Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 25, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 25, 1943
Page 2
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MOM" if ' K ope Star - 6* Hoe*, 1899; tarn »«olkKrt«d Jamiory 18. »92*. an4moon bt Jiw Publishing Go. Infe Ntmer and Alex. H. Wcahbum) WSW» build.n<j. 2t2-214 South Walnut - .. Slrtrt, Hop« Ark. , £. t. PALMER, , W. WASMSURH, Fdrtot oM P*MtMt 6s Second class matter ot the flt Hop«« Arkonsos. under th* March 3:11897. . ,. Associated Press »i>—-Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. •?4«6»<flpt:on Rare (Always Payable In * 8y city torrier, per week tSc; J, Nevada-, Howard, Miller ami ewuntles, $3.50 per year; etse- fMemtMf of The Associated Print: The ated Press is exclusively entitled to for republ ietrt ion of all news dls- itehes credited to ft or not otherwise ifted In this paper and also the local i published herein. . Notional Advertising R«pr«s«ntof|yt— Arkansas Dalitos. Inc.; Memphis, Tenn,. Sterlck Building; Chicago, 400 North Michi Avenue. New York City, 292 Madison ,,™v; Detroit. Mich., 2342 W. Grand Blvd.; SOktohomo City, 414 Terminal IBdg.; N«w *n,i*»,r,« 722 Union St.. S Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charges will be %ade fot oil tributes, cards of thanks, reso- f&rtions, or memorials, concerning the de- Jaartcct. Commercial newspapers hold to this fflOlicy In the news columns 1o protect their rJwaders from a deluge of space-takingi me- '•irior-ols The Star disclaims responsibility . the safe-keeping or leturn of any licited manscripts. s; Classified ds must be in office day before publication. AH Wont Ads cosh in odvdnco. Not token over the Phone. <On« time—2c word, minimum 30c : r Stx times—5e word, minimum 75e "ijtt«««times—3Vie word, minimum 50c ]0n« month—IBe word, minmlum $2.70 liRotei ore for continuous insertions only HFHE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL." For Sale MOTHERS LOOK: SAND BOXES - the children, delivered com [ plete with clean washed sand te*Hempstead County Lbr. Co. "'Phone 89. 3tf For Solt or Rtnt TWO STORY BftlCK unfurnished. Near high school. Space for garden and cow. C. E. Weaver. Phone 568-J. 22-3tpd Notice SEND ME YOUR NEW OR RE- newal subscriptions for any magazine published. Charles Reynerson. City Hall. 1-lmcb Help Wanted WHITE OR COLORED WOMAN for light housework and assist with children. Apply 315 West Sixth after 6:30 p. m. 25-tdh Municipal Court City Docket ; . LeRoy Webb, speeding, forfeited $5 cash bond. Woodrow Wilson Williams, disturbing peace, plea of guilty, fined $10, David Mitchell, operating a car with no tail light, forfeited $1 cash bond. The following entered a pleas of guilty to a charge of drunkenness and were fined S10 each: Howard Muldrow, Clint Smith. Walter Smith, Walter Murphy. The following forfeited 10 cash bond on a charge of drunkenness: Lewis McJunkins, Hal Green, J. M. Field. Jess Atkins, Elston Hathcoat. James Williams, gaming, plea of guilty, fined $10. LeRoy Morrison, gaming, for- ftited $10 cash bond. State Docket Joe Clifford Gamble, carrying a concealed weapon, tried, fined $50. notice of appeal, bond fixed $150. SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith cam. 1943 av N»A senvict. INC. T. M. REG, u. s. PAT. OFF. "Wonder if we ought to tell her we used her ration book to '.buy these wieners for our fishing trip? Mom hasn't much sense of humor!" FUNNY BUSINESS WHIPPOOR-WILL PEAS, $3.50 * 'per bushel . Stroud & Co. Wash- ^.ington, Arkansas. 12-12tch 3HOUMAN PLAYER PIANO, $600 t ' value, will sell for $150. Can in& sped at 904 West 4th. 18-12tpd RED CHOW AND COCKER 'Si>amel puppies. Dogs boarded l>y day, week or month. Padgitts j | Kennels. ' 20-lmpd j\ IWO ELECTRIC HEATERS. i!» f Small Magic Chef gas stove. Sec- f fStional bookcases. Phone 798-J. :' F ' 22-3tpd Today in Congress By The Associated Press Senate In recess until Thursday. Senate and House conferees continue efforts to agree on pay-as- you-go tax bill (10 a.m., Eastern War Time. Senate Agriculture subcommittee investigates roll-back of price subsidies (10). House Votes on bill to outlaw poll taxes Small Business' committee quizzes OPA on business practices. ZWO 9x12 BURGANDY WILTON f broadloom rugs. 100% wool. Prac- 'tically new. Slightly used cotton ^mattress. Steel Simmons bed. Old •L^style cook stove and refrigerator. '-Collins' Encyclopedia. Cheap. ffiMrs. Robert Campbell. Phone I|476 alter 6 p. m. 24-31 ch |S BUSHELS OF WHIPEOORWILL ffpeas, Priced $3.00 per bushel. ."Free delivery to Hope, W. B. Mc£Munn, Patmos, Route 1. 25-3tpd Fotr Rent In Switzerland, foreign military uniforms cannot be worn without permission. Legal Notice .OSE-IN, MODERN FURNISHED {apartment with two beds. Paper Jjhangers and painters just fin- fished redecorating. Private en;<*trances. Utilities paid. See Mrs. |Tom Carrel, phone 164. 24-3tch I Wanted to Rent M5JREE OR FOUR ROOM UN- K^urnished apartment. Conven- ||iently located. Duplex preferred. 1 Phone 768 before 1 p. m. Saturday. 12-3tdh NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will within the time fixed by law to apply to the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for a permit to sell beer at retail at 102 East Division street, Hope, Arkansas, Hempstead County. The undersigned states that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a .falony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer. by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned has never been onvicted of violating the laws of his state, or any other state, relat- ng to the sale of alcoholic liquors. W. H. G. SCHNEIKER. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 24th day of May, 1943. W. H. A. SCHNEIKER. SEAL) My Commission expires January .2, 1944. 'He does it every spring—he gets to spend housecleaning week in jail thai way!" Lost ARK JERSEY COW. Springer. $5, for return to C. W. Butler, Ros£ton, Route 2. 20-6tpd B' BETWEEN MY HOUSE AND ^M^thodist church, Sunday, May p) Sigma Nu small fraternity pin ttaberal reward. Mrs. Ross Gil Jespie, Phone 243. 25-6tch DIES' COIN PURSE CONTAIN •ing about $37, lost between Cox .flrug store and Scotts, May 24, ^Reward for return. Phone 10. 25-3tpd THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson Hold Everything Wanted COLORED GIRL FOR HOUSE- V^prk. Experience not necessary. Apply Tourist Home, opposite ^police station. Mrs. Carrel. 25-6tc BIROS WEAR DIFFERENT COLORED COATS AT DIFFERENT SEASONS OF THE VEAE AND THE CHANGES, MAY BE MADE. BY METHODS/ ... BY MOLTING ' THE COMPLETE FEATHEP2., BY THE BREAKING OFF OF FEATHER TIR5 ONLY, OR. BY AN ACTUAL CHANGE IN THE COLOR PIGMENT. Wqsji & IT ISM'T BVt»y PAY T WArt'LL 1 CALL My ,_,, F THAT W6 tAKB FAttt \ ftASM, STOOP £*'^ I IN 5INKIM6 A COUPLE OF U-SOATg. YOU 6ROU6Hf 1 US LUCK,EASy.'COMB I -. i «^ i ,-,-, m ON,\MB'R.e60lNdlO/^B 4^•••-« CELEBRATE / f 8 ^ HW U,f^ Don't Blame Him, Either *tm Ay 2Si 1943 By Roy Crane v\ : --^v a^M^/ CAPTAIN COLONEL. Vfo'&AV SHE'S ANV NEWS NOT AMON6 THE OF PEKINV / SURVIVORS VET? /LAWDED.Sries STILL REPORTED N ^ tl ibi C6m \ WANKS, «MP, 6Utl r MRATH|P. ON, EA&y, \TIB60 1W6HT. i- 1 T»6N'T PEEL , PRAWUPA J LIKBA<:ei.e8ftAtlON. SOfZRy^ CHAlft r-it Popeye "The 64 Dollar Question!' /.C BRIDE GET AJ.OM6 FAMBL'V ..X HOOKED ME SOW, I UJAMNA QUE-5TIOK1? —WES? 3LJIV1I—UN , ?T< Thimble Theater (WHAT THE HECK DID UIKB VOU USE FOR OAlTt. PIPE OOLOM BOTH OP) OLD GOAT.' V)f Jl ^% ^±'m Donald Duck Between Two Fires By Walt Disney OH,eoy NO \\oPE i! i EYE STPAIN FOP ME WITV! TVllS T\VO~WAY; PEFLECTOQ Blondie Time Marches On! By Chic Young 'lli^ QDOKIEAWPC 4Jl TUDU6HT WEP PROP IM AMP SEE PAPPY WHILE WE'RE iWT'l 1 dr ;; f.fi l«l. K.BJ ftXi*i* SriHltuif Inr "t'B'IJ n^M-rumtJ ^TUE BOSS IS AWFULLV^ J GROUCUV TOPAV COME ON IF ME SEES COOKIE, ITL.L ' 7 PUT HIM IN A BETTER v , MUMOR WEAR TWE PRETW WATCH SOTlC-TDC-TIC-TOC, r=^T COOKIE ^ ^ /-.%^(4 x^ v ,-"—^"V X" £•£ ^Ak ^..Vi pa R-r^ ^^ •€ ^ 'X .&M^5- PIP stou SEE) AWATO-) LANC? POWM WERE ? Boots and Her Buddies How Come By Edgar Martin Red Rider He Has Plans By Fred Harmon oo. DR. A. H. PULS IS A DENTIST IN PHILADELPHIA. "Who shall I say is calnug? OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams ME '&M-I THEV •CprXCK T ASK ABOUT THOUGHT ' BAH/'VOJ KNOW ^WOT \/ NNNT X THEY ASE, AL\_ SIGHT* I V M\tSUT£— * 3> DOH'T MIND YOU TAK.IN' IT KUTTL-E. E^SVONTH' NGHT 6HFT, BUT VOU SLW6 KE.EP U5 FCGEMEN IN DUTCH VJITH W.H. / HE 5EE5 THESE THIN66 - HE KNOW6 /\ BED- HE VJOSKE.D AT i IT—I f^EKN TH 1 TKADE* HECE'6 ONE THKVS QUiLTE N\\ND VOU, QUIUTED tn THIKTV VEAR6 TOO SOON COB. 1M1 B> fclJt m^lCf iM. J ANSWiCK: Swecltn. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople VWELL, MI66 DELLK, V <2.£D, VOU'EE 1 PICKED-UP TWO CHEAP I DARLING TO HELP ME PACK HOC5E5 FOB J BUV THOSE TH' TEIP ^r-—"A^ NrXVAJO EUS6.' 6HUCKS, NUSS.' I'M G01N' THESE. AJUVWAV TO MEET MY , \_\TTLE ILL GIVE / I'LL CASH IT >OU MY fl KV TVAE Bj\NK ENDOEo&O I INTO SlLVEQ NMD WHILE HE'6 60NE TH' UT'iLE MK 1 CAN VISIT.' Alley Oop That Spoils Everything By V. T. Hamlin THOSE MORSE9 MOD TOUTED ME OM C&RTfMSiLV WlLO PITCHES/—ALL VOU PICKED R16HT TODAV VMAS THE BOOKIE MILL. THW VJOULtJ BE BAILED U& OL5T-*— VJHEM SOU CLEfxK- ED SOUR THROKT ABOUT BEIM&THE BUDDV, THE DESK LOOKED BALLS AND CHAINS.' MOU SAVE BAIL- TOO H/V5TILV, FATHER./ I W^S A.BOOT TO V OFFICBR.THPCT 3UDG6 AMD I AR.S OLD Fl&HlhJG CmjlV\S HAVE RECEIVJED THE KE^S OF TK\e A BEDROOM. ALL EVSHT. 60 VOUQ. ACMOE5 TOO TIGHT; FOB CW6AKE, 6TOP GGlPlNG! ^ IT MV FAULT THAT EOfAAN WA5 TOO 6HAL.L.? r WELL,UNT\L V^E SET THKOUGHl BUT, MY \TH\6 VILLK&E, YOU'LL HAVE GOSH, IT'S \TO 6TAvND \T...V^JE'SE A WLLIN' N\E! \ 6CRENNY ENOUGH I CAN'T HACDUV ) LOOKING TEAM BREPCTHE / 1*5 IT I5.» t DADBLA6T IT. OOP, VOU'QE ATTR ATTENTION'. WHAT'S A K6T IT, OOP, v. . •#- x\ x ••;•, \v \: i;-x?/'/ ^ACTINS ^ (^^\ \ ^ cHOO^y ^•r x ^ ^ VT«1 S-2S- Freckles and His Friends Maginot Line Mentality By Merrill Blosser ^AY RDLKS H.WE JUST MOVED HERE TO SHAOVSIDE AMD I'M HERE Tb TELL YOU TO STOP SEEIM6 LAMA ' GET ME? VEAH--- AND DO YOU SEE ,. THESE? I SHOULDA ) V:' WORM Tl-IENA ON MY / , , T. >. COPR. 1843 BY Hit. SERVICE. INC. T M. REC U. S. PAT OFf. S'3',

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