Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 22, 1911 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1911
Page 2
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. VOLUME XV. NO. 51. Accessor to the I Ola Daily Record lola Dally Register, the aM the lola Daily Index lOLA, KAS., DEC. 22, 191^—FRIDAY EVENING. Daily Reoister, Established 1897. Weekly Register, Established 1867. EIGHT PAGES ^ PUT BOOKS ASIDE FOR CilSliS HOLIDAY VACATION WH I. f OVEIJ A MEEK AND A DAY. THE HIGH SGKIOl OUT EIIRIY WAXY OF KArri.TY HILI, SI'EM) CHKISTMAS OIT OF TOWN. THE WEATHEH. Vorvcttst for KunnHsf Fair lonlgiit and iSatnrdii}'; not much change In triiipernturp. Data recorded at Local 'Office \\'eather Bureau: Temiierature—Highest ' ^ ivday at 3 p. in. 42; lowest today j> a. nr. 25; excess In temperature ' '''"jrday 4 degrees; c.\ since J* ^.ry 1st, 1171 degrreeK. ^ Yes te rilay. ^ •idai'.. p. Ill 36 a .ni 33 p. nr 3P 2 a.' m._:._3:! p. in ^ 3 a. ni 33 p. Ill i? 4 a. ni 31 p. ni Cf .". a. Ill 30 p. m 37 fi a .ni 2S lu «hp Umnimar .Srhooln KxorrNos yS'erc Held and rsmils Were GnestM of the I 'liiills. The puliUc schools of lola wcro dlsmlgfipd this aftornonii for Ih.' Iiolf- days. U hug boen UM « pnictlci- to Rriint th<> jmpils n vjiniilon of I wo veoks hut this ypar ilii< variiiloii will cover a period of on<> wcok and a day. BPSslons of the schools hdng rrsunipd on Tuesday niornlnp .lanusiry 2. At the hlRh school the regular morning sgpsion extondcd heyoiul Xho usual time of dismissal, twelve o 'clock, being continued to one' o'clock at which tlmo it was disniisspd'for the day, to give the students and teaoli- pr« will visit out of town over Christmas lime to catch aftrrnoon trafoB. The grammar schools, however held their regular afternoon p--»s eions and at 3 o 'clock programs were rendered consisting of recitations, songs and addresses by the teachers, in keeping with the spirit of th" season. Most of the faculty of tho high sc)iool will spend Christmas out of town. Professor and .Mrs. J. H. Sawtell will spend tho holidays with his brotb*^, Pr. Sawtcll. and family, of Kan^s City, 5I0., Miss Paddock will \-isit relatives in Marion. Kansjas,- Miss Orosch will go to Wichita. Miss Irish to the home of hrr ii;!renis at Sterling. Kansas, Miss French and Miss <' .lackson to I-awronce. Miss Hcrdman V ?o Wichita, H, E. TewcU to Pittsburg. •Miss Jo Harrigan to -Marysville, to visit her parents, and Professor ;>nd Mrs. L. \V. Mayberry will spend the holidays visiting relatives in McPherson, Kansas.; 7 p. ni 3G S p. Ill 3,'> I> p. m 34 10 11. 111. __3t 11 p. in :!4 12 mdt. Xi 7 a. ni 2S 8 a. in 26 !» a .in 2.'> l'» a. m 20 n a. ni 30 12 noon 34 Picc-ipitaticn for 24 hours ending 7 a. m. today, 0; ext•e^•^ in prcclpitailon pinv-e .lanuary Ist. 1.H2 Indies. lleiatlve humidity 7 a. m. today per cent; dew point 22 degrees; ha- I onieter reduced to sea level 30.03 Inches. .'^iinri .'ic today 7:3f! a .ni.; .^iin.'.ci .••.:0t; p. in. DEATH OE MRS. J. READER s 10 BE m m THE ABINHiATlOX OF TKEATY IS AI'I'AKEXTLY KESENTED. HOSTILE MEASURES PeOPOSEH THE DIHA THKEATEXS A TAB- IFF W.Ui A(.*AI\ST A .VEiar^ rrnhiltitne Dulles are rrn|ios(>d lu A I.'lll iiifrodiired in i'nrllimcnl for Amrrlran ITuductii. Cullttl <« MiMftourl hv .^other's lllne.xs and IM Fatally Stricken. Word was received here this morn- iri gof the death last nisht in T^clede Mo. of -Mrs. Joseph Reader, of Uas- setf. after an Illness of but a few days with hear! trouble. The mes.sage received here did not tell of funeral ar- rancemeri's. The news of Mrs. ne.idor's death will come as a severe shock to her friends, as when she left here, jiist a week ago last night, she appeared to be In tli<» best of health, and since her departure very few of her friends have even so iiiuch as heard of her illness. Shortly after her arrival in'ede Mrs. Reader waa suddenly stricken, and has been sinking steadily eevr since. She is survived by her husband Jop<-i)h Reader, viio Is with the lola Portland, and a ton-yoar-old daughter. Mi'delin**. Mrs. Reader was thirty-six years cf age. STl'DYIX; KANSAS .»<( IIOOLS. A ram(>pip Etppri M III Help IniproTP (•ur System. The Carnegie Foundation will sf-nd an pxperi toKBDMSJo investigate the secondary school system, gathering facts on every high school in th- Slate. The Commission on . iIi ::;>T Kducation. which met at'Topoka ihin week, obtained this iironii." • from Hr Pritchett, head of the Foundation, after he had said he would be willing to help Kansas In it.- aiiempt to rnis< Ha school system to a more efficient standard. This expert will snenil several i»>nth8 in studying each high school the stale. He will Hicn eonipare Ihe costs of various high schools, well as of the c-osl of K.'msas high s<-hool8 Willi those of otlu r clii-s. His figures will also sl-ow what class pf work Is being done by Die .«tnii- ^ r- ondary schools, and it is imiii- proli- ablp that the Conitnlssicn. acting oa the export's report will be able to make some far-reaching recommenria- tions on secondary education for Ih • whole rnited States. The Commission has as yet made no detailed investigation of secondary schools, and Dr. Prilrlielt .said tliat sine? Kansas had taken the lead in coordinating and making more < tJi- cient its school syBt -^m. his Commission would be glad to make Kansas the first Slate whose secondary schools were to be investigated and studied. eOYS CHARGED WITH THEFT (Ily llii- AKKi>C'l:.toi1 I'n'ss) SI. Petersburg, Hvc. 22.-A legislative pj>6poHal lo provide for larllT Bcliedules applicable lo tlie I'nited States at Ihe exiilration of tlie Russo- .\merican treaty of 1S32 has been introduced Into Hie duina by ex-president Uucclikoff and others representing the Octobrlst and Nationalist par­ lies, which control the majorl'.y of the duma. The bill proposes to raise existing Russian duties by a hundred pi-r cent and also to impos-! a duly of ono hundred per cent on articles v .hic .Ii are admitted free under the present Russian tariff. Should the present American tonnage lax be ral3 ''d to disfavor of Russian vessels the nthc Russian tonnage tax will be correspondingly iucreaaed. I.OTTKIIY TICKETS 0> SALE J Sauto Domingo Doing Thriving linsl. uess in Kiiusiis City. Slieriff Kerr Kpfnrns from Chanute With Two Prhoners. •--^er'ff- Kerr returned from Cha- niiie this morning wifh Frank Ilen- neit and .less Kverly .two young men who are ciiarged with burglarizing •he home of T'. G. I^bel). at Humboldt, -everal days ago, and taking there- fiiui a rug. a rocker and otiier ar- Mi'os. The youthful pris^nners are •.oil! in jail awaiting a hearing before I jasticeof the peace. Bennett was recently acquitted in Jiidirp Smcitxrr's court of a cliargp of stealing a bicycle from Fred .MclCwen. HEIDER'S CONDITIO^ SERIOUS Victim of As^anlt Suffering Bniin Concnssion. From C e condition of .lohn Helder, the g farmer who was assaulted last Thursday evening by W. R. and Chester Maley, ne.^r Mildred. Is reported to be very Serious today. Helder Is suffering from concussion of tbe brain and hi.-; physicians are fearful that he may not recover. The Maleys are in'jail in default of bond for their apiiearance at trial on charges of af?auli with intent to kill. As the clrtumstances surrounding the assault are known at the court hous«, Helder went to the home of the Maleys to collect a debt. During his Ti !!li an altercation aro.'^e during which Helder was struck on tlve head with a hamner. IIKOK.'IIT FKEEKriH; l\TO COCKT Sinonhnn; Man Started I'roscriiliou. Then lUsnpiiearrd. .\ndr .'W Frrebeit:. tlie Savonbiirg iiian wild a few days ago caused the arrest of Peter Halil 011 a charge of a.~isaiilt and IIK-II failed to appear ps tlie )iniseciiling witness at Ihe trial, was brougl't Into court this afternoon '.ml an orcier for hi.'* cnnimiliiipnt to •lii 1 "Piling iiayni^nt of the costs in the Pahl case was issued by Judge 'r"oil.=t. Daiil rrsi'5ted this and has brought habeas corjius jiroceedings thiough \t«ornpys Ewing. Gard & Gard. The law provides that, where It Is 'ountf tliat a criminal.action has Iwen brought maliciously the pros^ecutlng 'vitness may be compelled to pay the costs incurred. In the action brought by Froeberg Tgainst fialil the costs amount to about $6. iV.y llio .V.ssiM'tattsI I'ce.s.s) Kansas City, Mo.. iJec. 22.—Through the arrest of a woman siioplifter here today ilio police say they liave learned of the extensive sale of Santo Domingo lotti^ry tickets in Kansas t.'i.> ami t 'liDiighout the Middle Weft. Fie- ir.ont Weeks, an employe of an ex•,ire.-:.>' company, is being held by tae Federal authorities as the Kans.lE City agent of the lottery. Cash prizes of about forty thousand dollars are said to have been offered by one com­ pany'Involved in the disclosures made :"day. The same promoters, it is believed are conducting several other ;o;t >?rl6c- (ft ctyiaJ . proportion. The (l;£<v'Dsirre canic'j^iout through the arrett of a woman giving the name of .Mrs. OMa Weeks for stealing kid gloves in a department .^tore. The police, upon searching Mrs. Weeks" :i!>ar;ment.«, said they discovered hun- • ii'iis of iotti ry tickets In a suit rase. T!ip woman's husband. Frei'nont Weeks, was then arrested. The tickets are said to have been sold as cou- poas'of the International Mining and Investment Coinjmny of Santo Do- niin.;;o. l-;a '''.i bore » number and sold ;!t fifty cents <ir one dollar. Tll.SA WANI-JTHIM.Y SCXDAY. Km FORCES WA TO ItO THE THREAT TO MARCH RUSSIAN ARMY DID THE IVORK. Y0UNBMR.SIIUSTERMUST6O THE A .MEmCAX TREASURER OES- ElML WILL LOSE HIS JOB. ital H:e ChancPK Arp AnotbPr Will iw Found "Eiiiiaily As tiood." liESTORE SHIPS TO PACIFIC TWO A.1IEKICV> STE.4.«Ki:S .MAr t.O IXTO SOITII SEA TRADE. CIlANtJE IX PIMSOX METHOD. I.wn Deserters and Ollipr Soldiers Will he IJpltpr Treated. ii.iiv !.,.,..',v .M 'l .•::ii WiL-hington Dfc. 22.—Sweeping | tiians'-'s in,prison methods were in<^ti- tiitcd to'.:ay "oy orders of the War Ue- ECUADOR'S PRESIDENT DEAO HE HAD HEEX IX OFFICE LE.SS THA\ A YEAR. :i Wiiritp Doup .llail CiiNtracIs of is'jl. Thr^....^-. I „r I '•'"••'"f^"'- AU of the short term prJF-i ... . , , . J &!?-.h .• *t Alcatmz island. San Fran- '^"Vr't'' , . li. ' ' ^'>^"" ''arbo-. have been ordered tran." I <"l.N"'^ ^^""«' •• feri 'd lo Fort Leavenworth Kansa.=. '1 .Ml the long term prlsdners In tlie latter Institution are to be transferred .i:> !h.> .\s;„i,:;..i IV. to Alcatraz which will thus he made vva.siiiigton. I),f. i,..--l 'rr ^i,!,.nt: a ,,iapj. of confinement for tl;e ciimi- raft. lostmasl-r (..n.-r;,! HiThco. nrl eleiiient. while I.eavenv. orrii will at .Uidnight. Ihe Oklahoma Tonn HHM Sent a lilg IVtiliiin to Invltp Him. Tulsa. I )kla.. Dec. 22.- Armed with twenty-seven petitions signed by sev- »»ral tiiousand business and profession Ml nu'ii. tile minisi'ers' alliance fraternal orders, newspaper men, and •>'li-r.<!. R.iv. Frank Xeff, of the First M. E. church of Tulsa, went to Wiclii ta today to formally arrange for the Kvangpilstic meetings to bi> conducted here In the spring by Rev. Hilly Sunday ex-ball player who has been turning Wichita topsy-lurvy durjpe the last several wcks. The Sunnay meetings close in Wichita on Christmas eve, and Sunday will^ be in Tulsa early In the spring. OPPOSE DOLLAR-A-DAY IDE.V. DEATH or JOHX UAVEXHILL, AXOTHER DISTKISTS HANKS. Harlioior lA\et\ Alone and Murder U Clianfcd to Itobhers. Illy Ih • ,\N.«t<ii,i. .1 I'r .Hs) St. Joscp"!. Mo. Dec. 22.— Henry Fvrjjd a bar'iif'.'or faritie,', was found /Tl In his burned home near here ifig morning with a bullef hole In his head. He lived alone, did not believe In bankti. and It Is believed he •was murdered by robbers. I John Rirelow Harried. New York. T>ec. 22.—The funeral service of John Bigelow was held today In St. George's Protestant Epls oopal church. J. Pierpont JJxjrgan •waa one of the pall bearers. Andrew i Carnegie and General Daniel E. Syck IfS were among f'le first to reach the church. \svi Rp^ldcnt of Lalliirpp Died This Jfornlne- of Ajionlexy. .John Ravenbill. of 41.';'north Main street, I^llarne, died this morning at 1 o'cloclt as tlie result of a stroke of apoplexy which be suffered several days ago. aged S3 years. For the pa.^' ten years Mr. Ravenhlll had resided at the home of his niece. Miss Xellie M. .Tones, in IjiHarpe. lie is s'lr- rived by two daughters who reside near Davenport. Iowa, and the re mains will be shipped to that city for interment. »nators I'roliably Will Insist I'pon Amending Pension Bill. Christmas is coming to l>e almost as much of a "Turkey Day" as Thanksgiving, and dealers r-^port that a great many have already been sold for Christmas dinners, and a good supply of thorn is on the market. That the supply of turkeys is better now than it was at Thanksgiving is attested by the fact that T. A. Kinzoy a farmer of near lola, today brought 10 town sixteen turkeys, for which he received $22 or about $1.40 each. The Btteniiing physician .^porte 1 tl'ls afternoon that Hamilton SiarTiid of Carlyle who was i^cently luiu?r- ously Injiir/.'d by falling'from n" n Is showing great Improvement and •hat there is now good <-hancp ftir recovery. He sustained Internal Injur •ea which because of his years were feared might prove fatal. The V. M. C. A. dormltcrles aip being thoroughly overhauled and mit In good condition. Some of the Clinker Club furniture was bought and will be inst -Tlled and the old fiirnltur* Is being reiialnted and freshened up. The rooms will be in excellent condition when the improvement.'; now under w?y are cor.ipleto«l. '\Vaslilngton. Dec. 21.—Forces at work in the senate to bring about radical amendtnonts in the Sherwood "dollar a day" pension bill, which has passed the house. Senators of both parties today expressed disapproval .•)f •ho dollar a day Idea. The senate pension committee now i.= compiling statistics to show just what the yearly, outlay would he If the Sherwood bill were adopted. First estimates placed It at sums ranging from $40,000,000 to $7.*. 000,000 a yea: over the pre.=pnt heavy expenditures. The committee will report to the senate a bill carr>ing much less ex- iienditure of money, which. It l>ell€ves in addition to being generally satls- aclory to Civil war veterans will be one which President Taft would be willing to sign. Agpd Woman Froxpn to Death. tln> '•KOCfKvI }>ro«|') Manhattan. Kas.. Dec. 22.—A four day's search for Mrs. Margaret Soderberg, aged 83 years, who left the home of her son, A. Soderberg, a farmer living near her", last Monday, ended today with the finding of the woman's frozen body In a pasture a few miles from the home. Xotwlihstandlng the fact that Christ mas is generally regarded as the. most Important holiday of the year, an argument was heard today in regard to whether or not it is a legal holiday, 'rpording to the statutes of Kansas 1; - fiRowlng arc now legal holidays: Columbus Day, October 12; Memorial Day, May 30; Labor Day, first Mon day In September: Washington's Birthday, February 22; New Year's diiy. January 1; July Fourth, Thanks eiving Day. last Thursday In November; and Christmas Day, December 2.^. Bolicllor General I.<lim ;iiiti .11:' W? -istant Secretary of Hie .Vavy Win- ihrop today approv'-jj the pl .in proposed by Senator Perkins and Representative Kalin. of Ciiliroru'a. di- Klgned to n store lo the South I'acitic carrying trad"*, two Aiii<'ric:in siraiii-; ra and to put th:- .•Viiiericuii ( IIIK MUI' :|gain on ilii> San Fr.iticli;co -AiiNi nilla roul". , Wlililn a few days PoHtinasUr C,<ii •ral Hitchcock will ad.<riis.- for liids;. for the carrying of ninil from S'"j Francisco to Sldni 'V, N. S. W. by w ;i\\ of Honolulu and Pago-Pi!g.i. Hi' .\i !i(r-1 lean naval st.iiioii in th'- Sniiionri I.— '.•inds. The Oce.-'nii' si'-aiiisiiip company, of San Fraii '-JS 'o. ri pr<'.-. ii ;:i- tives of which were ih Hi" Wliiie^ House conference, sl ::nd n :wlv u. Vid for the mall conlracls. In I<T :ht<j act of 1891 the governiiient cr.ix j.-:'!!!. two dollars a mile lo Aiiu-'iiaii v s- sels carrying mail, and with Uiis government assistance, th" C:iliforni;ui.>- hope to again put .\in <Ti <an boltomsi' in the south Pacific iraiir. THE LATEST PARIS SENSATION he a place of detention of .'^oldiers miilty of purely military fifiV-nses. The effect of tlicse changf-- is- to carry nut the recently develoiicil Hritlsli "^vstem of treating deserters and odicT soldiers' gulliy of brcafhes of I 'i.-i!pline as subject to r"f'iriiiatory Inn .tcnce and of si -gregaiin:.' Iliein !' < Ml Vi' alisd'ii!.!} criminal and \i- IJDIIS clasn. PACKERS TAKE THEIR TURN Their *Miir'!cy De«diir -N (I 'c •'-(ixrii- niciit's Caso Ancient lli>)(in. "O'uayaijuil, Ecuador, Dec. 22.— Kiuilio Estrada; Presidual ut Ecua-.;.!- i .;'-d line at midnight, lie iiad bt..u ia prccaiious lieallh since tiie rfcccn. auempl to ahsassiuuic iiiiii in uiii>i>. President E .;traila was elected 10 oi- fice on January elfvcntli, mneicun eleven. He was taKcn seriously m shortly afterwards and went to yiiKo ID recuperate. During his .sojourn fiMTi: a jiloi to assassimiiu him wa.s UIS^'JWIIU Hlilt .i.M'i 'al riitl: ulor. \\i rv. arri'ti ;l. I''iii I iii;r dc <:llnc in Uic 1 iC !-ld'';u s lii .iltn •|oi !i!Wtd, anil lii. tiiuli i .rii. iini'.\r .';cltd. I{fcI'ri.'L/(A.>S »ll,L nU.ME BILL It Wiil be Oiicred as SubslilHtc for Jh-mocrntic TaritT. Tonih of Celplirnfed Actrc>^s Enter-' ed and Jp«cis Stolen. diy llif As.tii'iiliii :'r.s-i Paris, France. Dec. 22.—.\n extra, ordinary sensation was caused itj Paris today by the announcement ;hat the tcmb of tl:e celebrated Paris-^ Ian actress. Mine. Lucie Tantelmee* 'n the cemetery of Pore I>achaise» *as Ij^kcn into last night and valua-- ble jewels wrenciied from her body xnd catried off. The grms includeij 1 pearl necklace which alone wa;* valued at $8,000. One of the robliere npparcntly was wounded wiii'.r fore, ing the metal casket, for a trail qf blood was left near the tomb an3 aloif; the pathway: icadiiu; to liip ^ates of the cemetery. TWE\TY.FIVK YEARS l> PEX.; That Is Scntpnc:' of .Han Who Mut;- dercd Emjilnyp. i T .v thii AsT .-r.-ilen Prn-iil Council Grove. Dec. 22.—.\. T. Oj- sen. convicted of dropping off tlve iiead of Walter, .\'i yf,•inner, a hirMi n^an, with a corn 'Knife, today v .-;5S sentenced to twtntv-llve years in. the nenitentiary. He v'as crantid a st^y pending appr>,i] and released oniJt\- 000 bond Actor Commits SHfcidc. New York, Dec 22— Wright I/jri- mer, the well known actor commltt./d suicide today by Inhaling gas at his home here. Ixjrimcr was thirty-elp^n jtera oltL He was best known In yie tiroductlon of the "Shephard King." Financial troubles are believd ,to have caused his act. rbin^ro XoTPiist Dead. > ' iHv till. Ayix-lut.-fl t-rf-««) Chicago, Dec. 22.— Margaret Hortpn Potter, novelist, died at, her home here today of heart disease. '!!.• till' A.-*-""-!.!!-il rYi-".'> Chicajro. Dec. 22.—^»'cl:iri!i!,' tli.'l flic gov/-rnmeiiI's <-:>!f ag.'iins! ihc ten Clilcaco meat packer:; i-; built on Ih"- ories and .•'ncieiif Iiisltrv .M;orii''v .\f. \V. Dordcrs rc!>rcs":i!iii;i Kdv.ard Morris and l-ouis H. H'\vm:!i. today continued the opening; stat •tii '^Pts of defendant's '-ornsel, to the jupy. ^e •b>clin"'l to consider seriously the op- orntions of the alleged "Packers' T'..4.|" I 'rior to 1907, and predicted that when 'he iury had been informed regarding (he facts in the case a ver- •!ii I of not guilty would be returned. "We he.-ir a great deal about the liich cost cf living, especially the high T>rice of meat.!' said Attorney Horders., "This is the result of (hanged economic" conditions. Tho country's Increase in population has ercee'Ied the production of live stock. We will show by evidence that the demand for fresh ^"di has increase -J at the rate of fiv<-- hu"dr:>d million pounds a year while there has been .•> d'>crease of sixteen per cent in pro ductlon of steers." OEI --RIGIIiUICKESS GDILTr \ Year in Jail for Slealiug .Hany Mil Hon Dollsrs. ir .v .VssiK-iit.'l I'"-;-) New York. Dec. 22.—Pleas of guilty were made today by Phelton C. B'irr. •-resident: Eugene E. Hurr, secretary: Charles H. Tobey, vlce-pn>sident. and Edwin Wesley Preston, official of the Burr Brothers inc^. stock promoters. Their offices her? were raide<l \"ovem- bor 1910 by poB 'al authorities, the men being charged with using tho malls to defraud Investors. New York, Dec. 22.—lleiwoeq forty iind fifty million' dollars were obtained by Burr Brothers throngh the sale of worthless mining and oil stock, nt«(tlng a prifit to the defendants of thirteen million to fifteen million dollars, according to an announcement made by the postal Inspectors. Each of the defendants was s^-ntenced to serve one year In tho penitentiary on Blackwcll's Island. W:i-,liiii;;ton. Dec. 22.—Ri-liublicaji nil iiibcrs 'of the Ways and Means comniillec were summoned by Kej.- ri .'sentatiK' Payne of New York, tor nier chiiirman of the committee, to- j;ay to begin liie jireparation of a" re \i3ud woo! tariff schedule based on iho report of tiic tariff Board and tbt message of President Taft. Taft having pronounced the report of the Hoard as the most scientific cvei made on the subject. Administration and Republican leaders in the- Housf have determined to draft a bill founded entirely on this data. With thii till they will ga before the country. BAXDIT COMIXti THIS WAY.' (i :y tl-.f .\flMorl ;itiil PresH^ Tchtran, I'ersia, Dec. 22.—The Persian cr .liln.ft has given the Russian iiiinister. S. Poklevakl-Kozlell verbal a .'^Kurnnccs of its intention to comply with the deiiianiis of the Russian ultl- mirtuni. Early this morning official notices were posted on the walls' of the city in prominent places ordering the people to ainitain from political meeMngs of any kind without having previously obtained police sanction. Shuster to Be DIsraLssed. Ix)nilon, Dec. 22.—The British foreign office shortly after noon received official confirmation from the British minister at Teheran, that Persia had yielded to Rus.'^ia. The demands 2:i:anted included the dismissal of W. Mo:.cnn Shuster. It is believed Rus- ^iias demand that the appointment of foreign advisors to the Persian government should here-after be subject to liussian and British approval and !)e agreeable to both parties, has also heen granted. — Russia OiTiPiallr Xotlflpd. illv the, .\.s»i'-i:iteil PrcfK) St. Petersburg Dec. 22.—The Persian Charge D'Affairs callod at Foreign Office today and anntMinced that Persia had yielded to Russia's de- iT -ands. In'audience with Si. Zazon- off, the Foreign Secretary, he formally declared that Persia wpuld concede all i?oints. BIfJ[ATIOX SLU.MP. i] <.f 11 M^lli'Mi Fewer Foreigner;* Camp than Last Year. Illy th. .\n<ii-!'it<'} I're .x.^) Ve -.v Yoilc, lipc. 22—One of the blg- • t -'••r ;ii.^ !ii imi'iiarratlon ever re- ••n.'ei t'-.e )iort of Xew Yorkls Iic- ,.-,.;»(..„ jn »i' the records of Ellis is'arid during the dosing days of the -••T \lrea ''v ri '^ords sho'v nearl*' •>n-11(11 fcvve^ !'i:iMT;nrintK have'landed •ha'i fop trie corrc.-:i)onding period of I '1 10. B».D IvKECK IX TEXAS. "'(»rh P/T(-ii. Jiiirl, Son"- Fatally, On till- Texas Pacilir. I IIV 111! \ V i.„-l ,4M> Tcy .'irkana. Dcv 22.—About forty :"rtons were iriiireil, Hoiiie fatally, •I a head-on colllshin of passenger •r ;ifti'< .N 'oB. .'! and f* on tho Texas '•acili'- at Kiidare toda.v. THET STIll HOPE EOR PEACE The t'liinesp ConfprPtire Still Trying to I'cach an Agrei 'nM -nt. lola Officers Ashed to TTatcli i'or ; Robber from CherryTale. The ticket agen- u' tee' Santa F. railway .station in Cherryvale wa.- hcld up and rolibed by a lone band! early this morning. The amo-rit se- •,;ured was not stated in <iie ij.o<^< to the lola police, but the .officer: were infortneJ that clew.? so far ilis covered lead to the bc!i..'f that tnr robber is escaping fr'.'ni :he seen? o; hli c.rirM^ ov-rland and t!;:if '/.u i headed this way. In-'tead ci tho regulation black mask', the rohL 'i .-r WOK a stocking cap pulled ticvn (,\; v hi.- fice. Tlie police have h^-^ri fii; r.i^Iiet' with as complete a doscriiici.)'i of t"n.; man wanted as was po.ssiblj to give. The trains are all iMdedto capacity these days with people and jiresents i^d while they are ofi schedur? the crowds are too merry to grnmbie. RICHESOX HAD A BAD XIOHT. \ The Boston Preacher .Mav Xot B<- .Iblp to Stand TrIjiL flty tht-, A.-is.KlMt/.l }•:•• Boston, Mas.*.. Dec. 22.—Rev. Clarence V. T. Richeson sufj^ering fron: self-inflicted wounds in the Suffolk county jail. «onk a turn for the wors.- !a«t nlgl:f. Uif counsel to'Iay said he was so weak and sick that It would be :i mltar'e If I 'e were able to stand the sttaln of his trial next mon>;h nicheson was kept under oiiUitp -i throughout the day lo deaden the pain from his .'plf-lnflietcd' wounds, ard w .Ts unable to converse with his coun se! William A. Jlors<r-fn h!.^ ceirTo- day. so that his silence regarding his act remains unbroken. The ^Ma.'onlc C?inp and the .Mnson''- Council will hold "a meeting losiight at Masonic Temple fur the Duri '-.s'' i' installing the officerst'^r the e.-^niipr year, who were electetl the first of the present week. / (r.v tli.^ A -^so.ijitfil rri'ss) ShaTigliai. China. Dec. 22.—Tani; -hao Vi v.ho is representing Premier Yuan Shi Kai and the Imperial gov- >rnrr !€Pt tlie peace conference still cTie- fi 'it the Premier will accept '"•••.e RCIIH'I '!;? a^ the only means of se- tirine pe .-iee. Tang Shao Yi said that '^remier Yuan Shi Kal up to six •'e'ock thi.- evening hadn't communicated with him his decision to renu- '.iatp the =iie!re-tion of the. Republic. Backed by England and Japan. Pebir^g. Dec. 22.—It Is believed here 'hat Yuan Sbi Kal means what he nve: and will uphold the monarchy. .\ -Tw- FUtration ha."; arisen. Great Bri?in. which ha.' been supporting the •^rerr.fer'.s monarchial programme fiir ovtr.-'i v -eek=. Is now strengtheniM ' V .laiian and is endeavoring to ob•ain the support of the United States •<T !d othen countries. Great Britain "•el'eves tho separation of the depend- nc'e=. Maachu.-ia. Mongolia and Thlb and the serloiMT disintegration of "hinp proper, would result from the establishment of a reoublic whereas "^e republicans already have obtain- d in a material way everj-thlng de- iped. Onlv the name of the mon- irchv Is.left. r. S. Willing to Join. It Is stated , that the Amerlcan. •rritn.' H Tin' t ^e. American =t8te ~dp- -r'n-e"*. already .supiiorts the Brltsh ' !'-a f.tid are ready with two ^^ hot •'irro of f^p others cf the "fourlno- •'on group" of financier.'! to lepd Yuan ^hi Kai's government money. Npgo- •'iif'nr-t 'o this rnd have been pro- •eediP" for some da.vs. i REY. SHELDOX WILL TRAVKL. 'fp l!iis Rr^lirned Topekii Pastorale and Will Ylsit HISSIOIIH. , 1 I'.V Ml" ,.\.'<»"c|;tte.1 Pre")") Tofcka. Kens., Dec. 22.—Rev. Char- 'os n. .Sheldon, author of "In His ^'r"p." today resigned the pastorate -f tt'e Central Congregational church -'•iiic'i t-e has held twenty-Jthree years ''e will tour the world visiting mis- ions and the Y. M. C. A.s. Colonel Bldrsell Js enjoying a visit "rom a brother from Illinois, who is ;ere for the holidays.

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