Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1911 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1911
Page 6
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• 0 TOE'IQl^ TTi>ai.Y REOIS^^^ EVENING^PE^MBEIt 25.191)1 GH^STERrMXLEY RELEXSED A'o Connection frith' ARSBolt Case^ Jadge liodte Fiads. - Acting on telephonic advice from Judge Locke'at Mildred last night. Count}- Attorney Taylor consented to the! release of Chester Maley. the young farmer who was being held for trial on a charge of being Implicated In tbe assault tipon John Helder. near Mildred last Thursday night. Maley wa> given freedom late in tfae^even- ing by Jailor Morrison and went home _wlth his wife'who had been In lola all day working hard to convince the oflcers that her husband had nothing to, do with the attack on Helder. County Attorney Taylor, however recommended that Maley be placed under bond to keep the peace and be wil be required to give surety for |200. Chester Maley has all along protested that he was not present when the row between his brother, W. R. ~ and John Helder, took place and had no part, whatever in It. W. B. Maley is stUl in jail awaiting a hearing which will be held as soon as Helder is able to appear in court. This time is very indefinite inasmuch a» Heider's condition is very serious and it Is probable that he will be taken to Kansas City where he will undergo an operation. The fight between Helder and Maley grew out of a controversy of long standing and Is said to have been precipitated by Heider's going to Maley's place to endeairor to collect a debt CHRIST3LVS GIFTS DELIGHTED. Soldier Button Jetrels Came to Three Ladles Here. Among all the thousands of Christ- ni!»s presents which have come to Allen County people this season, it is . donbtful If any have been received wlilch have been valued more highlj- than threar -which came to Mrs. W. H. Root and Mrs. James Clark, of lola, and to Mrs. B. P. Clark, of Piqua. The presents were hat pins, the heads of which were buttons from a soldier's uniform', and they were sent here by Mrs. J. Ii. Arnold, of Alhambra, California. The buttons were from the Civil War uniform of the late Judge J. L. Arnold, brother of the ladies who received them, and were from the coat he wore during the war when he was n captain In the Ninth Kansas. TJic associations make the gifts of value beyond computation, while the jewels themselves are very attractive. 3IB, IIEFFKEX RETCEXS HOME. riqna 3rnn Atlended ITeetfnff of Stock Men at Kansa!) City. T. P. Heftren, who lives near Piqua, was in lola this afternoon on his way home from Kansas City, where he attended a meeting of the stock men of the southwest The meeting was a very successful one and very beneficial to all who were present. Mr. Heftren is one of the prominent stock men of this section and has not only made the. subject a personal study but has attended schools where stock raising and selling in nil its phases was taught Those who intend to i>lay Santa ClauB should be extremely careful. The cotton, with which a Santa Claus costume is usually made. Is so highly Inflammable as to be almost explosive, and one touch from a burning candle will, set the whole costume aflame. Moreover, a burn is a very ^erlous injury. If half the surface of the ^bodyTor even less, is burned, even superficially, it is almost inipos- -stble to save the victim's life, as ur- aemlc poisoning is inevitable. -Miss Edith Marr and Miss Bernice Marr left this morning for Kansas City for a holiday visit with their Bister, Miss Rose Marr. Miss Louise Acers and Mrs. Carrie Hunt, of Nevada. 5/o., came in today for a visit of several days with Sfiss Jessie Pegg. Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Fullenwider left today for a Tlslt flnrinfr the holidays with Mr. Fallen wider's parents.^ in Eldorado Mo. Willis Henderson camp :n today /rom Oklahoma for a holiday visit •with his parents Mr and Mrs. H. L. Henderson. • ' ABMf'^OSTS 3CUSX GO. I ^st got In 25 head of mules, 10 ^ad of horses, 10 mares— somd of the mares with foal— ages': run on horses and mules )from ^2 to 5 years. All In good fleslN-most all broke single and double—right In from the country, , Anyone wanting to buy, sell ^r exchange, come and see me (it once. lola Horse and Mule \- Market i block west Santa Fe J. C^Onlrher Thone 880 Washington, 1). C, Dec. I'o.—Tlic first move toward the abaudonment of a large number of army posts was taken by the House in adopting the HuliUcy resolution asking the Secretary of War to furnisli t'ouKress with detailod infonaation regarding the distribulioii of the army and of the praclical)iiify of abaniloning sonio of tlie posts. Chairman Helm of the commiiU't" investigating the War Dopaitinoni told the House that iiiiillons could'be saved by concentration. .Major-iJeneral Uonard Wood, clilef of the .staff fiirni.sliod tlui Information tlint the department is now working out a plan for tlie inmi-ntration of the army. Congressman Kol)ert J. Dulkifv and I'ongressiuau A Hinds are two members of tlie commltteo who are active in urging conciMitrafion. District court adjourned tliis iiri-T- noon until after the holidays. An adjourned session may be hold, however, before the regular January term beglnB. Suit for dh'orco was rtled in tho district court tliis afternoon by Knii:! Hayman who seeks to be sopnnii.d from her husband, George Hayman. Mrs. Hayman alleges that her husband is addicted to tho use of intoxicants and that he is guilty of neglect. Tho biggest rush of the season pri'- vailed tod.iy at the postofflce, and there wore but a few moments during the day then the clerks were not busy. The big rush occurred at n<v)n, and one of the clerks estimates fhiu between the hours of ten o'clock and noon the revolving doors wore k< ;)t going without an instant's pause. Jv-'d cross stamps weer placetl on sale at 11 o'clock this morning and at two o'clock the young ladi "S had sold over six hundred. FOUNT)—A SHELL BROOCH. OWN er have same by calling at Reg- Isteif offlCel and paying for this ad. LIVED ON RAW EGGS Mr. Ridurd's Experience With Dif ferent Diets. Peaches and Butternilk for Three Years. Cecilton, Md.—Mr. GeorRC Richard* of this place, during the past 12 years, has^robably tried more diftercnt diets thasihe average person would ever use in a lifetime. ^What he has to say about his experiments, must therefore be highly interest- ingtb anyone sufferinR from indigestion or stomach troubles of any kind. He says: "For more than 12 yeais, _ I suffered whh stomach tronbies, and paid' hundreds of dollars for doctor bills Ud medictnes. I was also operated on foriBles. lived on dried peaches and buttermilk KfVBiaftJ ^ixmt years. The only thing »11iat would not give me pain was raw eggs. J vas a phyacal wreck. I could not rieM ),vand wasas near cSazy as a man could. well be. ' liant say ttiat after taking two 25-cen1 jnd^^'^f Tbedford 's Black-Drau^t, a dSrine:iiiofe good tban^ 1 ever spent 1^ • I t9fieM^'«pddD|r daily on fiie firm ever shioe,'SMI lam as hard as iron." T&t^fm^ TCgelaUe remedy has beeq ^ in OKCKsful use for more than 70 years. \- Tiytt. Butbesurethat it 's "Thedford's." cmcago -B -rrsr. 1 havenH tried it in New York, so I don't know how obliging they aro here," remarked a Chicago man, "but In Chicago they used to take pains to reimburse patrons of gum and chocolate vending machines It the deposited cent failed io deliver. "I had been defrauded ot sevral pennies, and finally reported one loss to the ticket agent of the elenaied road at the station the cent had been lost. He took my name and addr- is. A few days later I received a letter, saying: "'We regret to learn that you lost one cent on account of one of our n>a- chines being out ot order. We aro sending you herewith gum to ma;<o good your loss, and wish to assure you that we use every effort to keep the machines In perfect working order, but we. cannot prevent attempts at robbing them, whloh occasionally damage them or put them out of order.' "It was typewritten, had been copied In a letter press, bore a cancelled two. cent stamp and contained two sticks of gum, a blotter and a retsm envelope." a- AHOIT THE I'OSTOmCE. It >>ill Ro ro >>iltle for You to Get I 'ackugcs 1'oniorrow. Evon though tomorrow is Sunday, it will be possible for you to get your Christmas packages, as by a special order ot the postmaster general, of- fii-es will be oiwn toir .orrow afternoon from three to four, every window ox- ci-pt the moni-y onicr win<Io\v hoiUK open for busine.-s. There will be one celivory of mail'Christ mas day in the morning, and tlie rural mail waRon.- will go over their routos once in tlie n.oming. There id at least one delivery of mall on every holiday of the year except tlie following: .New year's Day Wasliingions Birthday, Memorial Day, Fourili of .liily. Labor Day and Thanksgiving Day. BEFLECTKLNS OF A HAIHKLOK. From the New York Press. Mr. and .Airs. Tod Clllisscn will spend Ciirisim;:.'? with .Mr. Cillisscn's parents in Coffoyville. R. B. IJattcy of Chicago will be here tomorrow for a holiday visit with his wife's |)arints, .Mr. and Mrs C. K. Taylor. Jlr. and .Mrs. .1. 1). Arnett removed tod.iy from tlicir Iioine on Xoitli Wash inpion ti) tlu'ir iialatial new ri-sidcnc on East .Madison. ];ven though you have benn negl gent, it may not be too late yet t< got the packages that have been sent to you. The express companies hav( announced tliat tlicy will keep thei oflicps open h(itli tomorrow and Sun day, aUhoiii;!! tlip wa^;()n^; will make no deliveries tomorrow. C. TI Taylor, of South Omaha came in this morning for a visit during the A girl IS never soscrafty as in niak-' holidays with his parents, Mr. and Ing it seem how she isn't. I Mrs. C. K. Taylor liis wife having pre Money used in charity seems iiiu< h | ceded liim several ajio. Miss more expensive than in any otliei- way. People are too busy with foolish amusements to have any lim(> for sensible ones. When a, man can be interest il in an old uncle, it's a sign he may not get anything in'ilie will, after all. A girl wlio can stay wide awake all night dancing with stranp'-rs would fall sound asleep before U talking with her family. E '.i7 .abi'th .\llon. of Omaha, a niece of Mrs. T :ivlor. aNo r.rrived this morning for a holiday visit. CA>AL C.VLl.S XOTED YISITOUS. French Ambii.ssador Part of Distin- gui»>bed Party to I'antinia. (Hy the A?!=octntPd Pr.-'ss) New Orleans, Dee. 2.".—.Ambassador Jules Jusaerand and Mine. .lusscrand of France; Minister and Mrs. J. lou­ den, Netherlands, and United States Aitoiney General and Mrs. Wickersham sa:!ed today for a visit to the canal lone. Ray Enfield who came in yesfer- dny from Topeka, where he has been attending Washburn, to spend Christ mas with his parents, has been playing a Ftar game this fall and winter on the freshman football team, and is "dcped" to make tlie position of center on the Varsity team next year Ray had ncv<r donned a headgear un til .this season, and his brilliant work in the game came as a surprise. Miss .\nni!l)elle Crawford came in last night from Ijiwreiice for a visit during the holidays with relatives. • Miss.Jennie and Miss Nellie O'Brien of Topeka. aro expected in tomorrow to spend the holiilay.s visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Davis. .Mr. and Mrs. .\oah Shaffer, of 216 North Walnut street, besides celebrat ing Christmas, Monday will also cel- ebrato their golden wedding anniversary, as on that day they will have been married just fifty years. .Mr. Shaffer is seventy-six years of age, nnd Mrs. Shaffer is slxiy-nine. The anniversary will be celebrated by a family reunion and the following members of the family are here to nttnnd: Mr. and .Mrs. Lovelle Shaffer an dfamily, of Wiehit^i; Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Howard, of Los Angeles, Calif., Mr. and Jlrs. .\. G. Newi)ort. of Ottawa 111., and Mr. and Mrs. Carey Shaffer of this city. Game All Right. Wbilei playing an engagemeiit In St. Lonis a couple of seasons ago, Tom L«wls struck up an acquaintance with i a wealthy Texan living in the same hoteL There was & ball game scbci'- uled that day between the Browns and a -rislting club and I«wf8 invited his new friend to go out and see It * The battle was a particularly hot one, the game going to an eleven- inning Ue. 'When they got back to the hotel the Texan, who had become Imbued 'with some of liewls* enthusiasm, began to recount the acenet and close plays of the gasM to the Iiotel clerk. •Well," Bald that worthy, •Tm glad you saw such a good game." "Wall, now," said the Texan, T reckon as bow It was a good game all right. Why, sir, them two passel of youngsters just played and played till plumb dark and nary one made ary one." (II.WCE GRE.VTEST MYIXG B.\LL FLAYER, SAYS I'O.MISKEY. Professional Chaoerona. In a girls' finishing school In New York they have professional chaperons who do nothing but take young women out. walk them around and fetch them back again. They take their charges to trains and meet them at trains. They are paid, not by the week or month, but by the Job, so much an assignment And the curious thing about it is that they are bonded. They are actually bonded. The girls themselves have never been able to find out why they should be bonded. So Sudden! Bleecker — Daisy Headllner has promised to give me my answer tonight. She Baxter—(showing evening paper)— The press agent and the reporters have got ahead of you, old top; It's "yeal"—Puck. •> •> • <i; <• «•:• <• • • • •:• -5 •:• • •:• WEEKLY MARKET REYIEW •> •> • •! •:• •> • • • • •> • •:• •:• •> •:• • Kansss City Stock Yards, Dec. 23.— Cattle received here this week 2S,7liO last wewk 4r.,.'i00; sahie week last yea 3i),9U0. '- Advances have featured the calUe iJmrket each day this week til today; Ihe total ^ain. iiiiiounting to 'I to 40 c^nts for the week, distributed over nH classes, exo'pt calves. The calf nn |rket is ."iO to 7.'> cents lower this w(''ek. Less than one thousand cattle itre here today, and salesmen complain tfiat buyers are Indifferent but tod.ay'8 market cuts no figure in the general situation. Another week or two<Iof nursing and the cattle mar ket will be in robust condition. Bee channefs will broaden out in .lanu .try, and no ver.v heavy run is antici pated ^t, any of Hie niarket.«. .-V good many ^lorl fed cattle «ver the wholt field hive already been worked ofT I'op stiV'rs this weelj stand at ind Iiu4k of steers sell at $.">.7.') to $7 op native cows f ."i .3.1; top feeders $»; lest stickers $ri ..".t); prime veals now .vorth $7.lMi. Fed (|i;ui'aiitine cattle have a'rived freely. Lil cars, mainly .tcers -.weigliing 'J.'.t) to llm) lbs., at $.">.2."> \..} ^.•i.7.''; .1 few shi]iiiient8 up :o l.l.'.K-; i'.nd one lot of ILUt 11». steers at je.sii. liog !<u|iplics here this wi.-ek foot ii| ."H .C .ou;; last week- 77,!>Oy; i-aiiu- week last yotlr 3 S.S(M ). Quality continues to improvii a"d several loads aro good •nougli,' to bring the top price every lay. 'i 'he market is .'> higher tojiay »nd av^*rages the highest of the week: oj) af-.?t;.:50 and bulk of sales $r,.!)0 o $fi.2.Tt Average weight of the hogs receivetl here the week ending Deceiii- ler 21si was 1.S7 lbs.—the heavies average in two iiiontli-s. Average the .veek lirevioup was 1S4 llis.. the tir.-^t .veik this month 17i; Ibij. and for tin iionth fjf Derenilier last year 223 lbs. Sbe<^ received here this week 27..'01); la^t week 3.S.7.'''i: same v.etk last •.ear 2.,300. The market has been 'ilgber Hills week, several different lays ie|;istering subst.-intial gains, and 'ambs tjre now well above StJ.OO for 'he biist; tops yesterday reaching 1!t'..20 nyd $fi.l ."i today. Wethers are worth III) to $3.7."; ewes $3.3.">. A good iiany feeding lainbH have been taken lilt Ihi.* week at $4.40 to $1..',0. nnd a 'dp banii of New Mexico feeding year- ings so,'d at $.'?..")0; weighing 73 lbs. —.\t pur Special Reduction Sale we •ire selling Garland Cook Stoves and Ranges 'nt a price never offered before.'—Bragg & Dildine, Humboldt Kans. Miss plizabetli Marquardt left to- lay ofr'^fiarnett for a visit with rela ives dnjring the holidays. TO CURE A COLD I\ 0>E DAY —Tak .3 I..axatlve i Bromo Quinine Tabletsj' Druggists i refund money if it fails i,o cure. E. W. Grove's signa- '.ure is on each box. 2, TC. Interesting Point. At a spiritualistic meeting in Wichita the jpirlt of Elijah Grosser was called f^ir. Elijah Grosser had died there m-^ny years before, but was remembered for his Immense stature, six feetvflve inches.| A voice In the darknesJ- said he was Elijah. "Are .vou In Reaven?" asked an old-timer. Yes," Q'ame the answer. "Are you an angej, Lige?" "Yes." The ques- loner paused, evidently having exhausted >hl.s fund of questions, and hen suddenly Inquired: "What do you measure Jfrom tip to tip, Lige?" i Kindness Several hundred million people are conuuemovat- ing this Christmastide—the birth oi' the siiMinie .Man who lived nearly twenty centurict: ag.). tlie essence of whoso teacliings was ~: KIMJ>ES.S, Millions in other lands .ire today followers of CoiifiicioilH. who. ihoiigh he lived and l.iiiKJit oii- iDiits liefore Clui^t. Flill had lor the loimdalion of his teachings KI>D>ES.S. Millions more are believers in P.inldha. and he loo taught the wisdom of | KINDNESS. The Heart of All Mankind Craves Kindness Pericles, to .build -Athens, diverted the war aii- .oroprialions for peace developments, cdncaliiig artists, crnftsiiien. Inillders; and the res-iiK wa-; .-Mheiis —the most beautiful city of the world, li w.i.-; he who liaid: "I never caused an .•\thiniaii to wear, crepe." ,\o wars while he Was the lir.^t lili/'ii of Athens. It was a reign of WORK, I'EAI E AND KIND.\£.><S We are entering today into an era of ojien dealing, courtesy, kindne.=s. co-oper;ition in h'lsi'K''-..; siuh as the world has never sten. 'r !:e wj.-.loin of the square deal, tiie iirofii.s of n>erited confidence and the si'tisfaction ' resiiltiiiR fioni business ciiir-esy one to another is overwlieliniiigly apparent today. Ballrnads are teaching coiiriosy. Public utility corporations are taking tlie public into their COIICKI- ence. I'.ii; nierchanilisinK houses eondmt schools of salesinanslkiii to teach the wisdom of coiirlesy. BEIAISE AT LA.ST AFTER ( E.VTI'KIES We FIND IT PAYS- Tlio religion of work, of activity and of proKresii is ri'prodiicing in America today the iiiir.icles ul' .•Mheii .s —the Beautiful. Business Alone will Regenerate the World if it is ever done! To be connected witli an indnstr.v like oiii^s i:i an honor, for music is harmony, and liarnioiiy i.; a liv-pmdiu I of KINONES.S. W(> are all iloing our little part in the d>-ve!oii- nient of a heltci world, and wiiile <loinK ;-^o let's each of us renieii.lier; It matters liiit littie what each believes. And less than that what om- n'cei\es, l''<ir dei'p down in our hearts we know Tlioiic.h many :i tiiiio it seeiiis not so The {greatest plensiire we ever linil Comes to us. simply, for being KIND. With Christmas Crrelings to you and yours, and a wish for a happy and boiin'il'iil .New Year, we remain. Sincerely, J. V. Roberts MUSIC CO. J. V. ROBERTS, Proprietor $3.00 RECEIFPFREE FOR WPAK KIDNEYS RELIEYtS URIXAKY AND KIDNEY rROL'n ),£S, BACKACHE, STKALV- SWELLING, ETC. Stops Fain In the Bladder, Kidneys, I and Back. Chicago, 111. Dec. 23—"I consider Frank Chance the greatest living ball idayer." Such is the tribute given by ah American League owner to a National I.«ague player. That Charles A. Comiskey, for it is he that made the btatement, esteems Chance highly was well known, but that he shoiild rank Chance above Ty Cobb was unexpected. Wouldij't it be nice withlii a week or two to begin to say goodbye forever to t))e scalding, dribbling, straining or tqb frequent passage of urine; the forehead and the liack of the head aches; tpp stitches anil pains in the back; tk) growing muscle wctikness; spots be.'ore the eyes; yellow skin; sluggish -bowels; swollen eyelids or ankles: ^eg cramps; unnatural short breath; Ueeplessifess and the despondency? y I have>a receipe for these troubles that yoii~can depend upon, and if you want toi 'make a quick rccoiery, yon ought to write and get a copy of it. Many a (joctor would charge you ?3..'i0 just for *rltlng this prescription, but I have 1^. and will be glad t^ send it to you e^itirely free. Just drop me a line llketthis: Dr. A. E, Robinson, K932 M »t ;k Building; Detroii, Mlchi- and 4 will send It by retkirn mai' In a'plal-i envelope. As you! will see when yo*t get it, this recipe |contains only puri;, harmless remedies, but It has greaii healing and pain conquering powei*s. i • It will quickly show its power once you useiH. so I think you had l>etter see what-It Is without delay! I will send you a copy free—you can use It and cure ^yourself • at home. < i Christmas Greetings TO ONE AND ALL! Our shiccre irood wi^hes for a .Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year. Barclay-Shields Clo. Co. "THE HOUSE OF QCALITY." State Saviogs Bank J. D. AR.VETT President J. F. NIGH V. PrealdetJt H. HOBART Cashier JOE M'KINLEY Asst Cash. Capital - fSS,000 iSnrplus • $2,S00 I Ida, Kss. A Bank Account is an Ideal Gift TiKit nioiiientoiis question ••what to };ive" is iniasediately decided in the iiresfiifation of a. Iiaiik account. One can Iiardly make an out and out gift of ii.^oney which it may be said is one of the nio.-it .sensible of gifts. But in. the form of a bank account, even as low as ten dollars, you are giving a present that, will be a source of lasting joy. Select this Bank and be assured that the recipient of the account will know that you were guldfed COME IN TODAY AND TALK THE .TtATTER OYER WITH OCB OEFICIIKH, . .

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