Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 21, 1911 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1911
Page 7
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8 THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAt^EVENING, 1-)ECEMBER 21,1911. Extra reduction 15% On all Fancy; Scarfs. Chiffon Veils. Aviation Caps and Auto Hoods. 25/^ Reduction On all Silk Scarfs from $1.50 to $5.00. From $2.50 to $15.00 Extra Special - 65lc per yard Worih $1.25 and $1.50 54 and SO^nch all wool Broad­ cloth—one'of the big bargains this year. - 20x20 large si>:c Napkins 15 dozen for quick sellinil— worth SI.75 for "Will make a nice Christmas present. ~ YORK STOR BETWEEN DPi'lL AND DEEPSEi I not make this choice the rate of In- j crease of from 100 to 400 per cent for ! per cent over previous rates and the 1 difference in the rates will operate to EMrL(»YEKS OF L.VBOK SCTa TO ! cause employers to say out from un- BE A Pl'BLIC ME>ACBi i >lcr the provisions of the new law. ' As an example of the Increase the raie of the Maryland Casualty Cora- i pany of Baltimore, on gas plants for the last three years has been seventy- five cents on each $100 shown on the ! payroll. The new late for gas plants j i.s ninety cents for each $100 or a 20 per cent increase where they do not The last Icfiiiilaturc m.uteil a work i clioose to come under the provisions ingmans rompi nsaiion aci wliich j "f the new law and $?..r.0 i)er $100. , . , „ ,. 11,,,., "1 i*" increas-p of more than 40U per goes m:o ,f,.,-r .lanmuy 1. V..12. Kv- Stii(e Law Kicks Thcni Out of C'onrt iind CnMialty ('(uiipauicit liob 'Em IMIiid. ery emj)Ioy (T In tlic stiil" has been flooded with FnHrH.M-i-nti liy caKualty insurance cninp:iiii<s wish nffi -rR of In .surancp. at a rate to lie doiprniined later. Thp oiiiploycr i.>; thrown out of court practically by tiip new law, being guilty imhcarU; and hi.< one alter- nntivp Is to pay highway. rol)bery tr'lmtp to sdiup casualty company. Tlic Pinpliiycr fif labor Is permitted to ron.>-id<'r liiii '.-«'lf entitled to llttjc from the numerous kinds of taxei he pays and a trifle more self-respecting than a mad dog Mhich all good citizens are nnt only allowed but urged to kill on sight. A Topeka di?patch of yesterday tells o fthe developments in the situation as follows: The Workingman'.= Compena^fion Law, which takes effect .lanuaBy 1, has caused an increase in the Ifia(Kas rates of casualty insurance oom» panies. The rates received show an In- tells "Of the developments in the s^tu- 'the insurance or employers ' who choo.'e to be governed by the provisions of.tlie new law. ^Miere tttey do v;i.'-i<'s with different cla.s!--es of risks. In the case of brick plants, tho old rates ran from fifty-five to seventy- fivo cents, the now rates are $1.20 and $2.80 for each $100 rrspeiilvoly. Kniployers who do not elect to come under the i)rovi.';ions of the act wliich takes effect January 1. are not allowed to set up any of tlie following defenses in case of the death or injury of an employee: "That the employee either exjiressly or impliedly assumed the risk of the hazard complained of; that the Injury or death was caused in whole or in part by the want Of due 6are of a fellow servant; that such employee was guilty of contributory negligence." The law fixes the amount an employer mu.^t pay for the death or injury of an employee. WHEIIT STILL ON THE DECLINE UOOD WEATHER IX AR«E>TINE KESPO.XSIBLE FOR THE DHOl*. riic Lirestork Market Is Stcadr But Shows >o Materia^ Chan^. \ (By thi- .\s.srirliito<l I 'rt-s^) Clrfcagr), Dec. 21.—Wheat is lower on account of the favorable weather in Argentine. Opening was to % lower. May started 9S% to %; loss of % ixyh: declined to VB . Close—Dec. 04; May 9S%Q Vi; July 93%. COKN—Dec. 63'/<,lrVi; May 64Vi@ 04%; July 64%@64%. • OATS—Dec. 46%; May 47%; July 44%. POIUC—May $16.02'/i; July $16.20. LAUD—Jan. $y.l7; May $"J.42«^; .luly $»..jOfe. Kansas CHy Produce. Kansas City, Dec. 21.—BUTTER— Creamery 3.ic; firsts 33; seconds 31; packing stock 20';^. ICGOS—Kxtras 32c; firsts 30; seconds 17. WILfYSKINNEeUNDEeHReEST St. Louis Lead and Spoltor. St. Louis, Dec. 21.—I^ad, firm, $4.35 si>elter, firm. $6.20. -Elite and Majestic now 5 cents. RECORD SALE OF TIRKEY.S. More than 100 Birds arc Sold at Mont goniory, .Mo. LaH(>rpe Youth Is Chnnred With Ar*; son and Burglary. Foley Kidney Pill!i. —Tonic in action, quick in results. Will cure any case of kidney or bladder disorder not beyond the reach of medicine. Ko need to say more. J. D. Mundis & Co. For Friday ii^^-M to 9:30 P. M. Tioff--Pyrc^aphy ™T off ' Panels of all kindsr-Hand Mirrors, Tie Racks, Glove Boxes, Handkerchief Boxes, Collar Boxes, Jardinier Stands, Towel Ra|l£s and many other pieces; piHced from 5c to $1.2oi-^$pecial Friday from 7:30^ to 9:30 p. m ONE-THIRD OFF All Fancy Calendars, special Friday Night from 7:30 to 9:30; at ;,. ONE-THIRD OFF I ChictiKo Lheslork. •r Chicago, Dec. 21.—CATTLE, receipts B,.i00. Strong to ten cents higher. Beeves >$4.80(g 8.90; stockers and feeders $3.25{g.ii.8i»; cows and heifers $2.00®6.a0. i HOGS—Receipts 27,000. Strong to | five cents higher. Lights $5.60© 6.15; mixed $5.80@6.30j heavT $5.90@6.30; rough $5.90® 6.05; pigs $4.50®7.00. Montgompry. Mo.. Deo. 20—Cm no brothers of Minoola drove 414 turkeys overland to this city. They weighed .1 total of 0,179 pounds, an average of about 15 pounds, and received 15 cents per pound. This is the largest single drove of turkeys that has come into market for sonio time. It took two days to roach here over the snowy road. When they arrived they were almost exhausted. Turkeys and chickens are selling unusually cheap at the markets hero this seas on. St. Lonis Grain. St Louis, Dec. 21.— WHEAT, close May 98%: July 92%. C0R >i—May 65%; July 65%. OATS—Dec. 47%; May 48%. St Louis Lircstork. St. Louis, Dec. 21.— CATTLE, receipts 2,500. strong. NaUve steers. $4.50@9.25; cows and heifers $3.75® 7.00; stockers and feeders $3.25@^5.25. HOGS—ReceipU 12,500. Strong to five cents higher. Pigs and lights $4.75@6.20: mixed $5.80@6.10; heavy $6.10 @ 6.30. Quarantine was raised this afternoon from the home of Attorney R. E. Cullison, whose little son, Robert, has been ill^ with scarlet fever for several days. KansasCity Grain. Kansas City, Dec. 21.—WHEAT, receipts, ^4 (An. Cash wheat, unchanged. No. 2 hard, gSg'l.OS; No. 3 98® 1.04; No. 2 red, 96@97: No. 3, 94®95. Close—May 98%®%; July 91%. CORN—Unchanged to half cent lower. No. 2 mixed, 63%; No. 3, 62%; No. 2 white, 64@65; No. 3, 62%. Close —Dec. 65%; May 64%; July 64%®%. OATS—Unchanged to %c lower. No. 2 white. 48®49; No. 2 mixed, 47%@48. RVE—9S@96%c per bushel. HAY—Steady. Choice tfmotby $19.- 50n>20.00; choice prairie |13.25@13.50. BROOM CORN-H|70@140 per ton. Kansas City Llrestoek. Kansaa City Dec. 21.—CATTLE, receipts 2,540. Steady to strong. Native steers $5.00®8.75; cows and heifers $2.75®7.00; stockers and feeders $4.00 ®6.00; bulls $3.40®5.00; calves $4.00 ©7.00. HOGS—RecelpU 13.000. Strong. Heary $6.15®6.25: packers abd butchers $6.00®«.a5; lights |5.60®6.15. The AUDITORIUM SKATING RINK will epen for Skating TONIGHT Dec. 21, at 7 O'clock and Saturday, Dec. 23rd Afternoon and Evening BAND MUSIC ADMISSION Evening 10c .^Skates loc Aft'noon 5c Skates 10c Skating \M-'ey Skinner, the young man for whotfl Sheriff Kerr has been looking for sj)me time ajid who it was expect ed would come to Allen county where ho^j^^ relatives, has been arrested by the officers at Dodge City and return «\a to the Larned jail. The Gar- lield fJooster says: Th^or are still more devolopnionts In tl(o oxcltoment that aroused over the Burning of the Jlnnna hardware and Carllold hotel on the night of N'ovoinber 28th. As was stated In this papct last week I'cto Shindler w:is causnt with the goods and arrested and Is no\c in the county jail at learned ^waiting further developments and the next term of court In January We nuide a confession and implicated Wilev Skinner In the deal. Skinner has peen_around Garfield for some timeOari^ has been working part of_ the time for Emmcrson Kilgore in the"; tin shop. Skinner got pretty hard up and tried to disappear mysteriously and ."eave a board bill but the plan was discovered In time to stop him. He', tfas again turned loose and was lost sight of until his apprehension at WUroads. a little town south of Dodge City; on Tuesday evening of this '^eek and taken to I.nrned and placed in Jail. Skinner stood pat and at hU preliminary yesterday rooming tried: to prove an aljbl but there was too much evidence against him to mak?it stick and he was bouuil over to the* district court. Shiiidler claims that Skinner was the *aln man In setting off the flro and Is trying to exonerate himself. Skinner Is supposed to have had a clear name before he came here but just jaturally got In bad hi this case. SjSOPLIFTER WAS CAUGHT. Om Friday of last week, during tly? Christmas rush at the Famous, ah umbiella and some other articles were taken by a shoplifter. When one qf the clerks came back from din ner he noticed a lady looking at the umbriellas displayed in a stand. He asked her if she had been waited on and the said she been. While in the pressing room taking off his over coat, the lady left, and on investigation *ie found that an .umbrella and two »alrs of hose were missing. A diRcrlptlon of the articles stolen, and the It^dy who presumably stole them wcr'» given to Marshal James Fred- erickion of Bassett, who yesterday dlsco \lered-lhe woman, and secured a confession of the thoft and payment for tlie goods stolen;Shoplifters have alSo been reported as having taken valihU>le artlcleiJ from "Richardson's a^d other stores, and a^ making attempts at thefts at other Jilaces Mr.-tteiWikowltz, of the Famous stated this morning that he would not prosecute the woman. I —If you are troubled with chronic - (Finst Publi.'-hed in The lola Daily constipation, the mild .and gentle ef-i Uegi-ster Dec 21 1911) feet of Cham^berlain's Tablets makes! >„j|e„ of Appointment, Executrix. especially su ted to your case. \ state of, Allen County, ss. For sale by all dealers. j ,n ,i,e .Matter of the* listate of , , J . , ,, , , ^1 Thomas nreckcnridge late of Allen An lola doctor wlio usually drivesr^! (_v,untv Kan>;as' about • .... y direr m urged a team of liired the mud and the rain through the darkne p.ared this morning to the old Country Doctor and pay I . . ... ,, . , ,„ i , him hcniage i "'tf'''^'*"'! "i "alfl estate wIILtake ' ] notice and ^iivern themselves accord- I inf;!y. —Pork Sausage, all pork and home! M\(;i;iK .1. HUECKENRIDGE, made, at the City .Aleat .Markc.'t. | (12)-;jl-2S-l 1 )-4 Executrix. the the T Only Two More Days to Select the Christmas Piano LOTS OF VALUES LEFT IN PIANOS We have a used Bush & Gerts at $125 We have a used Harvard at. , $169 We have a used Marshall at.. $42 We have a used Dayton at -^ $197 3—CAR LOADS OF NEW PIANOS—3 Organs at $6, $10, $12, $15, $22 to $80 Violins, Phoncigrraphs, Banjos, Mandolins, Music Rolls—Everything in Music! J. V. Roberts Music Go. OPEN EVENINGS I

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