Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 16, 1974 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1974
Page 13
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Inesday, Oct«*cf 16* 1074 HOPE (ARK,) StAR Court Docket Early detection jttf Cancer shows protiiise ^**^. . ...„.,. ..>^— : .,^,,,,.™^..__j.L-' .. ''. - . . • • - T v f • * * i tL *. 'j 4 .' , i *' , TiA* ., L tai a A ..*»» -*.*•** i. I* . i. ,.«. fc.-.'k'*.! £•«.. Prison •TY DOCKET •ienry King, public dfuhken- •ss, forfeited $22.75 cash bond ^Paul Mosief, public drunken- Hss, plea guilty, fined 122.75. •safnmy Lee Gfay, Steven H>nes, no driver's license, •rfeited $12.75 cash bond Heitly Burns, no driver's Kense, forfeited $17.75 cash Bnd • Chris Carey, no Arkansas H-iver's license, forfeited $12.75 Hsh bond • Charles E. Landry, driving Bhile intoxicated (Out of State Bsident, plea guilty, fined • l2.75 and 1 day in jail • James E. Cheatham, Wnx •rheelington, driving while •toxicated, plea guilty fined Hll2.75, ten days in jail and •river's license suspended for •D days. If defendants take Bourse on alcoholism offered by Bed River Council, jail sen* •nee and driver's license •evocation will be suspended on Hood behavior. •Alice M. Cheatham, Patricia • Eakley, Speeding, forfeited •7.75 cash bond • Emma Gilbert, improper Barking, forfeited $8.75 cash Bond B Randy R- McBay, blocking Brivewav. forfeited $12.75 cash Bond B Donald E. Sites, reckless •riving, forfeited $32.75 cash Bond H James E. Cheatham, David Wayne Schobey, reckless Briving, plea guilty, fined $32.75 P Chas. M. Downs, Danny W. •refteller, hazardous driving, •forfeited $17.75 cash bond • Charles Horton, disturbing Bwace, plea guilty, fined $32.75 • David Beavers, Gary Bea- Bvers, possession of Marijuana, •orfeited $157.75 cash bond • Chris Carey, no vehicle •license, forfeited $17.75 cash •bond • James Dennis, Mrs. U.V. •Elmer, Wayne Smith, distur- •bing peace, tried on plea of not • guilty; found not guilty I David Wayne Scobey, run• ning stop sign, tried on plea of I not guilty; found not guilty I James E. Cheatham, failure I to yield to emergency vehicle, I plea of guilty, fined $57.75 I .David Wayne' Scobey, run- I ning stop sign, tried on plea of I not guilty; found not guilty I Berry Wright, Alvin Isaiah, I public drunkenness, sentenced I to 45 days in jail on plea of I guilty; suspended on good I behavior. I STATE DOCKET I Virgil Powell, drunkenness, I forfeited $34.75 cash bond I Robert L. Fulton, Luther D. I Plunk, Raymond L. Wright, no I driver's license, forfeited $29.75 I cash bond I Joe Bradley, driving while I intoxicated, plea guilty, fined I $129.75, ten days in jail and I driver's license suspended for 190 days. If defendant takes I course on alcoholism offered by I Red River Council, jail sen- Itence and driver's license I revocation will be suspended on I good behavior. The following forfeited $29.75 I cash bond on charge of Speeding: Win. H. Brewer, Everett L. Burton, Willie Beasley, Frank E. Barnes, Joseph Holder, Chas. R. Lemons, David R. Miller, H.M. Smith, Roy C. Turner, Jack Moran WilWe L. Moreland, Myra Nicholas, Reba L. Ray, Lawrence J. Runnenbaum, Louis B. Witonsky, Joe H. Wren, David R. Still. Loy Townsend, Ronald L. Wreyford, John A. Webb Raymond L. Wright, no vehicle license, forfeited $34.75 cash bond Larry D. West, evading blue lights, forfeited $49.75 cash bond Thomas D. Juris, hazardous driving, forfeited $49.75 cash bond James H. Barnes, Larry D. West, reckless driving, forfeited $74.75 cash bond Charles Crosby, carrying concealed weapon, forfeited $49.75 cash bond Laney Sunderland, violation of Arkansas Hot check law, fined $5.00; check and cost paid Glen Jackson, Andrew L. Sampson, Chas. E. Stuart, James T. Trotter, interested in gaming, forfeited $34.75 cash bond Betty Trotter, possession of beer for sale, forfeited $74.75 csh bond Delta Steel Building, Highway Dump Haulers, B.J. McAdams, overweight, forfeited $49.75 cash bond Al Depermentier, no least on unit, forfeited $124,75 cash bond G&W Trucking, Perry Master tot, M6 authotity with AtC, forfeited $124.75 cash bond Schfeiber Frt Lines, no Authority with At C (2 counts), forfeited $197.25 cash bond (Same on both counts) American Fruit Express, no authority with ATC, forfeited $497.25 cash bond Cases Dismissed: Virgile L. Ellard, fishing without license C.F. Shirley, fishing without license Clyde f. Eddings, failure to display boat registration Robert J. Fulton, no vehicle license Elbert C. Myers, failure to display boat registration FOIappeal is planned by Press LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Ther Arkansas Gazette and a Gazette reporter plan to appeal a ruling that the Student Affairs Committee of the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees did not violate the state Freedom of Information Act when it ousted the reporter from two committee meetings. The Gazette and reporter Ginger Shiras filed notice of appeal to the state Supreme Court Tuesday. Their appeal will be of the ruling by Judge Tom Dig'byof Pulaski County Circuit Court. The Gazette and Miss Shiras filed suit after the committee ousted her from a meeting Nov. 2 at which the committee discussed a proposed change to permit students 21 or older to drink alcoholic beverages in residence halls. Miss Shiras also was ousted from a meeting Dec. 14. The committee then discussed complaints by black students at the Fayetteville campus that they had been shot at and subjected to vandalism during the week before the 1973 Arkansas-Texas football garner^" -'Tr Ordination issue to be discussed OAXTEPEC, Mexico (AP) Bishops of the Episcopal Church today open formal discussions on the dominant issue of their conference here: should women be ordained priests. Straw polls have shown that a majority of the 150 bishops attending the meeting of the House of Bishops favor permitting women to be priests. There are 220 bishops in the church. But the bishops cannot make a final ruling. Their decision, would have to be confirmed by the General Convention, the church's policy-making body, of which the bishops form the upper house. The House of Bishops could, however, call a special session of the General Convention for 1975, a year earlier than the next regular session. Six bishops have introduced resolutions calling for that. The long-simmering question . of women's ordination became a major issue in the 3.2-million member Episcopal Church when 11 women deacons received unauthorized ordinations in Philadelphia last July 29. The Episcopal church is the independent American branch of the Anglican community. Workers strike Pine Bluff plant PINE BLUFF, Ark. (AP) About 200 workers or half of the work force walked off their jobs Tuesday afternoon at the Central-Maloney plant, a plant official said. Walter H. Krysowaty, a vice president, said production at the walkout continued. The plant manufacturers transformers. Officials said the walkout followed a meeting of plant em- ployes who belong to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Of the 8,000 or more items in a supermarket today, more than half are packaged foods. NEW YORR (AP) - A tem for very early ftftd 'ffaflMri&V Ahd "wom&i saving women's lives, Says Dr. 9SS pW Sent 6f .tW time." and Justin J. Stein, who is cured of hence have been' the that struck him 30 'Cancer Society alid die NaUort al Cancef Institute to "test hew methods for 1 the earlier diagnosis of breast cancer^ he e*t* plained. Is extremely shows "fl* lull* . toM ttMttil *MN I stilt sttidji w «*; pable, and befofe the patient scrtbed Ih6' siHifiHOri today as a cancer years ago. Dr. Stein, president of the American Cancer Society, told its annual meeting today that there "is much to be hopeful for" from research against various forms of cancer. Telling of experiences so far In 27 new breast cancer detection programs, Dr. Stein said that one located in Atlanta had so far found 11 breast cancers, of which only one had spread yet to regional lymph nodes. He said that by contrast, such a spread has already occurred in 50 to 60 per cent of breast cancers which women detectors. Breast cancers are highly cu- c*iu\*v«« |*awi»f ouivi ftrvivi v *••«* I^MVIOT While the Atlanta experience has any symptoms," lie said. Intervenors are Allowed But when women do find their own cancers, they are usually over one inch in diameter. in 1945, he had retieulum cell sarcoma; a term of cancer that can fatally invade the lymph system. Me was given one year to live, but was cured by surgery and radiation. Dr. Stein is professor of radiology at the University of California at Los Angeles School of Medicine. * •Hie Breast Cancer Detection Demonstration Projects program was set Up jointly by the v LITTLE ROCK (AP) - The state Public Service Commis* sion is allowing three more interventions into Arkansas Pow* er & Light Co.'s $38.6 million rate increase proposal. Intervening are Atty. Gen. The commission, In announc- Ing its decision Tuesday, said rforth Little Rock's Intervention would be limited to cross-exam- inatlofl Of utility witnesses and the filing of briefs on only two subjects — off-peak sales pro* motion and fuel purchases. The commission Is to begin a hearing Monday on the proposed rate Increase, which already Is in effect under bond. The utility would be required to refund with Interest any amount not eventually allowed by the commission. —Looking for something? Try the Want ads. camp mosi totally destroy^ during a night of Holing by ptisfti&rifi the fift^cfe eesnpleV t»tt«;; sources rtpSrled leday, *< Al least four prison guards were reported tajrted,o1te with a fractured t skulK A police source said 100 of the 130 quon- sct huts at ihe camp seven miles east of Belfast were destroyed. Merlyn Rees, Britain's minister responsible for the troubled, province, called an emergency meeting with local officials to discuss alternative nteahS; of housing the estimated 1,900 sus- 1 peeled and convicted guerrillas held at the prison, British troops were ferried in by helicopter to quell the rioting. Security forces sealed .off Sifiy g Kesh, opened in , mefit of without trial was lf.trt>dueed in an attempt to end the Violence between Northern Ireland's ex- tftmistRofnan Catholics and PrdteitfflitS, 5 1H Roman catholic areas of Belfast riots brake out in sympathy, with the prisoners. Rioters pelted soldiers with rocks, lit bonfires in the streets and overturned cars, setting some of them ablaze. Women added to the clamor by banging lids of garbage cans. The rioting later spread to Londonderry, the province's second largest city. FlNAL THREE DAYS!!! OUR BIKfiEST VALUE EVENT Of THE YEAR! WE HAVE JUST MADE A SPECIAL FACTORY DIRECT PURCHASE OF FAMOUS RCA TVS SPECIALLY FOR RCA WEEK-WE CAN PASS THESE SAVINGS ON TO YOU ? FOR ONE BIG WEEK! HURRY WHILE OUR LIMITED INVENTORY HOLDS OUT! diagonal I oa x *** Sold State Color TV ES334 RC/1 DELUXE 14" diagonal RCA PORTABLE COLOR TV RCA COLOR PORTABLE FEATURES AUTO. FINE TUNING. FRONT CONTROLS AND DELUXE DECORATOR CABINET STYLE. 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