The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1942 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1942
Page 5
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THURSDAY, APRIL 16, 1942 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIYB RAF. Bonibs Make Shambles of Paris Buildings Men Physically Utifit For Draft May Obtain Vocational Training Local Boards in Arkansas have been requested to inform registrants permanently precluded from ircluctioh by reason of physical disabilities (class IV-F) that the State maintains a program of vocational rehabilitation for such persons, General E. L. Compere, Arkansas State Director of Selective Service, stated today. Only registrants:, whose physical handicaps are ::u remediable to the degree that such registrant would become risible for induction, will- be informed nf this program, General Compere said, but many men in Class IV-P can be trained, for useful jobs in the War Production effort. Local Selective Service Boards are being provided with information materials concerning Vocational Rehabilitation services, and will give this information to each physically disabled registrant who may be eligible for this service. Offices in Five Towns The vocational rehabilitation program is conducted by the Division Of Vocational Rehabilitation of the Arkansas State Department of Education, with offices in five towns of the State. This program is financed by the State and Federal • governments to aid those who have a major permanent physical disability in learning- a suitable trade or vocation. The labor and skill of ^Demonstration .-v* Club News Notes I>HI Club tVli-ets Seven members ol the Dell Home Demonstration met tit the club house Friday afternoon. The meeting was opened with group sinking and devotional by 'Mi's. Walter Lewis. Koll nill was answered by each telling what she would have for '•Better Homes Week." Mrs. W. K Potter, program chairman, had charge of the program m which the following Uulirs tank ).'irt; Mrs. J. M. Slovens. Mrs. L. A Roberts, Mrs. C. 11 Downs nml Mr.s. Potter. Plans were mado to have better homes tour in own home dull April HI). Members will meet at 11 o'clock at club house for a Dutch lunch and thrn visit the homes. Mrs. Lewis, hostess, served cookies and coffee with E.istvr <!gg.s a; iavors. Mrs. L. A. Roberts and Mrs. C. II. Downs will he hostesses to tin regular meting May V. Bargain - Matinees Every Day Ex cept Saturday '& Sunday. Show Every Night 7:00 Box Office opens G:45 Continuous Shows Sat. and Son Listen to KLCN 9:00 a.m., 12:15 p.m., 4:30 p.m. The first "on-the-scene" picture to reach the United States of damage inflicted by R.A.F. bombers, this photo, according to the accompanying capiion, is a general view of destroyed .buildings in Paris aftei .March 3 bombardment. (NEA TELEL D HOTO). this group will be very, valuable both in war production 1 plants and in supplying skilled labor for essential civilian needs. Mr. A. S. Ross, Supervisor of the Division of Vocational .Rehabilitation, has informed General Compere that to be eligible for the service mentioned above, registrants must be citizens of the United States or have declared their intention of becoming citizens, must be residents of the State of Arkansas, must be more than 16 years of age, and must have a permanent physical disability that makes it necessary for them to be adjusted into some particular occupation in which they can earn their livelihood in spite of their physical condition. InfJrn^ Not Eligible "Under the law we cannot serve those whose infirmity is due to old age, those who are epileptic, Last Times Today permit induction of the registrants. It is a vocational rehabilitation plan and ,so far as Selective Service is concerned, must be confined to those who cannot be physically rehabilitated for induction into the armed forces. General Compere Volunteer Assistants For Draft 'HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS JONESBORO. Ark., (UP)— A call for volunteer assistants for the local draft boards has been sent out. Clerks and typists " are leeded for mailing and filing ques- ionnaireii to selective service registrants. Two Great Writers Offer New Novels Two novels with something to say—one as modern as. MacArthur, the other as ancient as Rome— are offered this week by two of our most distinguished writers. Manuel, Komroff presents "In the who are feeble-minded, those who i Year of Oour Lord" (Harper: $2.50), are inmates of penal institutions, those who are home-bound or bedridden," Mr.^Ross said. The offices of the Vocational Rehabilitation Division are located at: Dept. of Education. Capitol and Granville Hicks does "Only One Storm" (Macmillan: $2.75). Komroff blends the facts of- history and the nopes of faith into a stirring story of the time of Christ. The book is wholly in keeping BIdg., Little Rock. Ark.; A. and M. ! wifch ine spirit of the New Testa- College. Monticello, Ark.; Henderson State Teachers College, Ark- ment, and the lives and death of the characters become real and FOR SALE 100 Gee.s?. J. C. Ellis, Blylheville, Route 1, Box 450. lG-ck-24 Fire Net Is Inspiration For Spring Bomb-Guard BOSTON (UP)—Attorney John H. Backus saw a rookie iiromim leap into a lifenet and as result invented nn aerial bomb protection devics for buildings. The Backus bomb-guard consists of two large screens of chain, link fence, suspended tent-like over steel cables. Backus claims thnt the principle of resiliency will cause incendiary or demolition bombs to bounce into the street. . • Read Courier News want Paramount News Comedy Friday CHEER YOU FAVMITE 'SCREEN SCREAM TEAM! aclelphia, Ark.; Arkansas State Col- | contemporary. lege, Jonesboro, Ark.; State NY A j Here are u ie sights and smells Building, Russellville, Ark. In each case, the office is known as the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.- Arkansas--.-State" Department of Education. This rehabilitation must not be confused with the proposed plan to remedy physical defects that will Admission Always llc-23c Phone 42 Box office opens 7: show starts 7:30 Bzs«d open lha comic strip aulsd by CHIC YOUNG Penny Singleton-Arthur lake-Lany Stains A COLUMBIA PICTURE Cartoon & Comedy. ROXY Bargain Night Every Night Saturday. Show Every Night 7:00 Box Office Opens CM 5 Continuous Shows Sat. & Snn. Thursday & Friday . NEW Thrills' NEW Terror! Thursday, VICTORY N1TK A Defense Bond "With all my heart I still love Uie man I killed . . ." BETTE DAVIS in 'THE LETTER' wilh Herbert Marshall, James Stephnnson. Shorts and News of Jerusalem, the Wise Men returning- from Bethlehem, J.ic flight into Egypt, the story of Lazarus, the figures of the- apostles, and- towering above all of them, Jesus moving- through his chaotic world. In "Only One Storm," Hicks develops Uie intellectual muddling through so many experienced before the axis exploded and most, thinkers, either of the light or heavy variety, decided that good old democracy wasn't so. bad after all. Canby and Christina Kittredgc struggle against the crusty but not-so-simple people of a small New England town in the story of an honest, good-willed man and his wife^ seeking the most direct means of setting the forces for good against evrr. Violently ami-fascistic, Canby is driven by news from Europe to embrace any political faith that will make him n part of the front against Dictatorship in all its home-grown and foreign guises. Communism/? He is ready to join when the Nazi-Soviet pact ' "is signed. This compromise sickens him but the storm gathers .still mere darkly. Canby and Christina find themselves and you will leave them with envy. Are YOU the observant type? If you're I ho observant, typo, quinic to spot dH.iiils, you'll not in- tli:it. (/'ream of Kentucky is matin with tlio unexcelled \vntr-r of (love Spring. No wnmhtr it's "thniUr-ricli' '—your host, buy if you \vjuil.Jlici "rrmw" of KctitiKjky'a liin'sf Knurhons. IT'S "DOUBLE-RICH West Main Near 21st St. Prices always lie and 22o at. starts 12:45; Sun. starts 1:45 Night shows 6:4W Continuous shows Sat. »nd Sun. w* Play, W. Scotl Darting Ongina! Story, HHc Taylor Directed by ERIE £. KENTON Produced by GEORGE WAGGNEft A UNIVERSAL PICTURE Selected Shorts. Thursday & Friday DOUBLE TEA TUBE Two features for th c price of one •He and 22c Box office opens 5:'I5—show starts G:00 p. m. 'CSondie Plays Cupid 1 —with— Penny Sinslrton as Blomlie, Arthur Lake as Dajovood. and Larry Simms as Baby Dumpling. —ALSO— 'They Met In Argentina' —with—Maureen O'Hara and James Ellison. Also—Universal News. Steele-Cooter Society—Personal Entertains C1»D. Mrs. Lewis Lester was hostess to 16 tables of bridge players who included members of her bridge club of Cooter and several invited guests from Steele and Cooter Fri day night. Guest of honor at the party was Mrs. Roy Bonebrake of Long Beach, Calif., houscguest of Mrs. Marvin Willins. Spring flower*, "were used for the decorations. High score club aware went to Mrs. Tom Lewis; guest high to Mrs. Dewart Smith; second high club prize to Mr.s. Tom Hopper; guest second high to Mr.s Floyd Wagster: bridge to Mrs Marvin Willis. ^ The hostess served cherry .short cake and coffee at the close of tlu games and iced drinks and cam! during them. • * » Has Club Pariv. Mrs. Floyd Wagster was hostes. to her bridge club of Cootrr am two guests. Mrs. Tom Lewis an Mr.s. Lester Lewis, at a part Monday night at her home. High score award went to Mr.s Lester and second high to Mrs. Lewis. Iced drinks were served during the games and .sandwiches and fruit punch after v them. AUTO LOANS NO INDORSES NEEDED 1336 and later model cars Repayments On E asy Terms ?"•* \™~ ^y S7.30 Monthly] arrow S150.. p ay 10.95 MO orrowS30o" Pay "' 60Mo1 I """! "°° •' £ J 29: 9 2°0 Monihiy I ,_ (15 Month Plan) I IICOMMERCUIL CREDIT PLAN IKCOHPOMTED I Lvnch 8 U M- US>Mal Loan l«tilullon) | Lynch Building. 321 W. Main Street Phone: 503 SO PROOF. STRAIGHT BOUJIHON \YMI3KL^ r ..SCIl!^NLEY ni.STlLUi;RSCORP..N.Y.C. FARM LANDS FOR SALE Lands located in the fertile Little River and old Castor River Valleys, with proven production, none better. PEMISCOT COUNTY 200 acres, 5 miles N.W. Steele.- on gravel road, good home and three other building's, 8S acre cotton base, S2000 cash will bind deal until Fall. Price §25,000. Federal Land Hank loan. $12,000 cash this year. 120 acres on Highway fil. near Hayti, fine home, two good tenant houses, good barn and other out buildings. '18 acre cotton base. 40 acres of line growing Alfalfa, price $1S,000. one half cash. DUNKLJN COUNTY 120 acres N.W. Steelc, facing County Line Road, two gravel roads, three sets of buildings. Price S1'l,!)50 with $2000 cash now, SI500 this Fall, balance easy terms, rents paid in advance this year §1500.00. 80 acres- half mile south of the above, for $10,500. Two sets of improvements, located on gravel (proposed) one fourth mile south of above 120. 40 acres, joining the above 80. Trice S5200.00. '10 acres, small house, (> miles west of Holland, $3750. 80 acres 8 miles west of Holland, on proposed road, about all cleared, price $6400 STOOD A RD COUNTS 320 acres. 6 miles S.E. from Dexter, two bales to acre land, good home and barn, good tenant houses, gravel road, mail route. Electricity, close to school, loan of $10,500. Prudential to be assumed,, price $36,200, SI 0,000 cash will handle, it will suit the most exacting buyer. 320 acres with abonl 20 acres woods pasture, four sets of buildings, mail route, ,near school, one mile of Trailhack Plantation, gravel road, two bales to acre land. This i spriccd at the very low price of $32,000 and purchaser gels rents (his year. This land is old Castor River territory; and is the best of good land, low taxes. We also have several large and small tracts in cleared, partially cleared and cut-over lands at prices from SI.",.00 to $50.00 per acre with good terms. We will be glad to show the above lands any time. W. M, Burns, Realtor Grand Leader Building Blytheville,, Ark. The Aviation Training School Is Coming Thcr^ will be a GREAT SHORTAGE of HOUSING. Won't you help by renting that spare room or if necessary make room for* all you can? List any space you have with the Chamber of Commerce. If you need Furniture we have our stock complete and will keep it up as long as it is available. Prices are about the same as last year. Don't wait until the rush comes \ — get ready now! HUBBARD FURNITURE SPECIALS Subject to Stock on Hand 9x12 LIGHT WEIGHT 1UJC18. CONUOLKl'M 'RUGS S2.95 $4.95 $6.95 GOLD SEAL RUGS. .. . ...... ......... ... ........... . . 0.x 12 * frAJ AC AXMINSTKK RUGS ....... .................. ........... $34.95 LIGHT -WE (GUT FLOOR COVERING sq. yd. .............................................. GOLD SEAL GONGOLKDM sq. yd ............. ..................... .............. INLAID LINOLEUM cemented down without fell, si'j.: yd ........ . ............ EMBOSSED INLAID LINOLEUM cemented, down with felt, so,, yd ........ , ............... 60* $1.95 S2.50 Refrigerators, Radios These items arc out of production, now or will he soon-—our stocks , are complete hut we cannot replace any we sell, therefore, you must buy now or lake what you can get later. Prices are all set by the government, therefore you are protected against unfair rises. fi ft. SEMI-DELUXE PIIILCO KEFRIGEKATOR $148.95 WASHING MACHINES^ including the Bewli* Deluxe automatic Washer and others. We have these • 0*70 *° C10Q washers now y I L y IvJj PHILCO RADIOS We have a most complete slock at last year's prices. ^ Philco Battery Table Models, complete $34.95 Other Radios . . from $9.95 to $249.50 BED ROOM SUITES :!-pc. BEDROOM SUITES . :{-pc. BEDROOM SUITES, large foster Red OTHER BEDROOM SUITES up to STUDIO COUCH SPECIAL upholstered in Velour. .&... $2150 $49.95 $245 MATTRESSES Innerspr in £ Mattress, our special . . .$14.95 Beauty rest Mattresses, same old price $39.50 50 Ib. Plaited Felt Bored Edge Mattress $9.95 50 Ib. Rolled Edge Cotton Mattress . . $5,95 TERMS — We are allowed to give as long as 15 months on installment purchases. Fall Terms — Half down, balance next fall. FOLDEFEKSE 401 W. Main Phone 409 Blytheville, A rkansas

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