Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 26, 1911 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 26, 1911
Page 8
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDi^'f EfENING/jRECEMBER iBeglns Wednesday, Dec. 27—Ends Saturday Night, Dec. 30 $45,000 Worth of New Up-to-Date Merchandise m Sale at 50c to 75c on the DoUar Next Monday we begin invoicing and our stock is entirely Itop heavy^ In order to reduce our stock in 4 days we are offering such ridiculous low^ prices that you can not afford to miss this Big' Money45aving' ^ale. Think of buying new winter merchandise right at the beginning of winter at a saving of 25 to 50c on-the dollar. If price and quality count for anything this will be the biggest 4-Day Sale ever held in lola. Not a few articles but everything in; the house] except Butterick Patterns, at a big discount Remember sale lasts only 4 days—Wednesday. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Extra Special! One lot Wool Dress . Goods, 36 to 42 inches wide, a large assortment to select from— worth regular 75c to $1 value; special yard 59c. Extra Special! One lot ladies' patent and tan Shoes, broken sizes, not the latest style but good ones, regular price $2.75, $3 and $4; special, pair $1.98 » Extra Special! Just 4 9x12 Ingrain Rugs left; good pattern —our regular $6 Rugs; special — $3.95 Extra Special! One lot ladies', miss' and children's Coats— good, values; clean-up ,pric&— 98c extra Special! iOne lot ladies' Coats and Suits — all good styles, in a variety of M eaves and colore. They are worth up to $35.00; Pre-Invent; price $9.95 Extra Special! One lot Ladies' Wool and Silk Dresses, good style worth up to $27.50 —special price— $9.95 £xtra Special! Ladies' Wool Skirts in black and colors, in Panamas, Voiles and Serges, worth up to $10.50;.clean-up price— $2.50 H Department OlTINfi FLANXKK AND JIISLIX rXWEKWEAK At Prc-Inv«'ntorj- Prices. $r,.r.O values for J-KOO $r..r,o values for ^ S4.r.O values f()r._. S4 .(iO values for.:.... $3.7.". values for ^t'* $3..-.0 va'.iies for : «2.98 values for ?i69 vahios for $2.7Ti values for $il3 S2..-0 values for *1.9S 5.!.2r, values for *1.69 J2.I1IJ values for S1.59 ll.T.'i valiies for ?l..-0 values for Jl.n.'i vaUi.'S Tor , ftSc $1.2:1 values for H9c ?I."i<i values for "5c xr.o vnhifs for .'i9c Vr.i; values for SSc (l.'ic values for-_^ 4 '>C 'iiic vahiea fori IWt-' valiK .-s for 25c 2.'.c' values for IHC' IT'^e. values for He l.".e vdlues for JflP Iiii- values for _7lkC rOllSH'fS t.VO VOUSKT WAISTS • At I'ro -liMi 'ntnry Prlrc*!. . Iff, III) values for $1,50 %:,.W values fyr M.»S S4 tMl \;ilues for. . •:t..Mi v.ilues for $iM «;'..(Ml value.s for ^ ___#2.I9 $2.r,ti value.s for $1 .»3 .«2.ii(i values for $I.«5 ?1 .'I 'l values- for *1.21 $l.ii(Ju values for Sic r,iii- v.-^l: p.s for 39c 2vc valuL's for ....19c I'lC value.-i for He C Department TAHLE LIXEX, XAPKIXS, qriLTS, TOWELS, TOW- EM >».% SJIEETS, riLlOW (OVEUS, DRESS LIXEXS, IXDIA LrXEXS, COTTOX SIJTIXOS, ETC. Pri'-ln<«*iitorjr Prices. $«.nO values for... ?.-,.»)« values for... |4.r.(l values for... $4.00 values for... la.T.'i values for... 13.r,o' values for— - 13.00 values for... $2.r,« values for— %2.'2C> values for 12.00 v»lue6 for ^I.T.'i values for..,. J1.."0 values for tl.LT. vali:cs for... 51.U" values for... S'.e values for 7 'ic vaJuejj for Coc values for 6(lc values for . i 'le values for 4iic values for S.'ic values for . :toc valueu for 2.".i; vaJupu for...... 20c values for 17c values for_^ I'.c values for I2'i.c values for.^ lOc values for.^ 8V4c values for 7',ic values for OH-c values for j»c values lor.. ?l.75 *U>8 *3.49 .f ms .- «ii9S «iB9 9i.i9 .$1J8 M .7i J. ilM $1-0 9Sc 75c 62c *ie _-.-..-.47e »9c 35e 80c 27c . 22c 19c 15c 1«C 12e . lOe 8c .6 >tC -SUe 5e ie WAIST SPECIAL Ono lot of Silk W-aists—a variety Qt colors and styles— Wot'Ji up to $6.50; 8i >ec]al— $3«85 ' K Department SHOES, nCBBEKS, LEG- GIXS AXD FIXDIXGS Shoes in velvet, suede, patOTt, gun metal, tan and kid leathers —every Shoe in the housu goes at the following prices: J4.50 Shoes for |3.r.O and 14.00 Shoes $3.00 and $2.7o Shoes $2.">0 Shoes for $2.25 Shoes for $2.00 Shoes for $1.7"! Shoes for $1.50 and $1.35 Shoes $1.2."! Shoes for $1 .00 Shoes for sr.c Shoes for •jr.c Shoes for G.'^c Shoes for r.Oc Shoes for 2rjc Shoes for 200 value.i for ir.c vftliies for lOp values for.- ."ic values for- for. for. for_i .$.3.48 -$2.98 -$2.48 -$1.98 .$1.83 -$1.69 .91.49 $1.24 _98c .79c .70c .Wlc .50c -JWc .19c .15c .I2c _ He . 4 P A Departnient KIBBOXS, BRAIDS AXD TBIMMIXGS Pre-lmontory Prices. Sl.Tr. values for $1.19 $l.iJO values for 98c $1.25 values for 75c $1.00 values for 09c 85c values for ^-50c •"(C values for 45c 05c values for 39c SOc values for 85c 45c values tor/ 30c 40c values for 2Sc 35c values for 25c 30c values for.ii _ 2«c 25c values for lllic 20c values for 15c 17'.Ac values for 13c 15c values for liMc 12'^c values for 10c 'lOc values for 7J!£C Si-;,c values for Be 7'/ic vaiucN for.-. :-.-5c 5c values for 4c FCIl SPECIAL One lot of lllntk and llrown Fur tseiirfs—worlli MI> to $3.50— clijan-iiii price— 79t F and N Dept. XOTIOXS, HAIR GOODS, TOILET ARTICLES, lAKX. KSIT GOODS, LEATHER GOODS, DOLLS, STORK AR- JCICLES, UMBKEL-LAS, Etc Prc-Inn'iitory Prices. $8.75 values for $5 -10 $750 values for $,»J)0 $6.50 values for $4.50 $6.00 values for *4A» $5.00 values for. $8.95 $4.50 values for— $3.49 $4.00 values for $3.10 $3.75 values for $2.95 $3.50 values for $2.<55 $3.25 values for $2.43 $3.00 values for $2.3.5 $2.75 values for $2.15 $2.50 values for $1.95 $2.25 values for $U3 $2.00 values for $I.fiS $1.75 values for $1.45 $1.50 values for $1.19 $1.25 values for 9 '<c S5r values for 5 *c 75c values for -,— 59c ir5e values for 5Uc •i5n(: values for 311c 4"ic values fdr.. — -33c 40c values for . 2|»r 35c value •. for 25p ;!iic vnli'e;t for lOf 25r vnliuM for . 17'4r 2iii: valiM 'H for. 15r 15c values for... j^. -12c 'E Department HAXD BAGS, GL^YES, EMBROIDERY, LvtCES, COLLARS, BELTS, HAXDKER- CHIEFS, SILK SCARFS, ; XIFFLERS, ART GOODS, , BCTTOXS, ETC. ; l*re-InTentoi7 Prices. $10.50 values for... $7.50 ,$S.50 values for $5.98 $7.00 values for ^-.$5 AJ '$6.50 values for ^.75 $6.00 values for.. *l.25 $5.50 values for $.^.08 :$D.00 values for : $8.75 • $4.50 values for $3.25 "$4.00 values for $2.98 .$3.50 values for , $2.tt5 $3.00 values for $2-15 $2.75 values for $1.93 $2.50 values for $1.75 j$2.25 values for $1.59 $2.00 values for $1JJ9 $1.75 values for . $1.25 $1.50 values for «l.f» ^1.35 valueu for...! ..$1.05 Si 25 values for OSc il.oo values for 78c K5c values for n2c T5i- values for -55c i;5e values for 45c .".'If viilues for. .39c -iic values for 32c •Jiie values for .-20c E Department 35c values for 2.»c 30c values for -^^2c 25c values for., 19c 22VGc values for lO^c 20c values for lilic 17\^c values for 13Hc 15c values, for 12c 12%c values for 10c 8%c values for ; <»?2C 7V2C values for Sc 6V^c values for_., 5c 5c values for 4c D Department 3USLIX, GIXGHAM, PERCALE, LOXG CLOTH, CALICOES, CA.nBKIC, OCTIXG FLAXXEL, FLAXXELETTE COTTOX BATS, ETC. Pre-Inventory Prices. 35c values for 25c ;:i)c values for 22c 25c values for lite I'Oc. values for I5c 17 Vic vAlues for 13c 15c values for .._12c 12lie values for ...lOc lOc values for .- _^-Nc !ir values for.. . ..7'ir SMic vuIiiPK for ll!«e 7U -C I 'nd 'it: values for — 5'ic iI 'Ae and fic values for — 5c. 5c values for.... 4c » ^ • Ladies', Misses' and Cliildren^s Ready-to-Wear Suits, Coats, Dresses, Kimonas, Petticoats, Furs, Raincoats, Sweaters M Department LADIES' COATS $45.<in niack Broadcloth Coats for $29 .!]IS $30.00 Black Broadcloth (:o:ils for $19.4t> j :;o.r,0 Hlack Broadcloth Coats for $19.75 $27.50 Novelty Coats $18.25 $25.00 Xovclty Coats $IKw25 $22.50 Xovelty and Cheviot Coats for $14J»0 f2l>.W Hlack arid Fancy Coats $I8J25 $17.50 IJlack and Fancy (^oats $11.75 $15.00 Black and Fancy Coats $9JB $12.50 Black and Fancy Coats $8.15 $]0.!I5 and $10.00 Black and Fancy Coats -.$7.00 $7.50 and $7.95 Wack and Fancy Coats. -$.'».00 $i;.5o and $6.95 Jjlack acd Fancy Coata „$4.25 $5.00 Black and Fancy Coats for $8J5 Plush and Caracul Coats $2.-..0fl Coats for f $22.50 Coats for $20,00 Coats for iiVS- $15.00 Coats for $27.50 Velwt Coal« for $12.00 and $12.50 Velvet COJLIS for »|i*> $10.75 Caracul Coals lor $7.50 Caracul Coats for CHILDREN'S COATS In PInIn Colon* n.nil XovelUcs. $12.50 Children'H Coats for : J*.** >1U.00 and $10.50 Children^ CoaU for $«.»» 18.50 Children's Coats for "fillSl 1 ^.50 Children's Coats for_- $6.50 Children's Coats for-_- W-* $5.50. $5.75 and $5.95 Coat 3 for.... W.«| $4 .50 and $4 .75 Children's Coats tor... — VL\& $3.50 Children's Coats for $S.on Children'* Coats for $2.50 Children's Coats ft.r •. f J." $2.00 Children's Coats — 11 .75 Cailldren'u CoalB for. $1.50 Children's Coats for M Department LADIES' SUITS $40.00 Ijidie.s* Suits for $26.87 $37.50 Ladti's' Suits for $25.49 $35.00 Ladies' Suits for ... $23.84 $30.00 Ladies' Suits for ..-.$19.95 $27.50 l.adics' Suits for ....$18.49 $25.00 lM!lles\ Suits for $Ifi.<a $22.50 l..idies' Suits for ....$14.95 $20.00 Ladies' Suits ttiT $13.0« $17.50 T..idle8' Suits for _.„$llJiO $15.00 Ladles' Suits for $9.95 $12.50 I.adies' Suits .for $4.49 Kimonas and Dressing Sacques Prices ranpe from 50c, Gac, 75c. 85c, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50. $1.75. $2.00 up to $3.75. Pre-luven- tory price OXE-THIRD OFF Silk Kimonas Priced at $5.00, $6.50, $7.50, $8.50, $10.00 and $12.50. Pre-lnventory price Ja OFF SWEATERS $1.25 »1.5U $2.00 $2.50 13.00 $3..50 $5.00 $5.50 16.50 I .BdiPs' I.adle«' Ladles' I.adle8' I^adles' Udles' Udles' Ijtdles' I .4ldiC8' and Children's Swenfiprs. and Children's Sweatt^ru. and Children's SweaterM., and Children's Sweatur.^.- and Children's Sweaterss.. and Children's Swoatcrs... and Children's Sweaters... and Children's Sweaters... and Children's Sweaters... ...Rlc .-_9«c ..$1JI5 ..$1.68 ..$1.98 ..$2.24 ..$3.88 ..$3.75 -«J5 M Department RAINCOATS I .Adies' and Childi^en's Rain Coats priced from $2.50. $2.75, $3.9.5, $5.00. $5.50. $6.50 and $S.50; Pre-lnventory prIce -_OXE-THIRD OFF Skirts and Waists of all kinds and prlcos— Pre-lnventory price... OXE-THIRD OFF ODD SCARFS $22.50 Beai .Mink Scarf, for $10.75 Real Mink ScarT for $17..50 Heal Mink Scai.-f for $9.75 Real .Mink Scarf ,for $10.75 .lap Mink Scarfs^for $7.50 Jap .Mink Scarf'for $ll..50 .lap Mink Scarf^for $ll).."iO Jail Mink Scarf for $10.00 and $9.50 Jap Mink Scarf for... $8.50 and $1.50 Jap Miijk Scarf for $6.00 Jap Mink Scarf fir $5.00 Jap Mink Scarf fot $3.0,5 Jap Mink Scarf for $7.50 Siberian Squirrel Scarf for $6.^ Siherlan Squirrel Scarf for $5.00 Siberian Sqvtlrrel Scarf tor $5.00 Grey Squirrel Sca^f for $2.50 Grey Squirrel Scaff for $15,00 Brown Isabella Kox Scarf for... $17..50 Black Lynx Scarf for $15.00 ."lap Mink Scarf for..^ $15.00 I5rO|Wn Opoaaum Hcarf for $7.50 Russian Mink Sca^f for $5.00 BlaA Coney Scarp for $2.50 Bine Fox Scarf ftr $1.95 Blue Vox Scarf for $3.R0 HIver Mink Scarf tor --$7.50 White Krmlne Scarf for 12 95 White Coney Scarf, for — $7.50 Wlilto Eriulne Bcar^ with black tails $14.95 $124)7 $ii.yi .$«...9 $12.95 -iM.98 .$7.75 .$6Ai» .$C.f55 .$5 .SS $3.98 .$SJ8 .$2.69 $4.98 *4JSo $3.38 .$3.38 .$1.«8 $9.95 $11.75 $9.iir> $9.95 IM.W) .$3JH $i.«a $IJi3 .$2Ji4 $1.98 .#LffH $IJ)8 M Department FURS! FURS! $45.00 Black Fox Set for $27.50 Natural Red Fox Set for $25.00 Isabella Fox Set for $25.00 Brook Mink Set for $25.00 Russian Mink Set for $30.00 Brook Mink Set for. $22.50 Brook Mink Set fori $19.75 Natural Opossum Set for $22..50 White Fox Set for $16.00 Brown Opossum Set for $15.00 Black Opossum Set for.. $15.00 Brown Coney Set for $12.50 White Coney Set for $5.00 Black Coney Set for $4..50 Black Coney Set for : $3.95 Black Coney Set for S2 50 Brown Coney Set for : •$4.50 Brown Coney Set for.... $5.00 Brown Coney Set for.—1, $1.5.00 Long S-'iawi Collar and .Muff $10.00 Brovrn Beaver Set for $10.00 White Set for $5.00 White Coney Set for . $3.50 Grey Wolf Set for .'$2.00 White and Black Coney Set for $1.50 White Angora Set for $1.25 White l^nib Sot for $7;50 Grey Squirrel Set for -$29,9S .$18.49 -$1«.«3 .$ie.C3 .$1G,C3 .$19.95 -$14J»5 -$12>5 .-$14,9, -.$10.25 ...$94»5 .-$9.95 -.$8.49 ...$;j,S8 .$.^15 ..$2.69 ..$1.63 -$3.15 MJSS -$9.95 -$(V.<J6 .$B.C<! $»AS -$2.24 $1.35 ...9Sr 71»c .$I.!I8 ODD MUFFS $15.00 .Tap Mink Mufrrfor^ ..--.-.$9.95 $9.50 Black Coney .Muffs for $05 $3.95 Brown Coney .Muffs for $2.09 i$3.50 Black and Brown Coney Muffs rar ..$2.24 $1.75 Misses' Drown Coney Muffs for $1.19 Now is the Time to Supply Your Needs lor tlie Winter in Dry Goods, SI|oes and Ready-to-Wear at a Great Saying House of High Quality and Low Prices We Pay Your \ MILEAGE B Department DRES.S GOODS, SILKS, ILOAKIXG .VXD LIXIXGS PrisInTenfory Prices. $2.00 values for $1.65 $1.75 values for $1.45 $1.50 values for $1.21 $1.25 values for 98c $1.00 values for 7.'»« 85c values for 65c 75c values for —59c 6.5c values for 49c 50c values for -35c 35c valu^ for 27c 30c values for 2Ic 2.5c values for 19c 20c values I'of 15c l5c values-for 121ic 12c values for Wc 10c values for 8c Cc values for , 4l2C G Department i.HOSIERY AXD KXIT rXDERWEVR rre.linviit«r> I'rlccn. $2 '..'.ii values tor $1.98 $2,11" viiliies for $1.63 $1.:.'. viiliieK for. - $1.49 II,.'U values for. $1A'|- $1.25 values for ...98c $1 .1111 values for. 7Sc 75c values for 62c (;5c value.'- lor 5flc 50c values for ..39c :{5c values for.. 29c nOc values for. 23c 25c values for 21c 20c values for 16Hc 15c values for 12c 12Vic values for 19c 10c values for '- 8c ~\ic values lor- oC J Department In this Department you will , find Rugs, Draperies, Lace Curtains, Linoleum, Window Shades, Suit Cases, Comforts and Blankets. rre-Inventory Prices. $45.00 values for —$35.00 $40.00 values for -$.32.50 $35.00 values for $37.50 $S0.00 values for $23.75 $27.50 \4liies for $21.75 $25.00 vah^s for $I7.9S $22.50 values lor $16.7» $17.50 values for $13.75 $.15.00 values for $12.00 $12.50 values for $9.75 $10,00 values for ^^-$7-'»0 $9.00 values for i values for—— $7 ,50 values for $5.98 $7 .00 values for $3.25 Jf..5u values for $6.00 values for $5.50 values fori $5.00 value's for-.-..-^$1.50 values for J.* $4.«« values for...$.•1.75 values for $3.50 values for $3.25 valiKrrt for $3.0(» values for $2.75 values for $2.50 values for _ $2.25 values for $1.75 valiiea for $1.50 values for $iS7 $1.25 values for 1 —98e 51.00 values for -—72e 85c values for...., ,.J --—65e 75.C values f6r ^C.iJ. S5e 6.5c values for .1—.l„49c 50c value.i for •=^-—,-89e 40c values for :_-S2c • ,15c values for 27e 30c values for -__i—Sle 25c values for —__llte 20c values for ^-—Jfie . 17%c values for -14« 1.5c values for ISe 12».^c values for— — :._10e .i Iftc values for 8ev 5c values for _4e" .$«uwr —.$1.98 —-$4.73 — —-»t»8 —.$S.« ..:.« I—$8.79 —.$2.49 -—$3.13 —-ia.03 —$1.93 -,-$L75 .—$l.5» .11.39

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