Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 15, 1974 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 15, 1974
Page 5
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Tuesday* October IS, 1974 News Briefs NEWPORT, Ark. (Ap) - A Texas woman was killed Monday in a three-vehicle crash two miles south of here on the rain slick U.S. 67. Trooper Fred Clark of the State Police identified the victim as Earlene Johnston of near Alvin. Her age was unknown. The five other injured persons were Russell D. Johnston, 70, of near Alvin, Gary L. Spray, 22, Patricia Spray, 24, and Gary Spray, 5 months, all of Little Rock Air Force Base, and Stanley P. Holder, 29, of Hoxie, They were taken to Newport Hospital. Clark saifj the accident occurred when Johnston lost control of the car he was driving, causing it to skid broadside into a two-ton truck. The truck then knocked the Johnston car backwards into the path of a car driven by the elder Spray, Clark said. HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (AP) Gary Garrett, 26, of near Hot Springs was killed Monday in a one-vehicle crash on U.S. 70 one mile east of the Garland County line, State Police said. Troopers C. R. Atkinson and Jim Elrod said the accident occurred when Garrett lost control of the pickup truck he was driving while passing another vehicle. The troopers said Garre It's truck then struck a bridge abutment and overturned. LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Randall Manus of Pine Bluff was appointed Monday by Gov. Dale Bumpers to the Arkansas Alcohol Abuse Advisory Council. Manus, who will represent the Department of Corrections, succeeds Jir.i Chudleigh of Little Rock, who resigned. WASHINGTON (AP) - Rep. Ray Thornton, D-Ark., said Monday he would vote to sustain the veto of President Ford on a supplemental appropriation bill that contained a prohibition of aid to Turkey. Thornton .also said- he .would,. vote to override Ford's veto of a railroad retirement pension bill. Thornton plans to return to Arkansas Thursday. PINE BLUFF, Ark. (AP) Three car-train crashes involving 11 persons occurred within a four-hour period here Monday night, yet only two persons were injured. Neither injury was critical, police said. Two of the accidents involved Cotton Belt railroad trains, while a third involved a Missouri-Pacific train. A newsman said there were two persons in one car, four persons in another and five in a third car. The two youths who were injured were riding in the first of the three cars to collide with a train. That accident occurred at 5:40 p.m. The injured were identified as Renee Lawson, 17, who suffered a broken collar bone and lacerations and her brother, Steve Lawson, 15, who was taken to a hospital but not admitted. Their hometowns were unavailable. CABOT, Ark. (AP) - Matilda Donna Holden, 19, of near Cabot was killed Monday when the car she was driving crashed into another car headon on Arkansas 38, State Police said. Four other persons, Lester C. Spence, 45, of near Ward, Margaret Colbert, 23, of Ward, Lisa McDonald, 5, and Roy Colber., 5, both of Austin - were injured. Officer William Maisano of the Cabot Police Department said the accident occurred when the car driven by the Holden woman crossed the center line and struck a car driven by Spence. LITTLE ROCK (AP) - A 9.2 per cent increase in workman's compensation insurance rates by the National Council on Compensation Insurance takes effect today. Insurance Commissioner Ark Monroe HI said Monday that of the increase, 7.4 per cent was based on loss experience and 2.8 per cent was based on increased benefits as established by Arkansas laws on workman's compensation. (AttK.) STAR WIN AT BRIDGE fishy teisecard can fool NORTH is 4A64 , TAQ10 JQJ5 4KQ108 WEST EAST 41098 4K753 TJ73 T8652 ; 962 48743 J974 +5 SOUTH <D) *QJ2 ¥K94 4 AK10 4A632 North-South vulnerable West North East South 1 N.T. Pass 6 N.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—10 * four clubs to the jack-nine there is no way to pick the' suit up. , L East will show out on the second club. South will have a proven finesse against West's jack-nine and be home with the bacon. When he defended the hand Fishbein played the nine of clubs on the first lead of the suit. „ lt _ This falsecard gave South a chance to guard against four clubs to the jack in either hand. He fell for it like a ton of bricks. Played the second high club from dummy and went down one trick. By Oswald & James Jacoby Some automatic plays are less automatic than others. The one shown today was first used by Harry Fishbein of New York, one of the great players back in the '30s. This isn t the exact hand but the principle involved is the same. East wins the first trick with the king of spades and leads the suit back. The slam is a good one. South has already lost the spade finesse but will make his contract if he can score four club tricks. He has a sure thing against any 3-2 club break — only a 4-1 break can hurt him. In the normal course of events he will play dummy's king of clubs and lead a club back to his ace because if East has The bidding has been: West North East South 1+ Pass 14 Pass 2 N.T. Pass 3* Pass 3* Pass 4 N.T. Pass 5* Pass ? You, South, hold: *AK843?A2 + Q44KQ87 What do you do now? A-Bid seven notrump. Your partner holds the king of diamonds and a long diamond suit. He can come to 13 even without the heart king. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of bidding three diamonds your partner has bid three notrump over your three clubs. What do you do now? Answer Tommorow Send $1 lor JACOBY MODERN book to: "Win at Bridge," (do this newspaper), P.O. Box 489, Radio CitvStation, New York, N.y. 10019. Legislation Council seeks prison appeal LITTLE ROCK (AP) — The Legislative Council voted Monday to ask state officials to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court from the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that Arkansas prison conditions still are unconstitutional. The council approved a motion by Sen. Olen Hendrix of Antoine asking that the council's request be directed to Atty. Gen. Jim Guy Tucker, the state Board of Corrections and Corrections Commissioner Terrell Don Hutto. The motion was adopted after several' legislators "remarked during other council business that the St. Louis appeals court decision Thursday seemed out of line with improvements that have been made in the last couple of years and still are being made in the prison system. Rep. Ode Maddox of Oden, speaking to an official of the Finance and Administration Department, remarked sarcastically at one point, "Do they (the inmates) have individual rooms, yet?' Sen. Knox Nelson of Pine Bluff, council chairman, suggested that the appeals court ruled without being aware of the improvements. If they knew of the improvements when they made the ruling, he said, "I think we ought to send them the key." Rep. John E. Miller of Melbourne said that proposed construction requests by the Corrections Department might turn out to be an area where the state could save some money. "We might have to close the prisons," he said. Tucker later told newsmen that his office intended to ask the appeals court for a rehearing on the case. The case was appealed by the inmate plaintiffs after Judge J. Smith Henley of U.S. District Court in Little Rock ruled in August 1973 that the conditions in Arkansas prisons, though still needing improvement, had been corrected sufficiently for him to relinquish the control he assumed in February 1970 when he had declared the conditions to be unconstitutional. "We will attempt to make a showing that we are in compliance with just about everything that the appeals court objected to in its decision reversing Judge Henley," Tucker said. He said Henley and the appeals court had acted on the basis of the same facts and the same record of the case but had reached different conclusions. If a rehearing is .denied, Tucker said, then "at that time the Board of Corrections will have to make a decision on whether to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court." "We do have an overcrowding problem in the prisons, but to say that constitutes subhuman conditions is a vast difference from overcrowding such as exists at the prison, as I understand it," Tucker said. Charlie Rich still top man NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Fifteen years of sticking to a dream paid off for Charlie Rich as he won the Country Music Association's most prestigious award, Entertainer of the Year. Singer - writer - band leader Frank "Pee Wee" King and recording executive Owen Bradley tied in balloting for the Country Music Hall of Fame. It was the first time that two personalities, instead of one, had been chosen. Ronnie Milsap, a newcomer to country music recognition, was named male vocalist of the year. Milsap has been blind since birth. Australian Olivia Newton- John, fresh from a string of hits ; was named female vocalist of the year. Rich's honor came after a barrage of hit records and successful road shows during the last two years. His "Very Special Love Song" was named album of year. In 1973, he took the association's top male vocalist, top album and tor single awards. King's "Tennessee Waltz" is counted among the greatest country and western songs ever written. Bradley's pioneer studio began what has since become Nashville's Music Row. Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty won vocal duo honors for the third consecutive year. Miss Lynn was the first female entertainer of the year in 1972. Johnny Cash, entertainer of the year in 1969, hosted the eighth annual awards show, televised nationally from the Grand Ole Opry House. "Cal Smith and writer Don Wayne worked together on the hit single "Country Bumpkin," for which Smith won top single and Wayne won top song. Danny Davis and The Nashville Brass were named best instrumental group for the sixth consecutive year. The late Don Rich was named top instrumentalist. A guitarist for Buck Owens' Buckaroos, Rich was killed last spring in a California motorcycle accident. The four Statler Brothers were selected vocal group of the year. Dr. Lamb Special diet for kidney disease Television Logs '.. --Hat * TV i Jk ' . ^^^^ By Lawrence E. Lamb, M.D. DEAR DR. LAMB - I am a middle-aged woman and have bilateral polycystic renal disease. 1 am being treated by a very competent nephrologisL I have had several side effects, such as anemia, gout, diabetic symptoms, swelling of the feet, itchy skin, leg cramps and nausea with vomiting. I might say this is an inherited condition as several in my family have had the same complaint. At the present time I am on a salt-free diet and taking, among other things, four sodium bicarbonate tablets daily, Zyloprim to control the gout, plus iron and liver for my blood. t Over a period of time i have lost over 80 pounds (from over 200 pounds down to about 120 pounds). I am getting along quite well at the moment, but can you explain to me why the salt-free diet and limited potassium and protein and the sodium bicarbonate? _ , DEAR READER - For the benefit of our other readers, polycystic kidney disease is a defect that a person is born with. There are many (poly) cysts formed in the kidney causing it to be enlarged, and sometimes affecting its function. How much of the normal kidney tissue is replaced with cysts determines how well the kidneys function. Three main complications of polycystic kidney disease are bleeding, high blood pressure and kidney failure. Most of your treatment is directed toward the latter. Since your kidneys are not working in an optimal fashion your doctor is wisely helping them. When the kidneys are damaged they may not be able to eliminate salt normally. In that case salt has to be eliminated from the diet to prevent the accumulation of salt in the body which would cause accumulation of water and lead to many severe problems. Mungai is unseated By ANDREW TORCHIA Associated Press Writer NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) Foreign Minister Njoroge Mungai lost his seat in Parliament to an American-educated university professor as the results of Kenya's third national elections became known today. The loss almost certainly will remove Mungai from his cabinet post. Three other ministers in President Jomo Kenyatta's 20- member cabinet and six assistant ministers also were defeated in a wave of upsets in the voting Monday. Kenyatta, architect of Kenya's decade-long independence, was returned unopposed for a third term, He did not campaign for any of the candidates. Chapel murder believed work of psychopath STANFORD, Calif. (AP) — A sexual psychopath apparently was responsible for the brutal murder of Arlis Perry, 19, in the Stanford University chapel, authorities say. Earlier theories indicated the slaying might have been part of a satanic ritual. Undersheriff Tom Rosa said Monday that the murder "seems to fit the typical pattern of a sexual psychopath. It has no cult-like overtones—it just happened to occur in a church." Mrs. Perry, naked from the waist down and the apparent victim of sexual assault, was found dead of a stab wound to the head Sunday in the campus chapel. Santa Clara County sheriff's officers said there also were indications Mrs. Perry had been chocked. The university has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to conviction of the killer. ' Mrs. Perry and her husband Bruce came to Stanford from Bismarck, N.D. He was a sophomore at the university and she worked as a receotionist in a local law firm. Tney were married last August. Perry said he last saw his wife at midnight Saturday. He said she frequently went to the church to pray when troubled. The same applies to potassium. The kidneys normally eliminate any potassium your body doesn t Heed. When they are unable to do this, the excess accumulation of potassium can upset the body chemistry and even affect the heart. So, 1 am not surprised that your potassium and the foods rich hi potassium are limited. Individuals taking water pills have the opposite problems. The flushing out of water often washes out too much potassium which can be bad also. One of the main functions of the kidneys is to eliminate urea, hence the name urine. Urea is formed from the ammonia or nitrogen-containing part of amino acids. Protein consists of combinations of am ino ac ids. If you eat a lot of excess protein, your kidneys have to eliminate more urea. When your kidneys are not "up-to-snuff" you need to eliminate this problem to prevent the accumulation of urea in the blood. In large amounts it can lead to "uremic poisoning.' The kidneys also play a role in balancing the chemistry of your body, between being too acid or too alkaline. This is very important for normal function. I presume that the sodium bicarbonate is part of this general picture in your particular case. So, all that is being done for you is quite logical and necessary. Keep in mind that if you reach a point where kidney function is completely unsatisfactory you can get .help from artificial kidney devices, and finally, in proper circumstances, kidney transplants have proved to be rather sue- cessful. Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019. 1 For a copy of Dr. Lamb's booklet on niatal hernia, send 50 cents to the same address and ask for the "Hiatal Hernia" booklet. byBertaefedeQ/di For Wednesday, Oct. 16, 1974 ARIES (March 21-April 19) You will eventually benefit in some manner from confidential information that will be given you now. Secrecy is essential for the present. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Your judgment is especially keen today. Act on your decisions. It isn't likely you'll overlook anything relevant in weighing evidence. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) You're fortunate in coping with matters that can advance or enhance your work or career. CANCER (June 21 -July 22) There's something much larger and beneficial behind what will appear to be a moderate gesture of goodwill from a friend. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) You're very much on the mind of one with whom you have strong emotional ties. This person will shortly act generously toward you. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Your larger ideas have more chance of being successful than your lesser ones do. Paint your canvas with bold strokes. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) This is one of those days when things of a material nature are likely to be handed to you without need for you to put out much effort. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) You're lucky now, provided you stick with your own ideas and not those of another. Proceed as your logic dictates. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23- Dec. 21) Those reliable little insights you've learned to depend upon will be extremely accurate today. Blend intuition with reason for guidance. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) To influence a group, single out the few key people and work in close accord with them rather than with the majority. AQUARIUS (Jan. 2O-Feb. 19) You're still in a fortunate cycle where your occupation is concerned. Don't let anything rewarding slip through by being indifferent. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) In your dealings now. keep the broader picture before you. The smaller pieces will fall into place once the general outline is perceived. your bfthdoy Match flarn* . 3: W $10,W» Pyramid MetvGriffirt 6:06 Villa Alegrc 2 Truth Or Consequences 3-1® News 44-7*11-12 That Girt 6 Hogan's Heroes 8 6:30 Extension *?4 2 To fell The Truth 3 Beverly Hillbillies 4-6-10 FBI 5 Gomef Pyle 8 Hee Haw U Lucy Show 12 7:00 America 2 $25,000 Pyramid 3 Baseball World Of Joe Garaglola 4-6 Happy Days MO 700 Club 8 Good Times 12 7:15 World Series 4-6 7:30 Audubon Wildlife Theatre 2 Movie 3-7-10 "Playmates" Rifleman 5 MASH H-12 8:00 Arkansas: Continuum 2 Family Affair 5 Hawaii Five-0 11-12 8:30 Woman 2 Beverly Hillbillies 5 Charisma 8 9:00 Consumer Alert 2 Marcus Welby, M.D. 3-710 Movie 5 "Battle Ground" A New Day 8 Barnaby Jones 11-12 9:30 Washington Straight Talk 2 Kathryn Kuhlman 8 10:00 ABC News 2 News 3-4-5-6-7 Big Valley 8 News 10-11-12 10:15 Movie Cont'd 5 10:30 Wide World Mystery 3-10 Johnny Carson 4 LSU Highlights 6 Perry Mason 7 Movie H-12 "See the Man Run" 11:00 Bonanza 8 11:30 Pop! Goes The Country 6 Wide World Mystery 7 11:45 Movie Eleven 5 "Paranoic" 12:00 Untouchables 4 Tomorrow 6 1:25 News V 5 1:40 Meditation 5 Wednesday Morning 6:25 Devotiona 8 MINI-FESTIVAL AROUND IVES NEW YORK (AP) - A five- concert series, "Mini-Festival around Ives," will be performed alternately in Avery Fisher Hall and the Juilliard Theater. It will be presented by the New York Philharmonic in collaboration with the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center. The program will be devoted to Ives's music as well as the music of his contemporaries and those he influenced. The concerts will be performed by soloists and ensembles of various sizes, from the two organizations. "Mini-Festival around Schubert" will take place March 44. Oct. 16, 1974 Your bank account is apt to be much fatter at the end of this year than it was when the year began. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN ) Natural gas is oaoriess. An odor is always added to warn people of a leak in a gas pipe. 8:30 Texfifkana College 6 News 8 Sunrise Semester 11 6:40 Moments For Meditation 5 6:46 News 5 RFD6 6 6:50 YC-JT Pastor 12 6:55 Morning Devotions ' 7:00 today 4-6 Slam Bang Theatre 5 Cal Bring 7 Bugs Bunny 8 Ark-La-Miss 10 CBS News 12 7:15 Colorful World 3 7:30 Mighty Mouse 8 7:45 New Zoo Revue 3 6:00 New Zoo Revue 5 Bozo's Cartoon Carnival 7 Bozo 8 Gtlligan's Island 10 Captain Kangaroo 11-12 8:15 Movie 3 "The Cantervllle Ghost" 8:30 Fury 6 Arkansas 7 Dennis The Menace 8 Not For Women Only 10 9:00 Name .That Tune 44-10 The Munstera 5 Movie 7 "Mister 880" Hazel 8 Moyle 10 "A Man Alone" Joker's Wild 11 ' Sesame Street 12 9:30 Winning Streak 4-6 Petticoat Junction 5 Father Knows Best 8 Gambit 11 10:00 Split Second 3 High Rollers 44 The Saint 5 The Courtship of Eddie's 8 Now You See It 11-12 10:30 Brady Bunch 3-7-10 Hollywood Squares 44 The Lucy Show 8 Love of Life 11-12 10:55 CBS News 11-12 11:00 Password 3-7-10 Jackpot! 44 Run For Your Life 5 Andy Griffith Show 8 Young and the Restless 11-12 11:30 News 3 Celebrity Sweepstakes44 Split Second 7-10 Flipper 8 Search for Tomorrow 11-12 , Jl:55 NBC News 44 Afternoon 12:00 All My Children 3-7-10 Little Rock Today 4 Noon News 54-12 700 Club Part I & II 8 Eye on Arkansas 11 12:30 Let's Make A Deal 3-710 Cartoon Carnival 5 Jepoardy! 6 As the World Turns 1112 1:00 Newly wed Game 3-7-10 Days of Our Lives 44 Afternoon More 5 "Gunpoint" Guiding Light 11-12 1:30 Girl in My Life 3-7-10 Doctors 44 Manna 8 Edge of Night H-12 2:00 General Hospital 3-7-10 Another World 44 It's A New Day 8 Price Is Right 11-12 2:30 One Life to Live 3-7-10 How to Survive A Mar- 4 S « Litti«RMc*fe J Virginian i| T«ttl«9t*l«S If 3:30 Movie . 3 "The Chaffip Speed Racer 5 I Dream of Jeannic 6 Bdid'i Big fop f- Hazel 8 I Love Lucy 10 McrvGfiffin 12 3:45 WUduf« Woftders 2 4:00 Mlater Rogers * Bonanft* 44 Flirttatones 5 Father Knows Best 8 Star Trek W 4:30 Sesame Street 2 Gllligan's bland 5-7 Andy Griffith Show 8 Mod Squad U 5:00 ABC News ' 3-7-10 Truth or Consequences 4 t Love Lucy S Rifleman 6 Star Trek 8 News 12 5:30 Zoom 2 News MO NBC News 4-6 Dick Van Dyke 5 Dragnet 7 News' 1M2 Night 2 6:00 Villa Alegre Truth Or Consequences 3-10 News 44-7-11-12 That Girl 5 Hogan's Heroes 8 6:30 Vision On 2 To Tell The Truth 3 Beverly Hillbillies 44-10 FBI 5 Gomer Pyle 8 Let's Make A Deal 11 Lucy Show 12 7:00 Men Who Made The Movies 2 That's My Mama 3-7-10 Baseball World Of Joe Garaglola 44 700 Club 8 Sons And Daughters H-12 7:15 World Series 44 7:30 Movie 3-7-10 "All My Darling Daughters" Rifleman 5 3:00 Century Theatre 2 Family Affair 5 Cannon U-12 8:30 Beverly Hillbillies 5 George & Diane 8 9:00 To Be Announced 2 Reasoner Report 3-7-10 Movie 5 "Texas Across the River" Manna 8 Manhunter 11-12 9:30 Video Visionaries 2 Ministers 8 10:00 News 3-4-54-7 Big Valley 8 News 10-11-12 10:15 Movie Cont'd 5 10:30 ABC News 2 Wide World Special 3-10 Johnny Carson 44 Arkansas Arthritis Foundation Auction 7 Movie 11-12 "The Adventures of Nick Carter" 11:00 Bonanza 8 11:15 Movie Eleven 5 "Nightmare" 12:00 Untouchables Tomorrow 12:55 News 1:10 Meditation 4 6 5 5 DON QUIXOTE RESTAURANT Featuring new Buffet Styling at Holiday Inn THURSDAY NIGHT Family Night Buffet Special child's plate free lor children under 12 when accompanied by an adult *1.98 FPIDAY NIGHT BUFFET All You Can Eat! 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