Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1911 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1911
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY-REGISTER, SATURPAYJBVgmNG, DECEMBpR 23r>l^ll. OUR PRE-INVENTORY SALE Begins Wednesday, December 2T Enids S6A%ird&y Nig^ht, December 30 $45,000.00 worth of New. Up-to-Date Merchandise; on sale at 50 to 75 cents, on the Dqllar See ad in Tuesday's Paper for Prices Remember— Fou^ Days Only Tlie long wioter evenings give a woman a splen- diid diance (or sewing or embroidery; but her evea tuSer from die strain unless she has a good tight The Rayo is &e best lamp made. Il gives a strong, diffused li^t tSi5 '.: rcr.-^rkably to 6>e eft*. There is no glare to it; DO fiicker. It liJ.Zs up a whole room. The Rayo is an ccor.oinical lamp, too. YcNl gtt the moit pouiMe iijkl-valu* (or the oil burned: wu} (he R *70 itielf ii a low-pricei} Isoip, Yet il ii a hudtome lamp—an ornament to any room in tSe Souse. The Rayo Lamp it cajily lighltd vrnKout removing aliada or ckimPcr: ctj to CJMB and rewicic. Made o( tolid brau, nkkcUplaUKi; I1M in Bumcroui other «yka and finithn. Aik row daaW to Jaaw roa kit of Rajw famn; or wrau latJeKtielmattakl lo wjr tfocf of lias Standard Oil Company llncarBoraUd) Ccmie to the summerland where all pleasures of all other "vvinter- inff" phceszTecombincd with joys that you didn't find elsewhere "^'ou'Il be delighted with the brilliant social life, the superb hotels, the unlimited recreations of land and seaside; and with the climate tliat makes your simplest diversion a delight. Your vacation in Texas will be a HCTO treat to you. I siinuld like to send ^oa our rploiidid new book 'J on the winter resorts of Tex.!-.; tell you cost of long-limit, tow fare- tickets and make nt> a cvmf<lftf schedule fiom vour city. Write today. W. S, St. GEORGE, CfacnIPaucBaCTAacBt. St. Uai*. Mo< COOTV OFFICERS H) ORUAM/K. niid morp uniform office systems and it is :tlso hellpvi'd that tho sentiment of til." omrials will favor th? abolish, mpiU of tha fee system, placii'g the [ office on a salary basis and i/ruriJing ' for the praploynicni of a deputy. The session will close wi:h a bannuet on the nishi of January 10. Kansas KeifU(<T« «f UWMIS lo Mtvl ill Manhattan. The RegistPrs of IJr"iis of Kansas are plannif.i; a slato organizaiiou and the flrsl annual m.eetinK will bi- Ui'\d in Manhattan. .Tanuary .M and in. It Js probabl'? that -fohn VV. Lauiy of this county will mtt-ml tbe m?i>ting. If every Register of Deeds hi the stale becomes affiliated with the new organization it will have a membership of 105. The purpose of the organization is to di'Vise and jierfect better \{ii:n CLEKK .\SKS DE.1I0TI0X. "Just Say" HORLICK'S It Means Orlginai and fitnuina MALTED MILK Tbtfood-drink for All Ages. More bcakky tliaa Tea or- Coffee. Agrees wth the vrcaLest digesdon. Deikious, invigorating and nutritious. RichnMlk, malted (gain, powdet form. A quick hndli prejikrej in a minste. Take DO sdbitibite. AskfwHORUqC'S. 9^ Other* are imitations. • He Has Been iu the Oovprnmrnt Serr ' fee for 6S TeJirs. Washington, ]")ec. 23.—I^robably fh** only case of its kind in (he history of the nav;il detKirtiiient develoned thr Other day wlien Thomas Harrison, rhlcf cierk in tlie naval observatory, asked to be transferred to a position of less sal.sry for (h" good of the ser\fc". .^fr. fHarrison in point of Borvtce is the oIiI>-st tderk in the navy department. He has Ijoen an em- nioye of the depanroent C3 years, RO- ins lo the navy the .vear followinp (!i(> MPNican war and has served con- linvouslv M-er Rinro, Old age har come on Jhim, however, and feellnr Ills usefulness waning volunteered tc .-•sk for a reduction In pay and lesF "•suonsibilitv. Asslslant Secretar\ Whithrop, for quite a time was dis inclined to j?rant the request of Harrison but after hearing the persona' explanation of (h^ aged clerk Mr Wlnthrop stood aside and ordered that the transfer be niado. —Tho \\\ C. Teats Bealtv Co. ha? moved to Kress bui'.dinR. Office r.)om 2<. $]32,944DIULTREIIITY SALES OXE Ulf. DEAL CAME OS TOP OF A> ACTIVE WEEK. A ^idG from Tbh .Vomlual Deal There Wn» Much Activity, AT'eragingr Over S6000 Dally. Real estate transfers for the week ending December 22yI9Il, Issued by lola Abstract Compuiy. Frank Wood manager; TelepBtnie 467; first door south of lola State Bank. December^ IMf. M. P. Sickly and wife to Win. S. Taylor, eo acres % mile east of Geneva 12000.00 Qlpaon Holt et al to B. V. Gill, mill and 6 lots on Jackson Ave., ha. Harpe %\.m Glpson Holt and wife to B. V. GJll. 80 acres 4 ml. south of Gas city 11.00 Jautes W. Holt and wife to B. V. Oill, 80 acres 4 miles south of Gae City $1.00 John P. Young to Joseph Laltue, lot 10, Spear's Add., and west 60 ft, of 11 and 12, block 1. Spear's Add. to lola $300.00 .Martha Holt" to Tennessee C. Love, lot 310 Soutli McKinley Ave.. La Harpe . J330.00 Lurlen Brown to, Elizabeth Hensley, residence No. 6 South Ohio St., lola J115.00 M. W. Miller to J. D. Camac, lot 14. block C Lincoln Park Add..S175.00 Chas. W. Bowlus ot al to I. E. Beaty, 80 acres 3^ miles N'E of lola— consideration $4500.00 R. B. Brlney et al to Chas. B. Surface. Q. C. Deed to 320 acres 5% miles NE of LaHarpe $l.vf; Chas. W. Blair, special master, to Ferdinand W. Peck, Allen County land and other property $760,000.00 December 18, 191L Andy Williams to J. L. Olcott and „ . ^, ...» wife. 80 acres 1 mile NW of I.H • «» »•». Eapeclally Harpe $4800 .on I If One Ha* Agraeablft < Edna K. Wilson and husba/id to Pai-| Company.' ; ah E. Anderson, et al. undivided % i Interest In Res. 214 N. Main St.,' WhUo pleaaant weather lingered;the Gas $70.00 gtona benchea In,.front of the Kew LiH-irne $1000 00 whose presence conid noit be Chas E .'MaVron "and" wife "to W. H. attributed wholly to their Intereut in .Moore, 4 lots SW cornor Mulberry > archltectnral aeheme. The* r©- and 1st St, Humboldt ..So'.O.OO •"»«•""' *'v. tr^m *r,A «h<>i« .av.. 305 South Chestnut St.. Io]a..$l.CiO I. L. Klrkhuff and wife to John 0. Sperry. 160 acres 4 miles west ftf Humboldt $4800.00 J. S, Wilson to E. E. Swlger. 1 acye NW comer Lincoln Ave. and 13pt St, LanyonvllJe .,$150.00 United - Kansas Portland Cement Co. to J. W. Hampton, lota 7. 8. 9, JO. 11, 12. block 10; lots 1, 2, 3, 7. 8,-.9. 10, 11. 12, blk 15; Concrete $150.1)0 W. D. Cox and wife to Chas. Pr«e- berg, 4 lots SB corner 6th at and rt of way, Elsmore QCD $1J)0 J. D. Smith and wife to John H. Sparry, 160 acres 4 miles west of Hu^> boldt QCD $1.00 December tt, 1911. ^ H. G. Stubblefield to F. K. Reynayd, Ixrts 1, 2, 3, 4, block 4. Rose Bill Add to Caa City $180000 R. W. Colglpzler et al to W,*B. Andreas, nsidence 309 N. Harrftflon Ave,, and residence SB corner Twjr- loT Ave. and North Third St., 'Jjt Harpe $1.00 W. C. Storm and wife to D. K. Spa»ks eczBMA CAK HB; CURED TO STAY , am- vlira laarrared. I mvaiiJastwliatlKur -C-lI-R-E-D aod not nwrrlT .intMjM op for avUle. to reian wofw than twiore. Ramambrr I luaks Udi brtair . atateiiiciit attar inttlna tta rem of nir time on tbli eoe dlaeeie ana naBdulifr la the mean tlnie a uuartei of a mflUoDcaaM of tOa dnadrul di«ea»-. Kow. I do not care irbat aU^ron tan owsd, nor iioir maiit dartoralaro told 7011 Out you coald not be rared- all I ask Ja vnt a cbaiic« to ihow jron tliat 1 knw.- bat lain talklDC aboat. irrtio»lll write toe To wUl aeod^Toa a PREBTRiALof mr mild. T»KX. I aoolblBC cua Bd «nn. tbat will cniirinre more in a day tban j or anyooe ebe cooJd ia a nunth'a Ume. If roo ai« dii«ustu] and dltroonnd. X dare — —'-^ L _. .. and sixth Sts.. El8inore..-$100G;00 Rivers Gordon et al to Kva Ward, tract 110 ft frontage on North State St., lola $10tOO T. W. Elliott and wife to C. B. Layman, all that tract of land betwiien Mo. Pac cement spur and.Rocker, lying west of Indiana St .,.$200.00 Hoover Kerr, aherlir, to lola Sttite Bank residence 638 South TKlrd St; lola $40^00 Total STS -.eeS .-iO Daily average $132,941.41 JgJ ^j^MJfTUaad-jrOawlil ae« I am tvlliur: jon Oogld roa da a btftw act thaa vtwaalfaar tkUBMicataa OLD PUFFSi AND SWITCHES residence property SE corner Mitln; Ladlaa of Twanty -Plv* Centuries Ago !I Watch Your Coal Bill I! WItli the Coming of Middle Ag6 —There Is a letting down In the physical forces often shown In annoy Ing and painful kidney and bIadde^ ail ments and urinary irreguls^ltlea.'Fo­ ley's Kidney Fills are a splendid relating and strengthening xQedicin« at ffncb a time. Try them. J. D. Jjun- dls & Co. j WHY THEY LOVE THE LIBRARY Made Liberal Ua« of Bor. rowed Hair. matned too Icmg and their eyea sjwke of other things. Since rain and chill winds have made marble benches out of doors un comfortable, even for ardent aweet- hearts, they are to be found on 'slotf- J -r„ .„ « A Mov I which are placed for d^ni- Gas City - *20.00 S?am. T. EnfleJd and wife Xo Fred .Shultz and Sadie I. Shultz, 80 acres n miles SW of lola $3000.00 GaB City State Bank to M. A. Martin, residence 522 North Main St, Gas City $300.00 M, K. Wheeler and wife to L. E. Vanatta-. Feed Yard 224 North Jefferson Ave., Tola $1 .00 December 1ft, 1911. Wilbert E. Smith and wife to Harrison Smith, residence on Osage St., Humboldt $1000 .00 J. P. German to K. W. Cochran, lot 3. block 3, Wakeflelds 1st Add to Humboldt $100.00 Fred L. Henderson and wife to O. C. Sauni, residence and 2 lots 706 N Main St.. LaHarpe $10 .00 James T. Rafter and wife to James E. Hoover, residence NW cornisr E. Lincoln and N. Ohio St. fola $800.00 U. E. Fowler and wife to Harry Davis, residence 609 N. Sycamore St.. lola $600.00 Robert IJawson et al to Jerome Dawson. 4U acres 2 miles SB of Mildred $1 .00 J. H. Henderson and wife to Aetna B. & L. Assn. Q. C. D. to lot 14. block 17. Overstreet's 2nd Add to Gas $12.ri0 Deeemlier 20, IHU. N. B. Ketchersid. and wife to E. H. Teniplelon, lot e. l>lock :i. LaHarpe $1500.00 Henry Holllngsworth to J. W. Mapes, S % of lot 13. all of 12. N Vfe of 11. all of2, block 2. Cruse's 3rd Add to LaHarpe - $1.00 Lucinda Hov;ard to F. M. Wewbinney residence 206 South McRae St.. Gas City $200.00 Zecharlas MUler to J. V. Friesel, residence property 310 .V Daly St., Gas City $100.00 Wm. Thompson and wife to P. E. Companiott. residence property 316 N Broadway Ave.. l..aHarpe $1000 .00 Fred Chesley and wife to Susan B. Griffia. residence^ SR corner Jackson Av. and State St. lola $1400 .00 t.anyon Zinc Smelting Co. to P. B. Godown. Quit Claim Deed to residence and 2 lots 710 North Jackson Av., Ijtnyonvllle $170 .00 Dprrniiier ?l. 1911. 'Iprry Daviis and wife to O O. Mccracken. 2.' f». front 206 South Kentucky; St.. Tola $1.00 'ante to same. lot 609 North Svci- niore St. lola $1.00 Vvnh .K. Rlnee- to 0.0. McCracken, recldrnce 1113 K. Srcamore St.. Tola $1.00 ^arah A. Ringer to same, residence side the faoHding. "Don't you love the new llbpMyr' one girl eald td another. "No; it takes too long to get the books." "Well, I don't know about 4h3it I aaven't drawn any books yet." ; "What do you go there for, t^en?" "Oh. It Is so lovely lust to alt tiiere." "Alone?" "No, not alone." WHY CONDUCTOR WAS MAD Because Youth Disowned Aequalnt- ance With Woman Whosf Fjire Remained Unpaid, i There was an nni»mfortable j^nges- tlon at the rear end of the payou-you- enter car. every one trying to ^et out of the rain and mud and only"% third having their nickels ready. A) young man ^ve the conductor a quaiter, received hla five nickels and propped one of them Into the box. 'Ilere," shouted the- conductor, "put is another nickel." "What for? h alnt two people," retorted the youjpg man angrily. ; "Well, who's that woman np there?" *'l don't know. I never saw' her before." ' "Well, she didn't pay." Buf the hi- slsteat pasaeogers demanded attention and the man at the box had to drop the subject, although hi> looked into the car later, glaring with especial disfavor at the youth wjio disowned acqoaintanoe with th^^ woman whose fare remained nnpald. • "Best OB Eartli" : —TJiis Is the verdict of K. jl. Howell. Tracy O., who bought Foley's Honey and Tar Compound tor his wjfe. "Her case was the worst I have (fver seen, and looked like a sure casjs of consumption. Her lungs were-*8ore and ahe coughed almost Incessslptiy and her voice was hoarse and weak. Foley's Honey and Tar Compound brought relief at once and'Iess than thr^e bottles effected a complete cure." J. D, Mundts k Co.- Caesar'B wife may have been above suspicion so far as her morals were concerned, but the same could not have been said about her hair, any more than It cbuld about-the hair ot the fashionable matron of today. The Greek, Sgyptlaa, Carthaginian and Roman I84les of twenty-five centuries ago made use of the most astonishing quantities of borrowed hair, and the Roman women of tbe time or Augustus Were especially pleased when they-lyiulj outdo tbelr Bociai rivals by -piling upon their, heads a greater tower lot additional tresses. They also . arranged curls formally around the head.' ^ An extensive commerce in human hair was carried on, and after the conquest of Gaul, blond hair, such ad grew originally on the beads of German girls along tbe Rklne. became very fashionable In Rome. Caesar did not disdain toimlx a little commercial, ism with his military enterprises and collected a vast amotrnt ot hair from } tbe vanquiahed Gauls, which he sent 1 to iharket at Rome, and In the Roman [ provinces a cropped bead waa regarded as a badge of slavery or at least of subjection. The hairdressers of-Borne were pet^ sons of real Importance and charged exorblUnt prices for forming tbe hair Into fanciful devices, such as harps, wreaths'and diadems. Best Kansas Lump and Anthracite Arkansas Semi- lola Ice, Cold Storage and Fuel Co lOLA and Fort Scott, KANSAS "DON'T HURT A BIT"—That is what our patrons say. VfQ do the best dental work at the most reasonable prices. Before having your dental work done by others call upon us. We are In our LaHarpe offices EVERY THURSDAY. y. Office hours: 8 to 6 Sundays 10 to 12 ^ Evenings 7 to 8 Sehind the Band. "My wife is much tntereated in the comet" "The comet? Tho comet waa here last year." "I know. She's putting old newspapers under the carpets throughonC the house and catching np with the news as she puts 'em down." Why Should I Use Cuticara Soap? "There is nothing the matter with my skin, and I thought Cuticura Soaf was only for skin troubles." True, it is for skin troubles, but its great mission i3 to prevent skin troubles. For more than a generation its delicate emollient, and prophyIa(;tic properties have rendered it the standard for this purpose, while its extreine purity and refreshing fragrance give to it all the advantages of the best of toilet soaps. It is also invaluable in keeping the hands soft and whit^ the hair live and! glossy, and the scalp free from dandruff and irritation. While Its first cost is a few cents more than that of ordinary toilet soaps, it is prepared withsuch care and of such materials, that it wears to a wafer, often outlasting several cakes of other soap, and making its use, in practice, most economical. Cuticura Soap is sold by dn^gists and dealers every where, but the truth of these claims may be demonstrated without cost by sending to "Cuticura," Dept. M. Boston, for a liberal sample cake, together with a thirty-twc page book on the skin and hair.. THOS. H. BOWLUS, President J. F. SCOTTrCaBhler Allen County State Bank lOLA, KANSAS ESTABLISHED A QUABTEB OF A CEJfTUKT. Capital $30,000.00 Surplus ^0,000.00 Deposits $550,000.00 I&'TEBEST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS SAFETir DEPOSIT BOXES FOB VXSX lOLA STATE BANK WE Capital Stock $25,000.00 Surplus $12,500.00 INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSITS PAY 1. E. nOBTlLLE, Pres. W. S. KAUFJIAX, 2nd YIc« Pres. i. H. CAMPBELL, Cashier. A. If. BECK, Tlce-Pres. F. 0. BE.VSON, AssL Ca>Mer SAFETY DEPO.SIT BOXES FOK REXT. THE NORTBRUP NATIONAL BANK lOLA, KASSAS OTEB FORTY YEARS OF CO.VSEKVATIVE BANKI.NG IN lOLA. Depository for the United States, Slute of Kansas, and Allen County OFFICERS: L. NORTHRUP. President U. P. XORTHRUP. 2nd V-Pres. F. A- NORTHRUP. Vice-President MELVIN FRONK. Cashier. R. J. COFFEY. Assistant Cashier CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000,00 Interest Paid on Time Depo.<iI(8 Safety Deposit Boxes for Beat , rOCK BUSIXE.SS SOLICITED. ^ Kotlee. I —You will find that druggists every ; ^Following our iisual cusftom. our | where spesK well of Chamberlain' ... !..».. J - Cough Remedy. They know from lone experience In the sale of it that ttijji cases of coughs and colds It calk ways be deepnded upon, and that lt'&^ p]/»i8ant and safe to take. For aalerbi^^- " -• . • plant will be closed all day Monday, December 25th. lOLA LAUNDRY. -'Mistletoe ani^Holly at Shannon 's. M rfeaierH..

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