Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1911 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1911
Page 7
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EyJENING, 1 V, ^.iitr ^.'tri.i THE NEXT TIME I GIVE A CHRISTMAS DINNER, SAYS FELIX TO iFlNK, I**!WrL BE WlffiN^W rWKTrHftTWODOtUHBl ' IS AaTWt noHTf iS«*e fVA?ITED—VISfELLANEOUS. WANTBIV-TO BUY CALVES. PJione 91-22. Gas Clly. WANTED—TO TRADE LOT AND barn in Kenefick. Okla.. for two good ci >ws or horse. I'lione 915. WANTED—TWENTY LAHORKKS to load from the lola Portland Cement Co, .scrap Iron in cars. Inquire at U Krupp's .Iiink Yard. M. Steinschneider. Co. V'ULVS .Manlcn Hulldinpr, \V;i.sIi- liiKlon. I). (". WANTKI)-A r.VPAIlLlO SALKS- ni;in for Kiinsns to lii'Kin work .Ijin. Ut. P«Mniiin<'nt position wliicli will p;iy a biislncs.-; jiroiliiccr $.'),(»10 ni'xl your. Stapli' line. Contract contalu- infc lIlM-ral weekly advance ciniiso. I^cferpncfs rcQuiwi. Miles K. JJi.\Ier Co , Clovfland, Oliio. WAXTED—WAI^M.'T LOOS. COOK and Wajhnan, care C. C. Luccock. WANTED FOR CCSTOMER—A j '-'"'J- Ohio. private Joan of $S00 on a now eiplit SAI.KSM.W: KXPERIKNCED IN any lino to soli Roneral trado in Kansas. Vacancy .Ian. tst Cncvccllcd .•^llc<•ialty propo.-^ition. Commission lontrr.ct. $:{."•.00 weekly for expenses. Tlie Continental .Jewelry Co. Clove- IX)CAL REPRKSEXTATIA'E WANT cd. No canvassinB or soliciting required. Oood income assured. Address National Co-OiH;rative Realty Nearly contract. Weekly scttlenient.s. .''fml seven two-cont .stamp.s for .supply Post Cards Instructions and Contract. Speaimint Company 1777 Broad way. Di^iaitmcnt 17S, New York. 1)0 ilil WA.NTED—WOOD TO RAW WITH KIVPK lots of milk. Slie will U mid at liiizz .vaw. Will K'larantctid to do )»iiljl (c miction on tJic slreot »S.'itur- work quickly and satisfactorily, day, December 2X Phone 'j9S -r.. Wal- i'lionc 4i;\. I llK l-:winf;, Route 2. ; \VA.\Ti:i)—AT KK.\USi:S CAFi-: A slnRle white woman as ^cconll cook tliat.i:> willing; to ndvanco. FOK SALE—MISCELLANEOUS. FOR SALE—ONE SQUARE inj? table ;60-l S. Iluckeje. riN- FOR SAL?:—TWO |1000 MQRT- gages, well secured by Ida City iprop erty. Party will allow a reasonable discount. See lola Land Company. FOR SALE—A GOOD 6 YEAR OLD herse; sound and gentle; will take $75.00. Phone 104. FOR SALi:—CHEAP "IF TAKEN at once household goods and gas stoves; 320 S. Walnut. Phono 512. FOR SALE—FULL BLOOD R. 1. R. Cockerels . La Ilarpe phone C66. •Jenkins. FOR SALE—PAWNED SUIT caecs; band bags; Just like ncx\. BIKUS Pawn Shop East Side Stiiia^ ^in frnit store. First door south of Krei^ store. I'OR EXCHANGE—FINE UtPROV- ed 22-acre tract adjoining good: small town in Coffey county, Kansa^. value J4500 cash. Will take close in residence in lola u]> to $2000 to ^^00 and give time .'on the balance. Ideal location for a shipper. Whvit have you? lola Land Company. FOR SALE OR TRADE— X 215- acre pasture, all fenced, good land, adjoining a town of 700, In BuUer Co. Want small place handy to K. C. for stock feeding. Phone 63, or ^all 224 S. Chestnut. ^ FOR SALE—GOOD PONT C YEARS old. Chas. Logan, 401 S. Washington, La Harpo, Kae. FOR SALJE—NEW FLYING SHUT- .1)0 carjiet Ipom. Mrs. Mary Reusing, 414 S. Malcom, Cbanute, Kas. FOR SALK—ONE TWO HOLE CUS- toju corn .shcller. Phone ICIO. E. O. Whitney, Mpraa Kans. FOR TRJVDE—AN IMPROVED 8ft- acrc farm, 4 miles from good town for lola vesldence of J2,000 value. Phone 63, or call 224 S. Chestnut WOOD FPR SALE. Phone 997-12. J. R. OLINE. FOR SALE- phone 10491 •STOVE WOOa TELE- JFOR SALE—A GOOD COW JUST fresh, with] two-weeks-old bull cSlf at side. Thi^ cow Is 12 years old and FOR SAI.E—TOLOUSE GEESE AT $1.00 each !for Christmas. J. R. Cline, phone 997ri2. FQR SALE—LAMB CARCASES OR hah-es, at 10c pound. • Phone' 99S-5. i \yalUs Ewlng, R. 2. FOR SALE—FIVE WHITE OR- pington pullet.s and one cockerll. Dr. Neusome. Phone 824. FOB BEST—MI8CELJ.ANE01I8. FOR RENT—"FARM 3 MILES EAST of Bayard, Allen county, Kans.; 90 acres plow land, 32 acres timothy and clover; balance lots and pasture Plenty of running well and spring water. See or write to M. L. Decker 211 N. Sycamore, lola. Kans. FOR RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS for light housekeeping; 217 W. Jack son. FOR RENT—160 ACRE FARM. Cash rent |140 per year. Dan White I^ Harpe, Kas. LOST APiD FOirXD. LOST—FOUNTAIN PEN SOME- where between the square and Oak street, on East street or East Madison Finder please leave at Register office. Begister Want Ads Get the Biz. SANTi CUUS AT LA HARPE coon <n.n su>T .\>>orvrEs E>. li.VliEJIEXT THERE. ArraniromrnK Made for Little F«tk to SInp a Weiconi*'—The Proirraius at thf fborchcs. IRA B. FRANTZ REGISTERED OPTOJTETKIST Humboldt. Kas. Moran. afternoon of Dec. 19 and ail day the 20th. Lallarpe Dec. 21 and 22. LA HARPE, Doc. 2:'..—ICvory <mo says our line of t^hristmas pooils is the most cora])lele ever shown in Hariie. Come in and look tliis selection over and Ije convinced tiiat our Carol, Redemption Song ^"iioir ' Addre; .< Hev. Cliase Mario .Mills ) Kxcrcise—••Banner of Joy" i - Three Hoys goods and prices arc the ))cst.—\\ at-i;—"Win Santa Claii.s Remeinher ers & Danforth Drusjs and Jewelry. I . _ _ Two Girls From the foUowin.i? i.rograms the j i.;x,.rci/e—The'Cliurch' at Christmas IJH Harpe churches will surely ox-| _ Primary Class eel any pa.<;t y<-ar in the way of a Chri.-iimas eiit. rtainmcnl. The Methodist. Preshyierian and Cli!>lsiian churdies will (jive their proKmrn tonight. All Iiavc Cliri.siiua.s trees. I'rolijfrriun Church. The beautiful cantata "The Storj- of the Star," will be given iiy iht Prosbylerian church. Overture. Chorus—"Welcome, "W'elconic. Welcome." Kcriptiiro Readinc—Propliccies of tl\e Messiah's C.oniing. Chorus—"Shine Out, O Star of Dcaii- ty." Unveiling of the Star—Fay Frisbie and Ruby Pennington. Chorus—"Hail. Thou Heavenly Herald." Prayer of Christmas TlTanksgiviiig— Rev. Clymer. Recitation Crnda Fine Song—"Beautiful Star" Lester Kessinger Asia—Reprosenteil in dialogue Ijy four characters: Turkish Boy Henry Wilson Chinese Boy Roliert Nestiitt Indian Girl E<iith Fine i .Tapanese Girl :. .Marie Tolle i Song and Duet—"Brolliers • and Sisters in Brown." Chorus—"God Is Ixivc " Africa—^Represented by recitation— "One Beam Fram the Glorious Christmas Star." Recitation—"Africa Arise" Tom I^arkey Europe—Represented by children who tell different Christmas customs. Germany—Prose recitation Ina McCulley Norway and Sweden. Duet -.Marie McCoy and Marion Shear»r .\ustria—Recitation Rose ToUe England--Cliarlstraas Carol Primary Class Poland—Prose Recitation y Prank Haker Chorus—"Peace to the Earth." Islands of the Sea—Represented by recitation and four girls. Song—"Over the Sea." Tlecltatlon— "We've Whisked about the Whole Round Earth"... Dortha Mellza America—Rejiresenled by six glrln; recitations and marching exerclfies. Chorus—"The Christmas Star Shines Round the Worid." Tlien Santa appears to distribute the presents. MfUtodlwl Cbnrrli, Prelude Song—"Joy to the Worid" Scripture Readlng.._Thomk« Leightr Prayer Ber. Cbaw Ilcciiatioii . .J . _ Agnes Ayers Sol"—•To ilrlng God's liove" Miirgarrt .Moore l-Acri-i.-e-'"('liristtiias Chains"" . ^ . Four Hoys Carol _ Choir Hedtntlon . Phyllis Urady .Seng—".Mirry Chrlsliiias" , Tlirec Boys I>i;iloiriii'—•'Ctiristliias ICve." ilecitatiiin — Whitlier's Christmas Snoa" DialoBU"—"Wliat He Did"" ... ^-._T«o l,itlle Boys Song—Christmas Carol .Three Girls It.ciralion—"".\ Cliris)iiia.« Stocking anil a Cliristuias .\crostic"' Ten Little Girls I {«i -it;itinn Harold IJoherl.'.- Virilin Dart.Hcber and Idelle Ransom IJeciiaticm Jessie Clark .Song—"The Christ Is Born" Choir Benediction. ("hri»itl;tn rhiirrli. Sunday School 10 a. m. Preaching at 11 a .ra. Theme "The Unspeakable Gift."" Endeavor at 6:30 p. vn. Preadiing at 7:30 p. m. Snljject: ""The CruiUe of Christmas." Everyone invited. V. L. Goodricli, Pastor. The following iirog2 -am will be r/nilf-red thi.s evening IJec. at piuia o'clock: Son;;—The Storv of Christmas Time Choir invocation Bro. Goodrich Song—The .Angel's Song Choir Responsive Scripture Reading. League at G:3x) p. ui. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:3o p. m. The pastor will :preach next SuniJiy mornin.g and evening. The morning sermon will be on a Chii.<l:nas theme. The evening sermon v. ill be the beginning of a series vn the life o'. Christ, i Prfsbjterliin Church. Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. Preach ing at II a .m. and 7:30 p. m. Christian Endeavor at 6:30 ]>. m. The sul>- ject for the morning service will he "The Bir.h ,u Chri.'t to the World." livening sHl )Ject: "The Reception of Christ by ihe World."—George H. Clymer, Pastor. Mrs. E. E. Murphy and her son, -Milton, returned home from a delight ful vl-ll of several months duration with .Mr. and Mrs. II. G. Maxey of Jeft'er.'-oa Cil}', .Vlo, Mr. and .Mrs. H. G. Maxey and tlicir attractive little daughter, Etliel Viola, accompanied them iiome l<i enjoy Clirislmns fesllvlties. Tlil.s occasion will liring much liappiness inthc homo l )i .c:iu!-(; of tlie reunion of family ties. One son Earl B., wlio has been In the U. S. Navy the past four years, returned Tuesday. Harry arrived from Jefferson City Wednesday and Roy, of Chanutc. will arrive the latter part of the v.cek, also Mr. J. F. IJpF.sie Hall' f'"novcr arrived Tuesday night from Collinsvilie, Okla. One son and fam- JtUss Anna Jones, of Elsfjiore, is spending the holidays with hor sister, .Mrs. J. W. Holt —F. S. Halm M. D., Oculist. Dr. J F. .McGiil went to I^wrencc last night to spend Christmas .with his family. Ctirtis .Mullen, of Mount V|pw, Mo., is the guest of the 0. A. Itrasfleld family for a few days. ' Mr. and .Mrs. George Malc^n> went to Wichita yesterday to spe^d the week with friends. A number from here attended the literary at Pleasant Prairifc' school last evening. ^ —Christmas Is here and .so are those Catlarangus pocket knives. See them at Hines'. < Mrs. Ira Fowler and daughti?r. Miss Colleen and Miss Emma Hoo\er will spend the holidays with their brother and sister in Kansas City. Alfred Blaker, of Pleasantot,, president of the Blaker Lumber C^^ipany, was in town yesterday on connected with the yard here.:. r.. T. Harris was In Elsmoreiye.ster- day. ' < John Ring lias sold his fntetests In . the nil!! hei-e and left today for IJA- Salle, Illinois, for an extended vi»\l with his sister. He will be inlChicago before his return here. i Dr. C. J. Halm is reporteil quite ill: unable to l)e at ills office. ^ Miss Lutie Barker is assisting In SANTA AT EASSUiAySilHOOL W ILL .SEND GIFTS FOR REGULAR MOR>I>'« SESSION. Jlonilny Mght Metbodiiits Will Hare a Fine I'rogram of .Vnsic and Tiilx at Cliorcli. of the week. —When buying raoai.s you want the best; you get the best at Carl & Hunter's. John Ravenhill, age 4S years died yestenlay morning at 1 o'clock after a short illness suffering from apoplexy. The stroke, came on Thur.":day evening and after which ho lived only five hours. He was born in Boss, Herefordshire, England, coming to America when but a .small boy. Mr. Ravenhill "was spending the winter with his niece. Miss Nellie Jones of 115 N. Main street. His sLstcr of Dav- "Uport. Iowa, was notified of hi.', death yesterday and no funeral arrangements will be made until she is heai^i from. The remains will lie shiiiped to Davenport, his old home, for burial. The marriage of Miss Edith Barker to Mr. Bert Johnson will occur J -Monday noon at the bride's home on ."^ong—-The hmg Is Here .Choir-g^ju^jj Harrison street. Rev. French Becitatlon .— Mark Rhodes, f^rmcriy of I^ Harpe but now pastor Recitation ooldie ^\orth|„f ^^^^ Methodist church In Yates Ccn- Song—llosanna to the Morning Star | will be the officiating clergyman. Clioir iUcitation V. C. Goodrich ilrcitation Florence .Newman Song—Star of the East Choir Recitation -lohnnie Bwrchet iCxerclse—Star of Morn by Primary Class. Song—Our Christmas King Choir Recitation AU^ce Hart Recitation Cecil Harrel Song—Beautiful Star by Girls Intermediate class. ;;ecltailon Jessie Richardson Recitation 0r\4l Bucaman IDuet—Jesus is born today by .Mrs. At«B and Mrs. Morrison. Exercise—Tho Old Old Story Song, Sing Today, by boys Intermediate class. Recitation Irene Snapp Recitation Aljoe Holt Song— A Little Christmas Gift by Primary class. Recitation -j. JJly-Miixphy iSongr-ChrlBt Is Born, by Choir. Behedictioa Bro. Snapp They will leave shortly for Independence to make their home. Tlie telephone office will he closeil Monday from 11:30 until 1:30 to give the "hello girls a chance to eat turkey. —A fino assortment of Christmas nuts at Carl & Hunters. Miss I^julse Kennedy wlio attends -Mt. Carmel Academy at Wichita, will '•T>cnd the holidays with her mother, Mrs. Kelly. . Mrs .Nettle .Tones and daughter. Fern, and mother, Mrs. M. J. Little, left today for Hutchinson to spend the holidays with friends and relatives. Mrs. Kettle Jones entertained at dinner yesterday In honor of her son, H. E. Jones' birthday anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Oannce and Mrs. S. Neace went to Joplfn yesterday for a week's visR. i Mrs. J. B. Gray, of Badger, Nebr. Is visiting her daughter, Mrs. P. W. Del8t, of LaayonvUIe. Boh Brown, of northeast oil town is making a dairy farm out'of his place. He will deliver wllk bere. Mr.s. C. Backer, and dauWer of GAS CITY Dec. 23.—The following is the Christmas program at the .Meth odist church of Gas City on Monday evening, December 25. beginning at 7:30 p. m.: .Muslcal Prelude -.Frederick Frevert Opening Chorus—Redemption Song > Cliorus of Sunday School Welcome J Marguerite Ko;v . a Primary Song—Wo Love tlie Siory Primary Deparliiunt Prayer Rev. Ciillison Song—Gratitude and Praise ^'...-Chorus of Sunday School Scripture Reading Supt. of S. S. Hymn—Joy to the World jCongregation and Chorus An Essay pn Christmas 1— Miss Agnes Shepard Song—Tiie Little Babe Came to Eartli..-. The Myers Children Recitation Lenore Richards Song—'Twas Love Divine _j Chorus of S. S. Class Exercise—Why He Came '— Miss Shepard's Class Primary Class Song—The Little Child ! Primary Department Class Exercise Mrs. MedUn's Class Tonmiy Tucker's Christmas i Mrs. Briner's Class I^ Angele..-;, Calif., are spending ^'^^^ \ ofj^'^-ijjs holidayswith Mrs. H. Brennecl.e._ | Si 'anT KUtre To7b -ett Recitation-fThe Angelic Song W. S. Ford yesterday sold the Stevenson property on North ' .Jefferson .street to Rev. .M. D. Stout of S*;. PaiuL Kansas. He will move his famljy here soon. • > •Mr. and Mrs. .J. K. Doty wen^ to T.,a- niar. Mo., yr.-fmlp .v to er.jny a week's vi.slt. • In I lie damage suit brnughl by Mr, Mills Bpainst A. B. Vaugha^. Mr. Vaughan is to pay J25 and holf the costs. The trial was In Judgti Trcd- way'.!! court. i —f^dll on W. S. Ford for low prices on Jewelo' before buying elsewhere. .Miss Emma Cofey went to Beebe, Ark., yesterday for an exfend.?d visit with relatives. V V, An .\iarm at MghL —That strikes terror to tbt> entire household Is the loud, hoarse itnd mo- talllc cough or croup. No mistaking it. and fortunate then the liicky parents who. keep-Foley 's Honeyfand Tar Compound on;'hand- H. W;vCassel- man. Canton, N. Y. says: "It js worth itji weight in gold. Our little children are troubled with croup and< boars» nebs, and all we give tbenr (s FoI«y'« Honey and Tar Compound, i] always have a bottle of it in the houat,." J. Dt Mundls ft Co. .. THE BfGGEST BiBOAIX 0 lOLA. A seven room, modera hi^iie with two-story bam and 76 feet ^(font, cement walks, shade and rrait.^ If soM before January first. |U5O,'0O; ball cash, C. L. WHITAKER.^ ' ^ Mabel West Recitation-i-Wben Daddy Lights the Tree Marie King Song—My Song Shall Be of Josus i— C lorus E.xercise—What Will You Give to Jesus .Supt. and J chool Song—The iBest for Jesus J___ i Mrs. Mcdlin's Class Looking fot Santa Claus . Primary Department Recitation—I've Written to Santa Claus _._ Eva Hornbuckle Recitatlon-^In isanta Claus Land J Virgil Song—Whoi' Is He Chorus Recitatlon-j-The Manger Story i Mrs- Heath's Class Song—Was' It for Me Chorus Recitation—The Gfft» of the Klng.- 1 Mrs. Heath's Class Recitatlon-j-What Does It Mean to. Me i„ May MlUer Christmas Address Rev. Cnlllson Recitatlon-i-Aii should Be' Happy__ i Cully Hornbuckle Christmas Address Rev. CuIIison Closing Song—The Christ Is Bom i. _ ^ Chorus Benediction. terian church. There will be no tree. The children will receive their treats at this hour. Methodist Church: Sunday School at 10 a. m. Preaching at 11. Theme: "The Cluster Around the Craddle." Evening service "The Shepherd; the Bread Earners." Epworth League at 6:30 p. m. Every one Invited to these services.—The Pastor. . Miss Edith Howell will visit her parents In Emporia during tho holidays. —Better leave your order for Cut Flowers lor Christmas, Carnations, Roses and Narcissus at J. AV. Prim mer's Green House- Sunday School will be held at two o 'clock tomorrow afternoon at the Chriatlan church. Rev. Moomaw, of Jola, will preach at three o'clock. Miss Mabel Meeker arrived yesterday from Atchison for a two weeks visit with her parenU of Travis addition. Mrs. Bertha Ryan, of Warrensburg, Mo., will visit relatives here for a few weeks. Prank Skinner, of Bartlesvllle, is visiting his parents northeast of town. Mr. and Mrs. S. I. Long will go to Bronson tomorrow to spend Christmas with relatives. Mrs. S. Freeman Lester and Nellie Lewman will leave Monday for Rich Uill to spend the holidays: —If you need a good stove or range buy it sow. Our sale lasts until Saturday night, December 23rd.—^Bragg & Dildine, Humboldt. Kas. Bennett and Mora Livingston went to Weir City today to spend Christmas and New Year with their grandparents and other relatives. Mrs. Lottie Kinman will entertain a number of friends tomorrow atdin- Eer. Mrs. James Gratton of Holton, Kas. ir. viiiiing her sister. Miss Lois Bennett, this week. Miss Sophia Shawver will spend the holidays with her parents in Kincald. Miss Rose Corns went to Mapleton yesterday to enjoy a short visit. Roy King, who or eight months has been working in Klamath Falls Oregon, returned yesterday to visit his narents, Mr. and Mrs .C. F. King, Roy is undecided as to returning to that country. Clarence Forrester, of Manhattan, will spend Christmas with his parents Mr. and Mrs. J. F6rrester. The six months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J^ H. liewls. formerly of Gas City but now of Mildred, died yesterday after a abort illness. No partlcu- larit aocon^panied the telegram and it li not known as to the funeral arrangements. Interment will probably be theri. All the out-of-town teachers left last nigiit land today for their respective homei A ahortjOhristmav pr&gram will be rendered jtomorrow morning at the Sunday Scbool boor in tbei Piesby^ A 5o(re Dame laiya AppeaL To all knowing'sufferers of rbeuma tism. muscular or of the joints, sciatica, lumbagos,' backache pains In • the kidneys or jneuralgia pains, to write to her for a home treatment which has repeatedly cured all of these tortures. She feels it her duty to send it to all sufferers FREE. You cure yourself at home as thousands will testify—no change of dim-1 ate being necessary. This simple discovery banishes uric acid from the blood, loosens the stiffened joints, purifies the blood, and brightens the eyes, giving elasticity and tone to the whole system. If the abore iaterests you. for proof address Mrs. .M. Summers, Box R, Notre Dame. Ind. —C. J. Peterson: Farm Loans, Insurance, Abstracts. | MONEY TO LOAN—WE HAVB A cHent who has |1800 private money to loan on Allen connty land. If you want this, come quick. -The Peterson Abstract Co, , IOLA^R.lMr TABLES i. T. ft S. E. BAlXWAY « South Bound. ' No. 201—Dally FasseoKer 1:06 V- "k No. 203—Dally- Passenger 2:4S a. m. No. 207— Vaily (except Sunday) Passenger 8:50p. nv No. 215—Daily (except Sunday) WJay FrelghL -Arrive. 12:01 p. m. Be- part i 1:05 p. TO. North Bound. No. 202—Daily Passenger 2:22 p. m. N'o. 204—Dally F&ssenger.., 2:20 a. m. Mo. 208—DaUy (except Sunday) Paaaen- Ker i. 6:30a. m. .\'o. 216—DaUy (except Sunday) • Way Krclglit. Arrive 11:15 a. m. Depart -12:01 p. m. mSSOFBI PACIFIC BAHWAY Freights—West Bound. • 191—Local (dally ex. Sun) Iv I:4B p. m. 151—Colo. Red Ball (dally) Iv.. .8:38 p. m. Freights—East Bound. (58—Red Ball (dally) ar. 1:10 a.m. 192—Local (daily ex. Sun) ar. 8:00 a. m. Passengers—West Bound. 107—Kansa.<i City-Vates Center Mail and Express (daily) Iv .4:47 p. m. t09—St. Louls-Wlchlta Mail and Express (dally) Iv. 8:1S a. m. Passengers—East Bound. 110—St. Louls-Kaxisas City Mall and Bx- press (dally) ar 7:17 p. m. 408—St- Ix)uls-Kansa3 City Mall and Express (daily) ar. 8:SS a. m. M. K. & T. RAaWAT South Bound. •No. r.71— Way Freight, (dally Meept Siindny) 4:S0a.'m. No. 75—Mixed (dally) 4:«p. m.- No. 73—Pniwcngor (dally) 13:1* p. Rb No. 25—Flyer (dally) ., 8 :S0a.m. North Bound. No; 24—Passenger (dally) l:3Bp. m. No. 76—Mixed (dally) 2:30 p. m. •No. B72—Way Freight, (dally except Sunday) 12:19 p. m. •571 and 672 will carry pa.inengers. « I ITEBCHAKTABLE ABSTBAfTS. E>ery Abstract made in our office Is guaranteed to be a mercbantr able abstract or money refunded lOLA ABSTRACT COMPANT. Frank "Wood. Manager. PBOFR^nOVAI, mBBfTOKT. • •••••••••• • HOlirET TO LOIN! • H WIU lend on household, goeda, • piaaM, organs, tewing BU- * • aUaos. diamonds and Jewelnc. * • J. W. COFFEY m U» V«rth Stnel • a, Boyal Typewriter Agency « =B: Controls Exclusive Sale of the St % Boyal Sfaadard Typewriter « «? In Allen County « £ £. H. Bussing, Ageat • M Northrup Building lola, Kana. ft Typewriter Bepairs and SnppUes 9 «i , Dr. C V, Bast 9 « DEKfTIST a ^ Boom lfo.-l, Vorthmp BIdg; 9 =8 Extraction without pain by the • ^ use of fifitrous Oxide Gas 9 =B Phone—Office S53: Res. 852. • £a$asa$$e«ess$£s«a 9aassa«aaaa «aa9»««~ M WHY WOTt • Have Your Piano Tuned by-as • Experienced Tuner—One LI T- • Ing lii your home town. • T. 0. CANAT8ET - ^ • Piano Tuner and Bepalrer • ^ Roberts Music Co. PhoBe 421 • B a F. L. B. lEAlZLL, TL B. £ Specialties— e Diseases ot the CtaML Diseases of Children. « Phones—Office U7j Bes. 147. » lOLA STATE BAiOC BLDG a . . «aaaseaaaseaaaa «i * • > Seal Estate and LfreatMk !» » APCT10N ]e £B • * Satisfaction guaranteed.Wire or Ik {• phone at my expense for dates. * B.B, CLABK; * fates Center Over Com. Buk h nr. I PHnXIP HEI6E1JB 110% Soith St HIBITESS AND SADDELBT General Bepairlng, All Kindt, * • •> HONEY TO LOAN • 4 on all kinds of household goods ^ •> or Jewelry—anything of valne: • •> Bigus Fawn Shop, East Side Square. Office In Fruit Store. •> All transactions strictly coall- * dentlal. Hei SpHagm, Arti, f Round Trip Tickets, lols to f Hot, Springs, AJrk:, with, retnzn , limit of three months from date of sale, with stop-over prtrilegM ; goi^ and return on sale evtey ; day in the year, for 818.60 ' The one way fare it |12.M. E. E MUNGER. •6 ^Fannirt Attention! High distillate for sale. Telephone l>&.°fo!C or Humboldt Befinery. M. Huacer. lord, 3M Kfltt atTMti

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