Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 22, 1911 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1911
Page 4
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THE>IO; 5R .;iTOEM^ EVENING^ .PEQEMBgR 22.1911. p. ; The store of the Christmas Spirit; Tfiiis store is all a-quiver with the ex- citemfent preceding the great home day—Christinas. The prattle of little dhiU- • ren^the laughter of the older folks—the'g)itter of holiday noveKies—the good I natured crowds—all combinfe to transform this store into the realm of Santa f Claus. Everywhere that there is a counter or shelf or table or nook'or corner j, ChKstmas merchandise is displayed, for your convenience in choosing. As |. the gveatest joy of Christmas,is the pleasura-of giving, the pleasure of buy-i • ijig naturally is a part of it. We in the store have done our very best to add to the pleasure of your Christmas pui'chasing, and from day to day Will earnestly strive to cause your shopping trips for this Christmas to be a delightful remembrance. During I the final days preceding the 25th we will ask for your co-operatioii in that you * will be patient with us. The jolly crowds are taxing our'capacity to the ut- ; most, but we assure you, whether we shall be privileged to say so in person or not, that your presence in the holiday shopping crowd will be thoroughly appreciated by us and we will be only too glad when possible to give you our time and show you that courtesy so typical of this store during ordinary times. All purchases with which you honor us, will be delivered upon the date you wish and >vill be properly packed for presentation. GREATEST DEDUCTIONS ON COATS; SUITS, FURS AND MILLINERY OF THE SEASON! We thank you for past patronage and hope to be found worthy of your future friendship. We wish you a M6rry Christmas. 113 EAST MADISON 113 EAST »iADISON I PEBSQNiUS I John Wood came in this morning from Wayne countr wlierp Jie pur- ''i-liased a car of liorsca and mules. —A (iiiurantcrd Safety Bazor for . j Cliri .ttiiDis, *1.00, at SpeBcet'n. I '' ' i — FVank Newton left this morniiiK to i .Iisso Conroy, of Kansas City, Is visit with friends in Emporiit and Iwivv Inri- on businoss iuid incidentiilly for rence during the holidays. :i \Isit with Jutl^v I). U. U. Smoltzcr. . ~«F. S. Halm. M. D., UculUu —Safety Razors, each one guaran- - .:— I read liy iliindls. M. X. Beckey of Ottawa, Is In the | — city on business. i Aiionuy S. A. Card ri>turn'-d last — , IIIKIII from ii liriof biialn '-KS viHit lo —Dr. Xcjnilen. Phones 12 and SS3. , KiiuHaa City. Charles Freeburg and I'ctcr Dahl of Klsraorc, are in the city today on business. —Pickles. Sweet. Sour and DHL- City Meat Market. , Miss Eula Powell, of St. Joseph, Mo. will be here for a holiday MJU wi,,i Mra. W. E. Davis. —^Better leave your order for Cirt FiunciB loi «^ni<aiiiiub, «..aruL :iiun .-T, Hoses and NarciEsus at J. W. Piiiu- iner's Green House. P. C. N'icholson will go to Indopend- endfe this evening for a brief business vlsiL f ' Uiaa Pearl Painter, of Hulcbinsoi), •will be here tomorrow for a visit during the holidays with her sistor, Mrs., A. Lb Williamson. —Fri'd Rondrn, Period Dccorntor. Clionc 78G. Miss Kati> .Mnrtl<-y of Salinn, is in till- city for a visit with Mr. and .Mrs. a. I.. Jackson. —^Try a Pork Roast from the Oily Meat Market, 15c iicr pound. Mr. aiid Mrs. Charles H. Taylor of South Oinalia. will be in tomorrow fo: a holiday visit With Mr. Taylor's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Taylor. —All kiads -of Palnus at prices you can afford to pay and keep urn; spring. —^Bragg & Dlldine, ilumboldi Kaiu. Harold Heller left (his afx rnonn for a visit to points in Oklahoma during the bolidays. Mra. Martha Hutton, and dauKiii r Misa Cleo, of Sodalia, Mo. ar • <'x- pected in for a boUday visit with Mr:i. P. H. Shields. —Bxrellvaf Hair liruKfacf awkt up- preciatin ^pretwBtN. Kpnicrr has then. —.Mi.'^tlc-loe and Holly at Shannon'."?. .Mr .s. I.oii N!:;rtin, and .Mrs. A. V. S]ionsler of Lartlcsville, are \iorp for a visit ovfi- Chrlstinus with Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Uuiler. ing was a former iiblice chief of Joplin. Mo. This is a hint to future lola Revivalists, in case they desire (o add the jioHce force to their list. —Tool Cablnet.s at Shannon's. A Wichita grain dealer has fUiu- flammed several railroads out of tlioueund.s of dollars by forging bills nl lading on fictitious cars of ((rain. Ills accounts arc shy S3U.000. C. P. lUlc, former folan. Is the Missouri Pa ciru- n;;ent and found that he has been robbed on seven cars which nev- IT showed up. —J. W. Primmer ha» deciiied to sell a'l white and pink cnrnntions at $1.00 per dox. lied oneii at %l.2n i>cr dozen. yCan figures lie? A New Yorker told n convcniion of auto makers this story: There arc IS.900.000 families, nf whom 4,208,000 have incomes abova f1,2 »ti a year ia American cities and towns. These are all eligible as aubo owners. Tiiere are 1^49.000 farmers in the same class, a toUl of .1 ,102,000 possible auto buyers. Today 453 000 c.irs are In use. Cars are being made at the rate of 2.'i0,000 a year, which 'lioice Fat Hens. live weight 10c i means 8 active years for the aiato ;.'r i;(jund; dressed loc—City Market. fac <orieF. not counting, the export — I trade oi 15.000 cars a year, and nuin- Frank Ault of Kansas Ciry, rami'.erous bachelor men and women who in last iii ^Iit fo spend the Ualiduys;are pro.sjieets. Sounds get-rlch-qulck with ills father and mother, Mr. and | lioesn't It? Mrs. Kd Ault. Mrs. Ault came in j — .•^lom Kansas City today. j —U will be to your interest to bay — I your flour and feed of H. Klaumann, —Motiip KcnJcred Lard, single j^r — .iiund l.",f; in 10-pound pails 1.1c pcr<j^ A weird talc cnmcs from I..awrence ound; in .".O -punnd cans 12c per, to the effect that Ahrens, the big Dund. Tlii.s lard is Ruarantced to he i renter of the K. V. football team. Is !1 h(iff fat from the City Meat Market, ,'ineligiijlc fo play and the athletic \y — i board has sent apologies to all the r Ira Kelby n-turned today from I':!-' cotleges with who^e teams K. U. con- ila wlnire IK - wwit to gi-i hia !Jiil<-, tested the last year. Ahrens reglster- lau {;h (<>r wlin has been visiting with | «d in the law school at IC .U. but has riends in that ciXy.y j never attended classes and by some I Icose method of keeping tab the fact —Oho three prade.<:, i.-, 20, 2.';c, at was not dl£cnvered until recently, le City .Ml at Market. .\brens was listed aa standing hIgLin — j school work. The intercollegiate .Aliss Vava liackus, formerly of (his agreeaient !•) that Etudents must keep < liy. but now residius; in Mlnn-'apolis. ^ up their work if they play on the Minn, came in this afternoon for a . teams. Michigan had a samllar "t-c^n- visit witli .Miss Velma Sleeper. J dal" a few years ago/' —Tho W. C. Teals Realty Co. has j _c J. Peterson: Farm Loans, In- •novid to Kress building. OfficB rooms j durance, Abstrocts. ?2 (o 2-1. / • — Chanutc Tribune: The man from HdLltoAVSARE CANDY DAYS! [ Fresbnesi is the prime re- -quialte of candy insuring flavor and wbolesomeness. Our Candles are made by us and Bold nnder a gtiaranty of freahneai, and purity. ^ Churches and schiMlE plan- jBinK Ctartetmas treats will find IJtere a fine stock to select from «t attractive prices. 1 Spedallr prepared caadr pnt la pnttr iMxes apeOal in ,H9lUair.,Sau«a. m-^-r- ... / • fJOJLCE of SWEETS Uoy Hi>rry. who U ft iol.i six years »KO to make his home In .Monte Vista <'.O\Q., la in th<- city for u visit during Ih<> holiiiavB with .Mr. and Mrs. Lyman of .M3 .Vorth Second street. —Till. City Sleat Market for Oysters JO and «iuc quart. A letter received IIIIK morning from Mr. and .Mrs. P. W. Fitzgerald, formerly of this ciiy, but now ot Grazstie. Ark., slates that I hey will be here lo spend the holidays with friends. —Ail orders protnptiy delivered from the City Meat Market. This is an exclusive market, therefore the boys do not wait on grocery orders to be filled. Give us a trial.—Monte McKinney. Zack Miller, of the 101 Ranch in Oklahoma, is in Wichita baying horses for the ijol/ce department of -Vew York city. He is after 120 aaimala it this time. He is also a buyer of ponies which he trains and sella to the polo players, receiving as high as 11 000 for a trained animal. —Choice kidney suet and lean bone- Mess beef for making mince meat— Citr Meat Market. Billy Sunday preached a acrnum re- loeoay on the mbjflct "BatWf KBd whom the pair of gray trouser» were Ktolen at .N'eodesha, was In town yesterday and together with Chief of police Swlrtz visited Speck Layman and recovered bis gpod pants which were worth about $12. As evidence that he was the rightful owner be hrought the coat and vest of the ault and l>ay- luan made no protest, . •. -^t.o'wney'8 Candy at Mundls. -FreBb .Side Pork at .tt)* City M «>t rfcet.UH&.'p«r .pound. Atcbfson Globe:'Attorney General Dawson's latest row IB with Majror Rl«>e;; of GoffeyviUe. It baa bMn In- ainiiited that CoJtfeyWUe hw Wen trlj^te frt)m latr-'Tlolatora. And pnipeediBKH have been'threat-41 Majror Rice invites the proceed >t race, in fact be demands I'tlhem for the purpose of vindication,, nice either has cle^n skirts, or tas •put up a grand bluff. —For Party or Catering work, <iall Miss Miller. Phone 826. An Atchison man has served notice .'on his friends that nothing that;be| cannot eat .smoke or drink willb^ accepted by him for Chrtatmas, aa 'his wife Insists on storing away otUer kinds.of glfta Annually for twtfjve years he has been given a pair of Hlk Jiose. but has never.been aUpwedjto wear a single pair by hla wtfe, who insists on "saving" them. Harvey Heller In this cv.fn Ing from K. V. to spend ChrlstMUB with his parents. Ml'sB Susie Roberta of AtcbUon. >who haa been in the city for a vitlt with her brother J. V. Roberts,'for ^thc past several days, left today for («I Unsville f9r a visit with relatives during the holldaya. >-Dr. irirt, Osteopat|; Tel 487, m -Mrs. William Jamison, of Cbica-go is in. the city visiting her daughter. Mrs. George Waite, to remain uhtil after the holidays., The game of tenpins scheduled be tween Burlington and the local Rfc hord team has been postponed by Bjir- 'llngton Indefinitely. ' —Pork Sausage, all pork and home made, at the City Meat Market. Hiss Edith Curtis, of Pittsburg, ar rived today to visit Jier sister Mrs. Fred Pinnell, 10^ South Third 8tr«;et Miss Daisy Finnell, who has buen visiting her brother, has returned to .Pittsburg. : —Money. B. H. CnnplnKhnVk Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Starka returi'icd yeaterd.iy from Algonla, la., wh^r- -they were called some time ago by ;;ho Illuesa of Mr. Stark'a mother, follciw- ing a eever- stroke of apoplexy. Mrs. Starks was TO years of age and died on December 11th, Interment occurng at Glasgow, la.. December 13tb. *. —Amateur .VIght. Majestic, ."^a Mike Frey has scores of fric&da here. For years he "made" lola 'on his regular trips for the Otto Kul^nt- Preserving Convpany. of Topeka. He li»ed at the Kelley Hotel while working the territory out pf lola. ^ —Amateur Night. Majpstip. Dc- A marriage license was issueti l.wt night to Mildred M. WhItebread,.^of r.Ho City, and Clyde M. SUrk, of l&la. They were married by Justice Janjes P. Duncan. —Amateur N'Ight.. Majestic, uc County Poor Commissioner '\\ Ahrams has announced that he wil< issue no orders In aid of the poor al- tnr January 1.. The commissioners' official position will be aboIisfaedAir this date, hut Mr. Abrams will beMr the commissioners' room for two .or three weeks afterward making up pis report for the past year. He wislie; it understood that, though he will far in office, he will have no power 7 tt render any assistance to applicants. The basket l)all game between fh' Tola and.Wichil.a hi^ school basliei ball teams next Wednesday night ^at the iiiidltorium was "rincbed"'^tfii* morniPR 1/ Professor Mnrriss oCcr lhi> ynr" •iHi'-riti- -ilionn. This gavn' wil be int'-rrsling to many becaus-^Iof the fj.n iliai Hprlv:.-! Osborne and W^nltr- nshnrnn formerly of this ejty .ind /rjriniM- members of the high school team, are forwards on jjir Wichita five. Herbert Is captain of the team. • " Judge Fouat o|>ened an adJouriTed sr'Hslon of the Allen county dIstMct court this morning. Most of the action.'? to be heard today are divoxce eases. —Amateur Night. Majestic. !!<».. .VIKE FHEY IS .XAKBIED. - Sulp5>mun l^'bo "jfade" rolii for Yrjtrs 1.S a (iroom.. . ^ Junction City Ka«.. Dec. 20.—hflke Frey. Geary county's ~ reprcsentaflve In the elate legislature, was marflcd yesterday' to Miss Nettle Mnllls.; of Denver. Mr. and Mrs. Frey wUlBttfnd their honeymoon in California jnd will then return to this city to' make their home. It is said that, durtni^bis campaign. Representative Frey pi^m- ised friends that if he was elected, he would get married and settle At^n and now Mike has made good this promise. ^ HO^LIDAY CIGARS • • .. . r There is only one kind of cigar- for the man who smokes—rtbat la thn BEST KIND Otjr cigars are best and they are box|sd in a way that makes more attractive and highly appre'clated. The man who smp &ea appreciate cigara that come from our atore. i Wtorris (SI Howa^rcl Every Doll in tHe botxse on sale TOMORROW at HALF PRICE 25c Dolls for 13c 50c Dolls for 25c 75c Dolls for 38c $1.00Doils for ........50c $1.50 Dolls for 75c $2.00 Dolls for $1.00 $3:00 Dolls for .$150'$4.00 Dolls for. $2.00" $5.00 Dolls for .$2:50: A" good assortment to choose from GAMES of various kinds priced from 10c to $2.50,^'.dH .sale tomorrow at .'.JUST HALF PRICE. j Store open nights until Christmas!!! Store"'epen imtil' ^ 9:30i^iii?btWli M HET.L OF .1 SIIOU"—IXFKKXO, Plctnroji of nante'ii lTa^<t«•rp^ccp I'leasMi Large L'roivd. "Did you go to Hell lonisht?" "No, but 1 urged my "if-' to go and ake ray rhother-ln-law." That arid many similar romarks, could be hoard about town last night, having reference to pictures of Dante's inferno at the Grand. Thj theatre was filled, practically every seat down st.iirs being taken, and the au- lienco gave the closest uitcntion to the five long rcsis which portrayed faithfully the poet Dante's descriii- tlon of a fanciful Wsit to HeM irt company with iKirt Virgil. Artists have run riot in illustrating the Inferno from the vivid descriptions in (he text and the pictures shown here rejire- sent' wonderful stagecraft in representing the scenes. The portrayal of the tortures of the damned dliferent tortures being prescribed for different kinds of sinners, was so vivid that frequently the audience would gasp in audible sfaudder would run /hrough the crowd. It Is useless to attempt to describe ths pic turcs. They deserve being seen and everyone who attended lust night is today urging his friends to attend. Matinees will be given today and tomorrow and the pictures will be shown tonight and tomorrow night. While the Scenes are horrible in u sense, there is nothing repulsive nor oifenslve, thanks .to the fact that each human fondly flatters himself that he B safe from any such fate and that -he BcencB he VIOWB are merely tho Just future prepared for his en'»mles. iiU-VE GIFT SriUimiONM. Helpful UiniN That Xay .tld Ton In NeleetloBN. Most of the trouble with Christmas is not the willingness to give but the illfflculty ii) selecting appropriate presents. Wherefore the Register takes pleasure-In offering these suggestions culled exchange, the appropriateness, of the glfta being obvious: For the ball player, a muff. For the plumber, a plum. For the bald-beaded lady, a rat trap. For the comedian, a few Jokes. For the poet, a square meaL Ptor the drunkard, a pair of tights. For the fat man, a little human sympathy. ' For the barber, a mouth organ. For the lawyer, a will. For the piano player, a soft pedal. For the theater manager, a star. For the'haUer. a head. For the.owl.' a night'key. ^ For thi cannibal, a. mieefoBary. the oetroilij a dirofee; -fry. Game ind Poultry - ,. Chrfsfihas. you wil' And heire In grekt plenty —if you come early anouiilfe "Open" wtB^o; has mode ~~ turkeys Mkllg. but.'e«i;l erB will *BnaMlieIr ni plied—turkeya, chlckena, ducks* goeae, etc: llUte"o< erJUy dV^ ilinhle klnd-4lt ^fjmuuda ,,p0f1;-" and veal., wa are-'pr'epand is1^' ChrlBtmu catering. i(t Uie.'neat line. OTTO HINZe m For the school board..a rumpus.'* ' For. the legislature, a contingent fund. . ' For all of us. a little sense. Xotlee. —Following our usual custom, our plant will be closed all day Monday, Decetnbei: 23th. lOLA LAUNDRY. -rAr'teni 60c and eOca qnart.—Clty ' -rWb-viab-^ .CBU yonr^ the fact thftt .9l ^.iarectta«ur'^(( such is • wbboplBC eot and leaflet ttHmmjii theahlld ha»: alco14.'f Conglt: RemMt coldaiid srcAl COlltlBCtin edy

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