Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 20, 1911 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1911
Page 8
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' 8 THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNEStDAY EVENH^G^ DECEMBER 20,; 1911 TO PAVE SOOTH ifalXIONAIBE siGAB BEFINEB TO BUILD HOME FOB CBIPFLES ADJACEXT PBOPEBXr OWIHSBS ASK THE Cixr TO IMFfiOVE. NELL ml PROVED DOSIIR City Commission and Township to Confer—Adds Good Boad to Uie Sontbeast to lola. One of the m6st Interesting derel- • opments of the meeting of the clty commiBsloners yesterday was the impetus given to the long-talked-of project of macadamizing South Kentucky street A petition from property owner's along the street was received by the commissioners asking that the strtet be macadamized, and the commission will consider It favorably. South Kentucky street is a plt^co of bad road. It extends from the east end of the Madison avenue paving to Kim Creek, and the overhanging trees together with the rich soil combine to make the road a quagmire on tho slightest provocation. This is the more lamentable because the stretch ot road referred to connects the brick paving with a mile or more of good rock,road south of the concrete lirldRO ov(!r Klin Creek. Tlie paving of tills stretch of ruad will make i> i-ontln^ous paved street from the busl i .ess section of lola out several miles. KftntucKy street is the eastern limit of the city and lola is therefore re- t;)«nsible for only one-half of the pnv ing lo.i I'lwiivhlp being inloresteil in tiie otl .er half The matter of paving the s.rt liu> been up before, but in tho property owners exhibited an indifference if not a hostility toward the project This has row been corrected and the property owners are iJoUlioning for the Im- j-io\tnie:it. Ti :e city commissioners will conler with the township board and it Ms hoped that the spring of 9!2 will find this much-needed and very valuable improvement well under way. .\ow York niy, Voc. -Z'K —.lolin Arlmcklp. tlio iiilllionaire sugar refiner bf'Ileves in advortisin;: :in(t h;is within the last lliirty days utilized the columns of Xow York piijicrs I'or unusual advertising. Tho time was when he advertised f<ir a man who would take his own place in tlie sugar refining business. olTcring to yiirh a man an liiiniense fortune. The second time was when lie inserted tlie fpllowlng advertisement: "1 want to obtain .-^oiiu' idea alnmt the number of cri)>ples ^flio can use their own arms and hands who would like to become scIf-au|i |H )rting. ao that I can form some opinion as to how large to build my Home for Criiiples' .lohn Arbuckle. ArbucUIe 13rothers, New York." He is planning to build a large home for cripples where various inventions will enabii- criiiiiles wlio can use their hands and arms to do as well iis men and woiiiun wlio liav<- tho use of all their moiubcrs. In the summer tiaie they can jilow and harrow drive mowing iiiachiiio.s, and hay rakes and Bar"ain day sales and racket store j'uhivaie corn and potatoes and all kinds of \egotal»les. In the winter time HE WAMEI) A CIT KATE. Marriage Licenses ore sfioO Straight in Tula. prices do not prevail in Judge J. B. Smith's matrimonial market. If you get a license you pay a straight price for it The coveted and necessary parchments in culminating the deal that Cupid started are never seen on display tagged with'' the notice: _ Was J3.50, scoop 'em out at our very special price |2.50. The price f2.50 is Judge Smiths flat_rate to all, no exceptions. A stranger found this to he true yesterday. "How much?" he inquired \\hcn Judge Smith had filled in the licrnsf as per -directions ot the applicant. "Two and a half," the Juilge replied. The applicant's face was clouded "With amazement "Two and a half." he echoed, "I can get 'em for $1.50 over in Neosho county." ' "Perhaps so," said Judge Smith, "but you don't get thrm for any surh money here. The law permits a fee of 13.50 but $2.r>0 is the amount approved by Uie majority of the probate judges over the state." "Take your word for it ' snid the applicant, looking Icnginply at tho li-cense, "but if I handn't jmt you to sr -much trouble I'd refuse to accept thi:: document." "Oh, don't let my 'rouble worry you," the Judge said, '•ill cancel thir Jlccnse if you wish me to do so and you can go to Neosho county if yoi' prefer." The judge did not wilt as the stranp er expected him to do and the groom -to-be gave up. "Didn't expect to spend FO mucV money for a license." he complained "hut if that's the price your lowest why, here's the change." tliey will be employed in large work.sliops so that tlie year round they will not only be self-supiioning Imt can have a bank account. Mr. Arbuckle expects them to earn from iSjm to $10.(I0 a week, weekly board and the men $4.00. Dope of Gas 3fcii Proved fo Be Wrong on Bntler Lcnse. City gas well No 3 on the Butler lease was brought in with considerable eclat and great expectations yesterday and the flow proved to be right at 000,000,000 cubic feet, guage measure. It -will be recalled that the gas department and the drillers were of one mind that Well No. 3 would make Nos. 1 and 2 look about as important as a sneeze compared with a cyclone. They made no bones about throwing out their, chests and predicting positively what the new well would do. And the well canie In dry. That term originated In the oil fields, and meant disaster t^-lhe hopes of the man secki Ing grease. A dry well or a "duster" was later applied to gas wells that proved unproductive, and that Is tho variety of well that No. 3 Is. It Is a sore disappointment to all concerned and the peoplo-of loin who are the real owners of the hole and who [^'ould have beiientted by a good strike of gas. Whellver any further prospecting or developing will be made In that western field now Is not known. 'Two producing wells were found, but all tho signs Indicated that oven a better flow should be found at tho last location. EST ATTITUDE FOR SLEEP Ffeiich Physician Says Position Which One Finds Most Comfortable Is Best. Tin: STAMHNt; TODAY. Vole In ChrNtmns Tree Contest GITPS Trinity (lie Lead. Tho folo\\'ing is the standing of the contestants in the Christmas tree ron test inauguiuted by the New Y'ork store: Trinity 4.143 Salvation Army 27'39 •nitcd Brethren 1171 resbyterlan 740 Methodist 72'* Baptist 6n Christian 483 Kpiscopal 208 A. M. E: J 33 Christian Science 3.5 Builders Chapel 14 <AB practically everyone is more or less addicted to the habit of sleeping, tUe question of the best and most, h^lthful attltud^during slumber is of ; general Importance. There is an an- cijBnt and widespread idea that to slJBep o nthe left side Interferes with the heart action and is consequently | iitjurlaus and that to sleep on the i bock develops the inclination to snore. Modern authorities are not at, all | agreed on the matter, however, one of ; tt^ greatest heart specialists declar- ' ing that It Is quite immaterial whether ' a person sleeps on the right or left lide. while another equally famous dctor asserts em^atically that ono • sbould always lie on the right side if : heart trouble and Indlgestoin Is to bo J avoided. Eliminating the question of i snoring—a habit quite possible to bfcak one's self of—there Is litilo doubt that th» jnost restful position, wlicn once • a person has become accustomed to it. Is flat upon .the back, using no pillow, and with the arms al^ve the head. This straightens drooping shoulders and gives the lungs full play. However, this is a matter In which one may do as one pleases, and havo go^ authority therefor, as a very dis- tiiigulshed French physician has dismissed the subject by saying that the best position for sleeping Is that which & person finds most comfortable. JOKE ON POLICE SERGEANT Thought He Had Officer Trapped In Undertaker's Shop When Pinocle Qame Was On. •fere's tho best joke I ever heard! on 'a sergeant," said a high oSicial in thd police department "He was go- Ingi the rounds when he saw a police- Second Baptist 10 I ma^i whom we'll call Mullaney go iuto j ..uthcran LUTIIEK COX DLSAl'PE .Vim. Tlie women will pay $3. WHEBE TO BCY STAMPS. The Bed Cro.w Stickers May be Had 1 In Many Places: Announcement is made that the Hed Cross stamps may be bought at the following-, named places in this city: Y. "W. C. A. rooms, Tho Library Kelley , Hotel. Portland Hotel. Kress Store, Sleeper Undertaking Parlors Campbell Undertaking parlors. Reynolds Drug Store. Morris & Howan" Drug Store. Burrell's Drug Store JEvans Drug Store, Ramsay Dry Good: Store. The public will be glad to learn for Jts convenience that arrangements have been made for the selling of Ret" Cross Stamps in the lobby of the pos' office on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week between the hourf _ of 11 a. m. and 5:30 p. m. Severa' yonng ladles of the city have kindl> promised their serxlces for this worlf In the great and good cause. Don't forget to buy these stamps for all your letters and packages. _ETery penny stam^ bought is a blow struck at the terrible white plague tuberculosis. IHE MOTIIKH OF THE M.IX. (Uy Hall Caine) When tlie Lord of the Creation gave the woman to the man. In tliai ble.-^i but brief existence ere the rule of ill began, Then lie knew, wliate'er her conduct, wlietht r innocent or frail. That the female of tl.e .«peeies would l>e scai.ecoat to the male. Wion lie bani.shcd them from K<len for the .-^in lliat each had wrouglit And t!io fla:iiinK sword of venKcanee .«eal(d tlie fate that both liad SOlIg 'Ilt, Then lie know tliroiighout the ages long a.- man sliould tell tlie tale, That llie female of tho .species would be temptress to tlic male. When Ho oast Ills oUlldrm from lllm, and by iirimal e.irilily vow Doomed their stnul to eat their life- bread in tlie .sweat of blood and brow. Then He know where jiallis WITO reddest down the lim; of lal)or'>- trail. Phore the female of tl'.e i^poLics would be slavemate to the ma!c. WHien He dowered tho man witli passions when He formed him from the dust. With its wilderness of i:i-lincts. with its burden of di.sirust. Then He knew that tlie whirlwind of his manhood's wa.=lefui gale, Still the female of the species would be subject to the male. ft'Tien Ho ordered that the woman both as mother and as wife, Should obey her law of being as the vehicle of life. Then He suffered It to happen, lest the generations fail. That the female of tlie species might be "deadlier" than the male. When the lx)rd of the Creation gave the woman to the man, in that blest but hritf existence ere the rule of ill.began. Then He willed it that., if sharing in man's fault and in his fate, jhe should therefore be his equal and the partner in his state. Not to govern or cajole him, not court or spoak him smooth, .Not to snare or to enslave him but to cheoY, inspire and soothe; .\ot his temjitress, not his slavemate, not his subject, not his squaw Hut his helpmate and his angel, by the right of God's own law. if He cursed the man with labor as the human lof.s alloy. Ho provided that for woman his work should be his joy. If Ho dowered the man with passion which the piossor instincts mov He reserved it to i!ie woman to uplift his lust to love. if He ordered that the mother for the children of li<'r womb Sliould dare her deatli by travail and fiKht till orack of doom. He oi'ilored t!i;it by t!:nt Impulse still tl:o purest and the best, Siie siioulil fiatlier ail that suffer lier pity to lier breast. Nurturing, niirsin!;. guarding, loving, giving strengtli with heart and hand; Paying toll in pan.';.-: to nature which no man may understand; Dauntless from tlie God who made her Without fear to draw her breath. Savior of the weak and helpless, first at birth and last at death. Since the Ixird created woman, she became a living soul. Hers has been the old earth's burthen age on age, from jiole to pole. Hers the conflict, hers the conquest hers the flag of life unfurled. Hers the sorrow hers the suffering, hers the love that moves the world. Therefore why should man, the In grate, when he chooses to confer^ Welcome every fool and coward, onlj' close the door on her? Room sirs, room within your councils, bare your foreheads If you can. For behold, without your portal stands the Mother of the Man! DATES OF BIG COXTEATIOXS. They Mill Be Arranged So as to Avoid Conflict. Portland 20.—Through AWAY GOES CATABBH. : Breathe Soothing, HenUng Hyoroel— Belief in Flte Minntrs. 'Where there's,catarrh there's thouF ands of catarrh germs. You can't gel J fld of catarrh unless you kill thesf germs. . Yoii can't kill these germs with stomach medicine'or sprays or douches because you can't get where the.v are. You cantklll these germs with HT- OMEI a penetrating antiseptic ah that yo ubreathe a few times a day directly over the raw, sore, germ infested membrane. For catarrh jwthma, croup, cough* colds and catarrhal deafnees Hyome' "Is sold on money back plan by Chas B. Spencer & Co. Complete outfit $L00. Extra bottles of HYOMEI If afterwards needed only .50 cents. Remember, HTOMEI does not contair •morphine, cocaine or any drug tha< cpnid possibly do harm. Ore., Dec. he efforts of John P. Sullivan, Grand Sxalted Ruler of the Elks, conflicts In •he dates of the important conven­ iens of 1912 have been avoided. As soon as It was decided that" the -:i:iks would hold their annual reunion n Portland during the week of July i Mr. Sullivan conferred with offic- als of the Grand Arnly and the Shrln- ^rs with the result that the conven­ iens of those organlaztions will be leld in Los Angeles In September and May respectfully. By urging the subset on members of the Republican National committee he succeeded In laving the date for the Republican convention in Chicago set for the veek of June 18. Het^as started slm- lar negotiations with\he Democratic National Committee and It Is probable hat another week than that chosen by be Elks will be selected for the Dem- >cratlc convention. - WANTED—WOOD..Ta SAW WITH! ' -bnzx saw. Will guaranteed to dr «, •work fluickly and satisfactorily •-liPhone 461- _ •< '--L. ' A Beantlful Calendar. Tailor T. A .Milne is presenting his latrons with a beautiful art calendar. The picture Is from a painting by 'loward Giles and is entitled "The 7reat Northwest" The artist first •shose the title. "The Prospectors," \ni even though that was abandoned 'or ^he larger, more poetic and more comprehensive title, it still points out he explanatldn of the picture. It recalls an actual experience of the ar- tUt Ho writes: "I had a vivid Im­ pression, as I saw this train of pros pectors of the elemental spirit—the indomitable perseverance, pluck and hope—shown in the leader of the band The early morning sun was drying up the mist, gilding the white peaks of the mountains, and shining on the face of the man as he advanced along the rough trail." - • An Appreciation. Realizing the impossibility of reach ing every friend who performed for us some loving ministry during the Illness and death of mother, Mattle A. Farmer, with' a personal expression of gratefulness wo' desire to extend our most forvent appreciation through the Dally Register. We are deeply conscious of every sacrifice made in our behalf but the English language Is powerless to adequately express to our friends the sincere gratitude with which our heBrtiL>re turobblng, and we are left with the single alternative of trusting that all may read and understand. "The hush that means, cannot speak, but I have heard; the gleam of, promise brought to use from God's own word—such tiny things some deem as hardly ministry. The givers feeling they have shown scant sympathy. But when the heart is over wrought, oh, who can tell the power of such tiny things to make It well."— Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Cook Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Farmer. PILES CUBED III SIX TO 14 DATS. —Your druggist will refund money IT PAZO OINTMENT falla to cnre any case of ttcbWg, Blind. Bleedinc or Protrndlas PUea in 6 to 14 daya SOe. Third Hpsld»»nt of WInfiold, Kansas, Is Itcported Missing In a Month. ah jundertaker's shop where there Is generally a pinocle^ game in the back room. Ho knew thero was no back way out for Mullaney, so 'rounds' planted himself at the door and waited. "After a time he sent in word by oa^of the men working In the shop Wlnfield. Kas.. Pec. 20. —Another Wlnfield man. Luther Cox. a retired' stock man. has disanprarcd. and tha^ he knew Mullaney was In thero trace of him can be found. When he and!that he had better come back on 'oft home Friday he had $S00 with pos^, because the longer he waited which he was to ivake a first pay- thevworse the complaint against him ment on some property, he intended read to buy. His family an I ^'lirnds believe ho has mot with foul play. Mr. Cox is tho third man to disap- iiear from Wininolii within tho last month: llio (irst I'oiiie (;eor !^i> W. Russell, a painter, and the second Heri'inii lacolip. a toaelier who \v;is superintendent of tlie iiian';;il !r.Ti".'ni' i!o- •lartiiient <if the \ViiiH"!'i IiiUt '.ohool. Nothin-; I-OIKI rnuip f !ie v.hi rrri):iii:t< )f either of the. 0 i.,'«rlii-.; e.m li'! Ois- <-ovcreii by their frl.Tils. G.VMHI.KKS ffCli HOOSKVEI.T. IMs Made That T. K. Will He Nonil- nalcd and Klectrd. I wou '"fhero was much commotion in tho baclc room, and as there were a number of coffins being loaded on a wagon outside the'y put Mullaney in a coffin and iloadcd him on the wagon. They drove hira down the street a couple of blocks and Jlullaney climbed out. Ho strolled back up to whom the sergeant was doggedly watching tho door and saluted. "'Hello, rounds, pleasant evening, isn't; it?' ho said, end the sergeant stared for a moment and then stamped away too mad to speak!"—New York Sua. New York. Deo, 2'i.—Tluro are men in Wall Street williMj; to bet that riieodore I;oo.-'"vol! will ho tho next ;irosfdential noiMnee of tlie Kepiihli- ;-nn parly and will l-i' oleilod. They ire not willing, however, to give big odds. S<'vernl small bets of 1 to ."> were made yesterday that Colonel Roosevelt v,-oiild be no:iiinated and elected. Others of 1 to :! were made • hat Governor Harmon of Ohio would ')C tho Democratic nominee and would be elected. No tet.s on the chances if Pro:-ident Taft for ronomlnation or ••lection or on t!;e presidential chances •)t Governor Wilson of Jiave been recorded. CABS OX >EWTO\ INTKRCBBAX. Regular Son Ice to Ilalstead, K« gan Today. Newton. Kas., Doc. 2').—Tho first car- over the Arkansas Valloy Intorurban Mne between Newton and Halstead arrived here this afternoon. The track ind bridge--Tiork is complete. Cars will run on regular hourly schedule Polyglot Chicago. The Introduction of Polish ns a course in the public schools of Chicago,: by Superintendent Ella Flagg 'Young, is an interesting experiment though some may regard it as a rash one. There Is a tendency among children ' of foreign parentage to drop their native language, while It would no doubt add to the general culture of the rising generation In our large cities, if they would retain it along New Jersey j ^Ith tjie prescribed studies. If the experiment "Is successful, Mrs. Young proposes to follow it up with other languages. Thej;e are perhaps 150,000 Poles In the city, but there are 14 tongueia, each of which Is spoken by more than 10,000 persons. Newspapers appear in ten languages and church; ssrvices are neld In twenty. In all'there are forty different lan- guaresrof dialects employed to express the thoughts, needs and emotions of the population. Chicago is the second Be- omorrow. The next extension of the ^ road will be north from Newton, but largest^ Bohem!^ city In the world, no more construction work will be the third Sw«aish, the fourth Norwe- done this winter. —Oysters .50c and 60c a quart.—City Meat Market The AUDITORIUM SKATING RINK will open for Skating on, Thursday Evening I Dec. 21, at 7 O'clock I and SATURDAY December 23rd Afternoon and Evening ADMISSION Evening 10c Skates 15c Aft'noon 5c Skates lOc glan, the fifth Polish and the fifth German. If all these are to be in- Btnrcted in their national language t and lltcirature the city will eventually need an Ellhu Burritt or a George I P. Marsh to direct Its odrra'ional ao- tlTities-^Boston Transcript. Trick May Earn Monunient. Pioneer residents have inaugurated a movement to have a tablet placed In tho new state capltol of Minnesota in memory of Joseph Rolette, who, in the early days saved the prestige of 8L PatiL By act of legislature the capital'Minnesota was removed from Stj Paul to the rival town of St Peter, but the bill never was signed by the governor, for, during the last ten d»yit of' tho session the bill was In custody of a committee of which "Joe" R4'ette was a member, and he disappeared with the bill In his pocket His disappearance with the bill rendered tb^ act of the legislature void. Don't Forget the Walter. "Well, iour vacation ia over. 'We leave forlhome today." T see tire waiter has decorated our table wits' rosemary." "Rosem&ry. eh? Ah, yOs; that's for rcmembriince." ten me what she thinks of me it takes Ions tlnte." j ..„i... —• , /•-'':*-T:feW?ira» This Store will be Open Evenings after Supper the Remainder of the Week TF you've got a dress suit you probably don't want another right away; they last a long time: especially the kind we sell— Hart Sciia Marx dress suits. They're made up of the very finest materials, silk lined, perfectly tailored and made to fit. If you haven't rh'crs clothes. no''A''s your time—be in rij^ht—and here's the place for it !! I !!!!!!! ! S35 to $50 ch $20 and up. Suite Dress o Tuxedo Coats to mat Your Christmas wants have been provided for at this store. Many useful presents for Men and Boys. AFTER SUPPER SPECIAL TO.VIUIIT—FROM 7:.JO TO 9.30—we place on special sale a lot of l,adii s' anil Gents" All Silk Umbrellas, with plain mission and fancy carveil handles; otir regular ?3.u0. ^4 l"Q S3.01I and i'l.iH) \alues; choice , I lUW BRADLEY MUFFLERS The best to be had in all. tho desin d colors—alw-ays sold for TJOC. Tonight from 7:30 to Hi.JO^— your choice for -39c LEOILS. I Measurement. "Your wife thinks a lot ot yon, doesnt site?" . 'I^upp<t8e I might say so," replied Mr. yeektpn. "When she sUrtS in to Iradministrator of the Estate of Jdaria (First Published in the lola Dally Register Nov. 20, IDll.) Notice of Final Srtticnieiit. The State of Kansas Allen County ss. In the Probate Court In and for said County. In the matter of the Estate of Maria Kngelharut Deceased. Creditor.=i and all other persons interested In the aforesaid Estate are hereby notified that I shall apply to the Probate Court, in and for-said County, sitting at the Court House in i.^'a. County of Alien. State of Kansas, on the I2th day of January, A. D. 1912, for a full and final settlement of said estate. FRANK L. TRAVIS Elngelhardt, Deceased. (ll).29 -a2 )-6-13-20 LE6ALS. (Kin-t Published In the lola IlcBister Dec. 6, 19U.) \oilre of Aiipolntiuent, Admlnlsfntan -' State of Kansas, Allen County, wa. ^ ; In the matter of the Estifito of Ln- ' ther McNeil late of Allen CoantTj KanFa.". ' NOTICE OP APPOINTMENT. >r .-^.J^'' Notice Is Hereby Given, That ofa t)(9 * -Ith day of December, A. D. MU, IhrtT undersigned was by the Prohataf of Allen County, Kansas, dnly i ed and qualified as Admlnfat the Estate of Luther McN^: Allen County, deceased; AH. interested in said estata ^irili: notice and gorem th«{nselTes' ' ingiy. J. CCjWOC (i;}-6-i3-2o jmm

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