Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 21, 1911 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1911
Page 5
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The tola 0»n^ Rwsonl and ttf lo'la-Daily ^ - - IndM. THK BEUIST£R FUBLiSIIING CO. Entered Bt iho lola PoKtoiricu aa Becond- CliiM Matter. AdvcrtUlns Ilalua Mude Known on Anpll- - - cation. V SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier In loU, G«« City. Lanyon- vllle, Concreto, LaHarpe and Basaatt: On$ Week 10 centa One Jlonlh 4» centa One Tear tS.OO BY MAIL: / One Tear, Inside €»unty J2.00 One Tear, .outside county 13.00 • TELEPHONES: Business Office 18 Bpclety Rtvorter 18 Job and Bfndeo' Dept. 141 Official Paper of City of lola. Official Paper City of Bawett. Official Paper of Allen County. .... .... . , - .. rr-fy TTBB/THURSDAY EVENmG.2 )g7EMBER 'a^^ im: It iB slon, to pass wisoly upon a tncaiure that Is of any importance at alli'^hfle It is comparatively easy to ascertain tber a man 'who offers himself dfflcial position is an honest ninn. yet if honest men were chosen .as rcpresentatiTes then there ia^no of direct legislation. I Jlhere is Dotbin; , new to any thoiuhtful man or to anyone who' is oven moderately familiar with the history of his own and other times In either tlie speech of Dr. Schurman or thjKt of Representative Underwood. But so many speeches have been made and so many articles have been written In favor of these heresies by men who are either thoughtless or Ignorant or deliberately, demagogical, that a real service is rendered to sound government when men like Schurman and Underwood discuss the subject. BISCtSSI>G DIRICT BEMOCR.VCY. _ It Is rather an inieresiing coincidence that on the same day two of the'well known men of the country, President Schurman of Cornell L'ni- versfty, and Oscar Underwood, Democratic leader of the House of Representatives, should have spoken upon the same subject and taken the same [ peal fails to see the slU.v, not to say arSAMARAS A>1) JOHN BROWN. The answer of tho Appeal to Treason to the McXamara confession is a full page of editorial comment in which the brothers are likened to Jphn Brown, and their d>Tiamiting outrages aro compared with Brown's raid on HafjJer's Ferry. It would be- IntercSafing to know whether any single reader of the Ap- view of It " The subject was direct legislation, as embodied in the Initiative, referendum and recall, and both of these very able men, one a Demo- cratjind the other a Republican, one a statesman and the other a scholar, spoke with the utmost emphasis ^against the "reform." President Schurman declared that thes'ft proposed new methods of government "take us back a thousand years to the wretched governmental machinery of the ancient world," a remark that is prayerfully commended to the fledgling "reformers" who imagine that in advocating these measures they have bit upon something Tiew. "We now have government by second thought," continued • Mr. Schurman. "the question is, shall wfe replace it by government of first Impulse? A direct democracy would cnd'ln political chaos and dictator- ^Bhip.*^ And we commend that remark - also to those who have imagined they •were advocating a system of government that would bring about ideal conditions. Mr. Underwood, like Dr. Schurman, called attention to the failure of direct democracies wherever and wben- ever-they had been tried, and polnt- _ed ont the danger of Individual rights —and Individual liberty that would be _Jncurred by vesting final and unap­ pealable power in a political majority. He expressed the opinion based __on a long legislative experience, and borne out by all our history, that all legislative bodies are ultimately responsive to the enlightened and ma" tured sentiment of the people and that'll measures demanded by the J'people were sometimes delayed, thoy wertJ all the wiser when finally enacted, by Reason of the delay. But the strong point he made was the obser- Totlon that the masses of the people are far better judges of men than they are of measures, that they are far more likely to select an honest man than they are an honest measure. That, In our judgment, comes about as near to summing up the advantages of representative over direct government ap can be done in a single sentence, ft requires a very "considerable dpgrijo of education, a of tima study and discus- sacriligious absurdity of such comparison. The evidence already made public makes it fairly clear that the Mc.N'a- maraa were in the dynamiting business for a livelihood. Tliey follow.^d it for the money there was in it. I They had a regular scale of prices- for, Riven jobs, the amount varying according to the risk involved and tho she of the structure to be destroyed. AM ^ the "cause," with the cloak of which they made a pretense of hiding their brutal and infamous crimes, was more nearly human slavery than human freedom. Their blows were di- rectedjwt tho men who claimed the right to 'work for whom they pleased such wages as suited thrm. It was these men, guilty of no other crimfl than that, that the McXa- maras were fight ing, and twenty-one of whom' they killed in the Los Angeles explosion. John Brown was fighting for tho great principle of human freedom. Ho was not'fighting individuals. He was fighting an institution, the institution of human slaverj*. Tho raid on Harper's Perry was an attack upon tlio govertjment which fostered and protected this institution. It was not an assault upon some Individual citizen or firm who differed with lilni on a merely eoonomlc question. Thr raid was planned to concentrate attention upon the institution of slavery intolerable, inhuman thing that must no longer he permitted to exist in a country that called itself frep. To liken the McNaraaras, mere mpT- cenary murderers, destroying property and if necessary taking human llff at so much per "job," to Old John Brown, the Crusader for Freedom would only occur to a mind that is hopelessly perverted and incapable of logical argument there ver» Ukeljr' to be Indlaa raids any whers. from Caasds to Mexico, it 'was aecflssary to have a string of forts iloac that.line. 'But that ne- ceBslty has disappeared. The building of raiUroads has made It possible also, to concentrate the army rapidly aild send troops from one end of the countr Tto the other with little delay. There Is'no reason lafft, therefore, for the division into'small de- ta'cliitaents of our little army, and It would be In the interest of both efflc-, leacy and economy to have the old. plan abandoned. •fxt-4> •!> 4 + f •i'4> 4> •»> • AS 0TIIEB8 SEE THnfGS. • « • •f>4>4"l>4<»<»4>4><l><l>4>4><|><»4><l"» •Tfiere is one change in the organiza tion|Of the army recommended by the Secretary of War, which should certainly be made. And that Is the abandonment of a great number of little army posts and tho cohcentra- lion of troops in a few largo posts. In the old'days, witen.we had a fron- tlerjlhat had to be guarded, when In thejNewfHome You'wajil die best when starting b the new home. Above aS, you ^^ai:^ that home to be snug aod wann and comfottable. You are sure of warmth and 'tcomfoit with a Perfectioa Smokeless Oa Heater. ( The Perfection is the best and most reliable heater made. ; It is a 8oit ci portable fireplace. It is ready mght and day. Just strike a match and light die wick. The Perfection is all aglow in a minute. ^ The PerfedioD- OH Heater doe» not utel nor smoke—a patent :_wtt6ma6c device prevents that' b can be canied e«s3y hem room to ibbdl ad it equaHy suitaUe for any foam in Ale hoiue. Handsomely fiub^ uckd trimmings; drums ^ i ^er tuniuoise4>lue enamel ofiibBiteeL RIECTIO] SMOKCUtM ^ ciRoltfdilKileMigrataBarcf Standard Oil Company (loeorpanM) j As we understand the argument the beneficiaries of the tariff on wool and woolen goods are supposed to be the farmer who raises the sheep and the manufacturer who makes the cloth. The Tariff Board reports that Ii;. a suit of clothes that costs $23.00 at retail, tiie farmer's profit Is cents, and the manufacturer's profit 23 cents, while the wholesa](er cleans up $2.18 and the retailer $l50. The questi<m that naturally arises is How -will a reduction of the duty on wool or woolen goods help the fellow who must buy the suit at retail? We are asking thI6 qu^stfoh for'Informa­ tion, as they say-at-Washington, and not I nlhe way of controversy. We quite agree with the Topeka Capital In the opinion that Detective Bums is cheapening his reputation by his intemperent attacks upon Mr. Gompers. This paper Is not a champion of Mr. Gompers particularly Indeed it •will be surprised riather than otherwise, if he is not found to be unworthy of the trust that Unfon Labor has reposed in him. But Mr. Bums knows him to be a crook, as he says he does, he ought to produce the proof instead of ealllng him names In newspaper Interviews. "I have voted for Bryan three times and I will Tote for him again, if 1 get a chance. My Republican choicci would be LaFollctte," writes some man to the Topeka Capital in response to that paper's straw ballot scheme. It Is perfectly natural that a man'with that political record should prefer LaFollette: But what righthas he to a "Republican choice?" And will the Capital record his vote aa counting one for LaFollctte? A couple of farmers way down in Salom township telephoned in to the Register yesterday that thry .wanted in on the Big Brother business. They are not rich, and they have kids of their own; but It made 'em cry to think of any little child waking up Christmas morning and not findiiig even a stick of candy in its stocking.' \ Ed Howe has written some mighty clever things. That is probably the reason be can get paid fo;^ such truck as this: "It Is surprising how many grown people there are who cannot spell." And this: "When theft is popular visitor at a house, there is a great fufs among the children as to which shall 'sit by her' at the table. Oklahoma thinks the original ".Mutt and Jeff" were discovered the other day when at the Municipal League meeting at Tulsa Major I^mb, of Barllcsville, C fret, 9 Inches fall, came face to face with City Clerk Carpi-n- fer, of Dacoma, 4 feet, -10 inches short However, If their failure to land contracts for t^e Britfsh army and navy should compel the American packers to cut tho home- price in order to unload their supply of mt?at it might help some to alleviate the affront to our patriotism. $100 Reward. SIOO. >1ie noden of ttab paper wm br plra»d to Vani Jut ibm \» at 1M« oDe drawtcd attitun ilai inBicc ku 'orea able to cure la aU lu nam, uxl thai > CitanJi. Hiiil'i Calarrt Cure H Oif only ponilrc cure pow known to Uw medical fraternity. . Catatii: bcuur a teniutatlooal dUoar. requua a coasuto- taonsi tmtmenu lUU'a Citarra Cure la takm U tCTnilly. acting Alnvtlr upoa Uie hlood and mucoa surl3iT« of tb^ syiitrm. thcrebT dmtrovlni tat. foundailnn of the diffw. and ilrlnir the latlcn ^mutth rjy bulMln: up the eonntltutlon and a*!*'n« nature In diiing Itr work. Tti* pronrietorn u^ r>u-h I»llh In lla curative power* tliet ther oflei Oie l.undn'd Doliam fur nny rriN: It laUa t. am. Weiiil (or it*i of tmilu'tMilal. .\ddrm V. 1. fHnvKV 4 tO.. f'i\.-C:. O- aolJ 'inll I'rxiUU. r ^r. .rr £ -Z. I l-an>iiy pah — oooitlDatitn. •By error it was stated in the Register last evening that the Auditorium rink would be open to roller skaters last night Instead tonight is the opening night at the rink, and skating will be.Indulged In there for the first time this winter. Lee Bow- los, who now has charge of the rink, has made arrangements to have it open for skaters on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights, and Saturday afternoon for school children. —A Des Moines man bait an attack Qf muscular rheumatism In his shoulder. A friend advised him to go to Hot Spi^ngs. That meant an expense of 1150 00 or mors. Hto sought for a quicker and cheaper way to cure it and found it in Chamberlain's Uni- ment. Three days after the first application of this liniment be was well. For sale by all dealers. —Oysters 50c and 60c a quart.—City »Ieat Market lasnrgents In Stampede. K. C. Journal: The rising star of Roosevelt In the political firmament has played hob with the insurgents. Although the former president is not a candidate to succeed Mr. Taft and has repeatedly said that he would not be,' ijiany of his strong personal friends are urging him to reconsider. It does not seem probable that he will allow his name to go before the Chi cage convention and he has trfed In every dignified way to stop the movement In his behalf. But the posslbll ity that at the last moment it might be considered c.vpedient to call upon Roosevelt to carry the Republican banner has flattened the LaFollette boom completely. I In no direction Is the effect of the Roosevelt sentiment more manifestly disconcerting than in Kansas. Gov eraor Stnbbs and,his machine had it all figured out They intended to call a special session of the Kansas legislature, pass a presidential preference primary and with the help of Democratic votes commit the Kansas Republicans to LaFollette. The cards were already to deal, when somebody "whooped it up" for Roosevelt and Governor Stubbs slopped In surprise If he shoold succeed in placing the Kansas Republicans on record'for La FoUette it might make It imposslbl for the delegation to be stampeded to. Roosevelt at the last minute. Suddenly the beauties of the direct pri mary faded in the mind of the governor. It was to beat Taft that the Kansas Insurgents took up the scheme of tlie direct presidential prI mary so as to give the state to IA FoUette. To be sure, it is only remot* ly possible that Roosevelt will permit his name to be used in Chicago. But even such a possibility cannot be disregarded. It would be highly embarrassing for All of the Kansas Insurgent politicians to commit them selves unreservedly to J.aFoIletto and have Roosevelt "come back. Such a contingency might deprive them of the patronage at the Presl dent's disposal, for Roosevelt would be under no obligation to feed those who had come out for another instead of shouting continuously for him. In Ohio the carefully planned, state wide whirlwind campaign in favor of LaFollette has suffered a similar blight Several days ago it was an notuiced that practically all the lead ing insurgent; orators would spend the Christmas holidays in Ohio in the interests of the Wisconsin Senator. But the spectre of Roosevelt has appeared to each of these politicians and all but three have suddenly can celeld the engagement They dare not oppose ti»e possiblo claims of Roosevelt and espouse the remote and unpromising chances of LaFollette. Of all that awsome battery of insurgent orators who were booked for speeches in Ohio only IjiFolIette and Pinchot and Clapp are left. In vain does Pinchot shout to his disorgan ized following that Roosevelt will not be a candid.ite. He cannot rally the wary old politicians who believe in pla>ing safe. It is the same in Ohio as in Kansas. The insurgents do not want to commit themselves and their state to LaFollette when an opportunity might arise to jump into thn Roosevelt bandwagon. Tim entire LaFollette gasbag seoms suddenly to have collapsed. THE BE.ST PROOF. lola Citizen!* Cannot Donlit It Doan's Kidney Pills were used— they cured. The story was told to lola residents Time has strengthened tlio evidence Has proven the cure ponnanent. The testimony is homo testimony. The proof convincing. It can be Investigated by lola rc.^i dents. Charles Cole, 204 .\. Buckeye St. lola, Kans. says: "In 1901 l wa.s In such poof health that 1 had about given up hope of ever being cured. For twelve years I had been trying various medicines to find relief but my efforts were unsuccessful. My back was very weak and the least work caused Intense pains to dart acrosH my kidneys. My feet and llnibs oftt -n became badly swollen and I had dirri- culty in paPsiiJR the kidney secretions. This latter symptom led me to belinve that I had kidney trouble and on a trend's advice, I began using Drian's Kidney Pills. In a short time I f^t iKtter and 1 steadily improved until I was cured. On January; 3, 1907, I gave a statement for publication recommending Doan's Kidney Pills and sdnce then my opinion of this preparation has not changed. I occasionally take a few doses, findling that my kidneys are thus kept in, a normal condition." For sale by all dealers. Price "lOc. Foster-Mllburn Co.. Buffalo X. V.. sole agents for the United State."". Remember the name—Deans—and take no other. • \ Those who promised donations to the Salvation Army Free Christmas Effort will be ready with same Friday, tomorrow, when Captain Morris, personally, will collect. Those who have been missed in the canvas and would ike to help, phone 943. JTOXEr B.UK B,\XDRIFF CrRE. r. B. .Spencer Si Co. Guarantees I'a- ri<«bin Saee for Dandruff and Falling Hair. Think of It dear reader. If PARISI^MC SAGE isn't the most Invl.eoratlng and pleasant hair dressing you ever useil—money back. If It doesn't banish dandruff, stop hair from falling and do away with scalp itch—money back. r .O cents at C B. Si>encer & Co's. and druggists ever>-whpre. PARISIAN SAUK as a hair grower and scalp cleaner is all right."—Mrs. Dora M. Daniels, Williamson, W. Va. 'PARISIAX SAGE cured me of terrible Itching of the scalp."—Mrs. C. P. Pope, Oxford, Ala. .f. Would At Reduced Prices :AT THE: Famous Shoe & Oo. Co. - Store open eveningfs till 9 p. m. Dante's Inferno A Poet's Version of Hell : Produced frtran outlay of $100,000. A treasure, for 600 years known to but few scholars now placed before all mankind by the film makers just as conceived by the imfnortal poet. The pictures give you all the pleasure and knowledge it would require you months to st,udy from the book. 4 The Nine Grand Circles and Their Pivisions- Valley of the Abyss rie'fore Reacliing the River Styx , First Circle The Unbaplizi'd Second Circle The lustful • Third Circle The Gluttons Fourth Circle -•Misers and Spendthrifts , Fifth Circle Tin- Wrathful and Slothful Sjxth Circle fily of Dis., the Deeper Hell Propagators of False Doctrines Seventh Circle Tlie Violet Eighth Circle Con.sisting of Ten Pits The Fraudulent Seducers Flatterers False Prophets Faitliless Custiniians of Money llvpocritos, Kobbers, Etc. Ninth Circle Consisting of Four Pits Traitors to Kindred Traitors to Country Traitors to Friends Traitors to Denefactors The Greatest Spectacular Production the world has ever witnessed. You will, peiQiaps, never have the oportunity of seeing this gi-eat picture again. Come early Ms^inee Friday and Saturday at 2:30. 10c to all anywhere. Only one show at night AMs Nature The JSreot success of Dr. Pierce's Golden \fcdical .Discovery in eurinf! vrcnk stomachs, wasted bodies, weak lunj^ and obstinate and lin^crinjj cnu{>h.s, is hosed,oa the recognition of the fundamental truth thai "GoX'iirn Medical lyiscovcry" nupplics Nature with body-buiid- in){, fissuc-repairinri, mu:;clc-m3kiiij; materials, in con- dcnscji and concentrated form. With this help Nature supplies the necessary strc.'>;;th to (lie stomach to diiest food,«huiId up t!;o body and tiicrehy throw off lin.ilcrin)} obstinate couf!hs. Th= "Discovery" r--cstahli.ihes tho dificsdvc and nutritive or>{uns in sound hedth, purifies end enriches tlie hlo -Hl, and nourishes the nerves—in ihort^c&tab*ishes sound vigorous heultb, // your dealer otters something "last as jiood," It la probably better FOR HIM'"lt paya better. But you ore thlnklnH of tbo euro not the profit, ao Sbere's nothlai "luat aa ^oad" for you. Say ao. Dr. Pierce's Common 5icnsc Medic:-! Advi»cr, Ir Plain English; or, Medicine Simplified, lOOH Pfi )$cs, over 7^* illustrations, newly rcvi>ed up-to-date Edition, paper-boiinj, sent for 21 one-cent sfa'mns. to cover cost of mailin;; enlf. Ooth-hounJ, ^ utamps. Addross Dr. II. V. F-.rcc, llyffalo, N. Y. KonfcitT ii.\vi.s .\(tiirrTKi>. Justice X'. S. Potter, to «'honi Viisv Was UjnIiRiUted, Giiw D IT I M'OII. By nitttual agreement of County Attorney "Caylor. and Colonel .1. B. Atch"son attorney for the defendant, the case of sRoberl D .Tvi .s, charged v.-i !j) violation' of the jirohibitory law, was subiiiltteil this morning, to .Justice ( . S. Pottei'. this being decided upon as the be8t7<>ourse to follow to rpacli an early verdict in the case, two juries having Called to decide tlie defendant's guflt or innocence, .\ftcr carefully welihing the eviilonce aUiliiccd M. the case.j Judge-Potter decided that it was not ^sufBcient to warrant a on- Iction. " - —Eltt^-.and Majestic now r, cents. AT FOUN-^AINB.HOTELS,OR EI.SEWHCRE " ' ' Get tlie . ' I ' Original • and' Genuine HORUGK'S MALTED MILK Preparations for the liig high school annual, whicii is to be imbllshed in the spring, are well under way. anj are progressing rapidly. The n.ei- chants have practically all sho vp. a willingness to advertise in the bock, and the advertising coliiuiiij aro fiil- inig up. The readins iitatter and iiic- tures are also in process Oi jn-ejian- tlon, and the boojt will bo i.-aily lo go to press in ample lime for t.'ie close of school. A lar!{e number of thf Iiictures for the t!ie annual ary !;eii!g done in pen and ink li.v a !<>(':i, ai'iisi and there will bu in the I K'C': .I|.TO .i number of' half-tones taU; i troni photographs. —Wlien you hare a bilious attack give Chamberlain's Tablets a trial They are excellent. For sale by all dealers. HOW .111^ .lONE.s WA.S IXJI;RED. FnrnitT lolan \arrowly Kscnped at Cherry vi:!s Wcduosilay. T. H. MiMire, wlio lias been In HiUs- lioro, Illinois, for .several months has arrived m spend Christmas with his family. Tho Clicrryvale Republican gives (III- foTlowins; account of the accident lo Wiiifii'Id .Tones, an electrician formerly of lliis city, at the electric liijht plant in Clierryvale Wednesday: The worst accident in the history of the Cherryvale electric light plnnt Dccurreii jusf after the Rnpubllran press hour Tuesday afternoon when' W. IJ. .Tones, a workman at the plinif. c.iine In contact with a live wire and the full voltage of the dynamo sur- i:harced through hia bod.v. A switch was hastily thrown but that gave no relief a.s the unfortunntn man was caiiKlit in the fuso block connection and tho ensine had to be shut down_ lo break the < urrent. Though his fellow workmen actetl with all jiossl- hle haste. It seemed to the man age before Mr. .Tones was taken out of the wires. On Investigation It was seen tha» three fuse plugs had blown outj" and ir is probably due to this fact that tho man is alive today. Mr. Jones was rpmoved to the Holt hoarding house -19 Xorth Neosho, whore he spent a fairly restful night. Mrs. Jones, the injured man's wife ami a Ii.':-'' :•. Howard Jones, came fiiim tola last night arriving at 10:30. Ihe body was pretty badly burned, three holes being incinerated in the back, one directly over the backbone and tin- others under either sboulder blade. Around each hole the flesh is burned in a hard cake-like mass for a radius of three inches. The attending physician says the man will doubtless recover unless poison develops, which is unlikely. It was first feared the body would be paralyzed but Mr. Jones seems to have perfect use of all his muscles and with as- , slstance walked from the motor car into his bedroom. He is standing the pain heroically and never a .groan escapes bis lips. His endurance is almost- marvelous. • The Chri.stiiias-giving spirit was evidenced at Probate .ludgc Smith's office yesterday n.> follows: .Married— Johnatlan R. Davis and Ruth Ueu- rance. of .Mildred, and Clark I'erkin.' and Pearl Ketcliiiiii of .Moran. TheF<«>dDrinkforAUAges •KH/IBU, luL^: cuat tfmct, m rowBu Not ill any Nuk Trust Mr Invitt on **HbRLICK'S'* 0- O. .McCracken is accuiniilatlng a considerable holding of lola city property, according to deeds placed on record today, The con.^lderation is nominal, but h<.' tiled deeds showing his ownership of lot .S in block no and lot 9 In block L' of Pyle's Addi-'. Quarantine on the home of T. A. tion. bought from Sarah Ringer, and Milne, whose little son .Tohn, . has the MOiith half of lot 2. block 7. Brook-, been 111 with diptheria. was ralsKd this "Be.^t on Earth" —This Is the verdict of R. J. Howell, Tracy O., who bought Foley's Honey and Tar Compound for his wife. "Her case was the worst I have ever seen, and looked like a sure case of consumption. Her lungs -were sore and aha coughed almost Incessantly and her voice was hoarse and weak. Foley's Honey and Tar Compound brought relief at once and less than three bottles effected a complett cure." J. O. Mundls & Co. lyn Park, and lot lo. block IS, bought from Harrx Davis. afternoon, the youngster baving r«' covered.

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