Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 14, 1974 · Page 17
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 17

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 14, 1974
Page 17
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Rl6 del PiUf, Of the Filipino Will fttffl fftltdf lof Altt«f iCatt Ddlltf I* Utt ilLL HIS ARMY FOR $50,000, SHA MROCK REMEASUREP. eight? t*o««.li »f L**i M*it«ii »*>0,ooo Additional Wilt iiaV Afttlitatdot Paterno and ' Oilier Leiide*a'-D«>ean4 1'lay In V" Afciiilaidd'a Hack Turd Any . ; • More, . Manila, Oct. 19.—Gen. Otis has re- creired messages, purporting to come frota the insurgent Gen, Pio del Filar, offering to sell out his army, and to deliver Aguinaldo Into the hands of the Americans. Although he is not Mtiafied that this offer is authentic, it Ji not intrinsically improbable. The .policyv-of Gen. Otis is firmly set against .tidying any surrenders. . Willln* to Sell Any Old Thin*. ;.Pio del Pilar offers, for the sum of f 50;000, to refrain from attacking Ma- with his army; for the sum of he offers to surrender . his •mrrby." after a sham battle, both sides fniinjp into the air, and -for the sum of $600,000, he says he will procure the ^rerthrow of the insurrection and the Capture of Aguinaldo, Paterno and the btjifflr; Jeaflers. In the course of the communication he refers to Aguinaldo in ccritemptoua terms, indicating that trained relations exist between them. . '-''Mar Hav« a Knife l.'p Hla. Sleeve. •; RepVrta are being received from the 1 4Utricts occupied .by the enemy, that ^the': Fil/pinos believe that. Pio del ,Ptlar has an audacious plan to break through the'.' American lines intd Ma- ! >fla;:)fcnd seize Gen: Otis and the arch- bly, 'these rumors were i.attidea'of helping him,to with the Americans. 'Welcome an Attack. iless to, say that tlje Ameri- welcome ah attack of that >e has been much. specula- ttoit b««—. regarding,.the whereabouts 1 of IHOEWJw.'iW. The recent attack at credited to his men. It is. r _ t' he }a now in the vicinity Mateo valley, Svith a force of 1,800 to 3,000 men. •flTBUr SPANIARDS THROAT*. '.< ,lTo*mer BimnUh Soldier* Who Ol- A : f»»»4 to 9*11 O«t to Americana. 11 Manila,''Oct. 18, 8:55 a. m.—It is said v 1 Ibriner Spanish soldiers, who captured by the Filipinos, .and j; .time acted as officers and mem- of a Filipino artillery regiment, .__,__)ed iiTthe vicinity of Santa Rosa, teVtbe Latfima. de Bay diatrict, de- terjninedto/ surrender the artillery to <Ilia Americana. The plot was discqv- !|.«r*d by the Filipinos, who killed seven /'if the conspirators, the other three.es- ^sajjlng to'Manila. ^•r' 1 ..,,Surrender After a Moofc Battle. .;• 1$ appears that when the, surrender I; W«B agreed on the Spaniards dele- S ' ted one of ^heir number to proceed Manila and' to propose to Gen. Otis ,'io .surrender, after n pre-arranged £moci battle, about twelve pieces, in- Olvdiipg Krupp and Xordenfeldt rapid- 'firV'guns, w. ell,supplied with ammuni- i'tiqn from tjhe Lipn powder factory, in ' exchange for certain, sums to be paid ' the,$paniards, who were to be par- dflned for carrying arms against tho ''Ajnericans and to be transported to ; Spain. :'•.-••'.;.. 'Bntered American Line*. '•'}.. The Delegate left Santa Rosa, and ae- •wwnpanted by three Filipinos, entered American lines at Calamba. The s did not proceed far, deciding wipm , hSg return at a given time. A& }'tt»(D : delegate was detained in Manila Uenger than they'had expected, they v grew suspicious and, returned to Santa Rosa. ' , _. -*•;-• The Plot Waa Revealed. *The plct wa« then revealed, and the remaining' Spaniards were attacked. '&¥$&• gunboat Kapidan, coasting near '^SantQ Roaa, perceived two men on the 1 beach hurriedly embarking in a canoe, ''find- pushing out toward them. She took them on board, and they reported that the Filipinos, on discovering the ' plot to surrender the artillery, had cut the throats of seven of their Spanish companions and that they, themselves, had barely escaped with their lives. , 'mains In Manila. The three Spaniards are now hiding In Mabtta. fearing Filipino vengeance. Gen Otis had declined their offer through the delegate to surrender the artillery for mone - v> bxit he P roinised the three to Spain. tfew Yotk, Oct. i» lag 6f the Shainrbdk took plaee at fcfie basin. The ya4ht was laid between, ftfte of the ftrttiy transports and thci kteamship itcmus.. Three thousand, three hundred arid eighty pounds of lead ballast were put ott board th* Jracht during the night. This is said to have changed her water line a few inches. She now appears to set by the stern. After the water line had been measured in ihe usual way, the measurement nloft took place. The hew top-mast was housed, and to obtain the measurements of it, Mr. Hyslop lent a man to the masthead in a boat* swain's chair, going up aloft in another himself to the heel of the top* mnat, so that an accurate measurement was thus taken. Immediately after the measurement the yafcht was cast off, and Mr. Connell said that she was going direct to Sandy Hook bny, where the topmast would be rigged and the matt be ready for the next race. EXPLORING ALASKA. Uncle Sam's Geological Survey Partle» Are Pnnhlnj? Well Into the Country With Iteault*. Washington, Oct. 19.—-Reports received from the geological survey parties in Alaska show that they are pushing well into the country with some results. Geologists Brooks and Peters already have progressed from the head of Lynn canal to the head of White river in their efforts to discover the sources of 'ihe Copper, Nebesua nrid Tanona rivers. This party will continue on to Eagle City, on tha Yukon, and thus complete their explorations by working up to the Mynook district by a most fensibla route. Geologist Schrader, in charge of surveys in the Koyukuk district of Alaska, is .probably now at St. Michaels, after several months' of explorations. His instructions were to extend the investigations to cover tha largest possible area in that region so far as it may promise .the best returns in geologic and topographic infornui' tion. • CAUSED A SENSATION. A Well-Dreaaed \Voinan Caunes a Sensation In the Antl-Intiier- lallat Meeting, Chicago. Chicago, Oct. 19.—During Eev. Bige« ley's speech, a sensation was caused by, • a i stylishly-dressed --womanf -vvhoJ arose in the audience, and extending her gloved hand towards the American flag which suspended over thfl speaker, exclaimed: "Take down the flag! Don't disgrace it any longer!" She was hurried from the hall by a friends. Aa she left the building she refused to give her name, but said ab« was the sister of one soldier, daughter of. another, and wife of another—all ol them now fighting hi the Philippines. Belgium has the largest amount of railroad in comparison with its total area, the amount being 32.2 miles to each square mil* of area. THE M/rRKET REPORT. itltilL »** — i • , the public, in lets tnonfcy, than th£ debf »! tWrcSttatff, vhe« i „, ,J6 fatu* bf hWlth riltored, homanitf relieved of Hi ftipnics .... MMS. Money whic\ othefwise wbuld have Wa expended j« 1*™**$ **tow »ftd drug bills, lo9S,6f labor, etfi. SwanWn'i "5 •Drops" never fails t« cut*. It his.cuted afld iit curifltt tnillibnfl *.!.people afflicted vnth !|ciite artd chMBic rnetltnatism, sciatica, neuralgia, asthma, ta grippe andf catarrh of til kinds. It will WM you. Trjr it. Larga- - sent ott receipt of price, 5-cent sample bottle sent 10 cents to pay fof tftail« U.K. Agents' wanted,, Swansoh's RheU' matic Cure Compahy, I6i Lake St., Chicago. Sontethintf for a «olf«r to Learn. The Golfer—You .wusl acknowledge .that it remiires a great deal of skill to dnve % • b ThVVr^rl-Nothing like the skill re- Wired to drive a pig 60 feet. — Stray Stories, -'.^ .'. STATE or OHIO, Girt OP TOLBDO, I ^ I LUOASCOOKtT, ' I™ 1 . I Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is the •enior partner of the arm of P. J. Cheney A Co., doing business in the city of Toledo. County and State aforesaid, and that said .•firm will pay the sum of One Hundred Dol- Jlars for each and every case of catorrh that '•SIX?* ^ CUMd by FRlNKJ H CHl§ a ^ r . rh Sworn to before me and subscribed in my (presence, this 6th day of December, A. D. 1886. A. W. OLEASON, I [Seal] Notary Pnblic. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and acts directly on the blood and mucous pur- facea of the system. Send for testimonials, free. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0. Sold by druggists, 75c. Hall's Family Pills are the best. Longevity find. Content. Lazy people are ciiticised a good deal, but they generally lead long and happy lives.— Bomerville (Mass.) _Journal. 1 The Beat Prescription for Ghllla and Fever Is a bottlo of .GROVE'S TASTBMWS CHILLTONIC. Itis simplyironandquinmein atasteless form. No cure-no pay. Frlce.SOc. The.cheaper the man the tougher ,the story he will tell or believe.—Atchison Globe. To Cure a Cold In One D»r Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund money if it fails to cure. 25o. Many a write * has made a goose of himself by. taking a quill in his hand.—Elhott'i Magazine. _ • I could not get along without Piso's Cure for Consumption. It always cures.--Mrs. B. C. Moulton, Needham, Mass., Oct. 22, '94. Every man abuseu the fool doctrines ql others, and is faithful to his own.—Atchison Globe. If you want to be cured of a cough uw Hale's Honey of Ilc-rehound and Tar. Pike's Toothache Drops Cure in one minute The reason why a voung pig eats so much iis because he wants to be a hog.—Princeton .Tiger. ^ !£TEETHINA (Teething Powders) AidsDi- igestion, Regulates the Bowels, Cures Child. ! If time is mdney. some, people's .time must 'be oounterfeit.—Chicago Daily Newa. •i » •.'"Now tlint isn'1; half bad," said the e4 Jtor to the paragrapher .who had handed him a joke. "Do you think so?" asked tha flattered humorist. "It isn't half bad." repeated the editor, musingly. "It is bad altogether."—Louisville Journal. "Is that all you can advance on a fin« gold •watch like mis?" asked the young man -who was negotiating a loan. "That is all, my friend," replied the pawnbroker, "but you must remember that the less I lend you, the Jess you will have to pay back, and the interest will be smaller." — Pittsburgh Chronicle-Telegraph. THOUGHTLESS women «J BELL, aio H. Walnut &* tab '-Sin i ton** Aw ef ' Q.» te id •sX will i THURSDAY. Oct. 19. Grain and Provision*. St. Louis — Flour — Patents, $3.M@3.<55; Other grades, $2.5003.50. Wheat—No. 2 red, 70Vi@7H4c. Corn—No. 2 mixed, 3Zc. Oaia -No. 1. 24c. Hay-Pralrle, $6.00®8.'JO; timothy (new). 18.50@11.00; choice clover, $7.50@10.00. Butter—Creamer}, 2J@23MiC; dairy,10@20c. Eggs—Fresh,15c. Lard—Prlma steam, 5.20@5.22V4c. Pork—New mes», *9.0D. Bacon—Clear rib, 6%o.. Wool—Tub-washed, 19(S27V4c; Missouri and Illinois medium combing, 20^c; other grades, 15<&20c. Lire Stock Market. St. Louts—Cattle—Fancy export, J5.751* 6.10; butchers', 44.25@fi.65; stockers, $2.60® 4.16; cows and: heifers, $2.50@4.&U. Hogs- Packlngr, $4.2004.40; butchers', $4.15©4.30; light $4,00@4.35. Sheep—Mutton Sheep, $i.25@3.90; spring lambs, $4.00@5.00. Chicago—Hogs—Mixed and butchers', $4.15@4.45; good heavy, $4.20@4.40; rough heavj'. {3.85@4.00; light, $4.05@4.37>/fe. Cattlj —Beeves. $4.40@6.75; cows and heifers, $1.TG @a.2u- Texas steers, $3.50@4.15; stockera antl feeders, $3.00@4.90. Sheep—Sheep, $2.25 ©IOC; lambs, $3.75<Q>5.35. Kansas City—Cattle—Native steers, $4.75 @600; Texas steers, $2.95@5.15; Texas cows. I230@'2.85; native cows and heifers, $1.75?^ 5.00; stockers and feeders, $3.00ff?4.50; bulls, S-'50@3.85. Hogs—Bulk of sales, $4.10@4.20; heavy, $4.05@4.15; packers.$4.10<&4.25; mixed, J4.05@4.30; light, $4.15®4.27Vz; yorkers, $4 2i f?4 27V-; Pigs, $4.10(fJ4.25. Sheop—Lambs, $3.2:^4.85; muttons, $2.S5@4.60. Cotton. Quotations for middling range as follows: St. Louis, 71-16c; New York, 7'^c; Memphis, 7c. Financial. New York, Oct. 19.—Money on call steady at 5V»s per cent.; prime mercantile paper, pM-Sti' Par cent.; sterling exchange tlrm, with actual business In bankers' bills at lS7<84k7V4 v for demand, and at 4.S3®4S3V4 for $0 days; posted rates, 4S4 and 1SS; commercial bills. 4S2V4@482*i; silver certificates. 5SV*@59; bar silver, o'Tic; Muxic-iu iollara. 47. "That man was very compb'mentary of you; I suppose he gave you a good tip?' said the proprietor of the restaurant to the waiter. ''No: that's the trouble," replied the waiter; he had nothing but praise for my service."—Yonkers Statesman. t You Know the Sort.—"I don't like Spif- fins," said Bellefield to Bloomfield. "I don't like that sort of a chap." "What kind of a chap is Spiffins?" "The kind that predicts an event after it as occurred."—Pittsburgh Chronicle-Telegraph. —t —. Farmer Jones (to a tramp whom he finds in his hayfield)—"What you been sleepin' on out here all night?" Weary Walter— "Hay!" Farmer Jones—"I ast you what you been sleepin' on." Weary Walter—Well, I tole you once. Now go away, an don't dsturb me beauty sleep.'— Baltimore American. . • The Son's Characteristics. — The Pho- tographer—"Hiire, sir, are the cabinets that your son ordered of me." Father (regard- >ns*<-i«A\ ' 'TMi >t *-ki/^4-ii v*n 1 a stfll more like him."—Boston Courier. "Please, de:ir, won't you pay my milliner's bill of last year? I can't sleep when I think of it.!" Y 'Yes; I'll pay it. I'm glad if your confidence is awakened at last! But what has worked this wonder?" "My intention to order two n»w kaU."— tige Blactter. | but 1 thought all women hid things aiid did ttot cowplftifl. ««I had ddctdfed for loins tlfiic, btit no medicine teemed to help me, and my fchysidwi thought it belt tot me to gd to the hospital for ioekl tf eatiasfit. I __ had tead and fceatd so fflfceh at Vegetable Compound that I made up l ' ll * lAr iny Wind to try it, t was trembled with falling of the womb, had sharp pains ia ovaries, leucorrhceaand painful menses. I was so weak and dizzy that I would often have severe fainting spells* took in all several bottles of Lydift Pinltham'a Vegetable Compound and Blood Purifier and used the Sanative Wash, and am now in good health, I wish othets to know of the wonderful good it has done me, and ( have many friends taking it now. Will always give your medicine the highest praise." MRS, A. TOLLE, 1946 Hitton St., Philadelphia, Pa,, writes : "DEAR MRS. PlNKHAM— I . was very thin and my friends thought I was in consumption. Had continual headaches, backache and falling of womb, and my eyes were affected. Every one noticed how poorly I looked and I was advised to take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. One bottle relieved me, and after taking eight bottles am now a ' healthy woman; have gained in weight 95 pounds to 140 pounds, and everyone asks what makes me so atout. JOH YTHCa MAILORDE HOUSE I QiGenuinB White House Cook Book By Hugo Ziemann, Steward of the White House, and Mrs. F.L.Gifldte. Authentic •uuJVnOIQ KC%.IW«»i i •»"*••»! •*••»•"'- —-,--.», ; KCitlons, Facts Worth Knowing-, etc., ate. *Rpu»jDhoW RecJjK*. Nothing relating to Flih, Shell, Bon * never before Cirooao^SandwicbeiL Qmeleta, uv _ as additional proof P^VoaB^'c^kw that It pay* to »«nd your Tarts,°CnHtards, 'oroBino maU orders to tils house. aorta, 'e« ^» am f'm«' P™ We moreover expect to ^&S^^&^6S» . enroll thousands or new ornges. . , . , customers fay this This splendid book ia bound remarkable offer. ^ white Cameled oil cloth,. *fl— nearly 600 pages ,• la conyenient to handle jmadTof paper of excellent quality, and !• from beginning to ond durable and ?n which is liatgd »\ lowest who!«»»J« prf?•» •vervthlnj! to «at wear and UM,»S furnish %d SnreWptofonly 10? to --•*'"'— orexpre8§age_and WHEN YOU BUY _'( DURABILITY! YOU WANT] STYLE, T\/U ¥VJ-U* I | COMFO RT f OUIl 8TAMP on the SHOE YOU BUY , GUARANTEES These Qualities. DESNOYERS SHOE GO,, . MO. Manila, Oct. 18, 4:.J9 g. m.—Batson's •Macabeb" scouts encountered th« iy at Sau Mateo, near Arayat, at n and attacked them on the front flank, driving them out of the irtoch.es ami dispersing them com"i Several Filipinos, including a and a lieutenant, were killed, crf-ann. was cap ured. The had oixe »a» tailed. PRESENTSfREE ONE OF THE GRANDEST OFFERS EVER MADE. /\f t UbUCXO L/*WWM.* ***O w— —•—• —' the beautiful premiuma which are being ( V VAUAV irw -«—•- ,. * . t, Aak your grocer for tula starcn. r Oil u W & Y » * *t \*f «^**,**• »•— "—jf —— - » UBINGER'8 BEST" cold water Starch. and the celebrated " CKOSS" Starch, To cure, or your merchant, so why »oi try it? Price S0<?,

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