Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 26, 1911 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 26, 1911
Page 6
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a THE riEQt^f)j^BafoRBeip^^ !I win sen at Pobllc Sale, on the UnderbOI farni.'&mfles v^rUi aia ^lM \ qHiTPfrMctrt^aifa, miles nortk and IM mfttt vrest of Genera, on rsiday, Dc^c. 28f 1911 ^Beginning at 10 o'clock a. nk, the following described property: GEOBGE FISHES, BOTH ARXS CRITFLED, BOBBE0 OF $80. 'V 9 HEAD OF HOBSES Vbay mare 5 >jrears old, \ft. 1200; 1 1^ horse 4 years old. wt. 1150; 1 -biWn Mfik 6 years old, wt 1200; l^^y'horttf 7 years old, wt 1350; ; 1 t»la(A'h'6raei'.'smooth mouth, wt—1200; I horse,; colt.- J year old; 2 spiring colts, goM ones; 1 spring -miile colt • 'S^HEAB-OF CATTLE _1= Jersey cow, 7 years old; 1 part Jersey cow, 3 years old, giving mlllc, win be fresh in spring; 1 Shorthorn 3 years old, giving milk; 1 Red Poll, A ^ars old, giving milk; 6 mo. old Shorthorn heifer, extra good; 1 yearling "heifer. All the above will be frish In,spring. 2 spring heifer calves. V. ' HOGS. i4EOW8,JwIth .young pigs. Duroo Jer- says; Ui^bea^ shoats, wt 150 lbs. CHICKENS . 5 dozen Plymouth Rock hens; about a dozen fine young cockerels. i ESFLBMEXTS 1 farm wagon, 1 new buggy, 1 road wagon, 1 cart 1 new disc liarrow, 1 new riding cultivator, 2 walking cultivators, 2 walking stirring plows, 1 Steel harrow, two sections; 1 lister, 1 com planter, 1 McCormlck mowing machine, 1 buck rake, 1 new grindstone, 3 sets of work harness, 1 set of single buggy harness, 1 hay rack. FEED, ETC. 300 or more bu. of corn; some baled hay and some loose hay; 1 oat stra stack. 1 cream separator, some furniture and oUier things too numerous to mention. Elderiy llfan Here Christmas E tc at thb Mercy of Charity—Going Back to Kokomo. = ^i- TERMS OF SALE— Ali sums of $J0 and under, cash in hand. All sums ovift- $10 a credit of 9 niontiis will be given, purcha.scr giving note with ap proved security, bearing 6 "c interest from date If paid when duo. If not paid wi^n due to draw 10% from date of sale. 4';r discount for c.ish.on oredjlt sal^s. "JJo properly to be removed until settled for. 'Bankable note-required COL. C. S. BISHOP, Auctioneer T. W. GABDNEB, Clerk LUNCH 0.\ GROUNDS M nr^'Am: v ^ Chas. F. Hook f AH Heating Stoves and Copper Re- Iflector Stoves at COST and below FOR TEN DAYS- HAIUPWARE Jt(: tart a Set erware —TODAY I LET THIS be ^pngyour ad- Irance New Year ^resolutions. r _ 'See the line at— _ WHEAT FOTORES FULL II BIT HEAVV S>OWS OVER TBE WI.VTKB 1VHEAT AREA BESP0>S1BLE. Cattle and Hogs Start the Week by l{(>coTerIng Some of Last Week's Loss. (lly tho .\ssi )riiitc<l Pr^'ss) Cilicago, Dec. 26.—Snow affording protection and moisture for winter wheat lowered prices. Opening % to a half lower. May started 981^ to to V* Joss sank to 97%. Close Dec. 93%; May 97%; July 93?^,. CORN—Dee. 63Vi; May 63^^.; July 63i,i(g!^. OATS—Dec. July 43. PORK—.'ilay 116.20. I..AR1)—Jan. $9.45. «%@»4 ; May |1C.02 '/^Q 16.05; |9 .17U (59.20; 46-Js; July May f;;. I just got in 25 head of mules, flO Itead -of horses, 10 mares— '^ftome of the mares with foal— fa^W run on horses and mules 2 to 5 years. All in good leab—moist-ail broke single and io^Ie—^iHgbt in fr6m the coun- trjs Anyone wanting to buy, >or-^xchange, come and see at oifce. Horse and Mole Mai1[et j£ ^ 1 block west Santa Fe Fx. C. Bntdier Fbone 8S0 ChlciiRo Livestock. OhlraKo, Dec. 26.—CATTLK, re- ccijits 1.". (iiio . Steady to ton liigiicr. I lieeve.s Jt.sjf/S.9ti; .^lockers and Iced ers |3.1' j 1/5 80; cows and heifers $2.00 HOG:S—Receipts 2." 000. Strong to five cents higher. Ughts $3.7r>(Ji 6.20; mixed $5.90S6.35; heavy $r>.»r,^i .-..40; rough $5.95!g6.10; pigs $4.60®5.75. ' CALIFOB^Li lAM>S. We are agents for Ciiras Heights. Xroit lands adjoining the city of Sacramenta. Free round trip to Irayers. We are sole agents for this feriitofy. CHABLES & POTTEE. 7 - -lola, Kansas. LAXD FOB S.ILEI / •_ <-•-• • '^'l have, for sale the 100 .keiesiof grass land in Allen County. KrlVir^a^putnne it can't be beat—ever- I m U m water-^r It all can be mown. pim'^ R. sUtion. Part time. ! &r«iiio heLve 60 acres improved land cfbar'to -JoUu that 1. can sen at ItbiTsalb. ^eitns reasonable. r * t 'O. BOLLiJiGEB St. Lonis Grain. St. l.ouls, IX'C. 20.—close May 97',4@%; July 92%. CORN—May 64%; July 6454;. OATS—Dec. 47; May 47%, St J.onIs LIrestocfe. St. Louis, Dec. 26.—CATTLE, receipts 3,500. Tea higher. Native stotrs |4.50@9.25; cows and fadfers |3.75(a 7.25; Ftockers and feeders $3.25(g .'..2."i. HOGS-Recelpts 11 500. Five to 10 lower. Pigs and lights $4.7a(g5.75; mixed and butchers $5.90@6.40; liea- vy $6.20@6.40. Kansas City Grain. Kansas City, Dec. 26.—WHEAT receipts, 88 cars. Cash wheat, unchanged. No. 2 hard, 99@1.05; No. 3, itS^S 1.04; No. 2 red, 96@9t; Ko. 3 94?? 95 Close—May 98%; July 91%. CORN—Unchanged to % lower. No 2 mixed, 63; No. 8, e0@61%: No. white 64665; No. 3 61%@62. Close Dec. 64%; May 64@%; July 6i. OATS—Steady. No. 2 white, 48 (g .Vo. 2 mixed, 47@^^. RYID—94@95c per bushel. The meanest man, believed to have been discovered on Several occasions in Kansas, was only brought to light Fri4ay night at Nawata Oklahoma. The: police here can recall no instance which rivala in downright "cussedness" the act of the man who robbed George W. Fisher, aged and suffering froni paralysis, at Nowata of $80, all the money the victim liad. Fisher got off the train in this city Christmas evening and made his way to the police station where he related his experience. "I have been living with my son near, Nowata," he said, "but recently I decided I had best go back to my old homo in Indiana. My boy in Oklahoma was very willing to care for me but he has a large family and Is making but $15 per week and It takes about all of it to keep up the homo wititout my burdening him. I had been wo: king as an aRent for a fruit tree firm at Nowata and many persons, through symiKithy I suppose, patronl- Ized mo. 1 had saved $80 and decided tiiat If ever I expected to go back east 1 had best start while I had the money. 1 went to the depot at Nowata to wait for the train but, becoming hungry went to a restaurant nearby to eat a lunch. I ran not use my hands and I have to ask any i)er- son who happens lo b^ near to assist mo wlien I wish to get anything out of my pockets. When I finished my lunjh, 1 asked a man to get my pocketbook for me and i>ay the restaurant man. He did so, taking out my wallet which contained $80. He passed a coin to the waiter and handed me the change at the same time replacing my wallet I felt sure none of the bills had been removed from the wallet and went on to the depot When the time came to buy a ticket, I found I had only enough to get to lola the THPIililEST iMili^^^^T^^^ Man In Borolar 's Mask Was Only ln-i| tMdueing Patent Safety Alarm and Prsventer. A8 <I opened the door I saw a man. with a burglar's mask kneeling before the safe. The next moment he had* turned and shoved a revolver into my face. "Throw np your hands!" he said. I did so. "You nnderstand," he remarked pleasantly, "that I can in the presoiU circumstances loot the preniises at my pleasnre?** I confessed that he eoold. "Ton realize that you are at my mercyT* "I doj" I replied. "Yon acknowledge that I can blow you to Idngdom come if I like?" he persisted. "Certainly," I admitted. "Well, then," he said, "you will be interested to know that I got in without diUBculty through your parlor window. Had it been equipped with Smith's patent safety burglar alarm and preventer this could not have happened. Installed, complete with batteries, for $25. Allow me to 4iand you a circular. Good night, sir." Then, pocketing his revolver, he withdrew. i Prisoner In the Conciergerle Daringly Gains His Freedom and Astonishes All Paris. WHY THE PRICE WAS HIGH A ^prisoner sentenced the other day at tlie Seine Assizes to eight years' penal servitude made a sensational escape from the Conciergerle early this 4nomlng. WHien the cells were opened about 7, and the prisoners emer^ied for exercise, Romeuf came out ^ith the rest. Taking advantage of th^ warder's back Deing turned for a moment, he got a fellow prisoner to let hfm mount on his shoulders, and then, :Wlth marvelous agility, he managed 'to reach the top of the wall, nearly twenty feet high. The top of thi's yarnishcd with a "chevaux de frls€,"^;but Romeuf, who Is a plumber by trade, thought nothing of getting over it. By smashing a window, ha made .his way into a corridor, and thence' Into the Palais de Justice, which-adjoins the Conciergerle. and in a minute he was a fr^e man. The utmoB( astonishment Is Expressed at any o^e escaping from the Concierg­ erle. tt Is f.imous as tho prison where Mdrle \Antoinette nnj» m.'iny other of the IllOstrlous prLsoncrs of tho Roign of Tor/'or wore imiirlsoned before being letf fo (hp sraffold. in more recent iijiwB Priiiro .V.-ipoleon, in ISS;?. and the Otic dOrleaiis. In 1R00. wore detained within its walls.—Paris correspondent London Telegraph. Sir Joshna Reynolds' Notice of Sketch Mads It Worth Vastly More, Said Dealer. *TVhat -do you ask for this sketch?" said Sir Joshua Reynolds to a picture dealer whoso portfolio he was examining. "Twenty guineas. Sir Joshua." "Twenty pence, 1 suppose you mean." •Ko, sir; I would have taken twenty pence for it this mornings but if you think the drawing worth looking at all the world will think it worth buying." A London dealer who had made a few trifling purchases at a second- MAD^ TARGETS FOR ENEMY I ——— I Chinese Soldiers In Battle of Ping Yan^ All Opened Parasols When It Rained. rest of the money was missing. I was sick at the discovery but I determined would not go hack to burden my .son, so I bought a ticket to this city and hero 1 am." Ater questihlng Fisher carefully and verifying some of his statements, the policemen and firemen took up a collection and presented the amount raised to the elderly man. The county furnished a ticket to Ft Scott and the police department gave Fisher a letter which will be of value to him in obtaining "lifts" as needed along the road. The old man hope.^ to get back to his old home near ,Kokomo, Indiana, by next Monday, at lea?t. . GLORIOUS HAIR. For Every IVoman Who Wants It. Any woman who neglects her hair cannot expect to have as lovely hair as the woman who't. Wash the hair once a week, use PA- RISIAX S.AJCB dally—keep your hair brush clean and In a few days you win give to your hair a beautiful lus- re that you will be i)roud of. PARISIAN S.VGE Is a most rellali'a hair tonic; so reliable tliat C. B. SiM *n cer &Co. guarantees it to eraillciite dandrulf, Ftoi) falling iiair and Itcliin-j scalp, or money bark. It should be used as a dressing liy every member of the family because It koejis the scalp clean, prevents hair from turning gray and baldne .ss. Large bottle 50 cents. You will have no use for ordinary preparations after once giving delightful PARISIAN SAGE a trial. Ko one who has studied tho military methods of Cliiiia will be surprised to learn that "shells" of painted wood have b<''Pn picked up in the German conces^on at Hankow. This Is truly Chines«(. Not so very long ago each soldier was supplied with an oilcloth parasol, and a fan which he tucked up his sleeve. During the battle of Ping Yang, when the rain came on, the parasols were opened and the enemy j'ound the men easy targets, especially; as each- one wore a large white bearing the number of his reglmeijt on his breast and back. At tte arsenal' at Nankin It was once decided to shorten a Knipp cannon whjch had arrived there because it was ^oo long, and to make "solid shells" "(vhich would not burst. Green sprouts "• were also seen on the logs from which gun stocks were to be made. But the 'limit," as one may say, waft reached at Hankow when an Austrian warship entered the port and Wise Servant saluted! ithe fort. The Chinese at- A woman in Trenton, X. J., who has tempted; to return the courtesy, but I hand furniture shop in the country ' was leaving It, when he caught hta foot In the string of a picture and fell. Having picked himself up, he examined the picture to see If it had been damaged. It had escaped injury, and he found, to his surprise, that in thus ttipping he had—literally—stumbled upon a print of the duchess of Rutland, after Reynolds, by Valentine Oreen, in its first state. The dealer bought the print for £4 and afterward disposed of it for £1,000.—Prom Jernigham's "Bargain Book." Slow Progress. A friend met a youthful and lazy axithor on the street •^iow is your novel getting along?" be asked. Oh, I've begun It," answered the author proudly. The two did not meet agnin for several w^eeks. At the next encounter, the friend again asked: "Well, how's your novel?" The author paused a moment "Let me see," he said, "where did tell you I was in it when I saw you the last timer You said you'd begun It," answered the friend. "Well—I've still begun It," con- Tessed the author, guiltily. been having a lot of trouble with her domestic help, was obliged recently to accept the temporary service of a raw recruit In the shape of an Irish girl Just landed in this conntry. After a preliminary survey of the girl and a dejected sigh, the lady of the house asked: •'^'hat can you do?" "Shure, most nnything at all, mum," responded the newcomer. The lady of tho house glanced about the room. There was everything to be done. "Could you fill tho lamps?" she finally ventured to ask. "Shure, I kin fill the lamps!" exclaimed the enthusiastic Celt, as she grabbed one and started out Then, with the air of one wishing above alt things to suit the possible caprices ot a new employer, she paused to query: "An' Is it gas or oil ye'd be wantln' thlm filled with?" Btoppe(^ short after five or six discharges. As the Chinese commander afterward explained. "When the third artiliery^nan had been killed wc decided to^stop firing." Best Lump Coal delivered anywhere in,the city. Fran SJ -o 1= Oil Meal and Alfalfa Feeds — lOO !bper sack—guaranteed weijlhts U. S. Patent and Fidelity Flour . —To Dealers ONLY E^ewl-on P*1 ;i2^s3g& Elevator Ob.' PFson^ 157 Willis PereauV Agent !! Watch Your Coal Bill !! For Best Kansas Lump and Ai'kansas Semi- Anthracite lola Ice, Cold Storage aixd Ftiel Co It- a - V'. • s HAY—Strong. Choice timothy |20; ciioice prairie $13 25@13.50. BROO.M CORN—$70@140 per ton. {| jjtDEPEJTDABLE ABSTBACT <|-;Jt one which contains accurate aJbfwmation of all records relat- |la »:'to. the property described '^thirein. A complete and accurate ^baUBCt te the basis of a good There are no better Ab- >_,_.^.ttiaa, those prepared by fXTEBSOK ABSTBACT CO. >me ^S^S Court H9BM Bld«. jtwr^Speetftl'-Beauctlon Sale we iV^ig Garland Cook Stoves apd ^ it;»-lprlce never offered be' igr' 48r'Z)lWIne. Humboldt Knnsas City Livestock. Kan.':3.'» City Dec. 26.—CATTLE receipts C.OOC. Steady to 10 higher. Na- ilve steers $."i.2.".^ 8.75; cows and heifers $2.7.'>e7.00; stockers and feeders $iMTiC.M: bulls $6.15® 6.35; lights $5.80(56.25. Kun>'aH Clly rrodacp. Kansas Cit.v, Ueo. 26.—BUTTER— Cream«'ry 3«c; firsu 34; seconds 32; packing stock 20Vfe. KOCS—Kxtras 29c; firsts 27; seconds 17. A Kotre Dame Lady*a AppecL To all knowing sufferer* of rhenma tlsm, whether muscular or of the Joints, sciatica, lumbagoi, backache pains in the kidneys or neuralgia pains, to write to her for a home treatment which has repeatedly cured all of these tortures. She feels It her duty to send it to all sufferers FREE. Yon cure yourself at home aS thousands will testify—no change of climate being necessary. This simple discovery banishes uric acid from the blood, loosens the stiffened Joints, purifies the blood, and brightens the eyes, giving elasticity and tone to the whole system. If the above interests you, for proof address Mrs. M. Summers, Box R, Notre Dame,'Ind. Stops a -Sough Quickly "Even Whooping Gougli A Whole Pint of the Quickest, Surest Cough Remedy for 50c Money Refunded If It Falls. If you bsr« an o^inate, de«p-ieatcd congh, which refuMi to be cured, get a BO-cent bottle of Pinez; mix it with home- niadt gusar syrup and start taking it Inside of 24 hours your couth n-ill ba tone, or very nearly so. Even vehoopinj- •QUgh Is quickly couquered In tbi* way. A 60-cent bottle of I'inex, when mixed with home-made sucar syrup, give* you a pint—ft family supply—of the finest coufh remedy that mono; rould buy. at n aUar uving of $2. Very easy to prepare -^nll directions in package. Pinez soofbet and heals the Inflamed •sfflbranes with remarkable rapidity. It stimulates the appetite, is slightly laza- tlt% sad has a pleasaot taste—children take it willingly. Splendid for croup, asthma, bronrbills, throet tickle, cbest pains, etc and a tboroughly succeasful xemady for incipent. lung troubles. Piaaz ii a apeclA and highly concentrated compound of Norway White Fine extract, rich in gufllacol and other bcal- iat pine elements. It has often been imitated, though never succeasfully. for notliing else will produce the same mults. Simply mix with sugar syrup or strained < honey, in a pint bottle, and it is ready for use. Anyone who tries Pinez will qnlckly nndcistand why it Is oaed in more homes hi the V. S. and Canada than any other eough remedy. The genu hie is guaranteed to give 'jibsoluto aatisfaction er money refnaded. Certificate of guarantee is ipped in each package. Year druggist I Plnv or will get it for .von. If not, sand to The Phicz Co., Ft Wayne, Ind. Judge's Severe Comment. Sir Matthew Hegble, chief justice Of British Columbia, once had before) him a man charged with barving killed another man with a sand-bag. The evidence was- conclusive, and the Judge charged the Jury accordingly, but a verdict of "Not Guilty" was promptly brought In. The Judge was astonished. "Gentlemen of the Jury," he said, "this is your verdict, not mine. On your conscience the disgrace will rest. Many- repetitions of such conduct as yours will make trial by Jury a horrible farce, and the city of Victoria a nest ot crime. Go! I have nothing more to say to you.' And then, turning to the prisoner: "Ton are discharged. Go and sandbag some of those Jurymen; they deserve it." - Real "Tumblers." Orlginnlly a tumbler was far from what It is today, and Its truo meaning has pccn lost In the many graceful fonn'5 In which it is lo bo seea What a _''tnnibler" really Is may inferred from an extract from a gen tleman's •^lary, written In 1S03, which also throws llRht upon the social cus toms of the times. Tlie entry is as follows: -Had a few friends to din ner. Tri(id my new tumbling-glasses Very succ^essful; all got drunk early These tu\nbllng -gln8ses, soon called "tumblers." for short, were made with a round or pointed bottom so that they couit^ not be set down when they contained^, liquids without falling over and splllOig their contents. They were madfe as a sort of Joke to conduce to rapid drinking. THOS. H. BOWirS, President J. F. SCOTT, Ca^Wer^ Alien County State Bank lOLA, KANSAS E.STAISLI.SIIKI) A (lU.'.lM Ki: OF A CEMl'KY, Capital $30,000.00 Surplus $40,000.00 Deposits .$.550,000.00 i.\Ti:i{i:.sT p.\iD ON TI.MI: mirosris ' .SAFICTV DKl'O.SIT liOXt'S FOB REKX mmmmmmmmmmBBsuBommmmMmmmmmmmmamammm Brother Dickey Explains. T got no sarmont ter preach today," said Brother Dickey. "The last time I, put my presence in dls yer yer pulpit I preached a sarmont what wuz so powerful hit sont six sisters off in a trance, an' dey ain't come*to not yit, causin' de law ter git after me, kaze dey ain't conscious enough ter rise up an' make a ilvln' fer dey husbands. Tongues er fire come down on me at dat time f'um de glory-Ian", an' now some er you Is oncbarltablo enough ter say dat de fire ortor scorched me ter a frazzle! Dls Is no time fer a powerful preacher lak' me!" -'Atlanta Constitution. Barred From House of Commons. An Irish peer was expelled tor directing a lottery, while for organizing a "Charitable Association" of shady habits Sir Robert Sutton and two otheri were shut out in 1730. Steele Of the Tatler was prohibited tbe house for "maliciously insinuating that the Protestant succession in the house of Hanover is in danger under her majesty's administration." But. perhaps the oddest reason for closing the doors of the honse of commons upon a man 'is to be found in the case of Mr. A*gill, whose sin was that of wriUng a treatise "On the Possibility of Avoid- las Death."—London CIurc »lcl» Perfume Compounding an Art. The conyjounding of perfumes is distinct bponch of chemistry—a perfume maker may be regarded as an artist of chemistry, blending his Ingredients wltii the care of one and the taste and skill of the other profession Almost all'iperfumes have as a basis ambergris -^r civet, and while these materials are most ncMssary, great care must te exercised in their use, for a grain too much will make th perfume dU-tresslngly Irritating to the user. The ftame is true of many combinations ot. scents, such combinations even produving hysteria in-a mild or severe form!^ If indulged in at all but one distinct-scent should be used. Her Idea of Americans. A little highland Scotch girl had looked forward eagerly to the coming of an American cousin. She had never seen an American, but she had h»!r own ideas rfbout them. Her mother had to remonstrate with her for looking so hardlat their guest after tbe American glkl had arrived. "It is verj) rude," she said. "Why do you look at her like that?" "But, mosher, her hair is lighter than mlne."< "Yes." , "And her xkla Is wblte." "Yes, but iwhat of It?" "I always: thought that Americana were black."- Tea. The earliest mention of tea by an EngUsh-speahlng writer is probably that contained in a letter from Wickham, an agcKt of the East India company, writtentfrom Firando, Japan, on June 27, 161^ to E:aton, another agent •of ^he company, resident at Macao, asking for aipot of the "best sort of chaw." It Wfia not till 1650, or there- attpQts, that 14ie English began to use tea to any <pi»{der^le extent—and with reason, jihe price of tea in England ranging from 930 to $60 per pound. lOLA STATE BANK Capital Stock $25,000.00 Surplus $12,500.00 WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSITS / , L. K. IIOIlVILI.K, Pres. \\. S. KVFF.M.l.V, 2nd Vice Pres. .1. II. C V.UPI5I;LL. Cii.slilcr. A. W. IlKCK, Vke-Pns. V. 0, IJK.\.SO.V, Asst. Cait'der .SAFETY DKl'O.SIT I50XKS FOR REST. SI hi; THE NORTHRUP NATIONAL BANK lOL.l, KANSAS ' OVER FORTY YEARS OF < ONSEItVATIVK IIANKIMJ ly lOLA Depository for the Fnitcd St;i(es, .Slate of Kanva .s and Allen County OFFICERS: T.. L. NOUTimiTP. Pr-siil. in 1). iv .NOltTHRUP. 2nd V-Pres. F. A. .NORTHRUI'. Viri-l'rc :M <Jtnt .MKi.VI.V rUO.NK. Cashier. R. .1. COFFKY. Ab^i .-Uiin C:!?l::.l- CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000,00 Interest Paid on Time Deiiovits I'.afely l5«'i)osit Boxes lor Bent YOri: UUSI.NESS SOLII'ITED. . 7 s Highest iWarket Prices I'or Hides and Furs. Also Fine Lump Coal for sale at — L. KRUPP'S JUNK YARD Phone 314 POULTRY, BUTTER, EGGS, HIDES AND FURS WANTED! We are buying every day, and i\%nt all the country produce we can get. Remember we pay cash, and the bigger tho load you bring in the better we like you. ; . . THE COGHILL COMMISSION CO, (Successors to lola Produce Co.) West of Santa Fe Tracks Tola;

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