Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 22, 1911 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1911
Page 6
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Itry nelgiiborhoou'Vbeiiei^^kB i TJ ^e lola Daily Record and 'Se lola Daily ' and sorrow together^nd. eVcry neigh J - V •• . • . ^ *' ' ' bor is as doar as a relation 'and each lire REGISTKIt rLiiLiKIIISn CO.j»l"e is like |i page in an open "book ~ '•—^-—rr^ 'ont in tluj'pountrr where thor-stiii (.'Uiai M;>ti>T. have quiltinfl and change BcUln .cggB and tr.ido wfark and loan the sausage '""'••'t*',!:.';; miH .>«rtconi.. m-cr before brcakfttit to barrow Ad venial li;; SUBSCRIPrCIQN IJATES. - a' Clip of sugar 'cause pa By Carrier In loLi, Gas City. Lahyon* busy and didn't get to town y?s- P 'jv°-k ^\!*°;.^l^.::'^r ''^'^ pom* «cd«yi bacK in • criitBtiif! rotiutry w1 Don -i .ni,Vor. ^^r^Z '5^ V OIK- On- Month Olio Year „ av Wl'. On« Year. !ti.«l.|.. In :,ii.. On<« Year, .mt -ii .l.' ••..mliv „ . TELE.'HOisES: Bocloly R»'pi)n..r'.' Job,and nimli-rv l>i ,.t Offlrlal Paper of c.ty o» lola. Official Paper r.ty of Oarfett. Official Pjpir of AMen County. . .<4 crnis tiif! rotiutry whcro folks is jnsf folkaJ »•»•'"' I...... „..r..-._ Q^^^ n'.i;de ll;a coi;n- illliic |iro> l<l<'ni-e is u;:- on iuil ;To«iid coi:n(ry (icoiiJc. j^' And if yo\i are aiiproaching Chrial- IVI nii 's liiiu' with a'proi !ch, iind being .iskfd fur a (juarirr ly your yoiing- sltTS maUos you fi'fl likr hell -bcforo- brrakf:ii»i, tiiink o*' your own Christmas of Hfo, wliri) every RDIIS was a swan i .iKl Go! :•')•.• )lst <':K "J to .voiir \;r;iyr:s, a:/! -.-i —if ill.- <iu:'.r ( •. '.I ; n 1 you lia\ TIIK ClimsTMAS TKI'K. K. K. KiiUy in tin- Toronto Kopul)- j iican: What Ii.;s lipootnp of tlie Clirislmas Trtn? Back Yon <'.,^rr .-0 Wossi -d Moniory lliat bririKs so cl< ariy lln> old Hack Yonder—was a littif bruk church with a white stooplo and a sonorous IT IS\'! 5VIK. ri ::tlf yrr.i' l-as hf!.>n . • .-1^:, ••;):•. lie fHst II -."laJa 1.-^ r ;:>-•• . • ^\>i:• •^••ir i-i:-'Tri i :'r!.-iroto (0 JirM: -.11': ;'"rr •. 'all '.Ue f in !-•:::. 'a;; u sesirc tjiai rvrry decent. ;f «rt .iJiIe. law- }:iadf :lt.'. -I ri goeso were swans and thi> pot of gold was yet at the end of (ho rainbow and God hoard Iho litilo jiraycr you said at nipht and .'saw and was sorry for the mean things you did through tho day, why, thoro usid to bo a Christmas tree oach yoar in the littlo hrii k church with the vhito sloi-pl"' and the doop-toncd boll. And novor sinr" was a Iroo liko 4into it! Tho boys brought it fro mPino crook and put it in jiSaco on the rostrum: and the big eirls fi s- tooncd it with pay colored papor ropes and pop-corn snowfla 'io .s-, itna adorned it with shining tlnso! stars and they hung tho gifts upon it or hc;jpod tho honvitT pifts around its b.Tso; and v.hon tho huiidn d oandli s woro lisihtod aiiioJiR its hratichos it was a tri'^ In tlio woiidirftil gard.n of Ailadln to ;!io youngslirs and forotasto of Apocalyptic glory lo Hi" elders. And the Sunday solioo! sang "0 Hoihlohem" aiul the sr.porlntcndi-nt , led in prayer liud the cit-iuit ridor told in sinipio lanpuage tho story > ' the Wise Men who cJnne mit of tho V .... J Kast. And lUi-u ili-ro was a dnjrle of sloigh bolls and <dd i>aiiia Chitis (anio in at tho door and np tho aislo, furry, snowfiakod coat and—of all thing .s! —ho began taUini; prosrnis oiT tho troo and ?;"\ • ihoni away, risht and loft; and ovoiybody—KVKHYnonv —j;ot a jiropint. Wool sooks wont to the right old man. The r.uht old wo- nten got a heavy shawl. An.l t!'..- , ,, , I ah'.dinr, citizen is gcirs to ^ote against l>ell. And in tho days when all tho | jjj,,, The foregoing, from a letter wliicli appeared the other day in the Top'j- ka Capital well Illustrates one of tho commonost and at t!i>^ same time one of tlie meanest of huniiin traits, namely: The disposition to iiermit one oC- I 'onsb to wipe out .TII memory, of in- numcrj'.blo former services. Here is Mr. Cnriis with a rocm -d of sixteen vears-ln the Hois-' ai '.d four years in the Stnate. for 'weniy years giving his entire time to the service of ;he otaie and in ili:> course of that period doing uneoiintod ihiniis Uiat K:'n- ;:aa w.-'.r.ted done, now becatiy" :iftor s-'udyinf; th-^ testimony in •,iven case ior monii.s I\o casts a vot< lilToron' from wliicii would have IiO'H east by rritio (who nroha- ;>!> not .«tiidi'';| tlio (osflmony iiiini;ti> all itasi i.rrvlces are forgotten i'tld •every ('ceont. rPSl>OCt;i- bio, l:iw-;',hlding citistoii" I3 KOIII ;; to vo'e apiinst him. Tlie fact that th« \o (o o ntlie loriinvr ca .se, whfii It was Irtst before the St nate. did not follow pnrty lines, that some Deni•ii .-niis voted for hitn and some Re- publie:ins voted against him, is 'protit enough that (he case' wa.s-not bne- sidod. I'orfccily honest men' \-^(^ dirreront ways upon it and, remem- Iioring that a majority of the Senate voted in f.ivor of Uorimer it is pre< 'ichorous to declare that no man who oast such a vote should be i>erniitted 10 rom :iin in the Senate; and yet that is virtually the declaration the Cap- iiaT-s corrospordint makes for it gives Jfininal ha8 "'a'8n8- Ing law at Waahbnm. No\<fj-Vyaf U Fbirrui4^^-lN RARe • COINS itt'SreMtm the Kansas the explanatipn of THAT? y j , - — 'Fat Picking for.Watchful Cashier* In ;, dtpres, .Bartenders and Street Car Coriductors. pick, InsurM ^rs bave lost tbetr enthusiasm for t^'e •jtecial session and <be preaJ- deq^l primary Is the possibility that IhMiaercIt may- get Into the game after ] alt' 'And that Is a pretty shrewd suspicion. For It certainly would be embarrassing to Bit In n N'ath>nal convention bound tigl '.t by primary In- strutstions to the I-aFolIette hearse, while the Roosevelt band wagon went whizzing by. And that euggo.its thi fact that any presidential primary would be likely at any time to be ser- lotisly. rmbarriissjng. If n 'dele^ fiafi shot Id happ'n to Lo insirueteu for a man who could not possibly - —' - • • Dy Im^rovi^ methods ofjdr^glng nearly, ten million dollars.'.'Jii gold waa.ipcdyered la^ year froi^ dirt that had already been worked oyir oHcc. "For.nil I can hold in my cold dead hand, fa what I have given awaj." It isn 't a bad time of the year to riTiicm- ber thiit. HKFLECTHIXS OF A KACUK^OIt. From the New'Tork Press: Having n bad dlspoBltlon .^is lotting rop out of you what you feel. ' Doing wrong is much less of a Bin ^iii. if "Tt'"8t .-.yod"6y Its Instructions to most people than getting cau^ , • , . , , „ Spendin.^ money raised on notes Is it: would have nhput as much influ- „ n,,,,,^^ ,|„,.g easier than payf-ig If>- enco, and would be given about as terest on them. • % muph consideration, as a phonograph: A man'thinks ho has an un ':5()inrfh and If It didn 't slay by the instruc- "fiture-to let the rest of ,the samlly . use his golf clubs if there, is bliz- Mons then why should it be Instruct- id? There are, or at least there have A grandfather who left a fjjrtune S:on. conventions to which a certain out of rendering fat may not; have ielcralion might well be sent with been a creditable ancestor to Ws de- hard and fast instructions; but a presidential convention is no^ono of them. To such a convention there ought to be se^t the biggest, broadest .ablest most honest men a jiarty can persuade to go, with no olh-r instructions than to name the Ixsi and biggest man available. scendants but he was a might/ useful one to them. right boy PD! a drum and a iruinpr'i ! no other reason for the sentimen!. and jumpins-jack. Th" ri.aht girl s:-)' | .iijainst Jlr. Curtis. The point is that Uio cold rinu. :ind toilet set and th" ' v ii" n ih^ cuestJon of retaining a Rep- candy peach. The right yoiins lont ' rfs«-nt:iiiv:- in the Congress "bf tho got the silk liandkrrchi.^' of Por^'.in ; Cnited States is up for determlna- rtig pattern -.WAi I'IM ' Ici?; S( ;!rf k'iit!-d [ tion,' the whole record of (he Repre- in shoU-stitch of brilliant colorn' yarn. R<mcnib -.T 'i m huh? Ai:d t );i preacher got a now suit and liiiS wif<: u black stuff dress pattern, lawsoy, but that tree was fiiio: Wonder if theirt? is anytiiing like iti <'f;sf«9 would not hnVe cn «t •.>nt;:!ive .slioitld be considered: andL, if i nthe main it is good tlunJt is a foolish jind unfair constituency which •:.'yv\i •'ho man merely l)ecauso one vet'' o'.:t many iliousatid bnshem it; Juicy ::ivel orarjses with 8 charminjf tree-rip rnr i flavor are now^or sale at your dealer's. T.jy arc pleasingrly economical and, in aduitior!, t !:e cliniiijr table can be furnished \v!th beautiful stlv.T .r;- c b;- saving tl:e wrappers and sending them to i:s «i:ti a few str.n:ps t> i.--.rtly pay charges, packing','^etc. 'VY.c f:rnii:f:e tome in t;s!;uc vrrr^' rr ini.fked "Suukitt.'! Vour dealer will supply you at c.\:rcn:ely reascn;iL.c piices. Tree-Ripened—Picked With Gloves Only the vtry f.nt-st oranfres frnin ll;-.- best Caiifcmia groves arc packed tmder the name "S-jnUist." Each oran.;! is allowed to ripen 0.1 //«•/rr*-, thus producing the woa-JcrfuI ".ST;r :l :-.';t" :J .;t tr. At maturity tiiey are cart -full/ pickL-a Lad paj 'ucd liy s^o-.-rd hands. Seedless end Solid Everv"SunI::st"is/>fr/.'f/. K. ch ii- >.;i:d acct—seedless and juicy. Most delicious' :ind .'icaiihful of fruits. Jl ?t v.holcsone fruit for cijildrt2— bttttr tiiaa sweets. Tones digesuun and ^a'.i^3cs-sweet to .-;h." Be^in Saving Valuable Wrappers Today Be sure to say "Sunkisf— cot r :erel>- "oranges." You will kcow ••asnkist'* ty thuir h;;ndsome cppcarance and t>y lit printed wrappers. This Is Your Beatxfiful Orange Spoon Sare 12 •'?un'.;ist" oran;je or lenioa -xraTipers. or trademarks cut frota wap- pers, aad send thorr. to tas.vith 12c in stn—.ps t» help pay charges.packing, etc.. and we will send »ou this genuine Rogers' silver orange spoon. For each addi- ^onal spoon send 12 wr.-ippers or tradeciirks and I2c is stamps. Kot respocsibls for cash sent thrcu ^h the mailsj . . 14 "Snnkist" Premiums "SuckiyrXeinons • ^^^"Jn 'o 'l'nllSSrrr'MS^ Most-Economical to M«uv »«rh i-.-tu-.K Thi3-}.ttiined. estra joicy, Tzble Haile CycterltM and e ^ich comes in a vain- i T«Ue Folk Child'* rock r ble - S n n k I s t" -wrapper. , OessvrtSpoM Orar ^rSoooa Insist .->n them, a« they go ' Chad's Eslfe . Fr»H Krlfs t:irtber than other lemons.'! BoBilloa'-Spoaa 'ieatpooo Tber coft no more BBd the Coffee S|r»ia Tabl^rrSTooa w.-sppcrisarc valuable; Rec- e«Uaro!lt B^dierFpre^cr ips Imctlet free«n request If, ns Senator Hrlstow declares President Taft has come around to his nnd LaFollettc's position on the wool tariff, it would be only another ovidence of the President's breadtl- of mind and the quality of his statesmanship in that h^ is. willinR to li.iiipe his position when convinced hat he' has been wrong,—(lualitles which Mr. Itristow might emulate without serious detriment to his reputation. l<ut in point of fa «t tho 'resident's position has not chai ;.i :o;l. V-r- declared moro than two years ase that the wool schedule was too high and should be reduced. Ho repeated •hat Etatement last summer. Itut he declared that Instead of r.^vislnB It I'OINTKD PAUAClRAPlIij. I'^om the ChieaKo iVewB. ' Lawyers would probably starve to death if the fool kHIerwasn't ^o far behind with his work. K woman always has some eauee for b'-hiK dlssatlslied. If it isjit her hat It may be her " It costs more to be eURSRod fhan it does to eel married. Hut In so ^iie Instances It Is wortlv more. * WKLL FKD PEOPLE. IJet Alonx llest—Keep Vonr S^onnirli KJirhf. •'.lapan feeds her soldiers oli Rood ^n-erican beef, ."nd bread," ftiys n Philadelphia physician. * ,\Voll noiirlshed soldiers fiRh 't best, irid we',1 nocrlshoil peoi)!e alw^iys do lie bc'.'-t work. Kf'ep yotir st.onineh II >:ood order with Vinol. oii .f doli- loii.s co<l liver and iron remedji wlth- )Ut oil. and y±n\ will be stron(t. .Mrs. (J. li. .Macklns. of .\OAV York "iiy. says "For weeks las't ri^Tint; 1 i;id no .ippelit:' -flnu poor illfpstlon. I knew niy strength would fail If I did not build niy.eelf n |i so 3 took Vinol. ns reromniendod by a friend. ••Vinol rislored my ai'petit,!; and with a moiii axe. ns the Democrats strenpihenrd iiiy diKestioiv so -Hhat I . , , . , , , , now e:jt Uearnly and enjoy mV food and Insurgents insisted on doluR. he , me 'heaps' of ftooS." desired to wait for the report of the Weak, nervous-men and wom>n and Tariff Board. That report la now di -k 'y ehlldre.ii all need Vinol fo give ready and in sending lt.= to Congress 'l""' new stw.gth and hetlor'Idopd. , We guarantee that Vinol will d .0 this, and If it does not help you greatly and recommending'.that tho, wool schedule b<> revised In compliance with the facts If presents, the Presi- •.'ent la wholly consistent * III' all his fcrmor declarations. ^ we give buck your money.' S. R. Biir- -eU. Druggist. West Side, Squa;-e. Lot(or.« From Cliinn. ^ Pienr Air. 'Kdltor: Tour traders may he Interested In the following 'xtracts from recent lettersV' from Somi 'body down in Okiahonia who is intoresled in having llie method of] electing the State Hoard of ARrietil- turo changed, recently filed a pctitioi; initiating a law to carry such change Into effect, as in the statutes of Oklahoma made "and provided. And now comes this charge that thousands of| names on the initiative petition have been forged. Let us see: The initiative,—isn't that tho device which was to purify politics, eliminate corruti- tion .ind fraud' and make sure tho reign of the people? > 11 * nil I Tlio Olatbe Mirror is fifty-four years old this wi-ek and il celebrate:; hat venerable anniversary with an edition of eigh-t-'n pages that is a corker,-—a credit to the enterprising merchaiits who backed it with their patronage aa well as to the ui)-to-dato oillce which issues it. The Mirror is one of-the old newspaper stand-bys of Knnsas and it is good to see.that tho older it grows the bigger and better I China: •'.\t present all is quiet here (Taian- fui but the boys In the selin&l are nprvoit.5 and it makes it hard foj- them ;o .settle down. The secret sorletles re verji active and threaten ' many things." , ! "All of the Government schtjols in tho citJ^'»T*lnanfpr> have closed but our I'nlcn Medical college corttlnuos its work." « " The r;overnment troops frorti dif- foront I'lac-s near here (Tajj^anfii) 'lave rrfu-ed to fight against their tnintryinci/ engaged in the eevolu- tl(m." These 'otter.-; are from .\m>rlean missionaries .I'lcated in eilie.s faj from Hankow' and from Poking. The Revolution has affected the whole /latlon vrn to the' jilaees farthest removed rrnm tlie"T:reat centers. 7 Yours truly, { PKRRY nXSViOS. Cashiers In stores and restanrants, ticket agents at theaters and railroad stationsi^bartcnders and conductors on are in a fair position to become collectors of rare coins, as they handle every kind of money piece from foreign coins^ to old-time money of the United States. A saloonkeeper in Harlem declares be has made a small fortune duringr the last few years by saving the rare csins tbat arc taken over the bar. "I have a tin box filled with rare United Stntes pieces." be related, "and I could have a collection of foreign coins if I so desired. You would be surprised to sco how anxious some inen arc to get a drink at the e.rpense of spending a rare old coin for Its face value. Silver and paper currency that pay a good premium are given to my bartenders for face value. I have often noticed a reluctance on the part of the holder before parting with the coin. He will give a last look at the money lind then place it on the bar for the refreshing beverage. One man told me that a coin bjid been in the tho family for nearly a century. He wanted only one drink and was afraid I would not take the coin because of It.i age. 1 rave him the drink and change for the piece at its face value, and he was overjoyed." Only One More Day to Select the Christmas Piano LOTS OF VALUES LEFT IN PIANOS We have a used Bush & Gei^ts at $125 We have a used Harvard at. $169 We have a used Marshall at.' .$42 We have a used Dayton at.' $197 3—CAR LOADS OF NEW PIANOS—3 PUT ON MOURNER'S BENCH Little Dorothy Explains Break In Devotional Exercises for Her Family of Dolls. Little Dorothy is the daughter of a minister. She has a family of fifteen dolls, one of them i>eing a parson. Dorothy Is devoted to her .treasures. I-'or a long time she hclii religious service tor them, but suddenly the services were discontinued, only to be as unexpectedly resumed. "Why did you stop the services, Dorothy?" Fhe was asked. "Oh, the dolls decided not to have them any more." "But why were they started again?' "They all voted that way, that is—" Dorothy hepltated. but she added, regretfully, "All except the clown and tho Teddy bear." • • ^ j They were regarded ns IncorrlgfBle by the minister's smnll daughter. Next d.ay nt the Bervlce."* they were seated Immediately in front of tho doll preni'lirr. the other dolis occupying less prof.ilnont places. "Why are the clown and Iho Teddy bear sitting so fi^r.ward?" Inquired Dorothy'? father. J "Oh," w,".K the rei>ly, "I ttiought they most needed -to bear the sermon." OrGTans at :$6, $10, $12, $15, $22 to $80 Violins, Phonographs, Banjos, Mandolins, Music Rolls—Everi/'thing in Music! J. V. Roberts Music Co. OPEN EVENINGS / 1^ !! Watch Your Goal Bill !! H 30 Million Poimds of By tlie way, that-second Installment promisetl by Mr. Lincoln StelTens of | the serial story entitled "How I Done IC has not yet put iti Its appearance. Can it be that the reception accorded tho first chapterVshunt- ed the second one onto the sidetrack —jOr the derailing switch. Calif ornia Fruit Growers* Ezchaaie 192 Ncrtb Clark Street. Cliicafip. d- WSi Somebody has figured out that more than a hundred Kansas farmers have gone to Europe to spend the holidays, while more, than a mlll- icn dollars have l .o< n sent abroad to gladden the hearts of Kansas rol- fillves. « As it clings to your feet as you walk or clogs the wheels of your vehl cle as j^ou drive i; seems as if there is hardly anything more worthlesj and unnecessary than clay. But this country last year sold $170,115,974 worth of things that were made ont of clay. K. CJounial: The "progressive" party has the. loudest brass band at the head of the shortest procession that'the "countrj- has witnessed in many a day. Waen the,, Vand turns the comer the jiarade is al>out over. The Leavenworth Post is authorit.^' for the statement that the engineer who 1s-^paW $4,500 a^year by the State I'tilities Board to make a physical valuation of the railroads is study . ;Used .in Germany last year. It^houldn't bi. Siecessary to say andther worp about it in our advertising. j Pers4 is a- self-acting Oxygen washifig compound for a^l laundry pu^- poses. I P^riil saves T^me, Libor, Qothes lOci •j Impossible Road, Chauncey M. Depew frequently deprecates the . eoniparlsotJs that are drawn between Amerlr.aji and European railways. "Thes») comparison.'; are unfair to us," he once said at a banquet in New York. •'\Viion I'm told tiow very safe thi) l !:nrr,; r.i'Iway is 1 thluk of tho Nola ChiK.l;" line. "The prc.-?!d »n: tJT the Nola cnucky| line once waited on me request an of courtesies, i interrogated him, and he said proudly: "'On our line, .'•ir. not only has a •collision iiever occurred, but on our line a eollisina would bo impossible.' " 'Impossible?'. said I 'Oh, come, I know that the Ir.test automatic safety devices are excellent things, but Impossible is a large word." "'It's literally true v.ltti us, sir,' 11*| replied. " 'How can it be?' said L "'Why,' said he, 'we own-only one train.' " For Best Kansas Lump and Anthracite Arkansas Semi- lola Ice, Cold Storage and Ftiel Co Best Lump Coal<(eliverecl anywhere In the city. Taxing Bachelors. One of the smallest of the German principalities is undertaking a very big experiment in financial legislation. The diet of .the elder of the two principalities of Reuss, which lie in cen^ ,tral the southeast of the T-hurlnglan states, carried. recently a resolution in fa.vor of increasing the state Income tax by 5 per cent;of the tax cn incomes bctw<;en £150 and £300. and by 10 per cent, of the tax on Incomes cxeee.dJng £.'?00 a year In the case of unmarried persons of i^l'tb- er sex who have reached their thirtieth year. The diet consists of twelve members, and the resolution was carried by seven votes against five. The super-taxation of bachelors baa often been proposed In other German states, and was joctilarly referred to as a possible form of Imperial taxation by tlie Emperor William. ' • Feed Eran ShorK Oil Meal and Alfalfa Feeds —100 Ibp-^r sack—guaranteed weights U. S. Patent and Fidelity Flour =--To Dealers ONLY Newlon iVSilJiing&Eievator Co. Phone 157 Vkiiiis Pereau, Agent Higfiest For Hides and Furs. Dark Problem. There are thos# who are dreadfully intolerant of ignorance about New York. The other day, for Instance, a lady, obviou.'ily from many hundred miles away, boarded a Broadway car j at Times square. "Does this car go to Third avenue?" | Irsho asked. A look composed, of equal parts of] pijy; rage and disgust spread over the^ condiictor's face. "Will you please tell me, lady, how tbi.s car could get onto Third avenue?", he. asked coldly, as soon as be could enunciate. arket Prices Also Fine Lump Coal for sale —at L. KRUPP'S JUNK YARD \ Phone 314 ...Bill the Philosopher. . .Wise remark, by Bill, the Phllosoph-j er: • • • .• "There's one good"^ thJngr about It. Anybody who talks about himself all the time basn't time to be a knocker."^ Know any of 'em?—San Francisco | C9ironicle. POULTRY, BUTTER, EGGS, HIDES AND FUKS WANTED! We are buying every day, and want all the country produce can get. KemeniLer we pay casj, and the bigger the load you bring in the better we like ycu. THE COGHmt COMMISSION CO., (Succes.sors to lola Produce Co.) West of Santa Fe Tracks Tola, Kansas For the quickest results—The Rcjnster Want Colnran!

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