Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1911 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1911
Page 8
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8 THE lOLA DAILY REGISTERv SATURB^^Y EVENING, DtoMBEB 23,1911. The Vounp Amrrlran BojN First Exporlencp In Dealing DirecUy With Santa Claus. He Writes a Letter, Posts it. Then Dreams of the Storchonse From^Which Kris Kringle Will Select Soniethlnir For Him and Awalies to Happy ftcalizntion of Ills Dreams. I Tho Sunday School of Trinltj- M. E. Cliurcli will have a Christmas party .Mondiiy niglit at half past seven (irlock at tlie ohiirch. Songs and recitations will entertain tlie audi- •>ni('. Gifts and articles to be used at the party should be brouRht to (lie chinch Sunday or early Monday Miurnlng. The Sunday School of the Presbyterian Church will Rive a Christmas '.'anlata this evening at 7:;!0. to which .•verylK)dy is invited. The children 'lavp a iiumbor of beautiful choruses md other parts and jjromise a de- rlghtful evening. The morning service In the church tomorrow will be suitable to tho day, vltli a Christmas sermon and music, in the evening the lime will be de- otfii largely to song, with the fol- owlii.c program: Orsnn I'lelude—'•lmi)romi)tu in IJ" —.Ashford. Processional — 'Hark! Christmas •Jells" —Storer. Hyn<n—"It Cair.e Cpon a Midnight "lear." Anthem—"Hark: A Voice Is Sound- ng"—Uullard., Solo—"O Little Town of Hethle- ,eni"_Riillard ._Mrs O. T. LaGrange OfTortory—"Cradle Song"—Kreiser. Anthem-"Sing O Heavens'—Tours. Hymn—"From tho Kastern Jloun- ain." Short Address by the Pastor—"The Ither Wise Man and Some Others." Solo—"The Uirthday of a King"— <eidlinger Mrs. W. S. Burdlck Hymn—"Hark, tlie Herald. Angels >ing." Postlude—"Cantilena in D"-Mathews. The various Sunday SCIKVIIS of the clly are looking lorwanl to tl.e celebration of Christmas wiUi the iistiai programs and th? treiu of c;>nily and truits. AH of the il.iirclii's " have spent a great d-^al of time and work upon arrangements fur a festive gathering of the Sunday school. A cal- _etiilar for tonight. Sunday and Mon- diiy includes the following entertain, ments: The Sunday School v.lll have a program Sunday evening. Tin prdgrnm will begin at 7 o'clock ti: suit the convcMilonces of the smallei children. The number.-! will hi' n^ follows: Scripture Heading _.i:t<ilia Copenin); Pmyer Kev. J. II. Pile. Solo -"Christmas Star'' „ . --^ - - Clr-ime Slebbln? A Greeting . Carlton Crld Kecltation—"Cliilstmas Carol" . - -..^.^ Doiothy I'reema' Heellatlon . . _ Morris Mtwii , Solo - _ Vernon ^'oweli ' "Christ Was Horn in Hethlehem".. Lotiise Stewart, Paul nill )ee am' Hernice Itoyer. Kccitation—"The First Chri;-.lmas" Herschel Hrowi •'("ratitude jnid Praise"-noys' Chorus Kecltation—"In Pethlehem" - William Kratisf llecitation—"Good Tidings of Joy" . Margaret Robert; Recitation Maxine Pogget' nuet—"The Christ-Child" Klinor and Uichard Hansor Kecitation—"Little Stars That Twin kle" Florence Da) Solo—"Luther's Cradle Hynm" Claire Dawsoi, Uecltation—"On Christmas Morning" I>ottie Garf" _"The Secn-t of the Stars" Xbonis Primary Dept. Uecltation—"What r>oes It Mean to Me?" Marjorie Garlinghouse Offeririg Male Chorus iSolo Miss Ktliel Culli.son Brpding Miss Helen McKinney "With .Toy We Sing" Girls' Chorus Solo Miss Florence Root The Reformed Church will , celebrate with a tniscellanooe.s program of intL ^fc and recitations bringing the Ciiristnias message. Sunday evening at 7:3ii o'clock. The church will have -the usual sdornment of Christmas greens. • The can*ata which the Christian Church will render will be given Monday evening at the. church. i)eginn1ng - at 8 o'clock. The cantata depicts a trip around the world with Santa and the children who will i)articipate will, wear costumes of the "nations. The stage is l^fing built to represent a shij). Little Rullders' Sunday School will observe the season with the following program at the Chapel at three o'clock Sunday afternoon: Chorus. Rirllulay OiTering. Anthem—"The Angel Host." Anthem—"Yonder His Star." _The Christmas Story. Prayer. Anthem—"Praise Him." Quartette—"Open the Gates." Choru.s—"Dwell With Us."" At :."!'! Rev. P. O. Hanson will tell , ns of the Christmas time in China. The Sunday School of tJje Presbyterian church will render a cantata. "Santa Clans' Arrival." at the church | tonight, beginning at 8 o'clock. Under the direction of Mrs. O. T". \A Grange and Miss Ruby Heller, the luipils have jirepared the program which the cantata. Follow-, ing its rendition a treat will be dis-! tributed. Miss .Josephine Riddle -will play the cantata. The Episcopal churfh will render a Christma^program at half past seven . o'clock tonight The Sunday School lias been preparing a program for the )mst week and those who "sn-e to take part are eStpectlng the. make the en- tertainment an enjoyable one. This i YXvfX A. M. E. ChuK-h. afternoon the church was decorated i Preachln? at 11 a m. bv Dastop. Witt Christmas green and "owers.; s„P^^,«^t^»''°^^ and It presents a ver>- attractive ap-i class meeting aU12:30 p m. pearance. | Sunday School at 2:45 p. m. The United Brethren Sunday school: AHen Endeavor League 7:15 p. m. _will sing a cantata. "The Coming At evening service a sacred con- King," Sunday evening. About Bfty I reft bv Junior Choir assisted by Smith St. Thnoihj's Kplsropal Church. Services tomorrow will be: Holy Communion 7:S0 a. m. Stmday School 9:4."« a. m. Morning Prayer 11 a. m. Christmas P .jy (Monday) there will he a choral celebration of the Holy C<mimunion at lu a. m., at which service the Knights Templar will he the guests of the church. The order of the music tomorrow will be: Processional Hymn — "O Worship the King.' Venite (Chast). Te Deum (.Iackson>. Jubilate Deo (anthem setting). H.vmn—"It Came I'pon the Midnight Clear." Anthem—"There Were Shepherds" by Innes. Soprano solo by Miss Bessie Tipton; bass solo by Dr. E. C. Reynolds. Recessional Hymn—"Hark the Herald .Angels Sing." CHRISTMAS DAY, 10 A. M. Musical Program. Processional Hymn—"O Come -All Ye Faithful." Kyrle. Hynm—'"While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night." j Sermon by the Rector. Subject— I "I^.ok Well to the East."' j Offertory Duett—"From Worlds of I .loy""—Wallace. Sting by Miss Bessie i Tipton and Dr. E. C. Reynolds. Sursum Corda. Sanctus. Hymn—"Bread of the World." Gloria in Excelsis (Old Chant). Nunc Dimittis, Turtle. Fourfold Amen, Newknown. Recessional Hymn—^"Hark the Herald Angels Sing." ~ Organist. Miss Beulah Reimert . The church has been beautifully decorated for Christmas and as the Kpights Templar -will attend the Christmas service, a special Invitation Is extended to all Masons and others to join with us on this great festival In the worship of the New Bom Babe of Bethlehem, our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ CARL W. NAU. Hector. ;CClud8tmAs>5ong} i a EMKRSOK • 'wpl -..come Thee year 1^ Ijrears like a we look shall no . H - ver have nowe4 a back thro'.the' a*-.- .-gcs ' dim ."And coine. iike tfieishep-heras'to' fwof-^ship him., w a/e sing-ipg| Wei taint of tbe^worlds al Ipy- Shad:::\)w the .light of our Chris-mas joy._"Whilo 1 m - KEFRAIN. m Pejujp'np-ODj ^eartiandtojmen^good^will, ' Goii weTare'slngJ-:; ing : ^, still,. iTis'.^ true the pine'and the myr-tie' ^bough', ' kre wom'in; Gar-lands to!meet' jThee now,. Peace op-on . - - > • " ' . " V , IS.* . • v .AiMl' ^the . iPeace.Bp^fti' !earth and tojmen go&d will. And Glo*-ry to God Wefir*_^Bing--^ing W 6tiJl,.,WlIiiePfliace'iip-oas 3- — . ri ..Ti.i''!! 10, Slowtr. earth,«ad^to *men3Bgood Will,. Glo-ry ta G«>d <re>nj«i%riqg> .still, ^''^ \r ^^^^ «iB-6htaeofrpirirt.ina8\ aay;|l8 r May:. ... . jtrth^^ 'iiiw' fgoodi yiUiKtiA ; Glo -'iyTtt i©«t:-»ro*tew»ia^.lng; 'jstillj i • A -oeni ^ p Slowel will take part The treat of candy und fruit "Will be distributed in the iuornlng. Orchestra. Come and enjor these stnices. All are welcome. ^ C. A. WOODS, Pastor. Copyrighleu and Published by LEO. FEIST, Feist Bujldinff, Now York anduscd by pennlssIdiO Trinity Xetfaodist Ctanrcta. Remember, bring your glfta of toys and useful articles when you come to Sunday School on Sunday morning, or bring them early Monday morning. The pastor will pi«ach Sunday morning on "The Word Made- Flesh. The subject for the evening will be "A Christmas Gift" The congregation ought to be large this Sunday. The Christmas party for the Sunday. School will be given on Monday night at 7:30. Have your song or recitation ready. Fresbyferlan Chnrch. FIrsf Church: The Pastor Rev. S. 8. Hilscher, wIIT preach at the morning service, while the evening service will be devoted largely to song' by the choir. Sabbath school at 9:45 a. m. and C. E. meeting at 6:30 p. m. Little Builders'Xbapel: Mrs. E. N. Jones, Snpt. Boyr School at 2 p. m. Regular school and Christmas exer­ cises at 3 p. m. Young People's meeting at 6:30 p. m. Bassett Chapel: "W. H. Means, Supt Sabbath School at 2:30 p. m. Preaching service at 3:15 p. m. First Baptist Church. Sunday School 9:43 a. m. Mr. Fred Rowden, Supt. Sermon. 11 a .m. Theme. "The Prince of Peace." B. Y. P. U. 6:30 p. m. Leader, Hazel Rae.. Christmas program by the Sunday School at 7:30 p. m. The chufch will be decorated and a Christmas tree .for the children. Special songs for morn Ing service. Prayer servtee Wed. 7:30 p. m. You are cordially Invited to all services. G. W. SHEPARD, Pastor. Bassett .C~1L~E. Church Sunday School 9:45. Class; meeting 3 p. m. Allen Christian End. 6:30 p. m. • Sermon by pastor S p. m. Christmas program and tree Monday evening. You are welcome. Come and visit us. ; T. W. Greene, Pastor. for all the scholars. Parents and others are cordially invited to these -fservlces. both morning and evening. An offering for orphans will be made at the evening service. W. H. SHL'LTS, Pastor. Gorman Lutheran Church. There^ will be German preaching Monday', afternoon at 3 o'clock at the G. A. R4 hall. F. T. VOGEL, Pastor. ' Reformed Chnrch. Sunday School at 9:4.T a. m. -'Preaching at 11 a. m. Theme— "The Gfjd-Man." C. E. 'Meeting led by Charles Klaumann a< 6:15 p. m. ChrLsfinas e.^ercise.s by the Sunday School {\nd choir. 7:30 p. m. There'wiU be singing by adults and the primary class, recitations, ad- dre8se8 ,ra Christmas tree and treats St. John's Chnrch. Christmas day services 1911. High mass at 6.00 a. m. Low Mass at 8.00 a. m. High Mass at 10:00 a. m. Opening Hymn "Adeste Pideles." Battmann's Second Mass. Solos by Miss May Brigham, Miss CatherlCi Trempala. Mrs. Jas. Dwyer. Offertory "O Holy Night." sung by Miss May Brigham. Closing hymn, "Angels We Have Heard on High." Closing of Sunday school at 2 p. m. Sunday Dec. 24th. Presents for the members of the ditferent classas. Vespers and Benediction on Christmas day at 3 p. m. ,y Second BaptlHt Chnvefc. Y'ou »Te cordially Invited to be with •IS ti'aight at oiir Chrisrtmas tree ex- ^tlses. The luogram promises to be the.-best in tho history of the church. Mrs. J. W. Gordon, the superintendent' urges that parentis biyon hand to encourage your little ones. Don't fall to c^me tonight, the 23rd. Sunday morning at 10 o'clock you are Invited 1o the Sunday school. Preaching at 11 a. ni. Thems—"llie (irent .loy of Christmas." n. Y. P. li. at 6:30 p. m. Tlifrre will be ii sacred' program '.ondercil at H p. m. Some of the best Itjcal talent of the clly will assist In thcBc exorcises. Among thetn wJlll be tlie Walls Conc'jrt Company and Mr. Ellis Johnson who will sing "The Holy City. " There will also be other numbers, such as solos, duetts and' a trio. ('ome—you are welcome. J. W. GORDO.V, Pastor. rnifrd Krefhreii Church. Sunday School 9:45 a. m. Morning sermon 11 a. m. Subject, •"E.xtension and Intension." Christian Endeavor, Senior and •funlor, 6:30' p. m. Musical Christmas Cantata by the Simday School 7:30 i). m' The morning subject is another im- liortant one of the series now being given and is ai)propriate for the I 'hristmas occasion. The cantata will ^e o'^^exceptional interest and very appropriate for a Sunday evening exercise. Teh platform has been enlarged to aci.-ommodate the large chorus. The west room on the grouAd floor has been equipped for a men's 'department of the Sunday School which is divided into two. class rooms by a beautiful, sound deadening curtain. All men and young men not attsnding Sunday School elsewhere .ireMnvitpd to our men's department Come tomorrow and help the new department start with enthusiasm. The lirimary department upstairs and Vai other classes in the auditorium will provide splendid instruction for all the members -of the family. Let's make it unanimous from now oa. What you say? I. B. PRATHER, Pastor. ,; Chrisfinu Churrh Announcements. Morning sermon "The Child Enthroned." Evening subject, "Artaban "E Christmas Gift" A sermon In story'fcrm, with oriental setting and present day aplication. This.will be of especial interest and profit to the large nim;bcr of young people who are membtrs of this church and their fnend.-.—this yi'-ung life the pride of the wliole congregation. Anthems by a large chorus at l)Oth morning and evening services. This musical feature along will be a strong incentive to worshipful thoughts. The Christmas Cantata "Around the World with Santa Claus" will be given .Monday evening. The Bible School pupil.'- have "-rked hard to prepare l,\'.<i r nntata diii It Is certain that their efforts will be rewarded by an aitrndaucr larger than the building will accommodate comfortably. S|.;[-nd!d Eihle School at 9:30 aod Young People's meeting at 6:30 p. m. A cordia, welcome awaits all who attend these services, especially to fjose who have recently moved to our town. f.^rtaban. a hero of F^Ith, the Ma- gian character conjured in Dr-Henry Van Dyke ^. Hall of Dreams, in the palace of the Heart of Man!). First .ir. E .Chnrch. Sunday School 9:45 a. m. A Christmas missionary sermon at 11 a. m. with appropriate music. Epworth League 6:30 p. m. The Sunday school Christmas exep- clses at 7:30 p. m. J. H. PRICE. Pastor. First Chnrch of Christ Scientist. Sunday School at 10 a. m. Church services at 11 a. m. Subject: Christ .Tesus." Testimonial meeting Wed. at & p. m. Senrlces are held In the chnrch building corner East and Sycamore streets. The reading, room adjoinins the church Is open from 2 to 4 p. m. each week day. A cordial: invitation is extendedUhe public to, attend the • services and visit the reading room.

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