Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 22, 1911 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1911
Page 8
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6 —Wh^n trad: :BTT. lola eat a hot, r—50c—at Monty'i Cafe, 1st door south ot Register office. Mm" _ December "21.— Mrs. Pote Jobnion aad Mrs. Jbhn Johaaon \rera guests of Mrs. Tom Dennlson Thnrsday. tbo Liberty correspoadent made - aa «rror last weak la statias Mr. Kra- meir aad Miss Christy were shoppiag. Mrii. Kramer, Miss Christy a^d Mrs. Johasoa were buyiag decoratioas for tberCbrisliBas tree. Last Saturday Mrp. Hlllbraat aad the same oaes bought the caadies for the tree, 1;90 s pooads la all. There will be a sack for.each ,maa, womaa aad child la the dlstirict aad U aay oae does aot «et a sack it will be a mistake instead . of isligtat Ija Toirasead aad family spent Sua day with Fred Kramers. Mrs. Joe Beu returned home Sun- jdajr^-after a week's visit with her moth er, south,of FlQua. Tuesday night as Mrs. Goble and two' daughters were returning home from the school house where they were practicing for the Christmas exercises -Ithes^ had. the misfortune to drihre oft of the small bridge east of the school house. It was very dark sAd rainy and in some, manner tbey missed the road. Fortunately, no one w^ hurt or any damage done; only they j'sceived.aa awful {right The buggy was overturned and* the horse haS'lo be nahltched before it could get u^ Help was summoaed from Hilibran& near by aad a lantern was brought «o iiitr could see how to get righted. Tba sirls spent the night with HlUb)r»Bts aad Mrs. Goble was taken homa. Mrs. S.-'B. Pees and brother, Mr. Gnaa frboi Missouri,,Md a niece from Texas s ))$Bt:truesaay night with.Wm. UiUbraatli family aad took dlaaer with Tom Deanlsoa 's oa Wednesday.. We wish tbe editor a Merry Christ* mas. Will Greea speat Sunday with the. family of Teter Johnson. W* were very sorry to hear of Mr. FrieECbenmeyer's serious illness, but -are -informed he is able to be out again. dwrge Townsend has bad a siege of:;bigrippe but is better at present {jist Sunday morning the large bl^ dog of Mr. Stephen Marks was fot^fd sitting on the back door step bM«ing for his breakfast, by Mrs. Joira Johnson, who lives In the Marks hoiue. It had come back after Marks taking it to Missouri with them. They hare been gone about a month. tiBERTY, Dec. 20.— We believe -evepr one would like very much to seeL-a white Christmas. There seems to be a good Indication today. Vjre. A. L. Townsend was able to . go^to lola shopping one day last weuc Mrs. Ethel Best returned borne last Saturday from near Humboldt and oGifiY places where she has been vlslt- ing^her mother and other triads. Her fil»Br Syiva, came home with her. I - H^sa Jtesle MoConneU visited with frleiads in lola Saturday and Sunday, reaming home Sunday evening. loss Letta Dugaa came up from StMer,. Oklahoma, Sunday morning _ w^e she has been for some time wliix.her proper*. Mid wifei' fibert th&UtUe son of Mr. and Mt£' A. 0. Cornell was quite sick last we^ with a very bad sore throat, but irwrne better now. the Bcflboljchildren can hardly wait nndl .^ocday night to eee the Christ moi^tree. Mr. and Mrs. Ira- Townsend visited at Mr. Fred Kramer's last Sunday. 3u«. Carry Roush has about fifteen nice tiirkeFs for, market this week. " WeT understahi 'some persons are leavi^ hogrthat died of cholera Just lay around where the other neighbor's ',dogs go and feed on them and then £ome home and so many are getting uneaay-for fear tbe dogs win c&rrj- the disease. So to avoid further trouble they should be buried and burned. _P, Southards took dinner at Geo. Cornell's Sunday and in tbe afternoon Mrs. SouUb^rd and Mrs. Cornell called OB Sfs-.A. O. Cornell. 'JWe iiaderstand that Mrs. Castator's baggy was overturned in the ditclj^ at the comer of the school house, but no one was hurt Mr. Holt's sale was well attended ' aad'thlags sold very well. Tom TowBsead Is staying at his sls- , tor's, Mrs. Kabalen, and has been setting out fruit trees on his land. Myron Burtaett Is trying very hard to make the roads in better shape. -We understand Miss Lizzie Dix of near Piqua. is to be married soon. We ^isl-. every one a Merry Christmas. ^ Mr. C. W. liny called on bis father Thursday morning. 'Amongst those who assisted WII- ilam McCartney to move were H. J. Hay, E. D. BrouUlette, Jim Powell and Mr. Bishop. GE.XETA. • December 21.—Mr. and Mrs. Ceo. Arnold, our central folks, visited with Mr. and Mrs, Tel Sherwood last Sabbath Little JVfiss Gladys Sullivan, of Kan sas Cityi came here Tuesday and will spend the holdays with her grandparents, Mr. aad Mrs. N. C. Wells, f Artie Perkins, Ed Perkins, Robert Hyde an4 Arthur Hyde who have been it work for the past several montlis In, be northern part of the state and la j a load of wood. WEST OF THE -BITSk —Whea trading la lola en a hot, well-cooked dlaaer-20o^t M ^aty's ;Cafe .lst door south ot Reglstet'otJlce. Dec. 20.— We wish .everyVody a Merry Christmas. Mr. and Mrs. Jence Jeason visited at Levi Steele's in/^Iola Sunday. Fred and Guy Beaty are getting up their winter wood. They have to haul It from Barnard's timber four ^r five miles south.' Owing to tbe fields being too soft to haul his threshing machine over, Ott Hillbrant has his engine running the rock crusher a few days. Ed Osborn accompanied Fred aad Guy Bcaty to the timber. He also got .Nebraska, returned home last week. Mrs. Grace Mable is visiting .Mr. and Mrs. Wells today. The ladies' bazaar last night was fairly well attended and things sold well. The school children are practicing for a school entertainment which th^y will give Friday night. Also have an Xmas tree. A family by the name of Hopper,, from Kansas City, have moved to what is known as tbe Bert Letts farm Mr .and Mrs. Ernest Denney have moved to tbe Wm. Bradley farm. Mrs. John Lowe and daughter. Myrtle, drove to lola Monday to do Christ mas shopping. R. I.,.. Burton was in this vicinity buying hogs one day last week. Mr. and .Mrs. Geo. Sherwood will move Saturday near County Line. We wish you all a Merry Christmas. COUXTY LIXE. - Dec 20.—^Mr. and Mrs. Harbison ind ^son were among those who attended church in Colony Friday ev- ^n^. from this vicinity. •*Mi;. p. I- Hay who has been on the aick'list, is much improved at this ipriffag. .'owing to the smallpox scare and Jtad -nroads the attendance at Sunday 6CSIAA was smalL i-.Mr. and-'Mrs. Crocker drove over to ;- Colony'Tuesday afternoon. ;1 Jasper Powell Is much improved at ihls^wriUhfe:- V ; Miss Brownrigg was shopping in Colony Saturday afternoon. ^ MR and Mrs. C. W. Hay were Col- ffiiy ^visitors Saturday afternoon. 'Monday evening the many neigh and frlenids of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. ly gathered at their home to id the evening and to bid them J-bye. It win be remembered that »y-wlll leave In a few days to_vIsit atlves in Topeka after which they 111 to Oregon to spend a year the benefit of Mrs. McCartney's th. We are sorry to lose this fam- -from our circle, but wish them ;i_ii «n Jwherever they may chance to F ^>end the coming yeah CiBLYLE. December 21.—Mr. Corey ChrlsUan and Miss Ethel Wllmoth were married at the parsonage Thursday evening. Rev. Ticnor officiating. Immediately after the ceremony they went to the home of the bride'« parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Wllmoth, wMere a bountiful supper was served. The bride wore a becoming dress of white mess.allne silk and the groom wore the convea- tlQual black. Mr. and Mrs. Christian are two of Carlyle's best kaowa and most highly respected yonag people and have a .host of fricads who wish thiem a long and happy life together. They will live on Mr. J. D. Christian's farm northeast of Carlyle. There was a lar^e attendance at the lecture Friday night which waa given by Mrs. Zehner, of Texas. Mrs. Paul Arnold and little son, of Xeodesha, came In Tuesday to spend the holidays with Mrs. R. B. Arnold and other relatives. D. D. Wllmoth went to Rhodell Kansas Monday where he has a posl- Uon. The Royal Neighbor lodge win hold their election of officers this afternoon. Boy Aschbaugh, of Tola, vlsitf>d his sisters, Mrs. Hugh and Jim Worster several daya last week. Edd Shores and family of Scipio, \isited Al Shores and family over Sunday. Mrs. Feebeck's mother who Is stay ing with her has been quite sick but is some better at present The Sunday School will give an entertainment and Christmas tree nt the church Christmas night •Miss Kitty Culler of Colony, visited her cousla ,Mls8 JIae Wllmoth, the first of the week. Mr. Stafford who was badly hurt Saturday by falling out of a wagon, is still in a dangerous condition. Mr. .Mvis Wilson and family left Thursday for California, where they will make their home. Mrs. Robinson, of Parsons. Is visit ing at Mr. Stafford's this week. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kelley visited at Will CaldweUs Tuesday. PLE.VS.\XT yXLLKf. —When trading In lola eat a hot well-cooked dinner— 20c— at Morty'n Cafe, 1st door south ot Register office December 20. —The rain stopped threshing and kaffir corn heading. The Spring Branch school will give a Christmas program and tree at tbe school house Friday algbt Mrs. Holliagsworth delivered eighty four turkeys to the Hlaze Packing company at lola last week. Not so bad for one day. Miss Iva Smart spent Saturday and Sunday with home folks here. Miss Grace Payne, teacher at Spring Branch, will visit her parents near Colony next week. Thos. Laster wiU move to the Anderson ranch next spring and farm the place now occupied by Hugh Riley. Mote Robinson has rented a farm east of Colony for next year. Will Skinner, of Baldwin, Kas.. is ex]>ected home to spend Christmas with relatives here. Mr .and Mrs. Chas. Robinson were shopping in lola one day last week. Mr. Delaplain has moved from south of Carlyle to the Bird farm here. Zaa Ballard has been caring for a very' sick horse the past week. Mrs. John Butler has a flock of the flneat R- I. Red chickens in this county. Jas Davis marketed a fat cow last week that sold tor $75. That sure helps «ome. HolUngsworth and Mullea are pre- parlag to thresh kaffir aad shread com todder as sooa as the weather gets settled. Jas. MpICIaaey has rented a farm east of Carlyle aad will move there la the Bprlag i Wonder how many mea while pay- In* their taxes waated the expease of a special session of the legislature added on. .Now one at a time, please. Josle Jones and Sarah Preston had a comfort tacking ail by themselves last Thursday. Mary Beaty Is doing some sewing for, Mrs. Green. ti. R. Peck is enough better of his hurt to haul hay to lola. Florence Hi^ks is kept pretty busy keeping up her studies at school and also taking music lessons. The school children are looking forward to a whole week of holidays next week. It was Ed Osborne's hen house in stead of bis dwelling he was recovering and remodeling last week. Wc deeply sympathize with Mr Henry Speck in the sad misfortune that has befallen bis family. The Rawley man was supplying our people with medicines and extracts last week. We hope there will be a goiodly num her from here attend.the pie, supper and Christmas entertainment at PIqua school Friday night and at the Christmas tree and cntert|iinnient at the ilL E. Church Saturday night FILES CUBES HT SIX TO 14 DATS. —^Your druaglst will refund money if PAZO OINTMENT flails to imre aay case'of ncbiag. Blind. Bleedlag or Protrudlag Piles in 6 to 14 days, 60e. I'R.URIE AOSE. Dec. 20.—.Mr. Jacksoa's were visiting friends here Sunday. Sunday, Dec. 31. Dr. Chandler, dls trict 8Ui)erintendent. will hold guar terly meeting services at Prairie Rose at 3 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Nolan were transact Ing business and trading in lola lust Thursday. Little Alan Isaac has been on the sick list for a few days. Next Sunday, Dec. 24th. will be the annual election of Sunday school olll- cers and teachers. Miss Gardner is expecting to have a week's vacation during holidays. , Mrs. Mary Moore and Mrs. Jeannette Decker came over from Bronson Fri day for ^ visit with their parents, Mr. aad Mrs. Charles Miller, and other relatives. Mr. Nolan and family and Miss Gardner were doing some Christmas shopping in Bronson Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles MiUer, Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Miller, Mrs. M&>re and Mrs. Decker spent Sunday with their son and brother, Elmer Miller, and family. i msE. December 21.—The lovely autumn weather we have had for the past few weeks has come to aa end by the re- ceqt storm. J. P. Weatherman was in Garnett the first ot the week on business. IL Irwin has been suffering with bolis on'his face and hand. Mr. Longstreth of Colony, was out to his farm the first of the week. Grandma Moatgomery started for the I^aHahdle Monday to be with her daughter, Minnie Armstrong; who Is in very ^r health. She has been with her invalid son her.e most of the time since early apring. Mr. Delaplain shredded com for Mr Ballard and Epley this week and will go to Mr. Miiller's from there.. Mrs. Goldie Smith has gonle back to Kansas City to join her husband after viBitng relatives and friends here for a while. Our school will give a little entertainment Friday afternoon and then dismiss for a week's vacation during holidays. Mr. Montgomery wishes to thank those who assisted him in getting a graphophone by buying stock food ot him. Those who bought of him are Mr. Milton Irwin, Fred Dunlap. John Skinner. Mr. Montgomery stIU has one bucket of stock food to sell. Bill and Lanll Skinner will be home to spend Christmas. Little and Luella Montgomery will spend Christmas with their auiit Eva and family in Greeley, Kans. Lloyd Weatherman and James Mont gomery saw what they thought looked like a lynx or panther while out coon hunting the other night and they were about as scared as boys generally get They had a lantern and they say that is the only thing that kept it from attacking them. XEOSHO VALLEY. Dec. 21.—R. V. Bale and wife were visitors at Purdom's Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Sanders, of lola, visited at A. Fair's Sunday. Several In the neighborhood .delivered hogs to Flake and Irwin, at lola, for shipment Monday. Some of Dan Hunter's folks, ot lola, visited at his home Sunday. Charles Avery and wife and daughter were at the home of Mrs. Avery's mother, Mrs. Horney, Sunday. Mrs. Earl. Sloan, of Oklahoma, Is visiting her sister, Mrs. Geo. Bums. She will spend a part of her time during her stay with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Enfield, ia lola. Rev. Mrs. Bowman, the U. B. pas- tar at this place, bas aaaouaced that she will coaduct a protracted meeting at the church, beginning on Sua- day evening. Dec. 24th. aad coatinue as long as interest and attendatice win JusUfy. All are oordlaUy Invited to these revival services. There was somethlnjg over $18 taken in at the pie supper at Union last Friday evening. Oae. pie brought f2.60 and another one almost Ibat' • • « Lesson for Sandaji I>ec. 84, 1^11—Cbrlstmns Lesson. • • • • • • • <• herds and by a star to the wise men would this indicate that the *> • • (10) Verse 3—Why had God nor advised the wise men, the • 4* prophets and priests of .lerusaleni of •'the birth of. Jesus? '> • • <• <• <• <f • •> •> •> JESUS BOBN IN BETHLEHEM. CTOLDEN TEX ;r— CTato you is.'hbrn this day In the city of David a Saviour, whic& is Christ th«t Lord.—Matt 2:11. , (2), Veives 1-2— Did God direct]/ plan that Jesus should be bora la a nianger at Bethlehuni > Why or why not? (4) How did the wise i.. trom the East know of the place aad birth of Jesus? (3J Who were these wise meB?> (4) What reason is there to suppose that God revealed himself In those days to the wise and d'^vout men of other nations, as well as to those of the Jews? ^ (o) Who was this Herod, and how long had he been king of Judea? (6) What does the lowly birth of. Jesus signify to the world? (7) What did it presage* that the wise men. scholars, philosophers, astronomers, of a Gentile country, were the first great men to greet the new bom Saviour?* (8) God revealed the birth of Je^us by an angel to the shepherds and by a star to the wise men; would this indicate that the shepherds had the keener sense of th^ unseen? Why? (9) Does God today reveal .Ilit^self to any. other than by natural methods? Give your reasons^ (10) Verse 3—Why had God nor advised the wise men, the prophets and priests of .lerusaleni of •'the birth of. Jesus? '(11) \Vhy were Herod and "all^ Jerusalem" troubled, when they heard of the birth of Jesus? (12) If people are troubled whe^i they stand in the presence of the supernatural, or the unusual, is that any indication that their consciences are not right with diod? Why? (13) VerSes 4-6—From what bqbk did the priests and the scribes quote? (See Mic. v. 2 et seq;^) (14) What evidence Is there thaj the prophet MIcah had the birth of Jesus in mind, when he peiqied, his prophecy as.quoted by these priests and scribes? (15) How much practical use d.i^even the leaders in rellg- ous thought make of scripture prophecies, that are not ye fulfilled? (16) Verses 7-8—^^V'hat reason Ts there to think that bad men generally hide their fears and ^jealousies, when -they seek to ruin the objects of their envy? (17) What cases, beside this, can you cite where great wlck- edtibss has been concealed under a n^ask of great piety? (18) Verses 9-12—Is there any leason to think that Joseph, before his relationship to Christ, evef had converfe with angels? (19) Does close relationship to Christ always give the ability to see and hear God? Give your reasons. (20) May we always have warning from God of impending danger to us or ours? Why? (21) How may we know when ;t is our duty to face danger, or to fly from It? i (22) If this holy family had to{ face such serious trouble, what does that indicate for the rest of us, and why is it? (23) ,I8 it absolutely safe for \\\\ to follow the lejullngs of God as Joseph did? v 124) When and how did God rcfali this holy family from Egypt? LESSON FOR SUNDAY, DEC. 31,: 1911—REVIEW. • • • nuch. S. T. nnxley, being the auctioneer, had an opimrtunity to get olT 3omc of bis wit and humor to a good advantage. A brother-in-law of Dan Hunter. Mr. Mclker, of Joplin. Mo., has been visiting at his place for several days. Mr. Jacob Hpath, who. with his wife moved down froni Neosho Falls some time ago, and are spending the winter, at John Slack's, was in Lil)- erty neighborhood a couple of days the first part of the weelt, looking after bis farm interests there. Jasi>er Miller came up from Oklahoma a few days ago to make a visit witli home folk. There was quite a large crowd of ])eopIe at the Holt sale Tuesday, and f ;tock and some other things sold at )retty stiff prices. WInfleld Drake and family are expected to arrive here from Rartles- ville Saturday, to spend the holidays with their folks here. Wash Dickey hauled Peter Voun.u's ;hare of the corn crop to nmrket last neek. There was between .'.00 and >00 bushels of it A number of other farmers have been hauling also. W. B. Bolln and wife were out from town Sunday. HAKMOXY. Dec. 20.—We are having very disagreeable weather at present. Another good oil well was brought In on the Diamond lease this week. -"ttie teacher and pupili^ are preparing a program and will have n Christmas tree Saturday evening. Mr. Atkins and family and Mr Hamilton's young folks, and Esta. DROPSY TREATED FREE FKAXKLIX MILES, M. D.. LL. B.— The Well-Known Heart and Dropsy SpMlallst. Will Send n Two. Pound Treatment Free. Many "Hoppless" fases Soon Cured After r, fo 1,1 Doctors FnilPd. At first no disease is apparently more harmless than dropsy, a little swelling of the eyelids, hands, feet, ankles, or abdomen. Finally there Is great shortness of breath, smothering siiells. Bitting up to breathe, rough, faint spells, sometimes nausea and vomiting, even bursting of the limbs and a lingering and wretched death If the' dropsy Is not removed. Dr. Miles has been known as a leading specialist in these diseases for 26 years. His liberal offpr is certainly worthy of serious consideration. You may not have another opportunity. The Grand Dropsy Treatment consists of four dropsy remedies in- one. also Tonic Tablets, and Piira-I^xa for removing tbe water. This treatment is specially prepared for each patient snd is at least ten times as successful as that of most physicians. It usually relieves the first day and removes sweUIng in six days In most cases. Delay Is dangerous. Mr. Alexander Milne, Spokane. Wash., cured by two months' treat-* meat Mrs. Sarah A. Boyd, Oelwein, ta.. cured after giving np hope. Mrs. Elvlila Sonders. Decatur. Neb., cured after 10 physicians failed. Mrs. A. J. .Vash. Pickering, Mo..-cured. Limbs swollen up to the body. Mr. C. A. Killlnger. Sblppepsburg, Pa., cured after four physicians failed to relieve. Mrs. Julia Breault, Dugdale. Minn., cured after being proaouoced incurable by three physicians. Mr. John T. Alexander. Elwood. Ills., cured after ,4 .failed. Dr. MUes' Book contains - large number of remarkable cures. All afflicted readers may have the new Dropsy pook. Examination Ciiart. Opinion. Advice, and a Two-Pound Treatment FREE. Write at once. Describe your case. Address. Dr. Franklin Miles. Dept G. BIS to 629. Main Street. Elkhart, In^iaa& Ruth;and May Runyon spput Sunday afternoon ut Mr. McKaska's. Frhnk Booe and wife spent Sunday at McGuffey's. Zola Cloyd and .Marlon Evans are out C\l school this week with a sore throat. - Mrt«. Evans has been quite sick the past ^weck with the grii)pc. '. Mr«. Ella Cloud received the san news>of the death of her uncle, L. D. Booe,-of Cbanute. who died Oils mom Vig fit 4 o'clock with dropsy. He was |S2 years of age. The funeral will be held at Chanute from thu Christian Church, at 2 o'clock. Fra«k Dooe butchered for Al Lat- fiinei\ Tuesday. Sam Malcom, of LaHarpe, visited relatives here Monday night Nearly every one around here Is fhro\i;;h husking corn. Corn turned out much better than at first was e.xpec>cd. • Wiliiani Dorrell Is out of school this -(/eek with sickness. There seems to be quite a good many leases of grippe and sore throat \Ve'are hoping for a white Christmas fills year. Mr^ Nancy Cloud will be down from LaHarpe this week to spend Christmas with relatives here. , Lex Booe spent Saturday night and Sunday with home folks. It Is the first. Ume he has been home since theymoved their rig west of Chanute. Frank Booe and Mr. Swank made a business trip to Humboldt' last Thursiiay. . ; DISTRICT >0. 40. Dec. 23.—Mr. Funston of lola has been folding meetings at the Valley this w^'ek. Mr. and Mrs. McKowen visited at Bayar ^i Sunday. Mr. rand Mrs. R. .1. Miller spent Sunday at Mr.Hprstum's and attended Sunday School at Dewltt. Thp children of Pleasant Valley school jare going to have a short pro- cram Friday afternoon bi'fore Christmas. Luella McKowen vlslteil with MisF Blanche McKlnney Sunday. Mrs.'-Roupe's dauebter. Miss Sfoll.'' :Blngh!Jm. and Mr. Elmer Hoke were- married in lola last Thursday. STAR DISTRICT. Decft'mber 20.—Mr. and Mrs. Albert Pearscn visited at Mrs. Anno's Wednesday. P. X Powell Is slowly recovering from an attack of ptomaine noisonin? Mr. and Mrs. Ed Brbuillette and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McCartney took dinner at P. .7. Powell's Sunday. Miss Gertrude Wilson attended a teachers' meeting at Garnett Saturday. Dorgthy and Ruth DIckerson are again In school after a few weeks of sickness. C. U Dickerson and family will snendVCmas in lola at Mrs. L. J. Dick erson's. S. M, DIckerson and family will, as usual, soend the holidays with relatives ip Neosho Falls. B. McCabe and family were in lola Saturd'^y. Mrs.^Frances' Pearson drove to lola Mondair- * Miss, Hattle' Emerson came home Saturday for the holidays. Mr. )ind Mrs. B. Dickerson were visitinr trends and relatives in Colony Mhnday. Mrs.^E^erson called on Mrs. Steve Dlckerr,on Monday afternoon. ) J ; : Coffey ville Journal: Among the fashioajble dances we note the Turkey Trit, the Dallas Dip. the Frisco Plop. The St Louis Todalo. the Griz- r»v Bear, the Cubannle GUd«. the Hula Hula avdrotbers. ^.We await -with la- iterest t|ie Cotfeyvlile Canter, tbe Galena GKIOO. the Wichita Wiggle, the Saliha Skid and the Sedan Sauirm. All EXCLUSIVE POOR FARW No One Can B« Admitted or Assisted Except Those Who Once Paid Taxes. . Provideace, .R. I., enjoys the use ot tbe most valuable poor farm owned by aay muolclpality ia the world, all be- oa >is8 Ebenezer Knight Dexter la 1824 made a bequest leavlag a big. stone strewn meadow aad several parcels of land for that purpose. Today the property is valued at no less than $1,000,000, and is in tbe center of one of the most fashionab|fe residence districts of: Providence. But while this is a poor farm, it is a very exclusive one, to say the least By the terms of a very rigid and Iron clad will, none can be admitted or assisted except those who once owned and paid taxes upon real estate in Provlde'nce or wliose father or mother was a real estate taxpayer in that city. No other Rhode Islanders and bo person from any other part of the United States or from any foreign country may knock at the portal to obtain admittance and secure shelter and food. .The Dexter asylum is morft than self-supporting. ' With a limited attendance, so to speak. It Is said that the interest on Investment or Income Is enough to'furnish every inmate a trip to Europe each -winter, with accommodations at the best summer hotels In the summer. During tbe hard times In Providence, when there was a great need of work for poor people, an old clause In the Dexter w:ill providing for a stone wall built around the place was taken advantage of and many poor people were given work,— Rational Magazine. lEmims A Few Applications of a Simple Remedy; Will Bring Bacl< the Natural Color. HOW HISTORY IS DISTORTED Russian Text-Book Shows Curious Instance of Tampering With French History. . Reasons of, church.'state or other policy have frequently caused the Eicholars of one country to tamper with the bistory of another with which It has been intimately connected. A (iurious instance of such a distortion eft French history was that found in a Russian textbook, used in ail Russian I^ubllc schools, and edited by a great Russian scholar, Jlovaiskl. The following may be cited as an IllustraUon: "Louis XVI. was a good and peaceful king. After a lopgv and famous ifeign. In which he was most happy in his choice of minister of finance, he died quietly in Paris, beloved by all his people. His death was caused by a hemorrhage. "The'successor of Louis XAT. was bis son, Louis XVIL During his reign the brave royal army, commanded by General Napoleon Bonaparte, captured tbe larger part of the European contingent for the French crown. But the faithless Napoleon showed tendencies toward misusing his power, and was suspected of harboring dishonest schemes against tbe legitimate mier. With the help of his majesty the emperor and autocrat of ail the Russias, bis plans were frustrated, and he was deprived of all his possessions,, honors, and rights to a pension. He wds then exiled to the island of St. Helena, where he died."—^The Sunday Magazine. "Pnli out one prn.v hair an <l n doz .rn will take it.s plaro" is an olil .sajiiiR. wbi<-h is to a j-Tcat extent, true, if no st(»i)s art' taki'ii t>> stop the C.TU.SC. AVlirn pray b.iirs avpear it is a siRa'tlial Nature iifi'il.s assistanro. It is Niitnro'.«; call for hrlp. Gra'> hnir,- dull, lifcloss hair, or hair that is f.illinc nut. is imt norcssarily a sijtn oC ailv.Tiiointt aso. for tlnTC aro thousands of I'lUerly iu'<i|ilo with porfcct hcail.>i ot hair with^nit a sinslo streak of pray. W,hcn pray hairs conic, or when tlio hair .seems bo lifeli-ss or deail, some po<Ml, reliable hair-restorinp tre.-tmoiit sboiiM be resorted' to at on<-c. Siicoial- ists say that one of the be.ft preparations to i.s the olii-fashionetl "sa.ce tea" which our pramlparents useil. Tlie beiit preparation of ibis kind i.s Wyeth's Sage and Siilphnr Hair Remedy, n preparation of donitslie snpe and sulphur, scientificall.v conipoun'Ied with later discovered hair tony-.s anil sfiniuLint.'. the whole misture beins carefully balanced and by oxiiprts. W.velh's Sape ami Sulplinr is rlean and wholesome and perfeetly harmless. It refreshes dry, parehed hair, removes damlriiff and pruiIuiiUy restores faded or pra .i hair to its natural color, . Don't delay, another miniitc.- Start usiiJK Wyelh's .Sape ami .Sulphur at onee and i-cc what a dif.'erencc a few days* treatment will make in your hair. Tlii.-< preparation is offered to the piilitii- at fift.v e.jnts a bottle, and i.s rcconiniended ami soM by all druppists. Special Agent—S. R. Burrell SEKI) tOK.\ TO SELLI Mr. J. B. Duke's Ploughing. In spite of the distractions of the Tobacco company's reorganization, Mr. James B, Duke bestows much attention upon the work of developing and beautifying his three thousand acre estate. Duke's Park, near Somervllle, N. J. Not Infrequently on bis tours of Inspection he personally directs the laborers. One day he took the plough from the hands of a slow, awkward foreigner, saying: 'Here, let me show you how to plough a furrow. I've not forgotten how I did that when I was a boy in South Carolina." Another day ho took tbe place of the boss of a gang of workmen and before he got through be dismissed five for inefflciency. If You Have .Vny, >oHfy the Agrlcul. tiiral Collppe. Manhattan. Kas., nee. 21.—If you p.vptH -t to have iiny seed corn to spare, next year, it will be a good Idea to advise (lie -Apricultural College. E. G. Scliaefer assistant in crops, has prepared thi.s notice .addressed to growers and dealers in s-ced corn. "Owinp to the e.\lrente dry weather which pievailedl in many parts of the state, the corn crop for 1911 was greatly reduced, and there will be a big demand for seed corn for the coming year. Iliindred.s of inquiries for seed corn are received at this office. It is coming to be a generally known fact that, seed corn should not be cliansed. but should—if iwssible,—be obtained in or near the locality in which it is to be grown. In order to locafo the seed corn supply and refer to reliable sources for seed, we ask seed men to fill out the following blank: 1. What riuality of seed corn and what .'variety are you offering for sale for next year's planting? 2. What, quantity are you prepared to send out in tlie car? 3. Will the shelled corn be graded with a'corn grader? . 4. What is your price, f. p. b., at your station, for each grade? Ti. Where was the seed obtained for yoi'ir planting? tj. W'heie was the com grown dur- inp the past year? 7. How pure and free from mixture is the seed you are offering for sale? S. Aiiproxiinately what was the yield an acre for the past year? 9. \yhat per cent germination do you Rtiarantee? If you are offering more than rioty for sale kindly fill out a blank similar to the above for each variety, and send the information to the .•Vpronomy Department of the^Kansas State Agricultural College. The story is told that a certain man in the engineering department of a railroad went to jb. dentist to have a bad tooth trcatt^l. The dentist told him that It would be necessary to liiit in a gold bridge, which would eost bliii $2 ."i .0O. The railroad man, looked m tlie glass at his departing molar and then said: "Say. doctor. Just ptit In n concrete culvert and let it go hi that." Go Southwest and Grow with the country. Thousands are doin£ this and "making good" because the opportunity is there. Go and see for yourself the country reached by the M. K. & T. Ry.^it will pay you well to do so. On the First and Third Tuesdays of each month excunion ticlcets are sold at especially low ratei to Oklahoma and Texas with privileges of itop-oven. Such a ticket enables you to visit a large section of countiy—seeing for yourself what the Southwest offers. Will you go now. or wait longer until land prices advance to thie top notch and the opportunities are less. (SOS) • Probably I can help you decide—at any rate write- me for some literature and iurtber information alraut the Southwest. W- a ST. GEORGE Gaaeral Paasentar Aaeat ST. LOUIS

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