Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 22, 1911 · Page 10
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 10

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1911
Page 10
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••-f'-il ' i'-'. .'-vfr-C >^ .-T\ "^.\;-- THEiIOLA DAILY REG^TER, EBIDAY EVENING, DECgagBER22. IgJl. THE DOOMED SALE AT THE FAMpUS IS STILL GOING ON! All Holiday Goods bicluded in This Sale! A FewlSiuggestloiis for Holiday Shoppers: , Combination sets of Ties and Hose to match, $1.00 quality cut to 69c; Silk Ties in fancy boxes, worth $1.00, cut tOi69c; Silk Lined Collar Bags worth $l.i value, cut to 45c; Silk Initial Handkerchiefs, worth 15c, cut to 3 for 25c; 50 dozen Silk Ties worth fromi50c to 75c, cut'i) 25c and 50c. 50, cut to 98c; Silk Knit Mufflers, 75c Pocket Foot GltiVS (ilippers) in leather case, $2.50; Interwoven Hose, 4 pairs in fancy box $1.00; Silk Mufflers worth $1.50, sale price 98c; Farley Suspenders from 25c to $1.00; Suit Cases and Traveling Bags at greatly reduced prices in thii-Doomed Saje. fflE 6II0D FELLOWS HHBIVED XARRIEI) AND SINGLE MEN AND ' ALL Ql ALIFIEO. "Antl the Rcf^iKtcr In Proml an hueU fer of i (hr Xcnner of Folk <foIil JPooplc Arc. ^.Having had some first hand informa tioni»l)Out the amount of Big Brother I or Good Fellow spirit existing in this town at'this Christmas time, the Register .feels impelled to make these few remarks, for the inevitable con- ciBsion reached after investigatfng' is itoo good to keep. j The story of the canvass of the Itowh- by the ladies ot the Associated -Charities, the _tremendou8 Amount of •work they did in soliciting and pre_ paring for distribution of clothing - and food and necessities to the uofpr- tuaate and needy, is a woi3u |eril^) story, but somehow nobody feei^,^^ "anrprise at the ladles. Knowing them, everybody accepted their un- s^fish ^"activity and generous-hearted tiioughtfulness as a matter of fact. If , the world could not count on .them doing the right thing at the right —time; we 'd have gone to the bow-wows long ago. I r : But after they had lifted the gr'^ipr burden, they confessed that work je- ihained, the need of people of irieaps ^ getting busy In assuring a real Chrif.t - msB for half a hundred youngsters who barf no prospects. The RegiBtjSr had the good fortune and privilege of being their mouthpiece to spread the story and In spite of the fact that everybody was mighty busy attending to the holiday labors concerning their own relatives and kiddles and friendl. &.whdle lot of good people called and obtained the address of some familf which will be looked after personally. And It wasn't the Rich People who ,^ were conspicuous , by th"ir anpUop- ' y Uons. It was the People WJtW T Hearts. 9ome are rich; some ROV?. ^ CIIIIIST.VAH BABIES FOB NEBBASKANS IHONT T CITY EMPLOYES WILIJ GIVE ALL GAME TU rUOR OF lOLA. Fiirmcrs Are Afikrd to E.\tond Every roHKiitle Courfesrund Allow Hunt. erH Much li»n{^ tin They Can. TRIPLETS FOR A BATTER. | -r-' * TO THE GOOD FELLOWS This giving business is not a miitt^r ofrdMposIhg of money you have no other use for. It. Is paying heed of an Imperative feeling of duty that caq - orfly be stilled by doing something. .~The folks that called to get a faml- 1 Jy's name were quiet and self-effacing and determined. They M^^'i - vant any public knowledge of thaltf acts—aotbing save the fathomless Jof h oT knowing-that th^ had brought jot tojKMne youngsters and gratitude tq -the parents of the youngsters. It b[ nice to give gifts to your kin •.'ml Cbristmas. But it isn't anything' tO teA cocky atad chesty and lTi)jf Good over. If you didn't do it ffm . couldn't face them. So we all ex- cfaai^e gifts and strike a financlaf <!r\ balance that shows no loss after,' "wards. sAjid nobody cuts out cigars -or practices any economy or does -wftfaont-the good things :of life after- 'wjirds. About the best" that you can c&im for yourself for giving gifts to the jEamlly Is an escape from bein; a gmsipy. old groncA.; .Bnt'when In tUe midst of attcnd- lig'to these nsnal Christmas matterai Ttai decide, to go farther and spend more inoney and time and sjrmpathy on'some stranger—assuming that any -Jrid in the'world can be classed as ti .^iranger" to any grownup at Christ mas time—^you are getting Into th^ real game. There Is no gift In te- turn; no . persqpal acknowledgement pciiiaps, ho admiring compliments bom your own crowd. Nothing but Bi^'knowledge that yon made Santaj Clans real4tp some child; saved some! jniiocent trusting child faitli from a •dldOnsIonnient ^terribly bitter and nn ^t';<i|tened iby • philosophy. Tou per- fonned iSo such service for any of •^-'TOB^ fiteada or kin and by the same " token ydu' coald not bope to get the ^ laAw reward—the return gift of self- •jppibtaL And, farther, you helped jMace the parents of that child better J_..cltizens,v:for It Is certai&^that their r^-^tiAflitjr to j[;Ive the cfaUd what it ^^'JuCl a rla ^t.tb expect and they had .dttaJlrJriih'to proylfle was the bitterest the' cnp p( fjkelr misforflnv 'Just, ornmiust, ""•"ttiJMri Omaha. Neb., Dec. 22. —car-load of extremely lively and valual)Ie Cliristmas presents has arrived here to gladden the homes of 36 Nebraska families. This carload Is a precious one being made up of 36 beautiful babies consigned from the New York Fondlings' Hospital to families In the vicinity of Omaha. These Christmas presents are to be taken into homes which are already prepared and anxiously awaiting their arrival. It is possible that a future president of the United States Is numbered among them. This Is one of several cars of babies sent out each year from New York to smaller cities in West. Each child Is guaranteed a home before it leaves New York. •> • • •> <• • •;• • •> • • • • <• • •> • • • • • •> <' • <• <• •> • •;• •> •> <• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • V It's getting on to Christmas. Say. good fellows, are you game? Are you going to be good fellows. And live right up to your name? There's a way for you to do It, You can show that you're sincere; There's a little pale-faced youngster; Will he miss his Chilstuias cheer? It's getting on to Chrisliiins, There's a wan and weary lass. Whom the fat and Jolly Santa in his haste is apt to pans. There's no kind and doting duddy To come home at night and kiss litr; Say, good fellows, are you really Uoing to let old Suntu miss her? it's getting on to Christmas. There's a mother, worn and gmy. Who beholds her babies dreading - The advance of Christmas day. She can sec their empty stockings, For she knows they'll be forgot. Arc you going to leave them emjjty? Why, of course, I'm sure you're not. —ttetrolt Free Press. The municipal game hunt In behalf of the city's poor will bel held tomorrow. The commissionerEJ will excuse from labor every employe who will join in the effort to sdciire game for a Christmas dinner for needyr Each liunter will do his very peat on this expedition and will ask| nothing In return save the satisfaction of know ing that he assisted In providing meat for some poor family 's! Christmas meal. " * ! Farmers are urged to be as lenient with the hunters tomorrow as possible and give them all the range they C4in. So many of the niqst favorable places to hunt are prohilblted preserves and unless land owners will annul for the day their iron clad rule, "no hunting allowed on this land," the hunt vUl not prove as successful as might be the case. SCHMIDT TO THE HOSPITAL. Falthlc .iis Groom Is Suffering From AppcndlcitlH.' Frank L. Schmidt ,the young man who doFerted his fiancee. Miss l^icora Cunimings, at the wedding hour and who later surrendered j when he learned that he was wanted by the police, was taken to Sf. John's hospital last night suffering from a severe attack of appendicitis, it is piobable that Eurgeons will perform an operation on lilm today! Schmidt has been ron^cndlntf for some time that his liealtlj was \>oor but there was no indication of any .seriou.s development until last night. I He was being held in jail in default of bond for his appearance at trial. THEy FflOND HIDDEN |||(EJ|[JH |->-"-^^«''-''"'^^»»'2=<> O- JOE WILSO.V, PLEADING POVERTY, HAD A ROLL CONTAINING ifl .w. JiiHor BoHovcs But for AccMonliil Discovery AUcnipt at Jail Delivery Would Have Been Jliide. WEIRD NOTICES WORRIED THEM Stmnge SoundH Came from Benriith A Honxc ut 1UI4 Soulb St. things for some strange family. To thank them? Useless! needless! Su OlTert, the people 4iji>btalned the exclu- {til ,i-h perfluous! Merely Idle words, drowned by the Inner voice. But. and here is where the real fun came in, after the family folks had picked and chosen their joy, there were a score or more of unappropriat ed blessings left. Now It is written' that Christmas without children Is nO Christmas at all. And close next in order Is the Old Bachelor. The story book and the play and the legend always has an P. B. somewhere on the scene, doing penance for 364 days of selfish spending of his money on himself, perhaps feeling miserable because he knows - no children whom he can adopt for a day. and fearing that he is publicly considered an outcast The Register knew about this sort of fellow and It was jolly good fun to pass the word out that there were some kiddles left to ado^t. The money came so easily, so promptly and so generously that it really, as the slang goes, "vras a shame to take It" No extensive excursion was made; Just a quiet tip passed to a dozen bachelors and check books popped out and were filled in and the donors Just naturally glowed and pranced and extended thanks to the Register for letting them do It. Honest! It took lesK than- thirty minutes, of which twenty-fire were spent in getting at 'em and four in saying "It's to insure a Christmas tar the unappropriated kids." and the one minato.'Was the actual time in- taktas TUt^, Dollani, even nwney; Irpm abont ten Old r \'—*''.'rr-— (Good) Bachelors (Fellows). And some of them said they had more if It was needed. Their names? You se^'these chaps every day. piking about, looking gruff and indifferent and doing their level best to make the world believe they are happy and content But don't believe It anybody. Under the crust they are as soft-hearted as mush, and nobody In town will have a finer Christmas than they because ther kiddles gave them a chance to show their hearts without being ashamed of It. Next Cbristmas. and the next, and the next, a Good Fellows Club Is ready for lola. .The town Is full of them, and if this year's experience Is not repeated their lamentations will be as loud as those of the forgotten Children. ' f UT. George E. Nicholson, of the cement companies here and elve, where, spent the day here on business James Whisenand of Jewel county arrived today for a visit during (bo holidays with Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Myler. He is a cousin of Mrs. Myier. George Gordon leaves tonlgiit for Nevada. Mo., to spend Cbristmas with bis folks. Postmaster General Hitchcock h.\s Issued an order for the opening of pofltofflces on Sunday afternoon from 3 to 4 o'clock, at which time every window, including the carriers' windows, and excepting the mdney orcer window, will be open. .There irlll »«B3 be-one delivery of null on ChrUta<ns morning. = , A weird sound, now niu4h like the groaning ot some one in! deep distress and then plaintiff like the crying of a child, annoyed tliQ family of M.Austin, colored. 1014 South street, tonay. The sounds seem to | issue from beneath the floor of the house and con tinued so long that' the* ^ustlns "became alarmed and called ,ithe iiollce. Chief Coffleld. who .insweif^d the request that an officer Investiga'.e, crawled under the house and by the light of his night flash examined every nook and comer of the area beneath the floor. He oomd find uo sign of a living thing. "1 guess it's Just spooks.' the. chief told the family as he rod^ awav on bis motorcycle.. This assurance may not furnish the family just the ser?n- Ity they desire. Uerrofi, 111., Dec. 22.— Bob Veach, charaplun three-base hitter of the Three I Itague In Iflll. has become the fatiier of triplets. Tlie young Veachesv are all doluR well and the Peoria 'lul) in the Three I league already has its eyes on the children of the slugger. Veach practically won the chaiMploU 'ship for Peoria last -season and is very popular with the fans If any one can depict the sorrow of poverty more appealingly than can Joseph Wilson, a prisoner at the county jail. Jailor Lee Morrison would like to meet him. Wilson, acT cordins to the jailor, is a past master at the art deceptive and within the bleak, gray prison walls, the prisoner finds an effective setting for his tale of woe. Wilson was received at the jail last September to serve a sentence for enticing a young girl away from home for qutstiocable purposes. In addition to his jai! sentence. Judge J. P. Duncan fined the defendant ?.5flO. From time to time. Wilson told Jailor Morrison of his inability to pay the fine because of destitute cicum- .stances. He was poverty stricken if a man ever was. he said, and t'lere was novvay for him to earn money while kept in jail. Finally, the jailor began to take some stock in Wilson's contention as to poverty and some sympathy for him, though not at all condoning his crime. Confidence and sympath.v, !iowever. were thrown to the four offers will be spurned. Anotlier feature of the case, as d«-- (luciLcl hy Jailor Morrison, is that Wlls .iii had apparently determined, if lli<; coniir .lrrs 'uners refused to graat hini a {•PTtie, io make his escape if pohslb'e. The jailor believes that this was the rif 'if ^cn Wlison was so anxious to ffit his i )r<)peity together yesterday. With I'i? 1157 and gold watch Wii>:-jn voiild have been grub-stakied for qiiMe :• lecgtiiy journey had he suc:;eeded :n pttiing avay. "I tan p( count for Wilson 's anxiety to gp". his ;v;itt'h at.-J money In no other v.ay ilian .hat he hoped to get away In the eveht he was not released law- ; fully," said .isilor Morrison. "There is no other reason for his being in a hurry for his property. He can secure it the moment he is legally released, but cf course, if he breaks jji!, he v.o'j li hare no oportunlty to call on us and c.i'im his watch." Tlie money v-us sent to Wilson In ' letters lul hf i ^ps been denying ail- along that he ha.s been receiving any assistance in response to appeals writ ten to relatives. OLD TEAM AGAINST TlJE NEWi Possible the Old High School Team and the New One May Meet. '-• If the suggestion of one of the mem bers o;' the high school basket ball team i.~ can led oitt, lola fans will be treated to an unusually interesting game of baskot ball next week. Theie^ ha.s beeu seme dispute lately as to ^(vhlch of the two teams Is the stronger, the present high School five, or their five of several yearsT»go. As winds yesterday when it was found i the members of both fives wiU^he that Wilson was not only Ivin^ about I here next week. It has been suggested ills poverty but evidently was plan- 11° arrange a game between theni. ning to escape from jail. ! Herbert Osborne who will be here THE SU. ARMY IS CLIMBING Near fhf; Leader In Christmas Tree • Voting Today. During the day. Wilson had sent word to the county- officers that, if with the Wichita team Wednesday, Is a former, membf.r of the old higih they would!e him, he might be ^^hoP- team here, and he will be in. able to pay $2r, on his fine and would """d t« ^tay °jer take i«tl 1^^^^ agree to pay the remainder in in.sfall-! P"'"/',, The line-up of tfie^ld team Is menls. loiter he requested Jailor Mor f°Jl°^«: tl'^H- rffn' T^^IV rlson, seveiial times, to return to him F'-a^k ^'d; Ulen JU^ his gold watch and |10 in cash which ^ the Jailor has been keeping for him. I (lell, Jonefl. forward. Following is tjw AS night came on and no promise of! "'^w *J°|;"r ,L±*'''^«?'V"!i: parole Wilson seemed to grow more I'='^^ter: Watterson j ^nd anxioos to secure his watch and the j ^enee Nelson, guards; Loralne Cant. TAKE HEIDEH TO KANSAS CITY. Mildred MnnV rendition Grows Steadily Worse. County Attorney Taylor was Informed by telephone this afternoon that the condition Of John Heider, the man who was assaulted last Wednesday evening by W .E. and Chester Maley. near Mildred was, growing steadily worse and that He^er would probably be taken to Kansis City tonight where be will be placed in a bos pUal and an operation peiiformed In the hope of saving his life. Heider was struck on the bead with a hammer. Concussion of the brain resulted. The Salvation Army took a leap in the voting in the New York store's contest fi<r the Christmas tree now on display ill the store's window today and Is a jilose second In the race. The count this afternoon shows the following Bfandlng: Trinity " 7624 Salvation Army 7420 United Brethren ,1419 Methodlsi, ,:.1231 Christian 1196 Presbyterian 747 Baptist " 675 Episcopal 442 A. M. E.' 294 Second IJantist 238 Builders' Chapel 157 Lutheran- ^ TT^«^... 130 ?10 than ever. nelltrvlnp trifit all xvas not well. Jailor Morr'ion called Sheriff Kerr and Undcrsheriff Dunfee and Wilson was thoroughly searched. The prisoner was found to possess the snug little stake of %l'u. Sheriff Kerr informed the county attorney's office of the discoverj' and all arrangements for a parole were temporarily called off. It apr.ears now quite certain that Wilson will have to give up his hank account as payment on bis fine If he reil and Fiank Thompson, forwards. —Genuine "Sealshlpt" Oysters at. Cowan's. Why use Inferior brandsl They cost the consumiBr Just as mucha- FOR RENT— 160 ACRE PAHM;*. Cash rent -llAO per year. Dan WiM^ La Han)e. Kas. -t Mr. and Mrs. Chester Leech, .f 313^' South Street are the" parents of ai'l girl, born this morning.. 'C Cbarles^laumann, of Junction City came in this morning to spe^nd Christmas with his parents, Mr. and Irs. H. Klanmann. — Mrs. C. W. Bacon of LaHarpe Is the guest today of Mrs. E. W. Myler. E. H. Bussing vehi nort| on'holi­ day in^nt tbtft aftomooQ. Perl Burton, of Herington. Kansas, the towa where the Rock Islang track radiate like a simburst. came to lola today to spend the holidays visiting friends, the guest of Dr. and Mrs. P. St. Mitchell. Mr. Barton and Bert Han<s are making the Herington Sun a vefy Interesting and profitable j periodlcaf In which the greatness of Herlngio^ Is chronicled for all eyes to readk :^Rlde from his holiday mission, Mr.. Barton comes to lola to make personal and emphatic denial of the lofely rumor that he is married. He Is armed with an Indignant veto and affidavits of friends from his home towh. Which, strangely enough will protubly make his welcome here more wercome. Naturally he dropped into the Register office with one of his flrftt "howdy's" and re.ceived a shouted welcome on the old stamping grounds. i~ , —Tou trin find that druggists every, where BiSsaic weB of Chamberlain's Coagh Remedy. They know from long experlenc.) In the sale of It tha\ In cases of j^ngbs and colds It can always be d^ennd^^npon. and that it is pleaniBi 4tid safe to take. For sale by all 'AMUorii,;.; Grand Thea^je Special School [Cliildren's Saturday Mattnee Giving all school chiWren an opportunity, of \ seeing the great classic of the world's greatest ' masterpiece in moving i)ictures— Dante's Infemo Special Price of 5c to al] School Children Positively your only chance to s^e the most wonderful pictures ever photogtaph6d^ PICTURES FULLY EXPLAINED Evening Pri^ lOc

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