Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1911 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1911
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THE lOLA yOJiUMEXV. NO. 52. Successor to the lela Dally Register, the I Ola Daily Record and the lola Daily Index / lOLA, KAS., DEC. 23,1911—SATURDAY EVENING. Daily Register, \Established 1897. Weclcly Register. Established 1887. EIGHT PAGES wm ceil FRAJfK nE»ETT V\» .JKSSK KV- KHLY CLAIMED ANOTUKK'S HOME SfltD OFF THE FLifiNlIlEE THE> UFFKKKD THE IKMSr. VOU KENT, STATE IIIAKIJES. THE WEATUEB. Forrraxt for Kiimas] Grn^rally fair toniybt nnd Snnday; irarnier tonight; toldpr 8nndar ntternoon. Data recorded at Local OffJce Weather Bureau:, ' Tciiipcratuie— HlBhoF .t yesterday at 3 ;i. iJ. 41: lowest today at 8 a. m. 21; excess In ttiniierature yesterday 4 Ae- grces; crf-ss since January Ist 117.". IfOArluB of (hyncr's Ki-iurii, "Sooncrs" | FIrd and M'rre Caiilnrcd at Clia- nntt^Tlu'Ir Trial Tui'-'daj. In the supreme nerve contest, Allen county officers propose the names of Jess Everly and Frank Bennett, two young men now in the county Jail awaiting: trial on charges of theft, with every confidence of winninj: the prize. If there Is a case that will . even tie the performance of these youthful offenders, the authoritiea ^ave not heard of it. All ihe details are not in, as yet. hut there is sufficient rejwrt at hand to make out an instance of most remarkable '"lirass," •not easily to be surpa.<;scd. •Not long ago, U. o. l.^bcU according to information furnished the officers, determined to temporarily close his home at Humboldt and so to Oklahoma nn a vlFit. lie had not been gone long until two young men. Bennett and Everly. put in an appearance in Humboldt, declaring they had bought Isbell's home, outfit and all. They moved into the hou.^e and lived there off of the fat (if the land. F?inally. their • supply of chance > pw low and money was needed. TUey sold off it Is charged a rocking chair, a rug and .'••ome other articles. But the amount received was small and additional revenue had to be secured. In their desperation the county attorney charges, Bennett and Everly offered to sell the house, furnish- InRs and all. Proiierty in Huinboldt-| waa moving slow, however, an* there WBB no ready sale for the property. Undaunted, the two young "snon- crfl" offered the houfcc for rent and soon had a tenant. Then they heard that Ipliell was coming hack. They rie.<-<»rted the claim they had jumped and fled to Chnnute where they were captured by Sheriff Hoover Kerr and brought,to lola for trial. The case against them will he Wnsed upon evidence, in BubFtance. as foregoing. The pri.'oners hav:' not indicated what their defense will be. The hearing will be held in .Tustlce Duncans court next Tuesday morn- iiig. Vesti»jilay. Today. 1 p.Hj 1 a. m.. - 2R 2 p. lii .40 2 a. m.. .--24 .1 i>. Ill _41 3 a. m.- '"-24 4 p. lu...^ 4 a. m.. -.2;! .'i p. in - .as a. ni.. 1" 11. hi . li a. nr. ..2n T p. ui.. ..Ti 7 a. m.. -.22 S p. ni . :M S a. ni. -21 !1 p. m.. . -29 n a. m.. .2:. 10 p. in . 27 10 a. ni._ --28 11 p. Ml -20 11 a. 111. -31 12 mdt. . . .26 12 noon . 3(1 I'LKINJJ TVJiES A PEM -SIMISTir UtW 0-.' THE SITI 'ATION. REBELS m mXi IFE1 miS^ CHRISTMAS SUGGESTIONS THAT MIGHT PROVE SATISFAC3X)RY IJEVOMl f!).\.» KV TKOOl'S .NEAK l riKOW (.'ETT:><J UJiSTI^ESM. I'rt'ciplliition for 24 hours ending 7i a. m. t<><hiy 0; e>:vcss in prc^-ipltatlon since .laniiary 1st. 1.89 Inches. Relative humidity 7 a m. today 9.T per cent: dew point 20 degree.*; barometer reduced to sea level Z'i.^'^ inches. Sunrise today 7:3C a. m.; sunset .T:07 p. ni. TO BE A VERY QOIET PNOHY Christmas Holiday (» Be (Generally Olisrncd In tola. GRUNTS HW CORPUS WRIT Andrew Freeliere Mas Kelpased in District Court This Afternoon. .ludge (':.-rnr Foii.-t grantea a writ o /habeas corpus asked for liy Kw- In.t, Gard & Clard. attorneys in be- iia'f of Andrew Freebcrg in the district court this afternoon, and Freeberg wa-: immediately released from custody. Freeberg recently caused the arrest of Peter Hahl. of itear Savonburg, charging him with ai^ult. He alleged tiiat while he stood talking with Dahl's brother Victor, about a land trade, Peter Dahl came up and attacked him without any provocation whatever.^ The case was set for trial the early part of this in .lustice Duncan's coui;, but when it was called, Freeberg, complaining witness, failed to a]>pear. Then County Attorney Taylor dismissed the case .Tnd asked that the costs be taxed Freeberg. Y.'hen Freeberg relumed to lola yesterday he was arrested by Sheriff Kerr on a commitment issued" tor costs taxed against him. Freeberg >qllned to pay and resisted being •.aced In Jail by bringing habeas cor- Itus proceedings. In their client's behalf Ewing. Oard & Gard contended that Freeberg was not subpoenaed to testify as a witness and that no trial of the case against Dah! was held. Such a'-tlon, the yasstrted. did not bring Mr. Freeberg within :iifl pale of the law that provides that where a i>erron charged with a criminal offense is tried and found Innocent and where the prosecution Is subsequently found to have been malicious, teli costs in the case may be taxed against the person who caused the rnion to he brought. County Arorney Taylor Insisted that Freebers: knew that the trial was to be held that he was to be the principal witness and that he left tlie county in ordor to avoid testifying. On this ground t.'-.e state a?ked that the habeas corpus writ be refused and the defendant ordered to pay the ccsts taxed againyi him. Judge Fou5t, however, found for reeberg and granted the writ prayed for by his af omeys: As usual. Christmas day will be generally observed In loia. Monday will therefore, be a c\uict day In the downtown district. .Ml stores and of fices, wlrli few possible exceiitions. will be closed by noon at least and the coiir' house ant city building offices will be closed all d.iv. holiday I'ours will i)o ob.served at the jiost- olllce i'.:ul t^e b'lnks will follow their li.'i'.ial cupfom of suspending business !hro\;gh(ii!i the entire day. Christinj's shop)iing will coriie to a r'ore With 'he ii'iial rush tonight. The voluiiio cf holiday business has been vcr> sn<isf.Tcfnry fo the mercliants. the buyers have found every store unvpii.Tlly we'l lixod to supply every demand of its customers. TRINITY CHURCH WINS TREE SahalliMi \rmy Made CJreat Mulsh in .Sloie's Contest. The contest for the mw of the .\e\v York Store's ChriKtmas tree with lis '•li'i'irlcrl equipment, was won liy the Trinity Methodi.'^t CImrc'.i.'t'.ast lola. The final count of the ballots showed the following result: Trinity V. K. Salvation Army I'nlted Bretlnn ..Methodist Chris'ian Presb.vterian Baptist Epl.scopal A. M. E Second 15a))!irt Hui'ders' Chspel Lutheran 77"»li 7fi7l! 141<.l 12S1 119t; 76:{ fi7.^. 442 2n4 2.-.S 1.17 130 T!:e IVMC C^nfen-nce Is Sli-.I In Srs. ^i'>ii IMII Co'.irerci. rv far .'i..::;. (Hy the A.s .«iK -i;itcd I'l-r.-Jsi Peking. Dec. 2.'5.—In govornnient circles here there seems little doubt that the conference at Shanghai between representatives ol tho Imperialists and the Revolutionists will prove a failure. Tlie belief prevails that the Revolutionists arc preparing to advance to the north. Premier Yuan Shi Kai continues to exchange frequent telegrams with Tang Shao Vl; his representative at Shanghai. Government otiicials liete insist that the throne will be retained, liut tliore Is 3 difference of opinion as to what future form the mou- ar.liy .viil take. Yuan Shi Kai has been ei'.deiivoring to propagate the view that foreign Intorfetence will be detrimental to both parties, evidently hoping his action will liuar weight during the negotiations at Sh:ingliai. Nanking LonkH fer Troulde. Nanking. Dec. 2.1.—Tiie present tern per of the revolutionary trnoiis. ha.^ given ground for fear that the ariuis- tlce now existing iray be broken and t!'at a serious encounter in'ay occur •M 'he territory to the i.orih of Pu- kow. Cliine«:e Brigands la Mnncliiiria. Harbin. Manchuria. IVe. 21!.—.A band of Chinese brigands today attacked the Imperia) convoy on Its way to Kirin with a large amount of biillion. The rol)bers carried oIT ?S.=;0.00ii. N PEN FIFTY I'EKSIANS KILLED I?i FIOHT WITH Kl'SSIAXS AT TABlilZ. RU5SIMS. SHELLED PHLIIGE MA>Y PRIVATE BiriLDIXJS DE- .'dOLISlfEB BV AKTILLEKY FIKL' Tl'.crc IVas Sharp FIghffnjr Also >'car l.iiUe rriHnIa But no Di-tuilit - '• Relioilcd. (H.v Ihe A.s.wri.-itocI Press) ^ London, Dec. 23.—Fifty persons were killed during street fighting between Russian troops and Persians in Tabriz, according to an official telegram from Teheran. The Russians bombarded the governor's palace and demolished many private buildings. Sharp Fisrliting >'rar Urnmla. St. Petersburg, Dec. 23.—A dispatch from Tabriz, Persia, says the sharp fighting again occurreti today near l>ake Uramia. A detachment of Russian Cnsi-acka is protecting the gov-J eriiraent buildings at Tabriz and the road leading to that town. There Have been a few c-.isualties ainong^ the ,!ni;:id defending the Russian constr- ate. RK; DAMAtJE 10 FOWLEIl.S. Tin* Kaw Dfiiinuire Must Pay Hie Park crs iMca.J'on, u Jury Says. Topeka. Dec. 22.—Damages amount Ing to $4fi2,snri were awarded the Fow ler Packing Company by a jury In the I'nitrd States Circuit court heVe tonight against the Haw Yal'.cy Drainage Dl.-trlct of Wyandotte couiity. The company had sued for IVi million dol- i.Trs. IHE PRESIDENT PLIiYEOSMt SENT PRESENTS 10 FORTY PO. LICEMAN A.\D MANY OTHERS. , A Forlv-live Pound Turkey Is one ot; ILc Presents Hecrned by the President lllm^(•:f. V.'ashlngicn, Dn. 23. Preeidei.l-! IS THE TRESTY IN THE lY? RHITISH THINK WE CANNOT (JIVE OCR SHIPS PREFERENCE. WHAT 00 YOU THil OF TH Thiy Hold that the Trent) Pnivides Thnl Ai! Ve-scis Masl Pay the Same I^nnonia Toll. (Hv tllf .\.':<ocl:itoil r'i--xs) London. Dec 23.-The Hay-I':!Uii;f> UEI.I.EKONTAINE, O. WON'T HAVE ANY CHRI.STMAS EXERCISES. Areii'l Yon (Had Voii Biiirt Live In so Cruil and Hearlless aTown as iU'lIel'iuitiunc] CIDAHY ESTATE PAYS TAXES. CHRIST.MAS (JIFT ESCAPED. Spitz Terrier Esraped from Fspress WaKcu nnd Caused Excllement. Onr of t!ie most humorous Incidents of the fhrisnnis .'^eason wa-s witness( d this morning at the corner of Mad- j.-on and Sy.'nmore streets. The Weils Fargo express wagon, heaped full of Christmas ]>ackages, came rumbling east on Madison and started to turn south on Sycamore. .4t this juncture a l.ump in the pavement jarred tlie load, and a big box falling from the wason tn the ravement broke open, and a little white Spitz terrir, frisked forth, and barking with Joy at his freedom, ran west on Madison, the express driver in hot pursuit. After much turning, and running and do<ig- ing and harking, and ]>erhaps some swearing on the part of the express driver, the little animal was finally Califnniia Is $14,!>00 Retfer Off Bo. rauM- of His Death. iHy itie Assii'^iaii.d I'n-.s.^i Sacramento, Calif., Dec. 23.—The California estate of ihe late Michael l^udahy the Chicago meat packer, who died at Los .\ngeles, has yielded fourteen thousand dollars to the state in the form or" Inleiitance taxes. The California property was valued at two million dollars. BIG POILTKY SHOW SOO.V. Poultry Association Complete^ (he Final Arrangements Lust Nifrht. The Allen County Poultry Association held a meeting last night in the office of Carl Peterson and completed the final arrangements for Its Mg second annual show which is to be held in the Iowa store building from lanuary 9tli to 13th inclusive. The floor space in thi.'; building is .50 by 80 feet, which will be ample for the show. Assurances have been received that displays of poultry will be here from Parsons Chanute, Ft. Scott. Gar nett. Eureka, Bronson. Moran. Humboldt, and many otiicr citie.s'and towns in this vicinity, and It is now Taft played S:iiil.;i Cliius today to twt ! tote treaty of P'OS. between Great Hrit score policennn. more than twenty j ain and Ireland and the I'nitrd .States is quoted today against Taft'i; suf;- ge&tlon in his niessa;;t; to Con:4ress on iJeoen-;bfT 21, that prf-fcrenlial trc;il- miMit should be accorded to American ships passing through tli-- Panama Canal. After r-^duciiig the clat!se of article three of .the Hay-Paunce- clcrks and seeret servie? men whO are on guard at th*- vxeciitive olfices, nnd a dozen other employes of thiv White House. To e.Tch i)oiiceman and married nian outside the office force, the stcw^ ard presented a fine turkey. 'Each clerk found an envelope wlllv a five dollar gold piece in it on his desk. The President himself acted as. S.-rnta Clans for the secret si -rvlct men who traveled with him on many journeys. Each guard was given if gold stickpin. - * i One i>rv=iont for Taft himself. th:>S had reache<l the White House, camr from Postmaster Douglas, of Tuscn; loosa. .Ma. It was a forty-five |io>ind turkey one of tlw bi;;gest ev-^r s.-nt- to gnice a Presidinl-ial Christnini" dinner. (!:v .'.s-;n.i •• •; I';- • -1 It.-ll. ronlainc. O.. Dee. i'.! - IJellc- fojifaine is Santa Clauslc;;s thi;-. y>-a:and probably i.^ Ihe only '.'itv In '\v country tliat will iiiive no Christipii: ; exfrcises in any of ttif cliurcb'-a n- institutions. The ministers of th" ciiy ;iiinoiinced throu.irh tiie iv •»•;:•::- pers that they had decided to iil<; iitioii church Snnta Claus. Christn):i3 tre' or exercises of any dcscriiition. Sentiment against the Santa C!ai:s mytli. Sisuster's Mother Flensed. AVa.-liington, Dec. 23.—"No' Christma:; mestage could give mc more cheer than this has," said Mrs. Wm. .M. .Shuster, when she learned that her son, W. Morgan Shuster American Treasurer General of Pfrsia, had finally been dismissed from; office in compliance with tlie Russian demand. .Vlr;--. Shuster has been greatly worried by her son's situation and rejoices tliat iie is J'.appily out of it and will retnrn to his home In Washington within a few weeks. HAS CAPPER CUT STUDBST fote treatv relating that tho canal shall be open to vessels of all nations the high cost of living sr.d the theory on tnrms of -^ntire -iiualilv in re- that the money should bo expended speet of the conditions or cbarjres of among the poor-were r.mong thc> reas- tralTis or otherwise tho Pall -Mali Ga- ons given^ zette, comments on Tafi's proposal as follows: "It mii;ht be uood business (;iR!, MrRBKC A ?IY.>iTERY. \ for the Fnited States if she could sret | «ver th? ti-ifling difTieulty that sli" has solemnly undertaken that sh'.- would do nothing of the kind. PRITVL .MIRDER EXPIATED. THREE JJAMES NEXT WEEK. thought that the show will exceed in recaptured and lestored to his bo.\. I •''i.-c and isccllence even the fondest It Is a neven bet that the recipient of I liopes irf i:.e members of the Assccia- that Christmas canine will never know jurt how close he came to losing hiin. Harvey Heller, wlio was one of the nine debaters selected out of forty applicants at K. IT. recently to represent the univerKity In Its annual triangular debatr> with the universities of Colorado, O'slahoma and MlE.sourl, has been appointed to ser^e on the team which win debate with Colorado In March. The ouestlon for debate will be: "Resolved. That the recall of Judges should he applied to the state judiciary." M. .1. I^onard left this afternoon f"r Chicago, where he will spend the holidays vi.-itiiK with his parents. Mr. and .Mrs. C. A Reed will be In Monday for a holiday \1slt with Mrs Reed's parejitR Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Krause. !;on. Tl:e sum total of premiums to b.? awarded at the show this j*ear. according ;o »hy llsvt' completed last night will be. over^JOO, and a greater vi'Hety of f.iwls will be on display t::an wrs ever seen In lola before. C A ,n:unell. of 224 N'orfh Fourth .sirrf.'. war la^t night elected secretary nf f!'c .\.SEOclation .to complete the I n-'xi)!r»d term of C. V. Dennis, who .'•r.n c lime ago removed from the city. lola IMeh Sehiiols Team Plays WIch-* Ita, .Tonlln and Carthage. Professor Wil'iain Harrlss. 'cojich of the .lola higli school basket ball team, niglit complet>d arrangements for a game between the localfj. and tho Carthage, Mo., team foriie \i. Thursday night in that city and f:;r fa game Friday niglit at .foplin. A"^ lola is to play Wichita in this city "vVednesilay night, this meansTKat thi' lola five will hav^ three games \\\ succession next week. Although, tin' Joplin team has played but one gani'l^ RO having rt'cently defeated Car-, lerville. \n- it iilr:?ady xiaim.s ih'P. championshi<) of Missouri, and no doubt with sonio justiflcatlou. ^ Al-^ though the strength of the CartliagJ teain is unknoNMi. a gocd game \i an? ticipated. : Ix)raine Cantrel! left yesterday v' ternoon for Kansas City, where be will spend li'.e hol^d.^y8 visltirg with his i>a-nnfs. who Inve recently removed tl ere to make tlieir home. « 5- -s s-«»6 ** * $ * 2r a a $ * « * NO REGLSTEK OX .MONDAY. * 'Taint much of a business SJ that can't take a holiday on * Christmas.' - * Whether they said it or not, * the scoie of Register carriers 3? had that look when the ques^ tlon of how the Register would * observe the day was under dls- * cusslon. And the sentiment 3? seemed to be unanimous. Whereore there will be no paper Issued from this o^Ice Monday, good, bad or Indlffer- ento Remember that fact please. And also remember that the * Register force from the Devil » to the Editor Is wishing Merrl- n«ss and Happiness to you and * yours for Christmas. TWENTY OUT FOR eiE TODAY city Employes Hope to Ilrihir in Meat /or the Poor. 5 * * a 5 35 a. 3- « $ C- S $ * S « a 3* Twenty city employes left early this morning o.-i a hunting expedition In behalf of the poor. All game secured during the hunt today will be given to cbaritabie organizations for distribution to the needy of the community and the municipal workers are hopeful that the hunt may be a big success. The employes were excused from work today at full pay in order that they mli^ht make this effort in humanity's name. "Dante's Inferno" drew a record'--••king house at the Grand theater i::st night and every patron was Immensely pleased. The pictures are clear nnd are explained by a lecturer as they are"shown. Tonight, the production will be given for the last time In lola. The price temalns at 10 rents for this engagemenf. only, and Manager T.«van promises a Christmas surprise for bis patroni. BANK DRECTOR ACIHITTED- tJ. Lnlher Brown Held Not (iulltj tA. Hank Fallnro. " ? V.'infield, Has:, Df:.-. 23.—G. Lnthe? tirown a i!irccti)r o' the defunct citizens and Farmijrs State Bank of AtJ- City, charged with illegal coii) pllclty in the ftiilure of that InstltiiV tlon, was acquitted by a Jury In thi district court here today. The ca.v; was brought b.V Merritt Jeffrlese, r^ ceiver for the defunct bank, to fbrc.e payment of money due tlie depositor^!. Two similar ca.'es, pending agaln^ W. A. Wilson and N. B. Sanders, directors, are 'expected to c.ome rb trial soon. ! SERMON FOR THE TEJn'LARS.;J A Siieriul Service Monday at St. Tim- olby'n Episcopnl Cbnrclb ,>, Reverend Cayl W. Xau will delivi.r the* annual sermon to the Knighjs Templar Monday morning at 10 o'cWk at St Timothy's Episcopal church. The sermon will bei appr^prlcte i^d spi?- clal musH Is b^Ing'prepared. Dr. Maro'iii Condition Critical. > New York, I)ec. 23—A change f(>r tjie worse ln~Ihe condition of Dr. f. I Mayo, the erolnenl surgeon of Roc]^• ester. Minn., wmo wan recently operated ojL-for a;tpepd!cUht. was reported today at thd Presbyterian bospitiil. Colorado Woman Murderer io Spend Iler Life In Prison. Slablied in the VwvV !iv an ruknfiwn Man Who EscapctL 'I'hat Is the Interestintr Question \Vliic!i Comes from Topekn. 'Toiieka. i.-ei-. 22—.\ ,stir among state politicians was caused today w'..<i-. a sheet nf ItidorSfments of Ar- fhitr ('.".pper for governor was sent i 'i:t c.»i:iai.'!ing a severe criticism of tUe at'miui.-.tration of Governor ! -iiil !•-. Politicians arri wondering wiiet:fir Capjior has broken with •.•ji'.'.h'iis and is planning to support riiarlcs Curtis for Senator. The Cap- lier campaign document consists of a big printed sheet containing flattery from friendly editors. And the place of honor is accorded to Lem Woode of C'::aniUe. The Woods boost for Capper i.-; devoted in the main to a roast (••'. the Stu!)b.s style of running the : tate. Wood.s urgts the world to vote ."or Caliper for governor. He criticises Stubbs' campaign for United States Viuator while still governor. REV. RICHESON IS BETTER. -(l!v Ihi- .Vss .i .-'l..! VTi'«^ Golden. Colo., Dec. 23.—Guilty of j murder in the first d'^grec wiili a n'c- ommendation of life iniprisnnmcnt was the verdict rcttirne-l todpy hy (he jury in the case of Mrs. Angeline Gerramone charged with.killing Mr-i. Mi'ria l.a Ctardia. August 20, 1910. Mrs. Concetta Gorgione and Ii'r dauchior. Stella testilied to having been eye witnesses to the tragedy with which Mrs. Gerramone was cbiircd. Both women stated tivat .Mrs. Gerramone, through n ruse that rn>- iho .A rrrssi Hyde Piirk. Hass., Ii-r. IL?, - V.Knr\:.\ of the police lod.ny tr- lo'nfe the slay-j i;r of Miss I'.ridi; I I'ri;.-;ir!rd. a.-red IS who was stibl-ed to d'Mtli last night. undT mysterious r irc'.i"istanc< liave failed. Tii.^ girl's dying statement was that an Italian had attacked her. T.c?.- than five' minutes att- r he::i!j stabbed in ih> b.Tck on G'en- wood Avenue/Cridgo, tl»e girl died in the arms of hor aunt. < OBERLIN MAX MLS.SIXG. Has Not Been Heard From Since Stn'iiint; for Kansas. Cl-.ic:!Ro, Dec. 23.—The police fQday , , _ ,. .„ 1 were .-.sked to search for Ciiarles W. , .he ;vould take Mrs. la Guard.a to , Oh^xXm. Ohio, missing' r'iowcrs and Deiiracies Came From His Trusting Sweetheart. i'>o.=ton Mass., Dec. 23.—"There has 1 '"R a marked iniproveinen<<^in the (••.ndition of Rev. Mr. Richeson," said coiin.'--ci for the clergyman todajy. That tli<?re will be some Christmas cheer ior tlie imprisoned clergyman was shown by the ariival of a large box of flowers and Cliristnias delicacies from Miss Viola Edmonds whoni Rich o.'-on would have married had it not loen for his arrest. AG'IN THE SORROW FIL STORY. a mine near Golden where her hu.s- band was employed, escorted all three Women to a lonely sjjot in the moun- tnins, and there ruslied upon Mrs. l..a Gunrdia from behind, caused her to jerk off the fascinator that she wore | by telling her that a bug was crawl- j li'g on her neck, and when the fascinator v.-as off drew a butcher knife across her neck. While this was be- triB done, the women claimed. Stella Gorgione held the infant child of Mrs. Garnimone in her arms. Tlie murder was committed, the (ftrgUine women claim, for about three -hundred and eighty dollars, which Mrs. ' a Guardia carried in her dress. Fear of the Gerramone woman's snn- ooscd occult powers caused the Gorgione women, they etniin. not to mention the murder to tic police until the body was discovered nearl.v.a year later after having been washed up from beneath tho earth by a heavy rainfall. since December twe've when he 'eft j V.nme for Eiyria Kansas, carrying a large sum of money to buy a drug stoi-e. His wife fears he has been murdered. BANKER MORSE REALLY ILL. THE MOST rXItJCE GIFT. The I?eirist«r Will Match Its Gift 'irninsl Anrhody's for Inl-ouiM. /With the greeting of C'aude C-il- lertson who is now at Omjili^. .»b.. t.iiero came to the K» cister thi.-? afternoon a Christmas gift that it i:^ snf • 'o say will hardly he dunli'-nted in ' lola It is a buffalo "b^efsieak," al! ' nicely brov.-ned and garnishf^d with potato chips. And it smells good enough to eat; I'p to tho present writing. however. wh'-n passed around the force the unanimous remark has been ".\fter you. my de.nrj Alrhonse." .so that it is still intact.! and the Boss is considering having ir j framed scd han.g In his parlor. Ac- compr.nyii-g the steak are the following (errifvlng lin-s entitletl, "A Buffalo Hunter's \*TSion:" "I am totighT than a broncho that j ranges on the plains, On my t^eth long wool is growing and ! wild blood runs through vc.y veins ; Bold lions in the monntains 1 ha\'e | driven to their lair. j Wild cats h::ve been trv o'.iviiatcs I have wrestled grizzly bear; N ter a confe-sn.^e between local phy- Tarantulas and sriders tQo. liave siclans and the military surgeons at failed to mark my hvdoT^ I Fort McPherson. WhPe rattlesnakes, after hirjne ne. I Morpe is not holding hia own, ac- have crawled awav nnd di'-d." j ccrding to the medical men. The fact ... ' i f'"i« the army ?ur|:cQnB callcd..several civilian practitioners Into the case l/ A Trusting (iirl Pays for Her Mistake With Her Life. 'Rv Ih" AJfSe'-iated Vre5"») Elk Falls Kas., Dec. 23.—A reward for tho fcrrcEt of Don Brittain was of- 'ii\<-\ tni'ay iiy ICIk county officials af-- tor a coroner's jury had returned a verdict thai Krit::iln had caused the ('.fn:h of Miss .Maude Bingham his .-;wee»l eri't. BrRtain took Miss Bingham driving ciiniiay afternoon, November 26. Late at night he returned to the home of hi.-; .'^tciHfather, BuTr Reynolds, and slioiited "Come quick, Maude has fainted." .Miss Bingham was found crouched down in tlie buggy dead. Brittain dis ai.i'Piued after explaining that the qirl had become ill after eating candy. An mtopsy held next morning disclo.scd the girl's condition. A sample of t!.e candy was analyzed but found to cotr.ain no poison. The cor- ' oner's jury found that the death was duo to chloroform. ' , KANSAS CITY CROOKS WANTED. Surgeons Ajrrce That He Cannot Live Long In Prison. Atlanta Ga., Dec. 23.—Charles W. Morse the New York banker, must regain his freedom, witbfn a vfery short time or he wHl die, according to a report sent to Washington today af- They Organized an Insnnince Com- "•pany nod Kept the Money. Denver, Colo., Dec. 23—Federal war rants were issued today for the arrest '.-.i four oiMcers of the United States Postal Insurance Company, charged with using the mails to defraud. The men indicted are D. C. N'evin, president; O. D. blmsted and Harry E. Ins- 'ey. .Ill of Kansas City, and_ Charles White Carver, treasurer. It^ w^as c»iareed that the officers and organizers bt" the company divided and spent seventy thousand dollars from the trc£iiury and that not one policy was wriitrn. Miss Grr.c/> n.ill ."od 'Miss Sat''e i Mc' etari isr,-- ^neeted in JTond:'v for : regarded as an indication that the; a visit during the holiday.^ with .Mis.-j' banker is considerably than i r.r'l's iTir.nts. Mr. and Mr;!. T.. S. • when taken from )»c^on. ' Ball. . i .Mine Explosion In Germany. (B .V the Aasociated Press) r>ir'mund Germany, Dec. 23.—Six ^:^ners were killed by a fire damp ex- iiey'oa last evening In one of the pits of the Teutoburgla Colliery here.

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