Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 26, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 26, 1943
Page 4
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Hope Star e » 899 Pf«W W7. Wanted to lUiit Hot of Mope, » 899; Pf«W Consolidated January IB, 1929. Published «very week-day attwnoon bf Staf Publishing do. Inc. (C &. Palmer and Alex. H. Wojhburn) of the Star building, 212-214 South Walnut Street, Hop« Ark. C €. PAlMEft. PreJlo«r)J , ALEX. H. WASHBURN, Editor and Pabllihif I Entered as Second class matterot it* Postoffice at Hope, Arkansas, under th« Act of March 3, 1897. [THREE OR POUR BOOM UN- furnlshed apartment. Conveniently located. Duplex preferred. Phone 768 before 1 p. m. Satur- rinv 42-3t4n UtlJ* • , v , . . Flashes of Life By The Associated Press SID£ GLANCES HOPS STAR_, .«.©£&. ARKANSAS ByGalbrolth Wednesday, May 2*' A Hog's Uife Little Rock — The At- inscription Rate (Always Povable to Advonte)- Bv city carrier, per week 15c, Henm*t«ct, Nevada, Howard, Milter or* Lafo?et1S count.es, S3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. Member o« The Atsoeloted Assoctated Press is exclusively -""•--..•- M^W^^S^S credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. National Advertising "•I"*" 1 ***!?]";,, *rkom« Doilies, Int.; Memphis. Tenn., Sterick Building; Chicago, 400 No"" loan Avenue; New York ''•- •"» " /\VC. Ue»i uiif i*n«. i >.( «."•-- — . OWohoma Citv. 414^rermmal Orleans. 722 Union St.. Charges on Tributes, Ete.t Charoes will be mode for oil tributes, cords of thanks, reso- Stions or memorials, concerning the de- for the safe-Keeping or leturn of onv unsolicited manscripts. IUI IICJ V^C*lc» u* ^.*. w . is a lucky creature indeed. Informing an Ozark mountain farmer, in answer to a query that there was no law prohibiting male hogs from running on a free.stock range,-Williams observed: •The gentleman hog, as he looks out upon his free range is • untouched by rationing cards, trave restrictions, administration.' ^e crees and stop - happy-country savers. is not required to answer fails of Jiis profits'and pleas ures. As yet all his roads ^lead ,to hog heaven and not to. Washing ton." .... - I & Tubki BIT 66 I Who Goes There? ^fit: I'VE HAP MY i\ KV^»» w**tvr* • *-Mi*« w »*•• AUW6 ANO LAU6WM6 •^ ••*?> «*•* •$ % }> ,Ads must be in office day before • ..; publication. All Wont Ads cosh in advonca. Not taken over the Phone. One time—2c word, minimum 30e Six times—5c word, minimum 7se Three times—3i/ie word, minimum 50c . One month—ISc word, mmmium 52.7O Rates are for continuous Insertions only "THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL." Touring ;:De Luxe Columbus,. Ga: — The sight of two 25 ; - passenger.':buses tearing along a - Columbus street at. 50 . miles -an hour .-aroused i> the; sus- a 0tf"» I picions-of policemen.. G i v,i n.g -fti(*fi»lfrM«lH chase.they nabbed two Negro, boys, CB§»9l 1 ICO w ho explained\thal -they : saw..,thp ' 'empty vehicles parked in- frojnt; of a garage, decided to - use them. Both started <oul In one bus, ..they added, then .returned to the'garage and got one apiece. ;,..,." V | The Siren's Call Kansas City — Fred H; Olander knows (he hard lit efola .ES er knows the hard life of: a livestock commission man. 1 "I used to spend hours running down herds over the Southwest. Sometimes I had to ride horseback . and often- the herd would scatter when I got near. Inspecting herds was .a long, tiresome job." -But that was before he was appointed a member of the Board of police commissioners. "Now I just drive near the fence, begin -humming the sirer and then increase it to a 1 o.u & The cattle evidently trunk it's some kind of ,-a glamour moo and .they -all. ,gather'.at the fence." .-... •' ' , n V^S^^J —frr •<9v 3* \i++t EPSINK THE 11-7, PUT IT DOE&M'T 8RIN6 DOESN'T MAKE A FELLA FEEL .LIKE E AU. HE CAM -TWMKAfOUTiS PBNMV WARM UP SOrS COFFH-,! THEVU ! 0 IT . NEEt> .. «V *r.t. ;^!j. m. /W !&*• L-W» ^!+^ « j; :$$ ^V .4^4 1- •'*.' S- vN. s-it. Popeye "Swing Session!" ME! ^ B , ^0/3 *^** £2 COfR. Mn BY ME* SERVICE, INK. T. M. REC. U. 8. P»T. orr. - — VMaybe I won't be the town umpire this year—with all j '-tiieboys gone, I'm getting in shape so 1 can get in there! and pitch a game!' . , ;• f\r'Wfc-wv;a i* ACCOUNT . OFWA S UJELU •SOCKED ) —I'M ME <V30RWV x r ^/i-'ta/vj i <^ v» ACCOUNT. OF WA MSUUK .HER. HAH 1 . Thimble Theote^ POPPA, NteHUHffMBWRWvgg sue is ME etwee-Tie' "•& HOUi GtOttf '4<i? ')/ C M f& 9- .</« ', lot.. Wwtd it^hu irirmJ ^ Donald Duck For Sale MOTHERS LOOK: SAND BOXES for the children, delivered complete with clean washed sand. Hempstead County Lbr. Co.. Phone 89. ^_ £ SHOUMAN PLAYER PIANO, $600 value will sell for $150. Can inspect at 904 West 4th. 18-12tpd FED CHOW AND COCKER ^Spaniel puppies. Doss boarded by day, week or month. P;™^"^ Kennels. FUNNY BUSINESS m fev 5?S>% ,'/ '• %> v/;: '• • K ••*£ jg/*? W> "'.& ,'S." fYlPPEE! LOOK AT! EM BITE! , IT'S SETTlN 1 dV-r^ T) •) '$/*%,/' *& 6Jt ^ a*** f-V / V^M • QUIT. ^ r^OLCTONEI MORE! H' ~^-. ^*. ,^i^~—v -^> ^ ^^ r er . t ni »-.' t n'.^.. >">.o ^-Jn. ^^±^'- * - : -~} -£* r-*iS« '^ rL2^ *fa,/%s2£/4 •*^&-3rr—*~ Jk.-1!T^ u. -** '• • - — r-j"? By Walt Dispc, "CA V •fci l pf o Blondic TWO 9x12 BURGANDY WILTON broadloom rugs. H)0 r r wool. Practically new. Slightly used cotton mattress. Steel Simmons bed. Old style cook stove and refrigerator. Collins' Encyclopedia. Cheap. Mrs. Robert Campbell. Phone 47C after 6 p. m. 24-3tch 15 BUSHELS OF WHIPPOORWILL peas. Priced S3.00 per bushel. Free delivery to Hope, W. B. McMunn, Prxtmos, Route.!. 25-3tpd Fi«s are 48 per cejit sugar, raisins 61. per ,cent, jnd.dales 66:,per cent. . • , ' • • ., • ' • • Legal Naticg ;NPTICE'; ' : ." '-. Notice is hereby given .that the undersigned -will within the time fixed by law to apply to the Commissioner ofi«evenues of the Siata Pine, Phone 427 fe:^»^S®9 ',C»'' •' Vf. ,'j '•'r.$&'--"':.tii?A ( i'''' i'f'l MV FATHER SAYS UE U- , , GIVE US EACH A PIME. < : ' IF WE HELP HIM WEEP' ' THEGARPEW - -^ ,\i// oi/y O ^' j|H »f 75-" r/ "It's ihat jive trombone player again, sir!" n Keni oun The 'undersigned states ' that he is a C iti 2 en of Arkansas, of good THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson —— — ————^—I :# apartment with two beds. Paper hangers and painters just finished redecorating. Private entrances. Utilities paid. See Mrs. Tom Carrel, phone Ifi4. 24-3tch T W O - R O b~M UNFURNISHED apartment. Private bath. 821 West 7th St. 26-etpd Help Wanted WHITE OR COLORED WOMAN for light house-work and assist with children. Apply 315 West Sixth after 0:20 p. m. 25-tdh crime involving moral turpitude; no' license-to' sell "beer by the ;ned has been revoked five years last past; .and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of 1 this state, or any other state, relating to the sale of'alcoholic .liquors. I . ~W~H7A.'SCHNEIKER. Subscribed and sworn to. before j me this 24Ui-day ,pf May, 1943. " me mis **u ^ vSTE p' HENS ON. (SEAL) ' . I My Commission expires January 12, 1944. ; COMES FROM THE LITTLE NORTH AFRICAN TOWN ..•* TAR i FA;' • NEAR TAN&IERS, WHERE, ACENTUPYA&O, SHIPS HAD TO PA* • MORE TO NdUR RIGHT- THERE -GET THAT VJSEP - OVER HERE AUVIW OOMTBESOSLOW- THERE'S AWOTHE1? -Tjv I MC,^f^'l-*^ " i— |GOALl_THE WORK. WHILE NO.C3EAR/ > I'M f fjAtJPEMlNS, TOO ., I'M POIM6 f THE EXECUTIVE WORK / •i/^, '»".•( ki:«V! «*••! ml Boots and Her Buddies It Won't Be Long By Edgor M'Drt-'l - MA. ,«« Vf- 0^0?9tO \Ki\0 •^VSc. ?r^CW^6t < b 0? ?\C'\0^ 1 £. c b "**** V Vi COLORED GIRL FOR HOUSE- work. Experience not necessary. Apply Tourist Home, opposite police station. Mrs. Carrel. 25-6tc Lost DARK .JERSEY COW. Springer. ?5 I for return to C. W. Butler, Ros-1 ston, Route 2. 20-6tpd BETWEEN MY HOUSE AND Methodist church, Sunday, May 0 Sigma Nu small fraternity pin. Liberal reward. Mrs. Ross Gillespie, Phone 243. 25-6tch | LADIES 1 COIN PURSE CONTAIN- in« about. $37. lost between Cox drus store a» r ' Scolts, May 24, Reward for re-turn. Phone 10. 25-3tpd Hold Everything Notice SEND ME YOUR NEW OR RE newal subscriptions for any 5-16 It CUUICC I«C 'I * •«• " ; 8 "'• "" 7o~ IvV ^~ f , it io f-26 "v^zrsr* 1 m /* vR ^> >c b^< ^^: Red Rider She Tdkes thej8oit_ By Fred .Hormt '.fff-t '& ,*•*' PAHDCK MISS. .._... -3QEJ5UJVTE i v : BOTH . zfeiiNVTHkS; 'SUT "7S7MO.U. S. PAT. OFF. • — CORALS 'NCfT ONLV AR5 FOUND INI' -S-2S m '^ ^VEtfA WEU. DONE STEAK i$ ' RARE THESE DAYS> // 5s^* HERB MILLER., ' • t,jxiJ •«•" *--". I I of tt. mi at MA tmict. me i •»•••'•• "• • '-••,-• newal subscriptions for an y krM? $Xffi' l iiiie£ you alter today, magazine published. Charles Rey- j i^our dryer's fixed now!" nerson. City Hall. i-inu.ii , . ^VJH-VJH vae...Kr 1 r\M.' I DOCTob OF 606NCtf A.H'M WBlTIN BOCK NON TH- 60UTK' INDIANS? . A. ON VECN INTEREST INC.! ^^AfX ^, •JfSl'TOH eoa V Vflrp*-wirt.^s-i EKC&OUO CURING ^HE "W 7 ^ OUT OUR WAY . Williomi RVE.61X, 6EVEN.B6WT... PO2.K PE-E. POUND NOW? GOLUV, THE DOUGH IN VOU THINK OP DOUGH... ^Wi^ mZH- *^ L^~ NEXT: Why ball players owfl «<x>4 eyea. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major HoopU EUECTIOM UP, 3UD&& ^ AMD-WRITING PWERS IStPUeHgRO TOR <5PN\B PAUS WHO eARBSCUeo / CAPTURED IM A. ' v Alley Pop W •i- Shame on Him By V. T. Honv 5EDERL.V/ WHAT'S ALL. ' THE DISTURBANCE?? VE <3ODS,XCAMT HE^R MVSEUFTHI. HAVE ITSTOPPETV 2i2^ SI AT OOCE.' ;i *.*-*_ _^JAJ IM JUST HAD GOSH, • •) BY TH' , BOOM, BUT i TO SNEEZE.' x ->— . — SURE eU-OWED) VOUlAUSO r^» » •—» I? BL.EW US RIGHT BEHlNlD, THE EIGHT ©W <J ^: 1=^ <^-t. ^ Freckles qnd His Friend^ Ducking Versus Diieting By Merrill •SI I A;40' 'ARE , OM survic^iN^ TOLp r/E JERRV VOO A BLACK EYE -- SOJ. BROUGHT MEAT TO PUT OM IT / - T HE HIT ME IM TME tt$ ^ Jf/i'V %»4 THEM A \SURE IT WILL.' FRY PIECE OF A IT AMC3 PUT IT MEAT WONT BETWE6K 6REAO UCI p/ / AND I'LL TAKE IT ncl - ^f IMTER-NALLY/^ ^THE t % "*\ -^ »« | vs [. M SORRY THE ^ 1- FEEL BETTER. ALREADY, BIG DK>OP MIT J UMJA J BUT WHV IS THE - • • • /jeALOU9 RIVAL ALWAVS R THAN ME? ^r7 / ~~ r»i A C^ WHY DIDNT You DUCK I TRIED--- /| WHEN JL p J MY STOMAO 'irf' THE LAST 1, . THING TMA . • /GETS OUT?A VWAY*i fc* i\

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