Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1911 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1911
Page 3
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X. THE lOIA DAILYREGISTEB, SATUItPAYJEVENING, DECEMBgR.23, the Store Of Oie Christinas Spfrit This store is all a-quiver withi the excitement ' preceding the great home day^—Christmas. The prattle of little children, the laughter of tHe older folks, the glitter of holiday novelties, the good-natured crowds—all combine to transform ,^this store into the realm of Santa Claus. Everywhere that there is a counter or a shelf or a table or nook or corner, Gfiristmas merchan- ^ disc is displayed for your convenience in choosing. As the greatest joy of Christmas is the pleas- ''lure of giving, the pleasure of buying naturally is a part of it. V All purchases with wliich you honor us will vbe delivered upon the date you wisii and will be properly packed for presentation. fireatest Reductions op j(;oats, Suits, Furs and Millinery of the Season We thank you for past patronage and hope to be. found worthy of your future friendship. ; "We wish you a Merry C iristmas. Richardson's 113 EAST MAPISON The Alien County Realty Co. Make a spei-ialty of eelliug Allen County Farms. We also write Insurance of all kindi), collect rents, pay taxes for uoE-resldents. and dd a general real estate business. We represent three of the best loan companies doing business in Kansas, and Foltcit a Btaare.of the loan business, and guaranty as cheap rates and Quick service as can be had anywhere. The Allen County Realty Co. B. L. TbonpsoD, Mgr. OFFICES EVANS BLDG. lOLA A DEPENDABLE ABSTRACT Is one which contains accurate information of all records relating to the property described therein. A complete and accurate Abstract is the basis of a good 4eed. There are no better Ab' Btracts than those prepared by THE PETEKSOX ABSTKACT TO. fkMM 97 Old Coart Uoubc BIdg. PEHSONliS Loans Xi5SA8 AjTD OKLAIIOVA Low Kate; Annual or Seml-Annua: tafwnt— PriTlIege to Vaj In Full Be*M»< Bates oa Fire Insurance: .Cu n n i n g hm M OMK a«BM Bldg. lola, Ka^ CAUFOBMA LAM»S. We are agents for Cliins IlelRhts trult lands adjoining the city of fiacramenta. Free round iriji to buyers. We are sole ageni .4 for .this territory. CUABLEfi k POTTEB. Ma, Kansas. L.43iD FOB .SALE: I have for acres of grass^ ' Hot a pasture laaliDg water- Close to R. R - r also have —ctase to lola , bargain. Terms sale ihf cheai<e.«t ICO land la .\llen C'v.inty. it can't U? beat—<?ver- or it ail can be mown, station. Part time. |W acres itJiproved land that 1 can sell at a reasonabk-. 0| BOLLIXGEK lip:^i:i IMOSEIJ XONEY: I make a specialty of farm loans. If you are wanting a farm iMa It'VHi pay you to see me. Sates reasoaable; Interest pay- iMe ammaljoi^ semi-annual; priT- . fiegie |^v«ii|ta make partial pay• siMts or fell at any Ume. C «. BOLLDt'GEB |Ma,Kau. ^, J. F. Parks, of Des Moines, Iowa, .eame in last night for a hoUdav visit -F. .S. Halm, M. X).. Oculist Mr. and Mrs. W. P. B.-II will s;.o!iJ ( I'-isinas with relatives iu C}«-i;eva. — Wo fmr.nipnfe takinf; orders for k' ('rf:!:i. fur the Holidays or any .-IPc'iil ordi-;-; 2 .'c a guar;.—Palaie'of iJr. Pitz.siiinr.fjns of Twruniseh, .\i'h.. U «xi)M!i'd ill tomorrow for a visit \.iih liih sis;.i .Mrs. J. W. McCail and f;-,inly —Oysters TiOc and C^c a tiuart.—City Moat .Mail<tt. .S M M,-ill. of .Moline. K;iJ,. l.s ;i'r( biiKlri"'.''3 today — Lowneys Candy at Mundls. Hev, Carl Xau. rector of St. Tim- I thy'.t Ki>l.-=copal church .assisted the .M.'ijcp !n ordination servlce.s at Fort ! h':.-ott Tiiursday evening. — K —C. J. Peterson: Farm Ix>ans, In- Mirance, Abstracts. Miss Florence Stafford and Mrs. ''.> rti.; Brown, of Kansas City came in thi.s afternoon for a visit with Mr. :ind .Mrs. B. E. Clifford. —It will be to yonr Interest to buy your flour and feed of H. Klsumann, ' John Decker came in this morning from Ramona.-Okla., to si)end Christmas holidays visiting home folks. ' —Tool Cabinets at Shannon's. Frank Wood went to Kansas City this afternoon to visit during the liol- idays with his wife's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. K. Tutt. Mrs. Wood went to Kansas City several days ago. To All Our Friend§^ and Patrons we wish a "Merry Gliristmas" STORE OPEN IJNTIL NOON MONDAY I hiiago 111.. Dec. 23.—Forced, through cirrunisiances over which he. Iiad no control to support his starvingDioiher. hl.s Ij^-others and sisters ct-< iHtli- four-year old Martin Horbai ro.<e t <i the o.caslbn witli Soartan l.ric. and Is now suciez-dlng where hi.s faflK -r with his iiiaturr- years* forsmjk tl'( little lad :in(i his mother to their fate. The little bov nn th.* streets selHpK his papers or ninnlnK errands, usually greif.s you viiti) a bright smile thouii he is burdened witli cares far over his years.' .MIS. .1. C. iiairh wi:te.< iiip HeRister I'roui (;;<s C!:y as follow.-i: Seeing a ini.stake in tiie paper i be.:? leave to ;-orrec; t!ic irame. .Mi.>.\s Lena Olmstead and George Peterson secured srieir marriage license from the .ludsre at lola. but came her.e and visited and were married Uy their former pastor. !vev. .1, C. Hutch, at his residence at noon, litvtnibet in. —Home Rendered Lard, single poiinil L'M-; in li.>-iK>und pails ISc per pound: in .""-pound cans 12c per pound. Tiii.s lard i.< guaranteed to be :;!! hos fat from tlie City Meal .Market. Miss Kdna Youns will so to Girard, Kas.. -Monday for a wejks visit with Miss Pauline Ross. —Fred Rondrn, Period Decorator. Phone ;SC Mrs. F.. Dei'7.. of St. Paul. Kas. is here for a visit wiili her daughter, .Mrs. P. H. Troutman. during the holidays . —Plckle.s, Sweet, Sour and Dill.— City Meal Market. > William Parman, of .Arkansas City, is expected in tomorrow for a holiday visit with his daughter, .Mrs. I.#slie Wolfe and family. —Dr. VcXIIIen. Pbonrs and Stt. Mrs. Fred Reigle, of Kansas City, and daughter. Miss Haze!, will be in tomorrow for a visit during the holidays with Mrs. P. H. Troutraan. -Spriliil .Vnlinee ul the (<mnd The. •Jre riirMmi.* il«y at SJ80 p. ni. 5 reuU to i>icr }lHidy. ^»nv nerforu- uiK-e III iilKbt, 't centu to nil. Dont niiKh H. We HKh }«u u Merry ChrM. infl'* iinil II llnppy >'efr l>ar. Miss Winnie Smith w.nt to Clmnute ihio iiftertioon to spend the hoUdnys vi.Kltinc rri"ndK. —{' J. Peterson: Farm Loans, In- -iirance. Abstracts. Foster GOSH went to Spriniffl-'ld. .Mo., yesterday for a lioliday visi' with friends. —Genuine "Sealshlpt" Oysters at Cowan's. Why use inferior brands? Ti'pv cost the consumer Just as much, l /^r. and .Mrs. J. W.'.McWlliiains of 11.5 South Second street were the recipients of a fine Christmas present last night—a so^* —^Bicycles at Shannon's. Miss Lillian .N'ett left today for Pittsburg to spend the Christmas holidays visiting friends. -Speelal Xatlnee at the ttmnd The- aire t'hrMrouK day ui iiVi p. m. :> rent>> to nrrrfliody. Same- perform* jinre at niirftt. i cents to all. Don't miss !(. We wl^b yon a Mefry rhrist- OAS aad a Happy »ir Tear. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Starks and Mr. Harry Starks. who are now located at Newkirk. Ok., will be here'tomor­ row night for a visit during the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Starks. —All orders promptly delivered from the City Meat Market. This Is. an exclusive market, therefore the i Miss Alice MeCall. who has been boys do not wait on grocery orders j t^a^hing in Cedarvale and Miss Elva •With'his wifejs parents, Mr. and Mrs. £. M <«inW. Mrs. Parks havinft imiVed- some! days ago. Mr. Parks :. Iras -formeriy! manual training teach- .-^kr in tlie local high school and is now ipceapying a {similar position in the • IDea Moines high school. vj ^-'^okie kfidaey suet and lean t>one- TleM bee' tor .making mince meat— .<^-$^]r. Meat Market. ^ _ to be filled. Give us a trial.—Monte McKinney. -SpMial Vatiaee at Lite Grand Theatre Ckdstmas day at 2xS0 p. ML i cmfs to e.rerjbody. Same perfom< anee at ab^t, 6 ceaU t* alL. I >win Vfaelt We wbli r» • Xmr CMat. iMd a Payp/ Jtew Year. McCall, who has been teaching in Glenn Elder, Kas.. came In today to spend the holid.-iys visiting with tbsir parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McCall. —^Boys' Wagons at Shannon's. Miss Ina Relmer left this morning for Eldorado for a viilt over the bol- idaxs ^wltb ber parenta. .Miss Alice .McGowan w ni to Ret! field to vLsif daring fh.- holidays .vi^l her i):irents. —The City Meat Market for Oysters .">0 and fOc quart. .' Mrs. Walter King will RO to .Vevad; tonight to visit during the holida/:; with her brother Walter Drumnio(i<; and wife. —Oleo ;''rpe grade.s, 13, 20, 2.^c, .at tite City Meat Market. Harry Whittaker is expected hoHii from Pitt.sburg to spend tiie holida^vs visiting friends and relatives. —Choice Fat Hens, live weight fBc per pound; dre.ssed l.'ic.—Cltv Market. — > Miss Mable Anderson Miss Gei^«e.- vieve Taylor. .Miss .Mildred .Manl;«y Mr I .iewi3 .Northrop and Mr. Harvey Heller came in last night from K. C to spend the holidays visiting honi' folks. —Safety Razor.s. each one guars,n- teed by Mundis. Dr. C. M. Ru.?s went to Pitisbur- this afternoon for a lioliday visit w^L his parents. —Vmev. i{. .H. rnnpinKhnnt •» .Mr. :'.\C .'I.'.s. T;:omas Phelps will go to V :i;e? (•.•ntf-r tomorrow rol\ n visit V it!: Mr. j III Ill's iiarents. ; —P( .k fiautia^e. all pork and hoin» made, ;it the City .Meat Market. . Jack Schleidhtr came in (his morning frob Wichita for n visit with Iclf friends. ' *. —Dr. Wirt, Osleopath, Tel 487. »HR i / , Claud Dellayen who has been hf^' (o 01 tend til-iweiiding of his sisttjt .Miss Pearl DeHaven to Mr. Chi't Black, left yesterday for his home jr Cheyenne Wells, Col. —Fresh Side Pork at the City M*at .Market 12Vsc per pound. •' .Milliard Teats came in last nlftht from Kansas City to spend the hdli- days with his family. ^ — —All kinds of Paints at prices ypu can afford to pay and keep un.til spring.—Bragg & Diidine. Humboldt. Kans. ^ G. W. Hall, of Lathrop. .Mo., is-in the city looking after property w^th a view to locating. ' —Try a Pork Roast from the rfty .Meat Market, Zoc per pound. C. Sipes, fprmerlv of this city l^ut now of Bartlesville came in yesterday for a short visit with friends. t *. SIKIPTIRE. .Matthew S:l-I(l. .New when .lesu.i was born in Eetli- ehein cf .Jiidea in the diiyj of Herod ne kiui;. Leiiold .ihere canic wise men :oiii i"i ;e ea .'t to Jerujaieiii. Saying. Where is he that is bor;? <ins 01 tiio .Tews? lor we have seen his itar in tlie uas,, and are come to wor- hip him. When Herod tiic kins had heard he.'e thin^.-. he \»;is troubled, and all eruse.lem with him. .\nd when he liad aathercd all Lhe •jief itriests and scijibea of the peojile ogcther, iie demanded of them whei..; urist sfiould be'born. .\nd they said unto him. In Beihle- lem of .iudea: for thus it is writion •y the iirophet. .\nd thou Bethlehem in the land of udea, are nut t!ie least among thu .rinci's of .Mula: for out o." thee siial! •nine a Governor, tliar shall rule my leople Israel. Then Herod when he had privily ailed the wise men. en(|iiirod of iliem uligently what time the star appeared. And he sent tliem to Bethlehem, ind said. i;o and .seareti diligently to:.he young child; and wiien ye have oui )d hiiii, bring me word again, thai . may come and worshit> him also. Whin they had lieard the king ihey departed; and. !o. the star, whi.-h lliey iaw in the east, went before th<'in fill It came and stood over where the young child was. When they saw the star, tlity re- )!ctd v.'th e.xeeeding great joy. The Globe Wishes to extend to its many friends and patrons a very Merry Christmas — and may yon hve to enjoy many more!!! 11 I II 11 11 I'oiured Bani|uet. The Sprig of Myrtle Lodge No. 22. '.nisiits of Pythias, will give Lh;-ir an- lual banquet at the G. .A. R. bail 'hristiuas night. There will be speak jg by Dr. Dial, a graduate of the ledical department of Harvard C.ol- .>.ge, and others. This is to he the •adini; en>eiialnment in colored so- •iety fcr the holidays, as a number of ,uests from out of the city will l;e .resent. The dinner will lie servi-d y Miis .Miller, lola's leading colored atpres;. —Better leave your order for Cat .'lowers for Chri.stmtis, Carnations, rtoses and Narcissus at .J. \V. Priin- mer's Green House. DOUBLY PBOVKN. Rheumatisnit l« A Constitutional l^soaM. It manifests (tself In local aches ajid pains.—Inflamed Joints and stUT mt^;- cles,—^but Jt cannot be cured by lo^a! applications. \ 'r< It requires .constitutional treatment, and the best 'is a course of the grtiat blood purifyinir 'Uid tonic medidnej Hood's Sarsaparilla srhlcb correc • tho add conditicnj of the blood an< builds up the systein. Get it todajr in usual-ilqald fom 'cpr . cbocolatcd t^^Ueta caUad tarMtal^ I «la Headers (an No Lonuer D«nht the Kifdonre. This lola ciii/.en testified long ago. Told of quick relief—of lasting ben- fit. The fac;.5 are now confirmed. Such testimony Is complete—the •vidence conclusive, it forci.s convincing pr .-of of merit. Samuel K. Vaughan tiOl South St., ola. Kans.. says: "For many years I vas afflicted with kidney complaint. did net believe there was any hojie o.' my recovery and thought thai 'cath was only a matter of time. The iidney secretions d«i>osited sediment, md the flow was somettme.s scanty, hen again profu.'e. I had severe stacks of pain in my back and often vas hardly able to get ahon:. On ying down, my back bothered me Rore ^evereIy than over, and the onlyfj vay I could arise was by first pet^' ing on my knees and gradually as- ilstinK myself up. 1 was very nerv- iiis Hnd often had dizzy .<;pell!<. a nunihnr of remedies, but nev- •r obtained more than temporaty n - lef until I used Doan's Kidney Pills. \ftor taking them, t felt like a dif- crent jierson. I was completely cured md all the other symptoms of my tidney trouble were disposed of. Another member of ray family has used Doan's Kidney Pills and thing.t as lighly of them as I do." (Statement ;Iven .June 7. 190^.1 RK-E.VDORSE.ME.\T. When Mr. Vaughan was intervlew- !d on April 27. 1910. he said: "I ?ladly confirm my fortner statement, regarding Doau's Kidiiey Pills. I have had no lecurrence of kidney complaint." For sale by all dealers. Price 30c. Foster-Milbum Co., Buffalo, \. Y.. 3ole agents for the United States. Remember the name—Doan's—and take no other. We wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS L. Sleeper & Son A Merry Ourisfanas to Everybody and All Their friends from EVANS BROS. Merrv Cliris The lola Furniture Store I Highest Market Price% For Hides and Furs. Also Fine Lump Coal for saie ——at L. KRUPP'S JUNK YARD Phone 314 POULTRY, BUTTER, EGGS, HIDES AND Ftijtif" WANTED! - •' We are buying every day, and want all the country produce we can get. Remember we pay cash, and the bigger the load you briBg in the better we like you. THE COGHILL COMMISSION CO^ (.Succe.s.iors to lola I'n»duce C'o,> West of Santa Fe Tracks lola, Kansas Cured In Her Own Home Town. Wichita Has. Mrs. C. L. Grounds, tells the for her4«Uow townsmen to be cured of their kidney and bladder ailments, as she was cured. "Some time ago I suffered with Kidney trou> ble. I bad n severe pain In my back and side and when J iald dowa it seemed as if I could not straighten nii .Mother told me what good results my father was getting from Foley Kidney Fills so I went to the drng store and got some and commenced taking them I began to get better very soon, and now aftpr taking two bottles the pain has left my back and side, and I am cured of all my kidney trouble." J. D. Mundls & Co. . SKATINeRlKK Tuesday, Thursday, aiul Saturday Evenings atf 7 o'clock, and Saturday afternoon! , .. ADXISSIO ETenlnr lOe Skates .ifternooBS &c Skates 10e'.^ —Pork Chops 15t per Ib.-^Clbr Market' . .

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