Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 27, 1969 · Page 7
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 7

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 27, 1969
Page 7
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MONDAY, JANUARY 27, 1969 THE REGISTKR-NEWS — MT- VERNON. ILLINOIS 7—A DEAR ALBY . . A Serious Look At Pornography Abigail Van Buren MR. AND MRS. (Hilliard & Myers Photo) LARRY DALE SUMNER Miss Mary Kay Rector and Larry Dale Sumner both, of this city were united in marriage December 7. The double ring candlelight ceremony was performed at seven o'clock in the New Hope (Webb) Baptist church, with the Rev. Dale Brookman officiating before an altar decorated with greenery, red carnations, bows and two candelabras with red candles. The pews were marked with red bows and white doves. The tapers were lighted by Paul Rector and Leslie Mellott. The bride is the daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Joe Rector and the bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Leuty Sumner, all of Mt. Vernon. The bride, given in marriage by her father, was lovely in an A-line full —length wedding gown of white lace over white satin. The gown featured lace ruffles at the neckline and sleeves and she wore white lace shoes. The wedding gown was- fashioned by Mrs. Linda Rector, sister-in-law of the bride. Her veil of illusion was attached to a crown of seed pearls. She carried a bridal bouquet of red and \vhite carnations ^and pom pons surrounded by holly and tied with satin streamers. Mrs. Shirley Huff, sister of the bride, was matron of honor and her only attendant. She wore a gown of red velvet. Her headpiece was a red velvet crown attached to red tulle net. She carried a cascade of red carnations and white pom pons edged with holly and tied with white satin streamers. Richard Kock of this city, was best man. Paul Rector, brother of the bride, and Leslie Mellott were ushers. Becky Fields, organist, played a medley of nuptial selections and accompanied Ken Burzynski as he sang, "Because," The Lord's Prayer" and "0 Perfect Love" as the couple knelt at the altar. A reception was held in the fellowship hall of the church following the ceremony. The room was decorated with red and white streamers and wedding bells. A beautiful four- tiered .wedding cake and punch were served the guests by Mrs. Jo Alice Walker, Mrs. Linda Rector, Mrs. Peggy Bird and Mrs. Sharon Bajyar. Miss Carolyn Walker, niece of the bride, kept the guest register, Pre r nuptial showers were given in honor of the bride by rMs. Venita Cooper and Mrs. Forest Brown. The bride is a 1965 graduate of the Woodlawn high school and is . employed in the office of Jefferson Memorial Hospital. The bridegroom is a 1965 graduate of the Mt. Vernon high school. He recently completed serving two years with the U. S. Army. He is employed by the Volks Wagon Company of Carbondale. The couple are making their home at 1406 South 26th Mt. Vernon. INSTANT SEWING It you sew with imagination as well as fabric you are, in fact, your own designer. Ideas are practically limitless and you can correct the appear- .ance of figure faults by selecting a becoming style and by altering details in the basic .design you choose. Hip Problem? ' For instance, broad hips and heavy thighs are not difficult to hide. Select styles that have the fullness of an easy flared skirt or one that] is pleated. You may favor the unpressed pleated type or you -ould consider the dirndl. fluid shape with a yoke top. Avoid belts at the waistline. Many of us gain inches in the waist but have slim 'hips. If this is your problem wear a belt at the hipline made of the- same fabric as the dress. Too, Too Slim? On the other hand, if you are underweight and want to look a bit more rounded out, wear skirts that are full. The. new dirndl type is for you.and by all means, emphasize your small waist with a belt or wide waistband which those with heavier hips who wear a dirndl to camouflage them, can not do. Skirts with pleats — narrow or wide — that can be worn with jackets or sweaters are for you. Try- tying a scarf softly low around, your neck and anchor it with a lovely pin. Or, perhaps, you favor the stand-up collar, either the Mao type or the softly rolled turtle-neck. DEAR ABBY: Today I received a third class letter ad- d.etrsed to my "husband" and myself. (My husband has been dead for 12 years.) There was no return address on the envelope but it was post- marked "Los Angeles." Upon opening it I found an invitation to send for a book on sex relations for $10 There were also drawings of "things to use" — about 10 items ranging from $10 to $75 each. rrom whom did these sellers of pornography get my name? I thought there was a law a- g^inst sending this kind of stuff thru the mails. I know r can just throw junk ?lke this in the waste paper nasket, but people who peddle such stuff should be put out of business. What do you advise? TWIN CITIAN DEAR ABBY: Our 16- yenr- okl son recently received in the mails a catalog listing some ' stag films" at $35 each. Some of Ihe titles were, "Hubby Returns from out of Town Unexpectedly," "A Wedding Night Ibru the Keyhole," "Love Making Techniques in 30 Different Countires," and "Boys with Boys and Girls with Girls." Do 1 have to say anything further? Abby, our son is a decent, sloan minded young man, who *s active in the youth group at our church. He brought this catalog to his father saying he had no idea why it was sent to him. Now, YOU tell ME. What are pa-ents supposed to do about a situation like this? liPSET IN PITTSBURGH DEAR ABBY: What on earth is going on? I do believe there is a Communist plot afoot to destroy our great nation from the inside by corrupting our young people with filth and rot- 1 ten literature. The most obscene bunch of ; paper, back books I've ever in ! iny life seen came in the mail; today. The pictures and subject | matter are so terrible I can't' e<-on tell you about it. I don't want these dirtj books around my house and I don't •>ee why I should spend my good money sending them back. A firend suggested That I return them postage due to teach the Si- nders a lesson. What do you th'nk I should do? IRRITATED IN LOUISVILLE DEAR ABBY: What can be dt i.e about objectionable material received in the mial? I refer ti advertisements for books, magazines, pornographic pictures and even "contraptions" lo make "sex in marriage more f..n" I was told to take this stuff to the postoffice and give it to my postmaster. So that's what 1 aid. He told me all he could do is return it to the sender and request that my name be ta Icon off their mailing list. Why shc-uld I be put to the trouble of going to the postoffice with this trash? DISGUSTED IN DAYTON OHIO DEAR UPSET, IRRITATED, and DISGUSTED: I am informed that unsolicited advertisements or material in the mails which the recipient regards as "eroti- cajy arousing 'or sexually provocative," should be returned to his (the recipient's) postmaster .with instructions- to be j removed from that mailing list. If there are children under 19 j living at home, their names] may be listed to prevent them from receiving sucFwnail or ma-' terial. ! Ii! the request is not rcipected and a second mailing is made llie senders are in violation of the law and may be punished by fine or imprisonment. No one is responsible for the leltirn -of mail or material sent to him unsolicited. Nor should ;ic be inconcenienced by GOING personally to the postoffice. He may put all the unwanted mail into a large envelope, seal and mark the envelope: "ATTENTION POSTMASTER," and dorp it (without postage) into any mail box. Returning it "POSTAGE DUE accomplishes nothing as the recipient may refuse to accept ! t if he so chooses. I«or more detailed inform n tion on this subject write to U. S. Post Office Department, Washington, D. C. 20260. . Fverybody has a problem. What's yours? For a personal reply write to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal., 90069 and enclose a stamped, self- addressed envelope. FOR ABBY'S NEW BOOKLET "WHAT TEEN - AGERS WANT TO KNOW," SEND $1.00 TO ABBY, BOX 69700, LOS ANGELAS, CAL. 90069. BETTY CANARY Why Not Tpg It 'Closed Mind?' According to Dr. Robert B. Livingston, professor of neuto- sciences at UCLA, human brain patterns are set by the age of 12. One's concepts, ideas and images, which are never the same as those of another person are formed by not only heredity but environment, experiences and expectations as well. Docs this mean tha t after 12 we are not capable of changing or learning. No, he says, although learning and changing become harder and harder. Ultimately this res e a r c h should help us to better understand and tolerate more the attitudes (the ones we cannot "See") of others. Also, hopefully, it will add weight to the argument that the so- called underprivileged children should be given opportunities early in life (with programs such as Head Start) instead of being made to wait until they are of high school age and then being told to read the Horatio Alger scries. \ Periipas the set p a tterns theory explains why so many cannot accept the idea of birth control. Spread before them the population figures and statistics on famine and obstinately they will sing a verse of "what was good for my father is good enough for me!" Mention during a converstaion that today's divorce laws are obsolete and outdated and observe the clamped- jaw reaction you'll get. Yet it is (rue that in our society existing divorce laws in most states are completely unfair to ( men. It is also true that in some instances men and women are forced into the degrading position of agreeing to tell lies about each other in order to get what both of them want — a divorce. Perhaps we could all do with a bit of rearranging of our thinking when it comes to marriage and divorce. Why, for example, is it so easy to be married It takes a blood test, two or three days of waiting and a 55 bill for a man and woman to be legally married. 'Producing children requires no waiting, no tests of any kind and absolutely no planning. Nobody signs a paper before a judge stating they will be responsible for the morals and dental care of a child. He is born, hopefully, to parents who will, with a little bit of luck, manage to do a fair job' of l'oar- ing him. But how many neglected children are dumped into society's lap each year And, of those children (and their thought patterns) what can society expect The child might turn out to be a useful citizen. And, then again, he might not But apparently he or society should not worry about this. After all, it is his parents' "right" to beget children whenever and however they ilke. BROWNIE TROOP GOT members of St.- Mary's school are shown In their Mexican finery which they hand-decorated and wore to a Mexican fiesta held Tuesday, January 21 in the church basement. Pictured are, left to right, first row: Sherry Brinkman, Sandra Rettig, Tina Pasquinelli and Ramona Adams. Second row: Dana Lugering, Cynthia 11 else, Chris Smith and Jane Kuenz. Back row: Lisa Surdyke, Martha Rubenacher, Denise Wiliams, Colleen Rollberg, Barbara Hunt and Adrienne Smith. The party theme was carried out in a Mexican patio background. Tortillos . and frijolea were served with a fruit dessert. Chris Smith played "el toro" as several girls tried their hand at being matador. A hat dance was performed for mothers and other guests. The highlight of the party was the breaking of a pinata, with younger orotliers and sisters joining in. Leaders for the troop are Mrs. James Hunt and Mrs. Robert Smith. It's Carrot Cake From Carolina r?y CECILY BROWNSTONE Associated Press Food Editor When a man waxes positively lyrical about a recipe and says his guests "wolf it down," it's time to look into it . When our man went on to say that he had discovered his recipe in South Carolina, we weren't surprised to find it was for Carrot Cake. All good cakes of this kind seem to come from the Carolinas. This cake is delicious served r'ain. No frosting needed. Just the fare to hit (lie spot at snacktime with tea or coffee, iced or hot. What makes carrot cakes so popular? For one thing, the carrots add moisture. Second, carrot cakes are usually made with corn oil and that, too, adds moisture and produces a favorite kind of texture. Third, the carats seem to supply an interesting indefinable flavor. CARROT NUT CAKE 1% cups unsifted regular flour (stir to aerate before measuring) 2% teaspoons baking powder Ya teaspoon salt 1 *easpoon cinnamon % cup sugar Ya cup corn oil 2 eggs 1 cup grated (medium fine) carrot (about 2 medium carrots) Ys cup finely chopped nuts Grease a square baking pan (S by 8 by 2 inches); line bottom with wax paper. On wax paper thoroughly sir together the flour, baking powder, salt and cinnamon. In a medium bowl beat toge- inor the sugar and corn oil. Thoroughly beat in the eggs. ', one at a time. ! o'ir in the dry ingredients in i four additions, alternately with ihe carrots, blending just until the batter is smooth after each aduition; begin and end with Ihe dry ingredients. Stir in the nitis. Turn into the prepared pan. Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven until the cake springs back when touched lightly with linger — about 40 minutes. With a spatula, loosen the sides. Turn out on wire rack; turn right side up; cool. Store in a tightly covered tin box. BARE MIDRIFFS HERE Maybe you've already whittled down your waist in Vntici- pation of the new fashion trends, but how about the bare midriff? Everybody's midsection is bared! Not only svvimsuits and sun clothes, but dresses for evening are revealing an expanse of skin that you have probably been neglecting. So right no*? is the Lime to smooth and soften this area of skin with frequent applications of good body lotion. For the evenings, you may smooth on a foundation that blends in with your complexion. Final January Waistline Inche3 A waistline may be .heavier than normal so why not wear a two-piece dress that bypasses the waist, as shown here. An alternative is the Shoulders How to make broad shoulders look less wide or how to make narrow shoulders look wider is largely a choice ot necklines, collars and sleeves. If shoulders are broad, try out the effect o£ a raglan sleeve. How about a halter neckline. instead of a sleeveless armhole? Sloping shoulders can be leveled with thin shoulder- pads. Also, consider wide or cape collars. FREE GUITAR LESSONS with purchase of any guitar ; in our store, r MT. VERNON STEREO MART 509 Main' St. — 242-5245 Downtown Across From City Hail

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