Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1911 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1911
Page 4
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THE lOfcA DAILY REQISTE^R, SATURDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 23,1911. mm m miu "Th^'fcim Dally Record and '"-e tola Daily T, IndM. TilB K£GI($T£K l'i:nLlMIl>» CO. tweca til'- KiiK and thoir employers KO that ihey may settle things between themsilvc?, without even having recourse to arbitration. The extent to which the board has succeed- Bntered at the loU Poxtofflce aa Second- ed in this work is shown by the fact . Cla« MattfT. ^^^^ ^^„g grievances were pre- AdvertlsliiK RsiteiCMMii>- Ki.oun on A|i|ili- scnted to the Board for sottlctnent ' - ' diirinsT ih'' first three years of its ox- SUBSCRiPTiON RATES. istenco, only 50 have' beon presf^nted vll?^': ?S„'?^to !\'?;r ;,p°/!..,^d''?.ah .:?.r-, during .h. ,.ast nvcvoars and . half. oH: M ^o,:;:;:::;:;:::::;::::::]y X' "° ""^ """^ O IK - year ceedinss before the RciirJ. Ar.v mino BY One Tear. Ir.siil,. i -.m i > One rear, ottsf.t- date fpr Mayor •j>4>^.«^-^4<'^ <!• •^•Joc^H^M' by 15.000 ma- ,u X / ] for the Socialist candidate in the recent contest "by 15,000 ma- ,^ jorlty. It was the vote of the women, ^ ESTHER V. CLARK'S ^ the conservative, level-headed women, oj. ^" COLUMN, that defeated him. Elsewhere on this page will be i had a call the other day from niy foun dthe first installment of a paper neighbor Little Miss Muttet. ' on -'China, Past ami ITtsent," by Rev.^ ,3 ^ ^.^^^ satisfactory sort of Perry Hanson that will bo read with j.„„„g jU^^ jj^.^, tii ,eciul imprest jusl at thia time when ^^^^ „„,^ ontertalna herself, but shv events arc transi.-irirs i;i the luiclent ,r.,,.rtu'ns me as well. She can plav limplre which l.av. coii.:. nti...(.d up- ..^^y Country Tis of Theo," with on? Bu^ln""!*" Off;.- 8««lety lt-(Httl. r Job and nin<l <'i v I .. Official Pip«r' r' I ty of Iota. Offlci«l P*p«> ' of Eaisftt. OrricisI Pepcr of ^llen County. ccodlngS resrinblc a il!-cus.<lon more than iirRuniru'. T!i.> rriTis -'.'ita- llvrs of I 'Olli I:ibor ir ; en the Hoard qucsllons tn-.'ly. jind oftrii i a c-as" i.i s ;i !r(l "o-t of court" tliroui;!) lli -'ir in!l 'jir:( c, ecu !,ifori' "And a iittio r!;!'rl s :i l.-wd ihom." .'".^^ ' ' "'' Have you lakrn notice ihis past ^ we^sk or so. of i!if brisht -facLMl menjbitwi l,- !..• ;• • and women you h:;vp bct-n meeting.— I'^^P •! -.o to . ii n-i smiles on the facs ev<:n when no one sn'.ai! rnriloi, rf i!: • was speaking to fhem.- along the str.?et smiliuj;? A little child was leading tlnni! That is what the smile meant. The child was not there. Oh no! That 1 :1 •'1.. , (;ii'v a hou-.'v; r. just walking • '"' •"=•>•• The Iloanl's r -.inti; s :'0*\'; oKif tlf majority of the c-^s--- have been set- lied with u d.'.sr-atth tiir.1 is rarely achieved in regular courts of law. would have spoiled all rho fun. He i Quf'stions ot a hic'ily t<-thiiica! na- had been left at home—willingly, for , """e have sonirtiivi's e.-njp,| delay, the first time since last Christmas: . P-ir<i<""'':irl.v when I hoy ha\e to t :c But he was leading th.? man or ih" "mi ire, but ih.^to h;!vo b 'M n woman just the snme. Leading the 'P^^' comparison with i !i • total woman into all manner of sweet, '^T pi''s>ntfd. mothering fancies and i)!ans and ' dreams.' Lending ih^ man aw.-iy from his worries and cares, b^ek. away back into the days of his own boyhood, s-ofxinng his li.'art. quickenin? his sympathies, makins n b<-i;<r. sweeter, gentler man of him. "A little child shall lead tln-ni." \ If you could only have hecn in the! > J"S' coiiipensatici; for certain work. Register oflice these past few Jays. • . ,1... I rc j hack payment of hjs clain for th< Th' r-tro-.".ct !-.e rule rr-.. iits the :r.i ::e »•ar'-<;'r'.s ?'iff< rin.' .-.n ."iionry loss iircnus • c,f dc'!;:y. Th" r'.l!;- i)ro- vid>-.s that any decision of ihe Poard or of' u''i;-ire shr!! ::i.rly from the :i:,y the priovaiifo w:;s n'-i S '-nl' li. For ovamiiie, if a worker corni.-iiiiis on l ;ei -cmhrr 1st lh:'.t ho is not r ceivin^ and if a final dr< ision in his favor is and seen th3 look that came into th" !''^"''erod cn March l-?t he rrcoivos faces of men and women as they read over the list of little foiks that would 'lir« e months intervening, have no Christmas unless somebody All of which it is pl:^as:int to note brought it to them from the culsid"! , •'»' ""S season of "Peace on Karth. H PFP was a little woman svhose child- j ("Oo.! \Vi!I to .Men." Arid it wiil do no harm, either lo r' :nemb»r th:ir th;.is on." of ihe inli'-riuincis of Ih" Here was a little woman whose cnilti-j r?n were all boys, and she wanted some little girl »hat she could look after and "fix things" for anr! fn^a around over. And the;? was an <;'M man whose children had grown up and left home long ago and he wanted to "Bee how It would feel" to make a Christmas for som<> kids again. And then a young man who was hunting for a whoK^ family of youngsters, "the more the merrliT." Well-io-i;.) men who could afford It as wfll as not. Poor men who cduldn'i .«ii;.rf- but a quarter, or a half dollar, or n dollar but ih«'y "wanted in on thai j Big Brother business." That was t!ic.' phrase most of them used: "I want to on it."—God bless th Ir 1.MB wrrr> ; iieartsl • Of course th»-y w.-.ricd in tin j It.—for a little child was Iciidin! , Uousev( It .idniin;s!r:i'io!i. THE OTIIKH .SIDE OF TIIE-STOKY. Some coincidences are <iueer. A year or so ago a minister at Williamsburg. Franklin county was lound ;;tiilty of des"rtinc his wife and running away with a yoimg girl of hi.; congrt-gaiion. And now It apj ar:; ihat his HueccsBor. a mrrri'd man jv .lih grown children. I.-? out of ijwn for l!:<- p'afon that a young man with a pri iiy wiff has threaten" d to shoot lilm If he ever comes back.— lola Ufg- isif-r. .Vewspapers are human instiintionj and liable to err. Hul on the oih 'T hand most newspapers are riulek to • undo, so far as iJo .sRible. the v.rotie; •:!i<v do. .Vow the wrong don»; by the And so it will be a very gay glad and good Christmas, we verily j believe, to everybody in lola. Thanks i "='^'•"''1 "P'^rs to this man. A. B. Moor^ to the Salvation Anny and the As-o- 'lanford. S-M-IS to be £-rious. Th? ciated Chariti's and the Big Brothers : •••JS^'''"'^ ^••'-'o ^"i's .s-ipposed to Le and the Big Sisters, there will not b? j ^^""'onged ncr-pted r. small sum cf a child In all this good old town whof'^r H"" all.-c;ed wrong. The will wake up Christm.ns morning and j i"*'''stigated the.alleged wj^ong weep because Santa Clans has passed , = " " • " ilni by. There will not be a hoin<' in ' ^ which food for a fine Christmas dinner Fill be lacking. And ther? wil) not be a heart we feel safe In saying, which win not be filled with gladness and good cheer. Certain it is that in the hearts of a lot of the very b at fellows on eanh,—men and womm,— there will be the joy of having given which will far exceed any pleasure that could through ar.y- thlng they might have received. . It Is a mighty fine thing to live in a town full of people who can do the things the people of lola have dene this week, and do them in the spirit, In which these things hare been done. And the pace has bi n set. The P.ig Brothers,—not forgetting the Big S's- ters,—are a fixture in the city of lola. Tl).e way to do what everybody wants done has been discovered. There will never again be heard In this bless-d town the wall of any child on Christmas morning because Santa Claus passed hlra by.—for He Isn't going lo pass hira by! .N>v<r. never no mon I "And a little child ehall lead ihein." ROOSEVEI .rS "I'E.ICE KO.\KI».-' It wni pi^bably be somewhat In ih<' nature of a surprise for those outsld > the anthracite coal fields to learn that the Conciliation Board which was established by the Roosevelt Strike C«ni mission of 1902 is still in existence and has been doing great work. VXhe Board was created in April 1903 for the especial .purpose of brlnering about and maintaining peace in the anthracite coal fields. Since that, tine 195 grlevaares have been presentf*-" to i' all cf which have boen disposed o*" i-ut cr-. The Beard consists oi tbrr" mine workers'—repre- Moore's attorney says that tli" tact's •:r- li!'-s->. .Mr. .Vco'-e v.vnl to t!;.; house :ii ttip special invitation of the fMirlly. Whon ho r.ime tc breakfa-st the n^.xt morning after the wife of thp house had greeted him. the husband :nme rushing from hehind the cald- net organ the wife retired to the kitth- < n without a word, and the husband demanded the prorcher's monev or his life. The preacher gave him nelth cr, and referred the matter to na attorney. The wronged husband settled fir a .imall sum. Look h:!rd at thos^ facts steadily, «hl;'k a rainute and remember it is ea?y to get a story "on" a man to going. But that it is hard to stop It.— Erai.cria Gazette. as a Missionary brought him into Intimate contact wlih th> people, while Ills scholarly Instincts and attainments led him to n'dk.^ hims-df acquainted with ihe history and philosophy of the sti'ttng.' nation to which he ^ Is devoting his life. The papei; was read at a receiii meeting of Ihe .Mln- liil rl::! Association of lola and by uiK '.iiimous \i .te the Ilogiater was ro- (luested to print It. In comidying v.-lth the request the Register feels sure it is cbliging a ^rcat many p?o- ple who will find in the articlv' infpr- •'•nd ilif SI iitJHictu has never toui :he,'l mi. .Vol r.'i'F tiic expression thti young lotr.ilsl could throw into that lourhlng refrain could make an'^eiiriy ilb-er of i!'.e. •-. * Well, .MI HS Miifrel and 1 chatte^l 1 Lasantly for 8on :e time, the conversation belrg sMi.iu'af-d by a plate Of cockles. She has ji sincere liking fo'v' my cookies, cspe.-lally for the squarif on s, which to her notion are fearfuli !y and wonderfully made. Her mother Makes round ones with a little holp In the middle and you can poke yotji mation that It would take them a long "^'T, ^"'•f (, , r ., linger right through that hole. Her- lime to gather up from any other " ,, , , haps square ones could be made likn sourc. I.,,... We claim to be different as Dodd Gaston would say in this respoct: We are not worrying any because Frank Gould is to give his wife q that, .Miss Muffet remarked' with a hopefully rising inflection. I'pcn imiuiry It seemed that neither my small guest nor myself had done any Christmas .shopping. I hadn't h; 1 consider it a thing to bij Christmas present of a ^r .Oo .oOO string "^^ «'^'"'^'^"> cf pearls. I. is his wif.> and what ho ' ^''^'^ gives her is his business, and he can ""'J '^'^^'^ °" afford it. and the man or men to ' ^ f"-^ "'^'1 '"e dispositloi. wliom he ,,in-d the ,;rice will doubtless °^ "•^'''^^^ "^'' make as good use cf th» momy as he ! -^'"ff' ''"''n't because had ke-)t ii. ''''' ""owance for that purpose hau not 1" en forthcomin,?. but we decided make a stagger at it. evei^ dry other tokens of esteem which are and worked through a long life to im- to be inflicted in due time, upon some prove the condition of his people; He. long suffering people of our acquaint- lived when there was constant wars- ance. Also, we had a sack of candy, between the many reuual states, petty It was the first time I had bitten into kingdoms warring for the supremacy, peanut candy for ages. And some- destroying all national life and pre- how I can't remember that it used to venting the attainment of high ideals: hurt my teeth so much. Miss Muffet Confuciirs tanght that v/hat was nec- was surprised. It didn't make hers essary to restore pot.eo and order was j Imitation of the great Yao and Shun, at the j Ho claimed to be but a transmitter green velvet bonnet bobbing complac- and not an originator and gave him- ache. And when I looked down ently along just under my elbow, and thought of what a pleasant little trip to town it had bcen/I was reminde of what a dear wo^nan once said to mo, about keeping one's self "in state of solution." Here I'd been a lowing myself to crystalize hard and fast around an idea that Christmas shopping wds a bore nnd a n<cessary evil. And I think I shall never try it again without Miss .Muffet's help and the benefit of her judgment of material nnd color, lo say nothing of the moral uplift I get from her vh of the proceeding. Instiad of a bore 1 bad found that it was an excursion of renl Joy through avenues of de lightful pos.sibllitIes that had hitherto^ escaped my indifferent eyes. And I hope and pray that S. Clatis Esq aire, may be grfod to my littl neighbor in this and all the Chris mases to come. For it is only bo cause of the likes of her that he has any stand-in with us grown-ups any way. And Oh yes—I hope he doesn't ov erlopk the doll head, aven if it wa not enumerated in the letter she sent to him. good would i;ave done if he and it is all don^ and over v.l.h „ ,:i .-r v.e inigii anyway, and it wouldn't n-.r.kt erence worry our head off he would never know anythltig about it and neither would she, and if they did know they wouldn't care.—so what's the bloom- in' use? it weren'r. for if w.^ shoulo :^^"^ "> "f-^ ternoon and onr supper hour is at six. 1 gave her my word that I'd hustle into some semblance of oui- ward respHiability while she rat home to ask her mother's blessing- and consent on our little tour. Anij in ten minutes we sallied forth. j ^^iss .Muffet's plump little body wa« warmly clad in a brown coat, and p big green velvet bonnet framed her- rosy faco. And her hands were cud{ died up in a diminutive brown muff tiiat might have belonged to a doll* The first place we entered was on n_ quest for a pair of shoes for an extremely young friend of mine and I left the s<'leetlon entirely with my- shopping companion. She bent he tiny brows Into a delightful pucker, over Ihe while and black ami blue and brown footwear that Ihe patient, clerk brought out for inspection, andf| finally decided on a pale blue pair with white buttons. From that eoiih-' ter we went to one where a mass of; frills and furbelow^ were piled. And Miss Muffet fingered them all as dain-" lily aiW with as expert an eye as any, woman could, have done. Th?re was a charmingUlr of worldlinegs about her that secretly delighted tho clerks;| and her amazing Indifference as tO; price was a subtle compliment to the dollar and sixty-three cents that wasi Down at Tulsa a law suit over eight and one-half inches of grounil, after going through all the courts of the •.-'.i:;te has been appealed lo the Sui reme Court of the I'nited States. The costs are probably being paid by the Booster Club. At any ratc^. the (act—or fiction—thai less than a foot of Tnlsa ground Is worlh going 'o the Supreme Court for is not a bad ad- vertlsemeni. Young Mr. Sinister ban a rich >vife lo conie home to, and his head Is still nh his shouldi'rs physically. If not officially, he Is the only American who ever set two gr-at nation.', l.y^.lhe ears, becoming In propria persona a casus belli or words to that effect,—so he hasn't any great kli^k coming. Some enterprising rejiorter discov- ertnl the fact that on one day recently Kansas City whlsk-;\v dealers sent over 8.000 packages of whiskey into Kansas, the shipments averaging a gallon each. What do you think of a man whose idea of a good time on Christmas is a gallon of Kansas City whiskey? Christmas l)egins tonight, when some of the churchos have their programs, and it will last until Monday night, v.hen the rest of the churches have theirs. .MaV it be forty-eight hours of unalloyed joy to every youns ster—and oldster—in lola! CHIXA, P.I.ST .V.VD FRE.SEN-r. (By Rev. i'erry Hanson). The present situation in China attracting the atjentioa of the whole world. Events in the Orient have not heretofore, been popular subjects of conversation. Men of the Occident have cared but little for the condition^ In China. The word "China man" suggested an individual with character and eyes alike crooked with ability to wash clothes and shuffle cards, while his enterprise is sug gested by the fate of the "man who tried to hustle the East." The few Chinese who are found in our Ameri can cities represent the nation abou as accurately as a few hundred indi viduals from the slums of New York City would represent the I'nited States of America In China. The West is astonished at the pros ent developments Jn China because the p?ople of land have ho'ii underestimated and because th events-flf Ihe past few y (!ar8 have not been closely followed. When the ilr velopments, since the Box"r irouhli are known, we are prepared for al m,ost any news of progress over there Fiirthermore, the knowledge of Ihe r''al Chinaman leads one to e.\i)ect great things of that race. Ix't us trace the history of the Chinese, in a brief way, that we may know why Ihe country has slept so long and how the great awakenins .has been accomplished. According to Chinese mythology the Creator of the universe was Pan Ku. who did his work of carving th earth and heavens out of nothing all the capital with which I had ven-^many thousands of years ago. Others hadn't fingered and discussed and ling ered over. Miss Muffet was of the opinion that we should have gotten on better if I hadn't stopped to talk to so many people and I meekly tried to correct myself after the broad The Leavenworth Times thinks if hint from that quarter. When _I ^8Ug- foUowcd and made contributions to the work until eventually the earth was ready and Inhabited. The first Emijeror ascended Ihe throno in the Person of Fu Shi. who is revered by the new street paving Ihat city Is putting down lasts as long as it has tak-^ might refresh our lagging and half- en to construct it. there will bo no kick coming. .\s a matter of rx:ord the party division on the Sherwood pension bill vote may be of Interest: The bill ; assed by 2L'9 votes to 92 against ii The maporlty was made up of 132 Ile- .iubllc:'ns and '.i" Democrats. Th^ minority <.f S RepubMeuus and .'•l iJi'tnocr.'ils. Th.' Kansas Congress- nun all voted "for." Those not VOI T lug were 22 Republicans and 4C Democrats. Of the total 140 Rii'publlcans voting only S weroyrfgainsl It. and of the 181 Democrats voting. 84 or nearly 48 per cent were against It. Speaker Clark vf^e^d for the bill and the Democratic floor leader, I'nderwood It- 13 a fine thing when Sunday comes just beforo or just after Christmas. It practically means two days of Christmas instead of only one. voled^ftgHlBFt iTu'.. Tho Wichita Beacon admits that nobody has been converted at the Sunday meetings who did not need it. And so—God bless us, every one! I'onTK!) p.uivr.K.vpns. From the Chicago News. Honest, now, did you --vi-r mall a postal card for a friend without reading It? Destiny seems to have turned over the job of shaping onr ends to the chiropidlst and manicurisi. Many an easy going to say no—un for the loan of a ten spot. turously embarked upon this expedition. And we shopped and we shopped un 111 there didn't seem to be anything in Ihe windows not on the counters ^ of at 1 <ast one block In town that we f"'« f'I'fnese as the founder of their history. A succession of rulers followed and in the twenty-fourth cen- ;tury'-B. C. the'wonderful era dawned /for China that has ever been known *aB the Golden Age. fibs great Emperor Yao came to the throne at that {xtimo nnd with his successor Shun. rule4 so wisely that all of the peopi became virtuous and no troubles [jirose. No man's property was molested; if a parcel were dropped in "the street it would still bo there \vhen ;the owner returned. Thero was a considerable knowledge of astronomy. ^Shun devoted a great deal of attention to the regulation of rellgloufc liiser»tees. He worshiped a supreme ruler and also the hills and rivers gested that a cup of hot chocolate exhausted spirits, she was politely interested. Miss -Muffet is not an eradi lionalist. If I had stopped at the doll counter and said to th' clerk, "I want a wax doll as high as this little lady with beautiful golden hair and eyes that open and shut, and a CAoipl?tc Paris wardrobe, "and I want It sent to Miss Muffet's address on Christ-j mas at me ly she would have rebuked me for iluj- extravagance of buying a whole doll. She was very modest in her requests of Santa Claus! she wanted onfy a game some nuts and candy and a second reader. She should liked lo have asked for a doll head for the morning." she would have looked host of spirits. There was a e In mild surprise: and very like- ^^^'f™ °' divination by consulting he markings on the back of a tortoise. :and thus determining the will of hoav en. China, In the times of Shun, was iibout one-tenth the size of the pres- rnl eighteen provlnco ^^B, being that i'.art that lies north and west of th:: present city of Talanfu. ^ FIftoen hundred years' passed, n body of her last doll but there's no, use In over-taxing the generosity of jl'^'"'o'' marked by the gradual con- the Christmas saint, she thinks. But j JK'Psl of the Aborigines and by the she observed with a little sigh ^hat development or the f.>udal system. A she DID wish she had asked for thai .prinee successful .In battle, was re­ man hasn't Ihe ^ head. -She might have done wlihoui Avnrded by being made ruler o»-er a 'sno^t"" '''""some of the other things. j:crialn nurabw of cities. While the And every man knows" of a high' ' 'earned all this over our chnco- .houndarles of the country wore ex- salaried political job he could fill bet- 'n'^- I learned much more. I found .tended there was not mi:ch of homo- tcr than lb? incumbent. - that Miss Muffet h.-td at least a speak- ."gcnclty. Toward the end of the Cbou Better a man full cf ginger than |ng acquaintance with nearly every- 'aynnsty, in the year 552 B. C. the One of the'rraSbns this paper has always been in favor of woman suffrage is that it believes lhatvworaen are more conservative than men, less ^ -^-^^'j^"^the friendliest good will to ;the second In time of the groat trio, one who hovers around the clove dish < ^.j^^ ^^^^ ^^ e^^^.j^j confuclus was born. He was at the end of the mahogany counter. \r to be led off after halr-brp.ined g„,pii»nes—lind the man with"a swell-j them, one and all, over her cup, and -lao Tzu and Menciu|s being the other schemes of government, new-fangled head is sure to gtjt liito it sooner ii didn't come within three country Jwo. Two hundred years covered the rrfcrms" and all that sort of politi- cr later. . . • blocks of her popularity. ilves of the three aid all carafe from sestkUvcs. BPd three operators' rep-|ra, inio.ult.v. And the returns ' ,Lcu^ThTt Sle^ai " dusk when we started homo 4he same gsneral FetteotaUres and their effort always Log Angeles seem to, confirm the ,^ at a chor. . with our plunder, Wa ba4 thoea and ;^rom Talanfu. locality, not f^r rjd fo jutiBear^ relations be- view. The men of Los Angeles voted girl exhibition.. Ihwdkercblefs and :aecktiM s^ .» and self to collecting all possible information concerning the ancient Worthies. Our knowledge of the early history cf China is due to the efforts of Confucius and Mencius, wiio' made thorough search for information thiit had been preserved in bamboo) slips so that as historians these men did a great work. Confucius exerted a great Influence over the peoplvj and left them In the position of lx)t '8 wife —looking back. From an effort to imilate the. halcyon days of tuitlquity, Ihe people came to passively sit, discoursing on those famous times.'and wish that they had lived with Yao and Shun. Three hundred yejirs after Confucius there came to the tli|ron^' one Shih Huang Ti, a strong ruler^.With ideas. Ho /unified the empire, built the great wall, ant^ carried out many other useful projec't.s. • The great body of Confuclauized Chinese opposed all efforts of the new regime. The Emperor understood the situation, know ing that the people were buried in the past through the influence of their books, and ordered that, with a few exceptions, all existing literaturo shoul dbe burned. There were four hundred and sixty loading scholars who raised a protest, whereupon they were buried alive. This strong Em- r.eror weakened, and as he grew older be-camo insanely sup-rstitious.. His last years were spent dodging evil spirits sleeping in • a different room each night and doing equally crazy things. His grip on public affair- weakened and when he died th? prestige of his dynasty was fast disappearing. The conservative Hans soon came to the throne and Confucious vas in control again. One thousand years later a certain ICmperor Tai rsiing said: "Coniucius is for the Chinese what watar is ror the fish." One Is tempted to conjecture what would have bcen^e result If the policies of Shih Tuang Ti might have been carried out by his successors. It Is probable that the Chines^ would have been brought Imp cont.act with other civilizations and. perhaps have gone down with the other nations that were flourishing then but now long •ince gone. China continued without intercourse with other nations, always jufllcleni unto herself. A few neighboring tribes brought, tribute, but in general the natlonexisted In sweet oh llvlon of what was being done in the rest of the world. Contented she was ind, like the Individual with narrow vision, became conceited. When Ihe first commissioners from countries were sent to China they were treated as if from an inferior nation, being asked to kowtow and observe other like customs. It was-a long struggle before China would treat with other nations on terms of equality. Perhaps her early commercial experiences with Europe ccn- ributed to the attitude she exhibited at different times. It was in 1511, two thousand yecrs if ter Confucius, some Portuguese traders reached Canton. • All went, well for several years and It seemed in auspicious tjeglnning of commcr.- c'al intercourse between China and tjie West. Mo^ unfortunately wh3n a second Portuguese fleet came out, such acts of outrage and piracy were ommitted along the coast that China's good will became deepest hatred. When the Spaniards secured con- rol o fthe Philippines, about 1600 A. D., the Chinese were there in large numbers, being the most numerous 3f any race in the City of Maniiu. Spain treated the Chinese with fearful cruelty afid finally massacred them to a man. This was r6new.'d ncouragcment foV the Chinese to remain in their shell and have no Intercourse with the West. China was becoming known and several European countries contln- od their attempts to develop trade, nd some progress was made. The main Import from the west was oplr um. The evil effects of the drug upon the people were apparent and utt arly as 1790 there was i*n ImporUI edict from the Chinese throne prohibiting the Import of opium and the smoking of opium. The law was not beyed v.nii constant smuggling continued until 18.19, when a special coii!- mlssi^er was sent to Canton with orders to put an end to the traffic. Upon arrival he found twenty thousand two hundred and ninety-one chests of opium in the possession of foreign merchants. As this was all contrabrand goods the commissioner authorized the -Second "Boston Tea Party" and the. opium wa^ thrown Into the froa. For this and some oth- «r grievances,. England: declared war, and during ihe years .1840-<3 the two suiting in victory for- E^;landi ""TTp- on the conclusion of the war a trea^ was signed, one nf its proTisionT being the ceding of Hong Kong to Great Britain and another was the pay^ ment by China of twenty-one million dollars indemnity, of wh^sh six million was payment for the opium de-- stroyed, opium that had been smuggled into the heathen land by Chrls^ tian England after China had. fought the traffic for fifty years in an at- ' t?mpt to protect her people. It was better, however, to pay for the stufi at the bottom of the sea .than to have it used by the people, but It would seem natural that Morrison- and the other eariy missionaries , to China would find it uphill work tp convert the people to Christianity when Chris-,; tian governments acted In this wayT A few years past and then at the time when China was In'the throes of the Tal Ping rebelllOTi another- war with England was be|un In 18S7. it resulted, of course, In Victory for England with further concession by China, among which was the legalization of the opium traffic. The Chi-. , nese were slow in ratifying the treaty whcreapon France''Joined, ^ng-- land in prosecuting th^'war against China, until .in i860 a jiew convention was secured, which included air that had been mentioned to"earlier trea- . I ies and a few more denlands. In the following year British and Frencli ambassadors took up their residence in Peking and the Chinese government created the department of Foreign Affairs. Space fails to tellvof France 'fighting successfully for ^onquln, the Japan war and resulting grabs by Rnsr sia, Germany and France, the 189? steal by Germany, followed by England and Russia. In a word we see that China's contact with the West :iad cost her miles of territory in- ehtrling, her best ports, several hnn- Jred million dollars of lijdemnlty apd eount'ess lives. And worse than all else was the fact that about hall of her peofiie w;re drunk with opium 'hat the) West had forced upon her, vhile |in some provtaces a ISrgii. pro-\ portion of the land was given f (ir th^ . cultivation of the worse than Uj^ess. poppy. China had certainly ^aid^ a' great price for the taste of Chrjlstbui' civilization. In view of the political ovonts of the canturj- one wonderSf hat the missionaries met with the success they did, and it is not surpris ing that righteous indignation, of ;he heathen should have found expression in occasional local riots and In ^the murder of a <ew of thei "foreign devils" whose presence"?«niad- •d them of what they had loati* (To Be Continued), f 3 > AS OIUERS SEE THI5G8. > • Insurrctos .\rc Destraetionisffc • : v Independence Tribune." The Bmr \ lorla Gazette declares that ;"one puir lot afford to keep books to politics," md wants a statute of llmitationa-'tO >:>event the past being called up.- All •hose who have been rauck-raktog aiijH' - itt^cking the leaders and policies :he Republican party In the pftst thre^V ' years, now want to be delivered from' ? heir 4estructi\;p acts. There has been tlie least cause for the tosWl^.; ;ency ofithe past three years of amrr'' Df the crAy freaks of the past.jTbere , was some excuse for the greenback- craze when the/countiy was readjust-' 'ng Itself fronithe promise toiwjfei,' " dollar basis to, the h^d money j1)aB||^~ Then there was an excuse for tbajxii ' jilver craze when the Democrata'aS^: Insurrectos destroyed confidence asd^ \^ credit in 1893 to '97. But, with the- most prosperous conditions the irorld jver knew under the gold and the Dingley tariff up to', there was neither sanity or rea8cikr4 the Insurgejicy of the LaFollei the third year of this ghost d<hcif| .Kansas the tosurgents." slly closed the laYge todustrlal|'| by destroying markets. Tbeji, have lost 20 to 40 per cent Oitr/ products as compat«d ^h J)0^|pp' i)r:ces and the "ultimate omraat^i^' has not been, benefited^, beoadsj^tliey ' -1 are not employed, ttad have aot, tl^e T^'^ monej- to paly even the reduced!prices;^-;:' Disaster has followed ev^ry-attack. (^t-"'^ -he Insiirgents. , - , • 'I -4 wonderful ' man . luUJons - fought^ aq uneven Iiattle re-^ Best (or Asthma, Catarrk^BciAitiftfi'^^ Why need anyone suffer fnjiai"''aB|^i • throat or nose troubles 'When SOOfllrV^'^ :ng healing HYOMEI is guaranlQed-td^;^ •janlsh all misery or moaerbaok:.': » „ "The undei^igned herewitb„ Keoair.:-'.. / "nends HYOMEI to all wh© I rilcted with asthma,^ catarrh, o^^bi hitis.. HYOMEI wM used byi ator: 'or bronchitis and astbma asdjJL.v It for jbroncbltls and sore throikt It has given relief ant) iwmu results and I write these fe;irf hfop the benefit of alj who are wJlh the ailinents'. named, Theodore Boehlan, Tmtfio-f. ot the Concordia Publi8hi]lSi^( Cor. .feffersoh Ave. and: Concordia. Kas-.^Jan. ini^ Siicncer & Co.. and d tvhere sell Hyomel. A fit Including Inhaler cpste^ tia battles If needed. 60 "ureathe It. -. - .iv*^ •• i ^ • —^4^De^ llpinea man of muscular rheumatism der. A friend adviaedJUnFj Springs. Jhat meaii^; $150.00 or morei <,.T quicker and .^heapel and found lt.*fe tapnt. Three plicaitioB of thiijp^ Fortiiif^itf^

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