Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 11, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1954
Page 2
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it A ft, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, March 11, 10S4 '"fl fcc JMCETS Ml. .active; 'Steady i« 2S several 225 3b choice » heftd rhoicf the utilities and steels. The rrialtidei- of the market was fowly mixed with no selling Slire apparent anyplace. re NfeW YORK COTTON NEW March 11 Iff) — Co' ^ ten futures were irregular today «i**3dT& A* * ' Tn ^market displayed eaily firm /!».£?£?* ;^!_i! ness °" persistent trade buyinj, along with some^ eommiss)6n hou«e demand. However, 'offerings in creased as nearby May eontrccts approached 34.60 cents a tvund, hfeh choice commei cia) *, flftfl ' Cftrhtnercial at 14.80 eannera . &gdi'l.90;" bulls sWonjs ' Utllftjt- artd eotnmep »fifr carter bulls ll.Ofl steady. ea)t undeutone; good and - 24.002d.CO; - lew and low . generally . . . 24.75 for load 1)1 f lfe;iaMbs With prime -*" f,mosity" choice wool here to grade few lots tew mixed, [U,«*.W«i^UU. It-V. gdod ^1.0022.00; 1.00J J extremes " 4.MM.OO culls JO.OO bucks a and failure of the market to make further progress on the upside brought in more selling Late afternoon prides wrro 15 cents a bale higher to 5 cent's low] er than the previous close. March 34.53, May 34.43 and July 34.54. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO, March ll I/PI — Live poultry steady on young stock; barely steady on hens; receipts 401 coops .fo.b. paying prices un changed to 1 cent lower heavy hens 2832:"light hens 1820; fryers 6r broilers 2227 old roosters 16 18 ducklings 2628. Butter stfady receipts 1,265,150; wholesale buying prices unchanged 93 score AA G5 92 A 64.75; 90 B 02,5 8 9 C 59.75; cars 90 B 0389 C 60.5. :Eggs barely steady receipts 15, Bliwholesale buying prices un changed; U, S. large 39.540.5 mediums 30.5 U, S. standards 36:5 current receipts 30.5; checks "'W.ere tqnsas DEALER '*» ' "* " .' * Gazette v Delivery 381 or 7-3866 , r ' ANCEtLABLE POLICY " ; f LIFE ** ^F ptpljal or^Doctor >y|ur rellablo .' ' ^^t o, BOX 104 LITTLE ROCK, Iff! ' Bglosvllle Floral area—Market unaettled. Un tone weak. Demand light to fair. Offerings full adequate to execs sive. Some buyers off market to day. Tfading light to moderate. Princes at the farm, broilers or fryers, 2^ to 3 pounds. 21 to 22'/2 cents. Mostly 22 cents. AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO, IVIarch 11 Iff) —Grains were set back by an expansion in profit taking on the Bpnrd of Trade today, losses running to around 5 cents in old crop soybeans at one lime. There was some recoveiy from the lows. New crop wheat futures' also were under considerable ressure, large ly based on a forecast of rain and for today, ' tonight and lomor rpw in parts of the western Great Plains -which have been suffering fj;om a drought for 12 years. "Feed 'grains eased with wheat qneJ 1 soybeans, corn being sublccted to jhedging pressure on fairly lib eraj receipts of cash grain. ROYAL F!CURES*-Called "King and Queen," these bronze figures, represent the latest work of Henry Moore, famous modernistic 'sculptor. ^ The life-size couple are on exhibition at a > London, England, gallery.. Juvenile Delinquency Reported Qit Increase in Arkansas,-Most Offenders Are /Repeaters 7 ay B.EV.ERLY P. WOOD v LITTLE ROCK iffi — Juvenile delinquency in. Arkansas has increased . to the point that in at least, one judicial district the majority, of the felonies are committed by teenagers. Felonie are crimes .that are punishable by a penitentiary sentence. Of the youthful offenders in the area, most are "repealprs." The situation is not peculiar to that district, .,-..'. * County and. state health,, welfare, police, religious and civic, groups Wbeqt c I o u s e d, March $2.2gMit c,prn March ] /2 lower, lower, g lower, lowoi; March Soybeans ], to 3 centa lower, March $3.49$3.48Vi. Cash wheat: No. 2 mixed 3.36., . Corn No. 1 yellow 1.S8 1 /-.; No. 2 1.58%; No. 3 1.5356% No. 4 1.54V 4 6S No.. 5 1.5353'/4.; sample grade 1.40yil. Oats: No. 1 heavy white 82. Spybeans: None. ., Barley nominal: Malting 1 2062 feed 921.14. Field seed per 100 Ib nominal; V^hite clover 10.275; red top ,27.0028 ! .00; alsike 17.0018.00; itimothy 12.5013.50 red clover 27,0028.00. Scqtt Stores REDUCTION • Hurry! I Save! hundreds ,qf, "terns to? this M9 n»oney Saving sole. hej,e early and shop the entire store for outstanding values. ( r- 1 patterns, Now f only , Regular 39c ,. Fruit Juice Jugs These qre in assorted colors and de- Signs. Qet several of these for the house. Now only 17c ils Dresses l||tjfjStyl^s v 'f6r now qnd sum- 'I styles and colors, *• t oply Regular 79c Clotheslines These are plastic'clotheslines that are made to stand the weather, Buy now for only 47c SPECIAL 27c SPECIAL itfprorily SPECIAL One odd lot of items for only 7c SPECIAL Plastic aprons that are regular 19c values. , . 9c Lamps in' Colors' bases and Regular 98c Bays Polo Shirts Assorte'd colors and idegl for school w/ear- 6uy several of these 3t this low price of only 77c B R O Y HERS S If O R E are grasping for solutions to the problems that cause delinquency and to the crisis of rehabilitating juveniles reaching the- courtroom. "If we could just get people to do what they know how to do hi their own businesses, churches and everyday relationships, it would help immeasureably," says Miss Ruth Johnston, head of the Chile Welfare Division of the State Welfare Department. "Say that a boy or girl comes back to the community from penal institution. Is he invited to join-a church or a young people's group If he is of school age, does his teacher or principal offer trust, guidance and help Do businessmen help find him a job? "Is he made to understand th.nl he already has paid for his past mistake? . "These are things that people can. do with no special training. Svith' just understanding.''; •' Circuit Judge AuWey- Strait '.of Morrilton says the.private citizen can do even more. "We've got youngsters in trouble," he said. "We have no deten tion homes- in Faulkner and Conway counties, so when they're picked up. we have no recourse but to lock them up — a practice I utterly, detest." . Judge Strait, a member of the Judiciary Committee of the Arkansas Council on Children and Youth, is leading a movement to establish a citizen's group that will survey the problem and the needs in communities' under his jurisdiction. "We would find out, primarily, what is causing the increase in juvenile crime," he said. "Then we would try to work put some program of : rehabilitation. Perhaps, locate fbstsr homes where we could place the children temporarily." • 'We need action, not words," he said. 'Civic groups are ready enough to work on problems abgut cattle and soil eorsion, but there's not too much public concern about our children." Judge Strait says that such a private citizen's group or "Community Service Committee" would include members of all civic and public agencies for 24,-hour service on any problem affecting children and the home. What is causing the surge of crime among Arkansas' young- slers State Police Director Wndsey rlatchett says that until the he- ginning ot ! World War II, the home remained intact; a focal point from which all community life sprung, Then the drafting of fathers, the ncrease in women defense workers and the s/huffling of responsibilities "be'gan to tear apart the 'abric of the home." After the war, mothers contin ied to work to combat inflation — leaving'.the home a place whe.re people ate and slept* and that's Ul. The Korean War ; was the fjU l blow ' Mrs. Neva B. Tajley of Little- former president of the Arkansas Council oji Children and Youth, says the trend is toward shifting the former vesponsiblity if the home to public and com* mercial institutions, "The responsibility of religion nd .education has been turned over to the churches and schools; aby sitters and, diaper services lerforrri duties once rele,g9l#d to he hqixie;. now the parents are rying to make discipline a public •esponsjbility," she said, ' 'The public is not prepared *P? such responsibility," said Mrs. T»K ey. Americans, pn the drink about a pint of. wirj and Frenchman about a pint a Flea species often correspond to fie animals on which they prey a r * f * Poultry Tax Suit Under Advisement LITTLE fcOCK W! ^ Chencellbr Guy E. Williams yesterday took under advisement a suit in which a Jeffersoft County poultry farmer charged that he isn't liable for a $4,831 stiles tax charge filed against him by the state. J. B. Sawyer, operator of the Freemati Farms near Pine Bluff, said he should be charged only with the use tax on feed he actual ly fed to his chickens. He was charged with sales tax oh all feed lie ordered between 1950 and 1952. Sawyei* said the feed which tie ordered was used cooperatively by The fellow who thinks he con make all the girls happy usually only makes them lough. poultry farmers in Jefferson Coun worth of feed and paid sales taxes en that amount. Revenue Department Attorney' O. T. Ward contended that Sawyer is liable for the tax on ?251,000 worth of feed Tie purchased because he has a retail permit allowing him to buy at wholesale. Oppoisng attorneys were ordered to submit briefs, within 30 days. GIRL KILLED PARDIN i/P —A 3-yenr-old Earle, Ark., girl, Tonie Kay Nynatt, was killed when struck by an automobile near here yesterday. State Polic esaid the child iron into the path of an automobile traveling Highway 75, about nine ty. He said he sold only $3,811 miles south of here. ADTUPIT|S RHEUMATISM SUFFERERS Find New Curb For Pain Users Refalc* - SaptfY ftoihed Here Victims of crippling arthritis, rheumatism #nd ncuruis pain can take joyous new hope from announcement of dramatic success with ft new formula which combines 4 drUKS into one tablet capable of relieving agonizing p»in in jcAits antl muscles. According to clinical reports, this new compound, called VERTASOL, acts internally to curb tortur. bus ftrthritiSi rheumatism, neuritis pnin in back, hands, arms, lees nnd shoulders yet is safe to take, requires no prescription. With tears of joy in their eyes, men and women who formerly suffered dread stubbing torture of arthritis and. rheumatism pain in swollen joints and muscles now tell of blcsaeu relief after using It, VEUTASOL costs $3.00 but considering re-» sulta is not expensive, is only pennies per 1 iiose. Sold with money back guarantee by J. P. Cox Drug — Hope — Mall Orders Filled. LEWlS-McLARTY SPECIAL SALE! of brand new merchandise shown for the first time. Quality merchandise at special prices. Friday and Saturday only March 12 and 13. 1 •' a Mojud Briefs Made of acetate tricot. Elastic leg. In white and pink. Sizes 5 to 8. First quality. Very,Special. 50c Mojud First Quality Nylon Briefs Tailored styles with elastic leg. All nylon. White only. Sizes 5 to 8. Special pair $1.00 These will moke nice gifts. ' 44 Inch PRINTED NYLON ( t Martin Weiners Pebbleair. 100%. all nylon in 15 beautiful Spring and Summer patterns. On sale for the first time. Made to sell for much more. - SPECIAL $1;00 €>• •CANNON NYLON HOSE 60 gauge, 15 denier nylons. Three new shades in these sheer nylons. Cannon irregulars. Sizes 8^ to 11, 59c Pair * S/^^ffif W^iP^ iw» iBi^p^ Finest Deportment Store"

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