Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 22, 1911 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1911
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THE V5 -1 VOLUME XV. NO. 51. SuceesMr to the lora. Daily Regliter, th« iola Dally Hecord and the lola Dally Index lOLA, KAS., DEC. 22, 1911—FRIDAY EVENING. Dally Regliter, Established 1897. Weekly Regliter, EsUblished 1887. EIGHT PAGES POT BOOKS AS . FOfijfieiSliS HOLIDAY VAfATIOX WIT I r<»VW{ A WEEK A>D A DAY. THE flIBIf SCHBOL OUT Um MAST OF FArn.TY >V1I,I, SPKND CHKISTJTAS OUT (IF TOM>. In the GrnmmBr SrhiioK E \«'rr !si's Were Held and Pnrriifs W-t-rt- Guests of the l'u|iil--. The public schools of lola wero dismissed this afternoon for tlio hod- days. If has been iho practice to grant the pupils a vac .ntion of two -weeks but this year the vacation will cover a period of one week and a day, sessions of the schools boing rosumed on Tuesday morning January 2. L At the high school the regular morning session extended bejond the usual time of dismissal, twelve O'clock, being continued to ono o 'clock at which time it was dismissed for the day, to give the students and teachers who will visit out of town over Christmas time to cafcli .-iffernoon trains. The grammar schools, however held their regular :'fi<riiocnjos sions pnd at 3 o 'clock programs were rendered consisting of recitaiions, songs and addresses by the teachers. In keeping wftlTfhe spirit of th<? sp.^son. Most of the faculty of the high school will spend Christmas out of town. Professor and Mrs. J. H. Sawtell will spend the holidays with his brother. Dr. Sawtell, and family, bf Kansas City. Mo.. .Miss Paddock will visit relatives in Marlon. Knn .'sas. , MISF Grosch will go to Wichita, Ml .ss Irish to the home of her ranniB at Sterling. Kansas, Miss French und MIMH Jackson to Lawrence, Miss Hrrdmaii to Wichita. H. E. Tewell to PIltHburg. Miss Jo Harrigan to Marysvlllc, to visit her parents, and ProfrsBor .•'tiii Mrs. L. W. Maybcrry will sjientl the holidays visiting relatives in McPher- Bon, Kansas. STUDYIXO KANSA.S .«( HOOLS. THE WEATHEIl. Forernxt for KIIUMHS : Fnlr toniirht iind Siiturdiiy; not niucb change hi ((•ni |H >niture. Data recorded at Ix)cal Office Weather Hureau: TeniiM ?rature—IIIghnKt ycnteiday at :< p. ni. 4J; lowest today at 9 a. ni. S .'i; I'xoeiy In temperature yesterday ^ degrees; I>XI-CMB since January 1st, 1171 degrees. YiSlc.'iIay- 1 II. III.. 3(! 2 p. Ill,, I! p. in 42 4 p. Ill 40 •' p, ni. --_"!» G 11. lu 37 1'- p. l>- ni.----36 111 Ill :u m :',4 s n 10 11 p. Ill ?A 12 imlt. Today. 1 a .ni 33 2 a. m 23 ."1 a. in.-...33 4 a. ni.....31 ."> a. m 30 6 a .m 28 7 a. m 2S 5 a. m 2fi 9 a .ni 2.1 10 a. m 23 11 a. m 30 12 noon 34 Precipitation for 24 hours ending 7 a. m. today. 0; exeos-s in preelpitaJon since .laniiary Ist. 1.92 Inches. Relative humidity 7 a. m. today per cent; dew point 22 riegvees; barometer reduced to sea level 30.03 inches. Sunrise today 7:3G a. .m.; /tiin.'c 3:06 p. In. ' / DEATH OF MBS. J. REHDER A Carnegie ETwrf Will Help Inijirove Our System. The Carnegfe 'Poundatlon will Pfiid an expert to Kansas to investi .'raic' the secondary school system. gath<^r- Ing facts on every hieli school in thr Btate. The Commis.sion rn lli <.;>i Education, which met at Topi'ka this week, obtained this proTv .is? from Pritchett, head of the Foundation, after he had said he would be willing lo help Kansas in attempt to rais" its school system to a more efficient standard. This expert will spend several months In studying each high Fchool 1" the statp. He will then compare the costs of various high schools, us well as of the cost of Kansas hich schools with those of other citlps. Mis figures wll] al^ show what class of , - work is being done by the stale s--'-- ondarv schools, and it is quito probable that the Commission, actinr on the expert 's report will be~"able to ~ make some far-rfaehing recoramenda- tions on secondary education for th^ whole United States. The Commission has as yet made no detailed investigation of secondary schools, and Dr. Pritchrtt said that since Kansas had taken the lead in coordinating and making more <'fn- clent its school syBt ^m. his Commls- . slon would be glad to make Kanras the first state - whose secondary schools were to be Investigated and Studied. Called lo :>rissourl bv Mofher'.s Illness and is Fiitaliy Strirken. Word was receivod hero this morn- in gof the death last night in Uicledc •Mo. "of .Mrs. Joseph Reader, of Bassett, after an illness of but a few days with hfart trouble. The me.ssagc received here did not tell of funeral ar- ranepmeni.s. The nows of Mrs. Reader's death' will come as a severe shock to her friends, as v.hen she loft here, just a week apo la.«t niglil. she appeared to he In th;> best of health, and sinee her departure very few of her friends have evon so nuieli as heard of her illness. Shortly after her arrivitl in I.aclede Mrs. Reader wan suddenly stricken, :ind has been cinking steadily eevr Einee. She Is survived by her husband Jos"p!i Reader, who is with the lola Poriland. anil a ten-yoar-old (laughter. .Madeline. Mrs, Reader was thlrty-sIx years of age. SII TO BE WAR DON'T YOU WANT TO GET INTO THIS CLASS? THE WlKO(iATiO.\ OF TKKATY IS APPAHEMTLY KESEXTED. HOSTIlEMEiSORES PROPOSED THE Dl'MA THREATENS A TAK IFF WAll .VGAINST AHEIJU .\. Prnhibithr Duties are Propo.sed In Riil Intrndneed In Pa.'-lbment for American Prvducts. (Hy the A .«.iocl:itcJ I'ro .ss) St. Petersburg, D >c. :;2.—A legislative proposal to provide for tariff war schedules applicable to the I'nited States at the expiration of the Russo- .\merican trpaty of 1832 has been introduced into tlie duma by ex-president Gucchkoff and others representing the Octobrlst and Nationalist parties, which control the majori'.y of the duma. The bill proposes to raise existing Russian duties by a hundred jior cent and also to inipos? a duty of one hundred per cent on articles uhich arc admitted frw under the present Russian tarilt. Should the present American tonnage tax he raised to disfavor of Russian vessels the nthc Russian tonnage ta.\ will be correspondingly increased. ^5 t.a0'JCOC^f LOTTERY TICKETS OX SALEf Sanlu ntiiiihico Doing Thriving I{u!<i< iu-,«,'<> hi KaiiMi.s City. ROYS CHURGEB WITH THEFT .SJij-rlff Kerr Keluni 'i from Clianiite Mill! Two PrixMiers. HEIOER'S CONOITION SERIOOS Ylctlm of AsMiult Suffering Untlu CoueuMslon. From Fiieriff Kerr return- 1! frmii Cha- niite t:ii.-i iiioraing witli Frank Hennet r and .less K^erly .two young men who are cbarced with burglarizing the home nf 1'. f}. lsl;ell. Humboldt, several i^ays ago. and taklcg there- i":cm a rug. a rorker and oth'-r ar- 'ii''";. The you;hful pri.-oners. are 'leW jail av.aitin,!; a hearing before 1 ju.'tiee ef the jieace. Penne.i wa= recently acquitted in Judire Sniellrer's court of a chanre of stealing a liieycle from Fred .McKwea. lUtOnaiT FKEEBEKG IXTO COIKT .Saumburir Sliirted ProseciiHoii, Then Disajipeared. Andrew Fr.eb^ic. the Savonburg aian \V!K) a lew clays a:ro rau.'red the :\rrest of Peter Daltl on a charge of .-issaiik anil then Mlled t<> appear :is the iirosecutin.g witness at the trial, was hrouj;':t into court this afternoon and an on'-'r for his commitment to •••ifl>fiini.' |iayii;en; f;f the co-^ts in the Dahl case was Issued by .ludge Foiist. 'iRli' vtsisied this and has brought habeas corpus proceedings through Attorneys Bwing, Card & Card. The law provides that, where it Is V'lt' e • a; .-I '•••iniinal ;"-ti(m lias been brought maliciously the prosecuting .vitn. ss may lie compelled to pay the L 'ost.s incurred. In the action brought by Freeberg gainst Dalil the costs amount to about $G. IJEATll OF .lOIIX HAVEMIILI,. The condition of .lohn Ilelder, the young farmer who was assaulted last Thursday evening by W. H. und Chester Maley, near Mildred. Is reiwrted •to be very serious today, lleider is suffering from concussion of the brain and bis physicians are fearful that he may not recover. The Maleys are in jail In default of bond for their appearance at trial on I/" charges of astault with init^nf to kill.K < As the circumstances surrounding '" the assault ere known at the court house, Heider went to the home of the Maleys to collect a debt. During his visit an a'lercation arose during wWch Heider was struck on the head with a hammer. *ifed Itesldeut of Liill)ir |ie Died Tills .Mornlii ;r of .^iionlexy. .John Hiivenhill. of 41.". north Main street. l,4iMnri>e riled this liiornliig lit 1 o'clock lis llie result of a stroke of apoplexy which be sulTered several lays ago. aged R3 yearn. For the jiast ten years .Mr. Ravenlilll had resided at the home of his niece, .Miss .Vellle .M. Jones, in l.allarpe. H" Is survived by two daughters who reside near Davenport, Iowa, and th" re mains will be shipited to that city for interment. (!l.v 111.- .\«H'H-l!ite<l Pr.-ssi Kansas City. .Mo . Dec. 22 .--T!irough he arrest of a woman slioplifier hrre ofiuy the police say tiiey have learned of the extensive sale of Santo Do- | nilngo lottery t'ckeu in Kan.^as fl.y and througlinut the MhliMe Wr > . K :i^- uiont Weeks, an employe of an express rompany. Is being held by tiie Federal authorities as the City agent of the lottery. Ce-h prizes of about forty thousand dollars jire said to have been offered by one coin- I'l.tiy in\olved In the disclosures made I 'ltiay. The samlf jiromcters. it is 1 c- lleved are conducting several other )n;!erles f;f eijiial proportion. The f'is:-'os;ire ceuie nhnet tir.ough the •I I rest (>r a •.veman giving the name f^f .MIS. 0 '!a Weeks for stealing kid glevc.^ in a depcrtment store. The prlice. m.oni seairhlnsc -Mrs. W?: ks' av-arinients. said t'.iey di.-:e(:vere'I I'.iin- ''reij^ of 'ottery tickets in a suit cupt'. The woman's hurban!!. Frcnioc: Weeks, was then arrested. The tickets are said to have been sold as cou- Iions of t'.ic Ijilernatlonal .Mining and Investment Company of Santo Do- ir.ipgn. Kac'i bore a number and sold .-. 1 fifty cents o: one dollar. m TO YIELD THE THBEAT TO MARCH RV8SUN AllMY DID THE WOBK. y0UN8MR.SH0STERMVST6D THE A.HEBICAX TREAStTBER GEJf- RESTORE SHIPS TO PHOIFIC MV 0 \ y\ VAWKW SI E \ .M E KS 'M .\ Y (iO IXTO SOITII SEA TRADE. CHAX(JE IX PKISOX .METHOD. '.»en IJeseilers mid Other Soldiers \\\\\ he Heller Trejiled. lECOADOR'S PRESIDENT DEAO HE \S\\\ he Done Thniiufh I.eldiig of -Villi Contracts I'ndcr the .U-1 of ISSI.- TILSA WAXTS HILLY SIXDAY. The (Iklahonin Town tins S-nt a liig I 'r4itiun to Invite Him. Tulsa. Okla.. Dee. 22.— \rnied with twenty-seven petitions signe<l by several thousand busin(<ss and jirofession ;'l nien. t'le ministers' alliance fraternal orders, newspaper men, and "Mnrs. Rev Frank .Neff. of the First M. E. church of Tulsa, went to Wichi la today to formally arrange for the ••Evangelistic nieeiines lo be conducted here in the sprin.g by Rev. Rilly Sunday ex-ball player who has been turning Wichita topsy-turvy during the last several we-'ks. The Sunday meetings close in Wichita on CHTist- mas eve, and Sunday will be in Tulsa early in the spring. OPPOSE DOLL.UJ-A-DAY IDEA. Seiiafors Prohahly Will IiisNf I'tion Aniendinir Pension Itlll. AXOTHEB DISTRUSTS^ BAXKS. Bachelor LhH Alone and Murder Cbariied to Ilobhers. Is «By th? .\Bso {'latt.<l Press) St Josep'-. Mo. Dec. 22.—Henry Ford, a bachelor farmer, was found dead In his: burned home near here this momine with a bullet hole In bis head. He lived aloneT did not believe in banks, and it is believed be was murdered by robbers. Join Bigelow Bnrried., Kew York: Dec. 22.— The funeral service of John Bigelow was held todar in St. George's Protestant Epis .Gopal church. J. Pierpont " Morgan vas one of the pall bearers; Andrew Carnegie «nd General Daniel E. Syck les/were wong the first to reach the church. ^ Christmas is cominc ^to he almost :iK much of a "Turk«y Day" as Thanksgiving, and dealers report that a great many h.ive alrendy.been sold for Christmas dinners, and a good Rupidy of thrm I5 on the market. That the supply of turkevs is bp 'tT now than if was at Thanksgiving is attested by the fact that T. A. Klnzev a farmer of near loJa, todav bro'jgh* to town sixteen turkeys, for he received %1t or about $1.40 eac Which ?acj^ Th,e attending physician eportel this afternoon that Hamilton Staff 11 d of Carlyle who was recently -lau^sr- ously Injured iiy falling from a ffiu- n Is showing great improvement and that there is now good chance for recovery. He sustained Internal Inlifr les which because of his years were feared might prove fatal. The y. M. C. A. dormitcrles are being thoronehly overhauled and nut in lEood condition. Some of the Clinker Club furniture was bought and will be installed and the old furniture Is being repainted and freshened np. The rooms will be in excellent condition when the improvements now under way are completed. Washington. Dec. 21.—Forces at work In the senate to bring ahont radical aoiendm-?nts In the Sherwood "itollnra day" pension hill, which has paved the house. Senators of both parties today expres.'ed disapiiroval .r Mie dollar a day idea. The senate jiehslon committee now I i.~ conitilling statistics to .show just wlrat the ycarlv outlay would he If Ihe Siierwood hill were adopted. First e.iflm .Tfes placed It at sum." ranging from J4«.0(ii>,eii() to $7."> OOn.noo a year over the pre.sent heavy expendifiire.s. The committee will report to the senate a bill carrying much less expenditure of money, which, it l/elleves In addition to being generally satis- aetory to Civil war veterans, will be one which President Taft would be willing to sign. / Aged Woman Froxen to Death. <B«- the ^•.•ooi-'ort r-or.ii Manhattan. Kas.. D»c. 22.—A four day's search for Mrs...Margaret Soderberg, aged 83 years, who left the home of her son, A. Soderberg, a farmer living near her^. last .Monday, ended today with the finding of the woman's frozen body in a pasture a few milei from the hpme. Notwithstanding the fact that Christ mas Is generally regarded as the most Imnortant holiday of the year, an argument wag heard today in regard to whether or not it is a legal holiday. «""^rdlng to the statutes of Kansas, lii- following are now legal holidays: Columbus Dav. October 12; Memorial Day, May 30; Labor Day, first Mon day in September; Washingtoi^'s Birthday, February 22: New Year's day, January 1 ; July Fonrth, Thanks »»lvlng Day. last Thursday in November; ,and CbristmasL Day, December 25.' ^ • i!:> 111- . .1 -i,". Wiisiiiiigion, l)ee. 21.'. -I'r.'siil.'ni Tafr. I'osimaster tli ni-ral Hitelttock. ^'oficitor General I.eliinann ;;iu', As- .-istant Secretary of the .Navy <Win- ihrop today approv- d the plan.' pro- I osrd by Senator Perkins and Repre- .s«ntaiive Kah*, of California, designed to restore to the South I'acific carrying trade, two American syam- • T.; and to put the Aiiiericnii fla.itionc" ai,aih on the San Francisco-Atia-rr.'ilia rout''". Within a few days Postmaster (Jen • nil Hiicheock will advertise fo^ bids for the carrying of mail from" San Francisco to Sidney. N. S. W. by way of Honolulu and l'ago-Paj;o. fhe^in.-r ican naval station in the Sanioan islands. The Oceanic steamship company, of San' Francisco, reproen(;i- tives of which were at th-^ ^.Vhite House conference, stand ri ail.v 'ii l-id for the mail contracts. rn;ef the act of 1S91 the goveriimenl can Jcraiil two dollars a mile to American vessels carrying mail, and with this government assistance, the Califot nlans hope to again put .\iiieriean baltoms in the south racilic trade. THE UTtST PARIS SENSj^TION Wn.shington Dec. 22. —Sweeping e:-.:ingfs in prison uietliods were insli- t!!'.erl today liy order.i of the War De- Mirii:u;nt. .Ml of the short term iiris- i,,, „„<, ,1 .irrs at AUatiaz Island. San i'co harbor, have been ordered trans ".loiiuiu ini (i'lvil to Fort Leavenworth Kansas. 1 tie Icng term prisoners in the lat- : ' :or in.^filiition are to be transferred4, • Guayaquil. Ecuador,' Dec, HAD HKEX IX OFFICE LESS TUAX A YEAH. .\ ss;j.<isiu;i t ion I 'roha biy End Which Came at Midnight. io Alcatraz which will tlius he made a place of confinenient for the ciinii- na! element, while !>eavenwor;h will !>e a I'lncc of detention of soldiers r:aiMy of i.urely military, offense;;. The effect of tliese cli;inges is to carry fiut tiie rci;enily developed British .-y.-teni of treating deserters and other soldiers guilty of Iireache-; of 'i'.seiplino as subject to reforniiitory 'nfim-nre ami of seg'je.cating them r, iini the al.-so'iitcJy cri:i:!na! and vicious class. Hut (he He ILL LOSE HIS JOB. Cli.-ince.s Are Anotlier Will Found "Equally As Good." — — ^ ^-—., .— h tlje de^nds of th? Russian ulti- ttiii. • ' • '' (By the Associ .-ited FTCSS) Teheran, Persia, Dec. 22.—The For-, • sian cabinet has given the Russian.^ minister. S. Poklevaki-Kozlell verbal; assurances of its intention to comply •, with; mattii Early this morning official notices were posted on the walls of the city in prominent places ordering the people to abstain from political meetings ,' of any kind without having previously^ obtained police sanction. ' S1HW|H to He Dismissed. IxtjxdiSlgf/Kfc. 22.—The BrlUsh forr; oign offloe. Aortly after noon received official confirmation from the British minister at Teheran, that Persia h"ad yielded to Russia. The demands, gi anted included the dismissal of W. ' .Vfoigan Shuster. It Is believed ^n9- J sia 's demand that the appointment of / foreijm advisors to the Persian goy- errment should here after bp subject Russian and British approval ana " lie iigreeahle to both parties, has also I'lea granted. IlMssIu Oflielnlly Xotlfled. • ( Mv the .A.s.^ertiitoil Pruiji) S'.'Petersburg Dec. 22.—The Persian Ch.irge D'Affalrs called at Por- rig'ii and announced that r.'r.slu h!i3"'yielded to Russia's de- tnaiids. ii'audience with M. Zazon- ', off. the Foreign Secretary, he formal- ' ly declared that Persia would coni'i"— (••- ri-.' all points. • HK; i .w.nif .iMTiox SLVHV. i'lilrd "f Wlllon Feiver Foreigners Came tliiin Last Year. Ufv ttie .\.-.-<e .-|jitefi l're .s.s) Vev.- York. Dec. 22—One of the big• I'liirx; in •'inn-'ip'ration ever re- •rriTpri -t tl;e port of New York is bc- r-.- :ip„ in»" the reCOrrtSof BlUs' Island diiricg tlie cl.osing days of the \'-.r ^Ireadv re.-erds show nearl.v (iir ijon fewer imniigrants have landed • PUCKERS TIKE THEIR TORNI,, 22.— h'luiiio iiJstrada, President of Ecuador, liitc Here at midnight. He had been ia precaiious heuJtn since the receai. iutcaiiit to assassinaic him in i^uuo. President Estrada was elected 10 of- I fiin for the corresponding period of fice on January eleventh, nineteen.' !niO. • tieven. }tt was laKeu teriousjy ui siiortly afterwards and went to yuito lo recuperate. During his sojourn l!u'"e a plot, to assassinate him was ;-ivcrt(l ana .-i .>tiai contjiirators \:\}ru arrc.-toJ. Fuitlier decline in tlie ):i.-ii!eijii jiiaith followed, ana in.. iltTUli- wr.;-; r .-ji. ur.e;<i.ecte(I. I 'hefr "Alf/irney IliTljircs ."'e (.'fiicrii- ment's Case Aucieiil llivtory. Tomb of Celebrated Artres^ cd and Jewels Stolen. jr:nter- fnv the Axsiirliited IT..S<I Paris, France, Dec. 22.—An extraordinary sensation was cauiiCd In Paris today by the announcement that the tomb of the celebrated Parisian actress. .Mine. I.iide Tonfelniee, 'n the criiirtery of I'ere l.aelialse, ••vas hrr.ken Inte hist night and valua- l;!e Jewels wrc t!;-':<M! • from he;'; body md ca :r !e(I off. Tlii' gems lijpluded 1 pearl necklace wliieh aloin; was valued at $K,000. One of the Dobbers apparently was woumled while forcing the metal ca.sket, for a trail of blood was left near the tonib and •jlon.-; the pathways leading ilo the r'-tes cf the ceni» ter.v. TWEXTY.FIVE YEARS IX J'EX. That Is .Sentence of Man Wh-» 3lHr- dered Eniploje.'. Couneil Grove. D'-c. 221—N.'T. Olsen. convicted of chopping *off the head of Walter .N'ewfarmer, a hired man, with a corn knife, to(|ay was sentenced to twenty-live yearij in the eenltentiary. He was grante«^ a stay pending anpeal and released .onjlto,- 000 bond, * Artor CiNimlts Suirldt. iRv 'he A.inoelfited I»r-.*.{< New York, Dec 22.—V.'rlg|t • Lorl- mer. the well known actor coiinmlttcd suicide today by inhaling gaif! at his home here. lx)rlmer was thlijty-elght yers old. ^He was best knowi) In the production of the "Sbephartf King." Ffnanci.-il troubles are belt.eved to have caused bis act. Chicago Novelist Chicago, Dec. 22.— Margaret. Horton Potter, novelist, died at h{r home ha^ tofiay of heart disease, v IIW thv> As-,eei:rti <] I'n-vi Chiea'-'o. D.c. 22.— Dechiri: r U-:-! the ;;,nvernmerif's case aeiiins^ the ten <'!iic;igo meat packers is bnil> on lii-- ories ;;iid .'ncient liLsiorv- Allure >v .'>K \V. I'.ord'TS reiire.srntinv Kdw:iril .Morris and '.nuis II. Hry ;,'7 ;.n. loday eniiiinued the opening stai-'inepts of ilifundiint's cocnsel to the jury. He itecMni li to eiii'sider ."serioiiE'v the operations of tlie alleged "Packers' Pool" iiriiW to 1;'07, and predicted Hull wli;'n 'lie im-v had been Informi il regarding the facts In the rase 1 ver- I'iel of not i;i!llly would be returned. "We he:ir a gr<';it deal aiiouf 111" lilvli cost of lIvliiK. espeelally Ilie high prlcr- of me;ii," Hiiid Attorney Borders. "This Is the result of changed economie eonilltlons. The country's Increase In iiopiilalion hiis 'vieecled the production of live stock. We will show by evidence Hint the demand for fresh meat l.ns lncre:if.e'I at Uie rate of five l.uiidreiL...^ nvllllon" (loiinds a year while there has been a dec-reasc! of sixteen per cent in pro duct ion of steers." y GET-RICiliyiCKERS GOIITT A Year In JaH for Stealing .Many Mil llon^ Dollars. tn.v the .-Xssrielfciril T*re>wl .Vew York, Dec. 22.—Pleas of guilty Were made today by Shelion C. Burr, president; Eugene E. Burr, secretary; Cbarleh H. Tobey. vice-president, and Edwin Wesley Preston, official of the Burr Brothers inc., stock promoters. Their offices hero were raided jNovem- ber 1310 by postal authorities, the men being charged with asing the mails to defraud Investors. New York, Dec. 22.—Between forty ard fifty million dollars were obtained by Burr Brothers through the sale of worthless mining and oil stock, netting a nrlCt to the defendants of thirteen million to^flfteen million dollars, according - to an announcement made by the uostal Insp-^torS^ Each of the defendants was sentenced to serve one year in the penitentiary on Blackwell's Island. EPCKLICAXS WILL FRAME IJILL 11 Will be Offered as Substitute l>emocratii; TariJi". mr Forty 15 \D WRECK IX TEXAS. Por.fO 'i" Hurt. Snn'n FataUyi On the Texii.<! Pneific. (I '.y thi: *s«'ii '-t.'d Prps«> Texarlc-ina. Df. 22.—About forty •Frsnns were iniiircd. some fatally,' '•rt a head-on collision of passenger fain= Xps. 3' and 104 on the Texas. Pr.y>t\v at'JCildare todaj'. '.V:<.';liin:;toii, Dec. 22. —Republican 1 meinljeii of the Ways and .Means committee were suiiiiiioni;d i>y Rep- rfsentaiivo Payne of .Vev.- York, former chairman of the committee, to- i!:iy to begin the iireparation of a revised wool tariff schedule based on the report of the tariff Board and the message! of President Taft. Taft having pronounced the report of the Board as the most scientiiic ever made on the subject. Administration and Republican leaders In the House have determined to draft a bill founded entirely on this data. Witli this bill they will go before tlie country. IIAXDIT CO.MIXtJ THIS WAY,' THEY STILL HOPE FOR PEIICE lola Oflleers Asked lo Watch for 11 Robber from Chcrrytrale. The luAfl Hgei.- u: t :ie Santa IA nill.viiy station lU (;hcrryvale w.'.i held up and robbed by a lone bandh .•,irly iUiH morning, 'i'he nniO'.'iit se- i ;iired was not ,fit;!te(l in 'he iiier.simc lo the Sola jiolice. but Hii officeri* were Infiiniie.l thai eIew.-< so far discovered lead to the bell;'f il;at In-- lohber Is e.scaping from tie' soen of his crime overland and tliat !.e i:^ headed this way. Instead of .'he log- ulaiioii black mask the lobl-er wore p. stocking call pulled do.vii ever his face. I'he police have Wf-v. f^iruished with as complete a descriofjtj'i of in-: man wanted as was po.i^ible to give. RICHESOX HAD A BAD XIGHT. The Be The trains are all loaded to capacity these days with people |ind presents and while they are< off schediilti the crowds are, too, merry to grumble. Rosfon Preacher Miiv Xot Able to .Stand TrInL tHy the As.s.K iiit,<l I'r,-;-i Boston, Mas.s., Dec. 22.—Rev. Clarence V. T. Richeson suffering from self-inflicted wounds In the Suffolk county jail, took a turn for the worse la ?t night. His counsel toCay said \e was so weak and sick that it wou'd be a mi -ac'p if he were able to stand the strain of his trial next month. Picheson was kept under opiates throughout the day to deaden the pain from h's Felf -infllcted wounds, and was unable to converse with his coun. sel William .\. Morse, In his cell today, so that his silence regarding his act remains unbroken. The Masonic Camp and the .Masnnie Coiincll will hold a meting Vonight at Masonic Temn'e for tl/e' nf installing the officers for the eoniing year, who were elected the first of the present week, - .. i* onference Still Trying It an Agreement. rriv the Av;oe |iitp<l Prc ««1 - ^, Shanehai. China, Dec. 22.—Tang , ^hao Vi wbo Is representing Premier Yuan Shi Kai and the Imperial gov- nrnn'fht at the iH>ace conference still "J5i*^''*' Premier will accept ''."> Re'iiBj^p" the only means of FP- f-iiring peSwi: Tang Shao Yl said that I'reniier Yuan Shi Kal up to six •-.•(•'(I '-k this evening hadn't communi- rated with him his decision to renu- iIlnT H'O anegctlon of the Republic. Hacketl by EnsrIiind und Japnn. V'"i^.nf;'. 3?—It Is believed here that Yui ^i ^hl Kal means what he •.XT ill'! wHl uphold the monarch.v. A -e'\- iiifiiitlon has nrlsep. Great Bri- •'iln. which has been supnorting th6 •••einier'.s nionarchlal, programme for .•rvei-»' weekf. Is now strengthcpi/l irv .Tsitiiin .and is endeavoring to obtain the Ftjpinort of the United States , nnrl othPTi cbutUrles. C?;-e^t Brlta'n bpMeves the separation of the depend- ' mc 'es, Manchurla».Moneolla and Thlb . and the .<?erloiis disintegration-,of c'liim nroiier, would result from the establishment of a renublic whereas f^-e republicans already have obtatn- "(f in a material way everything de- --ir*d. Only the name of the men-, srchv is 'eft. r. S. Wllllne to Join. . It i.s stated that the America* if^ •rretie if r''* t»-e Amer'eait =ti»^«j?'<t'>» * "or^n'^r^ .ilreadv supports fe Pi ^h Men airl are roarty with two if not »hree of the others cf the "fo'ir na­ tion,eroup" of financiers to lend Yuan .Shi Ka!'5 government money. Nean-. »'at!'»n5 'o this end have been pro-— needing for some days. REV. SHELDOX WILL TR .4TEI. }{p pn<.- ToneVa ,pastoraf« and Win Ylsit Ml<i «lo»a. I <R>- the A :s.snciated Frew) . . - i^r Toeeka. Kans., Dee 22.—RP*^. ChuTr- • les R. Sheldon, author of "In^ Bf« ., S 'ens." today resigned the paattMtsta . nf t«>» Central Congregational chorcJt ^ He has held twenty-thre* yeira. will tour the world"virftlng BI1S-L.- sions and tly Y- M. C. A -Sy^ ' -^^^^ rnioneV^arsell Ai' enfoylng 'a vl»fei^l from H brewer from IlUnolB.' who,^ic^f:^ here f of the holWaf »• ^\::'-C^-^;i<.i::^i^

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