Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 21, 1911 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1911
Page 2
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THE lOIA DAILY REGISTER, TOIJRSDAYE^ • I'oddiiift. 'lurj WiTiior). \W n nailiro-iiB you Tftke bu flBd Jt. The cbmmonest variety will do . Put H lltUe -«niaiouBaeB8 behinil it. Aid j^Mtba pi charity—or two. 8 <iufiMe"ll| jiftta drop of moderation. Uair^ as much frugality—or k *ss. And some,very fine <-onsideration AU of poverty's distress. Pour some inllk of hu;nan kindness in It, Put in all the happiness you < an. -^Sl\r It up with laughter every minuio. SeasoQ wjth good will toward ev- _ . . ejry man. Set It.qfa'the Ore of ht-art's affcrtion. Leav ^^U iJU- the Jolly bubbles rise, 8prinkI^,U With kfases for confection Sweeten with a look from loving e.ve8. Flavor It with children's merry chat- Prost it with the snow of wintry deil«. Place it.m a holIy-earnUhcd ])lattor And flme It wUh the sotig of Christ va&B bells*.' In the'presence of members of their families-and a oompany of friends. Miss Pearl DeHaven and Mr. ChriBio- pfaer Blapk.werc married last nl»;ht In the Pripsbyierlan church. Tho wi'd dtng was simple in appoint mnnt and very impresslyc and was followed by Writing Paper For Christmas If there ever was dellcfite attention In the way of-a Christinas present, it is a box of fine wiiliUK paiier. , ;-,. •;• Conie in and see our solution (If I'very holiday pu7 .«to. Don't forget that Brushes, Perfumes. Soaps, etc., make practl- ial gift.s. folk will Join, will ocfiOT at the Kren- IjKier fapme oii QhrUtwi'a" day. ' —Chofce kldii^'sifa aiTd'lean boneless beef for making mince meat— CTty Meat Markef. ^ At the home of the bride 323 South Buckeye street last night was solemnized the mawjig< ot; llrs. Veroqua E!ly and Mr. Vf^^^jwiin Harvey. Reverend JohnBOB 'f^tT ''^<*''y church per forenid the cei^m&ny. A company of guesta were assembled to witness the marriage and supper followed the ceremony. .Mr. and Mrs. Harvey will live at 41C Kast l.lncolii street. * * V —Home Rendered I .Jird, single, pound l.'ic; in lU-pound pails 13c i>er, pound: la .'iO-|iound can)* 12c per pound. ThiH lard la guaranteed to ha all hog fat from the City Meat Market. * "> + Ur. and Mrs. H. R. Uoshorn will spend Christmas in Kansas City with Mrs. Gosliorn's parents, .Mr. and .Mrs. AV. H. Loekwood. + * + —All orders promptly delivered from the City .Meat .Market. Tliis is an exclu.slve markat, therefore the boys do not wait on grocery orders to be filled. Give us a trial.—.Monte McKinney. * * * XetlMdiRlii uitLsalnttoo Anar i »ll In Many Totes. The closing days of the votinff contest to determine which church is to enjoy the free use of the electrically ighted Christmas tree offered by the New York Store show an increaae In the vote«. the Salvation Armyujiboatf ing H wonderful pace In ita dlfBiStfft task of overcoming the strong I4I8<I;^ the .Metnciilsts. The contest clontt^i nt neon tomorrow (Friday). .Tb« Mnndin;: uf the contestants when the vote<i were counted today was aa follows: Trinity - ''»I28 Salvation Atuiy 3413 United brethren 1311 Presbyterian .-_ - 747 Methodist UnptUt Christian KpIpcOpal —A. M. E. Christian Science KullderR* Chapel . Lutheran Second Baptist •I" 741 111 1 12. 9S 61 The Rexnll Store I W^st Side of the Square Mrs. Willts Wise, 1209 .\orth Syc amore street, who has been ill, ha recoverMi her health, which her ma ny friends will be glad' to know. * <• * —For Party or Catering work, call Mbs Miller. Phone 826. * « * Mis.s Putii Motcalf, who visited Or and .Mrs. Hilscher yesterday returned home tills morning. + • * Befpl^.th/^bridal party entered the. presence^ot their guests Miss Flor- -Cribbape boird abd playing cards ence Hobart: began the I-ohengrln ! at .Mundls l;rug Store s march and cbntaiiied it until thoy as ' 8embled;fl.the altar when she mod- Th.» only event of imnorfano Ulated Into, the familiar "Annie Ijiu- WMCI, is h.ine planned for Christmas Tie' and played softly during the „iKi,i is the dance which Shield's or- ceremoay. .The. bridal party was a ohestra will ^ive. The guest list family one .which was most appro- 1 promises to he large as the coUen prlata, - The .bride's maid was her folk .,nd their holiday visitors will sister. Miss Daisy DeHaven and her brother, .Mr. Ben DeHaven gave her away. The groom was attended by his brptlieV Mr. Omar Black. Dr. Hilscber. was the officiating clergyman. Mr. .Qeorge Delgarno and Mr. ElVie Oiillatt were the ushers. he Included. A .> 4. —Choice Fat Mens, live weight lOe per pound; dressed l.".c.—City .Market + + • A copy of the l.oiiKton News which lias reached the Uoglster gives spaci! -Mi»8. DfeHnven was an exlremeiy|,o i,pn,g „i^ut liartles In which Mrs attractlTl! bride and wore the coji-, p. g. Benji-rr had a prominent part VcntioDU toilette, white stain and a y^s. Bennett entertained the inomberc: fall length veil. The foundation of f^r her embroidery club as a farowJI her dr^as was messaline and over li 1;,,,^ served an i-Iaborate luncheon to -was dMiped a figured marquisette j j„.r guests. She was presented with Which waa-ornamented with p«'arl a handsomely engraved spoon as -i <rlmmine. The bodice was suggestive souvenir of her association with the of the entire style and wiis comple!.- | olub. ed with.pearl ornaments. The veil Mr. and Mrs. 0 U; Worley cnter- waa held In place by a crown 9? val- t.-.ined a company of young people for ley miles^.nd the darpery of the sklri \Vi.i)sior Henneit .md arranged a proof her dre'ss,was caught at tUr side gram of music as diversion. Tlie jwlth a-spray of flowers. She also horor puesi was presented with •wore a corjagc boquet of th-- daint.v i;:,ir of gold curt links. <• -S- * Harvey Heller will ho home from K. r. Saturday to spend the holidays V Mrs. H. C Ford was hostess of th" Porosis club yepterday afternoon for a Christmas prdsrani. All of the num bi»rs, particularly the papers, were •ery entertaining. The jirogram was as follows: Boll Call—Suggestions for Christmas Giving The Significance of the World-wide CelebratJou of Djje D.jy—Mrs. Wallace Ander=on. Spirit vs Value in Giving—.Mrs. S S. HUscher. An Ideal Celebration of Christmas —Mrs. W. R. Lyons. I)lscusslon~Has Christmas Giving Become Trading?—Leader, Mrs. K. I) Shields. Muiic. Mrs. Ford served refreshmeirts af- ttr adjournment. At the n-:-xt meeting of the club the annual election of flowers' and carried an armful of White rosea. Miss \p»isy DeHaven wort- a blue marqnlsette over blue silk. The trim ming included rose buds fashionod of pink silk. Her flowers were pink carnations. The' guests were given a surprise npon arriving at the house where the reception was in progress. The house /Is to be the home of Mr. and Mrs. Black and has been furnished and decorated for their occupancy within the past month. The rooms were *£jv en a holiday air by the tasteful arrangement of holly in available, places and the company enjoyed inspecting thn pretty new houB <nfgtfliig «qiiiprment the couple have oolleotdd. The gifts were on display apd . bandsome pieces" 3f glass, sltvei linen were tokens of th-s love anj teenCjof the donors. A t supper .was served by Mil Jiam and Miss Edna Wood. , Mrs. Black came to lola a teWi} ago' with her i^areijis froni M ~ and raitidly won friends anlohg - yoong neop'e with whom she'was sociatea. -She is a remarkably pretty girl .and presided in her it^e Ijist nicht with charm and grace. Mr. Black Is one of the Register family's esteemed m»mb<TB. He Is liked by everyone who knows him and has the cordial wishes of many frlentte for prosperity and happiness In the-future. Mr. and Mrs. Black are to be at home to frlfipds after tliV flrac of (he Is.officers will occur. year at 406 South Collxirn street. Oar l^sot-tment of fine Jewel Boxes is atni .comidete. We hav^. thein In brass, silver and gold plate. .. Pric^ from $1.00 up. We have a special value in a )2..'iO Sbld'plated Jewel Box fur tL!''0. * * * —Don't forget the Salvation Army Free Dinner effort. * * * .Misses Emily and K:va Crowe of Topeka will be here to spend Christmas Willi their Bister, Mrs. Carl W. •N'au. <• 0. * MlB Mildred Swigart will be here Saturday to spend Christmas at her home. •:• •!• —Kodak AlhuniK, the best made. Mundls. * * * .Miss Etnma Gilbert and .Mr. Nelson V. Bartlett of Kansas City, were married at the Presbyterian parsonage in Independence. .Missouri. Saturday, December sixteenth. In the evening Mr. Uartlett's parents recelv-id a company of friends in/ honor of the couple. Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett will reside at 2601 Garfield avenue, Kansa City. Mrs. Bartlett is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Gilbert, 706 South Buckeye street. She has made her home with Reverend and Mrs. D. V. Donaldson, formerly of lola, but now of Kansas City, for several years. 4* 4* 4* . T-Magazines at Mundls Drug Store. * • *; Ruth Horton cam^ In this morning from St. Louis and will spend two weeks vacation from Hosmer Hall with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Horton./ / • * • —Oleo three gradea, 15. 20, 25c.'at the City Meat Market *** Mr. and Mrs. Louis. Kreiiger and Mr. and Mrs. Juliua Kreuger, of Neodesha, will be here to »pend Clfrist- mas with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Kreuger. A. faAiBy ^inoer party in Mr.- and Mn^ Dtttm» and . Miss Olive Hijnkins will spend ipart of the holiday season with Mr (Wid Mrs. William Hanklns, of I'erry Oklahoma. * * '5' Mr. and Mrs. 1. H. Ix-masters will entertain with a dinner party Christmas day. Their guests will be Mr, and Mrs. E. C. Remsberg and family Mrs. Kinne Miss Krace Kinne, Miss es Adda and EUsie Adams, Dr. and .Mrs, O. T. I..aGrange and .Mr. Van nuys. y / * * * -Give a nice package of that fine candy at Hurrell's Drug Store. .]. 4, ^ A program of music from Shake sjiearean plays will be rendered by the Music club oh the ftfternoon of January ninth. A piano iinartette Midsummer .Night's Un>ani," by Men delssohn will be the opening number and there wiji be music from "As You Like It." "Henry Eighth." and others of the plays. Mrs. C. L. Evans will play three violin numbers, dances from Henry Eighth, accompanied by piano scores iilayed by Mrs. P. E W'augh. • • —Kodak.s the popular gifts, from %\ to $2.'. at .Mundls. + + * The N'. T. T. embroidery club is looking forward to the annual party ftr guesta, ivhich wlH be given .Ve« Y<Mir night at th^ home of Mr. and .Mrs. H. H. Sherman. Husbands of the club members will he InviuKl The jilans arc Incomplete iust now but immedhitely after Christmas the flub exp<!CtB to plan elaborately for their party. Tiie afternoon . thlmbl parties have been dispensed with until after the holidays. <• * —At our Special Reduction Sale we a:e selling Garland Cook Stoves and i:anges at a price never offered before.—Bragg & Dildine. Humboldt Kans. * * •!• Judge and .Mrs. Oscar Foust entertained their Euchre club last night with a card party. The only guest of the club was Mrs. H. E. .\ewby, who is visiting her sister, Mrs. C. C. Ausherman. Supper was served at the card tables. The house was gay with the Christmas colors, red and green, Intro Ouced by holly and paper bells. + + + Mr. L. W. Duncan who has been in Illinois for several months la here fcr a holiday visit with his family. •:• * + —Special sale on Chrtstnius sfutlon- i-ry at Spenrer's. •:• •> •:• Mrs. H. A. Ewing and Mrs. L. W. r-uncan are entertaining the Presby- t.rian missionary society at Xirs. Swing's home today, as 1/ * •:- * Jr Mrs. Harve H. Howard. Mrs. James -'T. lleid. Miss Riddle and Miss North- r\ip will krtep open house New Year liay at the Howard bungalow on South street^ between the hours of three and five. No Invitations are li<lng Issued. / / •:- •:• •:• Mrs, C. M. Teats and Mr. Clayton Ti-iits will spend Christmas with .Mrs. J. .\. B-2BBey. of Chanute. + <• + —Elite and Majestic now .'. cents. * • + .Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Jameson and daughter have gone to Bloomfleld, Mis fiouri to ppend Christmas with Mrs. Jameson's ])urents. + * * —C ^rkliDjHi riifiirit— liPNt brandx and hcxl prIccH ut Spencer*!*. * •{• • soc . . Fnmk Rpot came In today from Manhattan to spend Christmas at his home hero. • * • Miss Kate Dennis who is attending Baker I'nlverslty came in today to visit her sister, Miss Mae Dennis. They wll go to Independence later In the week to spend Christmas at the home of their jiarents, -Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Dennis. • • • —Elite and Majestic now 5 centa. A TRAVELING BAG OR A SUIT CASE for Christmas will sure please—a present that will !ast a life-time. Let lis show you. See Window Display Six warrants were Issued this afternoon for lolans who have failed t pay th 'Ir poll taxes. As under the law in force last year payment of poll taxes was not required, many huv fallen into the mlstukun belief th the payment of poll taxes is nut com pulsory, and somt have refusi -d j)oint blank to pay. The penalty for non i;aymeut is $5 fine and costs. Attorney R. E. Cullison rMurned last night from Garnelt. where he has been for the past sevsral days on 1 gal business. A letter has been received at fhi' Y. M. C. A. from the Kansas Ci'y Atli leiic Club containing a list of thu games played by the basket ball team tf that club this yi?ar. the percentage cf games won and lost, and a picture cf the team. It is thought that it the initial step of the club for mak:'. arrangements for a ueries of garni through this section. ENFORCE UW, SAYS BORt The Idulio Senator Muk^s Strong I'lrn ufr Law Enr «rcpwent. .\ew York, Dec. 20.—::ena:or W. E i.orah; of Idaho, at the Young Kepub- 'can Club tonight, pleaded fur law en forcement to bring the doom of "law less big buslnesifi" and little violator of the law as well. He compared the McNamaras the dynamiier.s, and the old Standard Oil and Tobacco com lianles. "To «ave thrJr worthless llve^." he t'aid. referring to the dynamiters "ihey entered pleas of Kulliy Insist Ing that they illil It PH for nrlnclple and expect an astonished world to ac- ci-pt their whining apologies. "There la another court record which we will In passing notice also i:ound uii in many volumes you will find the full recoril of two of the late niited decl.slons. It Is a tale twice ffild, of .celfi.shne.cs and greed, extor 'on and lawles»:neiio. "The plea of Justification \» not un l:ke the plea of the planters of dyna inJte. for although the acts are clearly in violation of law and the rights cf the public. It Is claimed, neverthe- •RSS. that It was all done In the Interest of business growth and induslria pi ogress. "There is no i>lace else where life \i so insecure against bomb or bullet where corruption Is so little condemn ed in public opinion and. where defiance of law In the highest walks of Lusiness life so generally prevails. To rave law unenforced, to cultivate a JiEregard for its obligations Is to fallow the ground, so that In after years there may be one law for ihe poo» and another for the rich," Mr. Borah said 'It Is not only of the things condemned by the rule of reason, but by the dictates of conscience and common honesty, that tlie public complains. I do not enter a defense of our anti-trust law. I doubt both its fficlency and completeness. "But it is the law, and if half the energy and ingenuity of our business men had been put forth to perfect It. !iat has been expended to successfully violate It and make It worth- ess, we would long ago have had a aw which would protect all legitimate business and make all business egitimate." INOTIIEK LIM'OLX MOMMENT. in (ininlte and Uruuze Rrttyxlinrg .iddrcNs \\\\\ Be Immortullzcd. Gettysburg, Pa.. Dec. 20.—To the memory of Abraham Lincoln, and to till further Immortalize bis Gettysburg address, a monument o fgronlte -ind bronze is now In course of erec- lon In the national cemetery within iaht of the spoHt where he made the nddresB almost a half century ago. The monument, a granite exedra about twenty feel In length will be urmounted by a bronze bust of Lln- oln and nL'-o will contain two tablets, nno one of which Is inscribed hLs .speech here. Publicity IlvlpN KnslncNS. Publicity helps straight business," :iald a Santa Fe man lately. "There ever was any sense in the 'peuple- le-damned' policy, and the wise heads jf business concerns iiave found it out The gum shoe business man is i:ow regarded with suspicion, same as the politician who backs and fllla and hedges and tries to be all things to ail men. The department of publicity of the Santa Fe railroad, supplies business ouses. schools, newspapers and individuals upon request, with information about ever>- phase of railroading, ind the information given out is on the level. Thia publicity feature, the lemonstration trains run by the company for the benefit of farmers and stopkmen, the company's colonization nrojecta. and the work of locating ia- doatrles in Santa F« territory make an educational campaign, the value of whl«* to the country's development cannot be Mtimated in dollara andj f !!To Do Your Chijgtmas SfaQp0ini:Ur You will save both time and money by shopping here where you'll find a large' assortment to select from—at prices that will make you g[ad. Ladies' and childn-n's fancy felt House Sll|i- per.^ |)rieed at l^LIMV i^l .:!.'i, <i|..'ill, ll.T.*! .Men's Kid Mouse Slippers, tan and black, now priced at *1A'», l8L.')l) Silk Scarfs, priced Xm, .Vic, (i .'ic, T .'ic, %\ to ifiUn Fancy Silk Scarfing, yard Sic, SDc, Vtc SiiU \Val.stinK. yard .-|«»c, *l, $1.2.-., iSL .".0 Fancy Tiiuel.s. jiriced S.'jr, !J.>r, .'»UP, IWC, T.'ic Hai:il Hags In velvet, suede, tai)estry, bead, uiciih and leather bag.s—priced now from . 'Joe, .'lUc, $1, itl.S.'i, $lJi», ^ to %ViM Ladies' Black Silk Hose special. ..'lOc, $1, %\JA\ Ladies' fancy colored Silk Hose, price-.-iJiW) lSx.'{« inch Smith Axminster Rugs SjIAl 27x."i4 inch Axminster Rugs iS1 .9.'i- I.adies' Kid Gloves, priced._«1, *L.VI, %± to iJKJJIO Chlldren'fi Varn Gloves, priced l ."»c and 25c l)uil .-i of evi -ry description—priced now from ."ic,- ll»c, 2 .»p, 5 «c. TrfC, $i to %Xt All Dressed Dolls {^o at abowt IIAi^F PRICE SPEI'i.VL Silk Kinionas, priced at ii.'i .OO and l^'S.D.'i Silk Petticoats, black and color.s, special.-i{i;i.!l5 .\«w Black Serge Skirts siieefai iM.(MI to SJNUI.-I Children's Fur Sets from *l.25 to V>m l.iidles' Fur Seta from...^ iF :j.9 .'i to %\'\M ChriMtnias I laiMlkerchlef .s—a swell aasortment to select fnini ."le, KIc, l .'ir, A 'lC, IWc, ,'i «c, C 'lC, 7.'KV iiiLOII to psm. Games- of all kinds- i)rice lllc, L»:.c, .lOc to $2..i0 Fancy Hack (?onibs—at Hair ilrushe.s _. 'i.Uv, .'•lie, %\ to $5 .'ilic to Toilet -Vrtii-U-s of all kiiiil.-;— Perfiinies. per ounce Toilet Wali-r. IJOILII'. •I'll' and oOc TSc Stork Goodii—.4 lars<' assortment to choose from at very special piice.s. Fancy leather Goods—all kinds—special prices mil Hooks 2.".c Pocket -Mirrors in leailiei- lor.... ^i.")© Small Leather Purses for ..23c, Soc, 5ftc Daily Engagement Books leather bound 5Wc Manicure Sets in leather cases. .liSe, %\JS!!i, 1)3.95 All linen Writing Paiier—-IS sheets paper and" 4.S envelopes, per box 25c rrmlirellas for gent.s and I.-idies ..iSl .lW to $7.50 Childn-n's Coats' for . 9Sc to *5.flO Women's and Mioses' Coats—in all the newest styles and cloths—marked very special for Christmas selling. Ladles' Suits worth up to $35 special ^9.95 iComc Tonight and Tomorrow wh Is the Assortments are Good Store open evenings until i Christmas Store open evenings until Christmas .MAL\ BE .aS A BIG PROMOTER. At ircad of Gulf Stennisblp Company ' \ojtr Or^nnlilngr. ' A.C. Rankin, auditor for the lola 'ortinnd, has just returned from a riji - o and states that he ran acro;s the trail of Max Reals, who lived in lola for several years . Max quit a clerical position here and went into the c'ement stock .selling business and graduated from, that into other uronjction lines. That he has made good land advanced is indicated by the iicw!>| from Texas. The offices of the Gulf Steamship Comiiyany hav« just been, moved from Houi^ton to Dallas, and the publicity giveri the fact brought out the inform- tiouj that Max Deals is chief mogus In the concern. It proposes to establish "a line of .steamsbiiis between Houston and Panama and as Texas Is eryjmueh inierested In and alive to the 'benefits cf the cinal, capi.allsts are Bubscrllting for the stcok, and-i Beafi^ seems in a fair -..ny to liecome tran^iiartation magnate. Ills lola file^ds will all hoj.-e the present dope com,is true. —;^'e wish to call your attention to he facl tis.nt inn .st Infectious diseases lelfj as wi.r.tiplng cough, dl|)htherla and .tP .arlct fever are contracted when the '|:hlld ha.<! a cold. Cnamlierlaln's Couf'h Remedy will quickly cure a cold^and greatly lessen the danger of contracting the?e dlwa?es. This rem­ edy'l.s faniOHs for Its cures of colds. It c'ontains oiilum or other nar- rOtlWand |:i.'<-.' -.'Ion •» r cfi",) wfth imphlcil confidebce. Sold by nil deal- rs.' — Elite and .Majestic now .5 cents. All Allen county nmn cnlU-d on an lolo'; veterinary the other day and stat?]d thai cholera was ihr'-^tenlng to d^astroy -hi-s herd of hogs. The doc•or iidvlKcd the use of terum and. the manja.'^ked what !-;erum was and how to ffbd It. The doct(jr then drew from him the r ?ot tliflt lie ppt hearrf nf the ^ nodern method of treating cholera, and that he did not take and read' any newspaper or farm journal, and: all the well-known, much-dls- cusji fd treatment of sick hogs was Greijk to hlm^ — Elite and Majestic now 6 cents. OH, THOSE MODEST D0CT0B8. fhaif Xew York «19,000 for Treat- lag Gaynor. XrtW York, Dec. 20.—^The shooting Mhyor Gaynor in Hoboeken In August,^ 1910, will cost New York City $19,400 In doctors' fees If bills pro- r^ for Introduction In the board aldermen today ar« approved. Sev- l^hyslcians have sent In their billa, 'the highest being that of Dr. WUliam J. Arlitz. of Hobokeil: )7,500, and tb« Ipw^at that of Dr. Chas. Peck, of this city;: I3S6. cfliita. The Santa Fe geta its return | Oiriglnally the bills totaled $26,100 In k frlendl]^ public sentiment, and In bnt^the doctora, it is reported, agreed increased traffic coming from the ac- to Ciductlons. iu^ KTOwtb oil Ui« country'a busl-j : UBS." ' I -i siite and Uajeitic now S cents. After Slipper Special f TONIGHT FROM 7:30 TO 9:30 Beautiful Celluloid Picture Frames, with giit. and silver lining; worth 75c; Tonight from 7:30 to 9:80; your choice, only — 49 cents GOEDK.X KL'LE IS BUSINESS. Trent Packages as If Yonrs, Says an I'irculur. The Wells Fargo Express office has 1 letter of instructions urging the em­ ployes to aid patrons In wra]>i)lng uackages and otherwise assist In Insuring safe and prompt delivery. Some of the Instructions for employes follow; Have shipper declare value of package and mark package showing value. Mark iiackage to Indicate if It contains glass. Seal jewelry and ship on money waybills. Put address on package, not on tags and give street address. Handle package.^ ;is If all were fragile, never lift by the string. Packages less than 4 Inches square should be loaded In iiacking trunks and shipped. Forward packages missent to your office Immediately; if consignee cannot be found notify agent at shipping ]K>lnt at once. Never fall in courtesy and helpfulness to patrons, no matter how great the rush and treat every package as If it were Intended for you or your^ On Christmas night may you ex^ perience the happiness that comes from duty well performed. DONT forget that gr6# =s=: picture while the family is together during the holidays. • You will be pleased with oar efforts. Gibson's Stodio 110 WaahlngtoB. Makers of Photos That PJi !1 Cured In Her Own Home Town. Wichita Kas. Mrs. C. L. GroundSt tells th» wnv for her fellow townsmen to he cured of their kidney and bladder ailments, as she was cured. "Some time ago I suffered with Kidney trouble. I had a severe pain In my hack and side ahd when I laid down It seemed as if I could-not straighten up. Mother told me what good results my father waa getting from Foley Kidney puis so I went to tha drug store and got some and commenced taking them began to get better very soon, and now after taking two bottles the pain has Wt my back and aide, and cured ot all my kidney trouble." J. D. Mundls & Co. -DB. 0.1J .^X, Oedlst CHRISTMAS That Are Easy to ALBUMS BIBlEg dOOKS BRUSHBS BOrPAFEB» CiESStfASgv CHINA, HAIfB FADTTED DRESSDffl cm CHKISTBTAfi OASiL. LEAIHEB GOOJtS OFFICE MOTELTIES FERPranSEB" POST CARD AISDSSi . • stATDAinr.'-••. ' T rioslnir ont at afmost. _ own price,: on sehrerai Umn^:^

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