Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 20, 1911 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1911
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY. REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 20,1911. The Store of the Christmas Spirit. This store is all a^uiver with the excitement preceding the great home day—Christmas. The prattle of little children—the laughter of the older folks—the glitter of holiday novelties—the good natured crowds—all combine to transform this store into the realm of Santa Claus. Everywhere that there is a counter or shelf or table or nook or corner Christmas merchandise is displayed, for your convenience in choosing. As the greatest joy of Christmas is the pleasure of giving, the pleasure of buying naturally is a part of it We in the store have done our very best to add to the pleasure of your Christmas purchasing, and from day to day will earnestly strive to cause your shopping, trips for this Christmas to be a delightful remembrance. During the final days preceding the 25th we will ask for your co-operation in that you will be patient with us. The jolly crowds are taxing our capacity to the utmost, but we assure you, whether wc shall be privileged to say so in person or not, that your presence in the holiday shopping crowd will be thoroughly appreciated by us and we will be only too glad when possible to give you our time ahd show you that courtesy so typical of this store during ordinary times. All purchases with which you honor us, will be delivered upon the date you wish and will be properly packed for presentation. GREATEST REDUCTIONS ON COATS, SUITS, FURS AND MILLINERY OF THE SEASON! We thank you for past patronage and hope to be found worthy of your future friendship. We wish you a Merry Christmas. RICHARDSON'S r 113 EAST MADISON 113 EAST.MADISON I PFRSONAIS A (•'nidciD ^r O'lfL . Dad says thai Christiuastide i= mean; j ^ For girls an dboys. | He can't regret tlie money spent lo purchase ThJs if z.*pleasur<;. h»' a.^seris \: i^iakes Iiiiii glad. But Uiorc is one exi>ense that liuits, .Says (J3iL Dad Kives the servant sgoodly tips V Kcr Christmas day. Into liis puckctbooli S^L* dips In kindly way. One Itcf. BgRravatcs him though; \ Jt nake^ him mad To V'l.y a Jflft for sisters beau, feays dad. New York Tiiiio.-. Dr. W. R. Hfvlmun spi -m y. .-tcrda.v In Garnt-it. Hf was sumtiKirii -d IIKT' as a witness in a court trial. —T. S. Halm, M. D.. Oculut The probate court room was clo =-i! .today. Judge J. U. Smith is iti Gar- •*nett attending to soni.- court business. —It will,be to yonr interest to buy your flour and feed of H. Klaumann 206 S. Jefferson. Phone 259. Two new bridges over Osasr" r;v;r near Mildred, will be completed this week. Both bridges are of con <rfiv and'as good as the best in AH n coun ty. —Lowney's Candy at Mundis. ; Chanule Tribune: Thf man from whom the pair of gray trousrs w- r( stolen at Neodesha, was in town y*'s, terday and with Chief of I'olic '- Swarti visited "Spec" Laymon. who i^ being held to .serve out a sentence im i THIS LADY'S MAPPETITi Mrs. Hansen, In a Lcncr Frcrr. Mobile, Tells How She Gained It MobOe, Ala.— "I sufr<nd for seven Xeais,. with womanly trou'jlc," writes Ura. Blcurd Hansen in a Irttrr from thU dty. "I f»lt weak and always liad ^ • beadmche and was always ming to the doctor. At last I was operated on, ud felt better, but soon I bad the ' aame trouble. My husband asked me to try Cardul. I felt better after the first botUe. and now, I bare a good appetite and sleep velL I fed fine, and the doctor telli me I am-looking better than he ever •avme." t If you are sick and miserable, and •pSer from any of the pains due to fvomanly trouble—^try CardoL \ Cardul Is Boecessfol becanse it Is cipmpased of Ingredients that have been fband to act curatively on the woman- Ijr oonstitatlon. I TFat more than fifty years, it has been >^ed by w:oi|ien of all ages, with great ";^ccciw. Try it. Tour druggist sells it LadWs' AiSv-isrry Dept.. Ch»tt«- „ Chatcunagii, Tcnn., (bc S^fXiel , 6t-p *c» book. " H<jae Trcaiaeat posed in the city court here, and recovered a pair of pants valued at $12 As evidence that he was the rightful owntT of the trousers in }iossfSsiuii of l.aynion, he brought tlie coat and vest of the suit. Laymon madf no lirot''st in surrendering the trousers lo the Neodesha man. —nrn .vrr TUB CHILDUK.N TO -SlCfc: SA.NTA CUAUS.—KRKSS. A. C liirdsell, of r.ale.sburp 111.. .'Xi Piled in today for a holiday vi .-^it .\iih hi^ brother, K. W. IJirdtall. —Dr. l>lrt, O.steopnth, Tel 48", 588. I»r. J. n. MaiiN'v r'turnod this morn iijj from a short biisiii'ss visit to Siiul .r. Okla. —tt'X Money. It. M. Canplogliara. Miss Hl ;>n< lie All.'.-, of Wichita, is • \n'ct il iti Ibis ••v.-niim for a visit Miirliiu ill" Iioli'Iay.-; witli .Mr. and .Mrs. !M Dutif-c. —Dr. Lupy M. Hnll, Osleopaih. In a sc -rios of tjree ;;aini-s at the ";.-iord IJcwlinp .Alley.= la.-;t night, the :Ucii:.I t<am deff ^ated the Y. .M. C. .\. :> am Ijy a margin of C4 pins. —Fred Howden, Period Decorator, i'hone ;»6. Mrs. J. P. Duncan, who lias bren visitintr her daughter. .Mrs Kuhlman in Hutchinson* for th^ past week is '•xpect^d home tonight. —fainndar?. Christmas I-etters and' ;'ard.- at Burieils Drug Store. , Everett Fultz. of South Third stroei v.-ho has brcn seriously ill with pm-u iPoni.T is reported to be very much inijiroved. —?afety B.ixors. each one guaranteed by Mundis. Mrs. 1^. K. Taylor, and .son, Kugen-'', 1. ft yesterday afternoon for Cortland, .\'-b.. for a visit with her parents dur- iiig th<- holidays. -Dr. McHillen. Phones 12 and SS2. .Mrs. J. F. Parks, of Des .Moinfs, la. came in last night for a visit during tiip liolidavs with h .-r parents, Mr. and .Mrs. It C. McKinn.y. -Mr. Parks who form.-rly taught manual training in th'- lo<-al high school, but who is now teacliing tlie sam<- branch In the D'-s .Moines schools, is expeci<.-d in .Saturday. — rjivp ,q Tliirmos Bottle from Bur- r.'ll ".s Drug Store. Th''. .MiB><-!i-i Pac -iflc is now running tlirowKti Io!a a much larg.-r type of fttl^jht lUKinr liian it did fonnerly, tiielr traction capacity being l-IM tons, whiln tiie old engines formerly ^ In u.-<> had a traction capacity of SOO | to IMUO tons. Tliese englne.s, which • are tli." largest engines ever In use on the local .Missouri Pacific road are numbered from I 'lO to 200. —Give an .4nKCo Camera from Burrells Drug Store. The Allen County Medical Society' will hold its regular monthly meeting tonight in the rest room at the court! house. The meeting will be the last \ one of the year, and the regular annu-j al election of officers for the comltg' year will be held. The meeting will be of unusual interest by reason of the fact that several cases of a peculiar spinal cord trouble will appear before, the physicians for examination. < -^PS. 0. L. CO^ OeoUtt. I John Bitter of Hazel Dell, III., is In tlie city for a visit of several monOis with his son. C. S. Bitter. —Cut Flowers in Carnations Boses, Chrysanthemums, N'arcissus, Servla for all occasions, at Primmer"s Green House, 704 East Lincoln. Phone 104 The program committee of the .Men and Religion Forward .Movement met last night at the V. .M. C. A. for the of arranging a program for the o |iening of the eight day campaign of January 7th. One of the features of the opening of tlie program will be the fillInK of the jjitlidts of l(da 'H churches on .lantiary 7th by local laymen, the .-lllijects of eacli of their addressi's to d.-al with tlie influence of m.n in religion. —Pickles. Swe.t. Sour and 1)111.— City Meal .Maiket. Claude D.'Haven is here from fliey '•nn'- Wi-i;.-!, Col., to attend the marriage of his sister. Miss Pearl Della- ven and Mr. Chris Black. Boy .McJniyre came in this morning from Pittsburg for a visit with his Iiarents during thie holidays. —Po:k Sausage, all pork and home made al the City Meat .Market. Miss Zee Atchison came In last night from Leavenworth for a visit during the holidays with her parenU Col. and Mrs. J. B. Atchison. C. H. Searles of Topeka, was in the city today on business. —Try a Pork Roast from the City Meat Market, l.'.c per pound. F. M. Greene went to McCune, Kas.. this afternoon on business. Mrs. C. I.. Cawdry left yesterday for Ottawa to spend the holidays visiting her parents. —Pork Chops Die per lb.—City Meat .Market. J. J. Ludlum. of Elsmore, is in the city today for a visit with friends. Miss Ruby l-amer of Cottonwood Falls, came In this afternoon for a visit with her sister, Mrs. J. Sutcliffe during the holidays. HOLIDAYS ARE CANDY DAYS! Freiihnes.s is the prime re- qul.slte of candy Insuring flavor and wholesomeness. Our Candies arc made liy us and sold unddr a guaranty of freshness and purity. Churches and schools planning Christmas treats will find here a fine stock to select from at attractive prices. Sperlalljr prepared candy pnt up In pretty boses Kpeciul for the Holiday Season. PALACE of SWEETS West Madison •WX 2. —^ Captain H. A. Ewing. Attorney S. A. Gurd, Dr. O. L. Garlinghouse.and Dr. W. R. Heylmun were visitors, to Garnett today in connection with the Rowe divorce case. This afternoon those who are direct ing rehearsals of the cantata the Pres byterian cliurch is to give, asked the Register to .say the entertainment will be given Saturday evening at ^he church. The final rehearsal will bc;- cur al seven o'clock tomorrow nl^ht. —J. \V. Primmer has decided to sell ail Wliite and Pink Carnations iit $1 per doicen; red ones at per do7 .(>n TO LAUNDER PAPER MONEY Indiana Man Devises Machine That Will Wash and Iron Soiled Bills. It costs the United State? government one and one-third cents to manufacture a II bill. When the bill becomes soiled through continual handling it is sent to the treasury deparV ment, which destroys it and Issues^ a nice new clean bill in its place. T^e same may be said of all other paper currency of large denominations. Now comes a Shelbyrille, Ind., Inventor, F. B. Churchill, with a machine for washing, ironing and otherwise laundering paper money. Accoii- ing to the Inventive Age, Washington, the treasury department redeemed 11.183.000,000 in soiled bills last ye%r and Issued new ones in place of them. Eighty per cent of the biUa might have been washed at a cost of one tenth of a cent per bill and reissued at a considerable saving in cost to the treasury department. Mason and Hit Precious Gold Pieceii. John Mason, the player, has carrie-^ three $20 gold pieces In his changie pocket ever since the new Issue of that specie, the two new coins, si Gaudens' with and without "In Ood We Trust." and the old piece with "Liberty's" hea«l. At the stage doojj- of the Thirty-ninth-Street theater Ip New York recently an old man begged the actor to help him securi a nlghfs lodging. John tossed th? beggar supposedly two silver half dof- lars. but in reality two of his favbrit^ gold coins The old man. noting the denoml.nationi'. actually ran after his benefcctor nnrl pulled at his coat, inj tendin:; to inquire If the gold were really given hln; in earnest. Beforif be conid open his mouth, boweverj Mason pushed him back, exclaiming, "Not twice In one night, old man.'; "But do you mean it'?" asked the begi gar. "Certainly." answered M.asoni "Forty dollars, mister," cried theman^ "Not on your life," called Mason, as his cab moved away, and then to hlF companion, "Think of that—because; I give him more than he asked for he. thinks I'm easy—demands $40." ; The Growing South. The soutb Is forging abead at a' great rate. The fourteen southern' states, with Missouri and Oklaboma,! have a population of 32,000,000, or only 18,000 ,000 less than the tetal pop-! ulation of the United SUtes In 1880.: Since 1880 the sixteen southern states: have increased the annual value of their mineral production from .120.000,^0 to $340,000,000, aa against $460 ,000,000 in the whole country In 1880J Their manufactured producu have a value within $2,000,000,000 of the value of the whole country thirty, years ago. In 1880 the railroads of the country bad an anregate length of 93,300 miles. The southern states now have 87,000 miles. FYom southern ports were exported last year goods to a value only $100,000,000 less than the value of all exports from tbe country in 1880.—Chicago American. B—.i CT—vj- .'J Tbocsday, Friday and Saturday 99 ^ ^' A Poet 's Version of^eU Produced at an outlay,of $100,000. A tre^ure, for 600 years known to but few scholars now placed before all mankind by the film makers just as conceived by the immortal poet. The pictures give you all the pleasure and knowledge it would require you months to study from the book. THe Nine Grand Circles and TKeir Divisions —— Valley of the Abyss Before Reaching the Blver Styx First Circle The llnbapfized Second Circle The lustful Third Circle The Gluttons Fourth Circle Misers and Spendthrifts Fifth Circle The Wrathful and SJothful Sixth Circle rily of DIs.. the Deeper Ifell Propagators of False Doctrines Seventh' Circle The Violet Eighth Circle Consisting of Ten Pits The Fraudulent Seducers Flatterers False Prophets Faithless Custodians of Jloney ilypocrites, Robbers, Etc. Ninth Circle Consisting of Four Pits Traitors to Kindred Traitors to Country Traitors to Friends . Traitors to Benefactors The Greatest Spectacilar Production the world has eve^- witnessed. You wHl, perhaps, never have the oportunity of seeing this great picture again. Come early Matinee Friday and Saturday at 2:30. 1 Oc to all anywhere. Only one show at night Good Thought, Anyway. Little John Brice loves to walk with his daddy through the woods. Last Sunday these two had a famous walk together, scaring up a rabbit or two, and looking for squirrels. Suddenly John stopped. In a listening attitude. Then, "I know what makes tb« wind." he announced. "It'B the trees whispering." he informed his father, who had been wait- f Ing fbr the result. j Perhaps ho ,48 right—<neveland; Leader. Do Your Christmas Shiiqiplng Em You will find a large assortment bf beautiful and useful presents to select from marked very special. SEE "AD" in Last Night's Paper STORE OPEN EVENINGS UNTE dRISrHlAS =1 t SLA.TKD FOR SflMiKOX. ! (iENEIl .VIi. i . 'San Francisco, Dec. 19.—Dr. Rupert Blue, for a number of years in charge if the Public Health and Marine Hos- dtal work In this city, will in all .)robabiIity be the next surgeon-general 'of the service. His recall from Hawaii, following the tragic death of .Valter Wyinan. the late surgeon -genera Is Interpreted liy his friends In •Iii> city to mean that he is slated for the important office and the announcement of his appointment is expected within the next few days. i —If yoiTliecd a good stove or range buy It now. Our sale lasts until Sat- .irday night, December 23rd.—Bragg & Dildine. Humboldt, Kas. Mr. and .Mrs. F. A. Berry, of Kirk-! wood. 111., are expected In during the] holidays for a visit with .Mr. Berry's brother,, K. V. Berry and family. Mrs. Ida Cnntn-I of Wichita Falls, and Osinan (';;nirell, of Bollviir, Mo., are In the city for a. visit during the holidays with .Mrs. J. B. Pees. —Fresh Bide Pork at the City Meat .Market 12Vic per jiound. B. E Sells, of Ft. Scott, commercial ' .ng'jnt for the Missouri Pacific, is in he city today on business wiil>-l';. E., .Munger the local agent. j —The City .Meat Market for Oysters . oD and iJOc quart. j Mrs. J. B. Aydelotte of Ft. Scott is' In the city to spend the Christfas holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Canatsey. Mr. Aydelotte is.ex-' pected in Saturday. Harvey Ridge left this afternoon for CoUinsville for a brief business visit. Mrs. Frank Wood has gone to Kansas City to spend the holidays visiting with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. F. K. Tutt. DJHing' Cbairs Polished and leather seats. Quartered golden ' oak and quartered Early English finishes with styles that will match all kinds of dining room furniture. Christmas 100 different styles to select from. Golden oak,: Early English oak, ife- hogany, fumed oak— )olished and leather up- lolstered seats. ALL PRICES. Tbe lola Furniture Store SOUTH SIDE SQUARE A. W. BECK, Prop. —. —t lOLA STATE BANR Capital Stock $25,000.00 ' Surplus ....$12,500.00 WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSITS L. E. UOItVILLE, Pres. W. S. KAUFMAX, 2nd Ylce Pres. J. H. CAMPBELL, Cashier. A. W. BECK, Yfce-Pres. F. 0. BEJiSOX, Asst Ca»Mer SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOB REST. m Over three-fourths of an inch of \ rain fell last night and this morning. -Rain began falling last night nt 8:30 and a.slow and generally steaoy precipitation continued until about being .79 of an inch. During the hlj there was also a fairly heavy shui which" was so' wet, however, that^ It melted qtiickly, and was alQioat eof-' tirely gone this morning, except iik two o'clock this afternoon, tho total [spots where it had drifted, 80inetlm«S amount of raihtall up to that tima to a depUi-ot ^ inch and a 4^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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