Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 26, 1911 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 26, 1911
Page 2
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where the West Begin!*. Out wl^^Vjthe hiSacIasp's a Itttle Oat nnrio dwelis a little Tbat'tr.where the West begins; Ont wherethe sun is a little brighter. WhaftPibe UnewB that fall are a little . T^fter;--' -' 'Where ibertxmdB of home are a wee , bIt..iJghter. That 's, where the West begins. Out .where the skies ari atrifle bluer, Out wbelire'ftf^ndinifp 's la little truer , .Tha1*-'^el*'th§^ Wdit begins. Out'mhefee ^'^Aier bre^e is blowing WheW 'vttere'a -laughter in every • 'stKunlet flowing. Where there's more of reaping and -IMot BOWfBg— That'swfaere the West begins. Out where the world is In the raakini;. WheW'fftWer "hearts with despair «r<' , That's-vAere the West begins. ' Whtre'^tirere'C more of singing and •|- leBs 't>('-itghlng, IVheire there's more of giving and less • t-ot'lmyiag;'' And a man makes friends without Imlf trrlng— , That's where the West. begins. Send" your friends one of our NEW YEAR'S LETTER GREETINGS Price 5c and 10c Tbc ficxnll Store West Side of the Square Antonio, has made and sent to the White House for the President aiu his wife the finest fruit cake, she said sh» has ever baked. Miss Bratpden bergcr has long admired Mrs.' Taf and last year made a fruit cake es peclu<I.v for her. Mrs. Taft ncknow ledged tho gift with a pleasant not« '° ^'''"^-iattd thisyearsivrpdsed M _ berger by sending n request for' iin p-rf n.J^ H««ort„H n, ' «"h<'r ciiko and iisklng that a price In l^u l ^i^Inn .1,; -^"s" Hrandcberger I. tenwo* to resume his duties on the , ^.u,,„.,ry artist iind durnlj •^'.iSfSS rS,!S;»"n,'nr ^LTM"rI ""^ ^vlntcr months bakes many frul It OCR tur a guest of Dr. and Mrs. P. ..„„ S. Mitchell. ^ ^ ^.j.^ Miss Alberte Suts'on, society editor' ^X^" 1^=''^ '"'HI' °[ K' of UfeReglater is 8pen <Ung the week « ^^'''''j f with her sis with- her father and sisters at Inde- Mrs. J. G. Walker, penitence. Mo., and during her ab- seneeher duties will be looked after by MisK Lillian Melvin. who has had experience' in this work before and who will appreciate all news offer- IngSt it is impossible to pick up th'c run of news in a few days. * + • —Are you subject to colds? Then —BR. 0. I- <:ax, Dcnllst •:• • •:• Miss Eliza Kast of Frprtonia come toniorrou- for a tew djiys' visit wit) her aunt, Mrs. H. A. Snyder. + * * Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Blxler of SO East Broadway entertained at dinne get one inbosr Chest ProtwtorV" at ! yesterday. Miss Myrtle Knowltor Spencer 's. A, cheap and safe pre- ' ^'ss Beulah Bixler, Miss Ethel Bix ventBtiTe. 'c""- °^ Wichita. Mr. C. M. Manning 4, ^ 4. s Ballou Heigelo, of Newton; an< —Dr. X»ry M. Hnlj, Osteopath. Bruce Bi.xler, of Pittsburg. Teleiriwae ISO and Ml. / ,\; -r • <}i 41 4.. /^Mrs. 1). P. Xorthrup entertainer Miss Edna Young left yesterdav for, » <»>« o'clock family dinner yes PittsbUTfr tD Tlsit friends until "after • t<''*^ay at her home on East street. / New Years. ! feature of the table decoration was ; A * * small Christmas tree as a centerpiece Dan Servey left Saturday evnnlnp After dinner much mirth was^P") for Chicago to spend a week visiting distribution of Christ friends, and will be guest at a charm- "las gifts, each gift being some sma. Ing Evansville home most of the time, article that Santa Clans had Ifarne- ^ jf. ^ . was wanting and would prove use Miss Beulah Blxler is spending h-r tul in the home of the receiver. Cov Christmas vacation with hpr parents '•'•'''^'^ for 'he following: Mr? Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Bixler. M. E. Xorthrup, Mrs. J. R. Young, Mi . 4. 4. I and Mrs. H. H. Howard, Mr. and Mn Miss Velma Shellv.who is teaching Waller Hull, Mr. ahd^ Mrs. D. P In the Elsmore high school is home Xorthrup. Misis Harriett Hull. Mis for the hoHdays. Lillian Xorthrup and Mr. Lewis XortJ 4. ^ 4. rup- —• Chamois Skin. Powder Puff or •> + Sponge given with every package of Miss Hazel Chamberlain Is-spendin Pace Powder or Talcum Powder at vacation week at her home in Leroy Spencer's from Tuesday. 2nd, till Sat- j '•' '^ *•* urdar. * •:• Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Fry of l.«napi»h Oklnhom.i are here for u week's vlsl Mill Cora Klcta will entertain her, with Mrs. Fry's parents, Mr. and Mr» card olub at her home Thursday uf- [ O W- Adams, 'ttertoon. \ • + + * Mrs. H. M. Btairord and Mrs. I' ri Brown,returned to Kansas flty this • nomfliK after a visit since Snturdsy with Mrs. Mclvin Kronk. / • + • Mrs. M. E. Northrup will entertain her yshlldren.' and grandchildren at dinner Thursday/ The Rev. P. O. Hanson leaves lola tomorrow for Fbrt Worth and other pointi tn the South. « « 4 Mr. Bnice Blxler left for Pittsburg today' after spending Christmas with his parents Mr., and Mrs. W. F. Bixler. • + * Tn response to a request from Mrs. William H. Taft for a fruit cake like the one she received last Christmas, Miss Haj^g^^d ^Jber ^fer^ol.,^ + * * • Mrs. .lames K. Orittan retnrm-il to day 01 li>r home In Hutchinson. *•>•»• Mr. I^'WIH Nonlirup who 1^ spenil iMi; the hoK'liiys at home is to h-> 1 giiest ihe lafur jmrf of the week » a house |i:iriy dven at (he home of : culli-Ke friend iit (Miickasha, Okla. + • Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Bennett gave .' Christmas dinner yesterday for the< daughters Mrs. James E. Orattnn o Hutchinson and Miss I.rf>is Beni\ett Tlieir guests were Miss McCurdjr, o Holton. Mrs. J. I-l Grattan, Mr. ani Mrs. O. O. Stone, Mr. Ross McAlaster of Holton, and Mr. Orlin Stone. * •> <• Miss Grace Gates of Yates CL -nte- is visiting Tola friends. « o * Miss Grace Ball, who is studying AFTER DIAMONDS ".••Why not buy a Diamond with that Christmas ^oneyT At all times this store can be depended up> Son for the, very best possible value in Diamonds and DiUifaond iJewelry—and so with the special discount ;of. 10% thslt we will give off these lowest prices of Qurs^youi^ opportunity is exceptional. ^^'"•Lf ;yoil |r Christmas check is not large enough to ,get the Dii irio^d you desire, you can arrange to *li^e Twyn ent for the balance. 5v::'^e shall take pricje In demonstrating to you ;i^e jBiij ^i^-^ceJIert Diamonds. THfcl6pil)AfcY^GISTK music with rrederio WalUa of Kan saa City is spending th« week with ^er parents, Mr. and Uw T. 8. Ball • —Dr. MeHlilen. Phmei tt and »S. <• <• + Mr. and Mrs. Walter Davis and daughter Wanda, wore Chrlatmas din ncr gucaU of Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Uu- rls. v.-jaiij*.-,'; , /. jj. • TjfB«/,T. K. blub will meet Thur8-^ day wUIii^;|^;'^iixe^ Butcher. —Fred' Bowdctf: -reiled Deeemtor. Phone ;S& •:• * • A very Jolly slumber party waa had Christmas night at the home of Misses' Opal-.and Hazel Kelm. Their guests were Miss Mae Chatfleld-, Miss Garnetta Doiinelh Miss Esther Ding- 'mnn and Miss Mary Farquhar. V • * •> —Save money by attending the big Special Sale.- Read- ad. in today's tuip'eR—Ricbardooti'e. - i. ' ... • •' kr. and Mrs. James Reid. Master Horton Reid. and Miss Ruth Morton 'who Is home from Hosmer Hail, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Horton at dinner yesterday. ; * * * Mr. Frank Smith r?tnrned to Wich •Ita today after spending Chrislma* witli his sister, Mrs. James Haggerman. -r-Dr. Wirt, Osfeepath, Tel 487, 58ft • •:• • * • Miss Elma Snyder, who Is tearhinc music in. tho AIniena schools Is home 'or a week's visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs: H. A. Snyder. • • + Mrs. Frank Anderson of 322 Sotith "Street entertnined at Christmas dinner yesterday the occasion being n most enjoyable family rc'.in''on, only one member of the family being unable to be present. Ueeoratlons w^en holly and mistletoe «ith u small Christmas tree in the center of thi dinner table. The guests were Air md Mrs. John l,add and dnughlei t.aurcl of Montnnna Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Beatty, Jlr. and Mrs. Roscoe Clark of Kansas City. .Mrs. A. H. Street and Miss Francis Street of St. Paul. Mrs C: C. Bostwick, Miss Grace Bostwlek Miss Ella Bostwick. Miss Uelln Undd Mr. Prowell, of Kansas City, Miss Helen Anderson. Mr. Frank Anderson and Mr. Walter Rockwell. After dinner the party went to the home of .Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Beatty where Clirlstmns gifts were distributed 'rom a largo Christmas treer • • • Mrs. Manford Ricketts entertainer •It dhtner yesterday Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Florence Mr. and Mrs. Foster Florence, Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Jones and family. * * Miss Tony Smith who Is attending he State Normal and her mother Mrs. Mary Smith are visiting Mrs. J Haggerman. * •> * —RIchard.snn's Dry Goods Store commences to invoice Monday. In or- 'ler to reduce stock they commence a 'Jig 4-day Sjieclal Sale in the morning flead ad. in today's paper. * * + Mr. .T. C. Cowan left yesterday for Westphalia after a short visit with loin friends. + 4. .J. Mr. and Mrs. Otfo Kmugor of 407 South Chestnut street gave a family •llnner yesterday at their home. Thi 'ollowing guests were entertained: Mr. and Mrs. Julius Kreuger. Mr. anC Mrs. Lewis Kreuger and family ol N'eodesha. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dingman and family, Mrs. Llllle'Kreuger Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Curtis and family Miss I .Aura Fry and Mr. Reuben Frj- of Tllinois, and Tom and MuIIian Moore. 4. —The Richardson Dry Goods Store -ommenced in the morning a four-day Special Clean- Up Bale. Read ad in oday's paper. * * + The Loyal Women of the Trinity ^tiurch are meeting In regular month- 'y xoHslon this afternoon at the homr 'it Mrs. W. L. Bayslngor. / •V + + « Mrs. H. A. Snyder Is eniertnlnlu;; It dinner tonight. Mr. and Mrs. Jus Hlehnrdson and Mr. and Mrs. A. 1. loairlght. * • * Mr, Farls Fra<ier left yesienlii.v noming for Newfon, where he will ipend a few days visiting with hiK brother Samuel Fraser. * •> •> The Ijoyal Brothers will hold th"lr regular business meeting tonight. Al' •nembers are requested to be present. * * * Mrs. Gus Krannieh entertained at Christmas dinner her mother Mrs Oorine. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Thoma* nd Miss Hilda Margaret Thomas of Humboldt. Her guests returned tc their home this evening. * *> + —Our big 4-day Special Sale on the entire stock. Read prices In today's t>aper.—Richardson's. * •• • The Trinity Christmatf exercises were held last evening whep an excellent Impromptu program was presented at the church. No rehearsal had been held before hand but a series of musical numbers and recitations was given In a sort of volunteer "way. A Tery interesting feature of he deoprations was ,tha Christmas tree which IKe church Won In the Ve- ilBER 20;^'^9tl: • if Ladies'Black Vdvet BinrON BOOT ' Welt Solea ,.. Priced at $3.00 ta^.00 cent contest. Among the sivr-jil pre- sentnrions of gifts was that oI h set of silver teaspoons to Mrs; Johnson by her Sunday schoo) class.- -At the close of the services, Mr. E. S. Eukint in behalf of the Sunday school and the church presented the pastor and his wife with a handsome rug. The children enjoyed the usual Christmas treat and a most pleasant evening was enjoyed by those present. * + + Christmns day at the home of the bride's mother. Mrs. AuT^n Barker 205 HaVrison street, LaHarpc, was solemnized the marriage of Miss Edith Barker to Mr. Bert C. Johnson, of Independence. The ceremony was per formed at I? o'clock by the Rev. W. L. French of Yates Center, the hrif"al couple standing under a largo white bell suspended from an arch. The rooms were given a holiday appearance by ferns, holly and mistl-Moe The bride's maid was Miss Mable Ran som. while the groom' waa ai!'Mi'<'>d by Mr. Owen Ashley.'. Miss Liiiie Barker sang "Beautiful Garden of ttosos," and Miss Pearl Ad.ims played Ih-" wedding march.. The bride was very pretty, in a dr-sa of white brocaded messaline and carried bride's rosfs. Mlas Ransom wore a liandsomc dress of pale blue messaline and carried pink roses. Among the guests Were a number of relatives and friends as follows: Mr. and Mrs, W. L. French of Yates Center: Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Chase, Mr. and: Mrs. George Barker. Mrs. K. H. Tobey, .Mr. and .Mrs. Caleb-Barker. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Barker Mr. and Mrs. Otis Barker. Mr. and Mrs. Seneca Petnt, .Mr. and Mrs. T. Crepn and faniily, .Mr. and .Mrs. Vern Gr.'on and family, Mrs. Harriett Adams, Mrs. Hattie Fronk, Hnmbbldt; Mrs. Xeilie Munday, Linwood, Kas.; Mr. John Adams, Misses Mable Ransom, Mildred IfBber, Lutie Adams, Zella Fronk. Ida Kinman, Doliie Adams, Lutie Barker, Xollle FYonk, Vlcn Green.- Lucile Barker Elh^l Green. Anna and Alctha Barker, Uor,i and Peal Adams, Xadyne . Baker, of Coffeyville; Messrs. Owen Ashley, Roy Johnson, of Altoona; Harry Barker, Dell Adams, Ralph, Frank and l^slie Barker, James Adams, Mora Livingston, Lester l.ewinnn, John Barker. Marion and I.«nnif; Green. •:• •:• •:• ' Mr. and.Jlrs. C. L. Whitakcr, South Walnut street entertained .T company oC relatives at Christinas dinner yesterday. i .... A very pretty, yet siritple home Christmas dinner was givin by Mr. and Mrs. A. D. King of 702 South Buckeye street. The living rooms looked very cheerful being decorated with Christmas greens. One of the' marked decorations was bells attached in the center of the rooms by festoons of green and red paper. .Much merriment' fyrevailed and a delightful afternoon was passed in playing cards. Those present were: Mrs. Lena Ryder Smith and son Colon, Mr. and Mrs. George Gilbert, Miss Rosalia Whitehurst Mr. Bert Gilbert, .Mr. and .Mrs. A. D. King. • Mr. Clinton Gill)ert came In yestir- day itunhehi' were, thren hjr..'-the glrf tria Miss Hester Alger, Miss Dora DoqoTBn and Miss Ullle Adams. Miss Helen Cook; Miss Pauline Cooji and Miss Thelma Qench of But •ler arrived this arteraoon to .visit un til iifter New Year's with Mrs. W. R Hej^mun. I >T ' Mys. W. M. stover of 311 North "Secfi^nd has returned home after two months' visit in Oklahoma where she^waa called by the Illness of her mottier who died the day following her<arrival. She was accompanied as farjas Ft. Scott by her brother, Mr. Jan^s Wise. • + • Miss Neva Frederickson returned today to her home In Kansas City after H short visit with friends and relji fives here. ^ •;- •:• •:• Firaternal Mystic Circle 1663 is requested to be present tomorrow even Ing^at eight o'clock for the annual election of otBcers. r •> •:• •:• T<je Shields orchestra gave a very delightful dance last evening at the Masonic hall. Among the guests pre^nt were: Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Shi«dds, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Brandt, Afr. and'Mrs. Redfeam, Mr. and.'Mrs. Jay Bainett, Mr. arid Sirs. Chas. Lo.gan Mr. "and Mrs. F. H. Finnell, Mr. and Mrai Seward Blxby. Mr. and Mr. Aried Fuifkhouser. Mr. iand Mr.s. H. G Doijge, Misses Hazel and Xenia Goes. T.,eti-ie Woodin, Mary Xorthrup, Mar- Ion;'-IxiIsTalbert, Ruby Heller, Mae BriKham, Dorothy Foust. Kate Smith' Vicii Eastwood Madge Joyce. Trean lo^^dermilk. Miss Buahey, of Pitts burj;. Miss Shields, Messrs Earnest Seu/ing, .Merle Monger; Harry Hay majter, Herschel Cox, LeGrande Cox VfTHon Moore, Elvie Gllllatt, Jo< HevJmun, Loriilne Xorthrup. .lohn I o\}oca, Lioyd Young and Mr. Mc.Mll 'en, _ • •:• Kir. and Mrs. M.- K. Decker entir- tairjed at Christmas dinner yeslerdiiy Mr." and Mrs. Walter Decker. Mrs Gl.%frci and children, of Gaa Mr. and Mrtj. Fred Freeman and Mr. John Decker of BartiesvlIIe. ' •:• • • J\{r. and Mrs. .T. R. Powell enler- tai'ied Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Kennedy of ixiiic Kim at dinner yesterday. ^ • •> • \lr. and Mrs. A. C.- Balllett are ex- pet^ted home the llrst of the year from an" extended'visit in Virginia. • • • Hiss Grace Brackenrldge has re- tur,ned from a week's visit with .MISF Ruth Rowe of Kansas City. • •:• •:• • Mrs. M. J. Chollefte of -^ifi East Madison delightfully entertained rel- at^-es and friends at dinner yesterday. The house was beautiful with Christmas decorations and California foNage. Dinner was served to .Mr. and Mrs. Elosus Searles. Miss Mary Sciirles. Mr. and Mrs.. Claude Stew- arF, Miss L«uise Stewart, Mr. and Mis. Waiter Hamilton and Waller Himllton Jr., Mrs. Chollette and Jlis.s Belle Reed. •:• •:• •:• . Cored In Her Own Bome Town. Wichita Kas. Mrs. C. L. Grounds tells the "fftv^ for her fellow townsmen to! be'cured of their kidney and bladder aliments, as she was cured. "Some time ago I suffered with Kidney trou- bl.*. I bad a- severe pain In my back and side and when I laid down It seamed as if I could not straighten up .Mi>tHer told me xtfhat good results my father was getting from Foley Kidney I*lils so T went to the'drug store and gqi some and commenced taking them I began to get better very soon, and nciw after taking two bottles the pain h^s left my back and side, and I am cirred of all my kidney -trouble." J. D. Mjindls & Co. • • ^ Primogeniture. ;The law of primogeniture sends afternoon from Hartford,' Kas.. • bftck its roofs to the: most ancient to spend the holidays tyilh his par- ti (nc8. Away ,I>iii.-k In the patriarchal ents. .Mr. and .Mrs. George GillK-ri of SL'CS the flrst-born son had a auncri- 706 So Buckeye street. at 'CS the flrst-born soti had a super! oiity over all his brethren, and in the afisoncc of his father was In every Intpoffant sense the head of tho house. •5' '> •:• Mr. and Mrs. Whitehurst lained a parly of friends at ihelr upon tho death of the father he be- home, 113 W. .Broadway In honor «>f,-i.„„ •,„ ,i,„ i.,„ „,m,i. their son and brother Mr. Albert Fan- 1 W' \ ll'"- ^'h'eb ning and Mr. John F. Whitehurst. A T.'l »"» nueHtlonrd. the priest very enjoyiihie evening was si)ent '""I of tho family, and naturnlly Ulaylns "Hearts" and other gamcH. >''" ">«» P'operty as well as tho and music was also enjoyed. At a lumors of the household. Prlmogcnl- late hour a delicious two course tiirc. wherever it Is found' tid:iy. is luncheon was served by the hostess, j tKe lingering reinninit of the ancient Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. cfistom—a custom which common A. D. King. .Mr. Howell. Mr. W. H. I stnse and Justice prciinuiice to be as Hull, Miss Carrie .Vyatt, Mr. Itoscoe jg superstitious, Provence. .Miss Rosalia Whitehurst.' ^ Mr. Hxrry McKerney, Alasters Robert Dunning and Colon Smith, Mrs. l>'e Rider Smith; Mr. Cleue Howell, Kansas City. .Mo.. Mr. Alb»rt Fanning, of Springfield. Mo., Mr. John F. Whitehurst, Chicago, 111., Mr. Hugh Russell, Ft. Scott. wm ,the family group, for such are iihe pictures that one' most cher- [isbes as the years go by. - j We have the facilities and the skill for making group pictures that you will like now — that : money cpnlfl iwt buy frbjn you tea 7C 'ars from now.' " • "|0«0 Mrs. Sarah Reiniert entert:ilned a comp.iny of children and grandclilld- ren at her home :i23 South State street at dinner yesterday, the occasion being the annual Christmas gathering. Covers were laid for twenty. * . •Mr. Hugh Russell of Ft. Scott returned to his home this morning after spending Christmas with relatives In this city. •r- .% •!• The Board of Charities wishes to extend Its sincere thanks to all who helped in the recent charity work. A number of Christmas dinners were sent out and many gifts distributed. Everyone was remembered and ranch good work was done which was pos- :«ible only through! the generosity of those who contributed toward this worthy cause. •> •:• • The Guild will meet tomorrow afternoon at half past two with Mrs. Frank Travis, 911 North Sycamore. ^ • • <' Mr. Howard Morrison had-as gneats at dinner yesterday Mr. Eddell Jones who Is home from Manhattan and Mr. Frank Winters of ColTeyTille. A most entertaining cantata was giv M Bt t^e Dnlte^ BrnhrAi ebureb Buti «4.'«*<^ijw*,^.'ffl%,r/^."^^ . Mere Details. A writer was describing a forthcoming work of his. Ho spoke most ^thualastlcaliy of the progress be hiid made on it The Idea, he said, was riear In his iwind—clear as crystisl. All the situations were sketched out. everything tjaat was to happen in each chapter decided upon. Why, even the titles df the chapters wore written 1 Just as he was Tiding astride the Kigh-water mark of his enthusiasm one of those clammy, literal friends'that (ill men have suddenly remarked: "I see. You have everything about &at novel completed except tho writ- ijig and the selling of it" '•-^"^.r ^-ij" S. H. KRESS & eO. ' • inventory Sale Starts - * • We|#fi$dpy, One O^CIdck Store closed Wednesday morning to complete arrangements for the one great sale of the year. All odds and ends, broken assortments of Holiday Good.s, Toys, Crockery, China, Tinware, Hardware, Notions. HALF PRICE OR LESS 5c goods at Ic, 2c, 3c 10c goods at , 4ci 6c, 7c 25c goods at l^c, 17c 'WATCH KRESS' WINDOWS*' •I J. T). ARNETT President J. F. NIGH V. President 11. HOBART Cashier JOE M'KINLEY Asst Cash. Capital . 9i»,m Snrplns • (3,500 lola, Kas. THE THREE AGES OF MAN \ Kvery man wlio lias survived tliree score yi'.iis and ten kiuiws that his youth, manhood and (lid ug.; have n priseiited: rirst. Oi'PtMtTI'MTY -a result of entliUB- i.isiii and vitality—for youtli afl^' aggressive-,, ncH .s create <i|iportunity and convert It into' acrriniplishineut. .* Secimd. RKSP()NS1BII,ITY— the heritage(if !ii:itiirit.v—when the stern realities, the care , 1)1" >:elf. fiuiiily, parents or others, conies into liiK life. Third. BrKBKXS—the inevitable companion of declining years—when failing or lost vitality cannot assuage ihc troubles of mind, tjody or estate. If the i.s taken advantage of it will carry a large part of the second and provide' almost wholly for the last. In other words, push your advantages while you are young and free of resiionHil)ilities and burdens. • .'\ bank aoount .started now when it Is easy for you to .save, will encourage and assist you later when it is hard to accutnulate anything and Avili at the last, take .care of yqu^hgp 11 ' is Inrposslble for you to take care mi Begin the New Yefff.Rtgltt Now is the time to buy a DeLaval Separator. Let us tell you about our special inducement for buying one. Brigham Hardware Cos .fAK,-r -;»u{-. -OF- lOLA and Fort \ Scott, ' KANSAS ; "DQN'T HURT A BIT"—Thatis what our patrons^ say. We do the bpst dental work at the most re ' sonable prices. ^ . -f . Before having your dental work done by others caU upon us. Ws In our LaHarpe offices EVERY THURSDAY. • ' ^' ^ ' Office hourB^ 8 to 6 Sundays 10 to 12,-^ ; Kvenings 1!; i Irreverence. • You know how it lis when a man :^W8 fat and the rolls of fat at the •faaek of his neck are isort of plied one ^bove the other, untQ stopped by the 4>asa of his sknil. lyell. a man writh the rear of his heck disposed that way :!was the-theater one evening Jn a setit, just in firont of one who ;4sn't reverent The latter contemplated the exuber- raat layers of flesh Isurmonnting the fat mas 'B collar. Then.' polntiag to. $tbem, he remarked, sotto voce, to the ^ffipanlon beside hip: "Look at the Tiate of buckwheat rcakes!" ! -rThft W. 0. Teato|Realty Co., KreH "^ilMMWHMHHMHOTM prewnteA bjr the cbonif. Serer- (^Brd(. QUle^ roomt jSS to ti. There ie Oniy Que ^^Bromo Quinine" Thai is lUBf ri§E MNUO OVER 7D COHC A. OOUt Of ONT 4Mr. . ' > • « — Always remember the full name. Look for thLi signature on everj box. 25c. —T— ; — —-5 — —W'B wish to call your attention to the fact that most Infections diseases such as whooping cough, diphtheria atfd scarlet fever are contracted when the child has a cold. Chamberlain's Cdngh Remedy will quickly cure a eold and greatly lessen the danger of contracting these diseases. This remedy is famons- for ita- cures of colds. It contains no Qplum or other aar- TeU your Wants, to 20,000 F^I« thi^osrll^ Sir'* cotlc and may be given to a \^ implicit confidence. SoId*'%)r'l ers. . • . ' WAXTEaX-TO EXGHAN6I' nograph ' records, i Also for typewriter, or Will bUTi-i if price Is right. Ad' lola. Kans.

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