Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 27, 1969 · Page 12
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 12

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 27, 1969
Page 12
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4-B THE REGTfe TER-NEWS — MT. VERNON. TLLINOW MONDAY, JANUARY 37, 1969 "In kindergarten today we started to memorize things . . . like two and two is yellow!" Dishwasher clean up sale! 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WIELT CO. 116 N. 9th Street Phone 242-3360 Bridge Lesson Safeguard Slum — With Blacwood By Oswald and James Jacoby NOKTH (D) 27 • AQ4 V A8 • AK10 5432 A3 WEST EAST AJ 10975 AK832 VJ1052 VK743 48 476 A 10 84 A765 SOUTH A 0 VQ96 • Q J 9 AAKQJ92 Both vulnerable West North East South 1 • Pass 2* . Pass 3 • Pass' 4N .T. Pass 5 A Pass 5N .T. Pass 6 • Pass 7N .T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—A J Oswald: "We have mentioned on many occasions that the chief use for the Blackwood convention is to keep out of bad slams." Jim: "There is no reason why we shouldn't discuss that some more. The correct time to use Blackwood is when you intend to bid a slam provided your opponents can't cash enough aces off the top to beat you before you get started." Oswald: "The second use for Blackwood is to decide about seven once you are committeed to six. Here is a hand from a rubber bridge game at the Cavendish Club in New York that illustrates both points." Jim: "The moment that North found a jump rebid in diamonds South knew that he was going to small slam if his parnter would show up with two aces. True, there was some chance that North could hold two losing hearts and that a slam might be beaten but South was going to take that chance." Oswald: "When North showed three aces South was ready for the second part of Elack- wood. He bid five no- trump to ask for knigs." Jim: "I see that South wont right to seven no- trump when his partner showed one king." Oswald: "That shows an unusual use of Blackwood. South knew that the grand slam would only be a cinch if his partner held the king of dimaonds as his one king but South was willing to bet that his partner would wot have jumped to three dia- Tho.ilo.nd Vietnam Philippines 45,000 500,000 30,000 Okinawa Korea .Japan 40,000 55,000 40,000 Even an early end to the Vietnam war will not end the U.S. military presence in Asia. In his final report to Congress, outgoing Defense Secretary Glark Clifford said the continuing security threat posed by Communist China will require U.S. forces in friendly countries as a counterweight. In addition to the more than 500,000 in Vietnam, the United States currently maintains iarge forces in five other Asian locations. Move Farm Migrants To Steady Dallas Jobs By JUDI DANIEL j jng excelloilt counseling and a Associated Press Writer | koen determination on the part DALLAS (AP) »- Evaristo 0 f the workers and their fam- it in no- >trump. He could be , Sandoval traveled around the lies to escape their envronment monds on a suit headed by ace i 10 only." j Jim: "Even then the slam j would be on a finesse, so at | the worst South would have an j even money chance. I note that! he also bid the slum in no- trump." Oswald: "Of course he bid sure that this particular hand would play perfectly in no- trump and that there would be no 1 eking out an existence -for his danger of a ruff of the first trick : family. nation from one short-lived job 0 f unemployment, poverty and to another a year ago, barely despair," said 'Andrasko. Teamed with federal and when there wcr no trumps around to ruff with." 'Neutral Ground" During the American Revolution, Westchester County, NY.. Today Sandoval worries less about his own security more about the pilots who fly the planes he inspects. "The Navy is depending on us," he said. "If the job is not done right a pilot. could get killed." Sandoval was one of many and especially the Bronx, was! Jobless Mexican-Americans in the known as "neutral ground" be cause it was not consistently occupied by either side, and the : took a mobile.classroom to him. sympathies of its inhabitants 1 The company trained him and their gave state agencies, LTV Aerospace Corp. established their schools and in the valley. The schools began in 1967 and provided five,weeks of training for 15 •men at a time. They were trained to be sheet metal assemblers. As they were graduated, the men were given permanent jobs at the Grand Prairie facility between Fort Lower Rio Grande Valley ! Worth and Da]las until a Dallas-based industry were divided. ANSWER'S TO TODAY'S QUIZ IN ADS BELOW See YOUR PHARMACIST FOR THE FINEST IN FIRST AID SUPPLIES We carry all the products that every medicine chest should have. Let help you be prepared for those emer gency situations. us ANSWERS TO PART II 1-d; 2-b; 3-a; 4-e; 5-c Invest In A Home or A Home Site JAMISON Real Estate 1116 Main Phone 242-0372 25 YEARS Of Successful Business Means Expert Advice IN REAL ESTATE Of the 750 enrolled, 684 were graduated and relocated. The corporation expected to lose 40 per cent of. the trainees. They lost only 10 per cent and only 2 per cent of those returned to the valley. The others took NEWS BRIEF MANILA (AP) '-- Manila's 13,000 public school teachers returned to their classrooms today, ending a strike that kept 260,000 pupils out. of school tor a week. Tne teachers struck in protest ageinst delayed paydays and nonpayment of salary dif- ferr-stials. among othor things. The government promised to their demands. At the private Far Eastern University classes were also resumed after a two-day suspension caused by student agitatio against high tuition fees and other matters. The school granted seme of the demands. Answers To Symbol Quiz 1-h; 2-g; 3-j; 4-i; 5-e; 6-d; 7-b; 8-c; 9-f; 10-a 1. CHALLENGE: XUAN THUY B99 We Invite Students of all ages to Save with us ... Many students start their own Savings Accounts with just $1.00. "If it costs more ... Save more" ANSWERS TO PART III 1 -a; 2-e; 3-e; 4-b; 5-d GJDGJQIHDDD F 61 D 81 R I A 117 N. 10th Dial 242-5200 YOUTH GROUP ACCIDENT INSURANCE Boys and Girl Scouts — Campfire Girls — Rainixiw Girls — 4-H Clubs — DeMolay —\ Job's Daughters — Future Farmers of America — Blue Birds — Camps Sports — Group Trips. WHO IS INSURED: All members, leaders and committee members (if any) who at the inception of the policy term have been identified to the Company by name and title. HAZARDS INSURED AGAINST: Accidental bodily injuries sustained while participating in, directly going to or returnng from, activities sponsored and supervised by the regional or national or local organiazlion with which the policyholder is affiliated. BENEFITS PROVIDED: Medical indemnity or debt dismemberment. PAGE INSURANCE AGENCY 54 Crown View Phone 242-5191 others, moved them with familes to Dallas and them a new way of life. And what the labor mobility project did for- Ling-Tcmco- oUieTjobn ^this area Vought Aerospace Corp. is seen by company officials as highly profitable. It added 684 skilled workers at a time when the unemployment rate in the Dallas metropolitan area had dropped to below two per cent. Column after column of classified ads begged for people to go to work. What the project, did for the people involved, though, is the real success story. The plight of the migrant laborer in an increasingly mecha- mPf , nized world suddenly brightened. Now, this group possesses steady jobs. "It is a better way of life," Alicia DeLeon says of her new job and home. Jalicia and her husband, Leon, both work at the plant and recently purchased a new home. They know an inde- irepndenee they never experienced before. The project was a tremendous one in terms of the human element, said J. B. Andrasko, director of LTV's industrial relations. ' He admitted the company had some doubts about attempting to l'elocate the Mexican-Americans from- the valley—a trad- tionally rural, close-knot, and , family-oriented people. Would they be able to cope with city congestion, homesickness for the quiet, peaceful valley and longing for parents, sis- i ters, brothers, uncles, aunts and • cousins who were part of their [daily life? , In all, 2,184 people-—men, women and children—became part of the experiment/ Two ; hundred and sixty were school- age children. ' "The keys to the success of ! the program wer understand- GUARD YOUR HOME, OFFICE OR FARM FROM LOSSES OF FIRE!! Protect yourself with MFA Fire Insurance. It's great to feel so secure! :?ee Your MFA Agent Ken Bell 128 N. flth 243-4211 ANSWERS TO PART I 1-a; 2-b; 3-Walfer Hickle For Secretary of Interior; 4-c; 5-c HELP US Supply The Demand Desperately needed 2—3—4 bedroom homes for recently transferred families -r- Call the REAL ESTATE EXPERTS A. HAROLD LOGAN C. WILLIAMS & RICHARDSON Broker Salesman 315 S. 10th LELAND ELLIOTT, Salesman JOHN H. CROSS, Salesman 242-0251 : 242-0252 Church Affiliations Of New Officials By GEORGE W. CORNKIX AP Religion Writer NEW YORK (AP) — America's religious variety—and flexibility—shows up strongly in the new administration and Congress taking over the job of U.S. government. As usual, like the nation, it's an ecumenical composite. But iv reflects an added prominence of some small and previously un­ represented religious groups Its interdenominational mobility is particularly dramatized at the top, in President-elect Nixon. Lik'j millions of people in modern times, he tends to migrate from one church to another for worship, according to circumstances, although he for-, mally remains a Quaker. His Cabinet includes three Roman Catholics, two Mormons and the others, mainline Protestants, mostly Presbyterians. 1 The new 91st Congress, a cu.s- 10111317 religious assortment, is made up to 399 Protestants, l|l Roman Catholics, 19 Jews and three Gi'eek Orthodox. Thiw. representatives do not list any religious connections. Eastern Orthodoxy, which had nn members at all in Congress until two years ago despite its nearly five million adherents, added one more this lime, to make it three, giving it a slightly more proportional pi'aee iv politics. But there are no Hindus. Moslems or Buddhists, although they number around a quartei million in this country, mainly Buddhists nn the West CoaVi and in Hawaii. Most Catholics Roman Catholicism, which added two more in the lcgisla five lists, has the largest number of any single church—9.S representatives and 13 senators —but this still isn't up to its, share of the population, nearly a fourth at 47 million. Figures on religious affiliation of the incoming federal legislators were compiled by Cluis- tianity Today, an evangellce" fortnightly published in Washington. D.C. Methodism, ranking second again' in Ihe legislative lists despite a loss of nine, now has H total of 90, including 23 senators and '37 representatives, a hefiy jounf in relation to its 13 million adherents. But the legislative role is even bigger proportionately for Episcopalians, numbering only 3.5 million nationally, but with 14 senators and 53 representatives, totaling 67, and also for Presbyterians, numbering only 4.4 million, yet counting 13 senators and G9 representatives, a total of S2. Mainly, it is the affluent largely- white denominations ivitl- British backgrounds whoso share of legislative posts tend to he bigger than their share of the population. Christianity To- rtav noted Of the 30,000 deaths from snakebites which occur annually, Burma has the highest incidence, according to the Ency­ clopaedia Britannica. GOT PROSPECTS NEED LISTINGS of homes in the $10,000 to $20,000 price bracket- BURKETT'S REALTY 1061/j N. 5th—Mt. Vernon, III. PRICE'S LIVESTOCK MKT. Salem, Illinois Top Prices Paid Thursday, Jan. 23 Fat Steers 29.00 Fat Heifers 28.00 Fat Holstein Steers 25.M Feeder Steers 80.00 Feeder Heifers 26.00 Veals 42.75 BuUs 23.00 Market Cows 19.00 Fat Hogs 20.60 Sows 16.80 Fat Lambs 25.50 YOU IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. West side location, paved street, spacious panelled living room and dining room, 2 bedrooms, large kitchen with built in cabinets, built in bath, full deep dry basement, gas hot water heat, lull lot, garage. For sale or trade. MAXIMUM HOUSE! MINIMUM PRICE! Ranch 3 bedroom home; w/w carpeting in living room, large kitchen with an abundance of built in cabinets, bui.'t in bath, family room, utility room, large lot; garage. . North side location. Shown by appointment only. Only $18,500.00. Owners might trade for your present home >n this one. HEAVEN STILL PROTECTS THE WORKING MAN! Only $500.00 down, balance like rent buys 3 bedroom modern home gas heat, basement, built in cabinets, built in bath, full lot, paved street. Within walking to Horace Mann school. 1 O.T.O, (Out of town owner) wants to sell this 3 bedroom modern ranch home. Carpeted living room, built in cabinets, built in bath, huge family room; corner lot, carport. Only $13,000.00. STRANGE HOW SOME HOUSES FAIRLY SMILE! This' one does and rightly so with its exciting entrance hall leading to sunken living room and dining room, 3 bedrooms, 2 ceramic tiled baths, huge family reom with fireplace, kitchen with beautiful built in cabinets, stoev, dishwasher, garbage disposal, w/w carpeting throughout, big utility room, double garage, gas lien't, central air; large corner lot. Brand new and ready to move in. North side location. IT'S TIME TO SEE this brick ranch home, consisting of 3 bedrooms, IS ceramic tiled baths, huge carpeted living and dining room, stone fireplace, kitchen with many built ins including stove, dishwasher, etc. One of the nicest family rooms all panelled with a cork tuV floor, double garage, gas heat, air conditioned, beautiful landscaped yard, patio. Immediate possession. West side location. TO BE SPECIFIC IT'S TERRIFIC! This lovely 3 bedroom modern ranch home, north side location; new W/W carpeting, built in cabinets, built in bath, carport,, newly decorated inside and out. Immediate possession. Only $15,000.00. 3 ACRES. Located east of Mt. Vernon close to Summer*ville school. Modern 6 room home, basement, extra large living room, 3 bedrooms, basement; double garage. 20 ACRES. Located north of Ml. Vernon on Jaycee Ldk* Road; 3 bedroom modern home, living room with fireplace, hardwood floors, built in bath, built in cabinets, basement, double garage, barn. Priced to sell. WANTED: LISTINGS. WE HAVE BUYERS WAITING. VIRGIL T. BAILEY/ Inc. FHA Loans and GI Loans Available We will make ypy a CASH OFFER for yowr Horn* or Farm •'FREE PARKING FOR OUR CUSTOMERS" * Tenth and Harrison +— Phone 242-4380 Can Avail Yourself of the Services Offered by This Agency. Our Many Years of Experience Are Yours For A Call. VIRGIL T. BAILEY, INC. u

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