Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 25, 1969 · Page 1
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 1

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 25, 1969
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TEMPERATURE Friday high 3t low 18 7:00 a.m. today M Downtown at noon today 2(5- MT. VERNON REGISTER- NEWS WEATHER Generally fair today and tonight. IXTWB tonight 8 to IS. .Sunday increasing rlou*iiess and warmer. MEMBER AUDI" 1 " BUREAl' OF CIRCULATION SQUARE DEAL FOR ALL —SPECIAL FAVORS FOR NONE A NON-PARTISAN NEWSPAPER VOLUME XLIX—NO. 99 NEW MOUNT VERNON, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY, JANUARY 25, 19f»f» 40c per Week — SfngJe Copy 7c PEACE TALK DEMANDS Town Seared In Butane Disaster (JETTING TOGETHER—Illinois Gov. Richard Ogilvie, left, chats with evangelist Billy Graham Thursday in Chicago be' fore a dinner commemorating the 25th anniversary of "Youth for Christ." (AP Wirephoto) ^Propose Halting Part-Silver Halves LAUREL, Miss. (AP) — Eighteen tank cars loaded with butane gas exploded with a series of tremendous blasts early today, sending balls of fire and debris through a several-block area. At least eight persons were hospitalized and 35 homes were reported destroyed. One tank car was blown two blocks by the force of the explosions, set off when one of the tankers derailed about 10 blocks from the downtown area. Police feared another eight tank cars, part of the same shipment, might be touched off by the flames. Each held 30,000 gallons of gas. Residents in Jackson, 90 miles to the north, said they could see the night sky light up when the cars .erupted about 4:30 a.m. Windows were blown out in a four-mile radius around the site of the blasts. Telephone service was disrupted in a wide area. National Guard and Civil Defense units were alerted, and residents in the immediate vicinity were evacuated from their homes jn the sub-freezing dawn. -o- -o- -u- from burns and shock, authorities said. The Woodall Lumber Co. plant, which employs 600 workers, was destroyed. Laurel is a town of approxi- < mately 30,00 persons in South! east Mississippi. The explosions occurred on the Southern Railway line in North Laurel. Explosions At Train Wreck WANT NEW CABINET AT SAIGON The injured were suffering | unknown. SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (AP) — A northbound Southern Pacific freight train loaded with ! new automobiles and piggyback j truck trailers derailed 15 miles west of here Friday night. Fires | and explosions were reported. A Santa Barbara county Sher- j iff s Department spokesman said one unidentified person was ! injured. A Southern Pacific spokesman j said six locomotive units and 19 COR ONADO, Calif. (AP) -i cars were derailed. It .occurred „ _ , „ , _ , j in a severe rainstorm. | Cm dr. L1 °y d Bucher says Pueb- 1 Causes of the derailment'were j lo crewmen made hundreds ofi HICKEL JOINS CABINET—Walter J. Hickol takes his oath nf office in the White House Friday from Chief Justice Earl Warren and joins the Cabinet as Interior secretary. President Nixon watches as Mrs. Hickel holds the Bible. (AP Wirephoto) Pueblo Men Tried To Tell Confessions Were Phonyj^^j.^ Cold In Midwest Mint Copper-Nickel Dollars? WASHINGTON (AP) — Some day you may be able to jingle in your pocket again a freshjy minted "cartwheel" dollar, but it probably won't be made of silver. And if you prefer the chink of silver,, you may be able to get a real one. But it will cost you more than; $1. Silver dollars haven't been minted since 1935 and because they're worth more than $1 as collector's items the Treasury hasn't put any into circulation since 1964. The House Banking Committee has received from outgoing Treasury officials proposed leg­ islation to allow the sale of the three million old silver dollars —most of them valuable Carson City cartwheels minted in the 1880s—stored in a sealed basement vault here. Their value to collectors has been estimated at roughly $75 million, a windfall the government doubtless could find a way to spend. The legislation would carry out the recommendations of .the Joint Commission on the Coinage, and the committee is expected to take it up within the next few weeks. Recommendations include: —Authorize the minting once -o- -o- -o- again of metallic dollars. They would be of copper-nickel composition, like the present quarters and dimes. —Provide for sale to the public of the three million old silver dollars still held by the Treasury. All of these have a premium value, both because of the increased value of silver and because they are collectors' item. —Phase out production of the last remaining new U.S. coin containing silver. This is the 40- per cent silver half-dollar, and would be replaced by a copper- nickel coin. rma Rain Damage Increasing By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A blast of arctic cold numbed the midcontinent and sent a Shockwave of falling temperatures into the East and South today while a new outbreak of ed by a Navy spokesman who j rain and snow hit sodden sec- briefed newsmen on Bucher's I tions of California and Nevada, five hours of closed-door testi- : Damage mounted into the mil- j attempts to let the folks back ! home know that the spying confessions were phony—but most were intercepted by their North Korean captors and followed by severe beatings. This testimony by the intelligence ship's skipper was report- PARIS (AP) •-- North Vietnam and the Viet Cong opened the first session of substantive four-party peace talks today by demanding that a new "pence cabinet" replace the Saigon re- P rr.e and send a new delegation In the Paris negotiations. '"«lie Viet Cong's Nationul Lib- c at ion Front and the North Vietnamese delegation chiefs WP'-C the first speakers as the fains began at the international ^inference center. P.efore the meeting, chief U.S. negotiator Henry Cabot Lodge indicated his "opener" would be proposed guarantees of the de- lni itarized zone which separates North and South Vietnam. NLF Foreign Minister Trail Buu Kiem, speaking first, vio- r c- . «. i t lently denounced the United ahon of US. paratroopers has I S(fifes ^ ^ ^ been moved from the immedi-' ate defense perimeter of Saigon to choke off a major enemy infiltration route 60 miles north of the capital, American officers said today. They said 800 men of the 3rd Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division, have been deployed along the Song Be corridor, which lends From Cambodia into War Zone D. MOVE PARATROOPERS TO BLOCK ENEMY SAIGON (AP) - A crack bat-, namese governments as supporting "perfidious and cruel" policies. The Americans, he in- Withdraw All Troops —Lodge Intelligence reports PARIS (AP) -- U.S. Ambas- i sudor Henry Cabot Lodge called indicate l " ;,av for mutual withdrawal of from the Viet. Cong 5th "'J foreign troops from South mony Friday before a Navy court of inquiry. Capt. Thomas L. Dwyer, chief of staff for intelligence for the ' commander of U.S. Naval • forces in Japan when the Pueblo was seized a year ago, followed ! Bucher to the stand. : All of Dwyer's and most of j Bucher's testimony Friday was described as classified informa- i tion by the Navy. Bucher had lions in California whore the second attack of rain in less than a week brought warnings by city and state officials of renewed floods and landslides. Wliile the bitter cold eased Division have been moving south in the area and two Vict Cong sapper battalions- -500 i Vietnam and said "we are ready to work toward the implementation of such mutual with- men trained in the expert use of I dra%val explosives—already are in the zone, spokesmen said. They threaten two of the biggest U.S. bases in South Vietnam : the U.S. Army headquar- slightly its weeklong grip on the j ters at Long Binh, a sprawling northern Rockies, it drove temperatures below zero across much of the Plains and Midwest and was expected to sweep into the East and South tonight in public. He was released from further appearances, subject to recall. complex that contains huge stores of munitions and fuel, and the major American airbase at Bien Hon. U.S. military spokesmen said allied pressure has i-estricted the movement of Viet Cong 5th Five Children. Die Huge Mudslide | 0n SumnMriYilU And Candidates, Too in Texas Blaze Kills hjraps 6 Absentee Voting Begins Monday In Mt. V. Primary The mercury settled to 38 bc- spent the previous four days in, low at Havre and Glasgow, in frequently anguished testimony j nortlicentral Montana, at mid- j ™ to ^li^S,' night Temperatures in the re- ( and there has been a ro]ativc i y gion have failed to rise above N \ zero for more than a week. In Washington, Senate Demo-, Readings in the teens extended j T Njnn fii „ ^ and phuoc cratic leader Mike Mansfield of j deep^ into the Southeastern j ^ B t , £ , thj Montana and Sen. Peter H. states and a ^eeze stung be an e , Q luU f Dominick, R -Cnlo. talked nf ! northern Louisiana. . ? r ' ' t'ely low level of enemy activity in the three border provinces of 1 ocl^e's opening statement at. the Tirst session of the substantive four-party peace talks also proposed immediate re-estab- iishment of the demilitarized butler zone between North and South Vietnam "as a first prae- t' stop on the road to peace." As the delegates of the United Slates, Hanoi, the NLF and South Vietnam came face to face around an enormous round tab.'e, 26 feet across, in a historic confrontation, Hanoi and the f -nt concentrated on political aspects of a prospective settle•n< nt, while the Americans and S' uth Vietnam zeroed in on the military aspects. Effects of traffic-crippling; can forces into a sense of secu- \ c kted, shore up "tyrannical and nty. bloodthirsty puppets" in Saiyon. In California SAN ANTONIO, Tex.- (AP) — j Five children ranging in ages ; from five to 18 and their mother j committee hearings into all aspects of the Pueblo capture. j snow > which accompaniend the \ Na^S^g^Wam^BudJ i Z e *}J0£ Plai " S . Friday ', lin ? ered 1 ^11°?! ! a, f \ " He _, can h l t . Sai "! l' U _ V l et ? am was les f , v[ole . nt : cold as it raced over the Mid- j '" r,1c enemy has two options," ; Ambassador Xuan Thuy of LOS ANGELES (AP) County. Authorities said the blaze resulted at the Willie Patterson home from an exploding butane gas tank. Patterson was taken to Santa Rosa medical center in San Antonio for burn treatment. A neighbor told county deputies that the man was burned trying to rescue his family. Last Rites For Czech Martyr PRAGUE (AP) — Czechoslovaks turned out in drizzling rain j fierce new rainstorm tore at| b y the tens of thousands today California, bringing threat of j to bid farewell to Jan Palach, flooding and apparently contrib- j w ; 10 died with the avowed aim uting to a freight train derail- luxurious suburban Brentwood resident residence today, killing one man and for a time trapping six firemen who tried to rescue him. 1 The accident occurred as a Driver From Olney Killed Wheeling, 111. (AP)—Eugene Michal, 50, of Olney was killed and three others were injured Friday night in a two-car collision in Wheeling. All the injured were treated and released. They were identified as Michal's daughter, Ida, and a friend, Patricia Murphy, and Douglas Glander, 16, of Arlington Heights, driver of the second car. j ment at Santa Barbara. | The victim, Michael Riordan, iwas buried beneath a sea of j homeland. mud that broke through a hill- j Church bells that had sounded side retaining wall and smashed j the alarm during the soviet-led invasion last August tolled as Absentee voting begins next Konday, January 27, in the Mt. Vernon city primary election. A special booth will be set up for absentee balloting in the office of City Clerk Paul Hayes. ?Jaeh voter will be handed two ballots — one on proposed an?iexation of a big Summers ville area to the city and the of preserving the flame of liber-1 other' containing the names of alism in his Soviet-occupied candidates for city offices. in portions of Iowa and Minne- 8 on or ne can hlt othor ""Wig sota installations. Wc see a threat to . Four highways in northern j °« ier installations in Tay Ninh, stroy the ship's secret equip-1 Ifjwa rerna j nec j c i ose d by blow-! L° n S Bir| h and Phuoc Long." ment. He said he felt the armed; ing snow : In Tay Njnh prov j nce , troop- services committee, of which he A11 roads in the Rochester,. ers from the U.S. 1st Air Caval- is a member should have a Minn., area were blocked due to ry Division also ran into an ene- hearing. 1 drifts and near-zero visibility in j my force Friday on a sweep 55 i,w;~~ i.-- ' mi i os northwest of Saigon er rather than the officials who denied him the means to dc- into his bedroom, the Los An geles fire department said. The six firemen trapped for a time were caught in a second flood of mud. They were dug out by other firemen. The six were taken to local hospitals with injuries described as relatively minor although one had a broken arm. The victim died of suffocation, authorities said. tiio funeral cortege passed i.'n ough the Old Town Square. Onildren holding candles lined the way. Palach, a 21-year-old student died last Sunday, three days after lie set fire to himself in Wenceslas Square and became a •lew Czechoslovak martyr in the cause of freedom. Mansfield said he thinks the blowing snow late Friday. Foreign Relations committee, of I In Southern California, al- which he is a member, and the I ready weakened streets in some Armed Services Committee will! Los Angeles suburbs sank under want to inquire into all aspects | the weight of collected rainfall, of the Seizure. i Sandbag barriers were built Capt. Vincent Thomas, infor-i ne , ar , Azusa and Glendora foot- mation officer for the com-! ^ hom . es where mudslides ear- mander of the Pacific Fleet, i ier this week destroyed 24 gave newsmen a briefing of Fri-! horn ? es< and , damaged 176 others, day's testimony. ! Thlvt y ho ™ s Glendora . , . • , ' were evacuated and more than The unclassified material, he jll0 other families in the mjd . said, included Bucher s testimo- 1 sl j de area were a i erted to be ready to leave on a moment's in tone, but his demand for the end of the Saigon regime was couched in terms almost Identi- cai with that of the NLF. As Kiem had done, Thuy stressed political aspects of a prospective settlement. The developments suggested lines of preliminary sparring, with the ny that the North Koreans dis^ covered "hundreds of signals sent home by the crew to tell the United States their spying! mated at 52.5 million confessions were phony. He mentioned a now-famous Y2JM | Ml iff SJnrip photo, widely distributed hvi v - n " »»UII HCUI North Korea and supposedly showing contented prisoners, who actually were' giving a well-known signal of contempt. "Cmdr. Bucher observed that after publication in the U.S of the photo which showed crew- Wayne City Dies Candidates for mayor, in the order their names will appear on the ballot, are Woodrow Bur- neite, George Heidenreich, Rol- i.ird Lewis, Jack Sullivan. Councilman candidates, in the order their names will appear on the ballot, are Coy Flota, Wi'liam B. Hollenbach, J. R. Lamberson, Gale Martin, Paul Partridge, Herman Willis. City Clerk Paul Hayes and City Treasurer Mary Lou Eubanks, candidates for reelection are unopposed in the primary, i m the primary voters will no| m'nate two candidates for may- j or and four candidates for two 1 \y council positions. ,' Sumniersrille Ballot The ballot on the Summers- j j ville annexation is a si mple i 'yes" or "no" prop jl. Those favoring a n nexation ; should vote in the "yes" square; t'.ose opposing a n n e xation ', should vote in the "no" square. I / pril 20 will be the last day | I to cast an absentee vote by mail. j April 22 win be the last day to • DuQuoin State Police Commander Elevated i vote absentee in person. The primary election will be he'id February 25. "jhe final election will be held The U.S. Command also an-! Americans and their Saigon a 1- nounced today the loss of its i]les f ekin S * discuss inilrtary 1,000 helicopter shot down in! | ,u '' s . tl0n * and *f 0t ^. r , side combat but said the two wound-! b ^ mg do ™° n thB P° lltlcal ed crewmen were plucked from I Thu ? said ™ s » ™ ve enemy hands by a second hell-! ment in S ? uth Y^ etnam for for " copter j nation of a "peace-restoring I Ca> inet which is ready to . . . i enter into negotiations at the prIA, ^nOrtOQQe four-party conference." He inn .is'-ted that the NLF is "an in- Rate BOOSted 'dependent and equal party fully • _ i <;< mpetent to find a political notice Losses in the Azusa-' WASHINGTON (AP) .._ Tiie | s'Jution and to'bring about in- nuu-e. !______ in uie ntusa - . _ . „, . _,_„. dependence, peace and neutrali- Glendora area have been esti-' maximum interest rate on mort- ' *' gages insured by the Federal! ^ to So , utn Vietnam. Housing and the Veterans ad-! Thuy based most of his policy i ministrations has been raised to statement on the long-discussed by i ^ M " * 1 ' ! 7V_ per cent in what is described i four P° ints of tne Han01 govern- as an "interim, emergency eas-iment and the five points of the ure." NLF, suggesting that both the George Romney, secretary ofi front and Hanoi were laying of ST Imperkd Mo ^ died" at' St' housin £ and urban development, I d ' wn their toughest bargaining Luke's Hospital Friday from in- said , th ~ e action Friday was long! Prions . juries suffered in a car-truck' overdlle - because mortgage 1 He said that if the United collision Januarv 16 near Wavne"' monev had become increasingly : States "really wants to advance men making the internationally i Cjf ,„ • •* difficult to obtain under the pre- : 10 honorable peace." it must She was a passenger in a car recognized gesture' the North o o Koreans reviewed all their pro; driven by her father, Robert, 39, -i poganda films, letters, etc., and:^.,^ was involved in a collision; discovered hundreds of similar •• witn a p i c; kup track driven by . . , . signals" said Thomas. Arthu r Legg, 30. of Fairfield. . ,f ratl °" 15 fiS^L? It was at this juncture that Her mother, who was seriously ^J\ t Sprite lo the the entire crew received severe hurt, remains as a patient at St. ipushoa „ beatings. Luke's Hospital. ni_i«._i * vious 6% per cent maximum accept and meet, the basic four demands, which involve an end Romney said the step is only interim" because "this admin- i. (Continued On Page 2 Col. 8) DILLIES Brantley Appointed Menard Warden SOS ! April 15. DEATH SCENE—Workmen reported finding three dead here and were looking for at least one * more believed to still be in the wreckage, 'The house wa8 destroyed by a tornado that struck Jlazieliurst, Miss., Thursday, moridng. •* (AP Wirephoto) ILLINOIS GI KILLED WASHINGTON (AP) — The Defense Department said Friday that an Illinois serviceman had been killed in action in Vietnam. j was identified as Army I Sgt. Terry N. Hardig, husband ! of l_inda J. Hardig, 1101 S. Cot- Itage Grove Ave., Urbana. SPRINGFIELD, 111. (AP) — Capt. Elza Brantley, 55, commander of state police District 13 at Duquoin, Friday was named warden of Menard State Penitentiary at Chester by Gov. Richard B. Ogilvie. Ogilvie also named Vernon J. Uffelman, Randolph County sheriff, to be superintendent of the Illinois security hospital at Chester. of the Illinois state police since 1941 and has held the rank of captain since 1956. He is a member of the Southern Illinois University police training board. At Menard, Brantley will head an institution housing about 2,000 inmates from 60 downstate counties. Uffelman is a lifetime resident of Randolph County now Brantley has been a member I serving his first term as sher- -O- -0- -O- ' iff. He was elected in 1966 as a Republican. For 31 years prior to his entry into politics, he was in the retail grocery business in Chester, j Uffelman will assume direc-' tion of a maximum security mental hospital now housing about 150 patients, and with a full time staff of nearly 200 em- i ployes. 1 HE CAN'T SEEM TO GET THE ARMY OUT OF HIS SYSTEM.

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