Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 26, 1911 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 26, 1911
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• + - VOLUME XV. NO. 53.^ Successor to the lola Dal^r'^lster, the lola Daily Record and the lola Dally Index lOLA, KAS., DEC. 26; 1911—TUESDiiiY EVENING. 1ST JOHN BOLL P« fiOHO Tffi KEAT QUESTIOX OF LAW .iniSES Uf THE MUMriP .VL COIKT. UN ENGLISHUMN REFUSES A SCRIECT OF KIM.' (JKOtM.E. IIK 8Alf8, AXD WON'T I'.W. TlM« CMW Set for iliiirinir Hiforp JudfTP Kmcllfrr ToniorroH AroDHrd I'nuNuiil liitiTCiit. it Johnny Buli.-nr .lohnn.v .VnylioJy- Klse from a fornlgn rouniry. coimw to the United States to ri'Hidc. imi .st h,- abide by tax laws thai OXIHI In in- cle Sam's principalities? Or. may he by reiteraUng his allegl.imo to the Klag, or Queen, or Czar, or Sultan, or Pasha or whatever it be, escape payment of the levies ihr.t are made In the various localities in Aniorica to maintain the governfnent? r This novel question is before Judge D. B. D. Smeltzer, in the city court, for a ruling. From this distance, it appears to be a question that is on its way to the higher courts before • it is finally settled. In the oase that has brought out the question, thu defendant asserts that under no condition, will he pay the load la.\. The city counselor, on the otiier hand, emphatically states that the doteuUant must pay or abide IJV the penaiiv prescribed by the law. ' Johnny Bull and Uncle Sam first locked horns over the payment of road tax, com«ionIy calle* iioll tax. las: Friday afternoon lu this wav: City Clerk T. F. Ziegler lias a list containing the names of 200 persons who are delinquent m the payim-uh of the road tax in the sum of JL.'.o. "What shall I do with them?"' he , inquired of the city commission, "they're not paying and. from all appearances, do not intend to do so." "Prosecute them." responded the commissioners, "if they have failed to iieed a reasonable warning." The names on Clerk Zieglers {ist are those of men who were told a month ago. or more, that they must on (i certain date, appear at the office of the street coniniisslonor anri work out the road tax or. imy it In (•::R1I to the city clerk. So the clerk bcsan to furnish names for the itisnunre of warrants. Several were Ijnued. l«iif there was no sperW reature iiiumi them save in one itsiiiii 'c. .lolui (' TIntdale, proprietor of tin- Kllio theater, and nrrested liy Chief Cof- fleld. gave a unique aiul very unusual reason for hi.*? refu-^al to pay the tax. "Im a subject of King C.< orge." aald Mr. Tinsdale. "and therefore Cm not liable for this tax. 1 will not pay it." Arraigned before Judge Snielt/er. , Mr. Tinsdale made the* same statement "Well, but are you guilty or not guilty?" persisted the .ludgo. "I stated my ease to you. That's all there is to it." 'Tery well. Ill enter.a plea of not guilty for you and set the trial for Wednesday morninc at 10 oclnek. That will give you time to arrange for an attorney and prepare your defense." "Defense? J've stated my dcfeji^e. It's all up to you." And Mr. Tinsdale is making no elTort. is was said this afternoon, to attack tiie legality of the law that provides that all residents most pay a road tax. He will appear in court when called, he notified the court, but whatever proceeding is taken, will be the initiative of the court. "fm not just certain what the law- is." .Jadge Smeltzer said this afternoon," admittedly puzzled—over '.he case. "But, if 1 find no interfering statute. 1 will have to do my duty and Bend Mr. "nnsdale to jail if he refuses to par. If he v.ill unt pay. I'll be obliged to issue a cotiimltment —there's no other way to look at it." -As far as could be learned this afternoon, this is the first time in this seotfon of the country at least, that a l^realdent not a citizen, has ever qutttioned payment of the road tax and speculation around the city building and the streets WBS rife. Some were of the opinion that King George, of England would interfere if one of his subjects should be imprisoned for trix. Others were equally sure that a foreigner who comes to this country rid partakes of the benefits derived through the usual taxa- THE WEATHER. ForpCHst lor Kansas: Generally fair tonlfrht and Wednesday; colder to- nifcht in east and stonth portions; cold wave in past portion. Data recorded at Local , Office Weather Bureau. Temperature—Highest yesterday at 11 p. ni. 33; lowest toda yat 11 a. m. 2">; deflr!cncy in temperature yesterday 1 drpree: excess since Janua 1st. war, degrees. ."I'esterdiiv. 1 p .n' .-.-29 2 11. u; 20 3 p. ni.' 29 4 p. m 30 Tt p. m 30 ti p. m .-V.O 7 p. m. . 30 5 i>. in .31 !• p. !•! . 31 10 p iM . .32 11 II ii> . . 33 12 mdl 33 Dally Register, Established 1897. Weekly Register, Establlsned EIGHT PAGES; Today. 1 a. m 33 2 a. m 33 3 n. m 33 4 a. ni 32 •'. a. m 32 fi a m 29 . a. in 2S 8 n. in 27 "I* a. m 26 10 a. tn if, 11 a .m._ . 1? nnon 2.'i Pjerlpitatlon for 2i liours emlln n .m. today .3r> Ineli; e.vre'-s In i>reili Itnflon since January 1st. 2.1."> lii<!i<' Uelallvc liunildlty 7 a. m toilay 1i per cent; dew point 2S "iicrres; ii: n>;npter rnluced to si a '."vel 2'.' Ini-'Ts Sunrise toi'ay 7:37 a. iit.; tun^v .T;<>9 p. m. PAt'KEK.S PLEAD IMMIXITY. But the Plen Will DonhtleNs l»e Overruled by the Judsrc. CBy »ho .\s«ocl.ite<l Press) Chicago, bee. 26.—When the trial of the ten Chicago meat packers w-as resumed today counsel for the de fense sprung a surprise on the gov ernment by reviving the famous im munity pica by which seven packers escaped possible conviction years ago .\ttorney Miller who Fuccessfull raised (hat point in the former pro cecdinps used the argument today in a motion to have the court exclud all testimony in regard to tnmsac tions of the packers ])rior to Jt :ly 1st 190,=;. He said that this testimony Avould be incompetent iit the present trial. Jud.ce Carpi 'iiter intimated that he had iiassed on practically the same question when he denied the plea of abatement in the beginning of the trial and said he was not disposed to change his dwision unless new points were raised. WAS OVKKCOME BY G\S FIMES 5fl«s Opal fopenlnir Alran>t .\sphjxi ated Sunday lir Fumes of Heater. /Miss Opal Copenine. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. 1'. Copening of 523 North Sy<-:iuiore, was in a 'ianaerous condition for several hours Sunday aflernoon at the result of aceidentjilly inhalinc fumes from a gas lieaier in the hatli room at her l;ome./ Miss ('opening had lighied llie lieater in iiri'p.-iration for a bath, and atiliough till' room, the doors of wliich were closed, seemed to urow suiTocuting. she did not think llure any danger until she felt herself growinc dizzy. Then slie called for h T IMOUI- er. Just as Mrs. Coponing re:;ehed the door her daughter fell In a st.ite of seml-nsphyxiatlon. and it required the work of a physician several hours to restore her to a normal condition. PNEI.HOMA (ArSED DEATH. Infant of Mr. and Mrs. flarenre Ilobh Died Yesterday. The five-monilis-old daughter of Mr and Mrs. Clarence Robb of GOl South Washington, died yesf^^rday afterijoon at four o'clock, as,the result of pneumonia following whooping cough, with which the little girl had been ill for th" iiast five weeks. Several days ago the child contracted pneumonia :ind since that time death has been imminent. The funeral was held at 2:30 this afternoon from tue home, interment being in Highland cemetery. DEATH OF MRS. SEALS. Mother of Mrs. J. W. Smith Died Yesterday Afternoon. ^ Mrs. Sarah Jane Seals, who resided at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. W. Smith, a mile an* a half north of the city, died yesterday afternoon as the result of an illness of two months. Mrs. Seals had been in a dangerous condition for some time, and death was not unexpected. The funeral will be held tomorrow morning at nine o'clockJrom St. Johii's church. Father McWiire officiating. Interment will be in the Catholic cemetery. Two f'hristmas Rabies. Mr. and Mrs. Charles 1-iynion of ^ Mr. and .Mrs. A. M. Sidwell are the tion is liable, and by all right an*|-parpn,g ^ born Sunday morn- reason should pay the ul^ual taxes, it being his prerogiative to become a citizen and thereby gain representation if be desires to do so. The outcome of the c=se is awaited with much Interest But. there'" be n lot of citizens In ^urt as wp'l if the delinquents do not hurry in with thoir road tax iwy- meats. Tber"* are 200 nimes on the Mst from w»^lcb w«rrants are being X Issued and no further warning will ''••bfi given. [ ' J. M. St?^pfi. his dauabter. Mi^s . Florence S*p«rord. and Mrs. B«>r«ie : Brown, of Kaiks»R tyty. who have h««l h«»re for a-ChriBtirms ^-isft with •;*fr.*««d Mri;. Allen Sfsffortl. Mr. and ' Mra. "Mel Pr^-it. and Mrs. B. E. Clif•;ford, returned last night to their home. , Qordtm and. Cl»rence Mav. of Fort Scott.* CKme (n ippt evening for a ,,^3»iiet vMt irith tteir brother, Charlie j &ll»y. of the RegiRik- force. 1116 -Vorth Cottonwood, are, so far as is known, the only lola people who receiwd a baby for Christmas, a lifi.Ie son arriving at their home yesterday iriorning Ing. y. Deutli of <i'. B. ThompHiin. G. B. Thompson, aged fifty-nine years, died this morning at the county poor farm, as the result of a long Illness with paralysis. During the past four days graver symptoms of the disease had become apparent, and it was seen that the end was inevitable. Bryan's Friend a Snlclde. 'By the AKsoclated Press) Plainfleld N. J. Dec. 26.—Willian) Patterson, of Uncoln. N'ebr., a friend of William Jennings Bryan who disappeared from his daughter's home here on Sunday morning, was found dead today with his throat cut near a quary in North Plalbfield. A bloody razor lay by his side and the police say tlial it la a case of ^suicide. Mr. Patterson leftjiis wife Und, two children in Lincoln several weeks ago to spend the Christmas holidays with his dangfater here. * UlES III FERSM >OHODY K>OWS EXACTLY WHAT IS HAri 'E .M .>G IN .\EAH EAST. DisPBTCHEs m taim WILL THE SECOND SHOT BE AS TRUE AS THE FffiST? IF THEY t'.\> BE TRr .STED, MA\Y LIVES ARE HEI.\tJ TAKE.N. I'erslii Yielded EwrylhInK nud Still Her I'rople Are Sliiiiglilerrd hy illP (USMH-ks. (I !.v till- ,\s«i>cliit"il rres.) London, Dec. 26.—The proclamation oT martial law at Teheran following :he dlsmi.''!^l of W. .Morgan Shutter, by the Persian cabinet, and the fiag- mentary reports received as to tho bloody massacre by Russian soldiery at Reslit are causing serious apprehensions. Ultle additional information regarding the reported massacre has been received. The strategic iwlnt of Tabriz three hundred fifty miles northwe.-^t of Teheran .i is another center of constant collisions between the Rtissian and Persian elements. One d'Spatch says the Russian artillery >wept the streets, wliile another, through a Ruffian s^ource. says a con liition of anoieliy cxi.-its, even tl;e banks being without adpqu.ite guards. .\ London dispatch dated yesterday ierlares that a nia=.-acre has leen going on in Resht since Saturday. On Sunday .".oo Persians were killed by the Ritssinns many of them hein".; wiiinen and children. The pcoiile it s said have been exliorted not to '\H>.( and not to irive tW s 'lglitest irc .vocation. but tlie nia .-^t :;cre tiiU I continues. ne>-'.it is the capital of the province of Ghilan and has 40.000 inhabitants. The government house has been cmbarded and many government, officials and police have I.eon killed. Private houses have been demolished. .\reordlng to oth^r dispatches the Rus.-ians killed four unarmed Ariren .-•ns in the Armrhian quaiier of Ta- t)rlz, during the fighting In that city. "Tlie prople of Persia" .says the !l >|i!tt (l ,rs. "are .-tupefied at the ai- Itiide of Itu^'sia. oiK'cIally as these Mitiages have followed immediately on the arceiitanro by Persia of the Hiis'sla ultimatum and w'-en Pert in liiis shown everv desire and dispo-l- ion to conrlllate Russia and estab- sh friendly relations." AisreE 7 REAL REFUtf ill IS RELIEVED PHEXIER XUAJF. RE.iLIZES THAT. SOW. ; REBECS GROWING IMPn THEY; INSIST THAT A PRESIDENT BE ELEI'TED AT O.^CE. The Vmerican ChlncMe Spild R HcBft- ciiliig .Message to Old Wo Ting Fniigr. m GHALIEN^ES JOHNSON THE PIEBLO BOXER WOULD TRV t O.X'LISIO.VS WITH 40H.\S0>. * BLOODY OKLAHOMA DEED. Children Killed That Others Might iivt Their Valuable Laud. UU MiinaLi-r Offers .lolinsou Twenty ThiMi.'>aiid Hollars fur a Finish f. 1 i.:ht \^tUl Flyuii. Rnsslii In Tniulile at Home. il'.y 111" .\ «<.«i.ii< il l'if<i> I.oni'on. Dev. 20—A news agency llf patch from St. Petersburg re |»i >rts hut mutiny has broken out at (the Naval ordnan-.-e yard. Measures for luelling the disorder have been taken y the authorities and several mutineers have been wounded by troops eat to repress insubordination. Russia Denies thp Story. St. Petersburg Dec. 26.—The Rusian Consul Genera! at Tabriz has elesrani'.rd today tn the Kussian For- ign Office a vigorous denial of the barges of ii'iirder and outrages hich have been launched against the Rus^in trooji.s by the Persian authorities. The Consul General says: I protest against this infaiiious ca- umny of our troops, who have always rested a peaceful populace with hu- mpnity notwifastanding the outrages wreaked by the Persians on our wounded soldiers and the mutilation f our killed." 1 !!.> III.- .\.-.ic.. il i'n .s -l (I'.v tlio Assecuited J»iv.-i.-<» :i " Muskogee Okla., Dec. 26.—The court of inquiry into the consjiiracy that resulted in the death of two ne- SI'EAKER PASSED THROKUI lOLA LAST MtUIT TO OKLAHOMA. gro children who owned oil lands val- i „,. ^v|i, .M„k,. Seieral SpeecJies There lied at two hundred and fifty thousand ! „'e„,«i.ratie I'.ollars .went forward lapldly today. 1). C. Allen, a negro, accused of having killed the children, pleaded guilty. One white man a'ready has Jieei: imvUtod. It was charged he prom- Doctrlue. I l;.v 111.- .\ ~ -M-i ii .-.i r Kan.-as ("iiy Die. Cl;i;k pa^sed lliroiigli liiTe today nil Lis way^ii DkliiliDiiia (in a .-|iic .r -i- . wi»^ HAS REYES SIRRENDEREDI Ills Son Savs >o. Rtit Mexicans Say Thev Have Him. iPv th<- -V.^.-six -liited-Pr«'S-<) St. Louis, Dec. 26.—Rudolfo Reyes son of General Bernardo Reyes, re- eived a telegram today which he con strued as a denuil of the press dls- iiatches that his father had surrend- red at Linares, Mexico. The tele- eram was sent from San Antonio. xas. by .\lejandro Reyes, a' younger brother, and the translation of it follows: Please deny in St. Louis papers the notice of our father's surrender. W? will make the same denial in San .\ntonlo." Mexico Is Lnokfne for Him. Mexico City. Dec. 26—The end of the week will probably see General liernardo Reyes who surrendered last night to the .Mexican authorftI ->8. occupying a cell in the penitentiary of he Federal District In the portion set part for jKjlitical prisoners. RECOr .MZES CHRISITIAX SCIENCE a prqjiosal to stage anotner champion^ aiup t)atile ai Reno would bring out- ilie inhaUiiants of that town with liot.! guns. ." Curley expects to leave for Chicago to conter wiili Johnson after the Flynn-Caponi bout, sclieduled heic lor jo,- tiie 'four conspiratorF. u.moirow nigat. ..... ] Two are vet to be tried. 5o >er:ida Laiv Agaiusl It. which wan ghen to \S'llllam Irwin, ih white man, some lime ago. The negro children were llerberl and Cnstelln Sells, of Talt Okla. It was chutged tliat four men entered In to a conspiracy to explode dynamite under the Sells home while the child- was Instantly It fire and deatii in the helpless to aid her. It Is alleged that he conspirators liaid a negro in the city of Mexico to impersonate Sells and sign the deeds to the land. This negro, J. C. Johnson, on the stand swore to the names he said woiiiil be U'.-i >alt l.aKe Mty, Itah. Doc. -'(^--JaktMi,,,, „,p ^^„,.^ t^.„ „,„„,:„„, ^ lu-hy. ui I uu-.tgo. manuger'of Jiull dollars to kill the Se.ll children.. AI- , . iiyna. ti.ei'uebio heavy weight an^^, „.„8 ^L.„„.ni.fe,, to life Imprl.son- ''^ ^^"J* , , ,,, n.-utiCLii today tnal he wouid guarnn- „,,.„, ini.or.'t!>e same sen.ence •'""•t Koo.l old Deui. .ue Jaik Joiiui-on iwV'Uty Utousand doti UMIH .. i >• aii< ..i ;s lo' Ills share of the purse ii..--' oi draw for a finish lialiie I'jxni), for the heavy weiglit champion' ».iip. Curley deolar<'(. he would select.' .Nevada r.s tiie battle ground. Curley Insisted that the fight bu to .i-linlsii and he dlan'i think ii could,; ,rn '-'cpt llcibert *e staged elsewhere than In Nevada.^ kll^.i; jhe home caugl" Local M'crting men closely in touch Castella was burned to d...._. with situation in .Nevada declare, n^mes while the mother looked on iculi :iii I'ljr^ I. I'e w'll .>|ii .'iv Thursday nlulii lii ()kl»!'i )!ii :i :iy, Kriday iifteriii:iin In .McA'eb:ei.' Ki Jiiay night In .Miiskog.-. , and Sal I'I.lay in Tulsa Saiiiiiiia. am! Vinlta. A siie< i -h lor Gutlirie tomoi- niw night has not bten--4m".in:;c(l dt:- inite'y. The..Speaker will return to Wasii- ington Saturday night. (ttv Mil- .\s.H..-PrMs) Peking, China, Dec. 26.—Premier Yuan Shi Ral, has submitted to ihe more prominent Alanchus here a proposal emanating from Shanghai for • the me<;ting of a special national asf>. ' sembly to decide the future form^^of government which shall bfe adopted for China. This step by the Premier practically means that he asks tlie Court to decide its own fate, because the members of such national assetn- bly would decide in favor of a Be^ public. If the Manchus agree to adol>t the suggestion their decision to do so •vil! be promulgated as an edict, wt^fcK in all probability will be made-public soon. , • i j'.. IN)(ilntiiinarles GrowingJmpattcofy Shanghai, Dec. 26.—As no reply has yet beru received by Tang-Shao-TI to ills dispatch to Premier Yuan Shi Kai i:ointing out that acceptance of .the irlvji of a republic is the only meeins cf securing peace, the revolutiona|lies .-ire demanding vigorously the linmedr bte election of a president of the re-' public and asking that government shall be proceeded with, without' any turther notice being taken of Peking.' The conferenc •-held yesterday Iret-^ we^-n Dr. Sun Yat Sen, the proposed prfsident and Wu-Ting-Fang.-chief of the revolutionary delegates at the •pe;;e!.' confer,->nce, resulted in a complete agreement between the .two leaders. I .Vmerican f'hinesie Drronnd Repntilir.. I Sin Francisco, Doc. 26.—The Chi- }'icsv Si:v Companies, which are en? [ eai;ed in raising a ten million doIISF '/..•n for the (Miinesc revolutionary :.'ii'.I rnir.i nt, sent a cablegram to Wu I itiu I'ang :it Shaiighai today asking 2t;.—Speakir !n-suine lipstllitles rather than • > • Id 'o Vriaii Shi Kai's demands ^or limiiid riionarchy. All the Chinese In An-'iiea. it states, are firm for the i.'i I 'lt'ie. \ similar message was sent lo ''•.•'III! Shpo Yl. who represents I'ro- irler Yuan at l,lie coiiferenc^?. nskinjT him also to usi'', his inllueiice in bc- linir of a reimhlie. GUI CAMPillGNIKG (HL IP FIVE (EXTS A RVRRKI (Jodd \e)Ts for PeflBsylranin Produ- ter.s from Standard Source. Reno Nev Dec. 2t!-^From a I'^gai: KU'HESO.N'S TRIAL WILL tiO OX. .-standpoint there IS notiiing to prevent; ""^ " \ staging the proiwsed Flynn-Johnsonr.^ , ^ Preacher Is Better and battle on .Nevada soil. The law enact-? win V:« lo Trial Jan lo. ed in 1S9T for the benefit of the pro-). •"»"• luoters of the Corbtit-Filzsimmons [ oiv th<> A.t«<«emt<'<i'l 'res.-;) bout is btill in force. Johnson Wants More Money. Chicago Dec. 26.—Jack Johnson to day at first declined to say positively wnetber he would accept the ofer to meet Flyun "It is doubtful •' he declared, "if 1 do. Tom ORourke, of .New Y'ork, has offered uie a twenty-five thousand del tar i )U !£c, my opponent'to be pipked ia;»;r and 1 am considering an Australian trip which will net me even more than that." Later Johnson said he would not meet Flynn for le:;s liiafi thirty thousand dollars. , Boston, Massi, Dec. 26.—That the i-staio is in earnest in its intention to iry the Kev. Clarence V. T. Rlcheson, January fifteenth for the murder of .\vis Linnell was still further shown [-today when summonses were issued \for three hundred citizens of Suffolk 'county to serve cn a special jury pan,el. RiciiCfon was allowed to walk about hi.5 eel' during the forenoon. MLSSIXti (;iRL MAY BE M.UtKIED. 4 The President Modifle* Canal Zone Laws at Their Demand. fnv the Ar-'-elnterl Pn>«-«) Wnfhington, Dec. 26.—President Taft. who makes laws for the Panama Can^ Zone today amended the recent <'xecuTlve order regarding th,e practice of medicine in the zone, so as to explicitly sanction the^use of Christian Science and other non-medicinal methods of healing. '^"^ene Ihrig and wife, of Boise, Idaho arrived here Christmas eve to spend the holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Ihrig and wife on South Washington. They bar? I>een away from lola five years, and have prospered. Mr. -ftrig having N-en successful in Trailding and selling houses. His friends are glad to learn of his good fortune. .Miss Reuhler Was a .Maid of .Many Runiunees. (By itio AssiHiiit "d Pres.s) Chicago Dec. 2i;.—With the discovery that Violet lieuhler, missing since -November twenty-fifth, had not one but several romances, the line of ."earch was cxiected lo change today. Inspector Hunt claimed to have reliable information thai the Beuhler girl was given a diatuoiid ring by a police lieutenant. IXSIRGEXTS START CAMPAIGX. LaFolletfe and Clapp Are Making Speeches in Ohio This Week. T. R. IS XOT IX POLITICS. T^hjr Certjilnly Xi>l, (HI- HP Himself HoliiSiTJ it <Bv thf A.-<-«'>«-i;iif<l Prens) New York, Dec. 26.—Theodore Roosevelt announced this afternoon that he wa^ taking no part in the •New York ."tale iioliilcal situation and thai "not a* single human being" bad -esked hlu to lend his Influence to the support of any candidate for the Republican nomination for governor next year, "l haven't been asked bo- cause I'm not in politics and nobody experts me to be in politics " said he. Gotcb jfppts Munro Tomorrow. I By the Asoi.vLiatert Press i Kansas City, Mo., Dec. 26.—Frank A..Gotcb, champion wrestler of the world, arrived here from Humboldt Iowa, this afternoon to complete train Ing for his mat^h with Alex^ Munro. the champion of Great .Britain, here tomorrow night iltv the .\i!«oeMt"il I 'rfssi * Columbus O., Dec. 26.—The. whirl- ivind campaign of the Progressive 'iirators in Ohio starts tonight. Sena- jor Moses K. Clapp. one o ftlie origin- jil LaFoUette Presldenial advocates. ^i*ns the campaign with an address. j >.t Salem. Senator LaFollete wiU invade President Taft's home state to- ?norrow opposing the renomination 'jf Taft. JAPAX HAS BEEX BUSY. Jlnsslnn Officials Derlare They Have Snrreyed the Frontier. (By the AsMnclsleil Preiw) Muckcn, Manchuria, Dec. 26.—It Is reported that Japan has carried out a complete survey of the Russian fion- \ier since last Jime. Russian officials Hre. in consequence insisting that .^mur and the Transbalkal provinces should in the future be closed to Jaji- Jinese officials. ARRESTED FOR RtWBERY. *A CoffeyTlIlfr Baciier Accused of Post- offlee Robbery. (By the Asiioclnted prt-ss) Coffeyville. Kas., Dec. 26.—Charles tulver, a~ barber was arrested here Joday charged with connection with jhe robbery of the Mulberry, Kansas, ^oiitoffice October 12 when eight thousand dall^rs was stolen. The po- Ree say Culver confessed that be and i partner got the'nloney and had fpcnt It all Ijater, they say, he de^ ^ied tlie ^nfeEs'on. ' _r IT WAS ALL .\ HOA.X. llal the Kanvr.s (ify Star FeH for It to a Finislu _ it?.v the .\.ssoc:iitoci Tress) Pittsburg "Pa.. Dec. 26.—Annnunte- irent was made today by Joseph Seeii, | ;"!-:i is purchasing agent now the buyiug r.Dwer of the old Standard Oil orgsni zation. of an advance in Pennsylvania crude of five cents a barrel, bringin,^ •lit price paiil independent producers a dollar iind thirty-fve a barrel. Otii er grades were raised in proportion. iltv Ihe As-^-i'-h'teel . 0'a:!.e. Kar:.. De-. 2tf<-The county aiitliorities lic-re today discovered be- -f .Tui a I'.oubt 'that the blood stains nei.nd in a de.serted mill here did't tell of the le .iivder cf a ynu'Hg woman :i? :r f;r>t believed. The stains are ' . •i -vod to be tlie work of small boy .STEEL TRUST SUIT POSTPOXED. Anotlier Month's Time Given for the Tfust to File Its Answer. (By the Associated PT'-SS) Trenton, N. J. Dec. 26.—United States District .Attorney Vreeland announced today that a further exten- TI;e foregoing reIa>e»--to a blood- chiiHng tale that appeared first in the .'•Cai-as Cijy Star of Christmas with a ••ioi!ow-up'" of a column and a half in the Times of this morning. The Star's story was to the effect that' blood stains in and about an- alian- ioned mill at Olathe, together with a blo.-.dy iron bar to which long brown 'lairs adhered, and several pieces of rominine acorameni were the evidence that a mysterious murder had been committed. • The Kansas City Joiiinal this morning declared the story to b>i^ hoax by some fun loving kids of Olathe, who slaughtered a roo.-ter on the altar of their fondness slon of time had been granted for fil ing answers in the government suir ] a joke and levied on their sister's for tie. dissolution of the United ; onil.ings for the necessary hair. States Steel Corporation. The time was extended from the first Monday while, levying tribute upon her dress- - ing table for hairpins and other cheap, in January to February first in the j hut characteristic belongings. All of case of the United States Steel Cor- j «i:ich, while a good Ijoke probably, poratioa itself and fort twenty-five or means that tome poor devil who has thirty orther defendants in the case.' I been on the Star pay roll is now out of TWO MIXUTES' HOXEYMOOX. a job. Soldier Sails for the Philippines Im- niediiitely .tftcr Marriage. (By the>ei;ite <I IVes^;) Ogden. Utah, Dec. 26.—Two minutes after the wedding ceremony which made .Miss I.aura Lund, of Ogden, .^Irs. Benjamin J. Garr private Garr. of the Fifteenth United States Infantry, boarded a train and started for t!ie Piilllpplnea to join bis regiment. Garr promises to leave the armx and take tltuo for a honeymocn two yen hence. rs IT WtHLD COST «T5.(H»0,miO, That Is Sec. FlshprV Estimate of the Cost of the Sherwood HIU. illv the' A vool!»t"<l Press) Washington. Dec. 26—Secre'aiy of the Interior Fisher informed President Taft today that the final adoption of the Sherwood dollar a day pen sion bill as it passed the House, would increase the government's annual pen rlon expenditures at least seventy- five milljon dollars. Taft ha-s refrained from stating he would veto the Sherwood bill If it came to him, but close friends believe he would. Fortunate Trolley Accident ^ I By the Associated Press) , . Pottsylllo Pa., Dec. 26;—None of the thirty iiersons on a trolley car which; . lef; the rails on a bridge and plunged into the Schuylkill river here last, night Is seriously injured. The cafr fell fifteen feet. ^ Major tienenil HodgpH Dead. iPy Iho AcsfKrlBtMl PresHi Washington. Dec. 26.^MaJor Gen- . pral Charles L. Hodges, U. 8. A., ret^ tired died at his home here today. , (ienctal Hodges was borii in Rhode' ,. i.-,land in 1847. He entered the civfl war when fourteen years old. and remained after its close in the regular army. Miss Etta Wilkeraon. of Independence, who has -been here for a visit v^lth Mr. and MTS;H. J. Aubuchon, re^ tnnied yesterday afternoon to> her 'nome. /• rtargpd With Patricide. Havre, Mont., Dec. 26.—^Jas. Anderson "aged 19 was arrested today, charged with murdering his father.' Dan Anderson an Assiniboine rancher. At the inquest, it is said, it de- veloued i that the son quarreled with i, the father. The elder Anderson was shot from ambu^. Anderson. klUed a . sheep herder nine years ago and senr- ed a term in the peniteitUary. v Miss Edith and Sfiss Bentko Vkrr. who have been Iri,^Kansas City^for'a-v.^.^ holiday -rtslt; their tistec, Rose Marr retQToedlidme^ " ' '

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