Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 21, 1911 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1911
Page 3
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THEieta: UAiLyi'ittaiJisTER, THURSDAY EVENINCI, DECEMBER 21, mi. The Store of the Christmas Spirit This store is all a-qiiiver with the ex' Qitement preceding tlie great home day—Christmas. The prattle of little children—the laughter of the older folks—the glitter of holiday novelties—^the good natiired crowds—all combine to transform this store into the realm of Santa Clans, Eveiywhere that there is a counter or shelf or table or nook or corner Christmas merchandise is displayed, for your convenience in choosing. As tiie greatest joy of Christmas is the pleasure of giving, the pleasure of buying naturally is a part of it We in the store have done our very best to add to the pleasure of your Cliristmas purchasing, and from day to day will earnestly strive to cause your shopping trips for this Christmas to be a delightful remembrance. During the final days preceding the 2oth we will ask for your co-operation in that you will be patient with us. The jolly crowds are taxing our capacity to thq utmost, but we assure ycu, whether we shall be privileged to say so in person or not that your presence in the holiday shopping crowd will be thoroughly appreciated by us and we will be only too glad when possible to give you our time and show you that courie^y so typical of this store during ordinary times. All purcliaso.> with which you honor us, will be delivered upon the date you wish and will be ; :-:pcrly packed for presentation. CREATt 'lSf REDUCTIONS ON COATS, SUItS, FURS AM) MILLINERY OP THE SEASON! Wo thank you for past patronage and hope to be found-worthy of your future friendship. We wish you a Merry Christmas. RICHARDSON'S 113 EAST MADISON 113 EAST MADISON fPERSONfllS •Jie Masonic ii'mple its futuro hoiiic. which will be I loir., r N!cMill< u lam-- in this morn iii>; from C 'oloraiio Spriiii;;; for a \iHi liiiiiiiu ilii- lio 'ii ^lays irii nu=. —K. S. Halm, M. D.. OcuUiu —Safety Razors, each one guaranteed by Mundis. i Aitorncy S. A. Gard loft this morn- Jii^ for Kansas City on legal business. —Frod Ronden, IMiouc 78<!. Fcrtod Derorntor. I'odixr is ixii'c for :i iisi' wj-ili fioMH- ill'.' iiolidays. id In loni);iii ioiks <liirili.;- — It wiil lie !0 yonr interest to buy yoiir flour and food of II. Klpumann. S. .[onorfcn. Phone C''.'. iti S.I Ml.'•:].! y ( ni William.-. i'.ir.-iii 'S. is > N^1 l ..:iv \n>y's Candy at Mnndi.-. Mrs r n |;,,r,ii,;;,.r •.• riiiM.-^iy ill f..r s.-.-r il v,. • kr, ^^ plioid f.->' r Is !.i 1). Ill-, I'T r.-i|>id I- 1.,1.11 is iiid :i ..•;< «iiii I.' II and -nr. \\\TU (l>tio|.iitli, T< 1 is;. 3XS. Til.'. Clitik.r I'ln 'i iimi. .1 ji.s iijriiil ur'- I I '.ii .-k. \i' li I IS I.. . S' VI' I M I vi '.ir.- 1 (1 ilii : 1. 1> Kill iiiorilif • 1'. Ji'iri:: II i! • liii'ii'- '<•• cun-f lI 'Mir (I. D. 1). \V-lk <T l>'fl this in6rning for I'.incliani Lake, Idaho, to visit with a sisier at whose home a family reunion is to b<' held during the holidays. —Hr. Lncy yi. llnll. Osteopath, n-reiihone liHi iind (MSI. Mrs. Rruhfn Armstrong left yes- irrday for llillsboro. Illitiois to join lii'r husband, who recently took a iio sition with ihe.I^inyon jx-oplc there. .Mr .and Mrs. Armstrong have long ti.. 11 resid<iits of lola. Mr. -Vrmstrong iiaivns; bi«'n with th"- -Acid works lu-re lur iwi r i''n year.-?, and tli^y have .III" .1 lios' of fri-nds who will siii- i r'ly r< •-•r.i (biiar'.iir.'. • -.\!! kir:ds of I'.'inis at (iricK y/>ii • an aflmd (o |iny and Vif\\ nnlll -pun-—l"-:I>lldlne, lliilnholdt. ' Kans. (lordi'i) l »ail;i of ' (iklalHiiiiii, who vi- '•liiir'.-''d liy l.jaac .My <T^. of I.a- ii.iii". wlih till- liii'ft from lilm on .November 16th of a deed to some I-a- Harpe property, reached an agrte- ment on the matter with Mr. Myers last night. Davis paid the costs and the case was dismissed. —Pickles, Sweet, ("ity Meat Market. Sour and Dill.— ^4 Christmas Kitchen Ware It might seem a little queer but there are a great many i)iece.< (if Kitchen Ware given as Christmas pres- \.Mt5. Really they are v e r y apijropriate jiresents as every one expects the coo!: to {lut forth extra elT<trt on that ficca ^ion. Christmas Stoves: Good Stoves produce good cheer. We have all sorts — Heaters, Cook Stoves and Ranges, for both gas and coal. Also COMBINATION Heaters and Ranges. The lola Furniture Store SOUTH SIDE SQUARE A. W. BECK, Prop. The Kansas City pap-^rs say ttat m. merous couples of newly weds havi declared their intention to join th< Good Fellows organization and havi asked to he permitted to help in looking after the little lads in homes where there are more children than money. The Register knows of one similar case in lola, and one cannot escai»e the conviction that such sentiment is a mighty fine cornerston-. on which two young people may confi dently hope to build a lasting anr hiippy home. —Try a Pork Roast from the Clt .Meat Market, I'.c per pound. Kxpresa companies in Kansas Clt) shipiied out S,5 (M) packagt-s of whis ki'y WediX'sday night, each packug avi-ragliiR a gallon. That means a loi of fnntHstic celcbraiionH of Christ mas birthday. And It meani< thai $;U,ii("l haH b 'eii dlvi-riod to "vll us which might have been moHt worihtl> devoK'd to bl <-8H "d relli'f of miforin nail- clilldrcn. Tlur;' I H reason to ex pect that many of ihi- liiv <-.Mtors In ll<i uor will glv<- g<n"'rouHly to tin' pooi also; and probably fh*' most hop* jpss inaliTlal to solicit for aid for poor <hild Is the. stingy curmudifon who Is loo fond of mom-y to spend a decent amount on himself. —Dr. McMillen. Phones S8 and 232, lola friends of I^ig*^ Hunt will h< Interested in the news that he ha> taken the White .-Xutomobile .com pany's agency in Kansas Citj- an( foriiK d ?. co.'iipany to handle theis largf business tlit -re. Hunt was on of the first White entliusiast.s. H« i v%ill turn tin- active managfiisent o ! the asency over to his brother J.i: giving it his general supf^rvlsion. —Better bavp your order for Cu Flowers for rhri.stinas. Carnations Roses and .\"arcissi:s at J. W. Pilm mer'.i Green House. From all points of the comjiass to morrow and Saturday jolly well- dresst'il. jiroKperous. high-Iirowed young [leoide will pour Into ftla by every train singing "Father and mo th ^r iiay all the hills and we havt all the fi:n,"' which means that col- lvgi> vacaii<ms begin Friday for ten days to a week and the students are coining home. —K .Trellent Hsiir Itrnsltps nuike ap- preriutlve preM'Ut.s. Spenrer ha.s thfin. The authorltlies have received word from Toi>eka that there is no room .at jiresent for Mrs. Beck In any of thf Ins.ine hospitals. The offer Is made to lake her and send a milder patient to be cared Inr here, but this doof not upp<'al to the otnclalk. It Is pos- sibb- a room may be tilted up at the Sanitarium where hhe cati hi* cared for. CUSEOFiNFIINTILEPIIIillLYSIS MEDICAL SOCIE'TY STUDIED 05E AT XOXTHLT .XEETOG. Alien Conntr Doctors Making Their Sessions Hif^lj- Interesting, Also rroiitable. —\ (•unninlped Sutvij Riizor ChrljitniBs |I^, ut S|Mncer'(i. for Mrs. Albert Oliver, of the country north of the city, WHS taken 8udd »n|v ;md very serioiiHly ill laet nlghr, and the family wan very much alarmed thinking she was suffering from ptomaine poison. A phystclun who was called, however, pronounced her Illness of a mild nature. —Elite and Majestic now 6 cents. That there is a real case of infantile paralysis In lola was decided by the Allen County Medical Society at Us regular montbly meeting in the rest room of the court house last night, when a careful examination was made of a case which has b3en under surveillance for some time by a local physician. The case is that of a four year old child whose parents are residents of this city,'but whose names are withheld by request. The child has been aflllcted with the disease for the past two and one-half years, has been growing steadily worse as Is characteristic of the malady, and there is but faint hope of its recovery. The disease came as the result of an attack of pneumonia. The case that was discovered last night Is not one of anterior poliomyelitis, which the press and public have of late generally confused with, or used as synonymlcal with infantile Iiaralysls. The real poliomyelitis la a spinal cord disease, and Is regarded generally by physicians as both infectious and contagious, and it is this reason, coupled with the fact that its mortality percentage Is large, that has caused such consternation ovei the ocuntry when the spread of the malady became apparent. In poliomyelitis the entrance of germs into the system causes a hard spot to form on the spinal cord, and the nerves attached to the cord ut this point are deadened, causing paralysis of the parts of the body which depend upon them for sustenance and mobility. Infantile paralysis on the other hand, is a disease of the brain, being caused by a hard spot forming on the brain, with consequent paralysis of certain nerves, artd the parts of tht body dependent upon them. Infantile paralysis is neither contagious nor Infectious, and almost Invariably is brought on by other diseases, such as pneumonia, whooping cough, meningitis, etc. The chief difference li: the symptoms of the two diseases is. that- while infantile paralysis, bcinp a disease of the brain, affects the men lal capacity of the individual, bringing on imbecility or insanity, p61iom< litis generally has no affect on th» brain whatever. Consequently, while infantile paralysis cannot spreac !lke poliomyelitis, it is a disease far more dreadful. Three other cases of a s>^nal and brain affection were included in the -•loclety's clinic last night—cases o! leriedrich's ataxia, a disease of a nature somewhat similar, but not near- 'y so severe, as Infantile paralysis. A case of cretinism was also exhiblter; for study to the physicians present. The meeting last aight besides be ing the regular monthly meeting ol he Medical Society was the regular annual meeting for the election of officers, and the following were electet: o serve during the coming year: Dr .V J. Fulton, president; Wr. J. T. Reid. vice-president: Dr. F. H. Martin 'reasurer; Or. O. 1.. Cox, secretary Dr. W. R. Heylmun, delegate to th^ meeting of the state society and Dr. P. S. Mitchell, alternate. lESTINGIHE TRyHNGY UK iruiinc} Officer lliis J. K. Ili>iird uf Sli> Korket .irreoted. T.'ic arrest of J. K. Heard, who live." ;n tlie .^'kv Kockct .school district, 'ome ::\< nilc; vve?i of Klsmore. |)roni:'-x.- .11 .urnisli another test case )f 'h-- . fi (! truancy law. Beard was iri:es;cil 0:1 ;r:inj)Ia!nt of G. W. Smith, ruar.ty, ufltr he had failed to nriuc io r-j'urn Ills two children "o .=(<...c!. UHT:H\ biated that he needed tiic childiTi on the farm to help .•ather iiis kaffir corn and other crops .ind t<«)k them out of school. The •tdte lav.- l:<ilds the parent responsible ior the absence of children from choo! and the only question Is wheth- •r th- need of the child at home is Im- 'eiTi\e. Tiie will be heard in he <oi;it (tf .lusUce Duncan In lola n the ri -av luture. M.r Ij'eard pleaded guilly yesterday vening. paid the costs In the case '.nd was released. Buy the things that give endun^g satis- |action. Make selections from me stock Where quahty is the chief factor. -We can live you prime values :1N: GUNS 4IR RIFLES BICYCLES TRICYCLES lloCKET KNIVES iLARM CLOCKS CARVERS 1 AUT^O SHAWLS TOOL CABINETS FOOT BALLS BASKET BALLS BOXING GLOVES CHILD'S KNIFE AND FORK SETS AutomobUes DOLL GO-CARTS BOYS' WAGONS y-: SLEDS SKATES SAFETY RAZORS RAZOR STROPS BUGGIES IGY ROBES GARLAND COOK STOVES CALORIC FIRELESS COOKSTOVES Buy while our stocks are complete EEl OLIDAYSARE CANDY DAYS! Freshness is the prime re- q;iisite of candy insuring flavor a^d wholesonieness. Our Candies are made by us aiid sold under a guaranty of freshness and purity. Churches and schools planning Christmas treats will find re a fine stock to select from attractive prices. Speclnllf prepared randy put n» In pretty boxes special for tjfce Holiday Season. 1 — • " IJALACE of SWEETS ;| West Madison —Fresh Side Pork at the City Meat Market 12 %c per pound. The news was received recentl.^ hat Roy Stover, of L'ncle Sam's na y. is convalescent from two opera ions for api>endicitis, one performer iboard ship and the second ait thf ospital at the Mare Island navy yard 'le withheld the news from his faniil} »nd they wondered at his unusual sil ^nce In the matter of letters, writing 'vhen he was well on the road tr -ecovery. He expects to make a lonj visit home in the spring. —The City Meat Market for Oysters 0 and 60c quart. Drew Warren who has been selling life insurance here for several month* leaves tonight for Philadelphia to pend Christmas with his relatives. Mr. Warren closed a deal for a JIO.OOO policy yesterday, which sent him home in a decidedly Christmas spirit, tnd bofor.' leaving he cheerfully enlisted In the ro.ster of lola RI R Brothers. He has made' many friends here who hop'i ihnt he will return here again. FOR RK.NT—FITRN'ISHRD ROOMS for light housekeeping; 217 W. Jackson. FOR SALE—.VEW OLIVER TYPEwriter: latest model orlnt type. Phone 49.'. lola Dusiness College. —Elite and Majestic now 5 cents. 6ITV E.MI'LOYES OIM.AMZK. WelW (lull Onranlxed to l<«rtetit '\ .Vuniripai Si'rvlce. Ttfe city «'mplo.ves held an inforni- •il ll'ttle gathering last night at tin ^ity-liall which proved a spontaneous forerunner of a permanent organiza- lon'- whose purpose will be the improvement of the. city's business and the Extension of mutual help between employes. TJjIis development of the meeting was'|due to a talk by Vene Fry, who sugj';ested the organization of a wel- ''aretjclub similar to those maintained by i:|ie employes of many large cor- lorKtions. George Thompson was lei-JJed president, C. W. Boulson, secretary and K. D. Curtis treasurer. It was>idccided to hold a meeting ev-.ry Weti^iesday night, and one of the fcat- jres will be a Question Box, into .vhiKJh each member will b.? invited :o drop any question about his work, ind-'jthes" will receive the careful consideration of the club. The employes have full faith that ihotchief result of the organization wlll-i be Improved municipal service, ^nd'their plans Indicate this so certain?y that the duh has been promised (every aid and encouragement by the mayor and commissioners. "1 • v! Fnneral of G. W. Calder. Tjje funeral of George W. Calder, 'if ^lfl2 North Kentucky street, who dipdt yesterday morning of heart failure, at the rirey form north of the city, was held this afteirnoon at 2.30 o'clcjck from the first M. E. church Rex'ifrend John Price, ofticiatlng. In- tereijnnt was in Highland cemetery., -rjPork Chops ISc per lb.—City \feat .MaEJtet. Cbrlstmas Suggestions THE MAN FOR THE BOYS Fine Suits or an Overcoat— Men's at .$7.50 to $25.00 Boys' at $2.00 to $10.00 House Goats and Bath Robes : .$3.00 to $10.QP INTERWOVEN HOSIERY , In Christmas boxes, per box, 4 pr. $1.00 SILK SOX Any color you want, per pair 50c Ties, Tie Sets, Mufflers, Handkerchiefs, Silk Lined Gloves, Suspenders, Shirts, Hats, Caps, Umbrellas, Tie Pins, Cuff Buttons, Suit Cases and Rags.; COME TOMORROW AND ALI/ THIS WEEK! Barclay-Shields Clothing Co. "THJB HOUSB OF QUALITI." pA'NLESS DENTl^ —OF- lOLA 2nd Fort Scotf, KANSAS "DON'T HURT A BIT"—That is what our patrons say. We do the best dental work at the most reasonable prices. Before having your dental work done by others call upon us. We are in our LaHarpe bfRces EVERY "riltTRSDAY. OfRce hours: 8 to <; Sundays 10 to\ 12 li-. - Evenings 7 to < 1 tterly jWretched erVous Prostration Long Endured lefore Remedy was Found. M M .MInervn Hemlnger, Upper Bern, Pa write*: "For several yeara I had nerious prostration, and was utterly wre' ihed. I lived on bread .ind beef tea; )e<uu« stomach would not re- talri anythl'iff else. I took many rem- edlei. but obtained no relief until I too& Hood's Sarsaparllla. when I tn-gan to ii iiin at once. Am now cured." Piire. rich blood makes good, strong neryes. and this is why Hood 's Sarsa- pnrilla. which purifies and enrichea tlie blooil, cures so many nervona diseases. ' Oft it today in tisaial -lk|uld[ funa or- cbojioiated tableu called Sarsatabs. Highest Market Prices For Hides and Furs. Also Fine Liun^ Goal for sale L, KRUPFS JUNK YARD Phone 314 POULTRY, BUTTER, EGGS, HIDES AND FURS WANTED! We arc buying every day, and want alt the country produce we can get. Remember we pay cash, and the bigger the load you bring in the better ^ like you. THE COGHILL C0MMISSI6S CO., (SuccesNor.** to loin rrotlare West of Santa Fe Tracks ^''^ Ida, Kansas

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