Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on April 2, 1976 · Page 12
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 2, 1976
Page 12
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Boys' Track Off to Running Startl Coming to Grips With City Planning By Janet Wittry They're off and running as the boys' track team started their season on Wednesday, March 31. This meet was a triangular at Denison with Denison and Harlan. Kuemper sent both a varsity and a freshman-sophomore team. Head Coach John Davis didn't really have too much to say about this meet because the boys had only three weeks of practice because of the basketball tournament. Coach Davis also commented, "Some of our more experienced runners are basketball players and these guys didn't really get to practice until this week." Few of these boys ran in the first meet, but Coach Davis feels that "this may benefit the others." This way the coaches could take a look at the times of some of the younger, more inexperienced runners. Fifteen of the sixty-six guys out for track are returning lettermen. with none of them f* v ,t**» &*%&*- i in the shot and discuss events. But, Davis feels that with a little practice and experience these guys should shape up." The team also consists of TRACK ATHLETES limber up to prepare for their usual vigorous practice. good, strong distance runners, high jumpers and individual sprinters. The relay team isn't quite up to par yet, but Davis feels confident that with some practice they can make a good showing. As for the freshman team, Davis says, "There's a lot of potential for the small number of freshmen out." Other coaches are: Mr. Bernard Walusz on the weight program. Mr. Dennis Hennigan working with the distance runners and Mr. Don Templemeyer coaching the sprinters and hurdlers. Working with the jumpers and quarter milers is Mr. Tom Hayes and Davis is taking the shot and discus men. The team's outlook on the season is to better their times from each previous meet, even though they may have gotten off to a slow start. SAN FRANCISCO — (LENS) Plans to limit new housing have long been the fashion in many of California's suburban communities, but few have come into effect because building interests on the one hand, and groups working to end discrimination in housing on the other, have challenged their legality. Last month the Supreme Court cleared the way for such schemes by refusing to hear a challenge to the "Petaluma plan." This plan put strict limits on new housing in Petaluma, 40 miles north of San Francisco. A dozen years ago Petaluma was a quiet farm town. Now it is a city of 40,000 people. The sudden growth overloaded the local services, and the new housing built to cope with the influx threatened to overwhelm the little place with its 19th century wooden houses and remarkable iron shopfronts. Published by the Students of Kuemper High Sthool Vol. 23 Carroll, Iowa, Daily Times Herald, April 2, 1976 No. 27 Third Quarter Honor Roll Released Freshman Honor Roll High Honors — Chris Collison, Marie Frischmeyer, Fay Leiting, Matt Greteman, Jane Otto, Susan Schroeder, Teri Shirbroun; 4.0 — Julie Bell, Julie Buelt, Mary Boes, Teri Langenfeld, Helen Staiert; 3.8 — Sheila Furey, Theresa Greteman, Nancy Heider, Anne Heinrichs, Marcia Hinners, Mary Lally, Michelle Nurse, Jim Pottebaum, Jeff Riesberg, Mike Tigges; 3.7 — Rita Hoffman, Janell Venteicher; 3.6 — Lola Dentlinger, Linda Eischeid, Patricia Friedman, Patrick Halbur, Barb Hulsing, Diane Humlicek, Terri Sundrup, Ken Tegels, Karen Willenborg; 3.5 — Sue Eischeid, Cathy Kasperbauer, Gail Oswald, Michelle Snyder; 3.4 —Laurie Balk, Christine Cawley, Joey Evangelists, Jean Fitzsimmons, Brian Friedman, Jean Gehling, Jeanne Kanne, Marlene Menke, Dave Naughton, Kristy Nieland, Kay Pietig, Robyn Sporrer, Karen Thelen, Dean Wuebker; 3.3 — Jerome Neppel, Don Riesenberg; 3.2 — Monte Balukoff, Patricia Danner, Mary Feldmann, Lisa Halbur, Jean Hoffman, Mary Hoffman, Sheila Irlmeier, LeAnn Leiting, Mike Meshek, Kathy Mielk, Steve Moeller, Joan Pottebaum, Amy Pletchette, Lisa Rupiper, Nancy Schultes, Lori Scharfenkamp, Michelle Tigges, Mary Waters. Sophomore Honor Roll High Honors: Melanie Comito, Lois Knobbe, Dawn Pietig, Bob Seidl, Cheryl Sporrer, Diane Gramowski; 4.0 — Michael Berning, Renee Dalhoff, Rose Drapcho, Alice Foreign Language Week at KHS By Julie Hagemann "Sonria," "Besame, Yo Hablo Espanol," "Dues American Benedict," "Joan d'Arc," and "French Week" were buttons won by foreign language students to celebrate Foreign Language Week this past week at Kuemper. The French, Latin and Spanish students celebrated by employing their language skills to work puzzles, play games, and sing songs, all of which were in foreign languages. They performed skits and viewed exhibits about the foreign cultures. Besides showing their spirit with buttons, the students hung posters in the hall praising their'language. Bulletin boards and display cases were also decorated. Mary Greteman spoke to the French students about her travels to France. Miss Geelan, the Spanish teacher, showed slides of her trip to Spain. She also showed filmstrips about life in Spain and Mexico. Foreign Language Week was set up as a national celebration in 1957, by the Alpha Mu Gamma Foreign Language Honor Society. Kuemper has observed this week for the last several years. Sr. Pauline, French and Latin teacher, said she "enjoyed this week very much. I'm all for it." Miss Geelan, who celebrated her first Foreign Language Week, felt "it was challenging, because I've never been in charge of one before. It was really neat!" Oklahoma! There are many delightful dances and songs in "Oklahoma!", but one of the special events is the dream ballet. The ballet is a dream that Laurey has about the man she love's — Curly, and the man who loves her — Judd. The dance is a happy, riotous, celebration of Laurey's and Judd's love. It ends with the resolution of the conflict between Curly and Judd over their Laurey. The actors are replaced by counterparts to dance the dream ballet. The leading roles are: Laurey — Joni Nagl, Curley — Jeff Hogan and Judd — Don Snyder. The girls dancing the dream ballet are: Claudia Coins, Cathy Heinrichs, Lisa Rupiper, Renee Dalhoff, Crickett Cawley and Mary Beth Arts. The guys dancing it are: Dan Wendl, Ed Evangelista, Mike Daeges, Mike Harman, Francis Bierl and Jerry Weidemeier. Dancing a can can will be Don Snyder, Francis Bierl, Jerry Weidemeier, Lori Kanne, Betsy Rupiper and Lori Diers. NOTICE Any three or four year old who is interested in coming to the Nursery School of the Family Living class, please get in touch with Sister Joanne at Kuemper. Frischmeyer, Cathy Irlmeier; 3.1! — Rhonda Behrens, Rita Feilmeier, Pat Heider, Karen Leiting, Rick Ocken, Judy Oswald, Donna Pietig, Kathy Pottebaum, Dan Ricke; 3.7 — Mary Jo Heman, Tammy Snyder; 3.6 — Theresa Berger, Julie Henkenius, Jane Ricke, Kim Stangl, Mike Thelen; 3.5 — Kim Boulware, Paula Heithoff, Kathy Herbers, Kaylerie Lenz, Brian Pudenz, Brenda Riesberg, Tim Schreck, Christie Sundrup; 3.4 — Paul Baldus, Sheryl Bueltel, Sue Grethen, Mark Hannasch, Mike McCabe, Jim Riesberg, Gail Schmitz, Julie Thies, Betty Wittrock, Peggy Wittrock; 3.3 — Marcia Gehling, Tom Schenkelberg, Randy Sporrer, Dan Tunning, Jane Venner, Carol Vonnahme; 3.2.—Terry Axman, Cindy Boes, Bryce Burkett, Joe Frischmeyer, Brian Greteman, Jim Hinners, Debbie Hoffman, Martha A. Hoffman, Debbie Niceswanger, Jean M. Riesberg, Gerald Sibbel, Dave Snyder, Marlene Venner, Gene Weitl, Pat Wiederin, Russ Wolterman. " Junior Honor Roll High Honors: Sheila Heisterkamp, Peggy Irlmeier, Susan Mayer; 4.0 — Laura Baumhover, Judy Feilmeier, Julie Hagemann, Joan Nagl, Maria Pollastrini, Lawrence Rettenmaier, Ray Reuter, 3.8 — Ann Greteman, Tom Hannasch, Julie Hogan, Julie Schoessler, Ann Tiefenthaler, Julie Tigges; 3.7 — Diane Kasperbauer, Diane Nees, Karen Tigges; 3.6 — Kris Daeges, Mavis Hackfort, Carol Muhlbauer, Doris Venner, Brad Reiman, Sandra Kelso; 3.5'—Nancy Seidl, Betsy Siegner, Carol Walz; 3.4 — Tammy Boulware, Renee Eischeid, DebWalden; 3.3 — Pam Dentlinger, Gina Klahn, Mary Sue Reicks, Kathy Rohe, Dave Riesenberg, Sheryl Staples; 3.2 —• Anne Frank, Sue Gehling, Sharon Goecke, Katie Greteman, Dave Greving, Randy Halbur, ' Roxanne Kennebeck, Kris Loew, Mike Mosher, Don Nieland, Joleeri Oswald, Julie Potthoff, Joyce Pudenz, Tom Ricke, Joleen Riesberg. Jim Schleisman, Nadine Schroeder, Chris Siepker, Lisa Slater, Gina Snyder, James Tomka, Joleen Vonnahme. Senior Honor Roll High Honors: Mike Cawley, Maria Eischeid, Frank Greteman, Gloria Heithoff, Lois Heinen, Donna Hoffman, Sue Loew, Jane Oswald, Kevin Pudenz, Gail Reicks, Tim Roetker, Dave Stangl, Kevin Tessmer, Geri Tigges, Mary Vicarius, Jim Waters, Linda Vonnahme; 3.8 — Jeff Baldus, Lori Beckman, Nancy Dentlinger, Dave Donovan, Mary Hagemann, Marilyn Heithoff, Judy Hoffman, Greg Haubrich, Mary Hoffman, Tom Kalkhoff, Sandra Naberhaus, Jean O'Leary, Cindy Ricke, Carol Schon, Karen Tegels, Lori Thein; 3.7 — Carol Dalhoff, Jane Neppl; 3.6 — Joan Collison, Cathy Danzer, Ann Fangman, Joe Fleskes, Joyce Frischmeyer, Marilyn Kerkhoff, David Loneman, Marty Meshek, Al Mooney, Maureen Nurse, Dan Schultes, Steve Stangl, Steve Windschitl, Dean Wittry; 3.5 — Mary Bluml, Mike Haubrich, Craig Stangl; 3.4 — Nancy Anderson, Mary Jo Baumhover, Mary Berger, Diane Brinker, Steve J. Eischeid, Norbert Janning, Tom Kelly, Kevin Ricke, Harold Riesberg, Margie Schapman, Jayne Staley, Patti Sundrup, Janet Vonnahme, Allen Weber, Joyce Harman; 3.3 — Ed Evangelista; 3.2 — Diane Berger, Sheryl Broich, Gary Buelt, James Comstock, Laura Daniel, Pat Fay, Rick Friedman, Kerry Gleason, Linda Gradoville, Randy Halbur, Debbie Loew, Marian Kohorst, Richard Masching, Craig Schroeder, Ron Smith, Cheryl Tigges, Roxanne Sporrer, Jim Busche, Jeff Hogan. Thou Shalt Not Jive! "Tl. •. ;'.halt not jive" is the unwritten but well-known commandment quickly learned by all band and orchestra members. This year the orchestra class consists of twenty-three string players and the' band is made up of ninety-one wind, brass and percussion players. Each class meets for three mods every day. A good portion of the first mod is usually spent tuning instruments and the remainder of the class is spent sight-reading and preparing for upcoming concerts. Although this may sound like a lot of work, the band and orchestra, like all classes, have their lighter sides. Some classes are spent in lengthy discussion, while in others, many members find they've been placed on "clean-up" committee. Mr. John Malett, director of the band and orchestra thinks that the band and orchestra classes have three basic purposes. "First, it provides the opportunity of learning to play a musical instrument. Because of this, the students are able to 'experience an aesthetic response. Finally, it develops self-discipline, responsibility and cooperation." Martha Windschitl, junior band member, commented about the band, "I like the interesting twenty minute talks we have during lessons, but I like the bets we make better." Cricket Cawley, a freshman orchestra member, said she took orchestra because she had to keep the neighborhood tradition of playin" tho viola alive. Tom The alarmed residents readily supported the plan of its vigorous mayor, Helen Putnam, to limit new housing units to 500 a year. After a two-year moratorium on'all building, they voted four to one in 1973 in favonof the new regulations. Builders and developers went to court to challenge the right of a community to restrict the citizen's freedom to live where he wants. They won in the lower court and lost an appeal. An impressive array of national interest groups lined up on either side. Concern is not limited to California. Many other towns and cities have been trying to limit their growth, with mixed results in the courts. Restrictions in New Jersey and Pennsylvania were ruled out in court because they smacked of discrimination against black or working-class occupiers. Petaluma's plan is considered special because it Times Herald, Carroll, la. • •« f\ Friday, April 2, 1976 I *• 'lttlIMt*tMIMtltll*IMIIIIfltllffiltllllltl***ttl* imposes standards for builders to meet if they want to share in the allocation of the 500 new housing units permitted each year. Builders score "points" by submitting plans for houses that fit best with public facilities, blend unobtrusively with the landscape and add least to the volume of traffic. To the considerable surprise of city officials, bids have been pouring in, some even from Britain. Now the legal path is clear, several California cities intend to put similar plans into effect. One town, Davis, with a large university population wants to make new housing not just more orderly but more equitable. Its scheme requires that at least a third of the limited number of new houses or apartments built each year be sold for under $35,000. . Mrs. Welch Visits Manning Times Herald Newi Service MANNING - Mrs. Merlin Welch of Cairo, Egypt came to Manning Thursday afternoon to visit in the Ella Steen home and in the Robert Kruse home. Mrs. Welch will be in Manning until Wednesday. Among Sunday dinner guests in the Robert Kruse home in honor of Mrs. Merlin Welch, Cairo, Egypt, were Mr. and Mrs. Allen Arkfeld and sons,'Story City, and Mr. and Mrs. Arlan Sanvik. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Jansen and Mrs. Ella Steen accompanied Charles Gruhn to Dallas, South Dakota on Tuesday to attend the funeral of a cousin, Mrs. Chris Christensen on Wednesday. They spent several days visiting relatives there. Ricke, junior band member, proudly stated, "The trombone section adds a lot to the orchestra besides water fights." YOUR CHECKERBOARD CORNER IT'S HERE!» -HEW 'HI-OCTANE' PW STARTBIA Shown here are our store salesmen Elmer Wiederin and Ron <| ' PPFE Juergens looking over a sample of New "Hi-Octane" Pig Star- -J tena! This new Purina Starter is really different -- it's a com- jl «if/o e i " pletely new concept in a starting ration! ]l well V've -.,.(' .... -. .. ... ,» white_ Purina cap with • New "Crumbilized" Form - Pigs Love It! • Lower Cost • No Loose Stools • 19% Faster Gains • 12% Better Feed Conversion ,i| .your first order. NOW) —1st Local Test Looks Great!— No. of Pigs 100 Start Wgt. ..19.5 Lbs. Wgt. 14 Days Later 33.2 Lbs. Feed Conversion 2.18/1 * Note full bellies on the pigs— YOU'LL HAVE TO SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT! TRY A FEW BAGS NOW - AND SEE THE DIFFERENCE! NEED ALFALFA, GRASS SEED? -•We have a fresh stock ! of all the popular "NK" varieties! JUERCENS Produce & Feed Co. Your COMPLETE Feed,,Se£d &.Farm Service CenteT

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