Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 17, 1974 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1974
Page 6
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Page Six SIDE GLANCES HOPE (ARK.) SfAR By GILL FOX "Do you have one with 25 per cent fewer safety gadgets?" OUT OUR WAY By NEC COCHRAN /HE'S BEEM WARMING TH' VWELL.THATS FINE/ IT'S TOO / BENCH, MARX BUT HE SOT ] ROUGH A GAME, AMP I \ I HIS FIRST CHANCE TO P1AY kPIPMT WANT HIM TO PLAY, S TOBA.Y--AND HE WAS GREAT/) BUT... WHERE IS HE, BY / HE RAW FOR TWO TOUCH-^ V. DOWWS ANP PASSEP \ FOR AK)OTHER,AND--UH... THE WAY, IM HIS MOMENT OF GLORY f LIFE'S LONGEST MIMUT6 OUR BOARDING HOUSE By MAJOR HOOPLE WHAT YOU N6EP FOR PROMOTION. M0RENCY, 16 A 016 CATCHp- OR COLLAR. AS WE 5AY IN INTE.RPOL.' SCRUTINIZE EVERY PASSERBY A6 A POSSIBLE 3USPECT—YOU'LL. INEVITABLY SEIZE WANTEt? HOOPLUM! AW, THATS NO SLAMMER CANPIP*TE IT^ DETECTIVE FI6TULI'. HE'550 SOFTHEARTED FOR EXAMPLE, 5INI5TER GENTLEMAN v .. COULO BE Tr<E IMFAM0U5 HALLOWEEN HAdKER! EEK & MEEK Bookish Answer to Previous PuZile AtHOSS 1"— Ballads" 4 "God's Little 8 "Two Years before the 12 Miscue 13 Warmth 14 Martian (comb, form) 15 Past 16 "The Forest" 18 Way by a canal 20 Hazards 21 "Winken, Blinken and 22 Assam silkworm 24 Snow gliders 26 In addition 27 Taxi 30 Glittery decoration 32 Staid 34 Feminine appellation 35 Glossy paint 36 Roads (a b.) 37 Burden 39 Coin factory 40 Not shut 41 Months (ab.) 42 Kitchen appliance 45 Dutch philosopher 49 Hangers-on 51 Brytnonic sea god 52 Encourage 53 Take a breather 54 Son of Gad (Bib.) 55 Melody 56 Heroic poetry CARNIVAL 57 Turf DOWN 1 Cudgel 2 Jason's ship (myth.) 3 Noted poetic couple 4 Leading in a race 5 US. coin 6 Biblical character 7 Anglo-Sazon letter 8 Obsession 9 The fine — 10 Search for 11 Bushy clumps 17 Ascended 19 Sheriffs group 23 Artifices rasa 24 Play the lead 25 Genus 28 Carpenter's gadget 2701dtTme garments 28 Solar disk 29 Cincture 31 Runs away to wed 33 Pythias' friend 38 Remove a mast (haul) 40 Egg-shaped 41 Light fogs 42 Petty quarrel 43 Forbidden 44 Biblical name 46 Mexican coin 47 Nothing 48Dry 50 Choler By DICK TURNER © 1974 by NEA. Inc.. T.M. R««. U.S. Pal. 0«. "My Dad's always sayin 1 'Holy Cow! 1 What's your Dad's favorite expression?" The only thing more rapid than a calculator is the rubber stamp that raises prices on canned goods. If you find mercury in a fish you buy, you can always use it for a thermometer. "'Go Ask Your Mother'!" BLONDIE All good spirits advise their kids: <f Spook when you're spoken to, and not before." COMB THERE'S AJD HDUeSTY L&FT IM POLITICS ? y / By HOWIE SCHNEIDER FRANK AND ERNEST By BOB THAVES BUGS BUNNY By HEIMDAHL & STOFFEL MIGHT AS WEU- GET OUT TH 1 CKACKERS AN CATSUP/ WADCV\YA KNOW/ ^ THEY'RE GOIN* ON BV/ WE JUST WEREN'T PAYING ATTENTION.' FUSM GORDON Thursday, October It, 19741 By DAN BARKY I I'VE 4S6uf H& Y BUf m IT WITH YOU/ MD H VdU MAY WMt ANfr. NE§P SOME TO PLAY HETO...yv ftESt/ ,, &T THANK ^ EMPEROR.'BUT WE,CANNOT HOMOR HIS INVITATION/ THE BORN LOSER ByARTSANSOM ALLEY OOP ByDAVEGRAUE DID YOU ^ YEAH/THIS HEAR ITHORNKING THAT? /MUST BE A REAL MEAN '"XWXV DUDE... ...THEY'RE GOING TO. , _ WHIP HIM/ { I'M AROUND, THEYAINT/ ...IF HE HAS TO PUNISH PEOPLE JUST BECAUSE THEY DONt/ YES, WANT T'BUY ANY-/ I...6OOO THING FROM HIS HEAVEN&I STORE/ 1 LOOK. 1 CAPTAIN EASY WE'RE KE-^PV TO OFFER. LOKP VULE A jg/jT" CONTRACT- AND A & SO, GOG APVANCE- TO PO A TV $HOW OW THE VUUETHORP VAMPIRE! By CROOKS & LAWRENCE ER-MAYBE FOREWARN you.Tippy- LORD PRAKE YULg'5 5LEEPIMS ARf?ANdE- MENT$ ARE-WELLA TRIFLE UNU5UAI.1 THEN WAKE HIM MY SOOP AAAWi TAKE AAE TO YOUR J.EAPEK: DA6WOOD- IT'S TWO A.M./ WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO BED? Illlllf ^ T 1 AS SOONJ AS ( I FINISH THIS V MUPDER 7 MYSTERY 2^ /^/ By CHIC YOUNG HIS WIFE PROBABLY DID IT BECAUSE HE WOULDNJY COME UP TO BED I WANT TO FIND OUT WHO KILLED THIS WOMAN'S HUSBAND WINTHROP By DICK CAVALLI WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO, FOSTER 1 ? BUTONE OF THOSE \OICSe SOUNDED LIKE JOHN WAYNE. BISEN TAKIN© LESSONS FT33v\ RICH LITTLE. CAMPUS CUTTER By LARRY LEWIS 00 VOU REALTY THINK YOU CAM SET EVEN WITH STU06MTS WHO SLEEP THROUGH YOUR CLASSES.. IN Hgfcfi, YOU SILLY OLD 60ATJ ...8V SLEEPING THROUGH THE/R ROCK CONCERTS % WHERE ARE /MY EAR,PLUGS PRISCILLA'S POP By AL VERMEER IT'S TIME FOR> MY REDUCING ) PROSRAM! / UP, ONE-TWO-THREE! DOWN, ONE-TWO-THREE- 1 UP, ONE-TWO \P\x V TO RUN| J

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