Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 9, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 9, 1954
Page 2
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*rAft ARKANSAS Match 9, 1954 _ Ugol Netted ilt . ,OF HEMPSTEAD cotmtv, ARKANSAS fife X1B4B Forfeiture) •-Jttt HEMPSTEAD COUNTY 3N-PAYMENT OF TAXES AND 'B OF ARKANSAS ... DEFENDANTS wotTce given that tmrsuant to Act 119, Ark. Acts of 1935, ' * there has been filed in the office of the Clerk County Chancery Court the Complaint of the State of pas to quiet aha confirm in Said Slate and/or redeemers, purchas- and assigns, the title to certain lands mentioned in said tofc in the county of Hempstead State of Arkansas. wtro tan Set up any Heht to the lands so forfeited and ate hereby warned to appear in the Hempstead County Chancery at -tftft September 1884 Term, after the publication of this notice, eft the Bth day Of September, 1954, and show cause, if any there , to€ t why &e Wte to said forfeited lands should hot be confirmed, ^ttleiia afid'Vestea ifi the State of Arkansas and/or redeemers, purchas- Jtf$,JRtfiees flfld adsigiu In fee simple forever. The description of said lands and the names of the persons, firms corporation last oa .LIST 0F,STj -4- ' * ' l*^* **-£< !(5KU<',* !t ' " ~^ &WT: ' takes thereon are as follows: LANDS IN HEMPSTEAD COUNTY "ITED FOR 1949 TAXES Th<*fe«m . Last S- rt M c o f Moses. Township 9 South, Range 26 West .'. . SW NE 30 40.00 $ 0.92 ' * '»- Township 12 South, Ranae 27 West W< White NW NE 7 40.09 5.76 s . .*, . . Township 14 South, Range 24 West •S'Bud Carter „ E NW SE 3 2000 395 |T , • OIL, GAS AND MINERAL RIGHTS FORFEITED FOR NON-PAYMENT OF 1943 TAXES „ _ _ . GfftCr '. SE NW 33 40.00) fonier F, Qreer SW NE 33 40.00) .72 E. Stearin , , NE SE 30 40.00 .89 The Negro Community The Altar Gift club of BeeBee Memorial Church will meet Sun day, March 14, at the home of Mrs. Odessa Bradley. All members are asked to be present. Time 4:30 p m. Mrs. Mattie Piggee of Nashville died at her home Saturday, March 0. Funeral complete. arrangements are in- Choir No. 2 of Bethel AME Church will rehearse Tuesday night, March 9, at 7:30 p. m. Senior choir of Lonoke Ba'ptist Church will rehearse Tuesday night March 9, at 7:30 p. m. ................ , ............... , ...... NE SE *-,„ „,,-, j, ,. Township 9 South. Range 24 West »:.».- S. Slattyn •£..';„:....; ............ ., ..................... SW NE ^d^ilc'Slatton, ;.*,.•>.,,,!/<.•)/...,,,.,.,>., ....................... NW SE ~ ' 25 nr Township 12 South, Rarige 26 West flfttty E NW 13 Upctoy NW SW NE 13 ipStiy , W NW NE 13 'iiT«writhip 12 South, Range 27 West . W SE *+« n > „ -'• -'• ToWftshlp 13 South, Range ZS^West iLioh-OirCompaMy , SE Nw 16 ' '« '" "' i 1 '-'Township 13 South, Range 24 West ' K.'Wndley,-Tryatee SE SW 14 .'K. h wa,aleyy'Trustee , SW SW 14 ".K, 'Wadiey; .TATstee SE SW 14 tt",O. Mdrphy v A,';,'../i , W SE 22 |p.\G; Mifrphy •:::;.„..". Frl NE SE 22 •', ,.-'ii, ' - -,ToVynshlp 13 South, Range 26 West ?lacid'011 Company , NE SE 27 ?la5ld OfrftQ&ay ,..;. , E SW 35 Plafcld Oil CprhtSany , S'/fe NE 27 Placid Oil'Cpmfcapy* NW SE placid; OU Cointiany N SW (Placid Oil-GpRijpany ,.j SW SE IFlacid Oil Cbriyiany W SW "Tyacld. Oil .Company E SW Placid', Oil, Compaby NW ai --H.p!fll'Cottipahy SW SW y£#njpaj»jr.: SE SE -~~ . NE SE SE NE 40.00 40.00 80.00) 10.00) 20.00 337.34 80.00 327.00 40.00 40.00 40.00 40.00 .89 .89 1.24 .83 .89 .89 .78 1.00 1.00 1.00 109.00) 1.00 . NW'A , W NE NENE S SE SE SW SW SE N SE & N SW W WE Frl, NENE S SW i;.'..; 'Frl. NW of See'."4 - 14S - _ 'ownshlp 13 South, Range 26 West NE ,NW .. S NW & SW NE N ; SE E NE SW NW NW & NW SW ly W NE SW .y NW SE SE NE NE NE 27 35 26 35 27 27 20 26 34 35 33 34 34 34 27 27 17 33 34 32 34 33 20W 26 26 26 26 26 26 26 26 26 NVi S ^....z.z,.:z,.zr;r"! 'SE 2 N SW 2 NE NE 2 « S NW 35. 14 South, Range 23 West E SW 20 :.... Pt. NW'SW 20 E SW 20 NWSW 20 14 South, Range 24 West . NE NW 33 Company E SW & SE 28 Company NE. NE 9 Company NW NW 15 im Company , E NE 35 NE NW 24 N NE SW 24 iy , SW NE 23 WSWSE 23 WSESE 23 .. ..ESWSE 23 S 50 A SWMi 13 NE NE 17 .i SW NW 28 ;,,;. NW sw 28 ,.',. ,.., W SW 35 :, SE 34 Township 14 South, Range 26 West " NW NW itee .................................SENW NE SW WA.4.,1.-, NE NW 7cp. .:.' S"~ — 21 21 21 21 34 34 36 36 35 35 24 24 28 28 28 28 SW NE Pt. W SE , N 10 A NW SW SW WX. ffny W SE NE ny :.;. w NE SB . W SW SE SW . NNE SE NE . NW W SW )M4 South. Ranae 26 West . N SE 2 S NE 2 SW SE 3 . E NW 2 . W NE 2 . W NW 2 NE NE 4 ,. W NW 3 ... NE 2 lagv E NW 3 "^ STATE LANDS IN HEMPSTEAD COUNTY I'EITED FOR 1949 TAXES 40.00 80.00 80.00 40.00 80.00) 40.00 78.00 80.00 160.00 40.00 40.00 40.00 40.00 . . 720.00) 40.00 500.00 480.00 ) 233.80) 40.00) ) ) 440.00 ' 40.00 223.00) IBOiOO) 80.00) 40.00) 80.00 80.00) 2.00) 40.00) 2.00 40.00 240.00 40.00) 40.00) 80,00 40.00) 20.00) 40.QO) 20.00) 20.00) 20.00) 50.00 40.00 40.00) 40.00) 80.00 100.00 80.00 40.00 40.00 40.00 40.00 40.00) 2,00) .89 1.24 1.24 .89 1.57 1.24 1.24 1.93 .89 .89 .89 .89 2.27 1.00 5.38 4.69 2.96 1.93 Senior and junior choirs of Garrett Chapel Baptist Church will rehearse Tuesday night, March 9, at 7:30 p. m. Beautician Club will meet Wednesday night, March 10, at the home of Mrs, Cleaster Handel. All menrbers are asked to be present. Time 7:30 p. m. Boyle Continued from Page On« Condon has no opinion on the subject of bop. He just never thinks of it. If he did I'm sure the Would loathe it, but someone plaj- ed a bop record or him the other day and inidted that he comment. "I sat through a hurricane in 1944 on a beach out in Jersey." said Eddie, "and this is very remindful of it." "Perhaps." observed the man who was interviewing him, ''but how do you rate the record." "How do you rate a hurricane" asked Eddie; Condon's observation on the human scene and on Irurnan beint-s are not confined t omusicians he Vintrodticed me to a college professor one night and later told me the prof once played football for! MARKETS ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK "wholesale buying prices unchanged NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. Ho 1 lower U. S. large 40-41 U.S. W —Hogs 9,500; fairly active; I mediums 37; U. S. standards 37; barrows and gilts steady to 10'current receipts 37 checks ami higher than yesterday's average dirties 36. sows fully steady to strong; bulk . choice 180-240 Ib 25.50-85; few lotsj LITTLE ROCK W — Batesville- 25.90 about 150 head mostly [Floral area—Market barely steady, choice No. 1 and 2 26.00 250-27C Supplies slightly in excess of light Ib 24.50-25.35; small lots 270-320 Ibjto fair demand, rading active. 24.00-75; 150-170 Ib 24.7525.751 Prices at the farm, broilers or fry sows 400 Ib down 23.25-24.00 heav-icrs, 2\' 2 to 3 pounds 22 to 22!••'•. ier sows 22.2-23.35; boars 16.50 20.50. Cattle 5,000 calves 1,500; openi ing slow but generally steady on' steers, heifers and cows bulls unchanged; vealers 1.00 higher; few low good to choice steers 19.00- cents. Mostly 22 cents. the ILA and the rival AFLILA ori the grounds of ILA interference with voting longshoremen. The 50 man picket line circled! Foley Skuare in front ->f the| courthouse carrying signs which reed: "Rank and file — no con tracts, no work," "no work til NLRB certification" arid "rank am file men went a contract.'' VDRK- mm c -n,V Sorne P ickets sl'ou'.ed: 'j J_??^-1 UP) ~. Some °°°!haven't eaten in threo weeks! A detail of 11 police looked on. Longshoremen Set Up a Picket Line By BARBARA BUNDSCHU rebel longshoremen set up Notre Dame. "He looks a little for that," I said. "Oh he was playing before 23.00 mostly small lots cemmer- nw „„ i t • cial and e°od heifers and mixed old and fraijy carllngs io.oo-2i.oo; utility and commercial cows 11.75-14.00; can- the The Rev.'C. A. Black will preach at BeeBee Memorial -OME Church Sunday, March 14, at 3:30 p. m.The public is invited. There will be a rally at BeeBee Memorial CME Church Sunday, March 28. All captains and other workers are asked to do their best. Rev. T. J. Rhone, Pastor; A. Morris, Presiding Elder; Luther Stuart Presiding Bishop. Friends of Sam Deloney will regret to know that he is seriously ill at his home. 4.33 Funeral service for Mrs. Mattie Piggee will be held Wednesday, March 10, at Clow Baptist Church. With Hicks Funeral Home in charge. Time 2 p. rn. put air in the football." he said The Condon household in New York's Greenwich Village is a seven room contradiction. It's the apartment of a musician, yet there isn't a guitar or a banjo in the place. Condon has made at least 500 ahonograph records in his life, but there's no phonograph in his apartment and not a single record. Eddie appreciates Scotch whisky, but not on the home giounds. No bottle ever appears in the place unless some friends bring it. Down at his night club, however. Mr. Condon is known as a fren pourer. He has an unusual rememdy for hangovers. "For a hangover," he suggests, "take the juice of a quart of whisky." Actually, he drinks 20 times as much milk as he does strong spirit. He eats nothing during the day light hours, but his liquid par is three quarts of sweet tnilk and KCMC Television Wednesday, March 10th 2:00 Test Pattern 2:30 Bob Crosby Show CBS one quart of His friend buttermilk, and cornet player, Funeral service for Mrs. Minnie Sampson will 'be held Thursday, March 11, at; ; St. Peter CME Chur- Legal Notice ,89 1.24 96.00) 80.00) 40.00) 80.00) 40.00) 160.00) 80.00) 80.00) 80,00 UO.OO 80,00 80.00 80.00 40.00 80.00 160.00 80.00 .89 .89 1,00 3.27 1.45 1.45 1,23 1.23 1,00 1.23 1.00 1.00 1.00 .80 1,P3 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.24 2.27 IN THE , qHANCERY COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS. EDGAR LAFFERTY, as Father and Next Friend for, Gilbert Laf- ierty, Jimmje Glen Lafferty and Frankcine \Lafferty, minors, GERALDINE LAFFERTY CRANK, GARLAND LAFFERTY MRS. GARLAND LAFFERTY AND ALLIE; MAE PHILLIPS, as Mother pndr'Next - Friend for Sharon Ann Starnes, a minor' ..... .;--. PLAINTIFFS VS. NO. 7589 Wild Bill DaviSon recently opened an antique shop somewhere on the Hudson. "What are you goin« to call it" Eddie asked. "Trash and Treasures," said Bill. Eddie shook his head. "What wrong with that name" "Nothing," said Eddie, "but I would have called it 'Wild Bull and His China Closet.' " Condon is the sort of friend who 3.65 .89 1.24 24 24 .89 1.24 1.93 1.24 J: test TOWN OP BUEVIN8 F •S TOWN OF FULTON Smith Addition TSJt' R 7 11 pjra/jujd. fjfflotby Simpson All»n'* . . ...... . . Frisco Addition Maxwell Addition ...... TOWN OF PATMOS ""MM. 40*xl20* TOWN QF iSHOV^R 6PRINOS J7 8.02 .84 .90 2.86 20.91 .80 MO 1.Q6 .80 .80 ,. 1 &r 2 thf Wtb dav of Dec!. 1 WI . R.- B. STARNES AND VELMA M. STARNES, HIS 'WIFE, AND GRACE STARNES HUCKABEE AND A, JACKSON HUCKABEE, HER HUSBAND .... DEFENDANTS COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE IS .HEREBY GIVEN That in pursuance of the authority arid direction? .contained in the decretal order of the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas, made and entered on the 19th day of February, 1954, in a certain cause then pending therein between Edgar Lafferty, et al, plaintiffs, and R. B. 'Starnes', et al, defendants, the undersigned as commissioner of said court will. offer for sale at 'public vendue to the highest bidder, at. the front door or entrance to the Court House in the- City of Hope, in Hempstead County, Arkansas,; within the hours prescribed by law for judicial sales on Saturday, the 27th day of March, 1954, the following described real .estate situated in Hempfitead County, Arkansas, to- witr : The Southeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 20, Township 13 South, Range 24 West, containing 40 acres, rhore or less; all that part of the Southwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 20, Twp. 13 South, Range 24 West, more particularly described as follows, to-wit: Beginning at the Southeast corner of the said Southwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter, running thence North 20 chains to a stake, thence West four and 50/100 (4.50) chains to o stake on the Hope and Lewis- vilje Public Road, thence South 12 degrees 59 minutes West twenty and 46/100 (20,4$) chains to a stake on said Hope and Lewisvilie Road, thence East 8 chains to the point of -beginning, containing thirteen and 50/100 (13.50) acres, more or Jess; containing in all fifty-three and 50/100 (53.50) acres, more or less, Jess and except the following Jsnds conveyed on December 21, 1945, to R. B, Starnes and Vclma ch. With Hicks Funeral Home in charge.. Time 2 p. m. Funeral service for Isiah Moore were held Tuesday, March 9, at Mt. Zion CME Church. With Burial in Cave Hill Cemetery. ners and cutters .9.50-14.00 Dinners and cutters 9.5011.50 utility and commercial bulls 13.00-13.00: cutter bulls 11.00-12.50; good and choice venlers 24. 00-23.00 few! individual prime to 30.00; commcr cial and low good vealers 17.0') 23.00. . Sheep 1,000; few scattered sales steady; good and choice woolec' lambs 22.50-24.00 few lots utility and good IB.00-21.00 culls 8.00 15.00; best lambs still unsold: slaughter ewes upward to fi.OO cull ewes 4.00-5.00 aged bucks 5.00 NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK, March 9 (ffh- here was a slight sag today in the Stock Market. It didn't go very far — arounc a point at the outside. At the s'ame time there were a few quite gooci plus signs. Aircrafts were, a feature of the higher side of the list. Boeing gained as much as 2 points al times on the strength of a proposed twoforone split. Other air crafts were up fractions. NEW YORK COTON NEW YORK, March 9 Cot ton futures were mostly lower today as scattered hedging and liqui dation met only a light trade dn mand for contracts. Switching from nearby March to later months was moderately active, following the issuance of 11 March transferable notices at New York. . Late afternoon prices were 2,"> cents a bale lower to 5 cents higher than the previous close. March 34,35, May 34.43 and July 34,38. Simon Evans, a native of Hope died in Chicago, 111., Saturday, March 6. Remains will be shipped home for Burial. Johnnie B. Franks, son ot Mrs. Laura Franks died in Oakland, Calif., Saturday, March 6. Nelson-Hill Post No. 427 will have their Installation of officers Tuesday night, March 9, at the Legion Hut. The Rev. A. Morris will install Officers. Guest speakers will be Mrs. Oprezenta McClellan of the Ladles AuxiJiares and H. C. Caldwell, District Manager of the Universal Life Insurance Company of Texarkaria, Arkansas. The public is invited. POULRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO Wl Live poultry steady to firm; re'ceipts 655 coops; f.o.b. paying prices unchanged to 1 cent lower heavy hens 2832 light hens 18-20; fryers and br.oil ers 2327; old roosters 1018 duck lings none. Butter steady .receipts 1,350,442; wholesale buying prices unchang ed; 93 score AA 01 92 A 64.71 00 B 02.5 80 C 59.75; cars 90 B 63 89 C 6.50. Eggs mixed; receipts 18,773; doesn't give you one key to his apartment. He give^ you several. "Tomorrow," he s.aid to me one day, "when you're out in the world, will you have some keys made to this place" "How many" "One for Phyllis" (his clever, iretty wife), "one for me, one for 3:00 3:15 3:30 4:00 4:30 4:45 6:00 6:30 6:45 6:50 6:55 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 10:00 10:03 11:05 Woman With A Past CBS The Secret Storm CBS On Your Account NBC Happy Home Show Hawkins Falls NBC Western Theatre Bowie County Hour Edwards '& News CBS News Sports Weather Godfrey & Friends CBS To Be Announced Strike It Rich CBS I've Got A Secret CBS Tafon Wrestling News and Weather Capsule Channel 6 Theatre Sign Off Chen-y Hmfrs Door Not Closed to Indian LITTLE Rock (/P) — Gov. Francis Cherry today said that he has not closed the door to a possibility of another reprieve for con- demned'slayer Bill Jenkins, who is scheduled to be executed Friday morning. Cherry said .he told Jenkins' lawyers yesterday that, it and when they file something in the U. S. Supreme Court, he' would grant any extension necessary (o insfure that Jenkins is not executed until the matter is passed on by the picket line before the Federal court-) house today as their wildcat strike against the government went into its fifth day. A spokesman for the Independent International Longshoremen's Association said the members refused to go back to work in "bitter resentment' at three separate federal actions, all 'scheduled for the Foley Square courthouse today. Federal Judge David N. Eciel- stfin signed a show cause 1 order this morning calling on the ILA to rppear on March 16 for hearing on a national labor relations board petition for a $100,000 conic-nip: -action. The NLRB charged the union was in contempt of court for its defiance, beginning last Friday, of a temporary restraining order r.gainfrt a cargo boycott which bn- gan last week. In another courtroom, the union was ordered to show cause why I that temporary restraining order' should not be made an injunction. In a courthouse hearing room, an NLRB trial examiner continued hearing wifnesses on a recommendation to throw out the pre-Chiisl- mas representative elect-on between converting to his own use $900 in auto Iciense sales receipts. Gean formarly worked as :in inspector in the revenue department':;, motor vehicle division. Children don't "fight" it — they like pure orange flavor. Easy to give. World's Largest Selling Aspirin For Childtfi KICK/I «Aerf NEW! SAFtl YOUR CHILD ST. JOSEPH HOSE DROPS FOR CHILDREN MADE JUST FOR HI NEW DEALER Arkansas Gazette B. L. RETTIG 6 A. M. Delivery Phone 7-338 T or 7-3866 NEW NON-CANCELLABLE HOSPITAL POLICY Issued by HOME SECURITY LIFE INS. CO. • Ages — Birth to 100 years • Guarantee premium will never increase • Good any Hospital or Doctor In the world. £ Call or write your reliable local agent CECIL WEAVER Phone 7-3143 P. O. Box 104 'But I told them that if they were just thinking about filing some :hing in the dim future, I "didn't feel that another extension waf justified," the governor added. Ex-Revenue Worker Is Indicated LITTLE ROCK (UP) — The Pit- aski County grand jury has indicted a former State Revenue department employe on a charge of misappropriating public funds. Houston Gean of North Little Hock was charged yesterday with NEED MONEY? We make real estate loans for all purposes—to buy, build, repair, refinance, etc. Our attractive monthly reduction plans help you to pay off the mortgage systematically and conveniently — the interest reduces each month as you make monthly payments on loan. There Is No Better Plan HOPE FEDERAL Savings & Loan Association 122 East Second St. Phone 7-4661 M. Starnes, his wife of Begin at In, boundary of Highway 29 and South boundary at the SW^ SEVi of said Sec. 20 and run Ef»st 70 yds., run Northerly parallel to Highway 28 2§p yds., run West 70 yds., to East boundary line of Highway 29, thenc^ run Southerly along said East boundary line 280 y<Js., back to pplnt pf beginning, containing 4 acres, and LESS AND EXCEPT the % acre, more or less, conveyed by D. G. Starnes snd Lulu Starnes on April 9, 1949, to AIHe Mae Starnes |n that certain correction, deed rec.ord.ed Jn Book 204, pa$e 586, Hempste^d County Recorder's pfflcg, §ai<J exceptions totaling 4^ acres, rrtoxe or and th$ Jjnjs h.wel# Involved mws • Wednes inn cine New Assortment 1 of Fabrics. On Sale Wednesday 10th Just Half-Price, Be here Early for Best Selection Hope'* Fiaeit Deportmtnt $tor« We take pleasure in announcing that is now connected with our firm- as salesman. Mr. Morton has had many years experience in the automobile business. He invites his many friends to visit him at his new location. MOTOR CO. Your Dodge - Plymouth Dealer We proudly announce the addition of this line of Junior dresses by ... Tailored Juniors THE EMPIRE., . lavished with a two tone blending of color.., molded for as perfect ..a-'silhouette as ever we've seen. The midriff — tucked and Iqt- ticed through with self cording; the pleated shirt — billowed by its own crinoline petticoat. Fine cotton broadcloth in dark grey/light grey, taupe/beige. Sizes 7 to 15. HALL-McNEIU. Smart Clothes for Young Ages .Elm Nww

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