Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 20, 1911 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1911
Page 2
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISl?ER, WEDNESDAY EVEmi^ • Tr ' - 1100, •t-rr —^ JThe GoldenXinlt club was hapHily elitttt«toMfJ]r^tenlay afternoon ai ' tb^^pdmvptJj^ Green and a ' - ChristmaT-^rograiB rendered. Holly ^_-and Chriatifiaa belU.were in evidence ' ~eTer3jwh«reaiid Mrs. Green served lea fMm!ia',1iibte.^Ia6 was prettily deco- taftd in3Rliri>tfniWii fasliion. •f , One of tlje broadest papers the club (' Jito beard ttA^ fall was read b- Mrs. : "B,,,y.. JBer?y. • representing Christniaa ' In Iwo Tioiqes and, reveallnK thn ideal ! pbserrance'of tbe day. Mrs. Allyn Bonghton read a Christmas sermon; -Mra. J. W. Fife contributed a Christ- —mas poem r.nd the round table was a discttniobvof ways to make Christ: mSJifClltoS S Joy of a burden. ' .Tb^g^pn^Ulxesponses were sketches of .^oj^e life of grandmothers of the — membersL' -fiytp Ifttle girls in costume iaoiZ ^ lullaby. The club's guests •w«re JUtB. JTilllara Woods. Sirs. Coif - a|i4 Mrs. Ed Downey of Yates Center. * * * _—Clve a Fountain Pen from Cur- r8n 'ii.J)ruK.Store. .1.. .-, * _ 3!^{Bfl . Florence Root, who is attend ing Bethany college at Lindsltor;;. will be faoine tomorrow to si>end the . &(did&^a with her parents Mr. and - MM. W . H. Root. Miss Hoot Is to «ins at-Falrview.tonight at a neita) several members of the college fac- nlty are»givJng. She is doing excd- J^t .work at. Bethany and is dovelop- _ ln£ woudfirfully the pleasing voic ^cb . abe posyessvB. Miss Di -rnir' —E<i6t -Will be home tomorrow from K>! reka Springs, Ark., and Fnmk Kooi came in from Manhattan tuduv. * • * .—For Party or Coterln? work, cal." Mtwlltller. Phone 826. _ * * * xbe. Woman's Christian Temperance Union will not have a moetlnp on. tbe approaching Friday. Their n«tt meeting will occur on- Friday. January, fit tb. . 4' <• « Sunday schools of the several cbnrcIieB are having . frequent re- -hearsAIa tliia week to prei)are for the enlertalnmentB which will be given __Siuiday or Monday evening. The Unit ^ Brethren,. Christian and Presbyterian Stinday schools will render - cantatas and the Methodist and Reformed Sunday schools will celobratf .'Cbrtstmaa with micsellaneous pro- grhnu -At Builders' Chapel, the serv Ice Ion Sunday afternoon will be in obsiervance of Christmas and their cantata ."Doctor Santa Claus" will b< given Monday night. * + * _ Ladies of the Board of Charitirs and.their assistants will m^et tomorrow afternoon to prepare for distril)- nting the toys and candies which have . been collected for Christmas gifts to poor children. Every one of these women have neglected their own homes and families for-^two w£eka to help thKB j>opr and each one o fthem talks with such enthusiastic pleasure of the work they are doing that one cannot • belpl being sure iheir Christmas will be' ^kppier than the folks who ha»e not bad the opportunity of helpine tbe Board. * V + . —Cribbage board and playing cards at Mnndis Drug Store. * 4- + .Miss Maude Minrow will be here to - morrow from Eroiwria to apond ih" bolldaya with Mr. and Mrs. A. X. ^.Mitebell. Professor and Mrs. Bushey and baby and Miss .Veda Bushey, of -Pittsburg 'Will arrive Sunday to be ' -tbeir guests until after Christmas. * * • —Magaalnes at Mundts Drug Store. * • + , At-half past eight orlo<'k toniKlit at the Preabyterlan church Miss I'enrl DeHaven and Mr. Chris Block will be married. The ceremony will b" read by Rjev. S. 8. Htlscher, pastor of the churdi. kilns Florence Hobnrt win play the Ix>hengrin music as the bridal pany advances .to the chancel and will play an appropriate melody Mftly as ihe vows are exchanged. After the Wedding the bride's mother, Mrs. Rose DeHaven will give a recep- tton at tse family home, *0S South Colborn iJFfaicb will be attended' by a company of relative.s and friends. Mr. and .Mrs. -Xeal and Mr. and Mrs- Garrison, who were among the Gar- neit drlepaiion to ilie Eastern Star banquet Monday niRht, were guests of Mr and Mrs. C. J. Balliett while in town. * • • —Monogram and other gift Stationery at Burrell's Drug Store. + * + • I-oraiii" .Xorthrup will be here Sat- urdi'v from Chicago Tniversity to spend Cliristmas with his parents -Mr. and .Mrs. F. A. Xorthrup •> * •:• Mr.o. \V. O. Kinzel, of Matoon, 111., will be her.> to spend Christmas with her dausliter, Mrs. P. S. Mitchell. Perl Uarion, of Herlngtpn, formerly with the He.^ister will also be a holiday guest of Ur. and Mrs. Mitchell, •i. • * —Kodaks the popular gifts, from Jl to J2r) at .Mundis. * •? • Miss Hallie Xichols who has been visitins Mrs. Smith I... .Tackson, re- tnrneu to her homo in Garuett yesterday. * * • —C.ivp a nine package of that fine randy at Uurrell's Drug Store. * <• •:• .Mrs. II. K. Mattey, of Chicago, is here to spend (he holidays witii her parents, Mr. and .Mrs. Charles i<. Taylor. •:• •:• Mr. :ind Mrs F. A. Wagner iind family will spend CIirlstniiiH Jn Vaten Ci-nti r Willi her parents, .Mr. and .Mrs, .V, I 'JTlsh. 4. —Kodak Albums, the best made. Mundls. 4. .^ 4. Miss Marparet Curtis, who lef.. here yesterday morning for Pasad-.- na, California will be married on Christmas day to Mr. Loraine Tredway, of Storklon, California. The wedding will occur at the home of the bride's aunt. Mrs. John H. Hobbs ani' will be an elaborate affair. Miss Curtis will wear a handsome satin gown and her friends will have no trouble in imagining what a pretty bride she will be. The couple will make their home in Stockton. Miss Curtis spent a year ft California recently and it was while visiting friends in Stockton that she met Mr. Treadway. Soon after her return to lola, when enroute to Xew York on business, Mr. Treadway stopped here to visit Miss Curtis and shortly after their engagement was announced. Friends of Ihe brlda-tc -hc and her family will awall tv.rthe; news of the wadding with Interest. * -:• • —Cards Card Game.';. Cribbage Boards etc., at Burrell's Drug Store. •:• • •:• The Jlcntezuma club danced las.' night in Masonic hall and the following gu?sts were prcsant: Frank Arnold, Harry Bishop, l,e Bowlus, Herschel Co?. George Dei parno. Lewis Drake Ben Dc Havan Elvie Gllliaft, Foster Gcss, Ben Heyi- mun. Joe Heylmun, Harry Haymnk f-r, Samuel Knox, John Lovoca, Jo Murphy. Vernon Moore. I^eonard Mundis. Merl Munger. Ralph .Maxson. Jno Pruitt, Earnest Searing, Clyde Thorn i son, Gus Weekly. Lloyd Young. Marv McCune Anna Vezir-, Ruby Heller Evalyn Harston, Blanche Van Bus kirk. May Brigham, Alfa Duncan, VI- ca Eastwood, Madge Joyce, Elva RUF sell, Hatiie Fronk. Lcttfe Woodin Lucy Wilson, Kate Oeyer, Agnes Cannon, Kalherine Smith. Velma Sleep er. Hazel Draki', Xenia Goes, Haze Goes, Inez Pofl.s, Trciq I.owderml)k Edna Klein. 4, .> —Give PIrard Hand-pointed China from HurrcU 'B Drug Store. * •> You who haVB attended girls' colleges and schools are familiar with the hum and excitement attendant up on "going home for Christmas." Trunks are packed and unpacked do7 ens of times. Countless telegram:ar«» sent so that no mistakes will IT made and "daughtier" will be properly met at the train. Time cards are timMMO HEIRESS ABDUCTED. Chicago, 111., Dec. 20.—The unusual aircuuiBtances surrounding tlic disappearance of li'.-year-old Violet IUK hler. lead the police of Chicago and itacine. Wis., to believe that she Is either being held for ransom or has been killed. It has just come to light that she is lieitess to imd the prevailing opinion is that she has been kidnai>|>ed and helil for ran.suiu. She disappeared siuldi-iily on Thanksglvini; Day and has not liee i -ii or hoard Irom since. At that time «Iie was on licr way to \lbit relatives in llaciiii' to attend a birthday party. R A S] "fliere are few things more appropriate a»,Christ: mas Gifts than some of our exquisite pieces of Brass. Theiieis a wide range of articles from which to choosie and the prices are surprisingly moderate. You wiH'jlnd Clocks, Smoking Sets, Trays, Jewel Boxes, "Vas^, jCandlerSticks—many other articles of brass. ; Smojdnfi: Sets $1.50 up Jewel Boxes $1.00 up 'v. Candle-sticks $1.00 up V Trays $1.00 up 4 simply absorbed and everything is in a whirl of excitement. You who have helped unpack daugh ter's trunk are familiar with the wreck of clothes that she brings home with her. Gone in the wrack of college laundries are the dainty hand embroidered garments that filled the trunk when' she left in September. These are a few of the requests that yo!^ will have to meet next week. Mother I'll have to have some new dancing slippers because my others don't look very nice. I wore them out dancing in the "gym." And mother can you guess what happened to my very prettiest white frock? I spilled ink all down the front of it so I suppose I shall have to get a new one before Mary's tea. Did you say what became of thai corsage of Orchids you had made for me? Well, a girl borrowed it one nisht and she never did return it. Xo, mother I don't believe they are worth darning. You know how perishable silk is and 1 played tennis In Ihem. Xo, I couldn't play at all .In any other kind. You can give"me an assortment "of now ones for Christmas. I'm glad you reminded me. My call ing cards aro all gone. The girls exchanged cards with addresses on them and it took all of mine. Guess 1 can have some;made before the next tea. That stain on my gloves? Oh, that is punch. Spilled It on me at the Soph. Prom. Had I better try to get ihem cleaned or buy some new ones? They don't look very pretty after hey'r" cleaned.—Kansas City Post. 4- •> •> —Olpo tliree grades, ID, 20, 2oc, at :he City .Meat Market. • 4- • Mr. and .Mrs. W. H. Harriss and son Lester came In today from Pinck eyville, Illinois to spend Christmas with their son. Professor W. P. Harriss. •> <• —Choice kidney suet and lean hone- 'ess beef for making mince meat.— rity Meat Market. 4. <. .Mr. and .Mrs. Archie Lyons, of Iluf- 'I '.lo will be here to spend lb" holi- lays with Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Lyons. * <• <' —Home Rendered Lard, single pound l.'ic; in 10 -)K >und pails 13c per pound; in .'<0-pound cans 12c jier nound. This lard Is guaranteed to be all hog fat from the City Meat Market. *** Mrs. Earl Rosebush (Christmas Wilson) came in from Oklahoma City today to spend the holidays with her mother, Mrs. W. E. Lyons. 4- .4' * —Choice Fat Hens. live weight 10c per pound; dressed 15c.—City Market. 4- 4' + Harvey Heller vwHl be home from K. U. Saturday to spend the holidays. The Violet club will be enterluined on Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. W. A. Woodruff, \)20 South Wash ingion avenue. • •:• •> —All oi(!ers promptly delivered from the City .Meat .Market. This Is an exclusive market, therefore the boys do not wait on grocery orders to be filled. Give us a trial.—.Monte McKinney. •:• V • Miss Cora Klein and .Miss Edna Kltin came in lust night from Kansas City. .Miss Edna Klein will be here during the lioliday vacation and will the nrcturn to Hardin College, .Mexico, .Missouri. <- • •> The Dancing School which the Shields Orchesira has been giving ev- eiy wtek will bo discontinued until chestra will hive a Christmas dance en next Monday evening Dec. 25th. •:• -i- <• —Holly Boxes, Tags and Seals at Burrell's Drug Store. 4- 4- * Tho Young People's Branch of the W. C. T. C. will have a meeting in the rest rooms tomorrow night. Tho evening will Include a social hour and refreshments. The program will be under tbe subject of "Peace and Arbitration," as follows: Roll Call—items ^bout men who have been advocates of peace. Paper—"The Hague Conference," Hazel Kanake. Reading—"The Arsenal at Springfield," Everett I-and. Paper—"The Price of the Andes." Louella Varner. Reading—"The Warrior," Earl Johnson. 4- <' •:• —At our Special Reduction Sale we are selling Garland Cook Stoves ami Ranges at a jirlce never offered be foie.—Bragg & Diidiue, Humboldt Kans. 'FRISHMAN.$= LONG PLUSH COATS —SALE PRICES NEVER MATCHED Only $15 for all silk seal full length Plush Coats, deep shawl collar. Others ask $25. Here special price $15.00 Only $20 for genuine Salt's Sealette Plush Coats—^guaranteed satin lining—in a variety of colors. Same Coat priced and sold all season at $30.00; only ....$20.00 Cloth Coats $10.00 All Cloth Cloaks now cut in price; choice of any long colored cloth and reversible Coat that .sold up to $17.50; our price $10.00 At $6.95 Winter Coats formerly $10 and $12—Coats of kersey, broadcloth, a big assortment of fancy mixtures. Garments sold all season at $10 and $12; reduced to $6.95 All Suits Reduced Without resei-ve we offer big reductions on our entire stock of Tailored Suits. All $25 Suits reduced to $15.00 All $20 Suits reduced to ).75 FURS! We offer remarkable values in Dependable Furs. Fur Sets,special $3.98, 6.50. 750. $9.75 and $15 RE.VITV AND PEKFCME CO.ST. Give a Fountain Pen . This is a suggestion to those who are puzzled over what to give a man. Don't puzzle longer —time is getting short. Come in and see what wide choice our assortment of Fountain Pens affords. Prices from iH2.00 TO fiK.l .OO Scores of other desirable gift Items here. See them. BURRELL'S SfS&c TheBexall 8ton West Side of the Square .\. V. k \. M. Elect!* (IfflcerH. The annual election of officers of lola Lodge .\o. A. F. & A. M., was held last night and resulted in the following being cho.scn for the ensuing year: W. M.—E. L. Gllllatt. a. W.—J. L Brandt. J. W.—Guy Cook. Treasurer—G. R. Bowlus. Secretary—G. M. Xelson. Trustees—W. L. Bartels, W. S. Kauf man and M. G. Robinson. The installation will be held on next Tuesday evening. FItlSCO r .£TTI >G PRUDISH. .Ictually Objects to -Society" (Jetting Drank on Christmas. San Francisco, Cal., Dec. Francisco's board of supervisors has Women 9.—San gone on record as oposed to riotous obserA -ance of the advent of a new year by adopting a resolution for the "suppression of excesses." Supervisor Murdock, author of the resolution. Is quoted as having said at the supervisory' session : lYomen Dance on Tables. When society women dance on cafe tables and young girls are carried out Intoxicated I think It is time for this board to do what it can to stop It." Tbe resolution adopted follows: "Resolved, that tho chief of police be urged strictly to enforce at all times all laws for the preservation of order regardless of the social standing of tbe offenders." Unique Ubrlstnus CelebraUon. San Francisco Is planning a unique Christmas eve celebration. One year ago Saturday evening Tetrazlnl sang In tbe open air In the busineoa center o ftbe city. This year it Is planned to have a mammotb chorus, led by an European opera company augmented by trained singers from local choral, organizations, render a Cbristmaa I .Q{ carol. (iur Trade In Ferfunieries and Cns- metlcs Twenty Millions Last Year. Twenty million dollars worth of ])erfumeries, cosmetics and other ar- I tides of this character were Imported I Into, and exported from the United States in the last dozen years, and moie than 2</^ million dollars worth of of in the single year, 1911. This illustrates the great variety of articles now forming the International com- I merce of the'tJnlted States and Is an epcplanation the constant demands' made upon the Bureau of Statistics of the Department of Commerce and Labor for greater detail in It.s state- ; ments regarding Jhi3 growing commerce, j .A dnzrn years ago. In the fiscal j-ear | 1900 the total v:ilm.' of -.rtic!!^.-? ini-, iwrted under tlie general title of "per- fTMiicrles, cosmciies, and all toilet ar- ticlof" airounlod .o only a half million (Io;l,'.:s, and t!-.e e;:;;;;; := one- third of a ii.lllion. In P.iiiti the im- jiorts iir-ised tl:- niiil '.cin i!o!'ar line and ttie I'vprirts i,!iys-"d e half million doI!.'.r lice. In IfHI t';e imports exceeded I'/(. nMlllun dullars and •the! exports for '•n- firi-'t time evcjede*! one million d!i !la:F in vrlue. Tiiking the 12 risral yrar.-i linlnnlns with IIIOO and ending wit'i UMl. the lotal value of Mrtl'-k"; Inii .tirK'd umler t'.il.s general title amounted to $12 DOlLtlT, and those exported, to Jfi,7r,:t.f2.'.. While the mere Ite-ii of 2V'' million dollars worth of ibis clars of inorchandie im ported nnd oxr -rted In n single year forms but a vpry small part of tho ,1U billion dollai.s value of foreign commerce in that year. the rapid gfowih indliates the Inoreaflng dIs-. position of t !io citizen of the United States to draw upon all parts of the world for comforts and conveniences and of the eit'.zen of foreign countries to look to the rniti'd States for aricles of higher grade of manufacture and luxuries. Thursday Night from 7:30 to 9:30. : Beautiful Celluloid Picture Frames^ with gilt and silver linings worth 75c; Thursday Night from 7:30 to 9:30; choice. SEE WINDOW m Is still complete. Be prepared for the cold weather in January and February Brigham Hardware Co. THE m ARE "HIL IN" The Auditorium skating rink will be open tonight for skaters for the flrst time since last winter, l^e Bowlus Is-to manage the rink hereafter, and he has engaged a band to play for tbe skaters. The rink will be open for skating from now on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday ulght until spring. It will also be open on Saturday afternoons for school chlld- iren. Roller skating came as tbe return of a fad several years ago. but It seems still to be maintaining a popularity. .Toe Coman. of CoIIinsvllle, is expected In tomorrow for a visit during the holidays with his wife and ftmlly. Brooks Lane, in his song and act. "Tho Colored Washerwoman," at the Grand last night made a decided hit. and received vociferous applause from all who beard him. Brooks ahows signs of real vaudeville ul- That Is They've Paid Their Before Penalty Day. Taxes The railways are "all In." .Not in the sense that the expression is usually used on the street but they are each reported to the county treasurer with a check for the amount of their taxes In Allen county, the last company making payment today. It was no use" to attempt to interview County Treasurer Ausherman about It today. His office was filled with people waiting for their turn to pay their taxes. "Yes," said the treasurer 'to a visitor, "the big fellows—the railways— are all In.. They've paid about $30,000 a little more probably. I haven't time to look It up." And the treasurer grasped a bag containing $29,000, the day's recMpts and hastened to the bank." The law provides that after today. December 20, the usual penalty is added to taxes. Glenn Lawyer [ came In yesterday afternoon from Manbatten to spend the holidays visiting his parents. Frank Root came In from tbe same College this afternoon and Eddell Jones and Aita Tanner are expect,ed in tonigbt. CHRISTMAS GIEl ^i That Are Easy to Buy ALBUMS BtULES BOOKS BRUSHES BOX PAPERS CALENDARS CHINA, HAND P.AINTED DRE.SSIN6 CASES CHKISTXAS CABDS LEATHEB GOODS MIBRORS OFFICE NOVELTIES PEBFUMEER POST CARD ALBUMS STATUABT Closing out at alaost TOvr .-J own price, on scvenpl UBM. Evansiros Mr. and Mra.[- Georxe M; ^8tni Bunker Hill ar& the parent*;,, daughter. bom,^ last lUght" 3

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