is no hopa for It in the detention nf three or four detached sections of tho country and -i'liii-loyal iirovinei's and iiopes to "bb- tain heller terms by agreeing lo the proposed referendum on (he iiufsllon of the form of government. .Iigian Thinks Yuan Is Shrewd. Toklo. Japan, Dec. 27.—Yuan Shao KaPs iiroposal to decide the form of government which shall prevail under the new regime in. China by means' of a convention of delegates from all over (he Kmpire is regarded here as a shrewd move, but opinion is divided, as to whether it can be -•uccessfully carried out. Many prom- in.'nt Japanese believe that the pro- I'osal will be accepted by the revolutionary leaders. DEATH OF CARL HO-SCHXA. iHy th.. A-.-'i.i-iiU. '! J'l -.-.'.-.'i) St. Petersburg, Dec. 27.—.\ stipple luentary legislative proposal of frankly iirohibitive characer was in trodiiced by .Valionalisis into the Du ma today. It is aimed directly i;t th( United States. According to the terui! of the p.-opo.~ed auiendi.'ieiit. Aiii<.:-;ca; citiz-nis of .fpwisli rellT;ion ari; tr^ Piping liand believe it i^ an opjioi i totally excluded from !;i:;-sia and i: i .t ;iin lime. .-\ houie will be provided for «oiiien vV.- give ;ip the iiuiiroper life. The address will not be made public and the home will be ojierated a<; anv ordinary boarding house, so fl:at no stigiu.ii may follow the women who will attempt to reform. GOLD IN VALlEy Drop of Twenty D.-Krces In Missouri Valley—Fell to I-' Here. PRESIDENT PLtNS HKJ SAVINtVi i cononiy and Ei'licfenry in (>oier>n' iiieul neiuirtiitcnts .Mark .Message." Wa.'^blnctoii P.i'c. 27.—For the nei;' eek Pi esii'i -nt Taft v.-jil vorl; on-," e':s,iKe to ('rr ^L'VfFn de.-iling ivifi r):uMiiy and rr ;:.-;.rey in the goverfi- ent dcr -nrMu '^nts. The President ye!^- rdav r'-'ieivo'l a iiroliiuinary repoW olii (he eeo"oi:iy rnd elllciency con-- issinn indic'i'in;.' that unuv n;i!l'iiii\ iirl't lii> Rive! e.ieh ypur If 'I'ipIicJiJ- oris were i\vi> '• ! ^t'd c !';'P !rr-; i'ii.'>''U n the o:iiratio:i of the various hwr -pn'"^. The fiiH iPi >r >rf will be ni:'dj' I (hp President in time lo^^ su'v itteil (o Congre.-is next moni:! wit^ n !<'S <:age. , OW;:S FRFKMOM TO A CHILD. I I!y III.- .\-^.-:.«-i;lli il l'i-.-s.-:> Kansa.s City, .Mo., Dec. 27. —Tlring- ing the first old fashioned Chrislin.i: temperatures of tlie season, the th"r- luometi'r today sho-.ved a drop of about twenty degrei-s u th" .Missour Valley slates and ax 'rai'iil about a leu depree drop in the south'.'-' St. It was six lielow at No'rlli P:;>lt-' and twelve below here. In southwest tlie readings ranged from eighteen al Oklahoma City to six at Amarlllo, Tex., and two b.'low at DodKe Cily, Kas Ix>cal Knited Stales forecasi-r pre- licted rl;-,'!-;; l'!i'per;i!ur"s over th entire district tonight and loinorrow. liie s!:-coiid place ciistoins duties art l;> be rai.sed by one biindror'. per cm unless the Rusui.-m normal sit;e(i;:'e i. lo-.ver than the Americ;,n \:> ;!.,-t f ii:i;y enualling the .Vi:i<-i-;e:i.-; d;-:. .vill be collected. Composer of Popular Mii<fic Died on Christmas Eve., Xew York, Dec. 2B.—Carl Hoschna, composer of the music of "Madame Sherry" and many other well kn^-wn ntusical pieces, died at his home, 141 Cathedral Parkeway Sunday as a aand organ on the street played a se- Tection Trom that gay opera which spread liis name as a composer hrou.ahouT the world. Beath -was due to lieart disease which had kept him ntinetl to his bed. for a month. PACKEILS' (OLOSSAL PLAN. They Wore (Joiiie to Organize Five Hundred .Miliiiin Coniiiany. The hundreds of lolans who were charmed by the music written by Hoschna will learn of his death with deep regret. One of his songs, J'Cud- ile I 'p a Kittle Closer" is still-;'belng '.\hiEtled on the streets. . »'rN(-«>'r Keleasod That He Miiv Hear ?>!;ic;''ec Recite. St. T.oui.s. Dee. 37 —Jiidcp Dyer 'r e Fnited .''tat.-- ni -tr->t court tod .-iv a 'idi the •,T;u!''n('ir of the s !v>| mcnt'-s' sentenc.-> of WiPiTui C. Rush lio three weeks .isrn was conviotedj sell'r.g olpnn'.-'.n;ar!i:p. Ru-'h wn."^, lea '^'d from j.iil after his little daughter had to Judge Dyer and leaded with him to rflea.=p her fath- !n ofder that lie mi'.rht be able to tend a ehur <-"i rnfertainp.ient and car her give a recitation. The lowest tempi rature for severiii weeks was readied Iiere this inornint when Hie mercury fell to 12 degr'^es liet Weill eight and nine o'clock. This tempenitiire although low enough to be disagr.'eable. was not the lowest of the winter, (he m.-rcury having .•:il!'^ii lo'.ver than' tills on several oc- lasions. The lowest teniperature of the winter so far was experienced on NovenMier 2ft when a minimum temperature of 7 degrees was reached. D'n .Xovemb.^r 12 the mercury wept as h)w as 10 degreeii, and on the llth it fell to 12 degrees. The minimum temnerature of this morning coincid- • d with tlie minimum temperature of December of last year, which was 12 •legrees. So f.*«r this year the temper- :'ture has failed to fall anywhere near as far as it did last year, whin •'. minimum temperature of S degrees •T'OW zi ro was readied on Januarv 3rd. LAW OFFICE ENJOINED. Now Tnrn Taken In the Fight Aealnsf Ml.ssbnrI lioozo. r.OOK STtH K GOING \'\\ Stronp I'roliahrilT That He Will on (he Sutirenie Reifcli. Chicago, Dec. 27.—John C.nlIan.OV| I.aughlln Washington corrpspdndent the Chicago Tribune, In a dispatch from the national capital today «ayj!: "Wllllnin rather Hook of Kansas, nited States Judge for the eighth'Jti- Icla! circuit In all probablllly wIP Piipolnfpij to fill the vacancy or he Pnitcd Stalls .'^'iprpiiie court creed by tlie death of Associate Ju.stlce larlan. i!!y th- .\-.-^.»-i.iterJ Pr-ssi TonrVa. Kas., Dec. 27.—A temporary injunction was granted today by luiise Pollock of th.- Federal court [:ln the crusade against the linuor da" "ers in Leavetiworth. The injunction •s against J. E. .Johnson, Special As- l ^sistant Attorney General, A. .M. Jack- json and T. B. Armstrong, agents of the Attorney Gen-ral, and I^e -Bonil •pouuty attorney, and Thon;as kln, Eherlff of Lcavenwcrth county The jirocpfdings were commenced on }>eh'>U of Harry Uobinowltz ai.d Mich .iel KIrnipyer, llfpior dc'lera of Still ings, .Mo., who supplied liuuor te -..pTvenvorth parties by wagon. II I:-: •'hnrired that (he wnpons were held up lia they cro.ssed the .MiM ;;r,url river air^ i'l li "f Is sought on the iriound that ijiev were eugag"!! In Int"'rat:it\> commerce «uU could not be Interfered Vith. fliy thr- .\><.ei:a .il '.'v,-^<'t Chicago, Dec. 27.—Further detail:of the five hundred million dollar cor jioration pfSnned by the packers ir i:lp2 were recited by Albert H. Veedei attorney for Swift & Co.. who today (ontlnued his dramatic story of tin inside history of the Ciiicago mi.'at packers' combination. For the first time in the trial Michael Cudahy WUL- nained a,s one of Hie four promoters of llip colossal corporation by witness Veeder. Veeiler iiro'.Ii.c.'d a J'ontract dated July IS, l!i()2 by the lerin.s o: which Cudaliy became the partner ol J. Ogden Armour, Gustavus F. Swift ; ad IMward .Morris in a proposed mei u'cr- each of whom deposited ii mil lion dollars In a Ciiicago Ijank as evi- iencp of_ good faith in carrying out I he planr GIRLS MIST N:i>T BOX. One of Them Might Got Her Pretty Nose Hroken. • i(!v 111.- .\--::".-i;iH-<l Pr.\s.s) Los Angeles, Calif., Dec.^27—Boxing among the girls of the Los Angeles ligli school was put under the ban to- lay. Dr. Beacli, physical director, .-aid -tt wa.^not liie aim of the instructors to turn out a generation of iemale figliters. "Suppose a pretty ,'iir..; no,-;e should he broken while box n'i" .said lleacli. "it probably would v.i an iieruianent disfigurement and •uiglit .'erlously injure her social pros HERLIN IHIOR POISONED. riTV BITLDER A FIGITIVE. (•aUoslon Man Charjied With Mlsap- proprintintr Three Millions I lU- th.. .\.isi >'-i:it' il I 'n's..<r Storling, 111., Dec. 27.—It developed today that Duncui Mackay, one of he largest real estate owner.s cf Galveston, Tex. and whose name wa? linked with the rebuilding of thai '^ity, has been indicted by a grand jury on a charge of misapproprjatin? money left by his father in estates valued at nearly three million dollars. An attempt was madf to keep 'hp matter rjuiet hoping that Mackay who went to Europe recently would return. It is said he disposed of many of his holdings before leaving. Hi is now believed to be some -Ahere in the L'nited States Many Dead From Eating Scraps of Tainted Food. Illy th.- Assiii'iiiti'il Pressil lirrliii lu.-. 27.—Kighteen Inmates if tlie Ilerlin Municipal Shelter for he houieli .^s. died during the night .'rom poi.=iinin,g, and others are dying ir are seriously ill. The number of destitute men who took refuge in the. nstitiition last night was forty-four riiousand and fourteen. They were f (!d scraps of fooi' including many cases of spoiled sm. ked herring. r. S .STEELE DIVIDES PROFITS. ONE AITO KILLED THREE. Speed JFanlae Tore Throush Crowded Street.s of Seattle. niy th.^ .\.>:.--.iK ;i:U .<l I'r .-.-^-ii Seattle, AVash., Dec. 27.—Witnesses of the killing of .\ttorn;fy Otis M. Ba^ lou, formerly of O/naha. last night by an automobile, which slew t!;rt-e persons, say the car moving rapidly, dragged Ballou's body fifty fee;. A^: soon as the 'vheds liad tiirown ihv dead man a.side, thn driver put on full spp-?d and raced away. Ballou's skull was crushed. .\o arr.'sis. have b'-en made. The Hie Trust Gives Nearly a MiHton and a Half to Employes. ' l*v Tn.- .\-.-i-M-i:.!.-!! Press) Xew York, Dec. 27.— The United States Steel Corporation began today its annual distiibution to employes under its bonus plan which has been in force nine years. The amount distributed this year is one million four hundred and fifty thousand dollars. TAFrS HELATED PRESENT. r»io H:!(V Stn 'tcjMT.. .ind n Word o! Cheor fr^iin Michlinin. ii:: tin- 'iit.-ii I 'ro -'-o W .T .'-hlii '-Moi:. — A behitei' 'hris- in;':' pri "--ei :t lo T;>ft In thi dmpe of two "Ir.icU stretchers" frouv 1 .Michigan niuuufacturer. ri'.iched Ih' (':l'• l!lla^-e K'llay. ".^lio.i'il - yiii- -a-.i' occ'.."!'!'-! to v.i'e t"..';ii befor. •'•12." ' iiianiir-ii'''i 'rer I'l hi- Vtter. "please enteilaiii Hie luipp. tboiigl'l that .Michigan is at yuu. *jack." NEW YORK FIRE CA.SE FINISHED. The Jury May Render Verdict Tonight on Triangle Waist Fire. Illy 111- .Vs..;.>fi ili-.i Hn-s.m New York Dec. 27.—The smnmlng •ip in the Triangle Waist company fire •a=''.« In whi'jh Max Blanck and Isaac Harris proprietors of the shirt waist factory, ar.' charged with manslaughter, began today. The jury may renter a verdict by nightfall. CARL MORRIS BOXES TOXIGHT. He Hones to Show That He Hns Learned Somethlnir. lHv th" .-VssiieiivteiJ Pres..*) N>w Yo.-k Dec. 27.— Carl Morris •loiie.s to show in a ten-round bout with Tom Kennedy here tonight, that le ha-- developed some science since i-- di f-'at at the hands of Jim Flynn. All Aged Tcar^icr Deud. Miy, thn A.ssnciii^ted Pren.s) Kansas City, Dec; 27.— Rev. Tlm- iriiy Knrlght member of the Redemp- '.iiii-t Fathers, and widely Known aa I teaclier. died here todajr, aged sev- •nty-four.

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