Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 22, 1911 · Page 9
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 9

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1911
Page 9
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THE NEXT TIME I GIVE A CHRISTMAS DINNER, SAYS FELIX TO FINK, H^WILL'BE WHEN t^WN^A RESTAURANT. f la AU'rac tiOMr? i HAWT IN THB V<DRLD, BUT l>> CMRDTMAS DIMNER WATSTED—MISCELLA^OUS. WANTED—TO BUY CALVES. Phone 91-22, Gas City. WANTEI>-TO TRADE LOT AND barn In Keneflck, Okla., for two good cowftor horse. Phone 915. mNtEd -^TWEXTY LABORERS to load from the lola Portland Cement Co; scrap iron in cars. Inquire at L.^ 'Krupp's Junk Yard. M. Stein- schdeWer. W.VNTED—WOOD TO SAW WITH buzz saw. Will guaranteed to do work (niickly and satisfactorily. Plioiie 461. Cockerels Jenkins. La Harpe phone 6GC. FOK SALE—ailSCELLAJfEOUS. FOR SALE— OXB SQITARE ins table ;604 S. Buckeye. DL\- FOR SALE—TWO ?1000 MORT- gages, well secured by lola City prop erty. Party will allow a reasonable discount. See lola Land Company. VfAKTED—WALNUT LOGS. COOK I FOR SALE—A GOOD 6 YEAR OLD sound and gentle; will take; and' Wagman, care C. C. Luccock. WANTED FOR CI'STOMEK—A private'loan of $S0O on a new eight I FOR SALE—CHEAP IF TAKE.V room house on paved street, close in, \ iit once houseliold goods and gas liorse; $7.1.00. FOR SALE—A GOOD COW JUST fresh, with two-weeks-old bull calf at side. This cow Is 12 years old and gives lots of milk. She will be sold at public auction on the street Saturday, December 23. Phone 998-5. Wallis Ewing, Route 2. FOR SALE—PAWNED SUIT cases; hand bags; Just like new. BIgus Pawn Shop East Side Sguare< in fruit store. First door south of Kress store. Phone 104. east front Want it for three years and am willing to pay good interest. The'P^ersoii Land Co. sXiVLs; ;?20 S. Walnut. Phone :>12. FOR SALE—FULL KLOOD R. J. R. FOR EXCHANGF^FIXE IMPROV- cd 22-a(re tract adjoining good small town in Coffey county, Kansas, value $4.".00 rasli. Will take close in residence in lola up to $2000 to ?2500 and give time on the balance. An ideal location for a shipper. What have you?. Jola Land Company. FOR SALE OR TRADE— .1 215- ncro pasture, all fenced, goo"*! land, adjoining a town of 700, in Butler Co. Want small place handy to KJ C . for sJock feeding. Phone 03, or j;all 224 S. Chestnut. f FOR SALE—GOOD PONY 6 YEARS old. Chas. Logan, 401 S. Wasl'jlngton, La Ilarpc, Kas. 3 FOR SALFr-TOLOUSE GEIJSE AT $1.00 each for, Christmas. J. li, CHne, phone 997-12. FOR SALE—FIVE WHITfc OR- pington pullets and one cocke^il. Dr. .Neusome. Phono 824. FOR SALE—LAMB CARCAVJES OR iialves, at 10c pound. Phone 998-5. Wallls Ewing, R. 2. ; FOR SALE—NEW FLYING'SHUT- tie carpet loom. Mrs. Mary Reusing. 414 S. Malcom, Chanute, Kas. FOR SALE—ONE TWO HOLE CUS- tom corn sheller. Phone 1610. E. G. Wliitney, Moran. Kans. ^ FOR TRADE—AN IMPROVED 80^ acre farm, 4 miles from good town fo^ lola residence of $2,000 value. Phone 63, or call 224 S. Chestnut WOOD FOR SALE. Phone 997-12. J. R. OLINE. FOR SALE—STOVE WOOD. TELE- phone 1049. FOB BE5T~HISC£LLAinE0US. FULL DRESS SUIT FOR RENT. Inquire at the Famous. FOR RENT—FARM % MILE FROM town.* Call Moran phone 1814- FOR RENT—FARM 3 MILES EAST of Bayard. Allen county, Kans.; 90 acres plow land. 32 acres timothy and clover; balance lots and pasture. Plenty of running well and spring water. See or write to M. L. Decker, 211 N. Sycamore, lola, Kana/ f.OST AXD F <»Um FOR RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS for light housekeeping; 217 W. Jackson. LOST—FOUNTAIN PEN SO.ME- where betw^een the square and Oak street, on East street or East Madison, i want thisrcome quick. Finder please leave at Register office. Al)stract Co. MONEY TO LOAN—WE HAVE A client who has $1800 private money to loan on Allen county land. If ^ou The Peterson AHENO THE ABSON TRIAL WILUAM HANXA GOES TO a.Ui. FIELD TO ASSIST S0>!<. Maj Cohclude to Koturn to .VIlcii Connty to Live. .A Chrlsiniiis Turkey Stolen. IRA B. FRANTZ "^fts:*' •^{tf^ REGISTERED OPTOMETlilST Huaiboldl, i\a». afternoon of Doc 10 and! all ilay the 20lh. L-ilI;,riic Dec. 21 and 22. PETinON OLD AGE PENSIONS tITI/KNS IJEIXJ ASKED TO SIGN .MK.MOUI.VL TO (0.\(.l{ESS. QAS CITY. nE0.21.—William Hiin- na will leSvo for Garfield, Kan.-=!is m- morrow to visit his sons, H. V. and V. V. Hanna and assist the boys in ad Justing their businesa interests. H. D. Hanna is tho owner of the hardware store which was robbed and later burned, the laftor part of last month. When Mr. Hanna was ask'<1 yesterday if his son intendpd to bi'- gin Easiness anew he replied: "I don't think ho will, ihc hardware; compaoies have oir ':>red (o set him up in business again and his Garfield friends have offered him many favors, but If my influence will turn him ! he will return hero and make his i S.4FK<;i AMD LITTLE Ursi .Xt.SS. Thill Is tV(rk«TsiijiniN fdcn »f >Vliiif (ioM-rnment Should U". Sow Vf»rk. Doc. 20.— "Tin' : nforre- nicnt of the law ag.Tln« tin '•.•T.miiil re.<!ramt of nade and luom ; .UH ir^ atiendvd with mwh outcry by Uio?" who j.:i\e too loj^;; enjoyed unfair nd- \antai:es over tlieir coniiietitors. tii<; I en<! of wiiicii tliey now see," .Attorney General Wicketfhain said in an addrtss last night to the Catholic Chill. ••But lip not deceived by their clamor. Neither the law nor the en- f(ir( tiiient of the law is directed I aj-'ainht legitimate Im .'-ineFs enter- bom*. In Allen county." The trial of ShlD^ler andSkinnej, tU? boys ar-i ,,n.=e. b,.t to what William IVnn dc- rested for burning the store, will be j held In Lamed the first of March. nominated •the great end of all government, viz.: to sti]))iort power and Chtistmas exercises were held in j reverenfo with the people, and to .sc- the'various school' rooms this .ifter-, rare the iieoido from rlie abnsc of noon. • The mothers and fri-^nds of j power. " the children were gue.sts and they report Interesting programs. from Fort Scott to visit the Wird and llurlock families during the hplldays. .—, -— i —Guns and Safety Razors at Shannon's. QIAIXX KODIAK City ('ouiirll Derided to Extend Muter .Miilii.H— .\eM.« >i»li 'S »iid I'er- Noiiah (if Lu litirjH'. LA HAUPl:, lice. 21.—Owing to Clitlstiiias coining .Monday, the IClni townslilji hoard will iiotitpone their meeting until a week from tomorrow. —I'hrlf-lnias is here and .so are Catlarnnf ^uH I'ocket knives. See ihiin at Mines'. Willi a ••i:oii. skip and jump" tiie .school ehildron left their work this afternoon not .to return until January first. —Wo carry a full lice of Christmas candies and nuts: also gloves, handbags, dress goods and many other use ful articles that would make nice present*. At L. p. Malcom'a. Miss Lillian liorin veiT ph-asantly entertained the Voiing Ladies Embroidery flub yesterday altcrnoon. Victor L. Ui.rgcr, the Socialist representative from Wisconsin, has in- trodncf d a hill providing Old Age Pen sions for deserving; men and women, over .sixty years of age. Iia li. Frant/. The apron bazaar and chicken pie supper given In the bank buildinc last evening rCTuIted in the Kidits inir about $18. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cook will spend the holidays with relatives in Nevada. Miss Hazel Goes has accepted a position as bookkeeper in the gas office. H. O. Adams and J. D. Remsberg are loading their car preparatory to moving to Rupert, Idaho. A. J. Oshel of Cullison. Kas., and Mrs. Will Hecox of Haviland, Has., are visiting Mrs. John Minor this week. —rBetter leave your order for Cut Fiowprs for Christmas. Carnations. Ro$e«] and Narcissus at J. W. Prim-' mer"*? Green House. Owing to the Christi;'n thunh not having a Christmas tre« and pro- granJ thfs year 'bf Sunday school classes have assembled in tlio e.hurch tfii* afternoon for a social time and to receive their treat. The Christmas exercises of the Methodist churcli will not be lu'ld until Monday evening. The jirogram will be in tomorrow's paper. Janes Blakeley of west of the river WAs'in town phaking hands with old frionds yesterday. The. Elm Township l)oard will mart one week from tomorrow instead of Moni 'ay. on account of that day be- jog Christmas. —If >-ou need a good stove or range buy it now. Our sale lasts until Sat- urW^ night December 23rd.—tiragg & tHldlne, Humboldt, Kas. Ifibrters Daniel Cloid and Llovd Wefr'snd Miss Glo West of Colllns- vllW>rlll visit Prof. T. E. Osborne and fan^T during the holidays. SSme one who is very fond of tur- ke/dipped into the Klnman back .vM^:1ast night and gently raised the tnp'^bbards of thp coop and removed Mr; '^Aurkey to his own chicken roost —B£inewhere-r-This Is a very mean trt<fk .«md if the party should be found he <msdit to be punned severely. B. West of M&platoa tavVlslting bir.lnother J. R. West ^pr a few days. ••| do not mean for one. moment to 1 <-'i»^ optometrist, who visits 1-a Uari>e I 'niininiize the tieinenilous advantage i f**'^"*' " month, has a jwtition to |)re- tf> tl)e country of eo-oiierallve effort, v.hether i' be in iiiatter.s of relipion or philanthropy or hu.<ine.''s; but when co-operative a.-sociatinn.';, in whatever form, bcrnines FO powerful as to Feeure to their nieinUers a ))owor •v!il;-h is. or will be, used to dij.-^troy the richt of the .individual citizen to sent to congress and the .senate with names of those (ie.-lrous of such a law being passed. .Mr. Frantz. .says if such u message is enacted into law it will have a most beneficial effect in assisting the veterans of industry to enjoy a comfortable old age. in raising the standard of living of the workers engage in trade andVommerce'on'the 1 and ill preventing dustltuUon. He same terms as every other citizen f ^^ys hts s gners are business and then it is the duty of the -overnmont | men—not the loafing to lay a restraining hand «)inn that fir^'.inizatlon and .°ay, 'thus far shall thou so. and no farther'.'• -—C. J. Peterson: S)irance, Abstracts. P'arm l.«ans. In- FOR KOAD ACROSS THE STATE. Iii(<'re>'t Keinir Taken in Road From Coffeyrllle to KnnsaK City. R. N. Allen, rhair.rnarj of the Chanute rommercial Club's rrood roads eoiiiirlltee, has written to Seeret:iry Frank Wood of the Booster club asking the co-operation of the lola Boost ers to arouse interem In the construe lion of a cood road from ("offeyvllU r.n the soiithTn border of the state to Kansas City. When Mr. William H Seeds, traveling representative of I). Warii King, the good road man. was In Chanute arranging a date for Mr. King's talk in that city recently. Mr. A 'lon suggegfed that the speaker, while in southeastern Kansas, should make an effort to arouse Intereat In such a rnad. The suggeslion at once interested Mr. Seeds as he saw the desirability of the road, touching such points as Coffeyvllle, Cherryvnle Thayer. Chanute. Humboldt, lola. Gar tielt. Ottawa, Welsville. Olathe and intermediate points. In f .act he was so well taken with the plan that be decided to change his route, and to visit Humboldt, Thnver Cherryvale and Coffeyvllle for the especial purpose of putting the proposition before them. Gamett has already arranged for a -talk by Mr, King. The talk to be given by Mr. King In Chanute will be. delivered, at two o'clock on the afternoon of December ^ the Hetxick theatre. class. —F. S. Halm M. D., Oculist Practically all the out-of-town teachers will spend the holidays with their parents in neighboring towns. —Call on W. S. Ford for low prices on Jewelry before buying elsewhere. Miss Tura Norton has returned rom a two weeks' visit with relatives in Bartlesville. —A lino assortment of Christmas nuts at Carl & Hunters. At the council meeting Wedne.sday evening it was agreed to extend the water mains to |»arts of tlie tity where such service is needed. —When buying meats you want the best; you gut the best at Carl &. Hunter's. Ira Davis of Fort Scott will visit friend.s- and relatives over Christmas. J. K. l-'uller, who recently came here from Colorado has sold bis farm southeast .of town aud will move to lola next week. L. How, of .Moran, was a pleasant visitor here yesterday. Mrs. A .R. Everline, of lola^ spent ye.sterday with Mrs. W. H. Ricketts. Owing to a few members on both teams not being able to play basket ball this evening the game with Moran was called off. Incle Sam's Far -Awiiy Kn^lim SoUle- ment Is Little Known.; New York Evening Post: I returned some weeks ago from helpg marooned for one month on Kodak is- luud. ' In this day of far-.scnttered "Insular posaes^ions and the confusionsofAiii- erlcaii geograidiy. once simple cnougli. the Island of Kodlak has basely es- c:iped oblivion, and that chiefly as the home of the KodiaJc bear, the >ear or the Ilu.ssian coat-of-arins. quite the largest of all (he ursine tribe, ijnd the iiiri .^t eoveled. As the happy jaunting grounds of titled Europeans, British army captains, and -a few savored sport.=men. it enjoyed a reputation. But how many busy Aipesicans are even auare of the fact that Uncle Sam owns an island—In latitude o? Scotland and longitude of Honolulu, approximately—equal in area to Porto lUco. or to Delaware and Rhode Island combined? Not many. pi;rhaps. And of thciji too few realize thkt with the town of Kodlak, the oides\ Russian r-ettlpii^ent in the New World, few :-l!(:ts under our flag ran conipiire for a coiuiiiingling of Old Worldj^ualnt- iies .s and out-of-the-world cbarT}). It's a Queer self-sufBclent• little world the stranger abruptly enters when Ills vessel, carefully . piloted, penetrates tlie rocky archlpelaKO that forms St. Pauls harbor. Th^ little village clustered about the green roof of the bulbous-domed Greek church, and the old Alaska Conimercfal Company's trading store. Is little clianged in^spirlt from the time when the company's on the hill was a Russian barracks. Except that the glory of tic sea otter days has gone forever ttliSt animal, having become all but e.Ntfnct. Is now jealously protected), ]«h.ssing years have worked little change.. It la true that every few years fom;a] nn- thority in the person of a^.Unltod States commissioner is ehflngM,^ or an order conies frnai far-off W.isiiint;ton sayfng that thi.s or that fur (hay be taken freely, and another only iinder .severe penalt}'. Trade, too. wich as It Is. is regiilat<<d roughly liy the visits of tnonthly .•'teamers wlftch ad- inst It after a fashion to the'cswing- Ifig pendiiliini of the big worl4. But even so. Kodlak keeps pretty much its own sweet time, set by the Russians more than TOO yi'[<v« ago.'and/retains { all the customs' and tradition*; which wore then established. It will :^ie long before the Stars and Stripes—fet ft fly ever so bravely over the murshal 's house on holidays—can bre.ik the ancient siiell east by the painted *wooden bust of Peter the Great whlcji somber and weathered, surmouids the company's house Just as in tfie days when the "little fatherV su ^cesaors ruled these people. The population of Kodlak Is as cosmopolitan as one fould wish. Russian and Aleutian were the priginal stocks. In our days a. strafn from RECEIVED AIIALOABLE GIFT Jacob Olinper Keceivos $1^00 .Back Feniilon In Time for Xmas. Speaking of Christmas presents, it ia safe to say that very few people In lola will receive one of greater value or more acceptable than the one the- government Is to give to Jacob Olinger, of 1003 North Jefferson. Mr. Olinger is an old soldier, having enlisted In Company C, Fifth Tennessee Infantry In 1862 and served throughout the war. It was not until 1897 that Mr. Ollnger applied for a pension, and was allowed $8 a month. He drew this pension until 1901 and during that year he lost his pension certificate, and not knowing the ncces sary steps to take about securing a continuance of his pension the payments stopped. It appearing to thj government that he had died. Son'.:> weeks ago he. told Mayor C. O. Bollinger of his trouble, and Mr. Bolllr.!;- er took the matter up with J;r !5;3 Stillwell of the pension oDice. After considerable correspondence the inut- ter was finally settled yesterday morn Ing by the receipt of a letter stating that Mr. Olinger's pension had been restored and full back pay allowed from 1901, which means that Mr. Ol­ lnger will receive on Christmas day at the latest, a check from the gov-' ernment amounting to over $1,200. Moreover he will draw from the date of bis recent application $12 a month as he Is now over seventy years of age. This should be a' very merry Christmas with Mr. Oiinger. OROZCO PURSUES BOJAS. Ilnndrcd I make a specialty of farm loans. If you are wanting a farm loan it-will pay you to see me. Ratea reasonable; interest payable annual or semi-annual; privilege given to make partial payments or all at any time. C. 0. BOLiraGEB lOlfly.KBIIf. THE BIGGEST BABGAHT IS lOIA. A seven room, modem honae with two-8tory barn and 75 feet front, cement walks, shade and frnlt It sold before January first. $1250.00; half cash. wklX C. L. WIIITAKER. Flione ISe. IOEAR.R. ^ Souths Bound. • '. • JS^? No. 201-rtMIy Faaaenger....... :i:Of m' Ho. 208f^Dally Fasaenser....... .3:4JLr — No. ZOT-iDeUy (exc«at Sunday): FUiL. , .. ^„ ger :. .1 iiSOa, w, ; No. 216—Dally (except Sunday)-^. -Bav? ' ^.H• Freight. Arrive U:ai p. m. part i 1: North Bound. > .^0. 202 -i -DaiIy Faaaencer 1. Xo. 20^DaUy Fassenser S:! So. 209r ^T>aUy (except Sunday) Fa f er ...................... 16—Dally (except Sunday) Preljfbt. Arrive 21;15 a. m,. , port , 12 :01 P |,-j MSSOUBI PACIFIC tLABMiXX 111 FfelBht»— West Boundi . V.,'; . 191—Lodnl-(dally ex. Sun) lv .....{:tfpwm. 151—CoIp."Red Ball (dally) Iy ...i:18B,afr ^^;F ^6lQht•— Ka«t Bound, 'rii-'' ISS—Red Ball (dally) ar. iiiO ^m. 492—Local (dally ex. Sun) ar.....»-M.ILi^ Pauengera— WMt Bound.. ;_:-v.- 407—Kansas Cfty-Tates Center UUlMa Exprens (daily) Iv ii&P- »><•' v,- • tO*^St Louls-Wlchlta Han and^tttpr«» .fS :• (dally) Iv. S^rtu^ja. , ' ii... Pauenoera—Ea«t BOUBA, - UO^t. Louis-Kansas City Mall aad Jfc- . prA« (dally) or. .1[5t >_m, „ 408—St. tAuia -Kansaa Citr Maa.mam -XMr " v prass (daily) ar. 8 :n a. m, >-T^e^ IL B. & T. BAILffAi; '/''-l^ • , Soutti Bound. •J-;yy'-ii •KW.' 571-^ay Freight (dally csoepf- Sunday.! 4:30 a. m, Mo. 7;--MrT"'1 '(lui!v) ;..4;'*6p.-m. JCo. 73—Paaaenser (dally) .... ..12;1S p. m. No. 25—Flyer (dally) ....5:50a.,m. North .Bound. „ ' No. 24—Passenger (daUy) 1 :28 p. nt. No. 7S—Mixed (dafly) JMjtju.. •671 and 672 wlU qarry passeoarers. •'1 qarry tihja^ASLlB IBSTBAGTflL Every Abstract made la ooriifOeB ls-g &liratit6dd to'be a aierciiawK able abstract or money raftiBMIr lOLA ABSTRACyr COMPANt. Frank Wood. ]C8tta««r.!> \ raoyjWjipirAiLuimwtg^ 1."if • • t • **t* • t • 'A a Controls: BtisIngiTe Sale of "tts ' ^ 9 Sd/il StaaiiiM Trpei^ittir ml a In AlleB Ceanty'" • m-- « E. H. BnnUff, AgMil ' m^- ^ NoithmpBnUdinK loM, Kaafc •» « e » »ai,g fc i a »» tfmvitmM « « « s a« «a • a mm a a -a-a'a 'aL^, « DiRTC JL Basf- m^' » BEHTIST • an 9 Boom Tfo.'!. Jinthrisp Bldg. a^^ a Ezfractioa without pain by tha a* a .flsA of Nitrons Ozide Qaa P^on*—(MfliBe QSS; . Bea. :85S. «aa»aeaaaaaaaaa.a»«i:c Federal fScneral has One Soldiers With Him. El Paso. Tex. Dec. 20.—Advices from Chiahuahua say that General Pascual Orozcb and 100 men are in pursiut of Colantonio Rojas and his insurrecto force In the Cuerere district. Rojas has declared in favor of Francisco Vazquez Oomez for president and Orozco for vice-president. Captain Roblcde at: the head of a small force of rurales has captnred Jose Chavarrls, and six of his men, who have been rading Haciendas In the San Andres district .After the departure of the federal garrison from Tlcnman, Morelas, a large force of Zapatistas ro.bbed the] town last night, .cutting all the ti-le- grapb wires. The Robosa Hacienda in the state of Puebla was raided and a large sum of money taken. The Allen County Realty Co. Make a specialty of selling Allen County Farms. We also write Insurance of all kinds, collect rents, pay taxes for non-residents, and do a general real estate business. Wo represent three of the best loan companies doing business In Kansas, and solicit a share of the loan business, and guarantee as cheap rates and anick service as can be had anywhere. The Allen County Realty Co. B. L. ThompsoB, tfgr. OFFICES KVANS BLDQ. lOLA —Beautiful line of Christmas Post {almost every rape can be detficted in Cards.—Waters &DanfoTth, Drugs J .fp,. hundred inhabiUnts^ The; and Jewelry. I mongrel crews of whalers abd fur Mrs. E. H. Toby was able to go; traders mustered Japs. Mexicaiis. Ma- shopplng yesterday. This was Mrs. Ijayg Portueuese, what not. and on the Toby's first trip to town since July. ; islands of the North Pacific so^ne bad- H. D. Smock and H. B. Smith, of I ly ^Lxed descents C8n ,,be trac^. Cohr Smock and Moran, were business vlsltora here yesterday. —Our line of Toys and Games are going fast. Come ia and select yours before it is too Iate.-<-Water8 ft Dan- Idrth.i progs and Jewelry. ,Hn..^B. H.;.iIuJioclc'arrived today versatlon is carried on in ilussian oddly vulgarized with Alcut,;or vice versa: in the-main converaatioia ia die* couraged.: The* Renins of Ko^ak lies In another directlM. . Not.the saloon, but the dance ball' Is-Its moaV boasted liwUttottoiu Good momingl. Christmas Seals? Havs yon , used /. 1IKP £XDABLE .IBSTKACT Is one which contains accurate information of all records relating to the property described therein. A complete and accurate Abstract is the basis, of a godd deed. There are no better Abstracts than those prepared by THE PETBBSOX AB8TBACT CO. Plio^e 1^7 0|d Court Konse Slig. sam"B»mB9»»m»m a a a ai TfHT HOT? a ' Hava Your Pisoo Tmud bgr as'V'; Experienced Toaar^-^Oaa Uv> #r tog in yoftr btfmfer toWK ' 'KO-'CAHATSBT"' i Haab Tanar aal Sepalnv " Rf^eiits Uniile GfiC ^ PhoM-4n -^Jt^ «$aaaa'ssaalBi S Bpedaltlear-. ; ^ 9 > uSimats of tlM Q M A I''^^ J toLAST^yEB ^p^W^^^ s a a a'»s a a a oia'^^'a *i#.a'i iH Baal Fiteto aiia • • * < »»rin •I Just got in 25 bead of mnlea^r 10 head of horses, 10 mares— some of the mares with foal— I ages run on horses and mules f from 2 to 5 years. All in good' ; flesh—most all broke single aad: ' double—right in from the conn- try. •'Anyone wanting to buy. sell or exchange, come and see at once. Iota Qorise and l ^ft mm j '*,:t .&t :pA?sa5 "i5 ?&^.r •rB0<^Bee4^ Balas on I'Ire Jn«iin^etf!' ''!;'t> * CAUFOBlflA LASBS. We are agents for Cllraa Halgbta: fruit lands, adjoinloff the .eUar. ot Sficramenta. Trefr roimd trip to buyers. w;a are sole a^nfii;for this territory. ' CRASEBS * FOnXB. PHILLIP HEICOBEi ^^ir^ i^rana ^liBpaldag^ ] ! XOm TO £Oit Mkua;Pa*ii.siio„ Banara. ,OlBc« In/JWie*^ i 'WWAd < Rbi Sprioga. AXK; jHinMathJei f or«iie,'wiair: -ite and MUm^ i- ona Ski I'; it nf,

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