Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 26, 1911 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 26, 1911
Page 3
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THE JOBAa >iai:y -»E€^ 26. 1911 3 A ^ Entire Stock of Mefchaadlse Commences Wednesday, 9 a. m. and Closes Saturday Night!!! Remember—FOUR DAYS ONLY—Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday! Monday, New Year's Day, we commence to invoice and in order to reduce this big stock we make these special low i)rices for Four Days-Only! • If you can think of something you need this week, or think you will need it even next month, you can he dire of finding it here at a price which will represent but a small part of its worth. 85c all wool Dress Goods, every shade, on sale at 49c $1.25 all wool Imported Dross Cioods 95c $i[.25 Imported Broadclotl^r, 95c $1.00 Silks S3c 5Qc China and Jap Silks 35c |.l5c Toile bu Npi-d Ginghams... .IQi-^c " 15c best Percale. .lO^c 10c Percale, yard wide 8',:^c Ipc Gingham S'/^c Ti-^c Apron Check'Gingham 7'/^c All of our best Prints 5c Hope Muslin, yard 7c l2i^c Fruit of the Loom, Lonsdale and "all of our best brands Muslin.8'/jc Good pleached Muslin 5c Yard wide Unbleached Muslin 5c .I2V2C Outing Flannel 9c lOc^Outing P^annel S'/,c ^i /oc Outing Flannel I '/2c 25c best quality 21c 15c best quality Hose lie '10c best quality .Hose .8c 25c Table Linen for 19c 35c Table Linen for 25c 50c Table Linen for 42c 65c Table Linen for 49c $L00 Table Linen for 83c Every yard goes at proportionately low prices^ EVERY CHRISTMAS ITEM GOmp REGARDLESS OF COST. 35c Frills, also Fancy Collars.. 21c 65c Frills, also Fancy Collars 47c $1.00 Frills, also Fancy Collars... .7^c $1.00 Underwear at .83c 50c Undei-wear at 42c 35c Underwear at 25c 25c Underwear at 21c ]^ 6c Laces, Emb'deries, White Goods 5c 8< :{C Laces, Emb. and White Goods 6 ',4c 10c Laces, Emb. and White Goods.7'/ic 12VL»c quality on sale 9c 15c quality on sale 10c 25o quality on sale 171 /^0^ Reductions on COATS $7.50 Coats .. ..$4.75 $10.00 Coats....$7.50 :$15.00 Coats...$i0.50 $20 .00 Coats.. .$12.50 $25:00 Coats...$17.50 $30;00 Coals.. .$20.00 $32.50 Coatfe.. $24 .75 $35.00 Coats....$25.75 The entire line, of Pretty Millinery goes iat HALF the marked j)rice. EYerything go#s; nothing New Suits. A big line of new Suits, new up-to-date stVles; $17.50, $20.00, $22.50 up to $37.50— choice in this big sale $14.95 Every Suit carried over from last year at less than half the marked, price. T Biggest reductions on Furs this season. 113 EAST^ MAPISPI^ SOGimiSTPUBLICIlTIONSHERE fo-OpffittlTC r «uii«inj- DrfldcN Jo Locate Plant in lolik. Mr J. H. Bard, of ClikaKO after a careful Burvejr of eastern Kansa* and western Missouri towns, has decided ' already has contracts for priirting .u- . adapted, all | local weekly papers for thirty-four b ..'lnK luadi' to ln(=tall a $10,000 plant nod very coon lola vill have a printing t 'stalilixhuient doing a larger TO I- luiii- of business than any other In the t;ate. I iiin representing the Socialist Co-Operallve Publishing Company, wliIcU operatps a string of 100' weekly publications in \cw Jersey Pennsylvania Oliio, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois. This Publishing Company that lota i« the best things considered, for the location of a large publishing business, and he is here today cloetng deals preparatory , ^to locating here. ^ Mr.'Bard's plan is a new one here, - bnt in tb^ east two similar concerns Iiare been In operation for some time, so lie feels sure of his ground. He has^lready arranged fbr the publication of iblrty-fonr weekly papers and expects to increase this list to a hundred or morp. the central publishing ' lAmi ^toT Vbich will be located in l^UL^'Tt means the employment of a ^^gro#i^ Uat of employee and the dts- ..thnv^Mnent ot xaoney 'here in other uXU'VoetagSi treisht. etc. :^:Sp«rtto« of the general plan, Mr; B«rd ^ today: "ArraBgcmei^ts ire cities in eastern Kansas and western .Missouri and It is expected that within a jear the number wil be increased to more than one hundred. In Kansas, such points as Leavenworth TopeJca, Kmporia F T . .Scott, Parsons, Coffey- vUIe and Pittsburg are now under l ^cantract and in Missouri, among other cities are .St. Joseph Kansas City, Independence, Joplin and STpring- fleld." ^ Mr. Bard gives the Impression of a man who knows exactly what be is about andafter he was induced by local Socialists to return to lola and consider this location, he made fast time after deciding to make thi» the central pabUsbing polot. for a location is b«iv closed thie after- noon, part of the equipment h^s 'been bought and the publication of the thirty-four new jiapers will begin early in the new year. The lola Socialists or whatever its name will be .will be one of the thirty-four and Mr. J. J. l.owdermIlk will probably be its editor. ] —Attention Moose: Election of of- I fleers tonight. • , [, E. K. Mayfield and daughter, ^IsB I Gladys, are here for a holiday ^Isit [with his mother Mrs. Mayfield.. —C. J. Peterson: Farm Loans,. In- [suranee. Abstracts. Mr. and Mrs. Will Teeters returned last night after, ^lending Chrlaftnas (lay with relattv-«»-ln Yates Center. —It lirlll be to yonr Interest to^buy I your flour and feed of H. KlaunMsn.) Miss Blanche Thompson Is up from 'ollinsvlllc for a visit during the l;oli- l .iays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs R. L. Thompson. 4 —F. d. Halm. M. D.. Ocollst. . Mr. and Mrs. 0. E. Campbell of Cha I nute. spent yesterday in this clty^- the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. 8. Irw(ti. —When you hare a bilious attack ;Ive Chamberlain's Tablets a trial I'hey are excellent For sale all 'ealers. .Miss Carrie Hunt and Miss L&uise Accrs who have been here for a 'Visit with Miss Jessie Pegg. returned Satur I day night to their home in Nevada, I Mo. • —Without opiates or harmful d/ugs if any kind Foley 's Honey and Tat 'jompound stops coughs and (;iire» .olds. Do not accept any substitute I. D. Mundls & Co 5^ - Mips Otha Eslnger of Indpp Kans., was In yesterday for wHh friends and relatives. ce, Isit —C. J. Peterson: Farm Ix)ans,'In- ['jurance, Absti^acts. Miss Sylvia Urich left yesterdaj- for I.«Hunt for a short visit wltn Kela- 'tives. —8% Money. B. IS. Cnnplaghaa. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Phelps return H\ last night from Yates Ceiitcr. where they si>ent Christmas visaing Mr. Phelps' parents, Mr. and Mrt!. C. Phelps. In- J. Peterson: Farm Loans^ <urance. Abstracts. Tony Mpp, who has Iwcn here fpr a holiday visit with hl» parents, return- pd yesterday to Kansas City. Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Tllckson s-.pnt yofterday visiting relatlveK In f;hn- nute. K. V. Berry left this morning foi Kansas City to meet a brother ^vho Is enroutc to this city from IIII»ioif< for a visit. •—If you are troubled with chrpnlr •constipation, the mild and gentle ef .tect of Chamberlain's liableU maket 'them especially suited to your case For sale by all dealers. C. A. Brown, of Kansas City, Is.h'ere for a visit during the holidays .vvith Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Aubuchon. Foley Kidney Pills. —Tonic In action, quick In results VVill cure any case of kidney or blad- ler disorder not beyond the reach; ot tiedirine. So need to say more. J*D Unndls & Co. Mr. and Mrs. R. U. Battey who hiive been here for P visit with Mrs. Battiy'.^ oarcntf, .Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Taylor. stii'TPrithi.s afternoon to their home :in Chicago. Ball"'! Uiizi If* of the .N 'ewton. Kus. F Y. M. ('. A. Is here for a visit with his parents, .Mr. iind Mrs. Phillip •Heigjle. .Mr. .-ind ilrs. J. O. Moore and da^h .ter Miss Alta spent Sunday and yesterday vislTlng relatives In Welda.- V — . ' : Ewlng C. Scott, who has been -at tbome on leave for three or four weeks started last evening for Archer Ojty iTexas, where he goes to resume WQrk With the I .T. S. Soil Survey.y Mr. John Walters went down >to Cherryvale yesterday to spend pjirt of Christmas with his son Archie. »^o Is an engineer at the smelter. Mrs. Ben Graham and Master l^eo Graham of Springfield, ill, are vl^U- fiflg Mrs. Graham's parents, Mr. and S rs. D. D. Standlcy and her sister rs. John Burns. Miss Ruby Ijjmer, of Cottonw(^d Falls, who has been Iiere for a vlsll with hor sister, Mrs. J. Sutcllffe, j-e- turned Sunday to her home. — ) Krnest Roe, of Independence, ftfo.. Is here for a visit during the holidays with his sister, Mrs. U Penhlman. G. M. Nelson and son Lawrence, who bave been visiting relatives '-in Moran returned home yesterday iif- temoon. Qsis as MaOesr of Busin&s :•. i."- ••.-'4 stif -.i-ii; -t Newi CENTRAL BUILDINQ AT MODERN WOODMEN SANATORIUM AT COLORADO SPRINGS^., ImproreineBts i eosUaf 1800.000 will \m aude darloK 10U at tbt fires tabtrealMin waatorhmi nMlntuncd znt Cnleraile' BprU«a. Colo., fcy th »^Mod«™ Woodmjw of America, • .fraternal Insnrance «oa«tr F«inaB«Bt atractatea erected will Infinite a e«itnl bnlldins and recelrlnc hospital, tba former 2»lxia0 .«e«t and the fatter IB X100 UtIL Both will be of b^ry ftte- prooC-eonitnictSon. A power and .beatliic pUnt wlU anpply elertrWty and eteam to iOI pnru of tie »rooodt. Tfc«- P«K»t Domber of tent -cotugea win be donbled^ ftrlar fadlltteal to care. for approxtmately I M- patleata. ^hen completed the Maa- tortam will hare cost more than a mllUpa I'TSS'loatltQtlon is the only one of Its ktnd that makea no cbar (e for treatment of tnberealoala. insDraoca sared warraotiog tbe ezpendltore {lnTolTed. Inaagvration ot the laprovamanu mentioned marks the passiax of the ekpeTimental sUge. Thongh It haa been In operation bat a sbort time tbe sanatoriomj alMadr haa lostifled lU existence In tba !met« matter of dollars and cents by prolonginc the Uvea of membera of tbe sodety, tbns prortng that It la a »ntfrom U M Institntlon prorlng meet effiBctlre missionaries to warn otben and to teach tbe doctrine of right Uytag. C. H. Vincent Is up from Parsons to spend the holidays visiting with his family. J. E. RemingtoiiT of Perry, Okla., is here for a visit with his daughter, .Mrs. Bernie Kemp. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Boll returned ast night from Geneva, )vhere they luive b<on visiting relativ(\^. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Spencor^are visr Itlng during the holidays with Mr. Spencer's jjurenta. Judge mid Mrs. J. K; Biirker, of Topeku. .Mr. and .MrK. Kiigeno Ilirlg and faiii- 'y. 01 Uotse, Idaho, canii* in Sunday ivciiliig for a holiday visit with Mr. Iirigs parents. .Mr. and Mrn. W. J. hrlg. Miss Amy Dyscrt. of Kansas (My, s visiting Mr. and .Mrs. .lohn Cleaver. )f ."i(i3 h'outh Cottonwood street. Juliu.s Kreuger.vOf .N'endcsha. is here or a Christmas visit with his father. J. Kreuger. of South Cliustnut. Harry Whitaker and Bruce Bixler, Aho have been here for a visit with elatives and friends, ref.irned ye.s-. erday to Pitt-sbiiiK. wli>-ro tl!<y art nnployed. Judge and .Mrs. J. P. Duncan, who pent C :;riEt!iias with their son, Ur. I. K. Duncan, of Humboldt, returned lonie this morning. Mr. aiid Mrs. K. R. Jolln^•on. foi- r.erly of this city, but now residing n Wichita, are in the city for a holi- lay visit with relatives. THE HUNIERS M FINE LUCK (Itj Kmployes Bugged Nearly 2U0 Rabbits for the Poor. The municipal hunting piiriy wasn't a failure by any means 1 hough Koiiio may Ii.nvc predicted such a re- iv.vx. The iwfiily city employrs who volunteered their scrvlcis on bolittlf of the poor Saturday afternoon eiiri'd 17t! rabbits, one party bringing In S5 and the other Itl.. The rabl)lls plli'd In u heap ut the city building wrighi'd about (iOO pounds. 100 rub- bits were given to the J^ulvation Ar- nty for distribution, the remaining 7<i being given to other sources engaged in providing Christinas cheer for the ner'dy. It was staled In the Register Saturday that ^ho city employes were e.xfrused for the day at full pay in order that they miglit join the charity hunt. The employes were excused for the day but, according to Commissioner Glynn, they were not on full pay but were hunting on their own tin;o. At any rate the workers performed a mots appreciated service for the worthy poor of the city and the fact that they gave up their own time on' the city pay roll in addition to their services on the hunt makes their act al! the more creditable. WINFIELD JONES IS HOME.' MRS. BECK INJUREG. Mrs. James Stewart, of Algona, la., is here for a holiday visit with .Mrs.'f Margartt E. Jones, of South Jefferson. Mr. and Mrs- Herbert Alderson and daughter, Miss Gladys, of Piqua, spent Christmas with Mr. and .Mrs. E. L. Kelsey. Miss Bertha Mecklenburg, of Kansas Cltv. is lierc for a visit with her sister. Mrs.. J. S. Bartlett. Mr. and Mrs. H. Xlnderhill. of Oe neva. spent Christmas visiting Mrs llnderhiirs brother, Eugene Tarnian ind family. e .7 „ff„rH tn nff-Jn/^i'l'"' J:?,^ ^^^^ ^'^'ton returned. ycsterdsy sSring Bra« & Dlfd^ne H,™»^?H ^ ^'^'^ «veral days with r;^l. fA--^""'*"*'? * DLdlne, Humboldt, atlves and friends In Emporia. 1 Kans, Cures all humoi^, catarrh and rheumatism, relieves that tired Mrs. W. G. Myers of 403 South C<it- tonwood, who has been dangeroudy ill for some lime was taken to tlie sanitarium Saturday evening for treat mient. I Hisses Xora and Elsie Cunnlnghatn of Cbanote, came in yesterday toe'^t C{iristmas dinner with Mr and Mta, R,' M. Cunningham. ' ' Foster Goss returned this afternoon from a visit of* several days with friends in Springfield, Mo. Dr. and Mrs. ' Arthur Splcer, formerly of this city, but now residing In Altdona. came In yesterday for a visit with Mrs. Splccr's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dalgh. I Mr. and Mrs. il. B. Aydelolto, who have been hero for a ChrlHtinas visit with Mrs. Aydelolte's parents. Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Canaksey, returned thi morning to their, home In Ft. Scott Ben DeHaven spent yesterday T I S U- feeling. Wores the appetite. ^^''^^^M^l^lT. cures paleness, nervousness.. — builds up the who^p system; nI?^Jt^^^^^-^-^W' Oet It to£y in usual Uquld form or J*"'."*''?'' ^ retsoMbtt. chocolated taUeu called SwMtali^ Inqoire fiat b^Baesoutb ^Bleetitepoar' u *r boos*. ^. K^BIacV Mrfamhlc jBiick to Jnil. Frank Schmidt;, the county prisoner who was taken to St. .Tohn's hospital a few days ago suffering from appendicitis. Is rjeported convalescent and will probably be returned to jail tonight, ^hmldt Is the young man who deserted his fiance shortly before their weddipg hour and disappeared after telephoning the news of his alleged' death]to her relatives. He surrendered to the police after a few days. / I BETTER mil Jf SP.\XKnrfl. Spanging' does '^(A cure -i ^ianm '^ot bed-^tting. Thefels a eoiutitntlonal cause of tbis trouble. Mrs. M. Summers. Box wr. Sojith Bend. Ind.. wfll send free to any' mother* her 'necna- tal home treatsient; witfe fullr Instructions. Send no rabner. but write her today if your chlwreo'trouble you In Utia iray. Don't if lame the child, tbe chanises are It'^t help It Thl<* tr^tsMBt *ito daree-adulta mad aged ceopl* tmii );;e4-w4tii arJaedlfDeiiltlta Fall un Icy Ualk Resulted In Piilnfnl I > Accidenfc K Mrs. A. W. Beck, of 602 East street, was painiuily but not seriously injur- td this morning about 10 o'clock, when as she stepped on the icy brick walk at the rear of the house, she slipped and fell, striking the back of hci head with great force, and sustaining a se/ere concussion of the brain. Although Mrs. Beck's injury is not serious, she suffered considerably from the shock, and ari a result will probably be confined to her home several days. lola Young Man Burned by ElectricKf ut Cherryvale Will Rccoren Winfield Jones the son of Mr. and .Mrs. VV. W. Jones, of 222 South Jef*' fer.son avenue, who was? terrlbly'-burn- c(l last week at C4ierryvale by coming Into contact with a live elebfric" switchboard containing a current of 22mt volts of electricity was broitght to the liome of Ills pnrenlA in this city Sa.iinluy afternoon. Tlie bums sustained by Mr. Jones lire very severe, but the attending lihvMlclun expresses the opinion that, barring infection or complications,' which are po .sKlble, ho will recover.. At the time of the accident Mr. Jones was repairing a "dead" switchboard, only a fhort space separating bis baek from the live board, in leaning back. Ills back .'•ainc Into contact with three metal points on the live l )oard, and there he was held paralyzed while bis Te'Iow workmen tried frantically to • shut off the current which was bum-, ing biin terribly. After Mr. Jones had suffered from the effects of the current for nearly two minute's, the efec- tric light plant was shut down to re-' lease him. It was found that he had been terribly burned. Each of the metat joints inflicted a very severe bum. fine coming in contact just over the .spine and iurniag in until the vertebrae \\er« exposed. Each of the ofe- er two points also burned In deeply; causing not only severe but exteBslve- injuries, which cannot heal for «ev^ cral weeks at the lea^t. Mr. Jones is now doing well and if he continues to improve as he has been. 41* re-' covery is certain. ' . COLORED K. P. BAXQIET. for ,teen years y to visit ai the 23rd, Sprii; of Myrtle Lodge Inungurutod Annual Evfnt last ntgbL Sprig of Myrtle I.,odge, No. 2. K. of P. held their first annual banquet in the G. A. R. hall last night. An elaborate spread was Indulged In, five courses being served. Music was furnished by the Walls orchestra. The program was: Invocation, by Rev. A. C. Woods; address of welcome, .Mr. Brooks I.iane, G. M. of A. of Knnaiis; response, Mrs. J. W., Gordon. W. C: address to visiting guests, .Mrs. Combs; address on rncn In general, Dr. Dial, graduate of Howard (Allege. Washington, D. C; adilress on behalf of Sprig of Myrtle l^idge. Rev. J. W. Gordon; solo. Miss Myrtle Walls; closing remarks. Dr. L. J. Newsome. toastmaster. Thbse present were: Mr. and Mrs A. C. Woods an.d son, .Mr. and Mrs Prank Berry, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bland. Mr. and Mrs. T. H. MeColors Mr. adn Mrs. Sid Handley, Mr. an^ Mrs. J. W. Gordon, air. and Mrs Combs,' Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Garner, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Groomer, Miss . N'ols Bell,, Miss Kittle Grubbs. Miss Mattie Ewell, Miss McDonald, Mrs.- Mitchell, ^Irs. George Bell, Miss Bessie Newman, Mr. Brooks Liine and-son, Mr. Dan Walker, Mr. L. J. Newsome, Mr. T." A. Dial, Mr. Frank William. Mr. Chas. Gamer, Mr. Harry Rodgers, Mr. Willie Jones. Mr. Ansie McDonald. • .3 AITO HIT BICYCLE RIDEB. Edward Waggoner Dangerously IB' Jiirod In Deuter. Mr. George Waggoner/ who is connected with the Missouri Pacific offices here. was. anxiously seeking a copy of the Denver Post today, to get" the details of an accident which'be* fall his son. Edward In Denver, on tne 23rd. The son. aged- about six-' een years went to Denver In October an aunt. A telegram, dated but received by Mr. Waggoner yesterday stated that the yottth was riding a bicycle along the street when he was run into by an automo- iille. .\() bones were broken so far as known, but he was severely bmteed. Another telegram today is reassuring =0 far as his recovery is conceraed,- but thus far there lias been an aggravating niengcrne8 .s- ot details. SAVED niTII 8.HUD0ES. .Uerrury Went to H in Culiforalu La «t M»rht niy tup A NMOC I II I C U ProHM) San Francisco. Cal., IJec. 26.—Although the thermometer registered aa- •ow as 22 above zero lust night, the coldest In twenty years,' growers today declared that little lone to oranges. Sniudgfes were used. damage was Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Covrdry returned 'lonie this morning, Mr. Cowdry f$om <ansas City, where he haa been vislt- ng his parents, and Mrs. jCowrdry roni Ottawa, where she has been vls- •ing her parents. They were accota- lanied home by Harry Webster, of )ttawa. who will visit them for sev- >ral days. ^ Mr. and Mrs. George Myers, of Neo- deslia. are In the city for a visit, with Myers' parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W". Myers. ^ • m Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith and family returned- this moming~from Oswego,- where they bare t^beeni for> a holiday visit with relatives./ ,V i>r. F. L. B. LeaVell speift ^ mis Tisitlng his ]iarent9<- In;^. S0( Plattues 2^ie

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