The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 30, 1998 · Page 44
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 44

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 30, 1998
Page 44
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IB SATURDAY, MAY 30^1 ' t I i i 4 i > I > f n i««« M THE SALINA JOURNAL, Tune in Tomorrow Soap opera summaries for May 25-29 By Nancy Reichardt • United Feature Syndicate • ALL MY CHILDREN: Adam and Liza got closer after he thanked her for saving Hayley from Camilla. Liza later fumed when she caught Adam trying to ruin Marion and Stuart's romantic evening. Janet panicked when she learned the minister was the real thing. Trevor, Tim and Amanda bonded over their surprise wedding for Janet. Janet had another conversation with Natalie, who urged her to go ahead with the wedding. Later, Janet and Trevor tied the marital knot just like he planned. Jack warned Erica that Mike is taking advantage ol her. After Mike said he loves Erica, Adrian helped him out by "kidnapping" Mike and Erica. After getting free ol their bonds, Mike calmed Erica, who was desperate to escape the cabin. Later, Mike told Erica that he wanted to make love to her. Liza warned Ryan that he is close to losing his job, and told him to stay away Hayley. Liza admitted to Tad that she has been thinking a lot about having a baby. • ANOTHER WORLD: Nick was devastated when Sofia called off their engagement. At Shane's gravesite, Lila vowed that she will marry Matt even though she overheard Matt tell Paulina that he loves Sofia. Lila plotted to ruin Matt's romance with Sofia after learning ol Sofia's split from Nick. During a confrontation with Lila, Cass said he knows Matt is the father of her baby - and not Shane. When Amanda asked Cass to pay Cameron's bail, Cass learned someone cleaned out all the Cory bank accounts a lew days before Carl was shot. Matt and Amanda told a stunned Rachel that the Cory family is broke. Hitman Scott plotted to kill Cameron, who was released on ball. Scott later went to the Cory mansion and asked to see Carl. As planned by Donna, Jake was angry when Mariey told him that Vicky had slept with Shane. Jake later found himself face-to-face with Vicky. Grant made sure Gary thinks Cindy started the hospital fire. • AS THE WORLD TURNS: Camilla lied that she was researching a paper when Ben found her cancer pamphlets. Camilla went to Susan after experiencing pain in her breast, and was upset that a mammogram and an ultrasound showed a lump in her breast. Susan insisted Camilla have a biopsy. To help Carry, Lisa convinced Hal to drop his malpractice suit against B » John, who told Cariy that he would reveal she had artificial insemination if Hal went through with his lawsuit. Molly admitted to Carry that she has been spying on David for Lucinda. Molly told Lucinda that James was back after she saw him in David's room. David showed Lucinda a compromising photo of her and James. Adam covered for Eddie, who broke a vase while sleepwalking. Unaware that Prince Xavier was watching them, Julia and Jack shared a kiss. Nikki fumed when she overheard Cariy trying to call Jack in Chicago. John was thrilled Barbara has put off divorcing him. • THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: C.J. brought Amber, who has lived Me on the streets, to talk to Bridget. Amber convinced Bridget to call Brooke and Ridge on their car phone while they were out looking for her. Ridge and Brooke shared a kiss after Bridget said she would return home. When James refused to step down, his clinic partners threatened to leave the practice. An angry Sheila warned Dr. Nunez, one of James' partners, that he won't get away with trying to oust James from the practice. A fertility doctor told Macy that she and Grant should be able to have a baby. Thome admitted to Daria that he still loves Macy. • DAYS OF OUR LIVES: In New Orleans, Erlene, Wayne and Earl helped Blllie bury her still- bom baby. The mysterious swamp girt made a * v cross of stones on the baby's grave. Billie kept mum about the baby after Roman found her and took her back to Salem. Blllie argued with Hope and then crashed her car when she had abdominal pains. Franco stepped up his plot to marry Sami. When Lucas heard Sami and Franco making love in a storage closet at Titan, he locked them in. Franco grabbed for Sami, who started to fall down an incline after they made their way into an air conditioning duct. Austin told Kate that Lucas has a drinking problem. As part of her scheme to break up Carrie and Austin, Sami had Darrell offer to arrange a boxing match for Austin. Nicole sent a mystery person money. Mike and Carrie celebrated when he said he is a finalist for the chief ol staff job. Vivian is determined to get into the townhouse basement. • GENERAL HOSPITAL: Nikolas found Katherine, who fell when the parapet railing gave way (because Luke had tampered with it). Helena told an unconscious Katherine that she knows she was the intended victim. Alter Katherine died, Alexis realized Luke framed Stefan for her death, and Stefan was arrested. Nikolas is con^ .vinced Luke killed Katherine. Stefan kept mum that Laura had been on the parapet when he and Katherine argued. Laura was angry that Luke hadn't told her Lucky moved out after learning about her rape. Lucky and Liz are living on the streets. Laura left to get Lesley Lu. Because of the pills, Alan couldn't make love to Monica, who now thinks he is having an affair with Amy. Alan took pills and then crashed his car while Emily was with him. Alan gave Emily pain pills for her neck Injury. Sonny told Brenda that he dumped her so his enemies wouldn't kill her. After a last kiss, Brenda told Sonny that she is over him, then went to Jax. • GUIDING LIGHT: When her first pregnancy test was negative, Dinah made sure that she was pregnant by undergoing artificial insemination. Dinah went to tell Hart that he is going to be a daddy. Lizzie admitted to Phillip that she saw Rick arguing with Cart the night he was murdered. Rick was angry when Phillip later accused him of killing Carl, which he denied. Ben could be disbarred now that Phillip blabbed about his affair with Beth, the suspect in Carl's murder. Phillip and Hariey learned more about Carl's murder after Lizzie had a tea party and her (imaginary) guest was Carl. Upset that Josh wants to send her away, the clone demanded Reva help her win Josh. Reva later convinced the clone to set her free so she could seduce Josh, but make him think she Is the clone. Later, Reva saw Josh for the first time since her return. Alan gave Michael two weeks to prove that he can clone a human being. Alan thought about an Annie clone. • ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Posing as another police officer. Drew learned the DNA test done with Bo's blood to determine whether he fathered Georgie's baby was inconclusive. Drew, who had slept with Georgia, took a sample of his own blood to the police lab for DNA testing, but the lab thought it was for Bo's second DNA test. Later, acting police commissioner John Sykes announced blood tests prove Bo fathered Georgie's baby. Drew panicked when Kelly came to the police station with a replacement snap for his motorcycle jacket - a snap like the one found near Georgie's body. After learning the test results, Drew told Bo the blood sample for the DNA was his, not Bo's, and he lathered Georgie's baby. To cover for Drew, Bo lied that he was guilty when he was charged with 'Georgie's murder. Tea walked out on Todd, who tried to blackmail Nora into firing her from Bo's defense team. Max agreed to use Blair to get Asa some dirt on Todd. • PORT CHARLES: Frank and Joe rushed Julie to the hospital after she collapsed, and later learned she had been poisoned. Garcia suspected Julie, who recovered, poisoned herself to throw suspicion off her as the serial killer. Garcia said he had no reason to arrest Eve after Julie found an empty morphine container in her medical bag. Neil's mother Courtney Is Joe's ex-glrt- friend. Courtney is blackmailing a married man. Lucy and Victor were arrested while posing as a hooker and a pimp as part of their to find the killer. Ellen told Matt that she returned to Port Charles because Alice had a heart attack. • SUNSET BEACH: Gregory didn't buy AJ's story that he came back to see Cole. Gregory realized it was no coincidence that AJ had been on the same cruise ship as Olivia. Bette warned Olivia that AJ knows about Cole's kidnapping when he was a baby •- except that It was Bette and Olivia who took Cole from Elaine. Bette urged Olivia to tell AJ the truth before Gregory does. Dr. McRae hypnotized Olivia, who remembered Annie had stolen her supposedly stillborn baby. Annie, who had drugged Dr. McRae and took sexy photos of her with Eddie when McRae was treating Ben, used the photos to blackmail McRae into lying to Olivia she didn't remember what happened to her baby. Meg learned from Sara that Ben had a twin brother. Derek sneaked into Ben's room and injected a lethal drug into his I.V. Sara's friend, Melinda Fall, secretly taped their phone conversation. Virginia pretended to be surprised when Vanessa said she has Martin's Syndrome. • THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Paul was elated when Chris chose to be with him instead of Danny. Danny, Chris and Paul all agreed to remain friends. Nikki was upset that Sharon kept the truth about Cassia a secret for so long. Sharon was pleased Nick said he wants to be with her, Noah and Cassie, and will try to treat Cassie like a member ol the family. Tony consoled Grace, who was upset that Nick patched things up with Sharon. Victoria told Olivia that Cole, not Neil, is the father of her baby. Victoria hasn't told Cole that she is pregnant, but she did tell Neil. Jack secretly taped Victor's admission that he is staying married to Nikki and will never go back to Diane. Jack played the tape for Diane, forcing her to face the fact it's over between her and Victor. On the date of Mary and Carl's wedding anniversary, Mary told Paul that she hopes his father (Carl), who disappeared, is not dead and will someday come home. 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Dollar Jr. (Mon-Thu) R.C. Blakes, Sr. (Fri) m Nottclero Unlvlslon Edlclon Nocturne B Movie (Tue) * * x "Little Fauss and Big Halsy" (1:39)9044609 (5) AgDay (Mon-Thu) TCM MGM Parade (Thu) TMC Movie (Thu) ** "Cop and a Half" (1:35) 5413292 4:45 B Teacher to Teacher With Mr. Wizard (Mon) 4:55 B Gilligan's Island (Fri) ••••••••••••••I SHELTER INSUH V S( f I We'll always be _ there for you. Jean Curry • c£ lt HoXS u offi£ 2757Belmont | Columbia. MO ' 823-5129 • ••••••••••••(••MS

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