Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 21, 1911 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1911
Page 6
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THE'iOIJ^ DAEiiyi^ THURSDAY^\^te^;t^^ Aft fifiA A^w^i^ hii'^i^^m 2tmm "THE NEXT TIME I HIRE YOU," SAYS FELIX TO F INK, "YOU GOT TO STICK .UNTIL THE JOB IS FINISHED." I ^X6IVE ^OU > Fim CENTS IF TOU CARRY %ME PACKAGES TO m COME OH PINK AND HELP ME tlx owe YDO A 9UARTEk WAXTKD—CLEA\ milTE KAdS. R«'t:isler offfce. nONATIOXS WANT-KD FOR SAL- vation Army free Christinas dinner atil tree for the worthy poor of our city. WANTBD—TO nilY CALVES. Phone 01-22, Gas City. WANTlCn—TO TRADE LOT AND barn in Kenefii-k,' Okla., for two s<^"«l I'ows or lior.==e. Plione t'l"). \v.\.\Ti:n— WOOD TO SAW WJTH buzz saw. Will Buaranlopd to do work iiuickiy and satisfactorily. —The W. C. Teats RealYy Co. has moved to Kress building. Office root^is FOR SALE—MISCEI.LAXEOUS. FOR SALE—ONE SQUARE DIX- in.i,' taiilo ;0U4 S. UiKkoyo. FOR SALE—FULI^ RLOOD R. L R. Cockerels . La llarjio idione tjCC. .Ipnkins. WOOD FOR SALE. Phone 097-12. J. R. CLINE. FOR SALE—TWO $1000 MORT- gages, well secured by lola City prop erty. Party will allow a reasonable discount. See lola l^d Company. FOR SALE—A GOOD 6 YEAR OLD Tio'rse; Found and gentle; will take no. Phone 104. FOR SALE—A GOOD COW .lUST frnph, with two-weck.-^-old bull calf at side. Thl.s cow Is 32 years old and pives lots of milk. She will be sold ut public auction on the street Saturday, December 23. Phone <jyS-5. Wallis EwinK. Route 2. FOR SALE—PAWNED SUIT I; hand hags; just like new. Bigus ! Pawn Shop East Side Square, in fruit store. First door south of Kress store. FOR S.\LE—TE.A .\r OF .MULES. Phone Gas ;tl -12. S. L. Rems-'bcrg. 22 lo 2J. FOR TltADE—AX IMPROVED SO- acre farm, 4 uiilcs from pood town for lola rp.<idon<e of $2,(100 value. Phone or call 221 S. Chestnut. FOR EXCIIAXGE—FI.\E IMPROV- cd 22-acre tract adjoining good small !<iwn in Coffey county, Kansas, value $ir.00 cash*. Will take close in resl- d.'nce in l(da up to $2000 to $2r,00 and ,cive time on the balance. An ideal location for a shipper. What have you? lola T-and Company. FOR SALE OR TRADE— A 215- acre pasture, all fenced, good l^nd. adjoining a town of 7(MI, in Riitler-Co. Want small place handy to K. C. for stock feeding. Phone 63. or call ,224 S. Che-stnut. - FOR SALF >-GOOn POXY G YEARS old. Chas. Logan, 401 S. Washington, La Harpe, Kas. FOR SALE—TOLOUSB GEESE AT ?I.«0 eafh for Christmas. J. R. Cllne, phone 097-12. , ; fOR SALE-FIVE WHITE OR- pington pullets and one cockeril. _Dr. Xeusome. Phone S24, • FOR SALE—LA.MB CAltCASES OR halves, at lOt; pound. Phone 008-'). Wallis Ewing. It. 3. FOR SALE—STOVE WOOD. TELE- Iilione 1049. FOR SAT>E—NEW FLYING SHUT(lo carpet loom. Mrs. Mary Reusing, 414 S. Malconi, Chanute, Kas. FOR SALE—OXE TWO MOLE CUS- tom corn sheller. Phone 1610. E. G. Whitney, Moran Kans. UnSCELLANEOrS. AGENTS EVERYWHERE CAX make money, spare time, distributing Post Cards advertising our Chewing' Gum.. No canva.ssing. Liberal terms. Yearly contract. Weekly settlements. Send .seven two-cent stamps for supply Post Cards, Instructions and Contract. S|icarniinl Company, 1777 Uroadway, Department 17S. New York. —6% Money. B. M. Cnnplngbam. FOE BENT— MISCELLAaTSOrS. FOR RENT—FARM % MILE FROM town. Call Moran phone 1814. FOR RENT—FARM 3 MILES EAST of Bayard, Allen county, Kans.; 90 acres plow land, 32 acres timothy and clover; balance lots and pasture Plenty of running well and spring water. See or write to M. L. Becker 211 N. Sycamore, lola, Kans. TO CURE A COLD IX ONE D.VY —Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund money if it fails to cure. E. W. Groves signature is on each box. —The Register Publishing Co. turns out first class printing and bookbinding. A trial solicited. REHDr FOR HOLIOiYS AT m SCHOOLS <l,OSi: KI.MDAV. TK\CH . EKS WILL VISIT ~.nA>I.«AS." William Smith Fell jind IMvlonilrd HiglM hiM'c. I 'lT -onuK <ii' t;a> < i(> I 'lopic, IRA B. FRANTZ KEfJLSTKKKI) OPTOMLTKIST llu:iibi)lilt, Las. .\I<ir:iii. aricrnoim of Jiec. 13 and all <1 ly the 20th. I,all.-ii|.c Di'c. 21 and 22. STO.NY POINT. DiiTiiilicr I'.iDii^litiin ami llc<!s iiiliabl.' |iii!li'!| (heir iiKiciiirii' <i(il .Muii il:iy for lb'' lir>( of t'lis ."-fa.-"!. . fi \\>; wcss \M' will ^:cr our tlir:i.-nii: if till' w .-a '.lHr v.ill iicniiit. lUil) i ;i ';nii:;ii is no; mucli be; • suffer.- ;i. L-.-c.-it (b-al wit'i /lis .-!'. • Mid b:i-k. .Mrs. Wt 'Itiiy Kilziiiiiler WHS /•.• down III iM'it Soiit a;;aili .Mondav as now of Lartlcsvill", who , i,,.^ i„.,(ii.r. wlio has been .>^i< k ^v;r^, in Clar.-mor.'. (Iklri.. tor . \\„,-.<.. Mr. i.iul .Mrs. Hite and their son, Cl .-i :ir. lauK- up f:oiii Enid. Ok!a., Mon 1 i.v ff r a \isit wilh .Mrs. Mite's sister. .Mrs. J-.VIa IlK /tichton, and otlier r(l:i- iivrs. T 'l" .-isters Jiadn't iii(;t for t went.v-'-::;'il yc.-irs. .\l(.frt liiirrls is buildiiij? an aildi- !''in to (lis !';irn. .•^Ir. .Siii;;li, ("uloiiy, a re;ii-"-..enta- (iaiiieit nursery, rpent wit;) .-!. n. I!i:aiden- GAs crrv, Dec. :'i. - \viiii..iii j Sniilli met witli :i p:iiuful aecld<iit i the first (if the week, when li<' .slipper! j on the w-'t sidewalk, disloeritiiif; hi.s richt knee. He will be iiff from wuik | ,a nutiilier of weeks. I -Mr. and .Mrs Jack Ray I have re- i turned to Leroy afur a shott .s'.iy j _ uith her jiarenis, -Mr. and .Mrs. L. | .Moomey, j Mr. and Mrs. D. Sieeje fnrtu- rl.v of h<ue but have been Fomc time for tlie benefit of Mr. Ste<xi(.'s health, liave remrned home. Mr. Stf >ele is reported much im|in»v- cd and able lo resume his work. .Mrs v.. Ix'slie of Concrcto is report od quite, ill. .Mr.s Ann^i Armstrong of lola visited .Mrs. .Mary Kplini; tin's -.v.-k. She KI05 GET 10 DAYS LA IIARPE SCHOOLS CLOSE FRI OAV IMIL .\IOXnAV, .IA.\. I. IJ .irkcr-.loliiison WodUiiiK Orcurs Mon daj—Cli lire lies llau- Procrnins .Saturday Mght. V t I t -it rS rS 'X'- re S? rjj rlr t'e r\\( V COOIUES AXD rlr CKA(KEK.S. r-- Tlio;.' is always something new in tiii.-^ line—.-unie one making a new kind of Cracker or Cooky all tlie time. Whatever is new you'll find ;it'.s Grocery. Our craeker deiiarlmcnt is notiiint; small. You'd 'be surprised to know how many different kinds we carry. Fancy and deiUioiis c lackers that simply melt in your month. Something dainty for tea, wiii;;t or luncheon. it;. Will leave today for Hilisboni, Illinois to join Mr. Aniislrong and n'.:ike their j (ue of i!i ho(ne. , i 'I uesdiy n:; Sam Cornell c,-;me uji y< si' rd-iy ; i.'irir. from Chanute to visit du inrc 'he hoi-j .Mr jum! .Mrs ti Tiileiy ..r lleno idays with his parenis, .Mr. and .Mr.", j "lun'y K.u: as. will arriw here next A. Cornell who reside south of (;as. j''(''csday lor a vi.-it wp!i Mr-, 'i'illery's A number from hire will skat<' in I I'"""'"'- -"^'i'^ "• Hninden- tlie auditorl^im at lo^.a this evening. . Fred Lee has returned from .Miami, Okla., to stay wiili his parents .Mr. atid Mrs. Cliarley Lee of Coucreto Practically all tli« oul-of-to-vn school teachers will leave iomorr<.\,- evening for their resper^tive homes to siiend tlie holidays with their "Pajuis and Mammas." J. W. Lowff is suffering with, a I!er( * )..:i..ine.-..-- Hal! an'l chiMri'n made triii to !o!a Sa'urday. An .\larni sit Nit;ht. —I'hat strikes terror to the entire liouseliold Is the loud. ho.Trse and me- t;'.nic cough or croup. No mistaking it, and fortunate then tlio lucky parents who keep Foley's Honey and Tar slight afack of rh.umatism. If li.- is " ""'l'","""! on hand. H. W. Cassel- able he will begin building a ,,arn^'J' . m n next w.Mk on t!>e .Monfort place north "-^ w-iRl'V" ""''"tf: "'"^ ""i^ "^''^'T" - - - ' 'are tionbled with crouii and hoarse- t^ West of lola. —When buying meats you want the best; yon gel the best at Carl i: Hunters. Mr. and Mrs W. R. Harn^on. of I'leasanton vlsi(-'tl Fred and E .1. Torbelt .-ind faiiiili- s je.KHrday. Tliey went In Chanute today to m.ike tin ir home. .Mrs I-; Cl'tiiil.'is of Hionson \isi(ed her sister .Mrs Mary i:pllni', (liis w< ek Mrs. P. H.- tl 'Ceiinor. who lias been vislling her iiareiiis. Mr. and .Mrs I,. Moomey reiuriied ihib wi ek to li-r home in t 'ofreyviile. -r^ .M. \). Arbuckle has a<i'epf< d a no- sitioli as iiif^htwaih at tile Prime Wr'stern works -No 1. —A fine assurtmeiit of Chriblin.'ts nuts at Carl & Hunters. Mr. and .Mrs. V. .1. I'orbett will vis it relatives in Chanute Sund.iy. The Ladies Aid Society of thf; .Metli- odist ehun-li is-iiolding an aiiron bazaar and a eliieken pie supiier this evening in the building just north of th' Herald Office. The choir of the Methodist church will practice tomorrow evening. All members are urged to attend to prepare for the Christinas program. ness, and all we give them is Foley's llnney and Tar Compound. 1 always l.ave :i bottle of it in the house." J. J>. Mundis ^ Co. WHb Uie Coming of Middle Age —There is a letting down in the lihysical forces often shown in annoy ing and painful kidney and bladder all mcnts and urinary irregularities. Foley's Kidney Pills are a splendid regulating and strengthening medicine at such a time. Try them. J. D. Mundis & Co. - Ilai.' a do /.en of llie advantage.^ ( !:iiii'ed for the new .SViyer System nf f .inking in Paper liag.-, briefly put a re: It makes i-\->-<ry di-li Jiiore savory anil nutritious. II i.s rconoiillcal: (he food wel^lis tiraetlcally the name when drawn fr(;m. us when'piit In, the oven. It Is lal/or-s;ning—110 cleaning of pots or [lans. It Is liy:.;ienic—no gerin-haunted Clinking llten.i-ils. -V'l smell of cooking -the bag is sealed with a common metal clip, siic'i as is used by busineii.>i men iji offices. It saves fuel and. therefore, money. —Yo!i will find that druggists every where speaif well of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. They know from long e\i>er!ence in the sale of it that in cases of coughs and colds it can al- wajs bp deepnded upon, and that it Is jileasant and safe to take. For sale by all dealers. —If you need a good stove or range buy it now. Our sale lasts until Saturday night, December 23rd.—Bragg & Dildine, Humboldt, Kas. —Better leave your order for Cut Flowers for Christmns?, Carnations, Roses and Narcissus at J. W. Prliii- - a -i..x^i\fk% mer's Green House. [ For one wei4c the La Harpe .school ' r-.liililrnn will not have to worry over • b .-.•ons .Sciiool will bo dismissed Fr| ] 'lay afternoon iintil .lauuary 1st. . ; Tiie Literati Society of the high j .•c :u>ol is rcndfrin .i; an interesting pro , ur .ini thi .s afternoon. The Philoma; theans'wii; giw; thtir program tomor- i row. t .A dance **ill !«• civi .'U in the opera house Chri.'^tinas night. Glen I«iwrencn and Ad Jtrennan were calling on friends in lola ycs- ! terday. \ The city basket ball team will play i .Savoiibiiig at tliat jdace Christinas I night. —f)iir lino of toys is growing smal- I lifully decorated with appropriate ; ler each <lay. .Make your selections early.—Waters & Danforth, Drugs and Jewelrj-. The marriage of Miss Edith Barker of this jilace to .Mr. Bert .lohnson, of I independence, will oceur Monday noon at the bride's h(mie on South Harrison street. Rev. French, formerly of this city, but now i)astor of the Methodist church in Yatea Ci-nler will perforin the ceremony. Tlic La Harpe merchant.4 are cer- 'ainly tasty In window decorating. All have their stores and windows heau- colois. —Oiti' line of .levyelry has many nice gifts in it, gold/bundled umbn-l- !:;s, lockets, ladb s and gents' gold watches and many nov'eltles.— Walcr.s h Danforth. Drugs and .lew<.-lry. On account of her mother'.s Illness Miss Mattie Bacon was compelled to Huit school. •* —Boys' Velociiiedes and Wagons or Christinas at Hines' Hardware. .\rthur McGlnnis came up^ from Hartlesville yesterday to visit his parents, Mr. and .Mrs. S. E. McGlnnis during the holidays. Christmas is liere and so are those Catlarangus pocket knives. See them at Mines'. j Mrs. E. E. Maxey and son, Milton,} wiio have been visiting in Jefferson! City, returned home yesterday. They; were accompianied by he.r son Harry j Maxey and wife, also Earl Masey, [ who lias just returned from four years service in the navy. Roy Masey will arrive this week from Chanute and at the home of Mrs. Conover a family reunion will be held during the holidays. The Methodist, Christian and Pres- byteriau .churches have arranged splendid programs to be given In-the cliurches Saturday evening. Watch this column tomorrow evoning fo«^ the programs. . —We carry a full line of Christmas c ;indios and nuts: also gloves, handbags, ilres.s goods and many other use fill articles that would make nice prescntH. At \i. P. Malcoin's. Sam Knox left today for Sheffield, Illinois, to spend the liolidays with lii.s parent,--. Hi; will visit friends in liidependenc-e until Sunday. —We Just rc<elved another s.»lqc- tioii of (hose pretty lockets and jieek chains. They are the very latest designs. Ask to see them. Watcts & Danforth Drugs and .lowelrr. Tuesda.v night when the city jeam and the liigh si-liool basket ball.boys were engaged in a hot contest the lights went out leaving tlie gauyj 20 lo 20. Another game will bo pljiyed soon to determine the winner. .Mrs. .Maude Butts .after a pleasant visit with ICd Hart and family, returned yesterday to her home in Guthrie, Okla. —F. R. Halm M. D.. Oculist. CJiarles Theobald is in Burlington on business this week. Barney Limes, lineman for the tele jilione company,, received a numh->r of painful bruises yesterday iis a r.'sult of falling about fifteen feet whilfe attempting to ascend a pole. At the T. T. G. meeting with ..Miss Huber Tuesday, the girls presented Mi;.; Darker with many nice pieces o fdiina and also useful kitchen vessels. —What is nicer for a Christm:?s remembrance than a nice picture? Will have my gallery open for all kinds of work until atfer the holidays. M. L. Mullennix. Photographer. , Fred Schlosser la expected .home fnuii Chicago thi.=; evening. G. G. Dii;k returned yesterday from Alta Vista, Kansas, where he aj,tend- cd the big stock .sale. Mr. and Mrs. .1. M. Harris are'vlslt- ing their son. C. T. Harris, and wife for a few days. Pete Sciioenarls has relurned from Pittsburg, where he attended this funeral of his brother-in-law, Mr. J,ovell who died suddenly in Elsmor* last week. —Call on W. S. Ford for low .prices on .lewelry before buying rln •^liere. Tlie city coiimll met latii ivmin.^ in regular session. f". L. Evans is in Parsons thi.v week on biisInesH. The Holiness meetings conlihuo to grow with intercft. George Cone of .Moran. was » business visitor liere yesterday. .Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Wallas went to Oklahoma yesterday for an extended ' isit with their .s/in. .Mrs. George Riixton, after n^pleas- nnt visit with her parents Mr. and Mrs. W R. Ivord, relumed to Mildred y.^sterday. R. C. Miller and ."on. after a .short visit with F. M. Miller and family, returned to Parsons yesterday, K .Mrs. John Bacon la vLsltlng her daughter. Mrs. George Sherwood, in Geneva this week. ; Miss Anna McKoon will arrjvo tomorrow from Coffeyvillo to sp^d the holJdavs with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. McKeon. John Bacon is making numerous repairs on the Wert bulldiiig. Both basket ball teams of the high school will meet the Moran glfls and hoys tomorrow evening In th* Wert haU. T. B. Jivlian, of TTniontown. was a business visitor here yesterday. —Without opiates or harmfu;) drugs of any kind Foley's Honey atjd Tar Compouhd stops coughs ant^ cures colds. Do not accept any subatitute. J. D. Moitdis & Co. LEGALS. / (First Published In the lola Daily Register Dec. 14, 1911) The State of Kansas To: Ray Overniycr and Ovcrmyer, first name unknown his wife; Fnink Overmyer and Overmyer first name unknown his wife; Leslie C Overmyer and Overiuyer, first namo unknown, liis wife; Knowlton Fisk, a minor; Arthur Fisk and Fisk, first name unknown, his wife; Jessie Overmyer Sandy and Thos. H. Sandy, lier husband; said above- named being heirs at law of John B. Overmyer, deceased; Sarah , Jane Overmyer Green and John Green, her husband; Bennett, first name unknown: Jennie Bennett Alice Bennett West and West, first name unknown her husband; Elsie L'en- nett, Bertlia Bennett Josephine Qiiinn Smalo and Jerome Snialo her husband; Alice Quinn Dctrick and August Detrlck, iier husband, and Mary Quinn Alorris and .Morris first name! unknown her liusband being lieirs at j law of Mary Kilen Overmjer, Quinr, deceased; .Martlia .A. .Ovcn;iyer Bni'i.v and .lacob Bailey, her husband; OHvi :• Smith and Smith, first nan:;- nn-. known, his wife; Jack Nester, a minor, heirs at law of Margaret Louise j Overmyer Smith, deceased; Katherino E. Overmyer Searing and Henry Searing her husband; Josephine Over- m.ver Morry and Ale.x Morry, her husband .ind you and each of you will! take notice that you have been sued, as defendants by Evlino Overmyer by| .M. Kelcy Ross as her guardian asi plaintiff in civil action No. 9571 in the District Court of Allen County. Kansas, and unless you and each of you appear and file your answer in' said artlon on or before? the 29th day of .January, 1912 the petition of plaintiff filed in said action will be taken as true and judgment and decree will • be rendered and entered therein qtiloting plaintiff's title to an undivided twenty-three-twentj- fourtbs (23-24) Interest in and to Ut' Three (3) and the North half of Lot Two (»t In Block Eighty-four f.S4l in the City of lola Allen County Kansas, and excluding and barring you and each of you from any claims, rlRht, title. Interest, estate In or lien upon said real estate or any part thereof, and forever barring and enjoining you and eacli of you from setting up or claiming any right, title, interewt estate in or lo, claim upon or lieu against saiil undivided twent.v-threc- fwenly-fourtlis (2;{-24) Interest In or to said nliovc-descrlbed real estate or any part thereof and for COS I H. ^ CA.MPBELL & OOSHOHN AttorncyH for PlainllfL Alt.*st: J.NO. T^.-BfftOW.V, " " (Seal.) Clerk District Court. MOXETl MOXEII MO.XEY! I make a specialty of farm loans. If you are wanting a farm loan it will pay you to see me. Rates reasonable; interest payable annual or semi-annual; privilege given to make partial payments or all at any time. C 0. B0LLT56EB loin, Kans. THE BIGGEST BABGAIX IX lOLA A seven room, modern house with two-story barn and 75 feet front, cement walks, shade and fruIL If so.'d before January first, $1250.00; halt cash. C. L. WHITAKER. Phono 186. The Allen County Realty Co. Make a specialty of soiling .Mien County Farms. \ Wc also write Insurance of all kinds, collect rents, pay taxes for non-residents, and do a general real estate business. We represent three of the best loan companies doing business in Kansas, and solicit a share of the loan business, and guarantee as cheap rates and quick service as can be had anywhere. TKe Allen County Realty Co. IL L; Thompson, Mgr. OFFICES EVANS BLDG. lOLA. FOR SALE I just got in 2'^ head of mules, 10 head of horses, 10 mares— some of the mares with foal-^ ages run on horises and mules from 2 to 5 years, AH In good flesh—most all broke single and double—right In from the country. Anyone wanting to buy, sell or exchange, come and see me at once. lola Horse and Mole . miirkct 1 block west Santa Fe J. C. Bttteber Fhoae 8S0 A i;i:i'i:M)AitLE ABSTRACT \A one which contains accurate information of all records relating to the property described therein. A complete and accurata Abstract Is tho basis of a good deed. There are no better Abstracts than those prepared by THE PETERSOX ABSTRACT CO. rhooc »7 Old Court Uoose Bid?. Farm ami Oify Loans KAXSAS AXI> OKLAHOMA dnw Itate; Annaal or %emU\nnaa\ In(erPst~Prhllri;e to Pay In Full Reduced Bales on Fire Insurance! R.M.Cunningham Old Court House BIdg. IttU, Kas. CALIFORXLV LAXDS. We'are agents for Clims Heights, fruit lands adjoining the city of Sacramenta. Free round trip to buyers. We are sole agents for this territory. CHARLES & POTTER, tola, Kansas. . Good morning! Chrlatsoas Seals? Have you. used lOLA R.R.TIME TABLES A. T. ifc S. F. RAILWAY' South I Bound. No. 201—Dally Passenger. 1:06 p. va. No. 203—Daily Passenger 2 :43 a. TO, No. 2V7—Daily (except-Sunday) Passenger .....V...... 8:50p.m, No. :!16—Daily (except Sunday) Way tToight.- Arrive 12:01 p. m. Depart 1 :06 p. m. North Bound. * No. 202—Dallr Passenger 2 :23 p. m. No. 204—Dally Puasenser 2:20 a. m. N". 208—Dally (except Sunday) Passan- Ber ....... ...i.;., .'. <:90a. m. No. 21ft- Dnily (exr.ept Sunday) Way Kreleht. Arrive 11 :15 u. m. De part 12:01 p. m. MISSOURI PACIFIC KAIIWAY rretghts—West Bound. 4M—T.oral (daily ex. S «n) Ivi.,. .1:46 p. m.. 431—Culo. V.fA Bait (daily) Iv.. .i:38 p. m. Freight*—B«st Sound. 4r.S— n .d Billl -fdnlly) ar.........1:10a. m. 492—Lociil (dally ex. Sun) ar •:00 a. m. Passengw-a ^VVest Bountf. 407— Clt>--yate.i Center Mail and Express (dally)-Iv 4:47 p. m. 403—St. lx>uJa-WIchlta Mall and Express (dally) IV.;.; 8.-I3 a. m. Passengers—East Bound. 410—St. Louia-Kahsas City Mall and E !Jc- press (dally) ar. ..7:K p. m. 40S—St. Louis-Kansas City Mall and Express (daily) ar. 8:8S a. m. M. K. & T. RAILWAY South Bound. •No. srj— Way Freight, (dally except Sunday? . T .4 :80 a. m. No. 75-^tl5ced (dally) 4:45 p. m. No. 73—Passenrer-fdally) 12:19 p.m. No. 25—Flye? (dally) B:60 a. m. Norih .Bound. No. 24—PasseriRprl (daily) 1:96 p. m. No. 7fi—Mixed (dsnr>-^-..--....8:S0p. m, •No. 672—Way Frefsht, (dally except Sunday) ..12:19p.m. •571 and 572 wffl carry passenger*. HERCHAllfl'ABI.B ABSXItACTS. Every Aiatract mid^ 19 our offlc* Is guar^qtaed to be 4 merchantable absmctor money retnoded, lOLA AB^BT^CT COlfiPlNT. Frank Wood. Uaaage;. * H&SM TO: jx^xki m > WUl Ifiid 0^ Asiu ^'ui C (Mte * ylaaofl.. JntKoa, - MJrjbf aia- * * aUBN, dtoonte and, iewalry. • • COFFSY • • > HiHortkStrM* • $ ^ ^ ^9 $ $F ^Sk $ $ $ 9 $ ^St '9i 9 « Boyal Trp9frrlter Agency « >S Controls Exolailre Sale of tba <S ^ Bojal ^taadard Typewriter Ki « : la Allen County « ••Si E. Q. BosslBff, Ageat • ^ XorCTirupi Building Tola, Kans. ifi $ Typewriter Repairs and Snpplka 4 ^^S^ ^^S^ ^^Sf « Br. a H. Rusa « » BEXTIST 9 * Room Xo. 1, Xortbmp BIdg. « Extraction without pain by the 9 S use of Nitrous Oxide Gas « JB Phone—Office 653; Res. 852. « « WHY HOT! m 3? Have. Tour Piano Tuned by a> > « Experienced Tuner—One U T- • J5 Ing In your home town. • 3? T. 0. CANATSEY • ^ Piano Toner and Bepatrer « « Roberts Music Co. Phome 4J1 • * L. B. LEAYEU, M. 9. • £ Specialties— 0 $ XMaeasea of the Cbaal. • a Diseases of Cbndrea. • £ Pkones—OfBee 1471 Reg. 147. • a lOLA. STATE BANK BUXJ. « » • t T + ****** <»-**** 4 * —-w A * Seal Estate and UyestaA f * Satiffaction guaranteed.Wlr8n # * phMe at zny expanse tor dataa. v * ^ B. B. (XABK, - ;« * Yatea Center Over Com. Buk f i * * ,*^i*"^ *******•*•«!• tmUJS HEIQEJUI 110% South St HABilESS AXD SADBELBY Geneial Bepalrlug, AU Kinds X iroXEY TO hOKTX on all kinds of household goods or Jewelry—anything of value." Bigus Pawn Shop.- East Side SqVlfo- Office In Fruit Store. AH transactions strictly conil- dentifU. <• *,* *.<• <»> « ^ ^ • •> * ^ » • « Hot Sprlngm^Arkm Round Trip Ticlcets, lols to Hot Springs, Ark., with return limit of three months from date orsale, with stop-over privilegea going and return on sale every day' in the year, for S18.60 The one way fare is |12.6S^ E. E. MUNGER. Fhoiie 160. Mo. Fa«^ Agent —Fa^era Attention! High-grade dlamii ^fe for aale. Telephone V5 lQ]a. or' Hntaboldt Refinery, M. Himger- ViX^m West 8tr«t r . ^ ,

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