Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 28, 1969 · Page 8
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 8

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 28, 1969
Page 8
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS TUESDAY, JANUARY 2S, 1969 THE SPIKE RRIE Spacecraft Launched Man-Hours In Space Space Debris Fireball Seen In Four States President Fluent On Television U.S. Space Spending 1955-1970 FIGURES IN BILLIONS OTHER NASA. $38 DEFENSE DEPARTMENT]—| $17 $56.73 Eleven years after the space era opened with the launching of the first Soviet Sputnik, the United States is far ahead statistically. Figures on spacecraft launchings and space man-hours, taken from President Johnson's annual report to Congress on U.S. space activities, cover the period 1957 through the end of 1968 and do not include the latest Soviet Soyuz 4 and 5 manned missions. Of estimated total U.S. spending oh space through fiscal 1970, the Apollo moon-landing program accounts for $24 billion. CHICAGO (AP) — Persons in four midwestern states apparently witnessed the flaming end of some space debris early Sunday. Sightings of brilliant flashes of light accompanied by an orange fireball were reported in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan. • Some eyewitnesses e v en claimed to have seen spaceships landing. Others said f laming objects fell short distances from them. James Wray, x a Northwestern University astronomer, said the flash was probably caused by a large meteor breaking up in the atmosphere. He added that it might also have been the remnants of a comet or rock thrown into space by celestial explosions. He added that —witnesses could easily have misjudged the distance of the fiery display. Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Northwestern's astronomy department chairman, said the flash could also have marked the reentry of a burned —out section of a U.S. or Russian space rocket. Hynek agreed the flash most probably came from remnants of a meteor but added —he was puzzled because "most meteors or their fragments have some sort of tail. It seems this was not the case" with the Sunday's display. Eyewitness reports included: — Pilots landing at O'Hare International Airport who said a Watching Television TONIGHT 6:00- -2 News 3 Cactus Pete 8 Not Available 6:30-2-3 Mod Squad 4-12 Lancer 5-6 Jerry Lewis 6 Artie Odyssey 8 What Is 11 Truth or Consequence;. 7:00—8 Fact of the Matter 7:15—8 This Week in the News 7:30—2-3 It Takes a Thief 4-12 Red Skelton 5-6 Julia 8 What's New 11 Of Lands and Seas -5-6 "Rope of Sond" 4-12 Doris Day 8 NET Journal 11 Steve Allen -2-3 NYPD 8 NET Journal -2-3 That's Life 4-12 60 Minutes 8:30—8 Opinion 9:30—11 The Honeymooners 10:00-2-3-4-5-6-12 News 8 Monday Film Classic 11 Perry Mason 10:30—2-3 Joey Sisriop 4 Movie: "I Want You'' 5-6 Jihnny Carson 12 Movie: "Lost Horizons" 11:00-11 Movie: "West II" 12:00-2 Movie: "The Wild Dakotas" 12:25-4 Movie: "F.B.I. Girl" 8:00- 8:30- 9:00- WEDNESDAY PROGRAM Morning 6:00—4 Town and Country 12 Compass 6:30-4 P.S. Four 5 Focus Your World 12 Gospel Roundup 6:45—2 Thought For Today 12 Breakfast Show 6:50—2 Farm Report 7:00—2 Lone Ranger 4 News 5-6 Today 7:30-2 Fury 4 Cartoons 5 Today 8:00—2 Romper Room 4-12 Captain Kangaroo 8:30—5 Today 8:45—11 Cartoons 9:00-2 KTVI Presents 3-11 Jack Lelane Show 4-12 The Lucy Show :f 5 Snap Judgment 6 Romper Room 9:30—3 Dick Cavett i 4-12 Beverly Hiilbilies 5-6 Concentration 11 Love That Bob 10:00—2 Pay Cards 4-12 Andy of Mayberry 5-6 Personality 11 Outer Limits 10:30-2 What's My Line? 12 Dick Van Dyke 5-6 Hollywood Squares 11:00-2-3 Bewitched 4-12 Love of Life 5-6 Jeopardy 11 Twilight Zone 11:30—2-3 Funny You Should Ask 12 Search For Tomorrow 5-6 Eye Guess 11 Cartoons 11:45—11 King and Odie 11:55—3-11 The Children's Doctor Afternoon 12:00—2 Chariotte Peters 3-11 Dream House 4 Dennis the Menace 5 Merv Griffin 6-12 News 12:15—6 Pastor Speaks 12:30—6 Hidden Faces 3-4 Let's Make a Deal 12:55-3-11 Childrens Doctor 1:00—2-3 Newlywed Game 4-12 Love is a Many Splendored Thing 5-6 Days of Our Lives 11 Make Room For Daddy 1:30—2-3 The Dating Game 4-12 The Guiding Light 5-6 The Doctors II Woody Woodbury Show 2:00-2-3 General Hospital 4-12 Secret Storm 5 Another World 2:25-4-11-12 News 2:30—2-3 One Life to Live 4-12 Edge of Night 5-6 You Don't Say 3:00—2 Movie: "Terror in • Texas Town" 3-11 Dark Shadows 4-12 The Linkletter Show 5-6 The Match Game 3:30—3 Lone Ranger 4 Movie: "Return From the '••2a" 5 Mike Douglas 6 Snap Judgment 11-12 Underdog 4:00-3 The Hour 6 Popeye 11 Flintstones 12 Mike Douglas 4:30—6 Perry Mason 11 Gilligans Island the fun place fffo shop. FLEXIBLE FLYER BO* ANNIVERSARY CHARGE-IT' • Reinforced; Built For A Lifetime Construction • Safety Bumpers INSULATED LUG SOLE BOOTS COMPLETELY WATERPROOF 95 SIZES 7 thru 12 • FULLY WATERPROOF • DESIGNED TO PROVIDE WARMTH IN SUB- COLD WEATHER • COMPLETE WITH STEEL SHANK FOR SHOE STYLE FIT B&rj SATISFACTION GUARANTEED-REPtACEMENT OR MONEY REFUNDED Open 9:30 Till, 9:00 — Plenty of FREE Parking 5:00—2 Combat , 3 Cartoons 4 Leave It to Beaver 5 News 11 I Love Lucy 5:30-2-4-5-6-12 News 11 Rawhide Evening 6:00—2 News 3 Cactus Pete 8 NET Journal 6:30—2-3 Here Comes the Brides 4-12 The Glen Campbell Happy Hour 5-6 The Virginian 11 Truth or Consequences 7:00—11 Of Lands and Seas 8 The World We Live In 7:30—2-3 Peyton Place 4-12 The Good Guys 8 What's New 8:00-2-3 "The Happening" 4-12 The Beverly Hillbillies 5-6 Music Hall 8 News in Perspective 11 Steve Allen 8:30—4-12 Green Acres 9:00—4-12 Hawaii-FiveO 5-6 The Outsider .8 U.S.A. Theater 9:30-8 Passport 8 11 The Honeymooners 10:00—2-3-4-5-6-12 News 8 Kaliedoscope 11 Perry Mason 10:30—2-3 Joey Bishop 4 Movie: "Teen Age Rebel" S~ Johnny Carson 6 Accent 12 Movie: "Rumble on the Docks" 11:00—6 Johnny Carson 11 Movie: "Tanks Are Comng" 12:10—5 Panoruma 69 12:20—4 Movie: "Invaders From . Mars" 'Marooned' In Space. . Film Plot HOLLYWOOD (AP) — Supposing something on the Apollo 8 mission had gone awry and moonmen Anders, Borman and Lovell hadn't been able to return to earth. That chilling possibility is the subject of a new movie called "Marooned," produced by M.J. Frankovich and directed by John Sturges, an expert in adventure ("The Great Escape', "Joe Station Zebra"). The scope of the Columbia film is so immense that it is being shot on MCiM stages, the biggest in Hollywood. Sturges describes the situation: ' Three astronauts have been working in'a manned space lab for about six months. Their physiological and psychological systems begin to deteriorate, so it seems prudent to return them to earth. But the routine firing to send them back fails, and they are marooned in space. "The. picture describes what happens in the 72 hours that are left for the astronauts. A rescue fraft is sent to save- them. Sturges was directing a scene ilint seemed terrifyingly real. Actors Jim Franciscus and Gene Hackman were floating uncontrollably in their derelicti space capsule, the "weightless it lusion provided by cameral rooms which they straddled out cf camera range. The third member of the space team, Richard Crenna, wes missing. Sturges explained that Crenna had been zapped by the Hong Kong flu, and added darkly: "We lose him on the trip." The trio never meet their costar, Gregory Peck, who directs the rescue operation from the ground. Nor do they have any direct contact with David Janssen, who pilots ttye rescue craft. smoking orange fireball was over the airport at 1:02 a.m. and seemed to set off two brilliant flashes. — A .policeman in Appleton, Wis. who said an orange fireball trailing a plume of blue flame was overhead at 12:55 'a.m. This was reportedly accompanied by a two-second power failure and reports of "balls of fire dripping from high tension lines. — — An observer in Dubuque, Iowa who said the flash seemed to be miles north of the city. A ground controller in the airport tower at Springfield, 111. vwho said a stunning flash seemed to come from about five miles north of the city. — A suburban Chicago couple who reported an object about the size of a Softball with a trail about three feet long that fell from the sky and hit telephone wires about 100 feet from their car. Children do not "outgrow" crossed eyes. They should be treated before the child reaches four years of age. By CYNTHIA IX)WRY AP Television-Radio Writer NEW YQR K(AP) — Richard M. Nixon presided over his first news conference as President Monday morning, a televised event that occupied precisely 30 minutes in which he handled a wide assortment of questions fluently and smoothly. The President chose to- present himself in a formal, almost stark situation—standing before a microphone and with two flags behind him. At the outset, responding to the initial questions about his proposed legislative program and the Vietnam talks, Mr. Nixon seemed on the tense side, his hands behind his back or, clasped in front. But as the session went on, he eased up considerably. By the time he was answering a question about his position on the nuclear nonproliferation treaty, he was beginning to make gestures as he, talked. When he reached crime in the District of Columbia, he even essayed a small joke about a woman columnist. -O* -o- «o* to two hours in length to make an NBC "World Premiere" feature Monday night, and although the program wasntade a couple of years ago, the final scenes by coincidence looked as if they had been shot on location last week. The story basically concerned a manhunt by Sergeant Friday and his partner for a photographer believed to have kidnaped TV Review and murdered four pretty young models. Along the way there were opportunities for the colorful character bits and there was one subplot in which the intrepid team solved the murder of a jewelry salesman. In spite of being four times as long as the series, it was nevertheless standard "Dragnet" most interesting aspect was the 'climax—the capture of the models' mruderer in a torrential rain storm in the Hollywood hills: -O- -O" -o- carry^the Bing Crosby golf tournament to a point where it was certain that George Archer was the winner—two hours covering the final play. Originally, the network planned to devote 60 minutes to the windup, a day late because of bad weather. The producers of ABC's "Bewitched," which was renewed for the 1969-70 season several weeks ago, are now busily seeking a replacement for Dick York who, costarred as the witch's husband in the series during the past five seasons. York informed Screen Gems, the producer, on Friday that he would not renew his contract which expires at the end of this season. Jack Webb strung out one of his patented "Dragnet" stories ABC skipped its early evening news program Monday night to Recommended tonight: "Artie Odyssey," NBC, 7:30-8:30 EST, report on a three-month expedition to the' North Pole filmed a year ago by a 1 member of the map-making expedition; "A Conversation with Eric Hoffer," .CBS, 10-11 EST, a second hour in which the longshoreman turned writer and philosopher speaks his mind with Eric . Sevareid. SECURITY... When you think of it-think of Security Bank & Trust Co. To generations of Southern lllinoisans Security has long been a way of life. The impressive strength of the institution, its reputation for integrity and its 59 years of time-tested experience have meant added security to area savers. All that is required to become a saver in this great savings institution is a few dollars of your money and five minutes of . your time. , DESIGNED WITH YOU IN MIND SECURITY "BLUE CHIP" SAVINGS ACCOUNTS 1. 2. 3. 4. *500 00 OR MORE $5QQ00 OR MORE $500°° OR MORE $ 3000 00 OR MORE 3 Months Interest Paid Quarterly 6 Months Interest Paid Quarterly Or Semi-Annually, As Desired 12 Months Interest Paid Quarterly Or Semi-Annually, As Desired .12 Months Interest Paid Monthly, Quarterly Or Semi-Annually, As Desired All Certificates Of Deposit* Are Automatically Renewable And Of Course All Four Savings Plans Draw Daily Interest. Each Depositor Is Insured Up To $15,000.00 By F.D.I.C. The Old Bank With Young Ideas .. . SECURITY BANK 119 N. 9th MT. VERNON, III.

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