Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 22, 1911 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1911
Page 3
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THE I0LAD4ILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING. PglEMBER 22^1911. ^ f ON (Detroit Free. Press.) Last niglit' when w'c were all at tea the little fellow said: "Paw, what are all. those packages hid beneath your bed?" I almost choked upon my food and mother simply smiled. As though to say we're bringing uv a verj- knowing child. He's -wailing for mo at the door when I get home at night. 1 try to sneak into the house and not - tarn an the light And get up stairs before ] doff my overcoat and hat. But he is Johnny on the spot with. "Paw, what is that?" He's eyeinK me suspiciously, I really think he tries With all. his youthful artfulness to take me by surprise; He hasn't intimated yet that he has • found us out. But eyes and eps are open wide whenever 'we're about. 1 spelled a phrase to motlter onci\ and then he promptly said: "I guess It's time now. Maw for me to go upstairs to bed. An* I suppose that you an' Paw will tallc ont when I'm gone!" I'd make an affidavit that the litil- rascal's on. LADIES— You'll not select aniKss if you buy Christmas Cigjrs at our Ktore. We have none but good brands — the kinds particular smokers buy for themselves. Give him a handsome Cigar CaKe. He woai buy one for himself, hut will use a good one that is given to him, right along. If you want to give him a real utiUty gift, make it « C.lllc(tc Safety Razor, |i>.00. The Re.\iill Store West Side 6f the Square t Tx.,i -r PATHETIC PLEA OF MOTHER FOR LOST HEIRESS. r.c. —Amateur Night. Majestic. + + + Mrs. Harve H. Howard. Mrs. .Tann'a T. ^eid. Miss Riddle and MIsa North ru^/will keep open house New Yenv day at the Howard bungalow on Smiil' Buckeye street, between the hotirj of tkree and five. No invitations ar^ bcifll i38UCd. * • • Miss Julia Smith, who is attfndin;: the state normal at Emporia, is hero lor a Christmas visit with her parents * * * —Speelnl sale on vhrlstmns stationery at Spencer's. <• * For three years Carthage, Missouri has had a cooperative kitchen whicli solved the domestic problems of tli. several families who maintained it But while all the boarders were weli fed, there was a lack of home life which has driven the families back- to their own homes and kitchens. Tlir co-dberative plan originated in Card age 5and has attracted attention of maM- domestic science experts. njree years ago when the memhorr of the domestic science circle \\PT< woi^ed with the servant problem the ^lan of the kitchen W.TS formod A large house in the residence dis trirt was rested. The entire lower floor was coni-erted into a diuinp room, with a table for each family. Mrs, John G. McGee. a socipty woman assumed charge of the kitchen, where rest rooms were also fur.iished for the kitchen's families. Food stulT was bought by wholesale at cheapesi pricBS, and the cost of eating ranged from, two to five dollars a week, for each individual. The rooking AraR done on domestic science principles * * -S" —Kodaks the popular gifts, from $1 to »2 .=5 at Mundis. + <Ralph H. Potter is her" for n holiday vacation with his parents. Mr and Mrs. A. S. Potter. + + -J —Magazines at .Mundis Priig Store * •:• • Announcement of the- mjirriagc or Mist Mary Dunn to Mr. Charles U.iu- ghren at Colorado Springs. Colo.. IK-- cember 18, has been receivrd in lola Miss Dunn Is a sislfr of .Mrs. J. .1. McCarty. of this city, ami formerl.v lived here. The couple will reside In Colorado Springs. " , + * * —At ourSiiecial Reduction Sale we arc selling Garland Cook Stoves anil Ranges at. a jirlce never offered before—Bragg & Dlldine, Humboldt Kaos. ••• •'• The choir of. St. Timothy's churrli will have a meeting tonight at half past seven o'clock, at the church, to rehearse the.Christmas music. Invents at the next three days at the church will be: Christmas tree and program by the Sunday school, half past Si!V en o'clock Saturday evening; Christ n\a ssormon and appropriate music Sunday morning, eleven o'clock Christmas sermon to Knights Temp lar at ten o'clock Monday mornlne Young ladies of the church will meet tomorrow afternoon at three o'clock to coMiiil'te the decorations. Thos A'ho di'sire to si'nd flowers for ih altar will please send them to th cliurcli tomorrow afternoon. + •> •> — l\<i(lak .Mhuni.", the bes-t made Mnnills. V • •> .Mrs. W. R. Sparks and son Hobh Irfi tcday for Pittsburg to spcm: Christmas with relatives during tli holidays. • • -> —Poll Carts at Shannon's. •:• •:• -:• Mrs M. I.. Brewster left today for Kansas City, whore she will visit until after the holidays .nnd then continu her journey to California. She hi' spent Feveral months in lola and had "the lime of her life" enjoying tli generous hospitality of old friends. •> • •:• •> • In iior haste to be re.-idy when Au gustus came to go walking with her she laid the latest creation of the new milliner down upon" a chair in tlv darkening hall. Augustus came in and s'v>ing nr one ho sat down on the hall chair He felt something crush and wrlgglr He jumped up and with a groan of .inguish saw tlie wreck of her hat nm", just then ."she came pwepping down the stair like the queen she is. Augustus, his only way to liberty cut off by her presence sank to bir knee's to implore "Oh Gussie, yon df-;ir old s^oose.' she cried in deljplit. "See what yoi have done. And nobody :n town car have one like it' I'm so glad yo; came lite." * •> + —rhrlstma -i riear.s—best l(rand^ and f>est prices nt Spencer'.'". •> • <' Miss Edith Mar- and Miss P.eniir' Marr will go to Kansa.«i Ci'v tomorrow morning to siienrt Christ ma? with their sister, Mi.'«s Rosr' Marr. + + + —Give a nice jmekage of that fine candy at Itiirrell's Drug Store. <. •> * Rev C.irl W. N;iu wi III to Ft Sent' yenterdjiy to assist hi the ordinnlUir of several e.-indidnles tn the priesthood. Hli-'hop' Millspaugh Is 111 and the wrvlees wire riindnelefl by I'.lsh- iiii ftrooks. of Oklahoma, ,-i.ssial'il h.' Revereud Nau. ^ ,J. ,> A —r'rlhliape board and jilaylng card? at Miiiidls Drug Store. •> Mr :'.<1 Mri. Unsxell Iti-!! (.T U M M JCImipermnnK of Neofl'^'ia. win be In lola for a short tim" this evening ep- route to EI?more whofe 'hev -.vP' spend Christmas with Mrs. Bell's j)ar. (•n(s. STEKlINaSIlVER FOR GIFTS! ^We carry many patterns in Sterling Silver Table Ware, in single pieces and sets. ' —SlfHtes and S'e 'l-! at Shnnni''n'f. * * •> i I P many of "'e sehor.l rooms toH^v P'T ils rendered Christn'ns programs and exchanged gifts. The entertain metns were delightful ev-'uts Recen' leisure moments of the punlls hav been filled with the oreparatlon of fhe proerams. Many of the rooms had r miniature gift tree around which the r.-'ekar-'s were plied before being distributed. •:• •:• •> —Roys* Wagons at Shannon's. A member rf the domestic science class of the h'^h school says the experiments with confectionery which the girls made this week were very successful. Fondant and chocolate creams were made and the pnplls in this way were able to utlllie their in- FtniPtlon in making gifts or nrepar- Ing at loi>st a part of the family supply of Christmas candy. • * * MI PSPS Florence and Bemiece Root came in yesterday to snend >WA we"*" r~Uh their narentB. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Root. Among ibi Baker students who havfl come home ar* Marv Me- Kfnner. Helen Prlc« and John T^urv. Miss Grace Cooksey. a student at Falrmount college. Wichita arrived borne Utit night , MoiberVHeiribrokeii Plea to Lost Daig^er F OtLOWnmi « V-tttrSwrU. ICS >r Vr«. 4IIIM 8CT\>r, 'Hf Own Priiltm IMUt CIM-. YeurimamiM it haarOrokMi. H deep )or cat .«)nc« y«ii W THJ to viclt your Awn Mary and yoo 'tfM att.raaeh Ottro, VIolat. I i <ant )cii com* horn* ao w* can go i«ici aae all th* vrctty ttilnga as me Miwtjn dM' •^ow. VieM. bt ma ntar f you ai; Boon a* yao at* t>ila.Jn« mattar, wliara you arv, and 'do cvirything In year powar to j homo. Which wilt b« all I want. -I cand to yoa a million Usatt. •From your dear VlOtBT J5UEHIER Chicago. 111. • Dir. 1:2.—All Irac of tlu« iiii:.:!: t; li.iv.. .Mi: s.' V.<il.- Hiiehler. ihi.x.sliig iiiiw .since NoveinbiT li.Mli. I:; l^|^| ;ii il io. e is 1 M ..iig di spalred of of ever ser>lng' llio girl alive even aiming ili>- clu!;, .- JI frb'i.^ils .-iii' relatives. An unusually pathetli^ Ineiil-.T.t wa.< l>ioiight into tl;e ira(;eclv win .Mrs. Anna llueliler handed ii letter .iihln.i. ed to littli' sl.M'i :i->*':i:' daughter to a reporter asking that it li.- priiiieil in ih<- hope tli >i ili- iMi>r;iiii girl may .stv It and make an elTorl In r(!>--|i(iii(l. '( ple.-.dcd lor ilii- lilt'e j;ir to come buck and enjoy the Yule The ul the 1 <.iiie rii-e>iile loifot tli. many li<-aiitMiil Chr'Sliiias prcscni.s wjiich avv:iii"il ii.j- rr-iiiiii. '.ii.-. Uiiel'li Is sure tint Violet wa.s kidtuippeil. i: ,ory imssilile ilciv is l.tliii; i)ive;,tigale' to locate the girl. The Mothers' club recently pre;-«'ii' d Mrs. K. N. .Jones, one of their innii- ber, with a handsome album ;(ii'li. which w;is jiicccd and made by ili" donors. The quilt contained blocks bearing the club roster. The gift was presented at the club meollns Wednesday afternoon. • •> —DB. O. L. COX, Oenllst ' •> * * Mr.;. .l .t\<'-> r;i;.iin:i ti-Ttii.-i rj.tineti Is lien. 1 I H II coll'ge.^lloltoi fo vj.«i( li.i- f'jirei!!:-., .Mr. ;'i'd .',lr.s. i: H. H.-nnitl ili;iinir thi- vacation. —Anu'.tein- N'lglit. .Majestic. Christmas Furs A Third Less than Value Friday iSatorday Saie! 15ro\vn China Sable Scarfs, wore $8.5U; now $2.50 Brown China Sable Scarfs, were ?5.00; now $3.25 Brown China Sable Muffs, wcro $100; now ......$2.50 Black Kusso Lynx Sets, woi'th S12.50; now/... ..$8.50 l>j;ick Riisso Lyn.x Sets, worih $15; now .$10.00 (Ji-ay Jap Wolf Sets, worth $15.00; now 10.00 A SALE OF BLACK COATS $12.50 and $15 values Tomorrow we place on •sale 100 Full Length Black Broad Cloth and Serge Coats lined throughout with guaranteed satin. B'iack coats werelnever more popular and these are some of the greatest values ever offered. They are actually $12.50 and $15 values, at Passing of ths Tollgate. The pns.slng today of the o;d toll.. gate at xhe northern entrance,'to the .Mr and .Airs. C. F. Si'ger, of U'w.y j ^ty ,vorthv of the fireworks. L-lalinnirl .irn lior..^ ffif vicit will, 1 * , ' . . , oratory, an.l general Jubllatlon_ which it has inspired. Strangers entering Oklahoma, arc hero for a visit with i Mrs. Sager's parents. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Adams. A Christmas dinner, to which a large number of relatives, have been asked, will be giv<?n at th'- Adams home Monday. •> •> —Dr. Liiey M. Hull, Osteopath. Telephone 120 and 661. •:• -s . One of the Christmas plans whi'-h promises to give pl.-asure to a number of inviilirls and shut-ins, has orii;- Ineled with the Aloiher's Club. Tliev will send bono- ts of cut flowers It the sick folks whom they know. Th' club has also contributed largely t( donations for the city's prtor. —Me.-srtaes and Paekacs Drlivcrec' Call Phono r.'.21. \V. r. Tel. Co. " JJ. •> •!• The Presbyterian Missionary .ooei" ly wil begin the New Year willi : membership of 10.^, fifty-three n<> members liaving h'cn secured iit : amnaisn the s'xiety conducted recently. A now le.vt book will b; lal. en up ."ind it Is expected that the uv- ing.'' will be very profitable as : whol". Mrs. H. A. Kwing :iiid Mrs. I,. \V (uncan cnleriaini'tl the society y<•^ terday afternoon. Lessons of lie .vear closing were review, d ii> Miss Alice Crosby, current ev i\i ere discussed and Mrs. E. R. Millet rend a paiier on missioiiarv wor'' mong mountalni-efs. The fullowiii- officers were elecleil: .Mrs S. S. schcr. president: Mrs. H. G. G M'.;' nrsi vlce-nresident; Mrs. Henry Eyler. S"cond vlce-presWlcnt: Mii^. ('has F. Scott, secretary: Mrs. II. A. Ewing secretary of literature; Mrs. E. S. U» vis. superinieiKJent of the cradle rol' department. »!- »> Mr. and Mrs. W E. Starks have returned from a" two week's vLsil in Marshalltown. Iowa. • •:• * Mr.« \V. T. Wa'son who h.-is been ii. Emjioria with her niec". .Miss l.ucil' 'opeland since t';e beginning of i!" school vear. lias gone to Topeka to pend Christmas with .Mr. Watson. Miss Hallie Irving is exii(f.-led in from Kansas City tomorrow for a holiday vacation. •> <' -J- Mrs. Emeline Wright, of Yates Center, will be here to spend Chrislmah with her niece Mrs. R. B. St-venson. | •:• • * The Violet club is being enterlaine;', his afternoon at the home of Mrs. W. A. Woodruff, 920 South Washington avenue. •> * •> Misses Mary and Martha Marker will leave tonight for Collinsvllle to spend Christmas with relatives. , <• Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Bennett came up from Longton today and will be at the hotel Kelley until their home on North Buckeye street is ready for occupancy. <' •:• • Maggie E. Hedy brought-suit in the district court this morning for a divorce from her husband, iCharles T. Hedy whom, ahe alleges has abandoned ber. The Hedya wei-e married at McPheraon. August. 24. 1896. The defendant disappeared in August 1910 according to the petitioner. Brown China Sable Sets worth $15; now $10.00 Other Furs $15 to $40 a Set $9 .75 All other Coats great- Iv reduced. Baltimore by the ReistcrstoWri road could hardly believe that thiis was really a city of the fifth order^ when a Village functionary ha<l first to lift a bar and demand their pentiles be- fpre they were permitted to en.«,er the sacred metropolitan confined The good roads movement, so intelligently ur.ged and fostered by Governor Crothers and the Democratic'party, has already done more to Instill life Spa.*!Oiiuhle Coniiuirlson. T'acrc are down in my cellar a couple of meters And two or three kinds of coal, V barrel or two, and a laundry stove. And bless my soul. There Isn't a great deal there beside. Which is for a cellar a pity« Considering what a cellar's fori So much for the city. .md enterprise and a new Bplr;it Into-j aat I know a fellow whose cellar is the counties of this state than till oth- or movements of recent yearn com- ')lned. The passing of the old tollgate is symbolical of the new order and the larger spirit of ent>.>rprlsc and progress.—Baltimore Sun. ^, I I FOR -{rCr NOV*! I full of ! The things that a cellar should hold; Along in the fall, when the day.s arc soft And i.'ie nights are cold; I is frn.!;ri'.n: with cider and apples ar.-i .".v.-ctt--. And t;;e -.vinti r can c'>i liiin no harm, .Or blow as il wiil. (.r ;r.i.w as ii will. He l.Vi - I j; ;• in. S:. Lijuis I'-is -Dispatch. Ttihw Tin: shui'.Tiyi DAV. .Now ll'c y.u;! Ui!l (t-i-n from iH.s SoMllrrn Trip. a..:i i)a)- Will j Today -I'• I.'. !'.l pr •i.'- ...i -Imrt day if tie >e:;r. i.t ."-.iiM'-ally it is \'M- la.' day f,r t'.ie >, .r. .is llie siin tiiin.^- Irriii hi- i i;.. ;< :i laio the •niill;i;ri: l;i i.i!F -,i ',e.; ••. r.;;.; i.ei; iis hi:;. ^ mnnui j;ii:n! lov.^;id rn:;:\ rLacli- ; iiig u |)<ii;;t i!fr- •(!.. fuci .; criuator ' i;n Mai-:-li He tlat.-. r|-.1 i , vernal ipiino.v. i>;if n nl;!ii' an:! ":ay are of iliia! It II-..,!. n.ivi aJlalnin^; li!s farthest .loint no;t'i cn .lene 21ft. t.'ie date of the summer i-c'tiifo. wlien ;he day is A^t^I SHEE §£ §pecial For Tonight from 7:30 to 9:30 P. M. J off--Pyrography—T off Panels of all kinds—Hand Mirrors, Tie Hacks, Glove Boxes, Handkerchief Boxes, Collar Boxes, Jardinier Stands, Towel Racks and many other pieces; priced from oc to $1.25; special tonight from 7:.30 to 9:30 p. m ONE-THIKD OFF I All Fancv Calendars, special for tonight from 7:30 to 9:30; at. .ONE-THIRD OFF home, to mall some Christmas paik- agea. .Mrs. Miller remembers having the money in her possession before they left the store. It was in bills, five twenty dollar bills and one ten, j longi '.M. alir v.hiih lie again takes up and was loose in a handbag, sUch as his jonrniy .owanl tt;.- . oatii. Since ladies freiiueutly carry when shop- luno 21st. Ins.'. ihe day.-. i.:'.ve been ping. It was not until they started u' .s/.r rlrr. .-.nt' th iil^h .s long- to return from the store ;some nio- cr. .Now lbi .-5 pro;:e .fs «i'.' be reversed, nients I/iter, that .Mrs. Miller noticed :!ie (lays 1 f.t.niin^' lo::g< r and the that her handbag was opened, and uIghtB sl.r,;tf.r. S:n n .June 2lKt the that the money was missing. It he- sun i::;? been .'•lirPinK toward the , ing evident that the money was lost .^outh a; .::e itite of nl>out two min- in the two and one-half blocks be- Mtes p day-rcdi:--!^.!.': l -.'s working day , tween the Eakin store and the Uillho , row nearly lif.'rcn hours, to nine • home. A careful search was immed-; >nd a half hours. ! lately begun t)vi'r the route taken by; ''the women, but, although there has I LADIES' AND MKN'S HOUSE SLIPPE]^ For Christmas Presets! Price $L00,$L25:«1|50 A nice lot of Velvet/and Carpet House Slippers in men's and ladies'at ^ 25c and 35« ; Babies' Fancy Boot&, ^11 colors ..:.. .v,..... i .75c The day.s will grow longer from now n. n .-5t Ijy resscn of the sun rising earlier, but by reason of his setting Inter. In fact, the iun will not rise iny earlier from now on until .lanu- ary by which time he will be retiring about half an hour later. This morning the sun rose at 7:15, and on each of tlie four days following, he will rise one minute later, after which he will keep to a 7:19 schedule for the first two weeks of Javuary. About a minute a day is gained in the setting hours. MKS. II. .4. MILLER LOST <1I0. Five Tweiilr Dollar RIII B and One Ten From Hanilliag. ; Yesterday afternoon Mrs. H. A. -Mil- jler. of near Piqua. who was in the city visiting with her parents Mr. and ,MrB. H. E. Billbe, of 320 South Fourth street, lost $110, no trace of which a constant and careful search has yet discovered. Th% money was missed about 3:30 o'clock yesterday* afternoon. Shortly before this time Mrs. fiillbe and Mrs. Miller went to the G. S. Eafcln hardware store, two and one -balf blocks from Mrs. BiUbe 's been a searcher over the route every, daylight hour since the money was' missed, no trace of it has been found, j it seems e\1dcnt that the money has ; been picked uji by somebody. Mrs. .Miller is certain that the money was , not stolen from the handbag. The j only people she and her mother met, on the way to the store were two lit-! tie girls and the iiostman. Mrs. Mil- i ler has offered fa substantial reward \ for the return of the money. WEIK IITV IVAMS SCHOOL. Delay by CHRISTMAS GIFTS! That Are Easy to Buy ALBUMS BIBLKS BOOKS »KUSHE,S BOX PAPERS OLEMIARS CHi\.i, HASD PAINTED DKESSDiG CASES CHKIST.MAS CARDS LEATHER GOODS MIRRORS OFFICE KOVBLTrES PERFFMEER POST CARD ALBUMS STATCVKY Closing out at almost yonr own price, on serernl lines. EvaRsBros citizens Impatient Over rullftge Regent.s. It will be remembered that the last session of the Kansas against the board of regentTS iiit- legislature; Lniverslty of Kansas, comnelllM ' liassed a law appropriating $25 000 for; them to carry out the pro*l*lonii^r5 ' the establishment of a School of Mines • Senate "BilM57 passed by tha "l ^S ^to at \Yeir City, Kansas. Nothing has ture of 1911, and that the coni ^^Sl- been done In the matter since and : torney be directed to immedlatelv ' the other day a mass meeting of the i^are the papers and start MIA citizens of Weir City adopted th« fol- j tion." wtittao- lowing resolutions: "Be it resolved by the citizens of Cherokee county In mass meeting assembled that an action in mandamus be Ipstltuted In bebaU of tbe citizens —Pork Chops 15o per lb.—City Bfeae' Market. T- •

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