Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 22, 1911 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1911
Page 5
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KntAwr *«i litr lota I'uKtUfie m 1(1)1. iu>w? !: (f.prc: Ifi'it is back in a cpun- try'ndghborhooa «1icre folka rejoice and •arrow togntherond evcry.nclgb- bor is as dear aa a relation and eacli life is like a page in an oppa liook: [out in tlic'Country^^hgre tliey still . hare qulUln'8'antf'ehsng^^««tt(n' Q^gs - and trade vorti and loairtho aausaKe '^"''""'mlH aiid como over before tircaicfaat ^'ll^borrow *a 'cup of sugar 'cause pa lyon- ^^^y ''"d dldu't get to town 3 os- I ter^ay. but he's goin' teday; in . ' «UB8CHl>»VION RA .By Catrier in loJx, Gas C. Vtlla.VjCanbr«ca,> t .ftKaf^ Anj iJl<Wu; One Week li» cents Oii« Month Ai cenia the counfr>' whcM folks Is just fdlks! One Tsar ts.ou ^ , ' „ , . . BY K.'iu- Don t snicker. Cci nji:'Ji- ilio coin- OSSTSK !;S!«5.^":;:*;v ':;:-ij:i.j3:!:>'-y wcmr^. >s uv- on and nround coitntry^^ieople. ^ • .- TELEPHONES: BoeiatjrReporlir Job •Otttfta) Paper ct C.ty of loll. Official Paper City of Saseett. Official Paper of Allen County. 3 L And. If you are approaching-Chrlst- '•"'•e wi'k a grouch, and bcUig sters niakps yoa feel K '.i.' h?ll-bcforp- breakfiist. think of yo'jr crn Christmas time of iiff. wA '^n pvrry ijoos'? vas a sivi'ii i .nd Go- .—r!l.\- llotcned to your i::ayjrs, ;iinl strlir. and—if you havi- ihf nir'.i-.t:-—loosen up aBT/T VilJE CHRISTMAS THEE. E. E. Kcllpy in the Toronto Republican: What has bfconia.ooli ^lira Chtistmas Tree? i - ISack Yondir—O blcssetT^aiomory that brings so cUnrly the nXA Back Yonder—was a littte brick church with a white steeple and a sonorous bell. And in the days all the geese were swans and tht/iibllsf S8)li was the end of the rjilnbow and God- heard the Utile pniyi-r you siild at.night and saw.and w:is sorry for the mean things you Uld tliroufih tin ' IT IS:.'! J'\i.{. "Tic r>i;i!.s ytrfu.c:!. 1 bcpn prad;:' v i ^if fiplie; • li;j ^'r7(. l?e caiit his; \c." (I .et.iin I. r. • • =r. la Stc- atr. 1- '1 ci'.r i >i •> < -. 1!; ' irnr? to iiiake Cvi'f- o> ". I ;• '• • n nil the rest of '.i.- : ~,'.i".-v~. Inr i .-t" "JJS thai cvciy v'^tcent, i rvp, . law- abiding citizen Is goir..^ to \\i:c a;;alni': Mini." The foregoing, from :i :rHpr which appeared the other diiy In lln- To\w- ku Capital well llliistr!ili'.< one of the eonimonest and at tho saiiic tl'.ne oi:e of the mi-ancRi of humaiTlraits, name- day, why, there used to be a Christ- j ly; The disposiiion to permit one of- brlek and lejT^e^l 1?^^ Itko mas tree each year In the IJ. church with the white the deep-toned bell. .And never since was unto it'. The big: boys tifouKht It fro mPine creek ai:;i ]n:i It in place on the rostrum; and Iho big girl tooned it with p:iy co ropes and poji-corn .siio adorned it witli siiinlnp and they hung the gifts! u heaped the heavier gifts'.a^ baSe; and when the hu were lighted amons its was. a tree in the v.ondrrful garden of Alladln to the youngsters and a foretastQ of Apocalyptic glory to the elders. 9Cr And the Sunday srhSB^ng "O Bethlehem" and ' th^ sn^rfttendent led in prayer and' the 'clfcuit rider told in simple language the sfcry of the Wise Men who cara*^«t of the East. And then there v^ftjkngle of Sleigh bells and old Sant^^JaSs came in at the door and up the >^Eie, furry, snowflaked coat and—of all lliijgs! —he began taking prosrnts off iho tree and gavo th?>ni awa'v,"'right and left; , and everybody—fr \'fcjiynOI )V —got A present. Wool sflTT^Vrnt to the right old man. The Wgft'^bld wo- fense to wipe out all mer.iory of in- nuniorahle fortner Brrvlrcs. Hero is Mr. Curtis with 11 nrurd of si.xi.'cn .vcarfi in the Horse :i!:(l four y.-iirs In the Senate, for twenty years givlug his entire time to Ihp service of the -Slate and in iIi-' course of that prr- iod doing uin^ouniid ;iii ::gi3 that K;:n- sns wanted done. Iiut now because nfter siudying lb? :>>stimony in a given esse for monii.s he casts a vote liffcrcnf from th.-.f which would have been, cast by his critic (who !>rpba- bty has not studied tiie testimony r. minute) all pas; services are forgotten and 'tvevy decent, respectable, law-abiding citizen" is going to vo'e against him. The fact that thi vote o nthe I.orimor case, whqn it wasilnst before! the Senate, did not foliow party lin.s, that some Dom- Gcrats voted for him and some Republicans >"oted against him, is proof enough that the case was not one­ sided.' Perfectly •'honest men - voted different wjys upon it^ and,, remembering that a majority of the Senate voted in favor of I/3rim<;r it is" pre- Tioslerous to declare that no man who cast sucji a vote should be ju-rnuttcc' to r:?maiii in the Senate; and yrt that . is virtually the declaration the Cap- men-got a he^ivy shawHItJMid thai ital's eorrcspordent makes for it gives right boy got a drum aiid »'?trumr'.!t | rio other reason for the sentiment and" jumping-jack. • The. rtgkr-girl got yj:ainst Mr. Curtis. The point is that llie ~KanuB City Journal haa a sas-. picion. that one reason the Kanaaa Insurgenta have loai'their enthaalaam for the special aeaslon and the preal- dential prl'mary'la the possibility that Roosei-^lt may get Into the game after all. ^And that is a iiretty shrewd suspicion. ,J;or It certainly wbiild be em barrassing .to sit In a National con vention bound tight by prirnary'in structions to the I^Follette hearse, while the Roosevelt band wagon went whizzing by. And\rfiat snggojls the fact that any pr38identlal>''prima"i-ji4- would be likely at any time to be seriously embarrassing. If *a delegation shpi:ld happen to be in-strucled for a man who could not possibly win, if it stnyed by its instructiona it would have about as much influence, and would be given about as much consideration, as a phonograph; and if it didn't stay by the instructions then why should it ba instructed? There arc, br at least there have been, conventions to which a certain delegation might well be sent with hard and fast instructions; but rresidential convention is not one of them. To such a convention there ought to l>e sent the biggest, broadest ablest most honest men a p.-.rty can persuade to go, with ijo other instructions than to name the best and biggest man available. •'.'F<Jr all I can hold cold dead hand, is what I KSve gii^en away." It i ^sn't a bad time of the year to remember that. REFI.EfT10\.S OF A lUrilELOR. Prom the .New Yorl; Press. Having a bad' disposition is letting pop out pf you what you feel. _ Doing wrong is much less of a sin to most people than getting caught. Spending mbney raised on notes ia a million times cosier than paying in- ^tereston them. A man thinks he'has an unselfish nature to let the rest of the family use his golf 'clubs if there is a blizzard. A grandfather who left a forfiine out of rendering fat may not have been a creditable ancestor to his descendants. but he was a mighty useful one to them. fknitt'd "color, rt the gold ring and toilet set and ih^ candy peach. Tlie rii;ht yci?i;g m: n got the, silk handkerchief*%^*P(rsian rug paiiern ami the lou^s 'A in shell-stitch of brilTiyff! yam.- Remember "cm hull? .\nJ ih- preacher got a bincik stull lawsey, but that tree wfcj! Air! Wonder If there is anyihln^ like it vvli.'n Ihf o.uestion of retaining a Rep- r"Sfnt:itiv> in the Congri^ss of the Inited States is up for determination, the whole record of the Repro- ntiitive Fhnuld be conslil'red; and, if 1 litho main it is good then it is a a new 8ui^;inil liis 'vife ' lOoUHi .-ind unfair consiiiucncy which dress I'.'iii ^'fir ^i.iivsry, icjcf Is ilie man merely beeauso ono oi:r r.. iimny 'luiusmul has been ;is tliey would nut Iiave cast it. Jaicy :;avel I oranges vrith a channingr 3e -ripcnr i fiavor are cow f sale at your dealer's .v. They arc pleasingly economical and, in addition, the dining tatla can be fnr- • nished with beaififul silvenvnTc by saving tb^ wrappers and send- lai^ them to -us irith ST fsiv 'stamps to partly pay chanfes, packinsr. etc. 'lh.ege»uine ccmc .ia tissue w.-app. rs niarlicU "bunkist." Your dealer will supply you at ejEtrwnglji reasonaUic prices. ^ Tree-Ripened—Ficlied With Gloves Only the very finest oriwges fwn tLc best Califomia groves are packed nader the n«me "Snnkist.*' ''ach orange ii allowed to ripea on the tree, ibMS prodnciag the wonderful •^5H^Ii!St" tlavcr. At maturity they arc carefully picked and packed by s ^'OVfd hands. Seedless &nd Solid . Every "Snakist" is ^f//rc/. Each is solid meat-reedless and iajcy. Most - delicious and -healthful 6f frtiits. Jlcst wholesome frcit for children—betltr than sweets. Tones digestion and .-salifSis -sw«s;t tocth." Begin SavuSl^aloable Wrappers Today Be sure to say ••Sunkisi"—ootjnerely "oranges." Vou will know "Suakist* fty their tiandsbme appcArancf:' and by the printed wrappers. This Is Ybttr'B^ntifuI Orange Spoon SsTC 12 "Sunkist" oru>^« or lemon wrappers, or trademarics cot from wrap-, pers, sod send them to us, with 13c in stausps i* help pay charges, pockisg, etc.. •nd we will send vou this g«>nuine Rogers' silver oraage spoon. For each addi- ttonal spoon send 12 wraBBttUr trademarkaaadUc in stamps. Not responsible Coir cash sent through the mails. 14 "Sankist" TreaaAaa "SnnkisT Xenons M te Ml A««riptio,u *f#»of Most EcoBomical timA tat Ml - VTMrcs* jimnant or to man Mch uOvlr. ""•i^rUffrrr EcoBomical ThIa-cVlaae4. extra Joicr. OystrrFarii and rnch comes to a valo- - ' rbla "iianklst" wramicr. laiiit on them, as tbey so farther tbSD otiier lemooa. Tliey coal no mora and the wrapperaanvalBahla. Recipe bovklct frM on reweiit. If, as Senator Brislow doelares. President Tatt has come around to his and I.aPollette's position on the wool tnrlfr, it would l)e only another ovidence of the President's breadth of mind and the 'quality of his slatea- iTiansihiii in that li" is willing to :h;;nKe his position when convinced that'he has been wrong,—ntnilitles whfcli y\r. Itristow might emulate without serious detriment to his reji- utation. nut in point of fact the President's position has not changed. He derlarecl mor? than two years ihaf the wool schedule was too high and .should be reduced. He re^ieated that statement last summer. Rut he declared that instead of revising it with A meat axe, as the Democrats and Insurgents Insisted on doing, he desired to wait for the report 'of the Tariff Board. That report is now ready and in sending it to Congress and recoramonding that the wool schedule be revised in compliance with the facts it presents, the President is wholly consistent with all his ""crmcr declarations. ; Somebody down in Oklahoma wlio is interested in having the method of electing the State P.oard of Agriculture changed,, recently tiled a petition initiatfqe a law to carry such change into effefct, as in the statutes of Oklahoma n.Tjle and provided. And now comes tnj? charge that thousands .of names on the initiative petition have been forged. Let us see: The initiative—isn't that the device whicii was to purify politics, eliminate corruption and fraud, and make sure the rolgn of the poople?. The OInrhP .Mirror In lifty-four years .old this wee^ and it celebrale;; that venerable anniversary with an edition of elgb-^^n pages that is a 'corker,—a credit lo the enterprising merchants wlio. iMiciced 1/ with (h"lr ^atnonagcins well as to the up-to-date ofllc^ which issues it. The Mirror is one of the old newspaper stand-bys of Kansas and it is good to see that lb-3 older It grows the bigger and better U gets. By the way, that second installment promised by Mr. Lincoln Steffens of the serial story entitled "How I Done It" has not yet put in its r.p- pearance. Can it be that the reception accorded the first chapter shunted the second on° onto the sidetrack the derailing switch. Somebody has figured out that more than a hundred 'Kansas farmers have gone to Europe to spend the holidays, while more than a mill.- icn dollars have been sent abroad to gladden the hcarU. of Kansas relatives. As it clings to your feet ! a«- you walk or clogs the wheels of ypur vchl cle as you drive it seems as if there is hardly an}'tblng more Worthless and unnecessary than clay. But this country last year sold $170,115,974 worth of things that were made out of clay. (ng law at'Waahburn. Now w6nt.N 1 the explanation of THAxr J9y.^improTe^4Bethodd''of dredging nearly ten . miillpn doIIarB In |oid was. recovered last y^rfrom dirt that | had already'bcen ,vorked"over once. IN RARE COINS' iFat Picking for Watchful Caahlera In atorea, Bartendera and Street Car Conductor*. l'OI\TKn P .^K.\HK .VPHS. From the Chicago -Vews. lawyers would probably starve to death if the fool killer wasn't so far behind with his work. A woman always fi'as sr.nie cause for fcoing dissntlsned. If it isn't her hat it may be her husband. li costs more to be engaged than it lioes to gel marrlrd. But in some instances it is worth more. W^LL FED PEOPLE. fJet ,\long Brtd—Keep Voiir N:(>iuurb . lilghl. '.iapan foeils soldiers on good A>"erlenn beef, and bread," says n Philadelphia physician. Vi 'iil nourished soldlets light best, \".-'t ivi -'l roai'ished iieople hlxvays do ihe wiirli.. Keej) your stomach in good order with Vinol. our delicious cod liver and iron remedy without oil. and ^uu will be strong. Mrs. G. H. Mackins. of -New York r'ily, says 'T'or wcelis InFt tiiring 1 tad no ap]ietitL> and )<nor digestion. I knew my strength would fall if I did not build- myself iip so I took Vinol. as recommended by a friend. 'Vino! rcston>d my " appetite and strcngtliened my digestion so that 1 now eat heartily and enjoy my food, •t has done me 'heai)S' of good." Weak, nervous men and women and sick'y cliildren all need Vinol to give them Pew strength and better blood. We guarantee that Vinol will do this, and If it docs not help you greatly we give back yonr money. S. R. Burrell. Druggist. West Side Square. V Caabiers in atorea and reatauranta, ilck^ agents-at theaters and railroad ><|tatloas, bartendera and conductors ^n c;rB are In a fair position to be- Kom« collectors of rare coins, as they handle every kind of money piece I'rom foreign coins to old-time money l ^f the United States. A saloonkeeper 1 ^1 Harlem declares he has made a umall fortune durinar the last feis. years by saving the rare coins that iire taken over the bar. f "1 l^ave a tin box filled with rare United States pieces," he related, '!and I could have a collection of for- vign coins if I so desired. You would ((6 surprised to fiee how anxious some Mien are to get a drink at the expense i^f spending a rare old cioln for Its face value. Silver and paper currency that pay a good premium are given to liiy bartenders for face value. I have </ften noticed a reluctance on the part (ft the holder before parting with the i.'oln. He will give a last look at the money tfnd then place it on the bar ijor the refreshing beverage. One man y )ld me that a ^in had been in the the family for nearly a century. He 'runted only one drink and was afraid ] would net take the coin because of Cfs ago. ^ gave him the drink and ehange for the piece at its face value, ^;nd ho was overjoyed." MdURNER'S BENCH PUl- ON ^Ittle Oorotiiy Explains Breatc In Devotional Exercises for Her Family of Dolls. Lctt4>r!( ::From Thlnn. Dear Mr^ E<JUpr: Your readers may be Ihtere^ed in the following p \trarit from i^ecent letters from China: • •""'•i:'. "At iiresent all is quiet hsfe (Taian- , fu) but the boys in the school are nervous and if makes it hard for them ;^ o settle down. The Feeret societies rr vfv. active .".nd threaten many things." J "All of the npvernment schdpls in j V Llt^tle Dorothy Is tho daughter of a minister. She has n family of fifteen (lolls, one of them being a parson, iOorothy is devotetl to her treasures, /for a long time she held religious Kcr^-lce for them, but suddenly the Services were dl.scontinued, only to be ris unexpectedly resumed: "Why did you stop the services, Dorothy?" she was asked. 4 "Oh, the dolls decided not to have them any more." "But why were they started again? "They ail voted that way. that is—" ~ Dorothy hesitated, but she added, regretfully, "Ail except the clown and ihe Teddy bear." ^ They were regarded as incorrigible by the minister's small daughter. Next "^ay at the 6er%'ices they were seated 'immediately in front of tho doll Jireachcr. the other dolls occupying ess prominent places. "Why are the qlown and the Teddy bear sitting so far forward?" In .'quired Dorothy's father. 5 .., Oh," war the reiii.r, '"I thought they most needed to hear tho sermon." the ei:y (Tsitiphfer) have closed but'-"our rnicn Medical college contimiies its work," ^ The Oove!Vi«(firrtrbops from different p'aces near here (Taianfu) !iave refu.^ed .tP/ fl^ht against their countrymen ehgagi?d in the revolution." Tl-err V'teri* are from American mlfFionarle-f located in cities far from Hankow and f;oni Poking. The Revolution has affected the whole nation ven ir, the places fatthcst removed from the great centers. Yours truly. PKRRY HANSON. 30 MlUlon Pounds o£ Impossible Road. Cbauncey M. Dcpew frequently dep- 'Tocates the comparisons that are drawn between American and European railways. These comparisons are unfair to us," he once said at a banquet in New .; 'Vork. "Wlirn I'm told how very safe the Enrojiean raWway Is 1 think of the ; Nola {'tiif:|;y line.. ; , "The president of the Nola Chucky ' Jii^e oncn waited on me to request an ' "exchange of courtf^sies. I Interrogated 4iim, and he snid. proudly: "'On our Mrie. Kir. not only has a collision never occurred, but on our rllne a coll^^Inn would bo inrposaiblc.' \i " •Iropossiblo?' .said f 'Oh, cbmci I Jcnow that the latest autoniatle safety flevices arc excellent things, but Im- posslblo is .a largo word " I ; '"It's literally true v.-iih us, sir,' ho /epllcd. "•How.can It be?' said 1. "'Why,' said ho, 'we own only one train.' " K. C. Journal: The "progressive'' party has the loudest brass iband at the bead of the shortest pipcesslon that the country has witnessed In many a day. When th'ie band turns the corner the parade ia about over. The Leavenworth Post Ii .authority for the aute^jent^ that the mglncer Who Is,.paid .|i ,(o6.,^ year by the State iHiiitfM Board Comaice a phyiit^^ / used iirGermany lastyeiar. It sbouldn't be necessary;to say an-ethiei* word about it in our advertising. JPersil is a self-acting Oxygen washing compound fbr all laundry pur-'^ poses. Persil sieves Time, Labor, Qothes J Taxing Bachelors. ' One of the smallest of the Qerman principalities Is undertaking a very j big experiment in financial legislation. [Thb diet of the elder of the two prin- l^cipaiitles of Reuss, which lie In cen- 'i'tral Germany, to the southeast of tho ThUHngian states, carried recently a .'resolution In favor of increasing the estate income tax by 5 per cent, of the .'tax on Incomes between £150 and j('£300. and by 10 per cent, of the tax ^on incomes exceeding £300 a year In , the case of uniharrlcd persons of elth-: r4 er sex who have reached their thlr- I tieth year. The diet consls'ts of twelVe ^meinbers, and the resolution was car- r rled ^y seven votes against five. The ;;>siiper-taxatIon of bachelors has often t been proposed 1n other German states. ' and was JiKiuIarly referred to aa a pos- Bible form of imperial taxation by the Emperor. William.- Dark Problem. There are those who are dreadfully Intolerant of Ignorance about New York. The other day, for instance, a lady," obviously from many hundred miles away, liaarded a Broadway cor at Times square. "Does this car go to Third avenue?" ahe- asked. — A look composed of equal parts of pity.'rage and disgust apread over the conductor's face. "Will you please tell me, lady, how this car could get onto Third avenue?",be asked «oldIy, as soon as be could enunciate. * Only One; More; Day to '-^ Select the Christmas Piano LOTS OF VALUES LEFT IN PMNOS We have a used Bush & Gerts at: .$125. -We have a used Harvard-at. .$169' "We have a used Marshall at .$42 We have a used Dayton at.:> $197 3—CAR LOADS OF NEW PIANOS—3 Organs at. $6, $10,-$12, $15, $22 to $80. Violins, Phonographs, Banjos, Mandolins, Music Rolls—Everything in Music! J. v. Robert^ Music Co. V OPEN EVENINGS . it •[ - !! WatcK Yoor Coal Bill H For Best Kansas Lump and Anthracite PHOJVE 116 lola Ice, Cold Storage and .Fuel L. KRUPPS JUNK YARD Phone 314 •Bill the Phlfoiopher. '^ite remtrk, by BfllTthe Pbiloaoph- •r: "^bera's one good thing about it Anybody who. talka about talnself. all th» ttine hasn't'time to be «''kaoeki ^Rnow any of 'eaT—8w Aaadaoo POULTRY, BUTTER, EGGS, HIDES WANTED! We are buying every day. and want.all the country prodi. can get. Remember we pay casU, and the bigger the load yoa^J In the better we like you.-. . , ' - ^ THE COGHILL COMMISSION CO (Snecessoi:^ to lola Prodoee t^o.) West of Santa Fe Tracks ' IT A A «4 ^Alfalfa Faidt r CCCL —100 Ibpcr sack—guaranteed wefiSts U. 5. Patent and F.dclity Flotir To dealers ON! Newton Mtliing Phone 157 WllHsPerel^ Highest rVBarkdf For Hides and Furs. Also Fine Lump Coal fi^ij^rate^

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